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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 13, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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construction moving out of the way. we do have fire in norristown i will tell you about coming up. >> yes, you guys said it, more rain on the way for us here, so depending on which race you're in, at which time, you may actually evening out dry race on the schuylkill today, at the rag got, a but yes, there is, regardless, some rain on bt way. show you what's happening, we start it off with a look at storm scan3, more localized zoom, which at the moment looks pretty quiet. you know, if any races were starting right now you would be free, clear, maybe one of those early morning joggers, hitting the rocky steps, looking good right now. you will notice just little muggy outside however. that will will linger simply because we're sitting in the warm sector after storm right now. that will keep things nice and basically atmosphere just moistening itself up here. then when the showers and storms arrive could produce steady downpours, no severe threats today. 06 degrees at the airport, not bad, mild start. fifty-six atlantic sit as the day progresses we expect the temperatures to rebounds once more to the mid 70s, even despite the building clouds and scattered showers and
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thunderstorms that will be out there. here is the good news, again, no severe threat today. but we will regardless have to dodge the wet weather. just not as pretty as yesterday was what a gem of a day, week lend progress, get better. cooler, too, but notice more storms on tap for us here tomorrow. 74 degrees, next cold front crosses through, we time those out for you, coming up a bit later in the show, meisha? >> i can't complain about the rain katie just because it is friday, on friday, just can't complain. forty-two northbound at creek road, first peak outside looking good. love there is still light, we can expect that, in fact, on a friday we can expect that even pushing in to the 6:00 hour. that's the nice ninja friday. so overall in new jersey looking great. ben franklin bridge, looking quiet. moving in the westbound direction toward center city beautiful shot there. we know the rain will come in later but right now enjoy the dry roadways. construction crews are here, just about finishing up i would anticipate, between the
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girard, sometime very soon, that right lane right now however is still block, but just make note that they are picking that up right now. kelly drive closed between fountain green drive and strawberry mansion for the dad vail regatta, closed until 6:00 p.m. on saturday. so for those every in you and around that area traveling to the event make note of those closures, and i'll be tweet that out. fire situation here norristown main street closed between barbados street and markley street. you will have to use alternate right now, area street your best bet. un ground transformer fire, crews looking for carbon monoxide. make note, i'll let you know as soon as that clearsment back to you. >> family of three is recovering this morning after a home invasion in northeast philadelphia. tied up, home ransack overnight, "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live in the somerton section with the latest on the search for the suspect, jan? jim, brooke, good morning, i just spoke to this family now returned home after speaking with police, they tell me, they heard one every these suspect say we have the wrong house, they believe it is a
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frightening case every mistaken identity. this family has lived on this block here in fairday street for nearly 40 years, they say police live on this block too, and didn't feel the need to put their alarm on at night and now that's changed. >> frightening night for family of three. tied up, robbed, inside their own home in the somerton section of northeast philadelphia. really quiet neighborhood, there is very, very few calls for service in this area of the seventh district, actually one of the quiet he is neighborhoods in the sit. >> i application say the chaos errupted here the 14,000 block of fairday street just after 1:00 a.m. friday. cup nel their 60s and their 37 year old son were all asleep in second floor bedrooms when suddenly three mask men broke in through a back door and started making demands. >> they began ordering family members to they will them
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where the money is, where is the money? family was saying they don't have any money in the house. police say one the suspect holding a gun, they zip tied the couple and restrained the 37 year old's hands behind his back with a shirt and investigators say the men then ransack the house. devices they had, computers, flat screens, tv's, still in the house, so we believe that these perpetrators were looking for cash once suspect left it, took the family about 30 minutes to break free, no one was injured, but the men did get away with undisclosed amount of money. >> why this house was targeted is unknown, because according to the family they did not have a lot of cash in the house. >> police say the cash was found in a 37 year old son's wallet. again, undisclosed amount, right now, northeast detective is investigating, they have located a church just about half block away with surveillance cameras, hoping video can help lead them in
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the right direction in this case. of course, anyone with information, is asked to call police. but thankfully, jim and brooke this morning, this family is uninjured. just very shaken up. back into you. >> person struck and killed along a car, happened 11:30 near c street. the driver of the hyundai sonata did stop and is cooperating with police, police are interviewing possible eyewitnesses right now. >> new video just in from norristown, where meisha mentioned earlier, firefighter has been taken to the hospital after he gets sick while checking out underground transformer fire. fire started main street around 3:30 this morning, checking nearby business toss see if there are dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. we are working to find out what made that firefighter sick. right now main street close in the norristown. >> cooler temperatures less winds are helping firefighters battle a forest fire in burlington county. just look at. that will chopper three over bass river last night where
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fire involved about 400 acres. no structures have been affected, about 50 firefighters working through the night. they say they are making good progress getting a handle on the flames. >> meeting today will discuss new technology in place to make trains safer and prevent crashes like the amtrak tragedy one year ago that claimed the lives of eight people in philadelphia. hipping cents -- hundreds gathered, trained 188 was traveling from philadelphia to new york when several cars derailed. first responders and those who witnessed the crash came out to pay their respects. then, family members of loved ones placed wreaths in their memories. richard fenimore lost her daughter laura in the crash. >> she was a wonderful daughter. she was just a delight. >> we in philadelphia police, fire, ems cents many other, got to mother you what was likely the worse night of your
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lives. >> the train's engineer brass done bostian has saiding in, saying the train traveling twice the post dollars speed limit in the area. ntsb expected to release a report next tuesday. >> campaign 2016 donald trump has a productive meeting with republican leaderment the presumptive republican nominee, and how speaker paul ryan, pledge to work together yesterday for the sake of the party. beat the democrats in november. trump tweeted he had a great day in d.c., and things are working out real well. but, ryan says, he is still not ready to endorse trump. >> i don't want us to take a process here, i want to make sure we truly understanded each other and that we are committed to the conservative prince that built this country again i am very encouraged. >> ryan and trump have significant policy differences. rhino posts trump's call to temporarily ban muslim immigration, and to leave
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medicare and social security intact. >> meanwhile, former president bill clinton is in new jersey today. campaigning for his wife hillary. he will stop at two colleges, but passaic county community college in patterson and the college of new jersey in ewing. clinton will layout the democratic frontrunner plan to raise wages, they head to cast their ballot june 7th. >> clinton's royal bernie sanders is campaigning in north dakota today. although he is behind in delegate count, sanders says he's hoping for democratic commission. took some time yesterday to tour mount rushmore. south dakota primary voting takes place june 7th, along with new jersey. well, it is a big weaken here in philly with lot of visitors in town. >> the 78th annual dad vail rec glad a kicks off in less than two hours, pat gallen along with the largest collegiate row event in the u.s. pat, so cool.
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>> large ers rowing vent in the entire country, there will be fun here on the banks of the schuylkill in just couple of hours, for right now though very quiet, very calm, very tranquil, see the tent set up here, little tent town that they've got going on, over 100 schools will be here, many local schools, as well, will be taking part in the festive tis, drexel is actually the raining champion of the event, the university of massachusetts won the women's tight until 2015. so look to go come down here today pack the rain gear, it are rain, but good news it is free, it is fun if this is your sort every thing you know you will be here. so it is obviously great event. over 100 colleges will be here, we saw couple of tents down here from fordham university all sort of schools, st. joe's in this, drexel the rain champion, university of massachusetts, teams from across the entire country will be here. so it will be wet but it will
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be a wild day. sort of like here in philadelphia, like right of passage, you know, couple of months ago for the first time i got to step into the palestra on the university of pennsylvania campus. first time had ever done it. i have never been to the dad vail regatta, but that sort of thing as a philadelphian, even from out of town, you have got to come in, got to see this thing, two day event begins at 7:00 a.m. runs until a . same thing saturday as well. so if you are in town and can brave the weather come on down. coming up at 5:40 this morning, i got a chance to hang out with the drexel team. they actually let me on a boat, jumped on and went along the schuylkill river. it was fun. you have to check it out coming up at 5:40, jim, brooke, back into you. >> he's in training. >> i can't wait to see. >> this we'll check in shortly. >> how about an unexpected delay at a baseball game? see the adorable intrude here briefly stopped play.
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plus: >> close call on the road when new jersey police officer nearly run over by a car. we have the lucky break that held him avoid getting hit. >> also, family's prayers are answered this morning, thanks to some unlikely heroes. how a pastor and former saved this girl after she was kidnapped from her school. >> and don't leave your home without your umbrella today. katie times out the next round of rain headed our way. stay with us.
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>> we all know being a police officer is dangerous job. now, an officer's body camera in lynnewood, atlantic county is really proving that point. >> well, weaver video of that officer almost being hit by a car. take a look. >> while stopping to help a disable motor vehicle, another car traveling north took off the door of the police cruiser just missing the officer. police are searching for silver or gray nissan altima or similar type of vehicle, if you have any information, contact lynnewood police.
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>> now a look at newspaper headlines from across the region. >> front page of the delaware county time, mother and daughter accused from stealing from the volunteer fire company are facing trial, former fire company president lit bet, and her daughter lauren, accused of writing checks themselves to the tune of $50,000. the department's fire chief gary bryce has also been charged. >> from the front page of the intelligence ers, the cost to renovate quakertown high school is going up. change orders are adding nearly $1 million to the $72 million price tag. >> from the burlington county times $3 million in funding has been approved in mt. holly to make improvement and add recreational facilities at mill damn park and to replace buttonwood damn. the damn was significantly damaged during a storm in 2014. >> that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> so i did bring my umbrella i bring it every day now, like a walking stick, yes. >> yes, i mean, so true, there have been so many days, guys,
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measured at least a trace of rain, at this point, you know, it is almost like it is just the new norm. but dow promise you some quiet weather down the road, although the next two days, not necessarily quiet, but not talking wash-out status either. we'll take you outside, show you what's happening with the atmosphere, start off with a pretty shot. at the moment more sun than anything, beginning to pop over the horizon, outside middle township high school taken from the live neighborhood network, some very, very minor visibility problems, one spot of this slew of observation, finding at least poorer visibility is out in the dover area, most everywhere else, it is not too bad. but it is something i do want to just caution you of. meanwhile storm scan shows the first of two front moving our way already, it is going to feel little mug when you walk out the door but we will see the rain hold off at least for next few hours, then the next cold front comes along tomorrow. first front, likely no severe werth, second front could see stronger storms, so we jump you ahead, by 7:00 a.m. at that point may be a shower around, so that's of course when the dad vague regatta
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kicks off. looks like the bulk of wet weather comes together mid to late afternoon it, to 5:00 p.m. or so. then in time for the phillies game looks like things should be clearing out over philadelphia count any general. we start off quietly enough tomorrow. obviously something waiting in the wings, that's front number two, this one could bring some stronger thunderstorms with it, mainly in the afternoon and might even be heavier line picks up across new jersey tomorrow evening. take a look at the phillies forecast, reds in town, 67 degrees, skies are gradually clearing by this point, might be little damp. might want to think about taking paper towel to wipe your seat down perhaps from the showers from earlier, but it does look like things are dry out in time. check out the seven day forecast, though, mid 70s, continue tomorrow. we start off with sun, afternoon thunderstorms roll on in, then by sunday the cold front takes their tolls. temperatures take pretty decent nosedive here, meisha? >> i'm just going to have tunnel vision that it is friday. that's all i am going to think b nothing more. thanks, katie. good morning, everyone, happy
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friday. schuylkill tail light moving in the eastbound direction approaching the blue route. see looking like out there, quiet, basically, anywhere that i look this morning, it is looking really quiet. that's what we want to see on a friday. almost expect sometimes shakes up little bit but overall this is looking like a fairly typical friday in the world of travel. when i say typical, that's usually a good thing. this is the boulevard, headlight moving in the southbound direction, approaching wissahickon, see what it is look being like here. looking good in the southbound direction, northbound direction quietment see how beautiful that blue sky is already. we know we will get some rain later so enjoy the dry roadways while we have got it this morning. blue route southbound direction approaching baltimore pike or at baltimore pike i should say, also you can see the for the bound side as well. looking good here, as women, anywhere we look on the blue route looking a lot like. >> this so look being great. fire situation norristown, pull your attention right here underground transformer fire crews are looking for carbon monoxide exposure, main street closed between barbados street and markley streetment you will have to use the
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alternate. airy is your best bet. i know jim has been talking about this, as well. i'll keep you updated, but main street just know right now it is still closed, you will have to use an alternate. brooke, over to you. >> we'll get first look today, new eagles quarterback carson wentz when he hits the field with the other rookiesment and phillies need extra innings to wrap up their ten game road trip. here's lesley van arsdall with your morning sport. >> the phillies back home tonight for weekends series against the reds. they were looking to take two out of three from the braves last night in atlanta. and the phillies took a four-nothing lead, but check it out, back came the the braves, problems with the phils, beckham with double to center. that will will clear the bases. four-three, philliesment then former phil jeff van core with single to right. beckham comes in to score. that's going to tie the game. they head into extras. the phillies doing damage in the tent. bases loaded for cameron rough. help clear them. that's three-run double, the phillies go onto win last night seven-four.
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carson went signed on the dotted line yesterday. the eagles future franchise quarterback signed four year deal worth $27 million, with a signing bonus over 17 million. the eagles now have all of their draft picks under contract, just in time for the start of rookie camp today. >> that's all for sport, i'm lesley van arsdall, have a great day. >> thanks, leslie, looks like the los angeles angels ma have found a new mascotment check out that cat. string g across the field in the middle of the game. do you think he was trying to steel third base? >> perhapsment look at him grab. the loss animal taken to animal shelter so he can be adopted. awesome story, cool video for whatever family is take that cat home. >> that's awesome. >> coming up: you know that pennsylvania girl kicked out of her prom? welshing she is about to get the hollywood treatment. >> find out which local star just offered her a spot on his show. >> and, this is probably the most unique interview chat up
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>> welcome back, a pennsylvania girl kicked out of her prom for wearing a suit to the dance is about to get the hollywood treatment. we told but and ya wolf earlier this week, she was banned from bishop mcdevitt prom in harrisburg because the school said her suit violated the dress code. well, her story got the attention of philly nature i have rob, who stars it is always sun any philadelphia, he tweeted anya, i love your suit, would you like to wear it on sunday i. she thought he was kidding but the offer is ledge it. he said he will ' be filming in fill any june, and aniya told him she would love to help out. good for him. good for her. >> got to tell you, katie berry is shooting down rumors her boyfriends is cheating on her. you can say she let out a roar. you see what i did there, let
5:25 am
out a roar on twitter after orlando bloom was spotted getting cozy with selena gomez. she tweeted instead of giving eyeballs and dumb conspiracy, check out how cool this is. and she post add link about work bloom is doing with unicef. apparently gomez approves because re tweeted the message and added the phrase emoji, you know? >> all right, just couple of days after justin bieber said he felt like a zoo animal, he looks like one. check out bieber. sitting on tree branch in boston, i'm not quite sure what he is doing there, there, e also scrolled around the park, fed some squirrels. earlier this week he said he won't take selfies with fans any more because he feels like a zoo animal, yes, that's entire story about justin bieber sitting in a tree. >> tatum used to giving interviews, but i have to tell this may be his most unique one yet. >> how about, 21 year old person with autism?
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>> yes, if i got permission from my wife. >> oh, my god, my lawyer is working on the papers as we speak. >> that is tatum answering questions on the very first episode of speechless with carly. carly is the first autistic journalist to host a speechless talk show. now, she was diagnosed when autism when she was two, she uses computer talk. carly charmed the magic mike star during the interview that's already been seen almost 3 million times on youtube. but we will have to wait and see who carly gets for her next episode. i think she is awesome. >> good for him. not the bieber thing, i think we need to ban him from the show. >> i don't know about ban. >> i'm tired of hear him up in a tree. that was a good story, him up in a tree doesn't impact me whatsoever. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", new rules for school bathrooms. >> the big consequences if they ignore president obama's order. justin? >> brooke, tennessee family is
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reunited this morning. hear from the policeman call a hero after rescuing a missing girl and catching her accused kidnapper, he tells us what he thinks may help him, rather, make that find. >> plus on again off again now back on again, leading bid placed overnight on the the gun george zimmerman used to kill trayvon martin. katie? >> jim, tracking what else more wet weather in this forecast, thankfully not specking a wash out today or tomorrow. but both days feature wet weather. we'll track all of it for you, tell you how the rest of the
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>> dick think this may have been a case of mistaken identity. >> girl kidnapped from her school rescued by two unlikely heroes. how a pastor and farmer helped save her life. good morning, i'm brooke thomas. >> i'm jim donovan. katie lets us know when the rain arrives. first what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> all three family members were sleeping when they were awoke end by these three perm traitor. >> family of three terrorized overnight inside their northeast philly home.


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