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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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police need your help fining these two teenagers. they went door door selling magazines but ended up costing homeowners a lot more. what they're accused of doing after being told no than thanks. brand new information in the investigation surrounding prince's death. authorities returned to the singer's minnesota home today. what the search warrant reveals about prince's final days alive. and presumptive republican presidential nominee donald trump talks running mates. he says he has not ruled out governor chris christie. why one local political expert christie may not help the tick. but we begin with a vandalism spree in one new jersey community and police believe two teenagers are behind it. good evening everyone, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington. police say it all started when the teens went door to door trying to sell magazines. eyewitness new reporter david spunt is in voorhees right now with a closer look at the young suspects. david? >> reporter: ukee and jessica, as you know we get a lot of surveillance video into our newsroom at channel three but i have to tell you this video
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seems to be a lot better than most of the video and police are saying that this high definition video should help them and their hoping it helps them find these two teen vandals. two teens knocked on the door of this voorhees home monday night. according to police, they were trying to sell magazines. once they were told no, authorities say they did a number on several cars including this one. the homeowner who recorded the video asked not to be identifi identified. but told "eyewitness news" the key marks on his car add up to about $2,500 in damages. >> there's no reason for that. if they in fact were selling magazines move to the next house. >> reporter: detective rich taylor is with voorhees police. >> you have people that are hard-working people that, you know, are home, they're trying to enjoy their evening off and because they declined to purchase what would be a magazine and for that reason their property is damaged. >> reporter: taylor told "eyewitness news" the teens a male and female damaged at least five vehicles and their may be more. he said other neighbors reported
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similar encounters. >> thank god the homeowner had video. otherwise we'd be further behind than we are. >> reporter: homeowner who capture the surveillance video said he hopes both teens are caught. he insists they deserve whatever comes their way. and police are trying to determine if these kids are actually local. they believe they are in their teenaged years. if you have any information give voorhees police a casm you can remain anonymous many they want the information of who these teenagers are so they can get them behind bars charged them with those proper charges. reporting 35 night in voorhees township, david spunt cbs three "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you. new developments to night in the investigation into the death of prince. law enforcement returned to his home in minnesota today to conduct a search. more than a dozen unmarked cars showed up at prince's home at paisley park. sources tell cbs news an investigation is underway. earlier today, the la times reported prince was seen by dr. michael shoe went berg on two occasions including the day before he died. a warrant obtained by the papery
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sealed the doctor prescribed prince medications but it's not known what they were or whether he took them. also, tonight, police are on the scene of a deadly stabbing rampage at a mall in massachusetts. police say an off duty police officer shot and killed a man who stabbed two people at the mall in taunton and two others at a nearby home. two of the victims died from their injuries. police responded to the scene after the suspect crashed a car into the entrance of macy's store. there's no word on what sparked the violence. a philadelphia lawmaker facing federal fraud charges democratic state senator larry far nace say indicted today. he bribed democratic ward commit fee woman ellen chapman to switch her vote and support him in the 20118 ward leck. it's 11 he used $6,000 in campaign money to pay toward a college study abroad program for chapman's daughter. ellen chapman was also charged in the indictment.
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in a statement his attorney says in part, larry farnese is 100% innocent of these novel charges and expects to be fully exonerated. these charges have not connection whatsoever to his senator ya'll office. in campaign 2016, voters in two states hit the polls to cast their votes in the presidential primary. bernie sanders and donald trump are big winners again tonight the democratic race basketball defeated hillary clinton in west virginia by 14 points. but clinton still has a big lead in the delegate race. in the republican race donald trump won by landslide in west virginia. did he run unopposed. donald trump also won nebraska in landslide. the front runners continue to focus on the general election. >> bernie sanders celebrated his victory during a rally in salem, oregon. >> this is a state, west virginia, where hillary clinton won by over 40 points against barack obama in 2008. >> but hillary clinton still has
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a big delegate lead. a new poll of key swing states shows clinton and presumptive republican nominee donald trump in a virtual tie in a general election matchup. clinton spent the day in kentucky ahead of next week's primary there. >> with somebody like donald trump, you would see a race to the bottom across our country. with working families paying the price and i don't think that's a risk we can afford. >> trump ran effectively unopposed tuesday. exit polls majority of republicans in west virginia and nebraska said they felt be trade by their party. republicans also said they felt the party is divided right now but will unite come november. >> i would like to see unity in the party. i believe we'll have great unity in the party. >> that process may begin as soon as thursday when trump meets with house speaker paul ryan and other congressional republicans. meanwhile donald trump says his vice-presidential short list is down to five or six experienced politicians. and it appears new jersey
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governor chris christie is on that list. the presumptive republican nominee has not rule out christie as a running mate we talk to a rutgers university camden professor who is teaching a course on the presidency and she is weighing in on why the matchup may not work. >> historically, the presidential nominee will use the choice of vp to get some diversity on the ticket particularly geographic diversity if it's northerner candidate they'll try haven't southerner. to have a new york/new jersey ticket would be politically suicidal. >> trump has already tapped christie to lead his transition team if elected. a reminder voters in new jersey still have to weigh in on the presidential candidates. the garden state's primary is set for tuesday, june 7th. >> host committee for this summer's democratic national convention in philadelphia has
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exceeded its goal when it comes to volunteers. the host committee recruited 16,000 volunteers for the convention which will take place at the wells fargo center star starting july 25th. that number far exceeds the committee's goal of 10,000. >> from the time the delegates arrive there will be people at the airports and the train stations meeting them, helping them find their way. there will be volunteers at the delegate hotels helping people feel welcome, helping them navigate the city, they'll be some folks at the hall wells fargo center and also at the convention center. >> and there will be training for the volunteers usual al day of training and volunteers will also undergo background checks. we're learning more tonight about a fright tepping fall at philadelphia's rodan museum caught on camera. this video from november 2012. watch as the man falls from above on to the museum floor. that victim an energy efficiency engineer plunged through a glass ceiling falling 38 feet. he barely survived. he spent three months in the
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hospital. the museum and the security firm allied barton agreed to $7.25 million settlement with that man as trial was about to begin. >> the most terrifying moment of his life. it's more terrifying moment than almost all of us will he have be able to come to grips with. it was just a few seconds of knowing that you're going to fall and then having your bones crushed and your dreams destroyed. >> attorneys for allied barton and the museum did not immediately respond to a request by eyewitness news for comment. airports in new jersey and new york have now joined a growing chorus of complaints about inadequate staffing by the tsa and long wait times in security lines. the port authority of new york and new jersey sent a letter to the tsa saying they can no longer tolerate the tsa long lines. port authority says it might implement a plan already under consideration in seattle where officials could hire outside help contracting with private security companies.
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>> we're looking at all the options including we're going to investigate what it would take to privatize. we're looking at on the airports that have privatized. >> the tsa says it's working to decrease passenger wait times by using k9 toss expedite screenings. they also say they've asked congress to approve moreover time pay and are speeding up the hiring process to bring on new officers. philadelphia international airport issued this statement to "eyewitness news" about tsa weight times here "phl airport staff is working with tsa to improve passenger wait times. the wait times and lines at phl are much more manageable than other airports. the individual airlines here at phl have hired workers to help with passenger flow and contain long wait times ". well a list no one wants to be a part of. >> philadelphia's ranking among the least attractive people in america. so which city is considered most beautiful? fine out next. also this.
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>> her jeans are way too big after a live changing treatment to zap fat that's quick and unevasive. >> i lost 2-inches. it's moo miracle worker. >> i'm stephanie stahl coming up. >> temperatures are their way that that doesn't mean we're out of the woods yet as far as rain showers pushing toward the area. i'll tell when you the most likely coons see a shower will be tomorrow and how high those temperatures will get. and we've had a rather dreary spring. it's had a toward believe summer is right around the corner. that brings to us a good question. what is the best time to plant your summer vegetables. nicole brewer digs up the answer.
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>> this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" with ukee washington, jessica dean, kate bilo and don bell. ♪ philly is not feeling any brotherly love from readers of travel and lease sure magazine. >> that's because the city
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placed fifth out of tepp for the least attractive people. the same spot as last year. detroit came in first. memphis and oklahoma city tied for second. baltimore was fourth. the magazine found the list of the 10 least attractive cities had erie overlap with the survey's list of the top 10 cities with enthusiastic sports fans. the survey finds america's most attractive people call miami home. san diego second. charlestown, south carolina, los angeles and providence rhode island round out the top five. i got two words for all of it, please. >> zap the time just in time for summer there's way you can get a better body right now. >> health reporter stephanie has more on a new treatment that promises painless permanent fat reduction. >> it's amazing i actually fit in these. >> her old jeans are 22 big to you nor become kiev advance good i lost 2-inches it's great. >> after having two babies recently and gaining 45 pounds,
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becky lost the weight but struggled with her belly. >> working out and eating right wasn't helping much. right in the mid section right above my c section scar which is down here. so it pouched out. >> becky says she got her figure back after gettin getting ultra. sound waves that destroy fat cells. >> you can get 25% permanent reduction of fat. >> doctor marleen mash says unlike other procedures, that either freeze, heat or surgically remove fat, ultra shape is non invasive and painless. >> individual fat cells are targeted by ultrasonic technology and they explode. the fat cells go into very small particles of try glitter rides and wonderful bodies take care of it through the lymphatic system. >> the fat turns into triglycerides does it end up in your blood? could that be dangerous. there's been no report that triglycerides that err broken down from the fat cells get into
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the body. >> you can have mild skin redness and irregularities. why the technology is fda cleared for thible it can be used on areas. the results vary and aren't always drama. this is becky before and after three sessions. >> you don't feel anything. it's kind of just a warm sensation rolling around on your belly. >> results usually show up in 10 days. check out becky now in those old jeans. that are way too big with her new slimmed down belly. >> it's awesome. i love it. it's a miracle worker. >> not quite a miracle worker ultra shape costs about $3,500. and there are several one hour sessions two weeks apart. >> i'm stephanie stahl cbs3 "eyewitness news". all right. well eating lots of veggies is another way to keep your weight in check and in the summertime there's nothing better than those fresh vegetables right from the garden. >> but with out crazy spring weather when is the best time to plant your backyard garden? sounds like a good question it is. nicole brewer joins us with the answer.
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>> there's nothing better than tomatoes or cucumbers from your garden or someone else's garden. margaret in south philadelphia was wondering what's the best time to plant your summer veggies. it's a good question. let's find out. ♪ >> what do you think is the best time to grow summer veggies. >> next two weeks. >> probably the next week or two. >> gosh, i don't know. >> best time is after mother's day usually by may 15th you're completely safe. >> jay albrecht of albrecht nurseries spent the past 50 years selling seeds into 100-year-old business. >> has advice for those of us a little more green. what's easiest to grow? >> go with tomatoes. >> tomatoes. >> tomatoes. >> cucumbers. >> cucumbers, peppers. >> homeowners it would be tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash. >> squash is very dependent on temperature. so you can get really nice bush she plant non fruit. >> what's the biggest mistake people make?
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>> planting too early. a lot of people rush the season. >> albrecht says most summer veggies should be planned at soil level expect tomatoes which grow stronger faster when planted six to 7-inch noose the ground. if you opt for a pot -- >> requires more water and fertilizing but product wise the plant doesn't care. >> one thing plants are picky about, their location. >> they need half a day of sun preferably full son. >> growing tomatoes cage them. peppers do well in pots if you're planning cucumbers. >> give them space or something to climb on runners. >> i'll keep that in mind. >> so basically summer veggies can get planned as early this week with fourth of july as the cut off date. it takes 60 to 80 days to yield so that's latest you can plant without that risk of frost. >> i'm looking forward to that. >> i know. >> you have a green thumb. >> you know, i've done a little growing before. >> okay. >> better when other do's it. better results. >> exactly.
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>> my mom does all the work and i get all the benefits. >> there you go. >> thanks nick. appreciate it. what's your good question? log on to question or tweet us using the hash tag cbs3 good question. and nicole will be here every night with the answer on cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. can't wait to hear from you. well, a very special honor for our own kate bilo. >> that's right. kate is now part of the phoeni phoenixville high school wall of fame. phoenixville is kate's alma mater ton night the school held a special ceremony to recognize her and of course hank her photo on the wall and her family was all there to celebrate and kate we want to celebrate with you too. what an exciting day. >> indeed. congratulations young lady. very nice. >> thank you so much. >> bravo. my face will be on the wall forever for all the students to walk by and see every day my kids are very excited they love that. >> that's great. >> well deserved. >> kate played basketball. my son look at me like basketball, you? >> kind of.
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i was kind of a spirit member of the basketball team. >> that works. >> so cooling to back to my old high school. they've done renovations. get to be back in the halls. >> great memories. >> really really cool. good for you. >> very honored to be part of that wall of fame. part of that group. yes, good times. they fed us. there were cookies good things. it was wonderful. >> don't need anything more than that. fantastic evening in phoeni phoenixville. my hometown. and now, well, we are tracking another round of showers. things cleared out beautifully i was out live earlier and the sky brightened up blue sky but now more showers are on the radar. let's take a look what's happening outside right now start off with live look at center city philadelphia and everything is pretty quiet at the moment. just some clouds out there. it was not a wash out of a day but it was cloudy and it was chilly temperatures only in the 50s all day long. we barely hit 60. we did hit 60 for the daytime high but again certainly a chilly day for the time of year you can see why. take look at the time lapse
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video at the cute up to area middle school notice the clouds all day long. it was cloudy, it was dreary, it was gloomy finally by late afternoon a little bit of blue sky and sunshine poke its head through that's about it and of course that's about all we need. just a little bit of brightness in the sky can go a long way to make us feel a little happier it's been pretty dreary the past several weeks now corm scan three does snow scattered showers moving through southern delaware and new jersey a lot of these are not really even reaching the ground just a stray sprinkle. you can see steadier rain back to the west. most of this should bypass us to the south. but a few of these showers you see here invading portions of western pennsylvania, those could come through here early tomorrow morning. so we do have to plan still for some wet weather on your wednesday. with that said it should start to warm up. today's rainfall total just .02-inches. two hundredths of an inch. but it's still rain on the record books it will go down as wet day. we've had only one dry day in the last 13 days almost two weeks and yesterday was the only day with zero across the bore.
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it has been a wet two weeks. temperatures right now 51 in allentown. pair of fives in philadelphia. 51 in dover and here's what future weather looks likes as we head into wednesday morning. a couple of showers mainly off to the south. early in the morning. here's 6:00 a.m. as we head through the midday hours notice some break in the cloud cover but also just can't rule out scatter the shower here or there. thursday more sun trying to break through. and that's when things do improve a bit. so your rain chances still 30% chance for shower tomorrow. thursday, 0%. maybe two or 3% chance i don't want to rule out a stray sprinkle early thursday morning into the overnight hours. a better chance on friday with showers and storms in the afternoon. so it's not the best weather pattern we've ever seen tomorrow. sunshine again spotty shower 68 degrees. that is still slightly below average. thursday's 75. clouds some sun, not a bad day. most of the day stays dry if we can keep that cloud cover to our south. but then the storm really moves through friday with showers and
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storms. a late day shower on saturday. and then it clears out finally but it's cooler. tell you what, sunny 65 degrees day doesn't sound too bad right about now. sunday looks like it might be the next day that looks dry, slightly cool but dry. >> but dry. >> there we go. >> thanks kate. >> let's talk sports with don. >> we're talking eagles and this has nothing to do with sam bradford. what surprise? eagles linebacker jordan hick on the come back trail. how the second year pro is adjusting to new defense, plus the phillies took a two-run lead into the ninth and things got interesting. fine out if they can hold on against the braves. sports coming up next.
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you got to go back 103 years that's the last time team started the season as badly at home as the braves. they've lost 15 out of 16 at
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turner feel. only the 1913 yankees had been worse. all right. two guys dancin dancing on the g track at turner field. they got dance otherwise they might cry. top of the fifth. game tied. hear hernandez for the phils. in bums borgos. two-zero. adam morgan, seven innings, one run, four hits, 4ks. eighth inning homerun by franco. seventh of the season. three-one phils. gomez gave up a homerun in the ninth but he did settle down. and got his 12th save of the season. phils win three-two. their last seven wins by one run that is their longer streak since 1942 it's been a minute. not a lot of fanfare. he was a third round pick on team that had super bowl aspirations but when the game started the eagles were bad. the rookie was pretty good. linebacker jordan hicks led the eagles in dac guess before he
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suffered a season ending injury against the cowboys in november. he's been recovering from a torn peck muscle and now he's learning a new scheme brought in by defensive coordinator jim schwartz. >> going through college the university of texas i had four different defensive coordinators. four different linebacker coaches. two different head coaches. in five years. we were constantly running new thing and i was constantly learning and having to adapt and change and figure out, um, you know, the best way to adapt to these coaches. so, you know, it's something i'm kind of used tom it's something that i think makes me versatile player that i am. and i use it to my advantage. looking forward to seeing him back on the feel. michael jordan, lebron james, magic johnson none of those guys have done what steph curry did today. he was named inform ba mvp for the second straight year. it's the first time in league history a player unanimous
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choice. we'll be right back.
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our morning team is back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7:00. for kate, don, everyone here, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. the late show with city ken colbert is neck. >> thanks so much for watchin w. good night, family, and sleep
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well. ♪ >> stephen: katie couric. >> hey, stephen. >> stephen: so lovely to see you. thanks for being on the show. >> are you kidding? so happy to be here. >> stephen: marng you are going to look fantastic in the chicken suit. >> what do you mean. >> stephen: i forgot to tell you we are doing this thing where we interview our guests in costumes. >> stephen, i'm a serious journalist. i am not going to wear a chicken suit. >> stephen: is it okay if i wear the chicken suit? >> it's jur show, knock yourself out. >> stephen: you can be the horse. >> great! >> tonight, stephen welcomes chloe grace moretz katie couric charlamagne tha god


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