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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 10, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> katie, how is it looking? we know that rain may be coming in. >> for the most part roads are dry, looks like it will stay that way for the most part this morning. today will be one of those days little cooler than average, because of a lot of clouds and the potential for little rain. keep things on the cooler side. notice what happens here on the little curve, actually are going to not only rebounds what looks to be above average levels at least for day or two, but obviously going to rebound here. so the cool air not going to be very prolonged, like last week was little wet weather to dodge, hint of moisture rolling, from delco, chester county, couple of showers even traveling well south of the wilmington area on i the # a, but put things into motion here. see how things are shaking out. it is really sporatic and very, very light. fine rain. fine drizzle at worse here today. coming through in very scattered fashion, that's what you are going to be dealing w
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temperatures have since dropped off a degree at philadelphia international airport. at 56 now. hat check, 57. pair of four's up in allentown at this hour, mid 50's really pretty much everywhere else, as the day progresses any time today could see little light rain, drizzle, all very, very scattered. soap, you know what? one of those days meisha where it is casino of your call if you want to take the umbrella or not. up to you. >> i have mine every single day now, katie, even if you say no rain, i'm bringing it, just never know. good morning, everyone, happy tuesday. looking at lot of construction, good news a lot of that is cleared out of the way or clearing right now. looking at the schuylkill right now, right around the conshohocken curve moving in the eastbound direction. we have some construction westbound side between conshohocken and the blue route. that's since been cleared. moving in the eastbound side is where i am keeping my eye on the conshohocken curve and heating up ever so slightly, maybe overall things looking okay. i want to show you repaving on the broad streetment looks like that camera is dark.
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see what we have here, 422 eastbound, off ramp to 23, left lane compromised, you can see that beautiful sky starting to show. hopefully that gets cleared out of the way soon. garden state parkway, atlantic city expressway, right lane still block. so i'll let you know as soon as they get the truck out out of the way. could cause some problems if we don't get it moved out of the way. good news ben franklin parkway, construction all cleared, jim, over to you. >> happening right now, police are searching for the hit-and-run driver who injured a cyclist early this morning in cobbs cobbs creek. it happened around 2:00 a.m. at #r second and spruce. police say the 46 year old victim was knock off the bike. and the person driving a white or silver suv just kept going. police collecting possible evidence from the scene right now, bloody and violent scene at german train station, where a man went on a stabbing spree. one person dead, four other wounded happened east of munich, german police have one man in custody. they say he expressed political motivations for the
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attack but gave no further details. >> three weeks after the death of student in a high school rest room, filed charges against three teenage girls. >> we also know more about the victims death. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live at howard high school of technology in wilmington. jan? good morning, that's right, autopsy results were released yesterday, we will get to those result in just a minute, but, first, this is the first day back for high school student here after learning that three of their classmates are now facing charges in the death of amy joyner francis. those charges late yesterday, and now this all comes just about three weeks after amy joyner francis was assaulted inside a girls bathroom at howard high school of technology in wilmington, and this is cell phone video that shows the fight. we have silenced the audio, and only showing small portion of the incident because of it brutality. sixteen year old sophomore later died at the hospital.
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three teen girls charged with her death. prosecutors blaming 16 year old trinity car. she is charged with criminally neglect homicide and prosecutors plan to try her as an adult. they say car was the only charged, and they say they helped plan the confrontation, the others charged as juveniles, because they are minors "eyewitness news" is not naming them. also released the autopsy result. according to the attorney general's office, joyner-francis had a pre-existing heart condition, and died from a heart attack. but, authorities say, the assault inside the bathroom triggered that cardiac incident. a spokesperson for the slain teen's family had this to say. amy was the apple of everyone's eye. still to this day remembered everything about amy because amy leaves that casino of impact on individuals.
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i don't think they'll ever have peace as a result of losing their daughter, neice, granddaughter, siblings, very difficult situation. but at least they know who is going to be held accountable for the situation. >> dennis william issued statement reading in part just first step toward providing amy's family and our community with closure, as this process moves forward, i ask that we keep the family and loved ones of everyone involved in our thought and prayers. car could face up to eight years in prison if convicted. the other two teenage student, up to a year behind bars. we're reporting live in wilmington this morning, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", jim, brooke, back into you. >> police vick g sexual assault inside west philadelphia high school. police tell us 14 year old female student said she was sexually assaulted by male student friday afternoon at zaire school. alleged assault happened after
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school had led out for the day. so far police have not filed charges. >> developing now at least two people are dead after massive tornados churn across southern oklahoma storm captures chase them barreling, leaving path of destruction, multiple holmes, structures, damaged and destroyed. golf ball size hail was hitting their windows and they waited out the storm. >> yes, i was inside the house. right out the back patio door. i had to hold the door, just like that, tide on that wood, but you could feel the whole house shaking and rumbling. >> terrifying. the threat is not over. forecasters predict more violent weather on the way, we'll check in with a oklahoma report nerve about 30 minutes. >> voters in west virginia and nebraska are holding primaries today to decide who should be their presidential nominee.
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>> as hena daniels report, democrat bernie sanders is poised to win in the mountain state. >> head to the polls today, pre sum fifth gop nominee donald trump is running unopposed and expected to win big. >> everybody's, i'm the only one left. >> on the campaign trail, trump's personal attacks on his likely democratic opponent, hillary clinton, continue. >> married to a man, worse abuser of women in the history of politics. >> during stop in stone veg, clinton called trump's rhetoric wreckless and dangerous. i'm not running against him. he is doing a fine job of doing that himself. >> polls show bernie sanders with the lead.
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the vermont senator campaigned in front after crowd of more than 15,000 people last night in sack meant owe. >> as for those three states, we're coming to california ... >> sanders needs a landslide win in california's primary to stay in the race. hena daniel, cbs news. >> presumptive nominee donald trump is tapping chris christie to lead his transition team. the new jersey governor will begin planning ahead for a trump presidency, if the businessman gets elected in november. christie ended his presidential campaign in february, then endorsed trump. >> we are still waiting for a winner of the $429 million powerball jackpot to come forward. someone bought the ticket at this 7-eleven street in chamber street trenton. it has been mobbed since word got out.
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the new jersey lottery gave store owners check for $30,000 just for selling that winning ticket. >> it will be life changing, so i wish all the best to that person. >> ticket is the largest single jackpot winning ticket ever sold in new jersey. lottery winners in new jersey cannot remain anonymous, that means, we eventually find out who you are, meisha. >> now for look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> from the front page of the daily times, met with crime victims, police officers in wallingford yesterday they held the first hearings on house bill 1010. the bill aimed at closing loopholes that unable purchasers to evade background checks in. when buying guns. >> from the intelligence ers, days after announcing he had moved up his retirement date, central bucks school superintendent david white sell says he's been placed on
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lever and told to clear out his office. just last week he publicly criticized the board. >> in the burlington county times about 100 student from cherokee, lenape, northern burlington county regional and pemberton township high schools participate in the future nurses day on monday. the student received hand on experience, in what it takes to be a nurse learning from those on the front lines of care. >> that's awesome. and that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> welcoming up: guess who is back with the birds? >> sam bradford ends his big brief hold out. pat? >> brief inch died, brooke, bradford was upset the eagles drafted carson wentz, but now sam is committed. committed what exactly, we will tell you next. >> but get a load of this mothers day mayhem when customers and restaurant workers get into a massive fight. what sparked the brawl, right in the middle of the dining room. stay with us. >> ♪
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>> sam bradford has returned to the nest, and he says he's all in. >> but, some are questioning his commitment, especially, after skipping part of the non-mandatory teamwork out, part of it. >> none at any. >> i was afraid she would hit me if i say anything else. >> can't talk about sam bradford, because of brooke thomas, yes. he is back, not that he ever really left. but he wanted to leave. he tried. his agent said so himself. but after demanding trade following the eagles selection of carson wentz, sam bradford returned tail between legs to the nova care complex on monday. through his agent bradford had given word he would miss all of the eagles voluntary work out and team activities before the mandatory portion of mini camp instead he sat out just
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under two weeks. >> his agent, tom, released statement on bradford's behalf on monday saying, quote, i'm excited to be back on the field today with my teammate and coaches. the business side of football is sometimes a necessary consideration. my attention and effort are focused on the participation in and preparation for a championship season. i am committed to my teammate. and the eagle organization for nothing less. we caught up with defensive end connor barwin and asked him about sam's return. >> it will be a competitive situation. sam is a starter. but the best guy will play. at the tend of the days a great situation for wentz to learn under good player for year or two, then sam obviously will have carson casino of biting at the heal, but push him as well to be the best he can be. >> bradford painted himself into a corner and had no where else to turn but back to south philadelphia. he or his agent believes there was trade market for quarterback, but it turns out,
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both mistaken, now, he'll settle in as the starting quarterback for how long, well, that remains to be seen, because of course they just pick carson wentz, number two overall, so it looks like it is a one and down situation. and brooke is upset already. >> i feel like just got little burnsy at the end here. >> come on, just show up. show up and be the starting quarterback. >> watching this happen on twitter, people saying he has made everyone mad, some of the toughest fans in the nation, you know, don't have any fans in the city now. well, he has one. >> you? >> hey, let's get a check on the forecast with kate. >> i that's a transition if i ever heard one, brooke, nicely done. >> now we want that to stay. >> you no longer have a job. >> as far as the wet weather here, not expecting any kind of severe weather thank goodness like we have seen across the midwest, central plane state. however, there is a little bit of wet weather to dodge out
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there today, because every front that looks like wants to hang out for awhile. looking at the live neighborhood network, at this point, taking you all the way to pleasant valley middle high schools, can see hint of light of dayment see the clouds break for at lows hint of sunshine across this area. but the further south go you will be stuck more so in the cloud cover. let's look at the nice wide zoom. see what's going on here. we do have warmfront. still neck neckly call it a warmfront, could become stationary with time. did bring in very heavy thunderstorms to eastern arkansas, currently moving east of the mississippi, that will likely pose threat for those areas here again today. but by the time this cold front actually reaches us, really dealing with some showers, some thunder storms tax doesn't even happen until the tail end of the week. for now all we have are more clouds than anything, little bit of a cool down simply because you will be stuck in the clouds, more the northeast wind flow on shore in other words, and also, few scattered showers, and maybe little bit of fine drizzle. so looking forward in this forecast, here is the front. it is a warmfront again.
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won't do much to warm us up here since we have the clouds, we have wet weather to dodge. it will be out there really at any time. all scat nerd nature, not a wash out, but anyone fair game to see any showers or drizzle fire up again at any time. that includes even into the over night hours. now, little synopsis, today cloudy being cool, temperatures no better than near 06, maybe ever so slightly above this depending on location, brighten up just little bit. few light showers, areas of drizzle as well as we mention any time, and the further north you go, the brighter it will be. but looking at the seven day forecast, we will warm things up pretty quitely here, no sooner do you bling but actually back into seasonable from territory, mid 70s as well, come friday, showers and thunderstorm rumble through, with the approach and passage of the next cold front, meisha? >> katie, thank you so. good morning, everyone, happy tuesday to you. looking at 95. taillights moving in the southbound direction, mover in the southbound direction looking pretty good. northbound side always looking
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pretty good. keeping my eye on the southbound side interstate 95 right around academy. actually looking all right. i can see levels building, even over the past, i would say, 20 minutes or so. repaving on broad street northbound between 95 and oregon avenue, left lane still compromised for in you this area. looking at this maybe about 15, 20 minute ago, with the one passerby driving by. now starting to see him out there. this could maybe slow you down coming up pushing toward the 6:00 p we don't get it cleared out of the way. right now looks okay. vine headlight moving in the eastbound direction. this looks very quiet. i had to take a moment, i didn't know if it was blacked out. looking good, headlights at broad street, overall vine good, closed overnight, eastbound, westbound, now all cleared between the schuylkill and broad street. patco eastbound, running special evening schedule through thursday, make sure to check your schedules on line. another update coming up in about 15 minutes, brooke, back over to you. >> thanks, mothers day melee in georgia. watch as family meal quickly turns into mayhem.
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>> a fight broke out between customers and staff at a japanese restaurant. it all started because a customer didn't like seeing the bus boy smile at her. it got dangerous, chairs, even cart went flying across the room during this brawl. no one was seriously hurt in the fight. but police say five people could face charges. >> and they videotaped it. >> right? get out of there. for the second time in two month indian river florida have rescued person from a burning car. this is dash cam video of the latest rescue sunday night near the town of vero beach. driver airlifted to a burn center where he is still undergoing treatment. the crash that sparked that fire is under investigation. >> well, there is trouble lurking under the water of the schuylkill river. >> we have the growing problem that's threatening rowing in the river and the plan to fix it. >> and engineering a better cup of coffee. meisha's ears are pecking up. we're taking un side the
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>> rowers getting ready for this week's dad vail regatta on the schuylkill river, but also a concern about rising levels threatening rowing here in philadelphia. silt piling up underwater create sand bars, and that is forcing more boats into less space. a dad vail regatta organizer warns rising silt levels could narrow or eliminate some lanes used by competing crews. >> it is a big, you know, big thing as far as the city, and of course up here, the course is getting filtered in, as well, so only matter of time before they won't be able to have the dad investigate gat a if it continues, you know, if we don't get relief pretty soon. >> now, rowing supporters plan to meet with the us army corps of engineers tomorrow night. the estimated price tag, for
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dredging the river, more than $3 million. a lot of people are hitting the golf course, now that it is starting to feel more like spring, but some aren't using golf balls nor clubs. >> vittoria woodill explains how golf remembers getting a kick out after new game. foot golf. >> what? >> at crescent golf course, they are taking aim at whole new way to play around a round of golf. they say all i need is a ball. all right, let's do this. >> forget the clubs. foot golf, only requires a soccer ball. >> yes, instead of swinging you're kick ago soccer ball. >> soccer and golf, spotted on tv by joe slater who thought it was so cool? >> why not just go like try to start it here. >> so the course gave almost got ahead. now you will find 18 holes complete with rolling hills and lakeside scenery to roll through. >> hey guys, you want to ride? psych. today -- >> and these holes are big
5:26 am
enough to sing your shot or not. >> this is the size after pizza pie? >> yes, 21 inches round. >> the real challenge will be from over there? >> yes, because can you not kick -- you think you can kick a soccer ball far. >> yes. >> can you not. >> wait a minute. >> and all of the rules of golf apply include playing it where it lies. >> oh, nice shot. >> regardless if you can bend it like beckham, or tap tap tap it in like happen. >> i take your time, enjoy it, enjoy being outside. >> sounds like you one everyone kicking it at crescent. >> you better believe it. we want t that's what we want. >> that's right. they just want you to enjoy it, and i think for 15 bucks, that's possible. i had two bogus today and i'm going right now for my birdie. not quite. vittoria woodill, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> now, i would do that. i would actually do. that will because i have eye-hand coordination issues, golf isn't for me but coy do that. >> i want to play with tori. she is so fun. >> and then go out for fizz
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alike the size of the hole the ball goes into. >> the three of us get into food trouble together. >> yikes. >> yikes. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", are you looking for good place to retire? >> yes. >> stop saying that. probably not around here. >> find out which local state, see local, just named one of the worse areas oh, to grow old. plus: storms swept through the planes on monday. i'm justin, in oak home, a the extent of the damage coming up. >> also, facebook fights claims of bias. the social networks response to accusation that it is sensoring some news. katy? >> and jim, today looks a little gray. little gloomy. but thankfully not going to be stuck in that casino of a pattern for very long. coming up: when we start to warm up. when we will see the sun return, full details in your full forecast, straight
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>> tornados tear through the midwest and the threats still out there today. good morning, i'm brooke thomas. >> i'm jim donovan. katie keeping an eye on rain around here today. first what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> i don't they will ever have peac h


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