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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  May 11, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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bernie sanders wins the west virginia primary and donald trump coast toss victory. we will tell which candidate is in our area today. deadly stabbing rampage in massachusetts police respond to two crime scenes including one in the busy mall. and vandals in voorhees caught on cameras what police say, they are asking homeowners for, before, they are targeting their property. well to day is wednesday, thank goodness, may 11th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. ham i hump day i'm brooke thomas meisha has traffic, katie has your forecast, it is a family affair. >> it is, we are getting over hump. a lot of construction but no accidents. so far, so good.
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>> thankfully for the most part weather is pretty quiet. we are lug for a shower here and there today though but you can see on storm can three we have moisture working its way threw delaware and southern most, new jersey. cape may cumberland county getting clipped by wet weather right the now but thinks all from the frontal boundary just too close for comfort. we are not expecting a really wet day, and actually we will see some sunshine for a change, problem is this front is still just too close by so we have to allow for a shower throughout the day really anywhere at anytime but it will be very spotty and definitely not putting a minor damper on your day, as that wet weather rolls through. we are in the 40's, and we have a clearer skies, 42 at mount pocono, and throughout the course of our wednesday we're expecting temperatures to rebound back in the low to mid to upper 60's here. at least in philadelphia we will be closer to typical here with cloud breaking for at least some sunshine but again, a shower in the forecast especially from the city on south and up toward mountains
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talking about a partly sunny skies. overall still a decent day but this front is just a little too close for comfort so i have to throw in that s word: shower. >> yes, who have would have guessed, katie. >> i know, right. >> good morning, everyone. happy wednesday. well, i don't have better news because i have to talk about construction. we have it the out there including this morning. ninety-five north off ramp to broad street is closed because of repaving on broad street between oregon avenue and 95. the see flashing lights letting you know that ramp is closed. that should be opening soon. you can see early risers out there but we are looking okay there. then we will look at the vine closed, it looks like just reopening moving in the westbound direction and eastbound side. we are seeing cars out there. that is great news because that can really hang you up. schuylkill westbound before the blue route that right lane is closed, we are seeing traffic and we would in the 4:00 clock hour. possibly moving in the 5:00 he clock hour that can slow you down. we will have more construction
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in a little bit. jim and brooke, back over to you. hillary clinton will campaign in camden county college in blackwood. >> her stop in the garden state comes one day after bernie sanders pulled off a win in the west virginia's democratic primary. >> reporter: cbs news projections bernie sanders has won west virginia democratic primary defeating hillary clinton. sanders celebrated the victory during a rally in salem, oregon. >> this is a state west virginia where hillary clinton won, by over 40 points, against barack obama in 2008. >> clinton still has a big delegate lead, a new poll of key swing states shows clinton and presumptive donal trum in a virtual tie in a general election match up. clinton, spent the day in kentucky, ahead of next week's primary there. >> with somebody like donald trump you would see a race to the bottom across our country. with working families paying the price and i don't think
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that is a risk we can afford. >> reporter: trump ran effectively unopposed tuesday, in exit polls majority of the republicans in west virginia and nebraska said they felt betrayed by their parties. republicans also said that they feel the party is divided right now but will unite come november. >> would i like to see unity in the party. i believe we will have great unity in the party. >> reporter: that process may begin as soon as thursday when trump meets with house speaker paul ryan and other congressional republicans. craig bo. well for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". deadly stabbing rampage at a mall in massachusetts. this morning, two people and a suspect are all dead. police say it started when 28 year-old, arthur derosa stabbed two women in a nearby home. one died in the hospital. then he drove to the mall, just south of boston and crashed his car through the front of the macy's store. >> we saw the car just jolt right in. >> they had guns drawn out, k-9's were out. >> we all heard a loud noise
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and people running and state the police had us lock the kid in the store and lock down. >> derosa stabbed four people inside a restaurant killing one before an off-duty officer fatally shot him. still no word what sparked the violence. police in voorhees, new jersey want to question two teenagers in connection with the vandalism spree. investigators say two teens seen here on surveillance video were going door to door to sell magazines. once home owner said they didn't want the magazines authorities say two vandalized several cars. police say five vehicles were damaged. >> the home owner had video, otherwise we would be further behind then we are. it the is just a matter of identifying, but it is a difficult situation because it is not a major crime but it is still something that need to be taken care of. >> voorhees police posted surveillance video on their facebook page. if you have any information give them a call. you don't to have give your
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name. and for the 16 year-old howard high school student facing negligent homicide charges in the death of amy joyner francis said his client had no prior history of of fighting or disruptive behavior. in a statement to the associated press attorney john decker says his client had no way of knowing that the bathroom altercation would result in the death of joyner-francis. prosecutors plan to charge her as an adult. two other teens are charged with misdemeanor conspiracy. joyner francis died of sudden cardiac death, authorities say physical and emotional stress from the assault were contributing factors. democratic state senator larry farnese faces federal fraud charges. the law maker was indicted yesterday, prosecutors say farnese bribed democratic party ward commit thee woman ellen chapman to switch her vote and support him forward leader in the the 2011, eighth ward a election. farnese used $6,000 in campaign money to fund a college stud a broad study for chapman's daughter. ellen chapman is also charged
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in the indictment. in a statement farnese's attorney says in part larry farnese is 100 percent innocent of these novel charges and expected to be fully exonerated. these charges november connection whatsoever to his senate office. tonight is the last chance for the public to have their voices heard on philadelphia mayor jim kenney's proposed budget including the soda tax. there has been plenty of testimony already, for and against that soda tax. supporters say that the 3 cents an ounce tax will help fund prek, community improvements, critics say it will drive businesses out of the city. the meeting is 5:00 o'clock tonight at city hall chambers. good news for young people in philadelphia hoff been quick of non-violent crimes. >> twenty-two work trained youth aid volunteers were sworn in yesterday at the district attorney's office. d.a.'s youth ate panel provides counseling and helps young people complete requirements like community service. in many cases their record can
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be expunged. still ahead how volunteers from our area trying to help victims have of the wild fires in canada. also a head a magazine for children is being criticized for this morning. we will show you article that has a publisher apologizing. imagine looking out your front door and seeing this, where this muse on the loose was making its own music we will be right back.
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welcome back. new developments in the investigation of the death of music legend prince. law enforcement tells cbs news that investigators are looking into whether prince died from an overdose. on tuesday detectives revisited the singer's paisley park estate as part of the probe, early in the day the l.a. times reported prince was being seen by doctor michael shelf evenberger on two occasions including the day before he died. a warrant or taken by the pay paper revealed doctor prescribed prince medications but it is not known what they were or whether he took them. volunteers from
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philadelphia's chapter of the american red cross are heading to canada to assist with wild fire relief efforts. they are leaving on a flight for alberta where fire fighters have been able to make some progress in the fires burning for more than a week now. but still, hundreds of homes and buildings have been destroyed. there is no electricity and water is not drinkable. publisher of the discovery girls magazine is defending itself begins claims it encouraged body shaping. >> magazine described itself as a publication by girls, for girls, with readers ranging from eight to 12 years old. this layout in the latest addition is being highly criticized, titled what swimsuit best suits you and gives style suggestions for girls who are curvey on top, straight up and down and rounder in the middle. well, parents are just not happy. >> it is disgusting. we have enough problems with teenagers for you start this young it breaks my heart a little bit. >> these girls are going to change, probably several times
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over their lives and they should be empowered to know they can change. >> the publisher admits their mistake and open letter on facebook they say the article was supposed to be about finding cute, fun swimsuits that make girls feel confident but focused on girls body image and had a negative impact. the time is 4:42. meisha is watching the road this morning. >> no accidents, guys, just a lot of construction. good news is dry roadways that helps. >> thankfully for dry roadways but we have a pocket of rain rolling through southern most counties and anyone, starting to see a spotty shower. there is a warm front that has turned stationary and too close for my personal taste, so it could lead to a quick shower anywhere really today but then we will see another round of rain later this week. we will warm you through that and start off by taking you out to a full screen view of storm scan three to show you what is up here. you see pockets, nothing super organize out there but a couple little pockets of light rain, so some coming become very heavily across
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southwestern del marva peninsula and not affecting us. we have steadier rain by comparison over the delaware bay but that is it. looking at a much wider zoom this front again it is not terribly organized, just strung out, and stalled out, at this point, and will eventually end up with a cold front that crosses through but because that front is still close enough we do see a few more cloud, still limiting the sunshine and that potential for a shower at anytime, even in toward this he can there could still be a shower, that pops up, in a couple of spots. the there is a very good likelihood some of you don't see one drop of rain out of the day but regardless it is something we have to cover for. tomorrow is looking like a dry day finally. we will call it partly sunny and expect to see high pressure build in just enough to keep things dry, by friday though cold front cross necessary and that is when our next round of steady heavier rain is set to live which we will discuss coming up here but spotty shower today, nothing more than that, it is overall a pretty nice day. also, a milder day too as we flirt with 70 degrees,
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dropping down to 55 tonight. scattered shower in that forecast, and as we move forward in the seven day you'll see temperatures rebound nicely here. tomorrow partly sunny. seventy-five. friday keeping that high of 75 but that is when our next cold front crosses through the p.m. hours. some showers and thunderstorm set to rumble in. meisha, over to you. thanks very much. good morning everyone. happy wednesday or as we like to say happy hump day to you. i-95 north is close because they are repaving between oregon avenue and 95. you can see flashing lights. they still have that off ramp blocked off, hopefully that clears sometime soon. thinks giving you a look outside 95 in the north and southbound direction. so pushing toward, the the 5:00 o'clock hour early risers starting to form, out there burlington bristol bridge scheduled to open up at 5:05. really dark the shot there. construction here schuylkill westbound before the blue route, that right lane still compromised not slowing down yet but on the schuylkill
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anytime during 5:00 o'clock hour it can slow you down a bit. make note that it is out there and it hasn't cleared. 422 eastbound same story between oaks and route 23 that left lane is compromised and ramp to route 23 is blocked because of this construction. it the looks quite large out there. also kelly drive all lanes are blocked, inbound, between hunting park avenue and fountain green drive until 5:00 a.m. because of the repaving project. jim a brooke, back over to you. well, woman's chosen counter with a muse is going viral. >> take a look at this.. >> she heard wind chimes in her home but there was no wind. after a few minutes she looked outside and saw a giant a last can muse rock and rolling. he was sun playing with the hanging the chimes. >> giant. >> just so big. >> yes. >> hi. stay outside.
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well, still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning looking for work. >> we will tell you where you can go today to get an interview but first here's a look what is on tonight on cbs-3. as an educator, it's all about connections. you're not just in the classroom; you're part of the community. you meet these tiny kids every year, and you help them learn and grow. but you also get to know their families, and over the years they become a part of your life, and you become a part of theirs. when you build those connections, you can accomplish some pretty amazing things.
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i'm jackie kruzik and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator.
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local visit from hillary clinton tops the headline on cbs 36789 clinton will visit camden county community college in blackwood. yesterday her opponent for democratic presidential nomination, bernie sanders won the parties west virginia primary. donald trump won both g.o.p. primaries in west virginia and nebraska. in massachusetts they are trying to figure out why albert derosa went on a rampage yesterday killing two people and hurting four others stabbing attacks. he killed an 80 year-old woman at her home and another person after crashing a car at a mall. police then shot and killed
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derosa. police in camden county want to talk to these teenagers caught on surveillance video investigators say they were selling magazines, door to door and maybe responsible, for vandal icing cars of homeowners who turned them down. time is 4:49. time for a check of business news. >> jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, jill? the big retailers reporter that earnings, this week starting their day with macy's what are analyst expecting. >> reporter: well, some analyst expect the biggest sales drop since the financial crisis. they are really a lot of questions about whether department stores like macy's and other old school type of retailers can compete with these new fast, fashions stores that we're seeing like forever 21, analyst say millennials want trendy less expensive clothe ago this they can wear, pose pictures of on social media and then move on. brooke and jim. >> it is all about instagram. >> speaking of earnings reports i guess, people that are holding disney stock are
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not very happy this morning. >> reporter: that is right, disney shares fell in after hours trading, even star wars the force awakens wasn't enough to help. disney, again shares fell about 6 percent. the company missed expectations for the first time in five years. disney ruled at the box office. they had major hits of star wars. but sales at amusement parks were weaker then expected and espn saw a drop in subscribers, brooke and jim. >> it is a small world after all. >> i see what you did there. >> thanks, jill, we will check with you later on. our news room staff, working on this show knows all about this too well. working overnight. well, today is the day to honor you, it is national third shift workers day. there are 15 million people who permanently or occasionally have to work overnight. third shifts are not new to hospital workers or emergency personnel but it can still
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make life unusual and sometimes difficult. so today, we say hats off to you. we appreciate you. >> we feel your pain. here's a look at some of the third shifters at "eyewitness news", live look, there is lease, deb, vince, joe, greg in audio and we have a news roomful of people that help make this possible. >> wand fur we get a prize today. >> if we get a prize, it is their. >> well, coming up. >> looking for a job get your resume ready. >> philadelphia premium outlets is hosting their spring job fair. more than 50 seasonal and permanent positions are available. job fair goes from 2:00 this afternoon to 7:00 o'clock tonight the at the outlets in limerick. on site interviews license conducted. you are encouraged to wear professional business a tire. coming up after break we will get another break of weather and traffic. >> katie says it will be warmer today, her forecast when we come right
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yet another morning with wet weather to track. thankfully today more than anything it is a dry day. you will see skies brighten up more and end up with more sunshine and more warmth as well but it still has to how for a bit of wet weather and you can see why on storm scan three. the is there a frontal boundary turning stationary to the south but just close enough it is triggering wet weather over our southern most counties. rest of you seeing essentially a clear skies, couple clouds here and there but overall i would say other than a spotty shower it is looking good. now tomorrow hey look at that finally rain chances drop off completely as high pressure builds in briefly because then we will see our next cold front on friday but again chances go backup for showers and very likely thunderstorms but temperatures do the same. seventy-five both tomorrow and friday, we will see secondary front crossing through on saturday knocking us back to the 60's for second half of the weekend but overall other than a quick shower on saturday weekend is not looking bad at all, meisha, over to you. >> we will take anything we can get at this point.
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thanks very much. good morning everyone. happy wednesday. good news, a lot of construction has been pushing towards 5:00 he clock hour and starting to clear off the roadway. thinks one area where it is not yet clear. i-95 northbound off ramp to broad street is closed because of repaving between oregon avenue and 95. right there still closed off. overall, traffic flow is still looking, good. it the is obviously still early. it is looking good right new but we will see i-95 heat up. burlington bristol bridge scheduled to open up at 5:05. also, this is a pint of construction schuylkill westbound before the blue route where it has been cleared. right lane blocked for quite sometime but we have good news on the schuylkill there. 422 eastbound between oaks and route 23 that left lane was compromised because of construction that has been cleared but ramp to route 23, that was blocked for quite sometime, one lane is still blocked there. kelly drive all lanes blocked because of repaving inbound between hunting park avenue and fountain green drive and that should lift around 5:00 a.m.
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jim and brooke, back over to you. heading out the door stay updated with the forecast an hour sister station kyw news raid were 1060. two events this weekend highlighting a rare genetic condition. the reason energy service professionals from across the area are in philadelphia this week. and how fixing your credit could help you find love. check in two, three, four times a day on kyw news radio 1060 on your am dial. coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", bon jovi gives back. >> how the rocker is helping an area hit hard by super storm sandy. plus a selfie fail, that might explain how her plane surprise led to an embarrassing mistake that is going viral. rare candid moments from the queen who criticized in public for being rude, we are back at the top of the hour.
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hillary clinton comes to town today fresh off a big loss to bernie sanders, pitch the democrats are make to go prove they are the best candidate to face donald trump. five gunshots and i looked at her and said we have to get the out on have here. >> chaos at a massachusetts mall when a man goes on a deadly stabbing spree. that is not the only crime the attacker is accused of committing. the big unanswered question for police this morning. new look at a local landmark how to check out progress crews are making on renovating the divine lorraine. it is wednesday, may 11th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. hi there i'm brooke thomas. the it is wednesday. i don't know where i'm going
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but katie and meisha are keeping an eye on things this morning. >> yes, good morning. happy wednesday. happy hump day. brooke, i know you love to say it and i love saying it too many, we are getting over the hump. >> a lit built of wet weather. >> here she goes. >> hey man i'm just the messenger but what is happening here guys is frontal boundary is just stuck. it can't get pushed out just yet. it will eventually get pushed out of the way but it cannot go anywhere. as a result it brings with it a couple of showers, southern most counties. we are not seeing anything here in philadelphia we are in the seeing any further north as you travel. but there is wet weather to track and it comes because of this front that is just hung up and is there nothing to push it out of the way. eventually it will get pushed out of the way later in the week. for now temperatures where they stand at the moment we have clear skies, we have cooler air. forty-three in allentown. forty in mount pocono. mid 50's still being reported around the rest of the i-95


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