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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  May 12, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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new this morning a violent crash, in east falls, sends several people the two hospital and says at least one carries rolling. but that is in the the only reason police were called to the scene. also this morning a former congressman recalls his experience with tragedy, one year after the deadly amtrak derailment. mr. trump goes to washington the meeting the presumptive g.o.p. nominee is having to day to try to unite the republican party. well, today is thursday may 12th good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm brooke thomas. i like to say it is friday eve. we look at the this as a positive. meisha is here with traffic and katie has your forecast good morning, friday eve indeed, cheers to that. we are looking good. a lot of cop trucks.
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>> owe broken record. >> we will see some sunshine, and a nice day. >> i know. >> but it will feel like it is already friday or what. at the moment or last few hours we had a couple showers rolling through portions of the southern tear of new jersey, central delaware. see how they are fizzling, rotate ago way. high pressure is starting to build down here. that means more clearing skies and also, more sunshine, obviously as a result here. nice warming trend that comes with more sunshine. one little minor issue that we have in a handful of community is poor wrist built. we will have patchy fog and that is obvious where it is taking place. the off to the west and off to the south in some spots. millville under 2-mile visibility. pretty poor out in lancaster right now under a, half mile. the city of philadelphia and all point northeast we are looking g we will see that patchy fog in a handfull of spots, basically southern west half of the region. we are in the upper 50's. we will not see too much more
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movement on the thermometer in the early morning but eventually we will rebound nicely since we have some finally some sunshine to get solar heating underway at the surface. we should rebound nicely in the mid 70's this afternoon. every icon is finally dry, we're not war big any showers, no matter how spotty they are. i can, finally guarantee a dry day for everyone. the isn't that the nicest news but also, temperatures rebound nicely here too, meisha, nice day, 76 with some sun, i'll take it. >> it is starting to feel so good listening to you talk. i cannot even tell you. waking people up with a smile. >> i went from a blank stair to a smile. >> thank you, so much katie. good morning, everyone. happy friday eve, like brooke always likes to say indeed. construction here is starting to clear, vine was closed between schuylkill ape broad. it looks like westbound side might be opening right now, eastbound side looks to be closed. that is opening sometime soon here. just make note, vine was closed overnight. you might have a hiccup as you
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head out of the house but we know that will clear around 5:00 o'clock. paving broad street all north bound lanes are blocked between 95 and paterson avenue. we know that is coming down yesterday. it is still early. no problems just yet. construction i-95 between cottman and bridge street that right lane was block for quite sometime and has been cleared. right around i-95 we are looking good. paving kelly drive between art mute seem and brewery hill. walnut is opened both directions. update on kelly drive in ten minutes. back over to you. jim, back over to you. new this morning a manhunt underway for an escaped prisoner in west philadelphia the authorities tell us suspect was in custody for dui escaped while at penn presbyterian hospital at midnight. officers are searching the surrounding area. the suspect has been arrested before and officers are park outside his most recent address. also new this morning a nasty wreck leaves to a violent fight and two people injured in east falls. one carries a crumbled pile of metal after rolling over and
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crashing on to at least two other cars, the intersection of ridge and mid veil avenue shortly after 1:00 a.m. two people were taken to the hospital in stable condition. police were then called the two scene for a fight but there is in word on an arrest offer charges a the this time. two people are hurt from this crash involving a taxi cab in north philadelphia a overnight. it happened around 2:00 this morning in the intersection of the 13th and girard, two drivers were taken to the hahnemann with minor injuries, police say both are in stable condition. today marks one year, since the deadly amtrak tragedy, in philadelphia. it left eight people dead and hundreds more were hurt. the crash happened just a few minutes after leaving 30th street station, as the train was heading to new york. it hit a serve curve at more than 100 miles an hour more than twice the speed limit and went off the tracks. former congressman and former acting secretary of the army patrick murphy was on the the train that night and one year later he continues to count his blessings.
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>> just glad to go home late that morning, be with my wife and two kid and tell them i love them and i'll be eternally grateful for. >> brandon bostian has in the spoken publicly. federal investigators are expected to meet to details the probable cause of the crash next week. donald trump is head to go washington to meet with the republican leadership. presumptive g.o.p. nominee will meet with house speaker paul ryan who said he wases not ready to endorse trump. he will sit down with rnc chairman, and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. hill willry clinton is blasting trump for not releasing his income tax returns. she rallied supporters in camden county's college in blackwood, her speech focused largely on policy including making college cheaper. clinton also made a stop in camden where she met nurses at cooper hospital m.d. anderson cancer center. meantime bernie sanders will spent part of his day in south dakota he rallied a large crowd of supporters in
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montana yesterday. voters in both states get to the polls june 7th with new jersey, california, and new mexico, despite being way behind in the delegate count, sanders says he is going all the way to the convention which is being held in philadelphia. the commission post committee will be making an announcement later today at the national constitution center. they will detail plans for political fest, a festival timed with the convention to celebrate political history, government, and the road the two white house. in the meantime framing has started for some convention volunteers, mostly internet training. once that is ready they will be notified. dnc was hoping for 10,000 volunteers and an outpouring of responses. so much so now they have nearly 17,000 volunteers. three doctors are indicted for selling prescription drugs for cash out of their south philadelphia clinic. prosecutors say that doctors alan somers, two other doctors allegedly, ran a prescription pill mill making american five
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million-dollar. investigators say these doctors were praying on peoples addictions. >> they are basically contributing to the drug abuse crisis in our culture. they are distributing drugs to drug users. >> reporter: all three doctors face charges including distribution, health care fraud and money laundering. they are expect to surrender to the federal next week. well, state police say a composite sketch helped them catch a suspect wanted for a frightening road rage incident. anthony richardson of overbrook park was led away in handcuffs yesterday. it is alleged he opened fire on another driver the blue route near the schuylkill expressway last week. they say richardson was mad because the victim suddenly braked after seeing richardson close to his bumper and driving erratically. in one was injury. happening today another honor for villanova wildcats. >> yes, today they will be at philadelphia city hall and who could forget nova's dramatic last second victory in the championship game last month. later this morning wildcats
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and coach jay wright will be congratulated with the official city council resolution. wildcats have been honored with a parade through center city. that the was huge. >> big stuff, big stuff. still ahead new developments in the deadly explosion. why investigators are now offering a reward for information. also ahead the man who shot and killed an unarmed black teen is auctioning a surprising item, what george zimmerman is, selling and how much he is asking for. and it wasn't just a paparazzi watching the celebrities walk the red carpet at the cannes film festival, how authorities are working extra hard to keep everyone safe. we will be right back.
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back on "eyewitness news" federal investigators believe that the fire that caused this deadly fertilizer plant explosion in texas was deliberately set, it happened in april of 2013 in the town of west, 15 people were killed, 12 of which were first
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responders. more than 500 homes were destroyed by the blast, which registered as a magnitude 2.1 earthquake. atf is now offering a 50 you this dollars word for anyone with any information leading to an arrest. wait until you hear this one, george zimmerman auctioning off the gun he used to kill trayvon martin. >> zimmerman was acquitted three years ago in the shooting death of the unarmed teenagers. on the web page from the auction zimmerman calls it a piece of american history. on line auction starts today, opening bid is set at $5,000. the shooting death of the unarmed teenager has inspired a play rate here in philly called ballet of trayvon mart thane explores his life and moments before his death. the play's author took on project because he didn't want the 17 year-old's death to be in vein. ballet trayvon martin debuts tonight at freedom theater on north broad street. malaysia officials believe they have found two mores of
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debris. malaysia's government says that was found in south africa. that means five pieces of debris believed to have come from the jet have now been found. flight 370 vanished in march of 2014 flying from kuala lumpur to beijing. there were 239 people on board. sixty-ninth annual cannes film festival underway under watchful eye of french security forces. >> snippers were positioned in rooftops as celebrities filled the red carpet for opening fill. woody a allen comedy. stepped up security is in place. just six months ago paris was under siege in one of the world's terror attacks in that country's history. there is a thousand what the are slide coming into august this august. >> if you want to slide today is day to sign up. here's the slide that the city giant slide which will be part of the huge block party on sedgley way near the the art museum, beginning august 6th. the slide will be about three city blocks long, you can sign up at slide the,
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pricing starts the at $10. that is awesome. >> we should all do that. >> that is worth $10. >> amazing. >> yes. >> i will wear a helmet. >> yes. >> good morning, you guys. everything looks good on the roads a lot of construction. vine is opened right now. and everything is dry. >> and it will stay that way. the just a couple little areas. >> here she comes. >> just a little bit of fog here, watching this front try to slide away. with a little bit of moisture left over, light wind, we are finding a bit of fog but only a couple spots. mostly we have a beautiful day. right now it is pretty mild across the board. southwest half of our area is where you'll find that fog and pretty patchy by the time sun comes up. that will do its part to scour out that cloud cover but looking at that storm scan three we have some activity to track here.
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it is all out of our area at the moment. from that system that got hung up yesterday up to the south but is there a much larger system that continues to brew and gather more organization. it looks like it is in the exact same area it was yesterday, somewhat removed from it location yesterday but we are going to eventually see a cold front cross through and that will happen tomorrow, bringing with it the a fresh round of showers and storms. today is day to enjoy, severe weather threat, this is for tomorrow, you know, we don't really have a severe weather threat. we will see showers and thunderstorms evolve out there but at this point it doesn't look like we will have enough energy or instability to get nasty thunderstorms going. the that is not a problem for me. what we can expect is more showers and thunderstorms especially second half of the day as that cold front crosses. so enjoy this. 76 degrees the expected high today under a partly sunny skies but heck of a lot brighter then recent days have been, right. tonight there will be a spotty shower but comes through late at night.
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yourer entire day is fine. fifty-seven the night time low. tomorrow keeping temperatures in the mid 70's as that cold front crosses through and knocks temperatures back a smidge saturday but secondary front bringing in the cool air and by sunday a noticeable difference with the breeze and sun returning. meisha, over to you. >> sat the day is looking nice, thanks for that. good morning. happy thursday to you. looking outside right now, the vine is starting to open. we can see westbound side is opened. eastbound still closed. i can guarantee you that anytime that will be opening from the vine to the schuylkill and broad, eastbound side we are keeping an eye on. all northbound lanes were blocked between 95 and paterson avenue and that has been cleared. we are looking at broad street i-95 looking good around that area boulevard as well moving in the southbound direction. we can see early risers but overall on the boulevard we are looking g traffic lights malfunctioning from an earlier accident in horsham, easton road are and horsham road that might slow you down late for it doesn't get fix. it the will not cause too much
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problem. construction here kelly drive is repaving both directionness and outbound between art museum and brewery hill drive. one lane is open both directions. also take a look at this dad vail regatta this weekend friday and saturday 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. kelly drive is closed a the 90:00 a.m. today through 6:00 p.m. saturday. make note on have that as well. jim, back over to you. good in other, thanks, meisha. still ahead on "eyewitness news" how last years holiday season created problems this year, on wall street. but first here's a look what is on tonight from cbs-3.
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serious car crash leads to the head line on cbs 32. people are in the hospital after a roll over crash near ridge and mid veil avenues in east falls. they are in stable condition. a fight later broke out at the scene of the crash.
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police were called but no one was arrested. today we are remembering eight people kill in the amtrak crash one year ago today. train left 30th street heading for new york when it crashed on the curve, at more than twice the speed limit. federal investigators meet next week to announce likely cause of the crash. presumptive republican presidential nominee donald trump meets g.o.p. leaders to day in washington. including house speaker paul ryan. ryan has said he is not ready to support trump in the november election, trump is going to seek a win with or without his report of the republican establishment. time is 4:49. time for our check of business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us live this morning from the new york stock exchange, jill, the markets lost almost all of their gains from earlier this week. what happened? >> reporter: well, it was a brutal holiday season and things got worse in the beginning of 2016 for retailers, macy's said sales fell 7.4 percent in the last quarter, more americans are shopping on line, and the days
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of spending all day at the mall are over, also, international tourist, spent 20 percent less than last year, in part because of the strong dollar and weaker economy overseas. brooke and jim. >> jill, class of 2016 getting ready to enter the work force and a new survey found they are looking for more than just a big paycheck. >> reporter: yeah, grads say when they look at jobs the culture of the company and social atmosphere is more important then what it is going to pay a cord to go a new survey from a censure. more than half of the recent grad say they think they are working in jobs that do not the even require their college degree which is especially troubling when you think about the mounting huge debt, brooke and jim. >> social atmosphere does not pay the bills? i do not think so. >> reporter: they might be singing a different tune in a couple years. >> great jobs turnout not to pay the bills for a lot of people we're talking about young people being in debt, so
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maybe they are like forget it, i will figure something else out. >> thanks, jill. well, the philadelphia chinese lantern festival keeps getting better. >> organizers added new performance to the celebration of chinese culture in franklin square. it comes through tea, performers use a long stem teapot to perform a tea ceremony. the the chinese festival runs through june 12th. well, coming up after the break we will get another check of weather and traffic. >> warm up to day but katie is tracking more showers. her forec
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good morning. it will be a nice day in the dell rare valley. we are guarantying essentially a totally dry day. you can see a hint of moisture
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over my shelledder here. that is a front that got stuck nearby but still fizzled away off to the south. high pressure is really trying to win battle here and it will win that battle. even though we will call it partly sunny, regardless it will be essentially a dry day. when we look the at rain chance you might wonder why are we looking at 10 percent chance of rain here today? it looks like later tonight we might see a spotty shower but generally throughout today we are looking at sunshine. it will be a nice, you know, through this daylight hours at least but later tonight our next cold front a approaches and that is why those chances definitely climb tomorrow for showers and thunderstorms. lets take a look at what that translates too, just to the seven day forecast, it is milder today, we are above average if you can believe it the by a couple degrees, we have not said that in a while. seventy-six with some sun late tonight and tomorrow though, wet weather does return to the forecast in the form of showers and thunderstorms, at this point, meisha it does not appear as if this would be a severe weather threat which is good news. >> all right, katie, thanks
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very much. good morning to all of you, it is still early. looking good out there still. we can expect that with construction. good news is that is just starting to clear. it usually does around 5:00 a.m. looking at our 42 freeway north bound at creek road approaching 295. we are looking good. this is exactly what we want to see as we reach the 5:00 o'clock hour. volume eastbound from the schuylkill opening that is just starting to clear right now. the westbound has been opened for the past few minutes. we're looking good on the vine right now. eager beaver to get out there, go out there now. boulevard southbound approaching wissohickon avenue this is what you are working with right new looking good here. the basically anywhere that we're looking is looking good, other than, this area right here, on the boulevard, roosevelt boulevard, north bound at route 63, red lion road, one outer lane is block. doesn't sound like a big deal right now but it can, it is involving injuries f this doesn't clear out of the way tipping in the 5:00 o'clock hour we will see slow downs. traffic lights malfunction, we have been dealing with this as well in, horsham, make note of. that kelly drive construction
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here with paving, art museum and brew youry hill drive one lane is opened in both directions. jim, back over to you. >> thanks, meisha. if you are heading out the door stay updated with katie's forecast on our sister station kyw news radio 106o also a war of word between governor chris christie and state assembly speaker vince preto over future of atlantic city. growing number of health experts are recommending the olympic games not be hold in brazil because of the zika virus. a review of the new film a bigger splash. check in two, three, four times a day on kyw news radio on kyw 1060 on your am dial. coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" the somer ber way people are remembering the first anniversary of deadly amtrak drain derailment. see what officers did after a chase end that had could get them in trouble. is this the future of travel? incredible technology that could move you at the speed of sound, we are back at the top of the hour, stay with us, ev
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new this morning a daring escape from a hospital, the crime a man is accuse of committing before he slipped a way from police. i thought he would go home, late that morning, be with my wife and to second kids and kiss them and tell them i love them. i will be eternally grateful for. one year after the deadly amtrak derailment how survivors will mark the somber anniversary today. it is philadelphia's proposed soda tax fizzling out already? new alternative to the mayor's controversial plan. well to day is thursday may 12th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. happy friday eve i'm brooke thomas. katie and meisha are here keeping an eye on things this morning. >> yes good morning. kelly drive is repaving. we have construction.
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the it is clearing. we have an accident as well i will tell but in a little bit. >> perfect weather for construction. they love it when it is calm, quiet and quite mild outside. perfect for that, not perfect when it comes to anybody trying to travel. but i come bearing better news for a change here, meisha. we are not dealing with any rain for a change. what you have seen in the last few hours are a a few showers rolling through southern most counties but that too is starting to fist alloway. you can see it rotate ago way. frontal boundary that had been stuck nearby a stationary front that has actually yielding to high pressure dipping south right now, so the only issue you you may find out there this morning, aside the from the construction is a little bit of fog forming through our southwestern suburbs here, out through western counties as well, outside of philadelphia, but that is it. otherwise essentially we are looking at clear skies, 57 the temperature for atlantic city, dover, wilmington, philadelphia, magic number of those communities here in the the 40's at best where the skies have cleared out a little bit more readily in quakertown and


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