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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  May 13, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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>> michael strahan's awkward fair well. what you didn't see after the show. >> i'm in new york gettin behind the scenes details. how kelly is really feeling about michael and what's his next move. >> plus the big stars and the big cancellations in the tv w which shows just got the ax. then not so friendly exs. details on their icy meeting. >> what in the world is go with justin bieber? the hanging out in trees? we break down his recent bizarre behavior. >> and before you head out this weekend, ladies you got to see style expert josie's do, don'ts
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and do overs. >> if you're going to go bold, you really do it. >> fashion lessons from the stars. what to avoid. >> she reminds me of the little mermaid gone clubbing. >> plus megan trainor's major tumble and what made us fall over. >> everyone in the room was like. >> now may 13th, 2016. this is entertainment tonight. michael strahan left live today. kelly ripa was all smiles. >> there were hugs, toasts, even a kiss. >> there was a lot going on. >> and a lot you didn't see when they were off the air. michelle was live this morning for strahan's good-bye. the untoll story. >> kelly and michael walked out together for the last time this morning as co-hosts and ripa turned the tables and politely pulled michael's chair out for him. the chill between kelly and michael has thawed over the p week with kelly realizing her issue wasn't really with michael but the network. now are they best friends?
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no but there is definitely some peace. >> i just want to say on behalf of myself and all of we couldn't be prouder of you. >> i just want to say, it's very bittersweet for me and it to say thank you to everybody. >> kelly co-hosted with michael for four years when it was announced he would jump to gma. he wanted to make sure that the fairwell wasn't a memorial. >> i'm not dying. i'm still in the family. >> live tells us that the staff is relieved today that it's over and also michael didn't want a huge send off and said just don't make it. >> do you know what's interesting? the most emotional about of this morning happened after the show was over. the couple shared an emot 14 second hug after live went
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off the air. the show released this show footage and michael seemed to run out of time during air good-bye. >> kelly, you are the best. >> you changed my you really have. >> i have. >> yes, you have. >> it was amazing.
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>> what's michael's next move? he is ready to relax this weekend and destress. let's call it a little stracation. >> he needs to get rest before the early morning gma calls. >> well, john stamos is on a european vacation with his girlfriend and news broke that his grandfathers sitcom was getting cancelled but i don't know something like perhaps this photo right here tells me that john has plenty keep his mind off of business. >> he's okay, y'all. it's one of a slew of programs cancelled by the network and there were a few surprises as the ax fell on fan favorites. we have the latest on tv's blood bath. >> while his show was being dumped he was in itaay taking sexy photo of his girl but john's reaction this. a pick from disney land paris with the caption hey john
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stamos, fox just cancelled your television show, what are you going to do next? don't fret. he'll be on fuller house next season. fox pulled the plug on the grinder. rob has been tweeting up a storm hoping to return but when it became official he posted the grinder was not renewed by fox tv. it was unapologetically original, smart, funny and had a murder's row of talent. fans are begging netflix or hulu just a year ago rob was hopeful ffr a hit. >> it's going to be a fun ride. >> nashville got the boot after four seasons. a source on the set tells et so cast members were blind sided. the cancellation same on the same day as hayden's announcement that she is seeking mental health treelt for a second time saying the p partum depression impacted every aspect of my life.
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i have chosen to take time to reflect wholistically health and life. wish me luck. earlier this year hayden told cameron returning to nashville after getting the first treatment was rough. >> to be honest it was a rocky start for me. especially emotionally. i just started -- i just lost i couldn't keep it together. >> we wish her the best. here's a quick break down of the other shows cancelled. on abc, castle is done over on cbs for the first time in 16 years there will be no csi any and on nbc the comedy telanovella is done. a lot of couple drama to get to. >> gwen gives gavin the big chill. the exs were spotted yesterday afternoon. pwen looking upset after leaving
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the home where they met for almost an hour. gavin in a better mood even waving good-bye from the wagon. he took the couple's three kids out from the afternoon and gwen posted this pick of herself with no makeup and no capt still looking upset. next up, bieber's bizarre behavior. justin hanging out solo in canada yesterday. he's bringing back the one shoulder thing with the overall. he left after a fan asked for a photo which he declined. things have been a little squirrely with justin lately. seen here in boston wednesday barefoot and sitting in a tree. all thhs comes after his announcement that he was done taking photos with fans saying quote i feel like a zoo animal and i want to be able to keep my sanity. they were further shocked to see a tiny cross tattoo on his face last week and kerry washinnton
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and her baby bump on the way into kimmel last night. she was there with her boss. >> who do you call first? your parents or shonda. >> my parents don't want me to answe >> they wrapped up season 5 last night. she hid her first pregnancy on the show. >> is olivia pope going to be pregnant on the show next season? >> the long awaited nightmare is finally over for melissa rivers. her mother's death was 100% preventable and is out to get justice and reached a multimillion dollar settlement when a simple medical procedure turned tragic but nothing will ever bring her mother back. >> how do you continue your anger against the facility and the doctors? >> i'm working on that. >> that was melissa talking to me next year. now shh says she can finally
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quote put the legal aspects of my mother's death behind me and ensure that those culpable for her death are acco it has been wwll documented and in a suit doctors were accused of failing to intervene. one even took cell phone pictures. melissa reached an 8 figure settlement with the defendant. >> i was just with her ea this week. how is she doing? >> she's relieved to a certain extent that the case is resolved but melissa's son cooper who was in love with his grandmother will never get to see her again. >> the clinic that treated joan released a statement saying the parties a agreed to settle the case but we remain committed to quality compassionate health >> joan's last words in the o.r. she went under was talking about how she was going toohelp child. >> melissa one with her mother during the procedure she was by her side at th >> i was up by her head and i was holding her hand and cooper
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had a hand on her arm and the doctor said she's gone. >> such a tough interview to do. i have to say. she is going to continue working to ensure a higher safety standard and the fact that lives will be saved will be part of joan's legacy. >> what made us love her any more. >> the latest star styles. >> new mom anne hathaway has a
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there is dropping the mike and then there's that. megan trainor on the tonight show. i want you to take one more look at it. you see the ankle get shaky in the heels and the floor is the next stop after that. >> i'm feeling her pain right now and i so love her right now. that's where she is staying lying on her back at jimmy fallon and that's why we love her so much. megan keeps it real. >> oh we do, we do. she's all about keeping it real. rejecting photo shop by pulling her music video when her waist was altered. >> i don't know why they didn't like my waist. >> and now this. >> i've never done a photo shoot with my arms out. putting it all out there. nd >> it's the real megan on this month's cover of 17 magazine. >> she took her jack >> that isn't all that's changed.
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>> i can't be like here we come. >> brand new >> yeah. >> my first house ever. i'm moving in with my two brothers and my bestie and we all get our own >> and this girl also ha grammy. >> yeah. >> where are you keeping it? >> it was next to my bed then i moved it over to my dresser. it's right in my face. like this close. i love being inspired while i get my pants, you know? >> the grammy is right there. >> put it close girl. >> i'm wondering if she is going to wear heels when she performs her hit no. she should come out barefoot. we can all learn from taylor, blake and amal and the fashion don'ts in need of a serious do over.
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>> this is a fashion explosion. >> and bendi erwin is here and going to fill you in on her latest accomplishment. you might not believe it. >> captioned provided by.
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thaa is looking good in a black turtleneck nd high waisted leopard print shorts and still doing the whole r glam thing but that red lip and legs for days. joining me right now for fashion frida let's get started with all the dos don'ts and do overs for the weeks. >> of course taylor swif biggest of the week which is showing off your legs. all the celebritiee were doing it. did you see kendall jenner last night. >> sse looked amazing. first of all, that deep plunging pattern gown straight from the spring run way. fantastic. >> who was your best dres >> it wassa tie between amal clooney and blake lively. blake wore this dress in yellow and also took it straight off the runway but the model on the runway wore it with a flesh turtleneck and amall with a
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versace gown with the sweeping train. >> that's about as trouble walking up. >> i was so scared. i thought she was going to show us her clooney. >> have to say though so many of the stars had lemonade fever but i still liked blake the best. she killed it all week long with her pregnancy style but then she really took a big risk last night with this. now i think that that outfit would actually look awful on most people but it's blake and she actually pulled it off. so how. i don't know how but i literally thought i was looking at part ddcorations hanging somewhere behind her. do you know which ones i'm talking about? >> lanterns. >> yea >> let's talk do overs. i saw this one earlier in the week and i said okay joe is probably going to do over hahn. she wore the look before in all silver look at that.
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it's the same pose and everything. >> it'' true and i love goldie also but there's a few things that make this better. right now she looks like little mermaid gone clubbing. i would lose the jacket. too much going on. turning it into a simple jump suit which i think look fantastic on women of any age. a couple of quick fixes. look at caylee, sneakers are on trend right now. i would make the dress shorter. because once you look at this you're going to see much more leg and i would turn neckline into a halter to give it a little bit more dynamic. >> i have a bonus quick pick. are you ready? >> ready. >> time me here. >> really? >> yes. >> start. >> so this is too much. this is what i call a fashion explosion. the cuff, the sleeves, the collar, let's just do the of t
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a short shift dress and show off her leg and let's loosen the braids and make it a lot softer and the new khloe. >> 20 seconds. that's amazing. >> who knew she had those legs underneath that >> look at the legs. >> here's something. i'm sorry but i don't apologize. we spotted himmnot wearing his shirt and let's just take a moment and soak it in. enough with that. thank you very much. some real news on the dancing champ bendi erwin. >> don't let him rush you. >> i'lllhook at nyle and won't pay attention to you. >> do you believe it's been six months since she took home the mirror ball trophy bbt a lot has been going on in her life since then. major milestones and got me caught up to speed on the s with her mother terry and her brother robert. >> you recently got your driver's license.
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>> you did. >> i have my driver's license. although it was a little intimidating for the driving instructor because i was in my dad's old giant beast of a truck. >> how is that for you? your little girl. >> she has a little baby bird on the edge of the nest. >> is college a possibility for you? >> yeah. i'm really lucky because i'm already taking college courses and i'm thrilled to have a certificate in business now. i'm just finishing my certificate in tourism. -pso i'm really happy about tha >> the 17-year-old is also happy because her very long distance relationship with 19-year-old florida resident chandler powell is approaching the three year mark. >> no matter what is happening he's always there for me makes me smile and laugh. i'll not sure who loves him more, me or my family. i was thrilled when he asked me to his prom and robert was very
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excited too. and pretty much every photo looks like that. thank you robert. >> they'll spend more time together while she's in the u.s. to support a cause close to her heart. >> right here in l.a. nonprofit organization, wildlife warriors. >> i love when steve said we have to have kids so we can leave all of this conse work and zoo and everything to our kids. take over australia zoo. >> >> give it a shot. >> and that's exactly what is happening.& >> back to the event, a ton of the dancing crew will be there. tom bergeron will be hosting. bendi is growing up so fast. >> she is. >> stay with us, is this pregnant star having a girl or a boy? can you guess? the news next.
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it's all at e.t. >> ncis l.a. star having a baby in the fall. issit going to be a boy or girl? >> she broke the news right here when she stopped by but it's little more complicated than is
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it a girl or a boy because sa is expecting and married to eric and you know that he is the on screen love interest to daniela that's married to david al who is his older brother. that makes them sister-in-laws and now let's get to the baby news. >> good. i have a headache. >> we're having girls. >> it's the big reveal on e.t. >> congratulations. they have girls. literal. bye everybody.
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fellow homeowner and fellow citizen. call 1-855-422-4741 to apply now. >> the insider tracking the biggest stories making news to >> number one, kel good-bye to michael. >> we really are so, so proud of you.
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>> thank you. >> but was it sincere? our body language expert reads between the lines. >> michael was very uncomfortable and kelly is very hostile. >> then sharon and ozzy reunite as his alleged other woman comes out of hiding. is mrs. o already lawye >> and number three, inside the fit of beyonce. how her lemonade tidal wave is saving jay-z's company. >> why are you so mad at me. >> plus sarah jessica parker confronts her darkest times. >> i love when my heart was broken. >> why she is joining them to redefine female empowerment. >> it's a wild, chao exhausting time in my life. i wouldn't want it any other wa >> now it's the insider with yahoo! >> stick a fork in the daytime drama between kelly ripa and michael


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