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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  May 13, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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test. a family tied up and terrorized. new this morning, a home invasion robbery rattling a white neighborhood overnight. the clues investigators are working with right now to try and identify the suspect. developing now, a forest fire burning in bass river, burlington county. chopper three over the flames late last nightment why authorities think they'll soon get the upper hands. >> and new developments overnight in the george zimmerman gun sale. where zimmerman says he want to donate part of the proceeds, plus we'll tell you whether the option will actually ever happen. >> tgif everyone, today is friday, may 13, oh, friday the 13th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> it will be a good day, i
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promise you, i'm brooke thomas. meisha is here with your traffic, katie is here with your weather. >> so far no accidents to report. we have a fire out i'll have all of the details coming up. >> thankfully all things dry. wasn't it a nice afternoon yesterday? >> o beautiful. >> so pleasant. >> thank you, katie. >> sorry, can't get used to it, take a look, storm scan3, things still very quiet. i zoom out one time you will see the next cold front starting to cross through. we have been talking about this, we knew it was on the way, at at this point expecting some showers, few rumbled of shower, window of dry opportunity, starting to dwindle. the general gist today, mainly showers, few embedded thunderstorms, not expecting severe weather but could be some gusty winds, the best chance for the maniac tiff at this would be about lunchtime. up until, say, mid-way through the typical afternoon, early evening drive. now, later this evening it, will start to dry out completely, but that is what is on the docket for now.
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61 degrees current temperature at the airport, mild and somewhat muggy start actually, as you walk out the door this morning, mildest spot actually allentown, you have been over achieving by comparison to the rest of the region for the last few days, higher temperatures than most of us, at least in philadelphia we expect the temperatures to still rebounds to the mid # zero's today, scattered showers, again thunderstorm, on tap, for us, mainly through midday, so the umbrella, meisha, at this point, going to have to dust it off again looks like. >> absolutely, you're right, katie, i saw mugginess, my heart started like this, now it is like this. oh, thanks, katie, good morning, everyone, happy friday, it is friday, we're in a good mood. looking at the vine, between schuylkill and the broad, westbound direct, eastbound direction, still closed. i'll let you know as soon as that does open. make note of that pushing toward the 5:00 usually when it lift, vine, sorry, all closed. suing at the blue route, right lane compromised, won't somehow do, material i for
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that specially on a friday. ninety-five north between the vine and girard, that right lane compromised because of more construction again just material toy have any volume out there. still looking okay. the only thing i will say when it is dark like this, they don't have their lights flashing sometimes you just want to make note of where the areas are because of how dark it is, construction here broad street northbound repaving between patterson avenue, all lanes blocked right now, i'll let you know as soon as this area lifts. >> thanks, meisha a new this morning, family of three terrorized overnight inside their northeast philly home. >> they were tied up, during a home invasion. frightening home invasion. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live at the scene, in somerton, to tell us more, jan? >> reporter: well, brooke, jim, good morning, i actually just spoke to the family who just returned here to their home in somerton after speaking with police, they say they heard one of the suspect say we have the wrong house. so they believe this is a case of mistaken identity this morning. they have lived on this block for just about 40 years, they
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say they have a home alarm, but didn't feel the need to turn it on because there are a lot of cops that live on the street, and they were surprised and very shaken up. police say typically one. quiet he is neighborhoods in the entire city so home invasion and robbery here is very much unusual. now, this family involved includes a couple in their six's, their 37 year olson, they all came away without any injuries, fortunately, but as i mention of course very frightening night for them. police say they were tied up and robbed by three mask men. now, all of this, unfolded here on the 14,000 block of if he made street in somerton after 1:00 a.m. the family asleep in their second floor bedrooms when the three mask men broke in through back sliding door at least one of those suspect they say had a gun. now, the men woke up the entire family. police say immediately started asking where the money was. and investigators say the group ransacked this home, looking for that cash. and ended up getting away with a undisclosed amount of money from the 37 year old's wallet.
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now, once the mask men left it took this family about 30 minutes to get free. they called police, the 60 year old's were bound with zip ties, the 37 year old had his hands tide behind his back with a shirt. take a listen. >> we don't know why this particular house was targeted. this is a normally a really quiet neighborhood, there is very, very few calls for service in this area of the seventh district, actually one of the quiet he is neighborhoods in the city. the electronic devices they had, computers, flat screen tv's, are still in the house. so we believe that these perpetrators looking for cash. >> now we know that the family has returned home after speaking with police and say they believe this is a case of mistaken identity that the suspect said they had the wrong house. now, police have been able to find just about a half block away a church with some surveillance cameras, northeast detective now
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working to see if that captured any good video. this family thankfully uninjured this morning, but very shaken up. just as soon as we get more information for you, jim, brooke, we will bring it right to you. live in somerton, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", back to you. >> thank you very much, jan. police are investigating a accident on roosevelt boulevard in feltonville that claimed the life of a pedestrian. a 22 year old man was killed about 11:30 last night at the intersection of the boulevard and c street. the driver of the hyundai sonata, also 22 years old, stayed at the scene. eyewitnesses say that driver appeared to have the right of way. >> developing right now, firefighters say they are making good progress on forest fire burning in bass river, burlington county. about 50 firefighters working through the flames in a remote area. more than 400 ache remembers involved at one point, but no structures have been affected. officials say cooler temperatures and less winds are helping their progress.
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meanwhile, firefighters battle a huge garage fire in clifton height, delaware county for more than an hour, this is cell phone video of the smoke and flames on the 400 block of springfield road. just before 7:00 last night. now, no one was hurt, but several vehicles were damaged. the cause of the fire is under investigation. today we are expecting to learn more about new technology to prevent crashes on amtrak and septa trains. senator bob casey will hold news conference on the ever to make the rapes safer one day after the one year anniversary of the deadly amtrak tragedy. >> thursday night, hundreds cents gathered for a vigil at last year's crash site in port richmond. train 188 was traveling from philadelphia to new york when several cars derailed. eight people died, 200 were hurt, richard fenimore and his wife cynthia lost their daughter laura. they walked quietly to place a wreath in her memory. >> my wife is like delighted
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that this is being done. she feels lost terribly and when something like this happens, it makes it better for a little while. >> the trains engineer brandon bostian has not said anything publicly since the crash. data indicates the train was speeding at more than twice the post dollars speed limit in the area. the ntsb is expected to release a report next tuesday. >> former pro wrestler jimmy super fly snooka face as judge in allentown today in a hearing to determine whether the 72 year old is mentally competent to stand trial. snuka facing charges including third degree murder in the 1983 death of his girlfriend. his lawyer says snuka has early onset dementia, post concussion syndrome, does not understanded the charges. snuka previously pleaded not guilty. >> near miss for police officer in lynnewood atlantic county.
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>> this is video from the officer's body camera, while stopping to help disable car, a car traveling north took off the door of his police cruiser as you can see, it nearly struck the officer, driver kept going. police are searching for silver or gray nissan altima or similar type of vehicle. >> well, bill clinton campaigns for his wife hillary today in north jersey ahead of their june 7th primary. bernie sanders will host rally in fargo, north dakota presumptive gop donald trump is vowing to work together with republican leaders following their meeting in washington yesterday. trump is distancing himself from his former butler, anthony, the secret service looking into him after he made threatening comment about president obama on line. >> meanwhile, george zimmerman's effort to auction the gun he used to kill trayvon martin may have been blocked. one website removed his listing for the weapon yesterday, even before bidding began. and another website is deciding it it will go
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forward. the starting bid for the gun was $5,000. zimmerman says some of the proceeds will be used to fight violence against law enforcement officers. zimmerman was acquitted in killing the unarmed teenager in 2012. >> a controversial new play in philadelphia explores trayvon martin's final moments. >> it opened last night at the new freedom theater in north philadelphia. >> is the ballad of trayvon martin. >> the balance odd of trayvon mart sane poetic, intertwines the death in the segregated 19 50's in the south, and martin's death decades later. powerful play brought by life by young philadelphia actors. >> he is my age, he is 17, he was 17, he talked to girls, played football, does everything a teen does. so it is easy to feel his role, but very challenge to go have all of that pressure of being trayvon martin. >> you can see the balance odd of trayvon martin at the new freedom theater through may
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22. >> and we're just few hours away from the start of the largest collegiate regatta in the u.s. >> the annual dad vail get started this morning, from more than 100 colleges and university, will be on the schuylkill for races today and tomorrow. olympic course runs on boathouse row. we'll be checking in with our pat gallen along the schuylkill river in about 20 minutes. >> weighing in on bathroom laws. >> the letter being sent to public school district nationwide today. plus this. >> dramatic rescues captured on camera. see more of the video that is getting three dispute ace lot of praise this morning. we will be right back.
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back now with heroic efforts by police officers in a dramatic rescue caught on tape. >> they risk their own lives to pull driver out after burning car.
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>> a black mercedes had crashed into a brick wall and caught fire. 3la county sheriff deputies and neighbor were surrounded by smoke when they saved the unconscious driver. man and passengers who get out on his own are recovering at the hospital. >> obama administration will sendler to public school district today recommending transgender student be allowed to use the barn of their choice. the new york times reports the guidance comes a mid the ongoing battle between the justice department and north carolina. that state recently enacted law limiting the use of public rest rooms to the gender on a person's birth certificate. >> you may be prime minister justin trued owe visits for fort mcmurray today to visit all of the devestation left behind by wild fires, smoke so thick, it is visible from outer space. 88,000 people fled the flames. her ' -- they're not able to return just yet either. the risk of flare ups is too high. well, the time now 4:44.
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meisha watching the roads. >> good morning, tgif. i will say they are looking pretty darn good. some fire out there and construction, i'll get to in a moment. >> eventually more wet weather on wait for later on the way. p.m. drive could be impacted. morning drive not so much. you don't have to worry too much about that having impact here, but we are track too long separate fronts in the next two days, guys. let's take it right outside. show you what's going on out there. first front scheduled to arrive generally mid to late afternoon today then the next one you can actually see pushing through the dakotas, that will be speedy little guy. get hereby tomorrow already. so this sort of gives you snapshot a look of the greater region here, looking all the way out to the northern high planes. these are really the only systems out there. but both of them have impact on that, again, within the next 48 hours. the storms of today, in terms of anything locally strong, pretty far removed from our area, would you have to go all the way into southeastern virginia, portions of north carolina, how much, i do think you'll see like couple of rumbles of thunder moving
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through the area today. everyone in the general risk for couple of thunderstorms. now, that's not to say that if you hear under this that you shouldn't head inside. it doesn't look like any storms will turn locally strong or severe. meanwhile might start out with some fog, especially patchy granted but out there could hamper your visibility. otherwise it is midday specially that we see any showers and thunderstorm rumble through toward evening, as well. but then we do start to gradually clear late this evening, dropping down to 57 degrees. meanwhile, looking ahead to tomorrow, it starts off innocently enough with sunshine, clouds quickly rebuilds, as the next cold front crosses through some storms could be strong this time. that's tomorrow. by sunday, temperatures get knocked back, that's what cold fronts do. meisha, so back to the low 60s, chilly. >> yes, especially low 60s, all right, katie, thanks so much for. that will good morning, everyone, happy friday. ninety-five north, between the vine and girard, right lane was closed for quite some time. now looks like it has reopened. good news, some of the construction moving out of the
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way, one area still out there still, blocking right lane at the schuylkill, flashing lights are going off, it is still dark out there, note crews are moving around, maneuvering about, vine was closed between the schuylkill and broad, that's now opened, westbound, and eastbound. the ramp from eastbound schuylkill to eastbound vine is still blocked. however, just make note of. that will then we do have this fire situation, underground transformer fire, fire crews are looking for carbon monoxide exposure, make note, norristown, main street closed between barbados street and markley street. you will have to use alternate. airy street probably your best bet. just make note that i will have the updates as we progress through the morning, i'll let you know as soon as it gets cleared or under wraps. ninety-five south between route 202 and delaware avenue, two rate lanes are block, until right around 5:00 a.m. so sometime soon. lots, another one, 59 south between delaware service area and route 896, three lanes block until 7:00 a.m. jim, over to you. >> thank you, still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, changes in the
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chocolate aisle. >> classic candy getting a new twist. we'll be right >> the old way of dealing with teen drop-out rates was truant officers. this is the united way. right here in our community, united way is changing the way, from quick fixes to real lasting change. that's what matters. that's united way. to find out how you can help, visit...
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judge the new york stock exchange, jill, good news for people who plan summer vacation? >> yes, airport security lines, finally, could be getting little shorter, the tsa is hiring, congress, through the agency's request to shift around $34 million between accounts that will let the agency hire more than 700 screeners, also pay more overtime, could help reduce some of the summer staffing issues we've been hearing about, brooke, jim. >> yell, jill, i'll believe it when i see it. mcdonald's i understands some changes going on there, as well? >> mcdonald testing hamburgers made from fresh beef, not frozen, 14 restaurants in dallas, part of their massive turn around plan mcdonald said
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it would focus on simple fresh ingredient, rivals shake shack, in and out, only use fresh beef. so no word if it will be a national roll-out, but his is something that they're trying. >> fresh is always better than frozen, i mean, you always want fresher food. >> i'll eat both for the record, but -- >> thanks so much, jill, check in with you a little later on. >> how do you make a reese's cup better. >> how do you do that? >> put reeses pieces inside. >> oh, my. >> listen, we need to take this show on the road. social media is going crazy after reese's introduced marketing with the hashtag: cup fusion. the company is confirming this is real jim donovan and the new smacks will be available in stores nationwide this july. we will be in line overnight, just one of the things weird things i'll get him into. >> i'll buy it to you. anyway, coming up after the break, another cck on weather and traffic. >> talking showers and storms with katie. she'll time it out for us when
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>> looking ahead, trigger more showers, more thunderstorms, over the course of that time, we want to time everything out for you. when things will sort every just get underway here, at the moment, it is pretty quiet, calm and collected, generally clear skies, few clouds starting to thicken, specially, why you can see the cold front, the first of two, moving our way, bringing with it pockets of heavy rain, at the moment, not seeing any lightning reported, but i won't be shock to see few thunderstorms embedded within this, now, let's look at future wet here he we jump into the earl avenue noon, generally looks like window of say 12:00 to 5:00 p.m. or so the maniac tiff at this will take place. no major severe weather
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threats, certainly pocket every steady rain. we start off innocently enough tomorrow with some sunshine, but then, a ten, another cold front, see sweeping through right there, that will, again, bring us some soars and thunderstorms, those actually could turn strong. looking at the rain chances, though, you know, basically looking at that threat today, tomorrow, sunday, it should basically be winding down, we are going to have to deal with gusty breeze we think sunday, then looking, beyond that point, nice little rebound, cold fronts definitely do their parts to knock the temperatures back. see the sun return, first day back to work not looking bad. little cool. you do want a shower, not bad trade off, right? >> he can actually, we can take it, as long as the sun is out we can take anything. good morning, happy friday. we made it, the schuylkill eastbound at the blue route, construction there blocking the right lane, that's just been cleared. the good news is the construction moving out of the way fairly quickly. vine between the schuylkill and broad, ramp from eastbound schuylkill to the eastbound
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vine block not even minute ago, just cleared out of the way, as well. ninety-five south at cottman, what you are looking at, still very early, looking good here, just couple of early risers overall things looking real nice and quiet as we would expect, tends to be one of the lighter travel days. take a look, dad vail regatta today and tomorrow, kelly drive closed until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. this event going on, make note of. >> this also fire situation in norristown, i'm have that coming up in about ten minute, jim, over to you. >> coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", live with last minute preparations for this morning's dad vail regatta. >> plus remarkable rescue. show you how pastor and farmer say this girl after she was kidnapped from school. >> and the pennsylvania teen kicked out of her prom for wearing assault. how she will get the hollywood treatmentment back at the top of the hour. stay with us.
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>> frightening wake-up call, a family tied up, terrorized by mask intruders, the specific item the thieves were looking in other words they ransacked the home. >> also, say good-bye to the sun and grab your umbrella, because the weekend is getting off to a wet start. >> sorry. katie will let you know which weekend day looks better if you have any weekend plans. >> dad vail regatta. pat gallen goes with a ride with the champions to see the secret to their success on the schuylkill. today is friday, may 13, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. katie and meisha are keeping an eye on things this morning. >> good morning, yes, so far
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it is looking dry, construction moving out of the way. we do have fire in norristown i will tell you about coming up. >> yes, you guys said it, more rain on the way for us here, so depending on which race you're in, at which time, you may actually evening out dry race on the schuylkill today, at the rag got, a but yes, there is, regardless, some rain on bt way. show you what's happening, we start it off with a look at storm scan3, more localized zoom, which at the moment looks pretty quiet. you know, if any races were starting right now you would be free, clear, maybe one of those early morning joggers, hitting the rocky steps, looking good right now. you will notice just little muggy outside however. that will will linger simply because we're sitting in the warm sector after storm right now. that will keep things nice and basically atmosphere just moistening itself up here. then when the showers and storms arrive could produce steady downpours, no severe threats today. 06 degrees at the airport, not bad, mild start. fifty-six atlantic sit as the day progresses we expect the temperatures to rebounds once more to the mid 70s, even despite the building clouds and scaed


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