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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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in the cara ahead of him driving erratically and when that motorist put on the brakes he was infuriated. state the per reese sigh suspect pulled up next to the car and fired a shot. that was six days ago. this morning state police with the warrant arrested anthony richardson. do you have any comment, is your on what you are being charged with. >> reporter: fifty year-old anthony richardson offered no comment, no explanation, why he allegedly opened fire, on another driver, in a road rage a tack on the busy lanes of the blue route near the schuylkill expressway, six days ago. sir, you are being charged with opening fire in a road rage incident. did you do that. >> reporter: richardson accused of pulling alongside the driver firing one shot in the passenger side door. angry, because the alleged victim had suddenly, braked his car. after he said, he saw richardson, tight on his rear bumper, driving erratically. >> there was a huge danger a at that time on interstate 476, it was heavy populated
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with vehicle traffic. >> reporter: fortunately police say bullet lodged in the car's console not hitting the driver or anyone else. richardson police say a rested without incident a at this address, his overbrook park home. neighbors there surprised to learn of the charges. >> they were shot, you know, she was shot, right on the block. he was shot. >> reporter: first with his hoodie and then his hand richardson tried to hide his face but police say it was at alleged victim's ability to recall that face that helped create this composite sketch, this sketch distributed to the media that led to the phone tip, identifying the suspect, and, leading to the a arrest. and in this arrest warrant, state police say that the suspect has a current, active, philadelphia license to carry a weapon. they also say, that there is a report that he was involved in a previous road rage incident, also involving a gun. for now, the suspect is behind
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bars in montgomery county prison, unable to post a quarter million-dollar bail. live from state the police troop k headquarters i'm walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> walt, thank you. so what do you do if you are caught in the road rage situation? it is a good question and nicole brewer will have the answer, advice you need tonight at 11:00. pennsylvania state police still looking for leads in another incident, last thursday night, bricks were thrown from a turnpike overpass into traffic. this happened on the eastbound turnpike near bristol oxford valley road in bristol township. one driver had to be treated at the hospital for cuts to his face. if you have any fur call the state police. suspect is now in custody in connection with the shots fired and a barricade situation in brewerytown. swat teams, stormed a home on the 700 block of dover street just before 11:00 this morning. police were called by a report of the shots fired, and the suspect was barricaded inside. the kelly school on north 28th
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street was lock down as a precaution. in campaign 2016, hillary clinton hits the campaign trail in south jersey. the democratic front runner is energizing support's head of the garden state's june 7th primary. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is in camden with clinton's message to voters, cleve. >> reporter: ukee, it looks like there was thrilled employees at cooper university hospital. she just made a stop here before getting on the plane out of town. now, the clinton's have had ties to camden count that i go back for decades. the lines snaked throughout camden county college's blackwood campus wednesday people out to support hillary clinton. >> hillary has an experience, and she will be a wonderful president. >> reporter: some came sold out for democratic front runner, others still opened to rival bernie sanders. >> i have been a life long democrat, i'm still not totally decided, and i just am
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interested to see what she has to say. >> reporter: inside pack auditorium clinton wasted in time reminding the crowd for families long ties to the area. >> in 1992, we got on a bus in times square and you know what our first stop was? camden, new jersey. >> reporter: while clinton made no mention of the sanders in her speech she had plenty of negative word for donald trump. >> you go down the list and you have got a really, reckless, even dangerous agenda that he is promoting. >> reporter: speech did largely focus on policy, including making college cheaper. >> i have a plan for debt free tuition, debt free college, you won't have to bureau anything. >> reporter: most clinton supporters left ready and charged to the poles june 7th. >> the problems have added to all of the ones that she plans to do for this country and i believe she can and will do it. >> reporter: after the will rally, clinton took her show on the road stopping to meet
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nurses and other staff at cooper hospital's m.d. anderson cancer center. >> love your t-shirt. >> thank you. >> reporter: heading in the june 7th primary hillary clinton is expected to win by a landslide, most recent poll, has her two to one advantage over bernie sanders. we are live there camden, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you for. that clinton's rival bernie sanders is campaigning in montana today. voters in that state go to the polls june 7th with new jersey, california, new mexico and south dakota sanders says he is going all the way the to the convention here in philadelphia but he is way behind in the delegate count. today he continued to criticize clinton. >> there is an unnamed candidate for president of the united states, i will not mention her name, who went to wall street and received $225,000, for a number of
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speaking engagements. >> boo. >> meanwhile democrat house leaders are hoping to connect some of the donald trump's controversial statements to house republicans. my north leader nancy pelosi says trump has backed the bail of the republican party. >> whether it is insulting president obama, women, immigrants, muslims, lgbt americans, there is not a dime's worth of difference between what donald trump says and what the house republicans have been saying along. >> republican house leaders discussed the presidential election today, house speaker paul ryan will meet with presumptive republican nominee donald trump tomorrow. his goal, to unify the party have a bruising primary season. >> i want to be part of the unifying process so we are at full strength this fall so we can win this election. we cannot afford to lose this election to hillary clinton to
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pack the supreme court, to keep the liberal obama agenda going. >> rank and file republicans are urging ryan to get behind trump. billion air businessman is not on the campaign trail today. turning to the deadly day in iraq, isis is claiming responsibility for a car bombing in baghdad that killed at least 63 people. officials say an suv packed with explosives ran the busy marketplace this morning, to more car bombs, exploded in baghdad this afternoon killing at least 30 more people. isis says that it was targeting the gathering of shiite militias. this was the deadliest attack in iraq this year. residents in western kentucky are assessing the damage left behind when tornadoes touched down there yesterday. the storm damaged homes and businesses, narrowly missing several schools. at least ten people were hurt, and some, say they are lucky to be alive. >> it is sad, you know, people just, they basically are devastated. totally devastated.
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>> severe weather was part of the same system that spawned deadly tornadoes in oklahoma on monday. some of that weather system is heading our way, not as serious but keeps news this unsettled pattern. lets get our first look at the forecast with meteorologist kate bilo outside on the sky deck, kate. >> today has been a general dry day in philadelphia we could not break out of the cloud cover, a little sunshine here and there and today was warmer then yesterday but we have some rain, especially off to the south right now. lets take a look at storm scan three, you can see steady downpours over portions of extreme south jersey at the moment and into southern and central delaware. cape may county, seeing heavy rain, right up and down the garden state parkway there and shore points, maurice river and millville, vineland area seeing rain at the moment. cloud have extended right into northern pennsylvania, right now you can see mount pocono seeing more sunshine, otherwise visible satellite really shows that cloud deck lingering overhead and that has kept up much cooler then counterparts even just off to the north. it was a beautiful day in new
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york city, beautiful day in boston and clouds lingering for us and wet weather dropped temperatures. look at this map, 57 in millville right now, 56 in dover, meanwhile it is 67 in mount pocono, it is all depend on the clouds and the position of those showers. tomorrow warms up but we have another chance for showers and even a few thunderstorms in the forecast and i will time those out coming up when i join you inside, back over to you. a stage performance of the philadelphia school district find nearly, half of the background checks for bus drivers and school police officers were incomplete. >> the school district failed to ensure complete criminal background checks and child abuse clearances were conducted for school bus drivers, and police officers. on the second point i want to give the district credit. during our audit when we found these issues they immediately worked to correct these issues. >> the auditor general also says that the school district financial challenges will continue unless the city and
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state change how schools are funded. the audit reviewed district operation from his july 2008 through june 2014. coming up on "eyewitness news", seven children, seven college graduates how one mommies celebrating the advice that she gave her children that we can all use to succeed in life. are you on facebook, twit error instagram? unfortunately scammers are too. coming up three on your side with information so you don't fall for their schemes. and from space it looks like a hurricane but this is no weather phenomenon, what is causing this spectacular site no weather phenomenon, what is causing this spectacular site when we come right eighty six million adults have a serious medical condition called prediabetes, but ninety percent don't know it. you may be one of them, and your risk of developing type 2 diabetes is higher. the good news is that you can prevent or delay diabetes. talk to your doctor about a simple blood test for prediabetes. sponsored by nacdd with support from the centers for disease control and prevention.
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well, for the second time in the organization's 80 year history, a woman from delaware holds title of the national mother of the year. >> as greg argos explains it is a honor michelle wall from middletown has earn. >> granny sent thus story and gave her a kiss. >> reporter: michelle wall volunteers weekly at silver
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lake elementary school. >> making copies, or working in smaller groups of kid. >> reporter: she's on the school board for the school district in delaware and works part-time for state treasurer. she's a girl scout troop leader and ms multiple sclerosis volunteer volunteer. >> we are finding a a cure for the world of ms. >> reporter: she's also the national mother of the year. >> it was definitely very surprising. >> reporter: american mothers organization, founded in 1935, honored wall this past mothers day. >> they are involved as a ngo with the united nations fighting for women. >> reporter: michelle is only second delaware resident to hold title and has plans for her position. >> locally here in delaware we have been collecting supplies for woman hoff been domestic dispute situations and relocated and trying to reestablish themselves. >> she's warm, and caring, and a champion for children. she is a champion for moms now, and always has been but now she has the national recognition to go with it.
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>> reporter: silver lake elementary principal sin they clay says she's the perfect woman to hold the title. >> representing moms in delaware, and in the nation. she has in her heart all of the hats that moms have to wear. >> reporter: her kid are quite proud of her too. >> my younger doubt are, she as a little pizzas and name herself national child of the year because of this she's fully embracing this experience. >> reporter: in new castle county delaware, greg argos for cb is s3 "eyewitness news". >> that is great. cash assistance is available for resident evacuated from a wild fire, burned city in alberta, canada. >> canadian red cross is giving each adult $467 and each child $234. that money is in addition to emergency funding made available to evacuees by alberta's government. the fire now burns south of fort mcmurray. officials are working on a plan to allow residents back home hopefully in the next two
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weeks. check this photo from the national ocean and atmospheric administration. a the satellite shot of a low pressure system over northern canada brown swirl there in the clouds that is smoke from the fort mcmurray fire, getting swept up in the system. american red cross sent local volunteers to assist the wild life relief efforts in canada and that includes nearly a half dozen volunteers from philadelphia members tea parted this morning from philadelphia international a airport. they will have boots on the ground there for the next ten days. >> when we had situations like amtrak, pope visit just a few months ago, super storm sandy years ago red cross volunteers came to help no matter where they are from. call has come in for assistance and we are ready to go help. >> reporter: volunteers will assist from shelter operations to disaster and mental health support. dense fog blankets chicago making for i dramatic picture. >> take a look at this. this is picture from the john hancock building on the lefties the trump tower in the
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million-dollar will, and can you see it. willis tower on the far right there it is like a space city. >> yes, it does. >> it does. unreal. >> we're just gray here in our area right, kate. >> we have a lot of cloud and some fog but it is more gray then white and lovely like that shot was. it is just dull the past few days and it is a shame because on either side of us we had a beautiful day to day. we are stuck right in that corridor of cloud. >> you mentioned i talked to my sister in pittsburgh. they had sun. outside, beautiful. >> friend of mine in boston posted pictures on facebook of deep blue skies. i said wait a minute, what is going on here. i will show you what it it is an area of cloud cover sitting overhead. we talked about this boundary that just will not give up w that boundary close by you just cannot forecast too much sunshine. tomorrow we will see more than today but is there a chance that the cloud win tomorrow's battle as well. good news is temperatures are on their way up and will to be
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as we head toward friday. the lets look outside right now. down the shore where things are looking dull, dreary, and gray. it is chilly down the shore. also getting rainy south of ocean city but we are seeing rain right now in that a area you can seaboard walk i don't know if you can make it out but board are damp as showers moved through. contrast that with this shot from the poconos region from the live neighborhood network in broadheadsville, blue skies, seeing sunshine up that way. trees blowing in the breeze. beautiful day up in the poconos. it all depend where you are. you can see dividing line is the pennsylvania/maryland border here. so into new castle county delaware we are seeing showers at the moment. some rain moving down the shore, cape may county, back in the portions of salem and cumberland counties as well. further north clouds are in place but you can see toward poconos more breaks in the cloud cover and everything is looking quiet there. there is rain moving through shore points at the moment. as we widen out thinks part of the larger system impacting us through the next couple days. showers and thunderstorms as
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we head into friday and then secondary frontal boundary will pass through on saturday this evening mostly cloudy temperatures hold in the 60's but we have light rain mainly south and east, heaviest this evening in south jersey. we can see temperatures right now 65 in philadelphia. fifty's wilmington, millville, wildwood, in i where clipped by rain and just a bank of cloud keeping things cool. sixty-eight in norfolk. seventy-four in new york city. sixty-four, sunny, beautiful in the boston. in the 07's in places like albany, new york. very mild day just on the other side of this bank of cloud. heading through future weather we can see scattered showers tonight. maybe sunshine break go through tomorrow from the city on north and then we have another threat for thunderstorms on friday and we are in the general risk for severe weather as we finish out the week. lets look at what to expect rainfall chances, 10 percent tomorrow with a shower. 80 percent friday. saturday another chance for rain half and half there and 0 y back to the good stuff. tomorrow partly sunny nice and
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warm. 76 degrees. not the most sunny day we have ever seen but your three day forecast does keep it the in the 70's. friday shower and thunderstorm. watch for late day thunderstorm on saturday as well. we will if the into more timing for the weekend coming up in a couple of minutes. >> see you then. >> gray is the theme right now. >> yes. >> thanks, kate. a special lunch for special group of people, delaware county hosted its annual lunch in today. "eyewitness news" at drexel brooke events center in drexel hill. county honored 57 residents for their longevity marion ross was the oldest, at 107. she's a shop a holik and credits her longevity to eating cheese, butter and potato chips, all right. >> delicious. >> that sound delicious. >> it does. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news". >> some love it, i know that from experience, but one little guy loved it so much that he ran from home, right
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to did he care, we will have a at adorable story coming up. up next in sports a story about a man and little thing we like to call practice, find out why allen iverson is reliving a press conference rant that goes down as one of the greatest, of all time.
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all right. don's here now and talking a little kick speak. >> we're also talking practice. >> practice? i was there. >> yes. >> i won't forget it, i was there. >> five rows back in the press conference. >> epic. >> you tell everybody that story to years ago hoops hall of famer allen iverson teamed up with rebook to celebrate that anniversary the sneaker company is releasing a new iverson basketball shoe, the name of the shoes, practice. >> we have a general conversation with son about basketball and like i saw him practicing. then they will come back, practice, practice. they will, you know, everybody seem to necessity bit.
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i'm thick skinned. >> allen iverson will never live down that 2002 classic rant about practice, not practice. it goes down as one of the best of all time. you know, she's at it again, golden state warrior stars step curry was accepting his second straight mvp award his daughter riley was stealing the show. she entered a pack press conference staring down writers like i got you, i see you, i know you voted, you better vote for my dad. curry, three and a half years old and became a media darling during last years championship run. she's a trip, man. she's great. hilarious. closer the better, phillies with another one run win last night. they beat braves three-two. each of the last seven wins have been by a single run. that is extremely hard to do. in fact last time fightins have done that was back in 1942. and historical year in that sport as you might remember or maybe you don't. that season jackie robinson broke color barrier in
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baseball, 1942, last time they won seven straight, one run games and they are at it again tonight with the braves tonight. >> go fightins. >> thanks, don. coming up next, hollywood a lister listed in the so-called panama papers. trang. >> reporter: philadelphia landmark getting a second life i'm trang do with the divine lorraine hotel where hundreds are getting a sneak peak inside. i always tell them to do their best and always go higher and higher. >> they certainly listen. seven kid, seven college graduates, four graduating in the next two weeks. mom's loving ultimatum that they say made them better people. new at 6:00 cup cakes, balloons, there is in birthday party, surprising reason behind the celebration inside a local hospital. we will be rig
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from eye sore to eye popping, the incredible, transformation of the philadelphia's landmark. lets look inside the tea vine lorraine's multi million-dollar make over. "eyewitness news" continues now at 5:30 hi everyone i'm jessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington. historic renovation of the divine already rain is making a huge impact on north broad street. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is there to show you how it is all shaping up, trang. >> reporter: that is right, it is an exclusive club to get in only a few people allowed at a time and this line wraps around the building and goes down for several blocks along 13th street. many people here so thrilled after years of disrepair this philadelphia landmark is being restored to its former glory. divine lorraine hotel has towered over broad street since the late 1800's, a sim about of luxury turned to
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decay until right now. hundreds came out to see renovations done thus far. many waiting at least an who are to gain entry. >> it is like highlight of my week so far. >> reporter: lobby among last spaces to be renovated when finished two building complex will house 101 apartments, 24 boutique how tell, dining and retail space. >> restoration of it will bring a new element to the building, and it will be a place where it is just the past lives in the future. >> reporter: many view project as a sign of renewal for broad street and fairmount area as a whole. >> it is just cherry on top of the cake of all of the new stuff still going on. building everything. it is wonderful. very sentimental about the city and the idea that they are going to restore this place really just broke my heart, really does. >> reporter: this open housings until 8:00 p.m. be prepared for long lines as they are expecting thousands toss come through here. this entire project is
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expected to be complete the by spring of 2017. we're live from fairmount i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> just beautiful. thank you. a federal grand jury has indicted a police officer in the shooting death of an unarmed black man. you may recall michael slager grew up in medford, new jersey. he shot walter scott during a traffic stop in north charleston last april and the incident was caught on cell phone video. the it shows scott running away before he fired his weapon eight times. federal charges against him includes depriving scott of his civil rights, his mother, wants justice. >> they tried to cover it up, again, but it is time that the cover was pulled and i thank god that my son was the one that was used to pull the cover. >> slager was locally charged with murder and fired from the
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north charleston police force last year. community was upset when he was allowed to post bail and be placed on house arrest. the family of amy joyner francis, wilmington student who died in an alleged bathroom attack at school is asking for all of the fighting on social media to stop. >> those who were on social media, and are claiming that they are doing things in retaliation, in amy's name, we're going to ask to you please stop that. the reason being is that amy was about peace. she was about love. she was about humanity. and to call for retaliation in her name that is not respectful to the familiary three students now face charges in connection to amy's death. the delaware department of justice is seeking to charge one of the teenage suspects as an adult. we have new information tonight, on a deadly stabbing spree at a massachusetts mall. we have learn that the suspect shot and killed by an off-duty sheriff's deputy had a history of mental illness.
5:34 pm
cbs news reporter marley hall has more. >> reporter: burt too much i's restaurant where there was a deadly stabbing free, remains close. he battled depression and been released from the hospital just hours before the attack. >> this appears to be an irrational series of actions. >> reporter: police say the suspect ran his car through front of the macy's and armed with a knife he walk inside the mall and started his rampage. george heat h a high school visual design teacher was killed trying to protect patrons inside the restaurant. his wife rose marie watched in horror. >> he was a great man. >> reporter: bloodshed started several miles away from this neighborhood, derosa crashed his car in the truck and then stabbed an 80 year-old retired nurse and her daughter inside this home. >> he was kind of angry, he was running, really banging on windows and people driving through the car accident to get away from them.
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>> reporter: off-duty police officer later shot and killed him inside the restaurant after he refused to drop his weapon. the marley hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". an a list british actress has been named in the panama papers. emma watson is best known for her role in the harry potter movie series. representative for watson says the star set up an off shore company in the british virgin island to protect her privacy in the for tax reasons. panama papers include millions of leaked confidential documents that reveal how some rich and powerful people use the panama law firm to shelter wealth, in off shore accounts. well, southwest philadelphia mom has lots to smile about this week as fate would have it, friday will mark the end have the dream when her last child graduates from college. >> reporter cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio tells us that she's making sure their family will, remember this moment. >> you look pretty. >> um-hmm. >> reporter: norma timothy is
5:36 pm
getting ready. >> i feel so excited and blessed. >> reporter: her pride is clear, before you walk inside the door. >> in just two days she's throwing the biggest party of her life. >> everybody is going to celebrate. >> reporter: celebrate of mass proportion, why? because, not one, two, or three, but four of norma's children, the last four, are graduating from college, and this commencement season. >> i'm very proud of them. >> reporter: nurse's aide, norma and her husband came to america 25 years ago, and raising their seven children, in southwest philadelphia. >> i did a lot of work. >> reporter: they were strict using love to focus their children on school, and the opportunities around them. >> we're grateful. we're really grateful. >> the result, seven college grads, four within days of each other, first was nursing school and then janel from temple last week.
5:37 pm
jason walk thursday. nicole gets her diploma on friday. >> i'm very happy to be sharing this with my siblings. >> reporter: that is when the party will go down. what do you think you will be doing on that day. >> a a celebration of four graduates and a entire family and this mom. >> i'm flying high. >> reporter: loves them so much. in southwest philadelphia, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right. get your dance on and then some. >> yes, she has earned that. >> no question. >> how about that. >> congratulations. >> still to come, proof that moms no matter what species will go to any length to help their children. >> most unbelievable. mother goose contacted police, and that helped her goose babe that is were in trouble. many are on social media but watch out many scammers are as well what to look for and avoid when you are on line, kate.
5:38 pm
temperatures, on their way up, and return of showers and thunderstorms to the forecast. we will tell you which day will get wet and what the weekend looks like when i come back.
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a wide assortment of marilyn monroe's personal items are up for auction this november. >> the collection including, furs, books, leather, jewelry and even artwork painted by the hollywood icon. >> many items have been preserved, exactly, as they were, when monroe died, in
5:42 pm
1962. >> there are a couple fine pieces on have jewelry including this amazing watch, tiny wrist worn by marilyn monroe, and, wristwatch, and. and, we have estimated that, 80 to 120,000, and, highly priced items, in the auction. >> total complex is expected to fetch between two and four million-dollar. >> this is in good shape. >> in kidding. >> yes. >> look at that. when we come back, mother goose. summoned 30 lease to help her baby, incredible story on th
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well, police in cincinnati come to the rescue of a mother, goose in trouble, and it the is all captured on camera. >> goose pecked on the door of the police cruiser and then walked away. the officers, said the goose stopped, looked back and decided to get out and then follow it. he led the officer to a goose tangled in a balloon string so it was freed and then ran in the creek to join the rest of the family.
5:46 pm
>> how about that. >> yeah. >> how about that. >> this is good too. now to a dog in north carolina that ran more than a mile to get to his dead care. riley the golden retriever was in the car with his mom heading home, they went wye the daze care. when they got home riley disappeared from the back deck, took off, and then he walk more than a mile to the day care, and then just waited outside the door until someone led him inside. >> great time. >> see his boys. that is great. >> runaway bull keeps police in. and through an arlington neighborhood. bull was calm the entire time no one was hurt, eventually was able to guide him back toward the ranch where he was, returned. >> just looked like a nice day. >> yes. >> fresh air. >> yes. >> pizza hut goes to the top of africa's highest mountain to mark the global expansion. >> it took this guy three days to reach the summit of the mount killmanjaro and did it
5:47 pm
with a bag of pepperoni pies in toe. pizza hut opened their first store in tanzania making it 100 country that the chain operates in. it landed pizza hut in the guinness record book for highest altitude pizza delivery. >> what kind of condition to we think those pizzas were in. >> cold pizza or whatever. >> whatever it was. >> yes. >> insulated bag. >> yes. >> that is true. >> hopefully he got a big tip for that. >> yes. >> yes. >> i know that is right. >> oh, lets check our forecast and see what is up. >> still gray skies, although better off to the south in south jersey and delaware. getting rain on right now, and that rain will be moving off the coast this evening. tomorrow looks like pattern does break down a little bit. i'm's hopeful mostly we will see more sun tomorrow and it will warm up but doesn't seem like we can get a stretch of sunny spring weather. we had tonight mid-april, and that has been two weeks since we have not been able to get in a stretch of nice
5:48 pm
conditions. lets take a look outside and you can see still gray, glummy, not all that cold. temperatures in the 60's. we got to the mid to upper 60's in philadelphia keep in mind those observations are taking the at the airport in south philadelphia, of course, further south, almost toward new jersey, we will go off to the northeast philadelphia airport that airport got closer to 07 toy day. northern suburbs did see temperatures around 70. it all depend where you you are, further south you go you are seeing conditions a whole lot cooler, this afternoon, and certainly areas that have been dealing with rain seeing temperatures only in the 50's, this evening. but, further to the south, things are, messy for further to the north, not too bad and our eyewitness weather watchers completely just span the area. as we zoom in on those temperatures you can see what i mean, gradient looking at 71 as we head up to the north, john in yardley bucks county. sixty-seven right now. he said cloudy all day, no rain in yardley just glummy. seventy-one further north. this is peter in lawrenceville, new jersey in the 70's but head further
5:49 pm
south and it is much cooler, just 62 in wilmington delaware. check with greg mccoy 62. he has cloud overhead and some rain just another day with overcast skies, and getting ready to rain. >> lets look at what is happening on storm scan three, you you cane system part of the larger system, just a stalled frontal boundary a warm front that hasn't been able to activate north. to the north more sunshine things look great to the south. warm, steamy. we are just stuck in the cloud and we can see rain pushing off the coast now still impacting portions of south jersey and delaware this evening. temperatures in areas seeing rain, only in the 50's right now, mount pocono, trenton, allentown, trenton the in the upper 60's. more sun in those spots. seventy in pittsburgh. only 57 in state college. you can see where cloud cover is, anal ban i, new york city, both at 74, and we now are only at 63 degrees here in philadelphia. temperatures just keep dropping as the cloud continue to thickening. what is going on? we have a warm front stalled just off to our south, warm
5:50 pm
front not moving much, and a few showers with it especially south of here, pattern does start to break down tomorrow, and still has that boundary kind of hanging out. we will see a few cloud here and there as we head through rest of the week we will see milder air until weekend at least and then this cool bubble that starts to push in saturday. showers and storms as that cold era approaches. cold front moves through saturday afternoon. sunday into monday it is dryer but chilly especially for this time of the year. we are looking a at temperatures more than 5 degrees below average. overnight mostly cloud which a spotty shower. pattern does break down, more sunshine should help us get to the mid 70's here. 76 degrees our high for thursday. we are at 76 on friday but that is when our first front comes through, showers and a thunderstorm. secondary front saturday, we will start the day with sunshine and then mid afternoon, showers and possibly a storm, and much cooler sunday at 64 degrees and we will keep it sunny, nice and still on the cool side, monday and it does look like more shower chances next week as well, jessica and ukee
5:51 pm
back to you. thanks much. on the healthwatch tonight, new research suggests too much of the popular prenatal vitamin could be link to autism. doctors recommended for decade that pregnant woman and woman who may become pregnant should take the supplement folic acids. now a new study find high levels of the vitamin in a mother's blood was linked to higher autism in their children. scientists says more research is needed and for now there is no cause to change current health recommendtations. are you social on social media? unfortunately scammers are as well and according to some estimates number of the fishing attempts on social media attempts have grown 150 percent. in today's three on your side consumer report jim donovan has information you need so the scammers do not target you. >> reporter: scammers can be clever and trick new to sharing your personal information, but there are some ways to spot a scam. watch out for fake customer service accounts on twitter, on line criminals use these accounts to get your bank log in and pass word and they
5:52 pm
could look very similar to real sites. telltale sign the twitter handle can be one character off or have an extra under score, or other character. scammers can be patient. waiting for you to tweet your bank, and then replying with a link to a fake support site that can steel your information. another scam phony posts, fraudulent comments on a popular store which a link to the catchy head line or a free live stream link for an event like a game or concert but those links usually lead to a web site asking for your personal information. and even though it is checking to see what your spirit animal is or what you will be doing in 20 years, be careful of fake on line surveys and contests. no matter what only click on profiles you know that are verified with the blue check mark and never give out any information on line that you do not want scammers to steel. reporting for three on your side i'm jim donovan. still ahead on "eyewitness news" how a little girls hair kit changed a life.
5:53 pm
>> she inspired not just me but all of the stylists. >> i think that is awesome. >> we will tell you the story, behind the inspiration, for all of the stylist and why they are taking the salon on the road. >> we will have that in this weeks story of brotherly love. at giant, shoppers low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped.
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all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant.
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a few years ago a bucks county hair stylist got a special request to cut the hair of a girl in the hospital. she was to start chemotherapy and lose her long hair that long hair started a movement. we went to the ronald mcdonald house and st. christopher's for this weeks story of brotherly love. >> we cut side super short and leaving front nice and long. >> young brayden is getting a mohawk. >> he will look amazing. >> reporter: his mom teresa walsh is getting a haircut
5:57 pm
too. she doesn't usually have time for the salon. she and brayden come to the philly for treatment. he has cystic fibrosis. >> all of my attention goes to toward brayden. >> reporter: christie doyle and two fellow stylist brought the salon to them. >> so they think for that good 45 minutes, like i am in a happy place. no needles or shots or surgeries. this is a happy place. >> reporter: christie got the idea in 202 when she met kayla a nine year-old family friend diagnosed with neuroblastoma. the she's now 13. >> christie had this idea to come over and cut it short so it would be easier to lose. >> he spent, an hour or two with kayla. it just transformed the the room from the sad hospital room to a party. >> reporter: over the course of kayla's treatment, christie kept coming, bringing bright bows and ribbons. >> i left that day feeling like i wanted to spread this to other families and other kid who are going through such harsh situations. >> reporter: her non-profit mission, christie, cares gives
5:58 pm
free haircuts to patients and families at ronald mcdonald house at st. christopher's hospital and chop. >> it allows our families to just get a breath of fresh air in terms of what they are going through. >> reporter: eight others donate their time giving 150 to 200 free haircuts a year, christie will always, remember kaylas. >> if it weren't for her i wouldn't be able to spread one haircut of love at a time. >> christie cares accepts monetary donations to cover costs, for example insurance to operate. to find out more go to fill cbs she cares in a big way. >> no doubt about it, great idea. now at "eyewitness news" at 6:00. >> philadelphia area doctors accused of running pill mills, i'm joe holden why federal prosecutors say, that they are on the hook for taking advantage of the most vulnerable. the call for volunteers for the dnc was overwhelming, and so, what will almost 17,000 people, actually do?
5:59 pm
i'mal sandra hoff and we found out coming up. also it is a party you might not expect. everything you need for a celebration, the surprising occasion, and the reason the family is, pulling out the stops, kate. we just can't seem to break out of this gray pattern. it turned out mostly cloudy again today rain off to the south, we have a warm up on the way i'll tell you how warm it will get and when showers and thunderstorms return to the forecast. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. it is at 6:00 o'clock and here's is what happening. three areas doctors indicted accused of a scheme that started in this philadelphia office. prosecutors say, that they were, praying on peoples. tonight we are learning disturbing details about what doctors were doing. good evening i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean.
6:00 pm
we will go live to "eyewitness news" reporter, joe hold hen in center city, joe. >> reporter: jessica and ukee these doctors were supposed to be helping people but federal prosecutors say they perpetuated cycle of abuse and addiction. tonight three doctors charged in connection with running an alleged pill mill. these people were simply drug dealers. >> reporter: it was out of the south philadelphia building that federal prosecutors say allen somers operated an illegal five million-dollar cash business. allegedly selling pills, to thousands of customers a month. >> instead of helping people, they are basically contributing, to the drug abuse crisis in our culture. they are distributing, drugs, to drug users, people who are addicted to drugs. >> reporter: we track down doctor somers, a 78 year-old man, at his ambler home. >> can we have a moment have your time? the doctor told us he would be out to give us his side of the story but 45 minutes later and waiting he change his mind, ng


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