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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  May 10, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EDT

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♪ right now at 11:00, stealing electricity. the every day items thieves are using to cheat you out of millions of dollars. only "eyewitness news" is there as peco workers chase after power steelers. ♪ and playing with a purpose. a local man walks across the ben franklin bridge playing bagpipes the entire way. the person who inspired his
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journey and how he hopes to save lives. but we begin tonight with charges filed in the death of a 16-year-old student in delaware. hello, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. it's now been nearly three weeks since same me joyner francis died after violent fight caught on video. we're now learning more about what caused her death and the three classmates being held responsible. >> "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt outside howard high school of technology in wilmington right now. david. >> reporter: ukee, we had lot of questions about this case from the beginning and it took authorities a few weeks to actually charge these girls much turns out that the charges were not cut and dry because amy joyner francis had pre-existing medical condition. this cell phone video shows the fight inside the bathroom that authorities say eventually led to the death of 16-year-old amy joyner francis. we're only showing a small portion of the video and not playing the audio because it's too disturbing. the delaware attorney general' office is blaming 16-year-old
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trinity car. a fellow student for attacking amy joyner francis. authorities charged her with negligent homicide and plan to try car as an adult. >> with yesterday being mother's day, her mother still has other children but her baby girl is gone. >> reporter: sherri dorsey walker wilmington council woman and spokeswoman for amy's fami family. according to the attorney general' office amy had pre-existing heart condition and according to authorities amy died from a heart attack. but the attack inside the bathroom triggered the cardiac incident. >> none of that would have been triggered had she not been hit. so that's something that people need to be mindful of whether she had pre-existing condition or not. the situation is, there was physical -- there was some kind of damage done to her that triggered the situation. >> reporter: two other girls also in the bathroom according to authorities were charged with criminal conspiracy. "eyewitness news" is not naming them because they will be tried as juveniles.
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>> i don't think they will ever have peace as a result of losing their daughter, niece, granddaughter, sibling. it's a very difficult situation. but at least they know who is going to be held accountable for the situation. >> reporter: authorities have not said anything about a motive in this case. the mayor here in wilmington dennis williams released a statement earlier tonight expressing condolences saying that this is just the first step to bringing the community together. reporting live tonight in wilmington, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you. philadelphia's streets commissioner donald carlton is facing charges to night including assault. the charges stem from an incident in december of last year. police say carlton and a 50-year-old man started arguing during a house party in olney. carlton allegedly purged the victim multiple times breaking a rib and injuring the man's eye socket. the district attorney received the case last month. no one answered the door today
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at carlton's home. >> after six days on the run escaped prisoner arthur buckle is back in police custody tonight. buckle was apprehended at gun point this morning along the garden state parkway in ocean county. that's more than 50 miles from bay side state prison in camden county where he went missing last tuesday. police say he contacted last night through family members explaining he wanted to turn himself in. but he reportedly departed from a lacy township rest stop before state troopers arrived. now his capture has residents there resting easier. >> it scared everybody. especially when they locked down the schools here. but they got him. they did a good job. >> we felt comfortable we can keep our town safe but it certainly nice feeling to have him off the streets and have that concern no longer than issue. >> buckle was taken to the new jersey state prison in trenton for a mental evaluation. his jail break took place weeks before he was eligible for parole. now, he faces up to five additional years behind bars. 32-year-old joshua robinson
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of deptford and 28-year-old eric gill much of blackwood facing charges to night for robbery and in salem county. police say this is video of the two men robbing a house in upper pitts grove last month. they ran off when the owner of the house used her home surveillance system to yell at them remotely through a speaker. police say the suspects stole three winning lottery tickets worth $6 and they cashed them in a store in camden. police traced the tickets to that store and that's led them to robinson and gilch. >> still no word tonight on the identity $429 million powerball jackpot winner. the winning ticket was sold at a 7eleven store on chambers street in trenton. now everybody is wondering who struck it rich. the store has been mobbed since word got out of their winning ways. the owners got a check for $30,000 for selling that winning tick. >> it's great for the community to have something positive going on. i'm so excited for the winner. it will be live changing. i just wish all the best to that
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person. >> the ticket is the largest single jackpot winning ticket ever sold in new jersey. and the sixth largest in powerball history. campaign 2016 brings bernie sanders to new jersey. the vermont senator rallied supporters at atlantic city's boardwalk hall today. that gathering took place neck to the load down trump plaza and include add few digs at the gop frontrunner. before the speech isn't there senator bernie sanders spoke with cleve bryan about income inequality. >> i think for people of this country want change. they're tired of the status quo. they resent very much a situation where they're working longer hours for low wages. they worry about their kids all income and wealth goes to the top 1%. >> sanders also spoke about pay and benefits cuts for atlantic city unionized workers many of whom are suffering from the town's financial collapse. democratic frontrunner hillary clinton was in northern virginia. she went to small cafe for discussion on women and families. in round table setting she
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discussed topics like career and family balance, educational equality and raising children. on the republican side donald trump is tapping chris christie to lead his transition team. the new jersey governor will begin planning ahead for a trump presidency if the parties presumptive nominee knee should win the general leck. christie dropped out of the race in february and has been at trump's side ever since. new night philadelphia public school students shared their experiences with city government. "eyewitness news" at city hall for round table discussion. the students talked about the challenges they face at school on daily basis excluding teacher vacancvacancies and safety issu. mayor kenney was there along with member of city council and the chair of the school reform commission. unusual sight tonight on the ben franklin bridge walkway. a man with bagpipes, trang do find out why he walked and played from one state to anoth another. >> reporter: with sunsetting over philadelphia, david cohen
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set out on 3800 step nearly 2-mile journey over the ben franklin bridge. ♪ >> reporter: playing the bagpipes along the way. fitting it he did it to showcase lung health and kick off women's health lung week. >> whatever i can do to help raise awareness funds is what i do. >> reporter: cohen lot of his wife of 25 years to cancer five years ago. >> she fought hard. she loved america. she came here seeking privileges that hard work gives you. she loved life and fought really really hard. >> reporter: in her memory he shares his talents every chance he gets to raise awareness of women's health issues. >> she'd be very proud. these are all things i wish i didn't have awareness and that what's cancer does what his his wife on his mind he ended on her favorite song the blue bells of scotland. ♪
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>> reporter: to close out women's lung health week, there will be a lung force work at head house square on saturday and cohen will be leading that walk with his bagpipes. for now we're live in pennsylvania lanning i'm trang do cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> beautiful tribute. trang, thank you so much. as we continue tonight, hot wiring homes to steal electricity. >> the every day household item thieves are using to cheat the power grid and how much money this crime is cost you much that's next. >> kate. >> seeing the sun was nice while it lasted but now the clouds are back and we're tracking a few showers off to our south for now but i'll tell when you areas are most likely to see rain tomorr tomorrow. >> also, the etiquette of tipping. when you pay your restaurant bill should you tip on the pre or post tack amount? that's a good question. nicole brewer gets the answer. and actor mark rough low comes to the philadelphia region on a mission.
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why he was knee deep in a local creek. the case of the missing quarterback has been solved. sam bradford is back with the eagles after demanding a trade. what sammy b is saying about his return. that's later in sports.
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>> this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" with ukee washington, jessica dean, kate bilo and don bell. ♪ tonight shedding light on a shocking crime. people using every day items to steal electricity. >> not only is it dangerous but it's costing you millions of dollars. only our joe hold den was there as peco officials combed through one neighborhood searching for power steelers. >> they'll use anything they can. >> reporter: to the average person they're startling finds. >> these twenty four screws. two screws.
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powering the whole house. isn't powering the whole house. >> when you see something like that what goes through your mind. >> fire. >> reporter: people hot wiring electrical connections stealing electricity peco officials say any way they can. and you're paying for it. >> there you go. >> they can use anything to conduct electricity. we see beer cans crushed. >> reporter: come on. >> beer cans, soda cans. >> reporter: we're in chester. peco is sweeping the area. >> we see lot crazy stuff. >> reporter: so called hot zone for power theft. we're looking at 125 different homes today. as part of this evident. >> reporter: you just peco workers forced back. their work is dangerous. security details are present and police are close by. it's all part of the job. >> they'll hook it up it will be sparking the whole time since there's no cover once they hook this up it's hot. >> some homes so poorly wired they're in danger of burning down. >> that is all energized right now.
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>> two vote 40 volts. >> some cases it's just a matter of time. each year we investigate around 21,000 potential instances of theft. >> power was just cut to this home. >> the woman there wanted nothing to do with us. it all adds up. the cost sore into the millions of dollars according to peco spokesman ben armstrong. going as high as 3.6 million. >> that's a significant impact. not only because it's unsafe, it's illegal and it has financial implications. >> as you can see these wires started to melt. >> reporter: hot wiring the grid workers call eight big-time hazard. the pep tee for theft, peco evaluates going to court to recover costs on a case by case basis. >> we'll do everything we can to remove these unsafe situations and to remove theft. >> reporter: crews will continue their work. they expect to look at upwards 125 properties of which they tell me some 30% mr. believed to be stealing electricity.
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roaring in chester, joe holden cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> mark ruffalo was in our area today to learn about efforts to protect and restore clean water. ruffalo was in cheltenham at the toucan knee creek he put on waiters to collect water samples with high school students and others. he says the recent events in flip michigan highlighted the importance of save clean water. >> sad truth about flint it's really just the coalmine. these contaminations are happening all over the united states right now. we just happen to find it in minute and it happened to be really bad there. but the quality of water in the united states is definitely compromised. >> ruffalo praised the delaware river water shed initiative a group of nearly 50 organizations working on water quality right here in our region. when you dine out at a restaurant it's always proper to tip your server but there seems to be different schools of
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thought how to come up with that number. >> so do you tip on the pre or post tax amount on the bill? good question. nicole brewer went to an expert in etiquette to find the answer. >> i got a few lessons. who knew the american academy of etiquette was actually founded here in the delaware valley. now it certainly came in handy when john and terry hill wrote in to ask are you supposed to tip on the pre or the post tax amount? it's a good question, john, especially since so many of us dine out so often. ♪ >> when you go to a restaurant what do you tip. >> 20% usually. >> 20%. >> 20%. >> do you base that off the pre or post tax total. >> put it on the total amount. >> so that would be after tax. >> it's just easier and they deserve more. >> should you tip on the pre or post tax total? >> you can tip on the pre tax total.
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>> lisa ritchie is the founder of the american academy of etiquette. she says it's proper to tip on the pre tax total but encourages folks to round up. >> i like my way better. >> i feel like the most important thing is that you're generous if you received good service. >> for sit down wait service 15 to 20% is standard at at a buffet it's 10. but not according to ritchie. >> i still think it should be 15 to 20%. >> if somebody is coming that my table i leave a little somethi something. >> bartender tips are usually one or $2 per drink depending on the cost or 15 to 20% of the tab. if you're picking up -- >> i don't think i tip for take out. >> according to etiquette you can skip the tips but if it's curb side delivery or complicated order 10% is suggested. for home delivery, 15 to 20%. >> they're waisting their gas killing their car. >> if it's a restaurant, that you frequent often or delivery service that you're using, absolutely it's a great way to build a relationship. >> if you receive bad service ritchie says you should still tip.
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>> i believe in karma a lot. i'd give them a couple dollars because they're there. >> and before leaving that bad review -- is go to the owner and let them know what happened and give them an opportunity to make it right. >> think you have to be grayer. we all have bad days. >> now, ritchie says if you're leaving a 20% tip on a $10 meal post tax you'll end up paying about 14 cents more so it's not a whole lost money when you get right down it to and when you consider that some waiters and tipped employees make $2.13 an hour, some say it's better to be generous than to row lie on the standard in etiquette, and i have to say i agree with that. >> yeah. i'm with you. >> i'm going based on the total in bold print. i'm not trying to save my pennies by cal can you lating the tip pre tax. >> i'm with you all the way 20%. >> the wait industry is tough. >> it is. you're on your feet dealing with a lot of people. >> nick, good stuff. what's your good question? log on to question to submit your question. you can also tweet us using the
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hash tag cbs3 good question. >> nicole will be here every night with the answer on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. we can wait to hear from you. star gazers watch the planet mercury move between the sun and earth for the first time in decade. >> take look at this mercury is that little black dot you see moving across your screen. the planet's trip across the sun lasted 7.5 hours. mercury puts on this show an average of 13 times a century i'm told. the next trip will be in 2019. but then it won't happen again until 2032. >> so neat to see. isn't wasn't that neat. >> very cool. >> very cool. >> kate bilo joins us now with a look at an up and down forecast. we can quite get on a consistent situation. >> yeah. at least it's not consistently awful. >> true. like the past two weeks. >> right. trying to climb out of that whole, but it's a tough climb. it's a struggle we'll be trying to fighting the clouds pretty much day this week. tomorrow looks likes the worst day. thursday looks like the best d
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day. but i can't promise full sun and quite spring weather really any day this week unfortunat unforti wish we've got a few days better than others. let's take look outside right now and see what's going on take of we'll take you off to our roof cam to start thing off. looking live from the cbs broadcast center towards center city philadelphia. just some clouds outside right now. seeing breaks from the cloud cover from the city on north our frontal boundary sets up to the south. that broad the clouds in today. take look the this time lapse. you may have been out and about this morning. beautiful start, blue sky, light breeze perfect spring weather the birds were chirping everyone was happy and then all of a sudden the dark clouds rolled in and that's what dominated the weather through the remainder of the afternoon. that boundary set up just off to our south you can see some breaks in the cloud cover again possibly seeing some stars out there and our north and west suburbs. to the south we have a couple of showers popping up especially over surgeon delaware sussex county and into pourings of maryland and that's where the best threat for rain will be not only tomorrow but for the rest
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of the week a better chance for cloud cover and cool conditions off to our south. it's 59 degrees right now in philadelphia. not all that chilly the cloud cover will keep it generally comfortable overnight. 54 in allentown. 56 right now in wilmington. and boy, it's been a soggy may so far. nine days in. today was the first dry day so far this month. we've already had over 2.5-inches of rain in may. and the month of april the entire month 30 days 1.75-inchis of parts of my yard are like a mud pitt and it's too much too soon. more on the way. tears your noon hour tomorrow again you can see the instead yesterday of the rain just south of philadelphia but light rain and drizzle in the city and suburbs as well with that boundary overhead. clouds stick around through the day tomorrow. and then wednesday you can see clouds try to push further to the south but still can't rule out couple of showers wednesday afternoon again especially to the south and thursday now is looking like more clouds than sunshine. possibly a little sun peek through but again i can't promise full sun any day this
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week and i can't promise dry weather really any day this week either. i think thursday is our best chance to keep it dry. put in 0% chance thursday i think i'll have to up to at least five or 10 the wettest days looking like tuesday and friday. so tomorrow at least some light rain and drizzle around at my time. overnight mostly cloudy with isolated shower 50 degrees our low. for your tuesday cloudy, cool again taking a page from last week's book. 59 degrees the daytime high. wednesday and thursday a close call that boundary is nearby pushes to the south we get more sun and get into the 70s. but it's starting to look more and more as the clouds will try to hang around wednesday and thursday. maybe stray shower. friday better chance of showers. and possibly again on saturday. before the temperatures drop again on sunday. so trying to be optimistic warmer than it was last week. at least we got that going fou fours. >> thanks kate. >> don bell, what's comin cominp next in sports. >> trying to be optimistic trade demand. what trade demand? sam bradford is back on the practice field.
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hear what sammy b is saying about his return to the birds. that story coming up next in
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>> throw it against the wall and see fit sticks. sam bradford tried that approach. the trade demand didn't work and he's sticking with the eagles for now. he returned today. he left the team shortly after they traded for the number two picks that turn out to be carson wentz. bradford was upset about the team drafting his eventual replace. he did not address the media or answer any questions today. but he did issue this statement. i'm excited to be back on the field today with my teammates coaches. business side of football is sometimes a necessary consideration consideration. my attention and efforts are focused on the participation and preparation for championship season. i'm committed to my teammates and the eagles organization for nothing less ". we caught up with defensive end connor barwin his teammate and asked him about sam's retu
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return. >> we have competitive situation. sam is a starter but the best guy will play. um, i think at the epp of the day it's a great situation for wentz to kind of maybe learn under really good player for year or two. then sam obviously will have carson kind of biting at the heels to push him as well to be the best he can be. >> we'll be watching on baseball the phillies are off tonight but they continue their 10-game road trip tomorrow in atlanta. braves only have seven wins thus far. they're off to their worst start since 1900 struggle is real. all right. wild may tonight in the brewer brewers/marlins game. second inning one runner on. jf hits a night ball over the two run homer. martin thinks the ball might be caught goes back to first passed and jf runs past him. you can't do that in baseball. they don't let do you that. it goes down as rbi single the marlins win the game four-one. but he had a two run jack. it was called back.
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because of that mistake right there. >> what up with that? nba draft lottery next tuesday. head coach brett brown will represent the sixers in new yo york. it's customary for teams to send a rep that they believe is a good luck charm. brown is a good dude but trying to turn around a struggling situation. sixers have 25% chance of getting that number one pick. and we are all crossing our fingers because we want to see winning basketball. >> i'm ready. >> it's going happen. >> mr. optimistic over here. >> it's going happen. >> i'm with you. >> y
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♪ break throughs in breast cancer research the topic of a philadelphia panel discussion tonight. >> "eyewitness news" at the wister institute in university city. a variety of topics were discussed including new advances in genetic screening and tumor testing.
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it's a way to spare women from unnecessary chemotherapy. researchers are also working on new medications to activate a person's immune system against the tumors. breast cancer death rates have been decreasing since
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our morning crew is back tomorrow from 4:30 oh 7am for kate, don, everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. the late show with steven colbert is next with big bank theory's caylee cuoco. >> thanks so much for watching, family and sle >> male announcer: the following is paid for and furnished by hair club for men and women. this station is not responsible for claims made in the following program. >> female announcer: when it comes to hair loss in women, the reasons why can be as varied as the women themselves. but there is one proven hair solution that has taken these women from this to this in as little as six weeks. it's not a wig and it's not a weave. it's their own hair, only better, thanks to the only nationwide company that specializes in female hair loss -- hair club for women. >> it's a life-changer. forever. >> eternally grateful to hair club. >> be bald for the rest of my life or go to hair club and get hair. it's like, "okay, probably i


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