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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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procedures and never telling their significant others. health reporter stephanie stahl shows you why a growing number of women and men are aging in secret. plus this. >> it doesn't feel like a year. it feels like it was yesterday. tomorrow marks one year since the deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia. former congressman patrick murphy was on that train and tonight he speaks with our david spunt about how he escaped the wreckage and how the accident changed his life. >> but first, what happened inside this building has led to criminal charges against three local doctors. prosecutors say they made millions of dollars in a scheme centered around dangerous prescription drugs. good evening everyone, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. our natasha brown tells us how these three doctors allegedly preyed on the people them they were supposed to be helping. >> reporter: at a glance the office in south philly looks nondescript and easily forgettable but federal prosecutors allege that what was happening inside was far from the norm. investigators say dr. alan
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summers along with two other doctors allegedly ran a prescription pill mill racking up $5 million in illegal cash business. court documents revealed the defendants sold drugs to thousands of customers a month. >> instead of helping people, they're basically contributing to the drug abuse crisis in our culture. they are distributing drugs to drug users, people who are a dicked to drugs. >> reporter: we caught up with 78-year-old summers at his ambler home after initially agreeing to tell us his side of the story. he eventually declined but dr. summer has appeared on youtube explaining how he would help people. also charged in the indictment doctor as sad con of villanova and dr. marsha of ridley park. a woman who answered the door at the dr. marsha's home toll us gnaw new york. prosecutors describe an elaborate scheme saying dr. summers and his co-defendants were allegedly doing 10 times the am of business their licenses allowed.
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claiming they were dealing to drug dealers and drug addicts as far away as cape may, new jersey. prosecutors 11 these doctors were harming the very people they were meant to help claiming they failed to provide medical and mental health screenings. >> terrible but, you know, some people you get the opportunity to make $5 million, $5 million they'll sell themselves out and sell their soul for it. >> reporter: court records show dr. summers lost his license to practice after the dea served a search warn at his south philly clinic back in 20 2014. meantime only one doctor of the three indicted has a license left to practice. each faces charges now including distribution, health care fraud and money laundering. they're expected to surrender to federal authorities next week. natasha brown cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> natasha, thank you. tonight pennsylvania state police have a suspect in custody and a frightening road rage incident. anthony richardson of overbrook park had no comment as he was taken into police custody. police say he opened fire on
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another driver on the blue route near the schuylkill expressway last week. police also say richardson was angry because the victim suddenly braked after seeing richardson tight on his bumper driving erratically. >> there was a huge danger at that time on interstate 476 there was heavily populated with vehicular traffic. >> the bullet went through the passenger side door and lodged in the car's console. now no one was injured. a composite sketch that generated a phone tip ultimately led to richardson's arrest. it is a scary thought but the reality is road rage could happen to any of us. so what do you do if you find yourself in a threatening situation while driving? at the night's good question and nicole brewer will have the answer for you coming up around 11:13. in campaign 2016, hillary clinton brought the battle for the democratic presidential nomination to south jersey today. clinton rallied supporters camden county college in blackwood ahead of the jun june 7th primary.
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she didn't mention her rival bernie sanders but blasted presumptive republican nominee donald trump for not releasing his income tax returns. clinton's speech focused largely on policy including making college cheaper. >> i have a plan for debt free tuition. debt free college. you won't have to borough anything. and i have a plan to help you pay down the student loans you already have. and get out from under them. >> the line to get into the clinton rally snaked all through the college campus. clinton also made a stop in camden where she met nurses at cooper hospital's m.d. anderson cancer center. meanwhile bernie sanders rallied a large group of supporters in montana today. voters in that state go to the polls on june 7th along with new jersey, california, new mexico and south dakota. sanders says he's going all the way to the convention right here in philadelphia although he is way behind in the delegate cou count. donald trump was off the
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campaign trail today. he set to meet face to face with house speaker paul ryan in washington tomorrow. and the goal of that meeting is to find a way to unify the republican party after a bruising primary season. today new jersey governor chris christie talk about possibly becoming trump's running mate. >> being on the short list obviously an honor to be considered for that position. but, um, i was on mitt romney's short list and came up short. so we'll see what happens. we'll see what happens this time. >> trump has already tapped christie to lead his transition team if elected. the philadelphia 2016 host committee fort up coming democratic national convention will make an announcement tomorrow at the national constitution center. they will detail what they're calling political fest a fest of with the convention to celebrate political history and the road to the white house. training is beginning for some convention volunteers. most will undergo training over the internet and once that's ready they'll be notified.
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the dnc was opening for 10,000 volunteers. they got an outpouring of response that produced nearly 17,000. well tomorrow marks one year since the deadly amtrak train tragedy in philadelphia. tonight we're hearing from one of the survivors of the derailment who says he remains grateful that he survived. he talked with our david spunt in our satellite center right now. david? >> reporter: ukee, patrick murphy served as a captain in the united states army. he saw pretty gruesome things during his time in the army but tonight he's remembering the anniversary of the amtrak crash one he survived it was one of the worst crashes in history. does it folic a year? >> yeah, it doesn't feel like a year. it feels like it was yesterday. >> reporter: patrick mur faux still think boss you the crash that killed eight, injured 200 and almost took his life. murphy now the acting secretary of the army and former congressman was on his way to the trenton stop tuesday night may 12th, 2015.
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>> i had my ear buds in doing work on my i-pad. >> a few minutes after leaving 30th street station it happened. >> next thing i know just heard a loud noise and then our car just flipped over and i was thrown like a rag doll and i was knock out. i came to and i check my arms and legs they were there. there was a lot of blood. a lot of screams and being what any soldier would do i got up and tried to help other people. >> reporter: he was inside the train's cafe car and snapped these pictures on his cell phone. there are some of the only images we've seen inside the train after the derailment. >> when i look at those pictures, when people show them to me, or one of the other, you know, victims of the crash, you know, reach out to me i just -- i know how blessed i am. >> reporter: murphy said his army instincts kicked in and he kick out a window of his train car. the doors wouldn't open because the car was on its side on top of the doors. >> the real heroes were the philadelphia firefighters and the police officers who win moments i mean were there
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climbing through the windows. >> brandon, the conductor was traveling at 106 miles an hour. he's not said anything publicly since the crash and the investigation is on going. >> the fact i was able to go home late that morning to be with my wife and two kids and to kiss them and tell them i love them something i'll be eternally grateful for. >> i reach out to the national transportation safety board. they were release a final report next tuesday may 17th. meanwhile victims and families of those deceased victims are currently working their way through the courts. they are suing amtrak for what happened one year ago tomorrow. reporting live tonight. david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> it was just a horrific night, david. thank you. a major renovation is underway at a historic philadelphia building that fell into disrepair. >> hundreds tonight saw the work completed so far at the divine lorraine hotel on north broad street. the lobby which is covered in graffiti will be the last space to be renovated. the two building complex will
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house 101 apartments, a 24 room boutique hotel, dining and retail space. many view the project assign of renewal for broad street and the fairmount area. >> it brings north philly back, and it brings everything from temple down to center city it connects it. just cherry on top of a cake of all the new stuff going on. the building and everything. it's wonderful. >> we didn't get to see the upstairs work tonight but the developer says the apartments are about 60% complete. the entire project is expected to be finished by next spring. well it's doubled botox deception or cosmetic infideli infidelity. >> people are getting cosmetic work done but they're keeping it hush hush. the secret many couples never talk about. >> i way not going to tell anybody, and especially not a boyfriend. >> it's a growing trend health reporter stephanie stahl tells you why more people are aging in secret. also, a hollywood a lister name in the so-called panama papers.
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the actor tress who admits she set up an offshore company and why she did it. kate? >> and we've been dealing with gray skies and showers in a few spots today. still dealing with showers off to our south. but showers and storms are on the docket in philadelphia by the end of the week. coming up we'll time out warmup and when our next chance for thunderstorms will be. that's coming up when we come back.
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as we mentioned earlier a man accused of shooting at another driver along the blue route is now behind bars. anyone who drives could become a victim road rage and that brings up tonight's good question. what should you do if you find yourself in a threatening situation on the road? nicole brewer is here with that answer. >> ukee and jess, from driving slowly in the left lane to tailgating and cutting people off, it often starts with something seemingly trivial but can escalate of course into something more serious. so what do you do if you're caught in road rage situation? that's a good question. especially after seeing what happened on the blue route. ♪ >> have you ever experienced road rage. >> i've seen it happen. >> hasn't gestures, cursing.
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>> anger. >> if you spend time on the road chances are you've experienced aggressive driving. but what should do you if you're caught if potential road rage incident? >> i usually just back off. >> keep looking straight. >> snap. the other person snaps at the same time it's a bad equation. >> according to the national highway traffic safety administration, road rage seeks to endanger other persons or property resulting in criminal charges while aggressive driving such as tailgating erratic lane changing and illegal passing are considered traffic offenses. so what should you do to ensure things don't escalate? >> the most important thing is to not engage. >> officer tyrell bag bee of the camden county police department has been trained in the use of dee escalation techniques. >> what should a driver do? >> they shall ignore it. >> i think that's the right way to go. >> that means staring straight ahead. focusing on the road and putting as much distance between yourself and the aggressive driver as possible. >> you feel threatened. it's time to call police. >> absolutely. >> you should tell them as much
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detail as possible. >> officer bag bee says it's also important to lock your doors and keep your windows rolled up. if you're trying to get away from the aggressor drive to local police station instead of your home or workplace. >> public place or something where there's a lot of people something like that, yes. >> if you're in new jersey, drivers can dial pound 77 to report bad behavior. >> that person could hurt someone in the future and we need to stop that as soon as possible. >> in fact aaa foundation study involving more than 10,000 road rage incidents in seven-year span found they resulted in at least 218 murders and another 12,610 injury cases. >> you never know who you're confronting today. >> something to consider the next time someone cuts you off. >> just got to take the high road sometimes. you just gotta biter bite your tongue. >> now to avoid being victimized triple a recommends examining your own actions on the road that means using turn signals. maintaining a safe following distance, leaving mentee of room for yourself and others to merge
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and apologizing if offend another driver. finally, keep your hands on the steering wheel. there is nothing more irritating than an obscene gesture. >> that's going to take it -- >> that takes to another level. >> all easier said than done but consider the consequence. >> thanks nicole appreciate it. >> what's your good question. log on to question to commit submit your question or tweet us using the hash tag cbs3 good question. >> nicole will be here every night with the answer right here on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. we can't wait to hear your good question. harry potter actress emma watson is the latest name to be revealed in the scalled panama papers. rep for watson says the star set up offshore company in the british virgin islands to protect her privacy not for tax reasons. the panama papers include millions of leaked confidential documents that revealed how some of the rich and powerful use panamanian law firm to shelter wealth in offshore accounts. aging in secret. people getting cosmetic
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procedures like botox injections and never telling anyone about it. tonight, health reporter stephanie stahl has more on why people even celebrities are keeping secrets even from their significant others. >> reporter: super stars nicole kidman and gwyneth paltrow have finally admitted to getting cosmetic helpers like botox. kelly ripa is quoted as saying it makes her make up artist's life easier. but many celebrities keep cosmetic procedures a secret and it turns out so do many others. >> at the time when i was in my early 30s i was not going to tell anybody, and especially not a boyfriend. >> stesha omega admits heighting the fact she got botox even from they are significant other and it became a secret habit. >> i started with bow tock really young it makes me look so revved so i just -- i kept going back. >> can you turn back look at the clock given number of years? i would say five to 10. >> but it has to be done very naturally. >> it's been dubbed botox deception or cosmetic infideli
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infidelity. according to one dr. up to a third of patients are opting to hide their procedures. >> i fell like my friends won really understand why i was getting it. >> there's like this preconceived notion it will make your fay face frozen and it's for people who are, you know, much older. >> so you can see she can barely frown so we're going to keep it that way. >> dr. ava, says there are many reasons why people don't admit to getting botox in other cosmetic treatments. >> it's like okay i do look perfect in that dress you don't have to know that i'm wearing spanks. it's the same principal as like okay i look perfect and fabulous and it's just because i am perfect and fabulous. not that i had anything done. >> doctors say with a growing number of older men and women dating, many are hiding how they maintain a youthful look. >> there are more and more men who are in their 50s and 60s and 70s who want to date and so they can't look like they're the woman's grandfather. >> it's not just botox. people are hiding bigger procedures as well.
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experts say some wait for their significant others to travel out of town and pay cash for treatments or spread out the payments. isn't we're getting better at what we're doing. >> penn medicine plastic surgeon says with more natural looking results, the stigma is slowly lifting. >> it doesn't need to be secret any more. >> no. absolutely not. >> she's given up on botox deception is no longer self conscious about getting regular injections. >> i don't proactively tell guys that i'm dating but my girlfriends i'm always like you should do it. it's amazing. >> it's a popular trend that's growing $5 billion was spent last year on non surgical procedures. botox being the most popular. so whether they admit it or not chances are you've probably know someone whose been injected. i'm stephanie stahl cbs3 "eyewitness news". well that is very interes interesting. >> what? >> interesting. >> you all chew on that, headlights get some more interesting information about what's coming neck in the weather.
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>> you know we had two weeks roughly of pretty nasty weather. this week we've been trying to climb out of it. today wasn't as cold as it has been. >> not bad. >> even though we didn't have a lot of sunshine today it could have been a whole lot worse and tomorrow will probably be the nicest day this week so we've got a couple good days and a couple not so good days. another chance for showers and storms before the work week is through. let's get right into it take you out side right now. down center city looking down 16th street here and you can see just some clouds still a lot of cars out on the roads this evening. people enjoying a night out on the town and it has been dry in philadelphia all day long. for the most part. we did have one little shower move through and that was around 5:00 o'clock this morning. but since then the showers have stayed to the south. you can see that's where they are at the moment. storm scan3 does still show light showers. this is really weakening but almost kind of a little what we call a mess so low, a little convective complex here you can see the swirl around it. it's been sitting there for of the past several hours since late afternoon really producing rain and thunder down the shore now just again light sprinkles
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here and there from portions of cape may county back into delaware. it is starting to wind down but still a few showers here and there through the remainder of this evening. then we get little bit of a dry zone as we head into the day tomorrow. that's why tomorrow is the nicest day we'll see before we have a double barreled frontal system coming through friday into saturday. first front brings showers and storms friday the second boundary you can see it bake here that's going to come through on saturday. in the meantime again today we just had a trace of rain that means still we clocked in with a little bit of rain. only one dry day out of the last 14 that's two weeks with rain almost every day. lampeter didn't have any rain today. cape may courthouse they pick up a third of an inch of rain. so what's been going on the past few days much this frontal boundary has been stalled off to our south it's not moving much. and little waves of low pressure along that boundary have been producing showers. the pattern does break a bit tomorrow. showers stay mainly off to our south through the vast majority of day tomorrow here's 7:00 a.m. sun breaks through and for most
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of the day, we will be seeing some breaks in the cloud cover. now the further west and south you go, the better chance we have for clouds to hang on for. of the day but through the afternoon it looks like it should stay relatively dry. then on friday we start the day with clouds an few showers and a line of thunderstorms will cross the area friday afternoon into friday evening much that then clears out. and saturday starts on a nice note before that second front comes through with showers and storms saturday afternoon. so it's an active pattern we go from above average temperatures tomorrow and friday. then once that front comes through on saturday back to below average temperatures as we head into sunday and the start of next week. through the overnight hours, 54 degrees will be the low. mostly cloudy. a spotty shower. heading into the day tomorrow partly sunny relatively comfortable out there. it's 76 degrees. i think we will see more sun tomorrow than we have been seeing and then friday, showers and storms mainly around three, 4:00 o'clock. saturday same story, starts with sunshine, but little league games like we do in my family keep an eye to the sky.
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another chance for showers and storms saturday afternoon. cooler mid 60s sunday and monday but at least those mid 60s comes with little bit more sunshine which is what everybody has been asking for. >> um-hmm. >> guilty. >> we got to get those little league games in. >> we need them. >> thanks kate. >> speaking of games don bell is here now with sports. >> we great ones tonight. ryan howard homers what about the rest of his teammates. the play that left a tom river new jersey native in stitches. we'll show you something that's only happened a total of five
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300 hitter only has success three out of 10 times. but with the braves are going through is the worst. the phil lesion trying to hand them a 12th straight loss at
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home. now before the game great moment. patsy walker was singing the national anthem with her school. her dad staff sergeant clayton walker home early absolutely phenomenal moment in that ballgame. fifth inning. phils training three to love. ryan howard going opposite feel. 22 career homeruns turner field most ever by visiting player phils trail by two. bottom of the inning freddie friedman giving it rye back. the braves breaking that 11-game home losing streak. and the phils fall five-one in atl history in d.c. max scherzer of the nationals striking out 20 against the detroit tigers it's just the fifth time in baseball history that has happened in a nine inning game. 20 strikeouts. came against his former team. nationals win three-two. that is flat out nuts. eagles now have top knowledge in innovative player personnel department. that's according to owner jeffrey laurie. the reason for the proclamation two new hires.
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joe douglas the vice-president of player personnel and andy weidel name assistant director of personnel. to the pitch the union hosting the la galaxy the union get on the board first. vincent, gets the goal in the fourth minute one to nothing union. to the 63rd minute union down two-one off the corner kick. keegan rosen berry if first you don't succeed try try again. first professional game for him. what a time for it. the union and galaxy play to two-two tie. inform ba draft combine underway in chicago sixers have lot of prep to do. they could have 41st round picks. keith pompeii of the inquirer is reporting the team will interview oklahoma buddy heel tonight and duke's brandon engram tomorrow. draft is on june 23rd. now, back to baseball. the white sox and rangers in day ball. socks third baseman toms riff new jersey native tom frazier taking one for the team. dives into the stands for the ball. didn't catch it. he appeared to hit his face on a
11:28 pm
chair. received five stitches after his teeth went through his lip. >> ouch! >> come on. ran right off the field. that hurts to watch. >> white sock lose six-five by the way. that's a really really bad day. >> all right. >> makes you cringe. >> okay. don. >> up next. >> the new addition to one of fill's most (man) hmm. what do you think? ♪ (stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there. explore it in a subaru crosstrek. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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new tonight the philadelphia chinese lantern festival keeps getting better. >> organizers added new performances to the celebration of chinese culture in franklin square. the new acts include kung fu tea. performers use long tea pot to perform a unique tea ceremony. the main attraction is 28 colorful lantern installations accompanied by a dragon beer garden. the festival runs through june 12th. eighty six million adults have a serious medical condition called prediabetes, but ninety percent don't know it. you may be one of them, and your risk of developing type 2 diabetes is higher. the good news is that you can prevent or delay diabetes.
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talk to your doctor about a simple blood test for prediabetes. sponsored by nacdd with support from the centers for disease control and prevention. visit dear fellow citizen, time spent with my son really makes me appreciate "the now".
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our morning team is back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7:00 for kate, don everyone here, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean we're always on at the late show with stephen colbert is next with kate beck ken dale.
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thanks so much for watching. ken dale. thanks so much for watching. good nig captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: but i love donuts. just tell them to bring the donuts. we don't have to talk about the movie. i'd love to have him on the show. that would be great. liz. >> stephen. >> stephen: we meet again. what can i do for you? >> in the broadway cold open, do you actually want to participate in the dance, or do you just want to bang on a drum and not do much glp i'll just bang on a drum. >> great. >> stephen: any other follow-up questions. >> yes, does that mean they don't have to come early and rehearse. >> stephen: yes, i'm beaming up. i want to dance, or i don't. find out. >> tonight, stephen welcomes kate beckinsale


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