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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 11, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> yes. >> you didn't cause this weather. >> yeah, i know. >> well, katie, turf say thank you for bringing the sky, right new because sky in our camera shots are picture perfect. >> gorgeous it will start off with one of most my personal favorite camera shots we will go outside to the live neighborhood network where sunnies coming up leak a blood orange color. that sunshine. 47 degrees is current temperature outside kutztown area middle school but you can see pretty colors on the horizon there, simply because we do have have wet weather to track and that can skew those colors on the sky line but it is beautiful out there. granted we are tracking a couple showers most noteably through southern new jersey kent, sussex county border in delaware. not everyone getting hit and generally speaking this is a dry day you don't need umbrella if you don't mind a couple rain drops here and there. granted, many of you are will not see one rain drop. 54 degrees temperature at the
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airport. 43 degrees at mount pocono. very calm win right now, there is in real push in the atmosphere to get wind. we don't have to worry about the breeze but it will be a milder day, overall this isn't looking bad. low to mid upper 60's, generally expectation milder then it was yesterday for sure. we will see some sun through those cloud. i have to throw is not for a shower at anytime, especially for philadelphia and down near cher towns, southern half of the area just because of this front that is too close for comfort. meisha, over to you. >> not fun at all. >> all right, katie something we will to have deal w more rain. some rain. some rain. good morning everyone. 422 headlights moving in the eastbound direction past oaks is what we are looking at talking about that sky. take a look, absolutely gorgeous that blue and that pink overall volume levels look good on 422. boulevard headlights moving in the southbound direction approaching schuylkill both moving in the south bun and northbound direction, it is looking really nice there got to say, from now cracking in the 6:00 o'clock hour our
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volume levels are heading steady where they have been since 59:00 he clock hour and they are looking g delaware county i-95 north bound 452 working up to the airport. once around the airport air was use looking good there as well. always check your schedules on line. this is an area that we did have some construction earlier i-95 north off ramp to broad street was closed and has now been since cleared. we are looking at a accident new jersey cape may route 47 is closed at beaver dam road because of the down pole and that accident. you will to have use an alternate route 90 to route 83, your best bet around. that repaving on kelly drive all lanes blocked inbound between hunting park avenue and fountain green drive that should have lifted. we will let you know as soon as it does. jim and brooke, back over to you. well, new jersey is playing a major role in campaign 2016. with 142 delegates in next month's democratic primary, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are spending more time in the garden state. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live in camden
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county college in blackwood where clinton is campaigning today, justin? >> reporter: jim, good morning. for clinton to call for a higher wages as well as breaking down barriers, holding back americans, this is as a new poll shows a race between clinton and trump would be a tight race, in key swing states of florida, pennsylvania and ohio. those polls say no presidential winner has won the race without two of those states, and that same poll favors sanders over trump and this morning, both of those men are counting more delegates. cbs news called west virginia for bernie sanders on tuesday, more than half of his states 29 delegates set for sanders, remained tore hillary clinton. sanders celebrated in salem, oregon. >> this is a state, west virginia, where hillary clinton won by over 40 points against barack obama in 2008. >> in 2016, clinton still count more delegates but new
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you poll of swing states, florida, ohio, and pennsylvania, show a clinton verse donald trump match up results in a virtual dead heat in a general race. that poll also puts sanders over trum in those same states. sanders sounding confident, speaking to us monday in atlantic city. >> we want strongest candidate to defeat donald trump and bernie sanders is that candidate. >> reporter: although clinton is looking past sanders. >> i'm looking forward to debating donald trump come the fall. >> in west virginia and nebraska, trump the presumptive g.o.p. nominee ran essentially unopposed. cbs news reports exit polls in both states by republicans, they feel betrayed by their party. top republicans hoping for healing by november. >> would i like to see unity in the party. i believe we will have great unity in the party. >> reporter: contested convention seems less likely for republicans but can democrats be a divide come july at their national convention in philadelphia? we asked dnc, coe.
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>> we are preparing for a contested convention but i don't think there will be one. >> despite that, sanders is still vowing to fight to the convention but clinton is farrah head in the delegate account. her free event starts at 1:00 this afternoon and also is free to the public and rs vp's are welcome. we can tell you too that we had bernie sanders here in atlantic city just this week. chris christie now announced as trump transition team leader. garden state playing a critical role in this race so far. new jersey primary set for june 7th, less than one month away. we are live here in blackwood i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". jim and brooke, back inside to you. is there still time to register for new jersey primary, you can do to it by next tuesday may 17th, the primary is tuesday june 7th. police are trying to figure out what led to the deadly stabbing rampage at a mall in massachusetts. this morning two people and suspects are dead. police say it started with 28
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year-old arthur derosa stabbing two women in the a nearby home. one died at a hospital, and then drove to the mall in taunton and crash his car through front of the macy's store. >> the car just dove right in. >> they had guns drawn out, k-9 aes were out. >> we all heard a loud noise and people were running and state police had us lock the kids in the store and locked down. >> there was four people inside a restaurant killing one before an off-duty officer fatally shot him. there is no word on what sparked the violence. in other news, an attorney for 16 year-old howard high school student facing negligent homicide charges in the death of amy joyner francis says his client had no prior history of fighting or disruptive behavior. in a statement to the associated press attorney john decker says his client had no way of knowing that the bathroom altercation would result in the death of joyner francis. prosecutors planned to charge decker's client as an adult, two other teens are charged
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with misdemeanor conspiracy. joyner francis died of sudden cardiac death. authorities say physical and emotional stress from the assault were contributing factors. pennsylvania prosecutors your dismissing new allegations in the jerry sandusky case. two assistant penn state coaches claimed to have witnessed one time assistant football coach having inappropriate or sexual contact with children in the late 1980's. the solicitor general bruce castor says that the reports are third and fourth hand. sandusky denies the allegations. a philadelphia law maker says he is innocent after being indicted on fraud charges. the prosecutors say that state senator larry farnese used campaign fund to bribe democratic party committee woman ellen chapman in 2011. he allegedly gave chapman $6,000 for her daughter's college stud a broad program. in exchange for her vote in the 2011, eighth ward elections. chapman was also charged. in the statement, farnese's attorney says in part larry farnese is
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100 percent innocent of these charges and expected to be fully exonerated. these charges have no connection whatsoever to a senate office. now for a look at newspaper head lanes from across our region. >> from the front page of the intelligencer two successful write in campaigns seem to be shaking things up in bucks county. larry mullens of warminster and drew of middletown received enough write in vets for primary to challenge bernie o'neill and democratic inn cup bent tina davis. >> press of atlantic city said tropicana will add seafood restaurant off casino floor in collaboration with jose garces. the casino is under going 40 million-dollar renovations a and venue will open up by the end of the year. from the front page of the spirit of the delaware county 15 high school student are on their way to german think summer to learn about life there firsthand. the trip was arranged through the german american partnership program, and international youth exchange
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organization. and that is a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. well, no secret that finding parking in philadelphia isn't easy. coming up a new way to find a spot that will save you time and money. plus take a close look at these teenagers, they wanted by police for what officers say they did after a home owner refused to buy something from them. another violent tornado touches down from the same system that spawned those deadly tornadoes in oklahoma, see the damage and find out who could see severe weather today, that is coming up.
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welcome back everyone at 6:12. back on "eyewitness news" this morning with more tornado damage this time western kentucky took a pretty hard hit. >> um-hmm. >> powerful storms leveled homes and several neighborhood, like these homes in mayfield. eight people were hurt, the latest round of severe weather took and brought the about two dozen tornadoes to six states including illinois and kentucky. that is terrifying.
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>> there is nothing you can do about it because it is just nature. >> fortunately it doesn't happen here that often. tornadoes are pretty rare at least. we can definitely get them but thankfully no severe weather expected anytime soon, guys but we have another out break already underway. very severe thunderstorm breaking out across nebraska, portions of kansas, and part of the much larger system that crossed through our area we have a frontal boundary that is a stationary front but it will lift through as a warm front that help our temperatures rebound by tomorrow. i want to show you pattern and what is involved here through the day today this front that is stationary for now. it is not going anywhere but just close enough that i have to throw in potential for a shower. you can see how that will roll in here. anyone fair game, further north chances are better you do stay totally dry. it is just a shower. looking to thursday high pressure will move in just enough to keep you dry. partly sunny. milder day. looks like a good one to make
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outdoor plans and expect to stay totally dry. friday is when cold front with this large disturbance does push through triggering fresh round of showers and thunderstorms, however, at this point it doesn't appear as though it would be anything severe. now, union playing tonight. 67 degrees, at kick off here but we are expect to go see a little bit of sun filter through clouds. very modest breeze. should be a decent night for soccer and for anything else, going on. mid 70's return to the forecast tomorrow and friday. tomorrow is a dry day, looks good friday watching for showers and storms and secondary front crosses through late in the day on saturday. meisha, back over to you. >> thank you so much. good morning everyone. happy hump day to you, looking at boulevard in the southbound direction, a cool bird eye view the shot here looking pretty good, here. we are just slowing down now. little bit of saying well, i have 55 miles an hour. that is where i want, you are dropping below that. let me show you schuylkill moving in the west wound
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direction, one of the areas keeping my eye off the boulevard. for those boulevard southbound we are slowing down a bit and mess certainly slowing down on the schuylkill westbound. just john those trees we are looking at that line moving in the eastbound direction in the schuylkill is what it i go looking at. same story there moving in the eastbound direction as it is in the westbound side. i-95 south at cottman around the s curve we are dropping less than 55 miles an hour, there as well, so we are just starting to slow down. one area but still looking good, platt bridge, taillights moving toward philadelphia a you can see it is a cool shot there looking g accident in cape may, new jersey still out there, route 47 is closed you will to have use that alternate. so, jim and brooke, i know some things just absolutely just gorgeous, cuddly and adorable walk in the studio what sit. >> jim donovan. >> gentlemen, it is me. we have just a bit more news. >> police want to question two teenagers in connection with the vandalism spree. >> investigators say two teens seen here on surveillance video were going door to door trying to sell magazines. >> once home owner said know authorities believe they
6:16 am
vandalized several cars. police report five damaged vehicles. >> thank god the home owner had video, otherwise we would be further behind then we are. it the is just a matter of identifying but it is a difficult situation because it is not a major crime but it is still something that needs to be taken care of. >> if you have any information call voorhees police. you do not to have give your name. well, coming up we are taking you to the the front lines of the wild fire in canada. >> see what fire fighters are dealing with as they try to save homes from the flames, pat. look what i have? puppies. this is, meisha and she's up for adoption, yes, meisha, i will tell you how to take meisha home with you, don't go anywhere we will be right back.
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overcrowded animal shelters here and across the country are getting a helping hand. >> pat gallon is here to tell us about a local organization dedicated to improving and enriching lives of abused, abandoned and neglect pets, patrick. >> waiting for this all morning. >> don't you love the name of the dog? >> yes. >> we love a good two for one deal and an animal shelter in northern liberties has a deal almost too good to pass up and it involves saving two dogs at ones. philadelphia area, thousands of animals are available for adoption each year. it is a little different. >> save me is a non-profit no
6:20 am
kill rescue shelter, and we're concentrating on saving dogs from shelters where they may in the get a chance to find homes. >> reporter: here at save me not only are they saving pets and keeping them in shape but more the public can help the more they can help other animals as well. >> hi. >> the element of that is unique is we promise to keep places reserved for pit bulls so that every time a pit bull gets adopted, we go to animal control here and we pull another pit bull. >> reporter: they also promote healthiness of the sheltered animal with the small agility course, part of their mission is to improve, even rich lives of the animals, not just hold on to them until adoption. we have an area in our very spacious backyard that has some toys, and ramps, and other agility equipment for pup toys play on. >> good boy. >> reporter: currently save me has over 40 dogs ready for your adoption. as you save, they will save
6:21 am
too. >> save me caption program has all breeds, sizes and ages, they have cats the if you love fee lines. another reason, is they are the only adoption agency in the city that allows minors to volunteer with a parent or guardian. joining us here is ray lit from save me with his friend, meisha. meisha is so cute. our meisha is cute as well but this meisha just so pretty. ray, tell us about at adopt me shelter. >> well, we are a non-profit animal shelter in northern liberties and in philadelphia. we concentrate on saving animals from overcrowded shelters, and we'd like for you to come down and visit with our animals anytime. you don't need an appointment. we are at 858 north third street in northern liberties and you can spent as much time as you want getting to know the animals. >> you will there a long time. >> i was. >> i was there a little while. tell us about the pit bull program as well. >> we have a program specifically is aimed for helping pit bulls because pit
6:22 am
bulls are over representative in shelters, and we have decide that had every time we adopt a pit bull, we will reserve that space for another local pit bull and that way the person who is doing the adoption will know that they have saved actually two lives. >> got to love this. >> go down to save me in northern liberties. save this little beauty meisha right here. save a pit bull and that will help save another pit bull as well, jim and brooke, get over here and come pet this thing. he needs your love. >> i know, don't tempt me. >> yes, my stuffed dog. >> meisha is shaking, don't worry, i shake around here too. still ahead, that hidden secret of diet soda why it is not a good option trying to lose weight. >> and it wasn't a high speed chase but sure was wild, that is a mom in the minivan and, get this she got away from police. find out why she was on the
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wild chase caught on tape in cincinnati and it involved a fugitive mom. >> police say woman hopped curve in her minivan, drove through lawns and sped on a highway as her child rode in the passenger seed. investigators say she's wanted
6:26 am
on felony warrants in kentucky including heroin possession. for safety, police ended the pursuit and she's still on the run. a new web based app is helping to make parking in philadelphia a little easier. >> lauren ancone created philadelphia which allows users to see all of the parking rules on almost every parking street in philadelphia open up your phone, go to the and and it is basically where you are standing. the rules are for area parking are listed there it does than the make any sense. just go to the web site parkadelphia. >> search for regulations before you go or search for regulations where you are. >> the data for project comes from public city and parking authority information. parkadele fee ace completely free and lauren says she hopes to keep it that way. coming up in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news" more incredible pictures from canada we are giving you inside look at fire fighters
6:27 am
trying to save a home from a massive wild fire. are you on facebook, twitter and instagram? unfortunately scammers are too. coming up three on your side with information so you don't fall for your scheme, stay
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hey there, it is, warming up but don't counties on being dry. >> katie is tracking more wet weather what to expect today and the day we could see thunderstorms, coming up. good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm brooke thomas. it is 6:30. time to get up. here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. >> hillary clinton has a campaign stop, camden county college of blackwood campus. >> they have raised wages as breaking down barriers for americans. >> yesterday her opponent bernie sanders won parties west virginia primary.
6:31 am
>> they have gone out. >> the offer allowed noise and bunch of people running. >> deadly stabbing rampage at a mall in massachusetts. this morning two people and a suspect are all dead. thank god the home owner had video. >> police in voorhees, new jersey want to question two teenagers in connection with the vandalism spree. 2/1 pitch, fly ball center field, odubel was playing deep he has to come sprinting in, here he comes, he makes the catch and the ballgame is over, it is three-two as they take game number one of this series against the atlanta braves. another win for phillies, phillies last seven wins have all been by one run, last time that happened was in 1942. >> my goodness. >> phillies continue their series with the braves in atlanta tonight, go phils. >> hey, katie. >> hi guys always good thing to hear them booing when they
6:32 am
are away because it means good for the home team, right. in terms of the wet weather i necessity you were alluding to the fact we will see wet weather. obviously i'm in the using an umbrella any wet weather will be very, very spotty but it is close enough with a frontal boundary stalled off to the south that i got to medication it. there is a lot have you that do not the see a drop of rain today but you can tell it is gray behind me here and there is going to be that way essentially throughout the day. further north we might see more sun. you can see a few, little bits of green starting to pop here on the area radar. everything we have is very, very scattered in nature, and you know i don't think it will cause major issues. we don't have much sun glare because of the gray skies and much more than a couple damp spots if these showers pop up in the next few hours. best chance to see showers would be south through southern tear of our area including philadelphia, but anyone really could be fair game for a quick shower here today. meanwhile 45 is current temperature at the airport i'm sorry up in mount pocono.
6:33 am
fifty-four at the airport. we are in the letter 50's across the southern tear of new jersey and into delaware. as the day progresses we will see temperatures thankfully rebound more than they did yesterday. we will officially flirt with 70, shoot for 69 the at the airport today under at least some sunshine but again, you have to throw in a shower at every single one of these time period even though it will be isolated in nature. it is just too close for comfort with this latest frontal boundary i have to throw it in the forecast. i know it is not what you want to hear, meisha. >> no but you have to bring it to us. thank you so much for that. good morning. happy wednesday to you. if you are just waking up here we have an accident at 422 eastbound this is approaching route 23 that left lane is compromised and causing some slow downs. now, significant slow downs certainly they are starting and it will be a significant problem if this doesn't get cleared out of our way sometime soon. you can see these vehicles just veer out of the way and around where this accident is. it is out there.
6:34 am
if you can avoid this area you will want to do that. if in the just snow it is there and will start to slow you down. we are looking at drastically changing things in the next five minutes. vine street is looking good, moving in the westbound selection we are slowing down trying on get the schuylkill. this is just before girard on i-95, it is certainly heating up now at 6:30 in the morning. it will get worse pushing toward that 7:00 o'clock. accident on the roosevelt boulevard northbound before devereaux avenue one outer lane is block here. we have some down wires in new jersey. i will get to this coming up in the next couple minutes i will tweet that as well, jim and brooke, back to you. well, two people are in -- two people and a suspect are dead after a stabbing rampage in the mall in suburban boston. >> police say 28 year-old arthur derosa assaulted, several people at the shopping mall in taunton have after stabbing two people in the nearby home. ana miler has the latest on the investigation. >> tragedy certainly hits the city of taunton hard here this
6:35 am
evening. >> reporter: chaos end at silver city gallon willry mall in taunton tuesday night. >> we saw the cars just dove right in. >> reporter: that is where authorities say 28 year-old arthur derosa crashed a stolen black honda into this macy's storefront before attacking several customers inside. stunned witnesses looked on as victims came rushing out. >> there was a pregnant laid that i came out, holding her stomach, right after her there was a gay that came out stabbed in the the chest. >> reporter: police officers with rifles then stormed the mall confronting the suspect at a restaurant where he continued his attack. fifty-six year-old man was fatally wounded. suspect was shot and killed by an off-duty deputy who happened to be on the scene. >> it appears that but for the actions of the deputy sheriff they may very well have been other victims. >> reporter: stabbing spree began after authorities say derosa crashed the car some 3 miles away. they say he exited and gained access to a home where he stabbed two people, including an 80 year-old would hand who died. officials do not believe
6:36 am
terrorism played a role in the a tack. ana miler for cbs news, taunton. new developments in the investigation in the music, the death of the music legend prince. law enforcement officials tell cbs news that investigators are looking into whether prescriptions died of an overdose. on tuesday, detectives revisited the sing ever's paisley park estate as part of the probe. earlier in the day l.a. times reported prince was seen by doctor michael shellberg on two occasions including the day before he died. a warrant obtained by the paper revealed that the doctor prescribed prince medications but it is in the yet men what they were, are in whether he took them. >> well, firsthand look at the frightening conditions as fire fighters in canada risk their lives trying to save homes from that massive wild fire. this surveillance video is from a porch, as a fire in fort mcmurray continues to spread across albert a home owner actually watched this play out live from a safe location. we have learn that fire fighters were able to save the
6:37 am
home. >> wow. >> volunteers from philadelphia's chapter of the american red cross are heading to canada to a is is with wild fire relief effort. three leaving for alberta where fire fighters have been able to make some progress in the fires burning for more than a week now. tonight is your last chance to have your voice heard on the new philadelphia city budget. there have been a lot of input at previous public hearings essentially on mayor kenney's proposed soda tax. critics of the 3 cents an ounce tax say it will drive businesses out of the city while some say it will pay for school and community improvements. the hearing is at 5:00 tonight at city hall chambers. are you on social media? so are scammers. number of phissuing attempts has grown 150 percent. in today's three on your side, report, information that you need so scammers do not target you. >> scammers can be clever and trick new to sharing your
6:38 am
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out information on line thaw do not want scam tours steel. >> good information there, thanks, jim. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning diet soda and why it might be a bad idea for pregnant woman. did you know it could help pack on the pound despite diet label? doctor robbery veals hidden secrets of diet soda, jan. jim and brooke, how about this for a morning warm up forget about your cup of coffee how about stretching, gymnastics, some hand balancing, i'm jan carabao reporting live from cirque du soleil ovo this morning. coming up i will get hand honor better yet, heads on with the show, stay with us. >> ♪ that is not a little bit of stretching. >> glad you are watching us this morning, stay with us, we will be right back.
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well, a cirque du soleil production takes flight tonight right here in philadelphia i'm doing my stretching exercises just in case they need me. >> yes, you are. it is inn sick inspired. and this she will be playing at liacouras sent they are week, that is where we will find "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao, jan, see if they need jim. >> reporter: brooke and jim, always a collective hand and feet. cirque du soleil production of ovo i have been describing it as a bug's life with the cirque du soleil twist. it is gorgeous, lights, colors, costumes and great performens like my friend vladamire here. he does different things. he can train in gymnastics and does hand balancing act. how did you get involved with cirque du soleil. >> well, i went to college in kiev and then i was found by cirque du soleil and was offered a position in a new
6:44 am
show, called ovo. so, i work with ovo and tn drag, early morning, and everybody wakes up and dragon fly flies. >> we will see what he has to do. he promises he can make anyone into a little bit of the cirque du soleil act. we will try with myself. we will try a head stand. difficult gymnastics when i was ten but i have not done tonight two decade now. vladamire go easy. this is something he learn when he was a child. he was doing this before he could speak. i put my hand right here and forehead on the ground and then kick up. >> right. balance and talk all at the same >> see, anybody can do it. >> that is crazy. >> i will step out of the way and let the professional get out. vladamire will show us what he is doing during this show and we will bring in people just
6:45 am
to talk about some of the things we will see in ovo. really spectacular. >> we have ten acrobatic acts. the head balancing is one of them and what you are seeing right now is only a little part of the act. he is doing much higher, much more on stage and right before him we have some ants that do foot juggling and high flying acts in the show, and really every single family of insects bring you something quite different. >> yes. i mean this is just his warm up, right here. >> it is, it is, 6:00 o'clock in the morning, as were you saying but it is very inspiring for us to watch, the performers, backstage. they work so hard to get where they are and to maintain the high level of their physical training that they have is amazing. >> vladamire went to college for this, incredible.
6:46 am
this particular circumstance circumstance -- cirque du soleil show is fun. >> it is fun, reaches everyone old and young alike, and everyone has enjoyed different parts of the show, everybody will have a laugh, something to think about something else, it is just interesting. >> it is an escape. >> complete escape. it brings news to a different world that you do in the know what to expect and live band, we have a band. >> cock roach ban. >> and they are awesome. they come on stage. it is gorgeous. they sound amazing. very funny music. >> jessica, thanks very much. vladamire, keep on doing what you are doing this show starts tonight at liacouras center and runs through sunday. there are seven performances however if you miss it here in philadelphia you can catch it down the shore this sum inner atlantic city at the end of june, jim and brooke, back inside to you. before your morning cup of coffee, incredible. >> jim can do that. >> not that last one because my knee goes out when i walk up a flight of stairs.
6:47 am
>> other stuffy do every morning at 1:45 before i leave for work. >> katie, how about you. >> owe yah. >> yeah, once in a while i call myself a semi, yogi, to a degree so i can rock the tree pose for a while, i cannot do what that guy did, at all. >> that was impressive. >> we can check with the eyewitness weather watcher network here. people are reporting similar temperatures. lower 50's around the board here. we can zero in on a couple of these near the city, we are at 55, milder this morning coming in from john, who has cloud out there. asking where is the sunnies. it is there, it is impacted by cloud. we are seeing limited sun here today. we will go to another 151 degrees from david dutch, he is seeing a little glimmer of the sunlight coming through in the clementon area. one more, going further north, jimmy, a new eyewitness weather watcher reports partly
6:48 am
sunny sky overall. we will call it mostly cloudy. she's at 52 in cherry hill. looking at a wider zoom on storm scan we have a frontal boundary here along these cloud, this cold front, i'm sorry, warm front has turned stationary, in the last 24 hours. it will eventually start to lift back north again but for now since it is close enough by i have to throw potential for a shower around, anytime here the rest of the day. we will look at future radar we will jump to 2:00 p.m. when future weather models bring in pocket of rain through southern tear of our area had can happen later tonight. while many of you likely stay dry for majority of the day if not the whole day we will still to have put that chance for a shower in. tomorrow, it looks good, through 4:00 p.m. and beyond. we will see partly to mostly sunny sky, then beginning of the next cold front emerge and then by tomorrow we are beginning to see those cloud rebuild and threat for a new line of showers and storms to come through with that mainly later in the day. seven day forecast looks good at this point overall mid 70's
6:49 am
tomorrow looking nice, friday, showers and storms return and then we will see thermometer drop off this weekend with secondary front crossing through, meisha, over to you. >> thank you so much. good morning everybody. happy wednesday, to you. take a look at this we have got some down wires in browns mills, new jersey after a transformer blew this is part of the pemberton browns mills millions road is closed and juliustown road is also closed because of this we were just looking at a live shot over and above that area. a lot of crews trying get the transformer fixed and wires cleaned up off the road. just make note of that, that is parts of the pemberton browns mills millions road and julius town road is closed because of. that they are trying to repair transformer as we speak. all right. i will try to bring up to a camera 422 eastbound approaching route 23, that left lane is block right now and tacony palmyra bridge is opened right at 6:50. jim and brooke, back over to you. it is 6:49. there is a lot coming up on
6:50 am
cbs this morning. >> i am um, gayle king joins us live from new york. that is not gayle but that is nora. >> what happened to gayle they are switching seats on us. >> hi, guys. >> hi nora. >> she's putting finishing touches on one of perfect pieces this morning. we are starting off in massachusetts with that deadly stabbing spree that ended at a mall. john dickerson and peggy noonan on the challenging facing donald trump on his effort to unite party. american team, along for the journey, we will have these pictures and i mentioned this earlier, jon bon jovi tells gayle what excites him mess about his music and ongoing mission to make sure that everyone has something to eat. the news is back in the morning so we will see new just about ten minutes. gayle will be here in ten minutes. >> we will look forward to seeing you as well. >> we do good thanks, laura. in other news famous divine lorraine hotel on north broad street is getting a make over. tonight you can check it out
6:51 am
yourself. place was run down until recently and now renovations are nearly complete. luxury apartments and restaurants are on the way. tour the divine lorraine between 3:30 and 8:00 tonight. developers say new residents will be moving in by most parents are pretty good about monitoring the amount of sugary drinks their kid consume but now, a new study suggest moms to be may want to think about what they themselves are drinking, during pregnancy. >> according to a report published by journal of the american medical association jama pediatrics when with men drank artificially sweeten beverages on a daily basis during pregnancy their children were twice as likely to be overweight as infants. family physician doctor rob danoff joins with us more on this study. what are they find nothing this study. >> they stud pid thousand women pregnant and they looked at what they drink.
6:52 am
artificially sweeten beverages. they found that those women who have had some each day had babies that were heavier then those who did not. but women who were pregnant that had artificially sweeten beverage once a day every day during pregnancy their babies were twice as likely to be overweight at one year of age what does this mean? it is looking at artificial sweeteners and beverages that happen in there. what effect do they have on our health. they will do more studies and see, does it lead to obesity. they don't know but it is alerting in the study and they will look into it more. >> doctor rob, a lot of people think, looking and reaching for diet sewed ace healthy option, tell them why that is not the case. >> there is hidden secrets here. obesity epidemic you can trace to it many different things but what happens is these are so sweet. here's a secret. when we take in this sweeten, artificially sweeten beverages we think we are getting calories. so when it doesn't get those calories the body is still
6:53 am
hungry in some people. it may stimulate appetite. other secret about artificial sweeteners in some people they get bigger bellies. so what happens is when you have this very sweet beverage, what happens our bodies make more insulin and it is thinking where is sugar. so it starts to go from a fat burning mode to a fat storage mode and where does the fat start storing? in our bellies there has been studies that show people have artificial sweeteners, overtime, can store fat in their bellies. >> are these artificial sweeteners sweeter then say sugar. >> that is a great point. the absolutely. aspartame is 160 times sweeter then shooker, suing lows, 600 times, and so what is happening is we are getting so used to highly sweeten type of chemicals that our normal sugar products are not satisfying us so we crave more and more and higher sweetened beverages. so we need to look at options.
6:54 am
this isn't good for us. >> you have had these drinks. beside water thinks a possible healthy mix. >> yes, i called it grapefruit juice with half seltzer, without any calories. so for those addict to the bubbly of, you know, sugar beveraging, unsweeten beveraging, that has artificial sweeteners, diet soda have something like this but vegetable juice that maybe low salt vegetable juice, soy milk, tea. water, sometimes people say it is bland. put some lemon or lime in it. fact is water should be our beverage of choice. if you need bubbles try seltzer water or add juice to it. >> i need bubbles. >> yes, i like that. >> did you mix that together. >> that is grapefruit juice with half seltzer walter without the any added chemicals and you have a great drink. >> you get a little bubble action. >> thanks so much, doctor rob. as always next up we will be
6:55 am
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head ing out the door here are three things that you need to know it the three is to go. >> hillary clinton comes to camden county college. she will hold a rally at blackwood campus at
6:59 am
1:00 o'clock. >> residents weigh in on mayor kenney's proposed budget including the soda tax. public hearing at city hall begins tonight at 5:00. more than 50 positions will be filled at a job fair at philadelphia premium outlets in limerick. it goes, from 2:00 to 7:00 o'clock, and that is three to go. >> get a last look of weather and traffic, katie. >> we are still finding very scattered variety of very light showers the at the moment, more gray skies then anything that is being represented in the live neighborhood network there quick check of the seven day. we will flirt with 7o tomorrow looks good. partly sunny. seventy-five the high, meisha. >> thanks, katie. good morning. 422 eastbound approaching route 23 you have an accident here, blocking left lane, still, and also, disabled vehicle ol the platt bridge. >> cbs this morning is next. >> remember to join us bright and early each weekday morning at cbs-3 at 4:30 a.m. have a great day.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, may 11th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." new tornadoes rip through the heartland tearing neighborhoods apart. more severe weather could target millions today. chaos inside a shopping mall outside boston after a man goes on a deadly stabbing spree. donald trump prepares to talk gop unity after two more primary wins, and bernie sanders winds another state. he says he could still claim the nomination. we begin with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. coming this way, i think. >> it's shifting. right this way. there it is. look, that house is gone. >> severe weather hits the he


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