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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the deadly amtrak train derailment in philadelphia. eight people, lost their lives, more than 200 people were injured, and the train took a curve at 106 miles an hour more than twice the speed limit. one year later, questions remains about the accident, and how something like this could have happened. good evening everyone i'm jessica keen. aim's ukee washington. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter talked with the survivor who barely survived abe his life has been changed forever, walt. >> reporter: ukee, bob hewitt is one of the many survivors and first responders attending a remembrance services at city hall at noon time today. hewitt talk together media explaining at one moment he was tech to go his wife in the train car about going on vacation and then next, an accident that took lives and changed everyone's on board life forever. >> can i remember being thrown out of my seat, hitting the ceiling, luggage racks, seats. >> reporter: bob hewitt
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remembered violent moment when a routine trip home to north jersey board amtrak train 188, suddenly became a fight for survival. >> i woke up, laying on a pile of rocks, all of my clothes have been ripped off, and i could in the move my legs, i could not see out of my right eye. >> reporter: his wife and daughter by his side he explained how first responders found him in the darkness, saving his life. >> one of them shined this flashlight on my head, and yelled for help and i remember him saying this guy has got to go now, the whole back of his head is coming off. >> we had a terrible ride, through philadelphia, not knowing what his condition was at all when was dead or alive. >> reporter: hospitalized in an induced comb, lungs, kidneys permanently damaged he is still in constant pain, and beneath that, there is anger. >> outrageous that no one has contacted us to say anything
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that they're sorry or they are concerned. i mean this was something that never had to happen. >> i'm angry, and i hold a lot of it in. i almost became a widow and my kid almost lost their fat their night. >> reporter: one year later hewitt's desperately seeking answers why was the train going so fast? who was responsible? while they wait, they painfully try to move forward through a life that they now know, has been changed forever. >> i have got a 15 month-old, granddaughter, i cannot even pick her up and hold her. i can't play with her. there is a lot of things i can't do with my kids. >> reporter: his life changed forever, it is painful for mr. k but he made it to the remembrance services and so did other survivors and first responders. their stories at 6:00.
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live from city hall, walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> walt, thank you. there is a memorial ceremony and candle light vigil planned at site of the derailment tonight, amtrak crew where is in port richmond earlier cleaning up trash in that area ceremony and vigil starts at 5:00 o'clock. now to campaign 2016, donald trump and paul ryan had a face-to-face meeting for first time since trump became presumptive republican nominee. both agreed they are closer to bringing the g.o.p. together, but as cbs news correspondent weijia jiang reports one thing has not changed. >> reporter: donald trump and paul ryan pledged to work together, for the sake of their party. two met at republican national committee building on thursday morning. >> i was very encouraged with what i had heard from donald trump today. do i believe that we are now planting the seeds to get ourselves unified. >> reporter: trump tweeted he
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had a great day in d.c. and things are working out real well but ryan is not ready to endorse trump. >> again in 45 minutes you don't litigate all of the process, issues and principal that we are talking about. >> reporter: ryan made the stunning announcement he would not back trump last week soon after trump became presumptive nominee. rnc chairman, is confident the party will be unified. >> it will take some people longer than others but we will get there. >> reporter: trump's ideas offended women, hispanics and muslims, along with his policies, trump's personality is also under scrutiny. >> he is a very warm, genuine person. >> reporter: protesters on trump's trail don't think so. neither to senate democrats. >> the policies of both candidates from republican and senate majority are both way out of touch with the middle class and what we need to get america going.
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>> reporter: the republican national convention kicks off, july 18th. weijia jiang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now to the democratic presidential race, bernie sanders is campaigning in south dakota and he tach time to tour mount rush more today. despite being behind in the delegate count sanders is fighting for every vote and is hoping for a contested democratic national convention right here in philadelphia. sanders talked about his education plan at a will rally in rapid city today. >> when we talk about public education, today, we must be talking about making public colleges and universities, tuition free. >> meanwhile democratic front runner hillary clinton met with 19, hiv aids activist in new york city today. she hosted meeting at her campaign headquarters. activist represent a coalition of more than 70 organizations, that have asked the presidential candidate for their help with the continuing health crisis.
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clinton says that the u.s. must continue to lead the way in finding a cure for hiv aids. >> we need to rededicate ourselves to fighting hiv and aid and leaving no one behind. that means continuing to increase, research, and expanding the use of medications, and it means capping out of pocket expenses and drug costs,. >> clinton wants to reform hiv criminalization laws. there will be no charges filed against four wilmington police officers involved in the deadly shooting of a wheelchair bound man, a 31 page d o.j. report conclude officers were okay shooting jeremy mcdole because they believe it was necessary to protect them sem. cell even if video shows mcdole, reaching for his waste when police opened fire. that report concluded that the officers were not properly prepared, to this situation, and ebb said one officer
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exhibited extraordinarily poor police work and should not aloud to carry a gun in public. philadelphia police are looking for an escaped prisoner 24 year-old khalil robinson reportedly fled from penn presbyterian hospital last night. the robinson was in the medical center after an arrest for dui and narcotics offenses. officers chased him out of the building on to the street. police say he got away after running through the park near intersection of the 39th and warren street. septa trolley and suv collide at ninth and girard streets in philadelphia. chopper three over that scene. we're told three people were taken to jefferson university hospital, no word on their conditions. taking a look at the weather now a nice change out there, no rain, the sunnies out. that all good things i guess have to come to an end. meteorologist kate bilo tracking more changes live on the cbs-3 sky deck, kate. >> jessica, we got one great day to hold us over. things have not been so nice here in philadelphia lately but mother nature really came
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through to today. we have had cloud, sunshine, nice warm temperatures and most importantly no wet weather. but that changes again tomorrow. lets take a look at storm scan three and enjoy rest of this evening while we have it. a few clouds creeping from the west, and you can see showers, thunderstorms making their way in to central pennsylvania at the moment and we have got a series of front impacting the area for the next two days. the one front tomorrow a secondary cold front on the saturday and that will bring about big changes in the weekend. beautiful thursday evening. we can get outside this evening, if you have little league practice, anything like that tonight, beautiful night, 74 in philadelphia all the way up to 78 in trenton. seventy-seven right now in allentown. tomorrow is still warm but coming up we will time out that best chance of rain for tomorrow, also for saturday, and i'll tell you when you need to pull out that jacket once again. for now back inside to you. making money is part of the life but what about the people who actually physically create the currency that we exchange.
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>> well, there is more to it then meets the eye. as "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos explains. >> reporter: is there more than a 50 percent chance that the coins in your pocket are made right here at u.s. mint in philadelphia. >> they think we like press a couple buttons and it is all done. >> reporter: we have learn thursday that is obviously not the case. >> this is like a detail tool. >> reporter: first there is design of each coin and then sculp by six philadelphia based artists. >> i work in clay and plaster. >> this is the america the beauty quarter. >> generally design can take me a couple hours or it could take me a week. >> laying it out in clay and then going into a negative plastic first. >> we are the only coin sculptors in the government for the entire country. we're all located here in philadelphia. >> reporter: then on to the floor where sheet of metal are stam inned to disks. >> it goes through the furnace. >> reporter: more than 1 million coins an hour are
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made right here at the philadelphia u.s. mint. it is so loud inside we have to wear ear protection but loudest machinist behind us, this sound proof door. this is the machine turning out thousands of coins, a minute. >> now on to the press. where 60 tons of pressure the equivalent of the 20 elephants standing on a quarter, presses design onto the metal. and then the coins are inspected, bagged and sent off to the federal reserve banks. while collector coins are kept at the mint and can be purchased directly. >> i got my nevada a quarter in change and i said to the guy, the vendor i said i designed this. he said yeah, sure you can. >> reporter: on the floor of the u.s. mint. you must love your job. >> it is an honor. >> reporter: greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> love going on the inside. >> peak behind the scenes there. >> coming up on "eyewitness news" tonight, travel, the
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future, and in the distance. and, the car insurance might have, whatever you do with your driving record. up next, we will tell you what secrets to giving you cheaper rates. plus. >> prom night can be an expensive night but students at pennsbury high school can get a dress like this completely free. i'm owe neat a oh in and how a completely free. i'm owe neat a oh in and how a student fairy god mother is eighty six million adults have a serious medical condition called prediabetes, but ninety percent don't know it. you may be one of them, and your risk of developing type 2 diabetes is higher. the good news is that you can prevent or delay diabetes. talk to your doctor about a simple blood test for prediabetes. sponsored by nacdd with support from the centers for disease control and prevention. visit
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well, back on "eyewitness news" now and this next story, can be for commuters and or speed junkies. >> or a commuter that is a a speed junkie, start up company called hyper loop says it has had a break through moment in the nevada desert. on a test track they moved 15 hound pound, from zero to 60 in one second. it was powered by a electron magnetic propulsion system. that reached 160 miles an hour before plowing in the sandbar year to bring it to the stop. theoretically people or cargo could travel 400 miles from l.a. to san francisco, in
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about 30 minutes. >> as we, kind of move through summer you will see us begin construction of the tubes, and pylons. we will have a levitation system which doesn't use energy but uses methods, very efficient,. >> and about five years. >> five years. >> that can make a tremendous difference. >> yes. >> see what comes out of there. >> i know. >> if you have ever shopped around for cheaper car insurance rates you know you can save hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars a year but have you ever wondered how they come up with the rate. >> in consumer reports jim done ran shares some of the secrets to paying low premiums and it often has little to do with your driving history. >> reporter: with millions of vehicles on the road, you would think figuring out who pays what, for auto insurance would be pretty straightforward. and it would involved things like your age, type of car, where you live and how much you drive?
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but that isn't all. >> what most drivers don't realize is that your personal financial data plays just as large a role in the rate you pay for auto insurance as those other things. >> reporter: in fact most companies your credit history may matter more than your driving record. >> it is, extraordinary how much more companies are now charging people with fair credit or lousy credit, compared to people who have really just lousy driving record. >> reporter: kevin brassler is executive editor of the delaware valley consumer checkbook which did extensive research on auto insurance rates. he says that companies are increasingly relying on credit scores, and secretive formulas to set their rates. >> if you ask the insurance companies they will say we will write according to the risk and that these drivers, who have lousy credit, are more risky then drivers with excellent credit but they never been able to prove that. the one thing that they have been able to prove, is that drivers with fair credit are
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more likely, to file claims, then they are with people with excellent credit but has nothing to do with their driving record. >> reporter: someone with two speeding tickets could be paying less than someone with a clean driving record but a bad credit history. my advice is still shop around for best rates but also pay attention to your credit report. they often contain mistakes, that could lead to you pay more for insurance, then you have to. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. well, summer is just around the corner and that means it is almost mosquito season. >> they are annoying and they can carry dangerous diseases. how do you protect your property from mosquitoes. it is a good question and nicole brewer decided to find out for you. she talked to an expert about the the best way to keep the obnoxious pests out of your yard. get the answers tonight on "eyewitness news" at the 11:00. if you have a good question log on to cbs question or tweet us using #cbs-3 good question. >> keep those standing water puddles out of your yard, that is for sure, that helps.
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>> that is huge. >> get some water maybe this weekend. >> we have another round of showers and storms tomorrow and then repeat performance on saturday. i hope you like today though. >> beautiful. >> mother nature no, we were sick of this and give them a little something. >> yes. >> tide them over until the next sunny day comes along and who knows when that will be. we have a few breaks of sunshine through the weekend. it is not a complete wash out. you will feel a drastic drop in the thermometer from saturday in, to sunday, so get those jackets ready if you are out and about sunday. it will feel different certainly then today. we will look outside right now you can see things not looking too bad. we have blue skies and puffy cumulus clouds, as we look live at spring garden in broad street here in the center of philadelphia looking live from the broadcast center, it looks like a nice afternoon, mild, little humid out there and all that moisture being pulled in, really led to some fog this morning. we will look at this time lapse from live neighborhood network in kutztown, watch the fog this morning, it is so dense you cannot even see much of anything until sun comes
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up, fog starts to mix out and then rest of the afternoon looks really nice. a few clouds starting to filth inner there at the moment and we can see what it looks like right now, still looking overcast, and up in the poconos more clouds as well, this is in bernville, you can see why that is, we will see pull up storm scan three clouds are beginning to increase as our next system heads this direction. unfortunately today's weather will not last all that much longer. we have a few showers overnight but bulk of the action still lies off to the west and a series of front that will come through one tomorrow and secondary one on saturday, and both of those will bring threat for showers and thunderstorms and then that will cool down into part of your weekend. temperatures right now 47 degrees in philadelphia it is very warm to the north, allentown and trenton both in the up are 70's. more sunshine up that way. we can see 80's and spots around boston getting in the 80's today. cooler in dover, lancaster south and west of the city as we talked about yesterday where cooler air is. you can see it is cooler behind that front.
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we are looking at 55 in minneapolis. eventually that cooler air will spill in as we head in the weekend. lets talk about rainfall. we have had rain almost every day this month. we missed it on the ninth and in rain today the at least yet there is a chance of a rain before midnight. most will stay dry when scattered showers move in. mid afternoon at 1:00 p.m. showers, rumble of thunder. some steady rain at times and then it starts to move out tomorrow evening. so again expect the steady rain between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., gusty wind, drying out in the evening and then we will tap in the big puddle of cool air. coming up we will talk about the front that comes through saturday and when to expect that rain but overnight mostly cloudy, 59 degrees, tomorrow, showers and thunder with late day clearing and you're witness weather three day forecast, well, look at that cool down. 61 degrees on sunday, much cooler, and like i said we will time it out. >> it will feel cooler. >> yeah. >> thanks, kate, appreciate it. fire department's annual fill the booth campaign
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started to day at engine 53, ladder 27 at fourth and snide inner south philadelphia. more than 2200 members of the fire fighters union local 22 will be asking drivers for donations with boothness hand. drive benefits muscular dystrophy association. last year it raised $155,000. still ahead on "eyewitness news", you think take out a cell phone and photo. >> pretty soon it could be as easy as literal blink of the eye. we will show you those plans, leslie. eagles now have all eight draft picks under contract, the teams future franchise quarterback signed today. we will have the details of
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leslie joins us now, and it is official, you could say. >> yes, we knew it was coming. >> right. >> signed on the dotted line, yes, carson wentz now officially a signed member of the philadelphia eagles. here he is, putting pen to paper today. it is a four year, 27 million-dollar deal, that
5:25 pm
includes a 17 million-dollar plus signing bonus. carson is taken second overall in the draft and expected to backup sam bradford and chase daniel and then eventually take over as franchise quarterback. the eagles have signed all of their draft picks ahead of their three day rookie mini camp which starts tomorrow. lincoln university's new head basketball coach former lasalle star doug overton was introduced as the new coach today. he played 11 seasons in the nba. been an assistant coach in the college and pros. he is up for the challenge. >> i don't feel like this is something i'm not ready for. i have been preparing myself for a long time for this. you know i have always wanted to be a teacher. i graduated from lasalle as an education major and here is my chance to teach at the college level. >> and a big night for the nationals max scherzer, facing his former team making they are pay. he became fifth pitch inner
5:26 pm
major league history to strike out 20 batters in a game. very efficient about those strike outs he threw 119 pitches and only through 23 balls, and that is a game they won three-two. >> so happy for doug. so happy for doug. i followed him from high school, college to the pros. great move. >> yeah, quite a transition there. >> thanks, leslie. still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight, lot more. >> bucks county standing straight in trouble with the law tonight accused of stealing more than hundred thousand dollars, i'm joe holden. he was supposed to be charged this morning. we will tell you yes landed in the er instead. and it may in the get you to your destination quicker but might make you feel better, how to get back at tsa and air ports through thos
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as an educator, it's all about connections. you're not just in the classroom; you're part of the community. you meet these tiny kids every year, and you help them learn and grow. but you also get to know their families, and over the years they become a part of your life, and you become a part of theirs.
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when you build those connections, you can accomplish some pretty amazing things. i'm jackie kruzik and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator.
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criminal charges against a berks county judge whom police say stole more than $100,000, in two, separate thefts. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. police say timothy dougherty stole money from his own court and took fund from the local fire department. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is live in redding with details on this, joe. >> reporter: jessica and ukee, we are live at reading hospital where there is a twist to this story. magistrate tim dougherty was set to be arraigned and we're told it was an emergency before the judge he was facing,'s parentally fell and was brought here to the hospital. just a a short time ago we have check with the hospital. he is still being evaluated and has not been officially charged. from outside it looks like business as usual inside magistrate timothy dougherty west reading courtroom. next step there was no judge. dougherty a veteran district justice was charged thursday morning in connection to more
5:31 pm
than $100,000 in theft. >> those here for cases, sat and sat, most chatted about the allegation. investigators say dougherty stole $97,000 from the wyomissing volunteer fire department and claimed he took another 15,000 from court offices last fall. it is claimed that the judge returned that cash three weeks after agents started asking questions. >> it just makes me, more so, untrust worthy of the people in power, and in this area. >> reporter: why did the magistrate allegedly take the money? in arrest papers it claimed dougherty fessed up, prosecutors wrote dougherty wished he could tell agents that something exciting happened with the money like drugs or prostitutes however he stated it was just life. nobody wanted to talk to us at the fire department, a member said they were trying to lay low. dougherty was a treasurer there it is unclear how $97,000 of missing money wasn't detect. >> it just makes you think
5:32 pm
about who are the good people and people that are so high in the system, they can really take advantage of it. >> reporter: on his way into dougherty's office daniel ross says a justice was a good family man. >> unfortunate about what i heard today, and that it happened. good people make mistakes, and i hope that this can get resolved. >> reporter: and now once released from the hospital dougherty will face a host of charges. now i did speak with the president judge here in berks county. he told me he had not yet read the arrest papers but that dougherty was still on the schedule as a magistrate. we also reached out to the state supreme court, they said that they did not immediately have any information, available to comment, on tim dougherty's status as a judge. reporting live, joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> joe, thanks very much. new castle county police charged karate instructor carlos villa with sexually assaulting two children. detectives say they were contacted after a victim accused villa of touching her
5:33 pm
multiple times between december 2010 and march 2011. during the course of their investigation, detectives say they learn of another incident involving a family member. anyone with any information about this case is asked to call the police. the trial of second baltimore police officer charge in the freddie gray case began today. both sides delivered their opening statements. cbs news correspondent craig boswell tells us what went on inside the the courtroom. >> reporter: police officer edward nero arrived at the courthouse to hear the prosecution layout the case a against him 306789 year-old was charged with assault, misconduct, reckless endangerment in the arrest of freddie gray. prosecutors say nero arrested gray without cause and violated police procedures by placing gray whose hand and feet were shackled inside the police van without a seat belt. defense say nero followed his training and only touched gray once on the ground before he was transported. >> what we are hearing is two different narratives of why freddie gray was taken into custody, arrested, and why he
5:34 pm
was left without seat belts on the police van. >> reporter: there are no jurors involved in this trial, officer nero requested a bench trial which means the judge will decide his guilt or innocence. >> i think you have more interest and excitement among the audience when you have a jury present. >> reporter: gray's death sparked days of protest and riot nothing baltimore, handful of demonstrators were outside the courtroom today. >> we want to see justice for freddie gray and all other victims of police brutality. >> reporter: trial is expected to last about five days. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". investigations are underway into whether police used excessive force, in a violent end to a chase, helicopter video shows officers, repeatedly punching the suspect in new hampshire yesterday. some had their guns drawn. officials say suspect had warrants for assault and battery with the dangerous
5:35 pm
weapon, larceny and failure to stop for police. >> on line auction of the gun, george zimmerman used to kill trayvon martin has been halted, pistol was removed from the gun web site minutes after the auction was set to begin. critics called it an insensitive move by zimmerman to profit from the slayings. the auction listing had said, a portion of the proceeds would go toward what zimmerman calls, violence by the black lives matter movement against law enforcement officers. before the auction was halted, zimmerman spoke by phone with a florida television station. >> going into hiding, not publicizing the sale, not putting this up for auction, isn't going to insulate me from these rag castle. it won't help what i have decided to does not cower, i'm a free american, i am not going to do what i would like with my possessions. >> zimmerman was acquitted in the february 202 shooting
5:36 pm
death. case sparked protest and national debate about race relations. rally outside city hall amid rising tide of gender. affordable communities shared their message outside before meeting with city hall members. they want more resources for the cities housing trust fund, which allows people in evolving neighborhoods to remain in their homes, and provide for repair and disability programs. the city budgets 12 million-dollar annually for the fund. well, promise an unforgettable night where the expense of it all can linger, a long with the memories. >> yes, "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh went to pennsbury high school where students are getting what they need for that special night, for free. >> reporter: when it comes to prom night, pennsbury high school has a bit of a reputation. >> we were ranked like the top school like in america for prom. >> reporter: but price tag can rip wallets apart at the seems.
5:37 pm
>> i have seen people get a 900-dollar dress. >> reporter: that is where pennsbury cinderella closet comes in from shoes, to dresses, even to tuxedos, student can pick out what they need for prom completely free. cinderella's closet started in 2004 this years there is a fairy god mother of sorts. >> so beautiful. >> reporter: pennsbury senior jessica donated all 25 dress that he is she won as part of the the national competition by dress company alyss paris. she had to supply a shortest say. >> my family is going through a lot of stress since my mom has stage two breast cancer. my senior prom tends to be seen as a top priority. >> reporter: she wasn't expecting anything but out of 5,000 submissions across the country, jessica won. >> it has been a rough year for our family. cancer, came into our lives last year and my girl it is her senior year. it is a time that is supposed to be about her and she has made it all about me and i'm just very proud. >> reporter: jessica hand
5:38 pm
picked each dress to go with this year great gatsby prom theme and only request she has. >> i only request that they get them cleaned after their promises on and donate them back. >> reporter: after all, every student should be able to go to their prom, not everybody has a fairy tail life but for one night, if they can have, you know, a fairy tail evening. >> reporter: one they hope more students will be able to experience because of generosity like this. in fair less hills, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". just beautiful. still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight, imagine being told you have just months to live. >> for one man he decided it would the not be a death sentence. >> i get to spend one more day with my children. >> i get to spend one more day with my family. >> how a had added precious time to his life. stephanie stahl has that story coming up. from wearable medical treatments to a wearable camera, in your eye, some crazy technology, when we come right back, kate? well, mother nature threw
5:39 pm
us a bone to take but the nice weather cannot last too much longer. we are tracking rain and thunderstorms for your friday and possibly for part of the weekend as well. we will time it all out when
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e.t. phone home. when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1.
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well, the last thing you want to do when heading on vacation is wait in long lines at the airport. >> in fun. if you do you have some resource. you can vent on social media. and airline industry group wants to you take pictures and lock security lines and post them on social media with the #i hade the wait. campaign hopes to push tsa into hiring more staff, while also giving other travelers a head up on the long wait times. we will see if that can work. >> put the pressure on. >> noble effort. >> sony wants you to be able to take a picture and literal blink of an eye.
5:43 pm
>> the company is looking into creating a contact lens that doubles as a digital camera. you would be able to take pictures or video just by blinking. samsung and google are also working on similar technology. one of those designs featuring a blood sugar monitor, sci-fi coming to life. >> that is crazy. >> coming to life. >> why the blood sugar monitor with the camera. >> i just took a picture. >> beautiful. >> keep it. >> have it for years to come. >> coming up caitlin jenner reports to a report that she may want t
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5:46 pm
independent mall it ace declaration of, beach independence. >> all right. >> well, what are you doing there. fifty-six local dj's signed a makeshift declaration of independent. there was free hip-hop with theme of the american revolution and the event served as a way to highlight upcoming rapacan which is a touring display that kicks off nationwide in philadelphia may 29th. >> this sound like a historic town. when did fore fathers get together and do something historic. i said declaration of
5:47 pm
independent. why don't we do declaration of dj independence. get all of the guys together, show fellowship, community, and family, and through go. >> through go. it will be an all day affair with performances, seminars, exhibitions, competition and costumed hip-hop tribute. something for everyone. >> all right. >> yes. >> doing his thing. >> okay, kate bilo, put a rap on the weather. >> well, you know, we will be dodging some drops the next couple of days. >> dodging some drops. >> put that in a song. >> i can rap that. no, i could not. >> yes, you could. >> we have been dodging drops every day for past two weeks. we have got a break in the action. it was a beautiful day. temperatures in the upper 70 ace. finally some sunshine but unfortunately, it is coming to an end, already. we could not get a nice stretch, just one day, hopefully enough to tides over for a little while. lets look at outside right now we will go live to what is happening in center city
5:48 pm
philadelphia. blue skies right now, beautiful evening. out and about this evening enjoy every second of it. we will not have anytime over next few days to get outside. majority of the weekend does look dry but i have to keep an eye on the sky, if you have not already down loaded our cbs philly app, you can do that and get radar on the phone. it is something you want to watch for out and about this weekend. the showers and storms this weekend will be popping up. they can pop up, quickly and take you by surprise. lets start off with what is happening right now on storm scan three, not a whole lot. some clouds are starting to filter back from the west. we are seeing some showers developing over portions of central pennsylvania right here, and these are really starting to fizzle a little, we could see a shower overnight. strongest batch is off to the north and east but behind that two front will impact us tomorrow and then gannon saturday. the first one right about here, secondary boundary moving up through northern plains right now and eventually will get here. so 07's will be a thing of the past come sunday. right now feels great. seventy-eight in trenton.
5:49 pm
seventy-four in philadelphia 73 in millville. it is 72 right now in wilmington. you can see cooler air lurking to the north and west though just 55 degrees in minneapolis. that colder air will start filtering in for part two of the weekend. the let's time it all out here. wake up tomorrow morning, cloud, a stray shower, the steady rain tomorrow is from about 11:00 to 4:00. here we go. this is mainly pockets of heavy rain a few rumbles of thunder not expecting severe weather whether this but rain came down heavily and we can see gusty wind as well. that will clear out tomorrow evening. out and about in the city tomorrow evening after 7:00 o'clock we are free and clear. not bad out and about. that is good news. first half of saturday looks great. we will go until noon and notice in rain here. that means people will get outside. i heard a lot of people have weddings, little league games, things like that people wanting to outside for a bike ride. you have to keep an eye on the sky. watch what happens here by saturday afternoon by 2:00 o'clock showers and storms come through and they
5:50 pm
could pack a punch. they are out by eight or 9:00. sunday is generally dry with instability shower possible but it is much cooler. tomorrow showers clearing in the evening, and saturday a sunny start and then afternoon thunderstorms. sunday it is much cooler with gusty wind. we have a marginal risk for severe weather on saturday. out and about, please make sure you have to an indoor location you can move to saturday afternoon if these storms pop up. to our showers, late day and evening showers, and clearing, look at sunday, much colder. sixty-one. feeling like 509's with the wind. monies chilly as well. then showers return through the middle of next week. now back to you at the desk kate, thank you. on the healthwatch new hope for patient was a deadly kind of brain cancer. it is a treatment that uses electrodes that attached to the patient's head. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here to explain who this strange looking therapy, who and how it is helping. >> reporter: it is strange looking but it is big. we have told but glio blast tome, most people diagnosed with this kind of brain cancer
5:51 pm
don't live very long. well this survival rates have been improving now, with this new electrode treatment. >> how have you been. >> wonderful. >> reporter: for rick, and his family every day is a blessing. he was diagnosed with glioblastoma an aggressive usually deadly form of brain cancer. mri revealed a baseball sized tumor. doctors tried to remove it but were only able to get about 60 . >> they could not take the rest of it because it was wrapped around i guess crucial part of the brain. >> reporter: rick was told he had two to 15 months to live. >> it is devastating. you don't think of yourself at that point. you think of your kid. >> reporter: he decided to try a new treatment called optune that works with wave like electric fields. device powered by batteries in a backpack and uses 36 ceramic electrodes attached to the patient's head. they generate electrical impulses designed to kill dividing cancer cells in the
5:52 pm
the brain without harming healthy cells. >> you can have potential for cell to be realizing it is too much damage and then they become dead. >> reporter: treatment seems to be working. >> overall everything looks fantastic. >> reporter: scans show rick's tumor is still there but isn't growing. >> it means i get to spend one more day with my children. i get to spend one more time with my family. >> how about that. the electrical field therapy used after patients is used after patients have had surgery and radiation. one study shows that when used with chemotherapy survival rates were extended for about five months which may not sound like a lot but as you heard rick just say, every day it is a precious day that he gets to spend with his kids. >> that is fantastic. >> yes. >> that makes all the difference. >> yes, thanks stephanie. still ahead on "eyewitness news", everyone still talking about this legendary car pool
5:53 pm
karaoke. >> ♪ >> hear how george clooney and julia roberts feel about going viral as they get ready for the release of their new movie together. we will be right back.
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representatives for caitlin jenner are denying a report she wants to transition back to a man. the report was first made public by kardashian family biographer, that biographer said jenner was experiencing regret over transitioning from male to female. jenner who is 66 has been a high profile advocate for transgender issues since announcing her new identity last june. george clooney and julia roberts are back together and not to deliver another car pool karaoke though because
5:57 pm
that was hilarious. >> i love the two of them together. >> they are talking about their latest production and insider's debbie joins us from hollywood with more on that, debbie. >> ukee and jessica, it was a riveria reunion when kelce knight sat down with the money exton ter co-star in cannes to talk all about that viral sing along. >> you guys have a lot of talent, excellent singers. >> we don't like to brag. >> ♪ >> realization that i had watching you guys do karaoke all these yeast later, i always thought she is acting in her character there. >> it is just julia. >> did you it in the back seat too. >> that is my natural. >> groove. >> groove. >> she has a funk. >> how do you feel about now being viral. >> i have taken a couple of aspirin, i'm feeling bettery was viral in the 80's, but
5:58 pm
that has cleaned up that cleared right up. >> do you have go to karaoke songs. >> you got to have faith, faith, faith. >> wow, hold on. >> are you guys okay, there, everybody all right. i have never in my life, sung karaoke. i had very famous aunt who is a very, very good singer. >> ♪ >> reporter: karaoke doesn't mean you can sing. >> oh, no i know that. >> we will have so much more tonight on the insider, ukee and jessica, back to you in the studio. >> all right get your entertainment news on the insider weeknights at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 61:00 year later rewe remember the amtrak tragedy. survivors share their stories and frustrations over unanswered questions surrounding the cause of that crash. and, investigations, complete. the department of justice decides the fate of the four wilmington officers involved in the deadly shooting, of a
5:59 pm
wheelchair bound wilmington man last year. political fest is coming here to philadelphia, it is a democratic convention as unconventional count are part but will it have to compete with the dark side of the political enthusiasm, we spoke with officials. and we had a beautiful daze today but all good things must this must come to an even. we are tracking showers and thunderstorms returning to the area. i'll show you when they get here and when best time they will be coming upright now at 6:00. fifteen month-old granddaughter, i cannot even pick her up and hold her. i can't play with her. >> one year later emotion still fresh. survivors, tell the horrifying tails of the moment amtrak train 188, leaped the tracks and life changing year, that
6:00 pm
followed. this is a vigil to honor those and lost their lives is set to get underway in an hour. i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. we have team coverage for you including those stories of survival. we will start with "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt live at the crash site in port richmond, david? >> reporter: well, guess kate happened about 9:30 at night on may 12th, 2015, tonight behind me, just a few hundred feet behind me specifically, about few hundred people will gather to remember those injured and the eight people who lost their lives on amtrak train 188. amtrak train 188 was on its way from 30th street station to manhattan, just before 9:30, may 12th, 2015, when several cars derailed in port richmond. eight people died. over 200 injured. the scene, chaotic. as crews rushed into aid the wounded. former congressman patrick murphy was inside the cafe star and snapped these pictures on their phone. recorder data


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