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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  May 10, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. student return to howard high school this morning one day after three of their classmates are charge in the connection to the death of amy joyner grab cyst. we are live with reaction plus what we now know about the cause of death. new this morning, a cyclist struck by a driver who just kept going. we'll tell you about the few clues police are left with about the vehicle. >> and developing now tornados in oklahoma wildest on the wild weather and the worse may be yet to come. >> good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. meisha here with traffic, katie has your forecast, it is no longer monday.
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so we have something to celebrate there? >> absolutely. >> good morning, everyone, happy tuesday, a lot of construction, roadways again are dry, thankfully they're dry. >> you said it, a lot of construction, on the vine, once more, that vine, curses, the vine, construction, you never know when it will hit you either, right? but let's talk weather i'll leave the traffic to you, my friend. let's look at storm scan. little weather out there, meisha t could lead to little bit of damp roads. at this point, it is not all that impressive. very scattered activity on storm scan. i zoom it out one time, show the satelite coverage, also a clot of clouds out there, most of what you are currently finding over our area is very, very wimpy, if it is even dropping to the ground at all. so, you know, throughout the course of the day you could see scattered shower, really anywhere specially from the sit on south, clear he sky up toward the pocono region, a lot chillier there, 57 currently at the airport won't
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see a heck of a lot of sunshine, not the best news you've ever heard, but if you want more sun, head off to the north, poconos partly sunny sky, could see isolated shower even there, and really anyone, anyone fair game to see shower here and there, not a wash out by any stretch. so, if you really don't want to take umbrella along with you today i think you can get away without it. don't be shock if you see cup of raindrops and a few showers as the day progresses really any time. >> thanks, katie. i guess it is coming back just little bit. i guess better than a lot. looking here paving northbound broad street between 95 and oregon avenue. left lane is blocked, you can see them moving around right now, hopefully gets cleared out of our way by the 5:00 hour. so i'll let you know as soon as it does clear. vine as kate had i mentioned, was closed. i think it is just now starting to reopen at least looks like the eastbound side.
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westbound certainly still closed, even, probably, opening upright about now. if not son, very soon, con vukovich shore here as well between oaks and first avenue. left lane is block. a lot of construction when we start to hit spring time specially moving throughout the summer. construction on the pa westbound between ft. washington and valley forge left lane and center rained blocked in the area. also the ben franklin parkway inbound between the art sue see up circle and kelly drive. one lane block there. again, a lot of construction, give yourself a couple every minutes this morning. >> the search is on for the driver who hit bicyclist in cobbs cobbs creek and kept right ongoing. forty-six year old bicyclist appears to have been thrown from his bike near 52nd and spruce just after 2:00 this morning, necessary stable condition. but police say the vehicle involved was a silver or white suv. >> delaware authorities are charging three teenage girls in the death after student in a rest room fight. >> prosecutors want one of them to go on trial as an
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adult. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live in front of howard high school of technology in wilmington where the fight happened. jan? >> reporter: jim, brooke, good morning, that's right, this is the first day back for students after learning that three of their classmates are now charged in the death of amy joyner francis. sixteen year old sophomore, here at this high school. now the department of justice here in delaware made that announcement yesterday. this comes just three weeks after amy joyner francis was assaulted inside a girls bathroom here at howard high school of technology in wilmington. this is cell phone video that shows the fight. we have cut the audio and are only showing small portion of the incident because of its brutal i the 16 year old sophomore later died from her injuries at the hospital. now, three teenage girls are charged in connection with her death. sixteen year old trinity car is charged with criminally neglect homicide. prosecutors plan to try her as an adult. they say car was the only student who assault
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joyner-francis in the bathroom on april 21. the two other teenage girls are charged with criminal conspiracy, they helped plan the confrontation. they'll be tried as juveniles, and because they're minors, "eyewitness news" is not naming them. also released yesterday the autopsy result, according to the attorney general's office, joyner-francis had a pre-existing heart condition and died from a heart attack. but authority say the assault inside the bathroom triggered that cardiac incident. a spokesperson for the slain teen's family had this to say. >> none that far would have been triggered had she not been hit. so that's something that people need to be mindful of, whether she had pre-existing condition or not, the situation is there was physical, some casino of damage done to her that triggered the situation. >> i don't think they will ever have peace as a result of losing their daughter, neice, granddaughter, sibling. it is a very difficult
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situation. at least they know who is going to be held accountable for the situation. >> now car could face up to eight years in prison if convicted. the other two teenage student up to a year behind bars. reporting live in wilmington this morning, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", jim, brooke, back into you. >> thanks very much, jan. police are investigating a sexual assault at say err high school in west philadelphia. investigators tell us a 14 year old female student said she was sexually assaulted by male student friday afternoon inside the school. this allegedly happened after school hours and so far police have not filed any charges. in other news, philadelphia's street commissioner donald carlton is on leave as he faces charges including assault. the charges stem from an incident last december. police say carlton and 50 year old man began arguing during a house party in olney. that is when carlton allegedly punched the victim several times, breaking a rib, and hurting the man's eye socket. we went to carlton's house for
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comment. but no one answered the door. >> developing now, at least two people dead after tornados ripped through southern oklahoma. several twisters touched down, causing severe damage, in the town of winniewood. multiple homes and structures were damaged or destroyed. folks there aren't in the clear just yet. forecasters say millions of people are still in the path of potentially violent weather. new quinnipiac university poll comes out in 90 minute with result from three fleeing state, pennsylvania, florida, and ohio. meantime, voters in west virginia and nebraska head to the polls today. bernie sanders campaigned in atlantic city yesterday urged supporters to keep fighting, four points ahead in the west virginia metro news poll. hillary clinton campaigned in northern virginia yesterday, she will be at camden county college in blackwood tomorrow afternoon. primaries cover both democrat and republicans, nebraska primary is only for the gop.
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>> donald trump is already planning past election day. he's pick former gop rival, chris christie, to lead his transition team. the new jersey governor will begin planning ahead for trump presidency. christie dropped out of the race back in february, he's been at trump's side ever since. >> hang today, accused murder err due in court for preliminary hear. john brock faces charges in the murder of 43 year old barks dale at homeless shelter. brock also shot and wounded another man, at the station house transitional shelter on north broad street. both victims were employees of the homeless shelter. >> meanwhile, escaped prisoner arthur buck sell undergoing mental evaluation, new jersey state prison in trenton. >> taken into custody yesterday morning along the garden state parkway in ocean county. police say he contacted them sunday new threw family member saying he wanted to turn himself in. but he fled before state police arrived. now he would have been eligible for parole this month. now faces five years behind
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bars. thirty-two year old joshua robinson of depford and 28 year older did a gump of blackwood, facing charges in salem county. this is video of the two men robbing a house in the upper pittsgrove area last month. they ran off when the owner of the house used her home surround ill ends system to yell at them ream motherly through a speaker, police say the suspect stole three winning lottery tickets worth $6,000, then cashed them at a store in camden, investigators were able to trace tickets back to find the men. >> still ahead this morning, new developments surrounding the controversial bathroom law in north carolina. >> also this morning wild fires continue to burn in alberta, we are getting a look at one of the neighborhoods completely burned. plus: the hardship facing hundreds of evacuees. >> and sam bradford is back, when he is saying about his stand-off with the eagles. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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>> showdown in north caroline. >> justice department announced lawsuit yesterday against the state, saying it law violates civil rights. hours before governor pat motorcycle color i filed his own lawsuit, to keep the law in place. the law, hb2, limit the use of public rest rooms to the gender on a person's birth certificate. one week after they began, fire fighters canada continue to battle flames in in the fortc murray wild fire. >> roughly the size of get this rhode island, more than 90,000 resident are evacuated. though the flames are still out of control, there are some signs of improvement, officials say the weather is finally cooperating. >> the city surrounded by ocean of fire, only few days ago, but mc murray and the surrounding communities have been saved and will be rebuilt.
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>> 600 people evacuated remain in a expo center sleeping on the cots and making matters even worse the close quarters sent nasty stomach virus spreading amongst those evacuees over the weekend. >> my goodness. now one of the first looks at the damage left behind from the fire. this is the centennial trailer park, majority of which is gone. these areas look like a bomb went off. i mean, look at that, 07% of the beacon hill neighborhood gone. so far 2400 homes have been destroyed, but firefighters have saved 25,000 other including hospitals, and schools, yesterday kate had i some casino of fax about this for us. >> how heavy the smoke; how far it is travel. >> all the way down to the midwest they could smell the smoke. unreal. >> crazy. >> so sad. >> now, 4:45, on that uplifting note, meisha is here watching the roads. >> so what do you think the guys will say is going on out there? construction, baby, give yourself couple of extra minute. >> dodging wet weather. i don't think this will have
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major impact on the commute. >> i brought my umbrella. >> i know, not super wet day, but it is enough that we will see some areas of drizzle, couple of showers, all scat nerds nature. >> this won't be major set up for us to get doused with rain, but will lead to dreary conditions, also limit the warmth. today nothing better than about 60 degrees, which sounds awesome if it were january, but by this point of the year we are used to the low 70s, so this will be little on the cool side, especially by comparison to yesterday when we finally had the chance to warm up. so taking a look at storm scan, yes, you have little wet weather starting to roll in here from southwest to northeast. it will all be very scat nerd nature. just frontal boundary that eventually turns stationary, right now, we could still classify it as warmfront, but it will start to get hung up here, and because of that, keep us in more clouds than perhaps we would like to see for the next couple of days, that said, today looks like the weather of the next few. even then, not really all that wet. we will look at what future weather has to show here. scattered shower, by lunch
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time, really any time there could be shower. maybe little bit of drizzle. nothing that's going to drench you. by 3:00 p.m., similar scenarios, any showers out there, very scattered, again, model, so not gospel, but gives you good guide that you will see something out there, pretty much at any time. that will continue even into tonight. now looking ahead, in terms of temperatures, again, it will be a little on the cool side here guys. normal high about 71, 72 degrees this point of the year. 06 degrees at best here today. meanwhile we drop to only 50 tonight. spotty showers still out there, key word spotty, looking forward in the seven day forecast, we rebound quickly here seek the clouds yield to sun shy, also partly, sunny and warm 75 degrees. looking ahead to that day. >> thursday will be georgous, thanks so much, katie. good morning, everyone, happy tuesday to you. >> this is where katie was stuck on the vine. no fun when this closed. good news not even 5:00 and it just reopened. both moving in the westbound
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and eastbound side of the vine. so the vine looking real good this morning, construction here, 422 eastbound between oaks and first avenue, right before the turnpike, left lane is still block, crews are working out there but not slowing anyone down as you can see, still very early. re paving here the broad street northbound between 95 and oregon avenue. left lane block. should be moving sometime soon. you can see the cones in the bottom right side of your screen, there garden state parkway southbound where we have disable truck, atlantic city expressway right lane block. not causing too many slow downs yet, but area that certainly could if it doesn't get cleared out of our way, construction ben parkway, one lane is block there, this morning, so a loft construction to contend with, jim, back over to you. >> well, sam bradford is back with the birds. >> that's right, the quarterback returned to voluntary work out yesterday. he left the team shortly after they traded for the number two particular which turns out to be carson went. bradford was upset about the team drafting his eventual replacement. but he didn't address the media, nor answer questions.
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although, he did issue a statement saying he was excited to be back. the statement reads in part, my attention and effort are focused on the participation in and preparation for a championship season. i'm committed my teammates and the eagles organization for nothing less, end quote. >> well, still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, the business that is turning the page on wall street. but first, here's a look at what's on tonight on cbs-3.
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>> authorities are charging three teenage girls in the death of 16 year old amy joyner francis in a rest room at wilmington's howard high school last month. prosecutors want to charge one of the suspect as an adult. a developing story this morning, funnel clouds bear down on towns in oklahoma.
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at least two people were killed and dozen of homes either just damaged or destroyed. and there could be more severe weather on the way. >> the search is on for white or silver suv that hit a bike ride nerve cobbs creek, the 46 year old cyclist is in stable condition right now, it happened at 42nd and spruce, about 2:00 this morning. time now 4:50. time for check on business news. >> jill wagner joins us live this morning from the stock exchange, jill, sweet deal in the works involving crispy cream? >> that's right. krispy kreme being bought by the european investment firm for $1.3 billion. jb is trying to expand it coffee empire the company just bows cure i can green mountain, also karabo coffee and pete's, rival dunkin donut, those shares jumped 2% on the news, krispy kreme shares jumped about 24% in the morning yesterday. brooke, jim (. >> i can always go for nice krispy kreme donut while reading a book. i inch understand independent
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book stores are making a come back. >> that's right, the american book sill ers association has grown for the seventh year in a row. there are now more than 2300 individual book stores in the united states, compared to roughly 1600 in 2009. now there is comes as, which is widely been credited for helping destroy book stores, opened it first physical book snore seattle, so book stores coming back, i like it, brooke, jim? >> i could spend hours in a book store. i am not an i $35 or kindle reader. i just love turning the pages and marking things up. i'm big book reader. >> i like a book, thanks a lot, jill. >> check in with you later. coming up after the break, another check on weather and traffic. >> says it will be cloudy, cool, and we need to know when it will warm up. she has that for us when we
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>> temperatures get held back today, dealing with more clouds than anything, also see little hint of wet weather out there, so not wash out by any stretch, but it is again going to be a little damp outside. let's take a look here, live shot for you of sky scan three, facing south, all looking good, temperatures already upper 50's, won't see much movement, look at the win direction, out of the northeaster it comes 14 miles per hour, so make it feel little cool outside for sure. you can also see on storm scan there is latest warmfront, as we look at the snapshot, bringing little hint of wet weather. here is a loop of the last three hours, so dealing with some very scattered showers, perhaps fine drizzle, but one awesome thing any wet weather does help with of course is the pollen, so oklahoma, birch, maple, staying low, only at the medium level. will spike leafs tomorrow. but regardless, we are being
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looking ahead to nicer weather by tomorrow. start to see the clouds break for some sun. we warm it back up to more seasonable territory. thursday looks lovely, partly sunny, 75 degrees, by friday, thunderstorms return. >> oh, boy, katie, all right. thanks for that. good morning, everyone, happy tuesday. yes, not too much better in the traffic department only because of the construction, kind of used to that, so we just roll with that. construction here clearing, westbound, schuylkill between the conshohocken blue route that left lane compromised but again that's just cleared. so schuylkill actually looking pretty good, repaving broad, that left lane is still block. you can see, no early risers, maybe one, in fact, that might even be, one early rides err in this area. that's it. no worries there. 422 eastbound the off ramp, see the construction crews, looking very quai net this area. left lane block, not going to slow you down right now. now, if that doesn't move it, certainly could. this is where we have disable truck, garden state parkway
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atlantic city expressway that right lane is still block. so, just a lot of construction, a lot moving out of the way. jim, over to you. >> if you are headed out the door stay updated when katie's forecast on our sister station "kyw news radio" 1060. also, how congressman bob brady is getting involved in the schuylkill dredging project. first every it kinds video game favored sounds oversight, and widener university welcomes the new president. check in two, three, four times a day, "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. meanwhile, coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", getting more incredible video from deadly tornados in the midwest. >> plus, it is a mothers day melee. what sparked this wild restaurant brawl between customers and workers. >> brewing better cup of coffee. how local coffee shop is using science to help you kick start your day. back at the top of the hour. stay with us, everyone.
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>> this morning three teenagers in trouble for the death after classmate, the charges they're now facing after learning exactly what killed the girl in the bathroom fight. >> devestation across the midwest, deadly tornados tear through the planes. the looming threat still out there today. >> storm scan3, shows, we will be dodging raindrops today. but it won't and wash out. katie tells us, when the showers are expected, and when we'll see the heaviest rain. well, today is tuesday, may ten. good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomasment hope you are having a hey morning, katie and meisha are keeping an eye on things this morning. >> good morning, happy tuesday
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>> katie, how is it looking? we know that rain may be coming in. >> for the most part roads are dry, looks like it will stay that way for the most part this morning. today will be one of those days little cooler than average, because of a lot of clouds and the potential for little rain. keep things on the cooler side. notice what happens here on the little curve, actually are going to not only rebounds what looks to be above average levels at least for day or two, but obviously going to rebound here. so the cool air not going to be very prolonged, like last week was little wet weather to dodge, hint of moisture rolling, from delco, chester county, couple of showers even traveling well south of the wilmington area on i the # a, but put things into motion here. see how things are shaking out. it is really sporatic and very, very light. fine rain. fine drizzle at worse here today. coming through in very scattered fashion, that's w


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