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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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vittoria woodill has the need for speed and tonight she's takintaking you flying witness thunderbirds. how she had to relearn how to breathe for this once in a lifetime adventure. >> black bear in the park the animal has been seen roam aig round fairmount park. where it's been spotted why wildlife officials think it's been hanging out there. but we begin tonight with breaking news. a scary situation in university city. several cars left with shattered wind dose. what police say someone was throwing at drivers from an overpass. good evening, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. let's get right out to "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt live in university city with breaking details tonight. >> this is not part idea at all it was an idea that could have killed several people passing by. there is a bridge over me right now it's a railroad bridge csx pass. we're on university avenue right now. basically what happened we're
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told there was person on that bridge that was throwing stuff. we're talking about debris, bolts, railroad ties, any kind of loose debris. over the pass hitting several cars some of that debris actually went into the windshield injured somebody we're told that person was treated on scene. luckily nobody was seriously hurt. nobody taken to the hospital. but a source where the police depth says one person is in custody right now. they may be looking at possibly more suspects. we spoke to police lieutenant john walker who said this just really could have killed somebody. >> very dangerous incident that happened out here. if you see these spikes, the fact that they are nailed into the ground they have very sharp edges. being thrown at cars. you can see the damage caused to these cars. one impaled into the actual dashboard of a car. could have been much worse. >> reporter: you know you hear these things all the time with kids, teenagers getting on old railroads picking up things throwing them being destructive that's exactly what happened here tonight but this is a busy
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road here on a friday night. as lieutenant walk consider said this could have been much worse but still pretty bad as it is, jessica and ukee, with all those people passing by under. just imagine driving by and seeing those things thrown on top of cars as they're trying to make their way down the road. reporting 35 night david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, david. thanks so much. where is the bear? tonight a black bear seen roaming and swimming in philadelphia' fares mount park has everyone talking and local residents looking over their shoulder. wildlife officials spoke to natasha brown about the bear's sudden appearance. >> reporter: along the wissahickon creek trail nature effort lesley company exist with runners, walkers and fishermen every day but on this day blackbirds rupped the normal flow. >> we've come up who are for years and actually never seen bear or anything close to that size. it's a little surprising. >> reporter: eyewitnesses captured this cell phone video friday just before noon. you can see the bear follow frolicking in the water possibly
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looking for food. before finally crossing the creek climbing the embankment and disappearing into the woods. >> this time of year, they come out of the hibernation looking for food and year link bears from last year basically are looking -- they're kicked out. the mom says go find your ornater tow. so they're looking -- exploring for their own territory and through all the corridors this bear happened to wander down through upper dublin, springfield and now in philadelphia. >> i run here all the time. our kids -- we run with our kids all the time. i don't know what i would do if i saw bear. >> reporter: wildlife officers scowered the area near forbidden drive and valley green road for hours. they're looking to find the bear as quickly as possible before it wanders into populated areas nearby. they've urged reasons to be on alert and this couple is holding their four month old daughter a bit more closely now. >> it's actually kind of exciting if you don't run into it yourself. you know as long as our baby doesn't come bare snack then i guess we're okay with it. it's disconcerting for him because there's so many cars and a lot of people a round.
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but, you know, i think they'll get it under control. >> reporter: wildlife officials are everying anyone who cease the bear to contact police right away. they're trying to kyuang quill lies the bear again it back to its natural habitat safely. natasha brown cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> we are finally meeting the winners of the $429.6 million powerball jackpot in new jersey. 70-year-old pearly may smith and seven add dull children claimed the big prize in lawrenceville today. the mother purchased the ticket at a 7eleven in trenton. she credits divine intervention in helping her pick the winning numbers. her daughter valerie spoke pour the family and summer sister broke the news. >> guess all of you thinking you was me right now,. >> marsha called me on the phone and said guess who won the powerball? and i said who? >> and she said we did. and i said, well, stop april fooling me and, um, get off of my phone. she said it's true. we won the powerball.
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i haven't slept since then. >> most of the family members say they will not quit their j jobs but they are heading on vacation. the former treasurer of the aston athletic association facing charges to night. he's accused of of stealing tense of thousands of dollars. this is the suspect james porter. he's accused of making hundreds of purchases and cash withdrawals using unauthorize depth bib card tied to the associate's account. he swiped that card more than 250 times stealing more than 50 grand. porter repaid $45,000 but reviewed you had fused to stop coaching so police were called inform he's free on bond tonight. judge in allentown here's hears testimony on weather former super star jimmy snook today is mentally competent to stand trial. a psychologist testified today snook today suffers from dementia and is mentally inn spent. he lives in camden county is charged with murder involuntary manslaughter in the 1983 death of his then girlfriend
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23-year-old nancy argentina. he has pleaded not guilty. campaign 2016 brings former president bill clinton to new jersey. he rallied supporters for his wife hillary clinton ahead of the garden state's june 7th primary. clinton spoke during a rally at the college of new jersey in ewing today. the former president explained why his wife the democratic frontrunner is the best candidate to be the next commander in chief. >> i think she's got the best ideas that are most likely to help the largest number of people to raise middle class incomes, reduce inn a equality and launch an explosion of economic activity. in this country that would include everybody. second, she's the only person left in either party that's actually got a record of getting things done with members of the other party. >> hillary clinton is off the campaign trail and did not hold any rallies today. clinton's rival bernie sanders rallied supporters in business mark, north dakota tonight. sanders told supporters he has a chance to end the democratic
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presidential nomination process with more pledged delegates than clinton. sanders also said he has the best chance to within the general election. meanwhile presumptive gop nominee drum is that off the campaign trail. did he not hold any rallies today. trump will be in lawrenceville, new jersey, next thursday for a fundraising recall toll help new jersey governor chris christie erase debt from his own white house bid. the temple university community is mourning the death of former university president peter liacouras. temple expanded an in a big way under his leadership from 1982 to 2,000. liacouras was honored by the school in 2,000 at the app pal low of temple was renamed after him. memorial service will be held at temple's performing arts center next friday. peter liacouras died after a long illness. he was 85. the largest collegiate rowing come competition in the united states is underway now on the schuylkill river. >> thousands of rowers from more than 100 colleges are competing
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in the dad vail will he combat t banks of the river will be packed with spectators again tomorrow. the dad vail regatta in its 78th year. welcome to all. buckle up for once in lifetime flight. >> our vittoria woodill pulled serious g's with the united states air force thunderbirds. why she had to relearn how to breathe before she took off. plus -- >> so why is friday the 13th considered unlucky? >> it is a day on the cal length some of us dread but why? good question. nicole brewer uncovers the history behind the fear of friday the 13th. kate? the weekend is upon us. coming up i'll tell when you the best times to get outside will be as we track this front bringing the threat for thunderstorms on your saturday. we'll time them out coming up. and fresh off graduation day, villanova's own daniel ochefu is here as our guest sports anchor and the big fella is ready to go. don't miss him.
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today a friday the 13th it's a day some consider the most superstitious day of the year. >> why is there a bad vibe associated with this day? that's a good question and nicole brewer is here witness
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answer. young lady. >> first of all, ukee and jess, it doesn't matter what day it is. nothing can ruin my friday vibes. am i right. >> you're right. >> hash tag friday vibes. the week send upon us, people. nothing can be bad. with that being said, today is basically the epitomy of superstition. a lot of you wrote in about th this. maryann, bobby, larry, pat and jeremy all want to know, why is friday the 13th considered unlucky? it's a good question with an answer that takes us way back. ♪ >> do you consider yourself superstitious. >> not particularly. >> kind of sort of not really. >> that means you are. >> whether you admit it or not most of us follow some superstition. >> i have a lucky hat. i will not open an umbrella inside. >> i do knock on wood sometimes. >> and we all know the association with friday the 13th. >> all bad things happen on friday the 13th. >> from horror movies to a hard to pronounce medical diagnosis --
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>> triskaidekaphobia. >> that's triskaidekaphobia. fear of friday 13th. >> i don't think i suffer from that. but i can pronounce it now. >> why do you think friday the 13 is this considered unlucky. >> i have no idea. >> that is a good question. >> it is the intersection of two different -- >> linda teaches folk lore at the university pennsylvania. >> what's wrong with friday. >> nothing is wrong with fridays but if you turn the clock back medieval christians thought fridays were not quite so awesome because jesus christ was believed to be crucified on good friday. >> lee says unlucky number 13 has medieval connection. in those times 12 was considered complete as in the 12 apostles, 12 months in year and 12 to a dozen. >> with 13, what you have is one more than something that's complete. >> throws off the balance. >> it really does. >> friday vibes get killed by the number 13. >> out of that belief came something called ritual avoid dance. >> buildings that don't have 13
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floors, we see airplanes that don't have thrown rows. >> would you get married on fry date 13th. >> probably not. >> now, if you read the davinci code you may remember the knight's timelier immediate evil were arrested on friday the 13th. according to our expert far from the origin. lee says while friday and 13 were long considered unlucky the concept of the friday the 13th didn't emerge until the 19th century and therefore this is just an example of popular culture working its way into folk belief. >> that's interesting. because that's much later than a lot of the things you're talking about. >> right. >> friday and 13 were exclusiv exclusively unlucky but together -- >> putting them together is a later phenomenon film you'll make me watch 77 friday the 13th movies. >> i hate scary movies. >> good luck. >> what's your good question log on to cbs philly good question/good question to submit
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your question or tweet us using the hash tag cbs3 good question. >> nicole will be here every night with the answer for you at cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. >> the department of homeland security is promising changes to deal with the worsening problem of long airport security lines. the plan includes hiring more than 700 new tsa officers and using to screen passenger. thousands of bags could not be screened yesterday because of a computer glitch. passengers had to take off without them. for the first time ever, a woman is heading up a top us war fighting command. air force general lori j. robinson took charge of the north american aerospace defense command norad as well as u.s. northern command. norad is the joint u.s. canada operations defends the skies and seas of both nations. the northern command was created after 9/11 to prevent future terror attacks. robinson is one of just two female four star generals in the air force.
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well you could say adventure is her middle name. our vittoria woodill goes to great heights for an experience avenue live teal. >> she's breaking the sound barrier with the us air force thunderbirds. get ready for wild ride. ♪ >> reporter: this is a lockheed martin f16 fighting falcon. in brilliant red, white and blue it reaches twice the speed of sound at 1500 miles per hour. and it's flown by the best pilots in united states air force. demonstrating precision, power and american pride this plane is the mark of a thunderbird. ambassadors in blue have been in existence since 1953. they are a team 120 with six planes and 12 pilots. but today make that 13. i'm sitting co-pilot for once in a lifetime ride in the clear blue. let's get bride with thunderbird number 12 captain sarah harm glory today you'll experience the jet will go all the way down
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the runway pull to the vertical and go 15,000 feet. >> can you hold your breath for 15 seconds. >> i think so. >> absolute yes you can. >> for thunder third number win major doctor chris sheen lower. >> we're not breathing for oxygen. we're breathing for pressure. >> reporter: to combat g force the doctor showed me how to squeeze and breathe so i wouldn't blackout. take a big deep breath, fill your lungs with air, start your squeeze, one, two, three -- >> good. >> two, three. (laughter). >> okay. >> we'll practice a couple more times. >> to help my g strain i was fitted for my g suit which inflates when it detects pressure in the flight. >> are you nervous? >> i want to be a chicken. i want to be thunderbird. >> now, my official thunderbird helmet an final flight briefing with my pilot lucky number seven major kevin walsh. >> i'll talk you through every maneuver we're about to do. how many gs we're going to pull. which way we're going to t objective not to make you sick
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or pass out. have a real fun time. >> reporter: well, i feel the need for speed. here we go. i can't believe this is real. like this is nuts. at 720 miles an hour, here comes the g's. topping out at 6.6g's i felt like an astronaut launching into space. we barrel rolled in the sun. flew upside down. and did a loop so big we saw our smoke. we did it all and i lost it all, too. yuk. with one final spoof over the injuries seashore we turned back to base. i made it. and only filled two bags. >> whoo! >> congrats. >> thanks. thank uh-uh and the entire air force all the thunderbirds really i can't put into words what you do for all of. >> thunder birds, baby. >> all right. >> for the record, you can max out, you can top out at 9g's so i pulled 6.6. that's not too bad. but if you want to see all 12 of the real thunderbirds in action,
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check them out at the power in the pines air show and open house this weekend. check this out. guys. is this awesome or what. >> that's sharp. >> congratulations. >> you earned that. >> thank you. >> well done. >> thank you. you know what all of those guys from soup to nuts they made me feel so comfortable and safe and they're there for the community and they do great job showing that pride. >> incredible professionals. >> thanks. >> thanks so much. >> let's check our forecast with kate and tori's skies looked pretty good how are skies now and for the weakened. >> we'll see a lot of sunshine this weekend two completely different days to talk about saturday and sunday and the threat for some storms as well. but i'll physical was after the rain cleared out today, this evening, was beautiful take a look at this chopper three was flying this evening and captured this stunning sunset. this is a time lapse video of the sun dropping below the horizon what beautiful sight to see after what started out being not a great friday. we had decent amount of rain in parts of the area today but that looked beautiful and here yours time lapse video from the kutztown area middle school in
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kutztown today, started out cloudy, gloomy, rainy, rain especially heavy right through the midday time frame. after about five, 6:00 o'clock blue skies, sunshine, it is beautiful and it's still nice outside right now temperatures in the 50's and 60s. kind of between fronts though. the one from today pushing off the coast our secondary cold front is behind it here it is. and this is what is charging toward us for the weekend as we look behind the front you can see even a little bit of snow up here in portions of wisconsin and minnesota. just an indication of how cold the air is that's locked up behind this front. temperature wise right now, 62 in philadelphia. 61 in allentown now for reference if you step outside right now, the high on sunday is not even going to be this warm. that's how much cooler it's going to get over the next couple of days. but let's time out future weather here as we head into your saturday. 9:00 a.m., sunshine you wake up in the morning. birds are chirping sun streaming through the windows lost people will be getting outside and enjoying a beautiful saturday but watch what's brewing off to the west here's 3:00 p.m.
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the clouds start to role in. showers and thunderstorms. now these are scattered they won't be everywhere. but anyone of these storms that does pop up could be locally strong. our biggest threat would be strong gusty winds and that may continue through about seven or 8:00 o'clock before those finally push off the coast. and then on sunday, take a look kind of the he can of the clouds here looks like they're polka dot clouds. that's an indication of cold air in the upper atmosphere we can rule out a spray sprinkle on sunday. tomorrow in the marginal risk in our area again best threat would be for strong gusty winds and it's mainly in the afternoon. so when to get outside for your weekend? tomorrow morning right through about 2:00 o'clock. you're looking great. saturday evening after about seven or 8:00 o'clock and then any time on sunday but you'll have to pull out the coat sunday is much much colder as we unleash that cold arctic air from the north and west. a big cool down on the way sunday into monday. so overnight tonight 57 degrees becoming mostly clear and mild. your saturday is mostly sunny
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but watch for those scattered gusty afternoon thunderstorms. and your "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast, well, take look at that cool down. sunday's high just 61. putting in perspective 61 in winter sounds pretty nice but in may well below average and it will colder with the wind. monday, chilly morning at 42. some spots in the 30s but next week it looks like a warming trend we're back to the 70s. looks like some of that spring weather we've been waiting for finally on the horizon. >> we've been waiting, too. >> don't make me get that coat back out. >> i'll try. >> congratulations to villanova's class of 2016. >> today was graduation day, and look who our camera spotted among all of the students. champion basketball player daniel ochefu and guess what, there he is he's in our studios he's our guest sports anchor. don is off. we'll stir things up with the chef next. >> great.
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the villanova wildcats are headed to meet president obama on may 31st. the national champions were lead by seniors daniel ochefu and ryan arcidiacono as they defeated north carolina in april. guess what, everyone? we have a special sports anchor here for you tonight. >> the chef is in the house. >> wahoo. >> hello, hell hoe. >> welcome back man. >> thank you for having me. >> you garage dad. it's a big day. huge day for us. congratulations everybody. >> star the night is concern the phil he's were playing. >> they were, they were. we'll take it off with baseball. >> okay. >> fightin' phils return home after 10 game road trip to face cincinnati. the phillies looking for bay pack after the reds swept them to start the season. fourth inning phils down two to nothing. tyler goodell at the plate hit a line drive into right field corner.
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carlos ruiz and tommy joseph scored on triple to tie the game. next up, jeremy, he punched down the squeeze it work. goodell scores to put the phillies ahead and that's how it ended. phillies take game one of the weekend series three-two. one day after signing his first professional contract, eagles topic carson wentz had his first practice as a bird. the eagles started three-day rookie mini camp.novacare complex and carson had everyone's attention. the number two overall pick said he's going to work hard to get him teammate's respect. what about dealing with fellow quarterback sam bradford. he's not heard from him and he doesn't for see any problems working with sam because he going to work. >> it is what it is. honestly look i've been saying all along it's out of my control. people want to make it big situation but i think like i said earlier we'll have a really good working relationship and i think it will benefit the team because we'll compete and really everybody in that quarterback
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room, everybody in the entire organization is going to compete and push each other so i think it will only benefit the team. >> my man, you slam dunked it. >> you did. >> thank you. >> you could have a second clear. >> all the work put in before is all you guys. >> when you were practicing you were getting great at it. you were improving every time. >> little by little. >> speaking of practice what are you doing right now? what's next for you. >> after i go on stage and get my diploma i'll be going back to santa barbara working at p3, and start getting some nba work outs in the next couple of weeks and take it from there. >> you talking about get your sheep skin, your degree. talk about education in sports. i talk about it all the time. how important are the two. >> it's huge. young kids get confused because they think talking about, you know f you're not going to be in sports you got to do something, sit behind a desk or something. not necessarily because you can become an agent a coach a lot of other things that you can do win a sport. and just having a plan b is always great.
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>> real quick before we go you dreamed of being a professional basketball player your whole life. a lot of little kids out there dream it. you are going to get to do it probably. does that ever sing in to you. >> i'm trying not to think about it too much so i don't get, you know, because get the goose bu bumps but it's definitely i'm glad to be able to see my dream come true and definitely a lot more work to do. but i'm looking forward it to. >> friday the 13th. we're lucky to have you tonight, my man. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> good to see you. >> tell the coach and everybody we said hello. >> i will. >> congratulations to everyone that graduated this weekend. good stuff for the class of 2016. >> all right. we'll be right back.
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>> new at 11:00 opening night for an exciting tradition. >> students from the pennsylvania academy of the fine arts are showing off their works of art. "eyewitness news" at the 115th annual student exhibition tonight. collectors have the rare chance to view and purchase works by the art world emerging young talent. the exhibition runs through ju june 5th. ♪ eighty six million americans have prediabetes a serious condition that increases the risk for type 2 diabetes. you could be one of them. small lifestyle changes can help you avoid
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diabetes-related problems like heart attack, stroke, blindness, and kidney failure. ask your doctor about a simple blood test for prediabetes. sponsored by nacdd with support from the centers for disease control and prevention. visit
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that's going to do it for us kate our special guest daniel ochefu and everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> have great night an wonderful weekend. good night, family, sleep well.
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♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> are you ready for mairk up? >> stephen: yeah. i want to try a different look tonight, though. >> okay. ( laughter ). >> stephen: that's a little too salvador dawley. something else. ooh, i like mcgreet, but i won't be able to see my guests. something else. wow! picasso is bold, but my glasses won't fit. ( laughter ) just give me something simple and masculine. oh, yeah, sexy ginger. >> tonight, stephen welcomes matt bomer


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