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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 14, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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an update on a scary situation we told but last night. police make an arrest after several cars are left with shattered windows. we will tell you who won't be receiving drivers from the overpass. also ahead, a black bear in the park, the animal seen roaming around a popular site, where exactly it has been spotted and where officials say it has been hanging out there. and the dad vail regatta gets underway for its final day, hundreds of collegiate rowers get ready to put their boats in the what the they are morning. and we will have a live report, on the secrets to success on the schuylkill river. well, today is saturday may 14th good morning, thanks so much for being with us. i'm rahel solomon. let's check with justin drabick who is celebrating not all bad news this morning. we have sun, little warm. >> not a bad day. warm day. little deceiving. i know there is that person that wakes up and sees the
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sun, first look at weather, goes out and then boom. >> not listening to you. >> exactly. >> then i will get the complaint. >> no, no, no, overall not a bad start to the weekend this morning. looks great. full sunshine every where, with the exception to the north where we had fog this morning. it is afternoon we will see chance of some showers, maybe a thunderstorm, little will cool will in spots but comfortable, 56 right now at the airport in philadelphia, light breeze out of the southwest at 3 miles an hour but look at that shot in center city, looks great, blue skies, i can't remember last time we have seen that on a week even morning. forty-eight in allentown. we have dense fog. forty-nine in reading. fifty-three in wilmington. some more 40's in the suburbs, quakertown checks in at 46 degrees, there is the dense fog advisory until 8:00 o'clock this morning. up toward lehigh valley, bucks county and central new jersey. beware of that. visibility, down to .3 of a mile in allentown. 2 miles in trenton. there is storm scan three. so we're clear once you get above the fog, mostly clear skies this morning and then
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clouds will move in this afternoon say after 3:00 o'clock or so those rain chances increase with some showers, potential thunderstorms. high temperature though 75 degrees at the shore, most of that rain does hold off, until the evening hours, and most of the day looks good there at 73. up in the poconos, and temperatures in the 60's, enjoy today, they are gone. check it out strong cold front, moves through tonight, this brings back a chilly air mass, it will feel more like early april tomorrow, into the the start of the workweek we will break down those details in a few minutes, rahel, back to you. >> if you must. >> all right. philadelphia police arrested a man accused of throwing debris from an overpass in university city. investigators say the man threw railroad ties, and bolts, from an overpass, on the 600 block of university avenue last night. one person suffered minor injuries, and three vehicles have broken windshields another has a damaged hood. >> very dangerous incident that happened out here to see
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these spikes. the fact that they are nailed in the ground they have sharp edges being thrown at cars and see damage caused in these cars. one impaled it and went in the dashboard of the car. it could have been much worse. >> police plan to charge the man were four counts of the aggravated assault. a bear on the run in philadelphia, maybe not what you would expect to see but someone spotted the animal roaming and swimming in fairmount park. wild life officials spoke to "eyewitness news" reporter natasha brown about the the bears sudden a experience. >> reporter: along wissohickon creek trail nature effort leslie coexist was runners, walkers and fisherman every day but on this day a black bear disrupted the normal flow. >> we come up here for years and we have infer seen a bear or anything enclose to that size. so little surprising. >> reporter: eyewitnesses captured this cell phone video friday just before noon time. you can see the bear frolicking in the water probably looking for food before finally crossing the creek climbing the embankment and disappearing in the wood.
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>> this time of the year they are coming out of the hibernation looking for food and bears from last year basically are looking, they are getting kick out. the mom says go find your own territory. they are looking for their own territory and through all of the corridors this bear happened to wonder down threw upper dublin, springfield and now in philadelphia. >> i run here all the time. we run with our kid all the time. i don't know what would i do if i saw a bear. >> reporter: wild life officers scour the area near forbidden drive and valley green road for hours. they are looking to find the bear and quickly as possible, before it wanders in to populated areas nearby. they urged residents to be on alert and this couple is holding their four month-old daughter a bit more closely now. >> it makes it excite if you go don't run in to it yourself and as long as our baby doesn't become a bear snack we're okay witt, okay, you know, it is disconcerting for him because there is so many cars and a lot of people around but i think they will get it under control. >> reporter: wild life officials are urging anyone who sees the bear to contact the police right away.
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they are also saying that they are trying to, tranquilized the bear and get it back to its natural habitat, safely. you along the wissohickon creek in upper roxborough, natasha brown for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". former truck anotherrer of the aston at let ache so, is facing charges of accusing of stealing tens of thousands of dollars. this us the suspect james porter. he ace cues odd making hundreds of purchases and cash withdraws using an unauthorized debit card tied to the association's account. police say he swiped the card more than 250 times, stealing more than 50 grand. porter did repay $45,000 but refused to stop coaching until the police were called n he is now free, on bond. judge in allentown hears testimony on whether former professional wrestling superstar jimmy super fly, snuka is mentally competent to stand trial. psychologist testified that snuka a suffers from dementia and mentally incompetent. snuka, is charged with murder
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and involuntary manslaughter in the 1983 death of his girlfriend 23 year-old nancy argentino. snuka has pleaded not guilty. a philadelphia tradition the dad vail regatta wraps up to day on boat house row. country's largest collegiate rowing regot ace in the seventh eighth year. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live along kelly drive with the details, good morning, anita. >> reporter: hey, good morning, rahel. more than 100 college as cross the u.s. and canada will be taking part in the dad vail regatta with thousands of athletes set to hit the water in just about an hour as races get underway at 7:00 o'clock this morning. joining us now is chief referee john musal, what are you looking for when athletes are outside on the water. >> well, as referees we are charge with the safety and fairness for each race. you will see a referee following each race making sure that the the crews are not coming together, keying them apart and we also do the starting of the events, the finish, and we also do safety
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checks for the crews, to make sure they have a good experience when they are out here. >> reporter: you guys have been keeping an eye on the weather as well. we're not quite sure yet what we're dealing with but what would you say would make the race, canceled. >> if we were going to have to cancel the race, hopefully we won't to have do that, it is mostly related to thunderstorms and lightening or high wind. otherwise, if it is just a little bit of rain or wind we will row right through it. rowing is an outdoor sports. there is no time outs other than for lightening or water gets rough due to the conditions of the wind. >> reporter: but to prepare for the weather you have made schedule changes, correct. >> yes, yesterday around lunchtime we decided to compress schedule down. we have i am penning weather coming in probably two or 3:00 e the meteorologists so we are trying to run ahead of. that we will concludes racing today at 2:00. that will be the last race have of the the day. generally it would have been at 5:00. we have compressed everything down. goal, it is to get the can i
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had to race. we don't want to lose the event because of weather and not be able to run. because this is the end of their season. this is their championship. we want to get all of that in. >> we have six lanes here and this is several thousand meter race, and can you talk about the course that they will be taking today. >> it is 2,000 meters, and, the unique thing about philadelphia is we have a turn in the course. generally the course is straight. but here under the strawberry mansion bridge we have a bend in the course. so it makes it a little bit more exciting when they come down through there because they have to make the turn properly and not, stray in each others waters. it is like driving down a highway which makes it more interesting when they come down but 2,000 meters, six lanes and today should be very exciting because we have all of the best crews left that will be race to go day. >> reporter: so there is a lot of history behind this event. you have been part of it for a while. what keeps it exciting for you. >> well, this his my 30th event. i have road this event. i have coached this event.
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i have been referee. i have done the chief referee. i served on the board of directors for this. i have 40 referees here. most of whom ro gm college as well. they come back because they have had a great experience at the dad vail and they want to make sure that the next generation has that and hopefully the kid rowing today in ten years they will be up here with us helping run the event. it is a all volunteer operation. >> reporter: is there something special about these gold jackets you are wearing, is that right. >> right. after you serve ten years you are nominated for a jacket the and we have a committee at that point. anybody who is wearing gold jacket is somebody who has been part of the event in some form or another for ten years or longer and some of the people you see wearing these jackets, they have had them for 50 years. >> reporter: wow. >> they have had the jacket the for 50 years. the there is a a lot of tradition and a lot of loyalty to this event, and in philadelphia. >> it is the expert's jacket. >> i don't know if it is the experts's jacket the but we all look sharp when they are nice and clean.
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>> absolutely. >> reporter: until they get dirty. >> that is one problem but they are very nice. we honor people every year in our reception on friday night when we hand them out. >> reporter: absolutely. thanks so much for being with us, john. races kick off at 7:00 o'clock this morning. just so you know long kelly drive there will be detours until 8:00 o'clock tonight. we're live, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> anita, thank you. lots of tradition there. some rowers in the dad vail are going to rio. they are aware of the zika virus but as "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter discovered they won't let it get in the way of their olympic dreams. >> reporter: training hard, she dreams of olympic gold rowing for team nigeria in rio this summer. >> i feel blessed, you know to represent my country. >> reporter: these two women competing for team u.s.a. but emerging from the brazil
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an waters where they will row now comes an unprecedented health threat, mosquitoes carrying the zika virus but if you think it might cause these olympic bound roars to have second thoughts about heading to rio, think again. >> i think that almost anybody in our shoes has work too hard, too long to just not go. >> we have to be health toy compete or we can also compete when we're not healthy. it is suggest we are always aware of. >> reporter: they also point out they often must take special health precautions, specific to countries where they compete, around the world. >> i mean a few more things to think about here but it is not anything super different. >> reporter: with the incredible amount of physical, and mental conditioning, it takes, to make it into the olympics, these rowers, they are prepared to deal with pretty much any challenge that comes along. they take the threat of zika seriously as they helped in the time months of training before rio, it won't in anyway, delay their racing for
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the gold. >> i'm just going to take the precautions that i can and go out there and do what i do and row. >> reporter: on boat house row, walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still ahead a group of prom goers had to find a backup plan when their limo caught fire. oh, my god. >> coming up next hear the students describe the chaos and how they made their escape. and a freak accident along the florida interstate, the creature that came flying through one woman's windshield, when "eyewitness news" continues.
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back on "eyewitness news" with a terrifying moment for a group of high schoolers on their way to prom in massachusetts. their limo burst into flames while they were still inside. luckily they all made it out okay. reporter louise moehler tells us what happened. >> reporter: fun night with flowers and jeweled dresses took a fiery turn for native high schoolers. >> i don't know, it was scary. >> there was smoke coming through the cabin and door because we were at the front. >> reporter: ten of them on their way to prom when this all happened. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: alexander houseman and his date, say plumes of smoke inside their limousine quickly grew into an out of control blaze, ripping through the ceiling. >> it started to get big, and it looks like it would explode.
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>> reporter: shell of the limo and his charred jacket. >> i took my jacket and tried to put it to see what was going on. they come apart right away. >> reporter: thankfully all of the teens got out safely, barely a flower out of place and pick up by another group of prom goers. >> a trolley was driving by and one kid got out and said come on board. >> reporter: relief of alexander's parents. >> you know, nothing terrific happens, so thank goodness they were going to be at prom ape quite the story to tell and he will to have come up with a different story. >> that was louise moehler from our sister station in boston, reporting. well, survives this was czar accident in florida. she was driving on interstate four when car in front of her hit the reptile, causing it to go airborne and crash through her windshield. everyone was okay but she says these pictures show how terrifying the accident was. >> just a loud, sound. it is something i really can't
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describe. i was scared, shaken up. >> and nicole walked away with a small bump on the head, the turtle will was returned to a pond. justin joining us now checking with the weather watchers. what are they seeing. >> chilly temperatures but they are liking the start of this saturday morning where we're dealing with a lot of sunshine through most locations. some areas are dealing with the fog as well. everybody knows we're talking about more rain on the way later this afternoon. the what else is new? i don't even have to show up for work we know what the forecast is. but enjoy the next several hours as we head into early afternoon with the sunshine. depend where you are, it is chilly. we are seeing 40's up in spots in blue bell, jerry is at 49 degrees. delores in newark, delaware checks in at 47. mid 50's at lou's house in eagleville. another cool spot, allen in delran at 48 degrees. fifty-two in cherry hill, new jersey. richboro, megan, 54 degrees. we are at the 50 both in cherry hill at jenny's house and julia in allentown has
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clouds and some fog, currently 50 degrees. so here is the shots this morning. it depend where you are, allentown, tell ran, where he has clear skies. the nice start to the the day. we have that sunrise. then we will take you out to ed connor's house in chesterfield, new jersey. he has that fog developing. so that is also the trend this morning in some spots. cherry hill also in good shape with good visibility, enjoy the sunshine. lets get to the the jersey shore, live look ocean city, nice shot there, temperatures there in the the 50's, in the sunshine, and this place will be jammed packed in a couple of weekend as we head into memorial day. in fact there are signs of perhaps typical late spring air mass. finally does return by the end of the month. that is great timing for memorial day. lets talk about our weather headlines. warm stat to the weekend. we will hit 70's again today. more showers around. second half of the weekend we will cool it back down. it will feel like early springtime n fact, 16 days until it is officially memorial day that does arrive, 21 days until the average
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80 degrees but we have a shot of reaching some 80's by the end of the day. we will see,ds true. summer officially begins 37 days from now with 51 days until july 4th. we are moving in the summer season but doesn't feel like it because of the weather. strong cold front out across the ohio valley and there is a batch of showers and storms. that tracks eastward today and impacts us late this afternoon and this evening. there is cold air. snow showers flying across the upper great lakes. we will not see snow showers but temperatures will drop tomorrow and still a rainy stretch, two and three-quarters of an inch of rain in philadelphia so far since may 1st. only two dry days so far, we're not going to get that today because we have more rain on the way later this afternoon into this evening. tomorrow's dry, but just windy and will cooler with some sunshine and cloud. we will start off the workweek okay with high pressure staying in control so we will keep things dry. later this afternoon into early evening there is a marginal risk for scattered severe thunderstorm across the region. keep that in mind, you hear
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thunder and head inside, immediately, so lets time it out, through noon time early afternoon, sunshine with just some cloud increasing and then after 3:00 o'clock we will see showers arriving. i'd say around five or 6:00 for city there could be a line of stronger showers or storms, and by 9:00 mostly gone and we will clear out around midnight tomorrow and it looks to be in good shape, partly sunny skies, wind kick up, but we are out of the south today we're warm and then switch to the west, later tonight, sunday, monday, and that brings in that colder air. looking at these temperatures, today in the 70's across most locations and then front moves through, tonight, pretty chilly we're down in the 40's early on sunday morning and we will struggle to make it back to around 60 degrees, for sunday afternoon, so, morning sunshine, late have afternoon showers, perhaps a thunderstorm, perhaps, 75 for a high. forty-eight for center city. cooler in the suburbs and extended forecast look at that drop in temperature, 61 for the high in sunday.
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still cooler for monday with 66 and the sun. cloud return tuesday. some showers for wednesday. then by end of the next week back to where we should be in the lower 70es, rahel, back to you. >> justin, thank you. >> sure. on the cbs-3 healthwatch it is a cancer that doesn't get much attention but thousands are expected in philadelphia for the second annual walk to end bladder cancer. health reporter stephanie stahl has more on one patient who has become an advocate. >> reporter: surgeon with his grateful patient, they can enjoy a peaceful walk new after an ordeal with bladder cancer. >> this could result in you dying so it was difficulties convention to say the least. >> reporter: don a busy grandfather of eight was told his bladder had to be removed. first doctor described what life would be like. >> instead of going to the bathroom you pied in the bag. >> reporter: doctor alexander, of fox chase, offered a better option for don creating a new bladder using part of the intestines. >> i have have a neo bladder
6:22 am
and i'm doing great, and life is good, and i'm still working. >> reporter: now don is on a mission to warn others not to ignore main symptoms of bladder cancer blood in the urine which is what he did. >> men are a mess, and we tend to ignore things. i have learned not to ignore signals that my body is giving me. but what a lesson that was. >> a lot of us treat patient was bladder cancer and break through. >> reporter: doctorate say it is frustrating bladder cancer doesn't get the attention it deserves. >> unfortunately although bladder cancer is fifth most common cancer it received, difficulties proportionately small amount of funding. >> reporter: better treatment could spare patients like don ordeal of reconstructive surgery but he feels lucky. >> we have had 200, minis on the race track. >> reporter: to be back with his car hobby and watching his grandchildren grow up. don and his team from fox chase will be participate in the second annual walk to end bladder cancer on saturday hoping to raise awareness and
6:23 am
money for research. weaver information at cbs, click on health, i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, it is an event, and, the hair show is happening today at university city. the show expecting more than 1,000 people to show up. experts in the hair care industry will share information on how to maintain naturally healthy hair. >> it is about learning how to take care of your hair and doing a better, you know, finding alternative products, that are, healthiest for your hair. >> reporter: philadelphia natural hair show is at the first district place at 38th and market, it runs from 10:00 . a powerhouse acting, duo hits theaters this weekend. julia roberts and george clooney in money monster but hear from the film's equally famous director and the the relevant issues that this movie touches on coming up
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a loud mouth tv financial advisor comes face-to-face in a new thriller. george clooney and julia roberts star in money monster which was directed by jody foster. terry okita has the preview. >> show is money monster. >> reporter: george clooney plays a tv financial guy rein a new thriller money monster but his show and his life, are in jeopardy when an irate investor played by jack o'connell stops by. >> who is that guy on camera two. >> the union thing. >> julia roberts plays the producer of the show. >> stay calm, i'm right here. >> reporter: director jody foster says the film touches several relevant issues. >> it asks questions about our
6:27 am
media, and our financial world, it asked questions about the the virtual intimacy that we have now with computers and phones, and monitors every where. >> you can be something. >> reporter: drama plays out in real time, and lee helps the gunman get to the bottom of his losses. and the tv host gets his own eye opening lesson. >> we're in this together now. i don't want to you die. >> you are the one that really changes from beginning to even. he find his humanity because he is faced with jack's character kyle who sort of shows him the reflection and shows in the mirror his responsibility. >> reporter: george clooney was foster and waited until he was available to make the movie. terry okita for
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the biggest collegiate rowing competition in north america kicks off in half an hour i'm anita oh in boat house row and coming up the new changes to the schedule reese lint announced and how athletes are preparing. and, those athletes may have to row extra fast to get in all of those races before the showers hit, as storm scan three shows the rain is not far off. good morning, i'm rahel solomon, thanks for being us this saturday, and,
6:31 am
meteorologist, justin drabick on the sky deck with justin a beautiful start behind you but rain is coming. >> that is right, i think this is one of the best mornings we have had in a while work full sunshine here in the city. a few areas you are seeing with if you go but not a bad start to our saturday morning. take advantage of it now because later this afternoon we will track more showers, maybe even a few thunderstorms, across the region. temperatures, comfortable at this hour in the mid 50's here. 56 degrees. it is 53 in wilmington. fifty in millville, and then some suburbs are dropping down to the 40's. where we have the clear skies and calm wind, and cooler temperatures, we are seeing some fog develop. especially toward lehigh valley, allentown seeing some fog, and visibility down to a quarter mile. forty-five right now in quakertown. forty-eight in pottstown. there is that dense fog advisory going until 8:00 o'clock this morning for the lehigh valley, bucks county, parts of the central new jersey. beware of that. if you don't have the fog we're in the sunshine right now and there is a lot of it to stick around for next several hours. clouds will roll in later this
6:32 am
afternoon and we will see showers moving our way. they will impact us after 3:00 . we're good until about 3:00 and we will see showers, temperatures and thunderstorms developing through 9:00 o'clock and then things start to improve later tonight. kind of the split weekend, it is warm today. 75 degrees. as this front moves through we will see a cooler finish to the weekend, highs tomorrow only 61. we will talk about how long chilly a air mass last when i show thaw seven day in a few minutes. back to you. and it is last day of the competition in the dad vail regatta, the country's largest collegiate rowing regatta is in the seventh eighth year. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live at boat house row where a neat, you say the weather is a factor today. >> reporter: good morning, rahel. we will see more than 100 colleges from across the u.s. and canada competing in the dad vail regatta today. as you can see crews are getting ready. we saw temple hit water as they are practicing. for the race that kicks off at 7:00 this morning.
6:33 am
so this is a big day, joining us any is organizing committee president jim hanna. thanks for being with us. what does this day mean for athletes and people like yourself participating in this for so many years. >> this is really big. the thinks our 65th year in philadelphia since 1956 we have been here every year. this is a big event for philadelphia it is jewel in the crown, reagly. right of passage every spring, it is the opening of the the fairmount park. first big, big event. it is important for volunteers, over 200 volunteers make this regatta a possibility for philadelphia. it has an huge economic impact all of the hotel rooms filled and wheels consume and money that is spent around philadelphia. dad vail even though it is on friday and saturday, it gives a lot of people make it an entire week in terms of the stay and vice witt this his stork city.
6:34 am
as far as importance to the kid it is important from the standpoint that mess of their lives centered around rowing. rowing is a year round sport now. when they go to college to row effectively they will row year round. kid have five things to do. they have their faith, family, they have their studies, and in rowing, and then social life comes a difficulties extant fifth. so, it is, a really big commitment, but you will see some of the america's greatest. >> reporter: we have seen some schedule change has announced yesterday, can you explain what those are and why you decided to make those changes. >> well, our mission, it is to make sure that every kid, student that comes to the dad vail has a chance to row and with the weather forecast, we have looked ahead, and more than 24 hours, and because of weather conditions this afternoon, we don't want to take any chances. we have feature events starting at 7:00 a.m., and throughout the day, we have
6:35 am
updated the schedule. officials are giving up the lunch hour and we will even up racing right through the day, officials license on the water the entire take, we hope to finish up around 2:00 this afternoon. well ahead of the weather. >> reporter: we also have 175 races going on, there are a ton of races, that will be happening, and what is the course that these athletes will be taking today and what can they expect. >> okay, the race course is a 2,000-meter race course. when they come off the boats which are the starting blocks, they are usually sprinting, for the first 30 strokes, and then, the wind they lower their stroke range and they go to the body and they race, and they are looking very strategically at other crews they are competing with, and one crew may make a movie, early in the race. and, thousand feet. >> and, in the race, but there is no certainty, by the time
6:36 am
they are in the final 500 meters, that they will pick up the pace, and give it everything that they have, the acid will be building up in their bodies, to the point where you really separate the winners from the ones that will win the second place crews. great thing about the schuylkill river you can come and sit the sea wall and be up close and see sweat pouring off the athletes forehead and here the rowers shouting out and encourage teams you want to be root for ten, 20, 30 feet way from them. really be up close and see the people who are working, to get to the finish line. >> reporter: we are certainly looking forward to the races which kick off at 7:00 this morning. if you want to come down to the schuylkill river, it is free, for you but keep in mind along kelly drive there will be detours until 8:00 o'clock tonight. live from boat house row i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness
6:37 am
news". thank you. winners revealed, we now know who was taking home the 429.6 million-dollar power ball jackpot. the winning ticket of course was sold in new jersey. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan introduces us to the the new millionaire. >> hello. i guess y'all thinking you you wish you was me right now, right. >> reporter: despite being friday the 13th valerie arthur and her family are feeling pretty lucky after winning 429.6 million-dollar power ball jackpot. she says it has been a whirlwind since her sister broke the news. >> marcia called me on the phone and said guess who won the power ball. i said who she said we did. i said, well, stop april fooling me and, you know get off of my phone. she said, it is true, we won the power ball. i haven't slept since then. >> reporter: zero seven year-old pearlie may smith bought the ticket at 7-eleven in trenton but according to the family she and her seven children pitched into pay for
6:38 am
it. speaking for the rest, valerie says it is an incredible blessing. >> it was like an affirm nation from god because we each had dreams that we want to fulfill in this life and do for our community and do for each other and our families, and there was like, well, we have been fund todd do that. >> reporter: most of the family lives in trenton and they have been meeting dale toy plan how they would handle the money and the attention that it begins. before going public they had their attorney assemble a team of advisors. >> we know that we are going to be inexperienced so our first and foremost thought is to educate ourselves. >> reporter: they are making plans to use their money to help their community in churches pledging at least 10 percent, they want their money to be a source of enjoyment and not turmoil. >> if it does change me i think it would change me for the best. >> reporter: smith family says they will take the cash lump sum of 284 million-dollar before taxes, that breaks town about 35 and a half million-dollar for each person. they say that they will pay
6:39 am
off their debt and go on vacation. reporting from lottery headquarters i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right. and kentucky and oregon get attention this weekend head of this tuesday's primary. yesterday, former president bill clinton campaign on behalf of his wife, hillary, at garden state's primary june . touring a rally the college in new jersey in ewing the former president explained why he thinks thinks wife is the best candidate to become command inner chief. >> i think she has got the best ideas that are most likely to help the largest number of people to raise middle class incomes, restore upper mobility, reduce in equality and launch an explosion of economic activity, in this country, that will include everybody. second, she's the only person left in either part that i has got a record of getting things done with members of the other party. >> hillary clinton meanwhile will campaign in kentucky tomorrow and monday. clinton's rival bernie sanders begins two days in
6:40 am
kentucky. today he holds a rally in bowling green. last night, during a stop in bismarck, north dakota sanders told supporters he has a chance to end the democratic presidential nomination process with more pledged delegates then clinton. sanders also says he has the best chance to win the general election. presumptive republican presidential nominee donald trump plans a campaign stop in new jersey next thursday. he will be in lawrenceville for a fun raising rally with toy help governor chris christie erase debt from his own white house bid. celebrity filled state dinner at the white house, during the nordic state dinner president obama toasted leaders. former late show host david letterman new looking different sporting a beard there, will ferrell made the list, his wife was born in swede up, ferrell was heard saying i hope we don't do anything wrong. i'm sure they were fine. villanova wildcats are heading to president obama may
6:41 am
31st but before they do that we have them in our sued ohio last night. danny ochefu was our guest sports anchor and that is coming up. also ahead are you on line, watching tv, right now. so many of us are facebook, twitter and other social media sites and scammers do too. how to avoid them coming up. and vittoria woodill is soaring to new heights she's taking a plunge with the thunderbird, and coming up next how she had to relearn how to breathe for this once in a lifetime adventure, stay
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6:44 am
well, unfortunately scammers are on social media too. some estimates the number of fishing attempts on something media sites has grown 150 percent. three on your side consume are reports, jim donovan has information that you need to have scammers not target you. >> reporter: scammers can be clever and trick new to sharing your personal information. but there are some ways to spot a scam. watch out for fake customer service accounts on twitter, on line criminals use these accounts to get your bank log in and pass word and they could look very similar to real sites. the telltale sign, the twitter handle can be one character off or have an extra under score, or other character, scammers can be patient, waiting for to you tweet your bank and then replying with a link to a fake support site that can steel your information. another scam, phony posts, fraud can comment on a popular
6:45 am
store which a link to the catchy head line or a link promoting free live dream for a game or concert but those links usually lead to a web site asking for your personal information. and even though it is tempt to go see what your spirit animal is or what you will be doing in 20 years, be careful of fake on line surveys and contests. no matter what only click on profiles that you know, that are verified with a blue check mark and never give out any information on line, that you do not want scammers to steel. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. >> there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning saturday. anthony mason and vanita nair join us live with the preview. >> good morning, rahel. coming up today's headlines plus a list that has contained some of the most controversial but most beloved books in american history. we will look at the changing nature of the so-called, banned books list. >> then baby diamond are not forever. sales figure show more and
6:46 am
more people are passing on the pricey rocks. find out why it is happening. they acted in one of the highest grossing films of all time but yet no one saw their faces. tails of the new documentary of the unknown actors from the original, star wars. all that plus your eye opener, the dish and music in our the saturday session, just ahead on cbs this morning. saturday. >> all right. looking forward to watching, thanks very much. and they called themselves, america's ambassador in blue, u.s. air force thunder bird are performing at the power in the pines air show this weekend at joint base maguire fort dix lakehurst. they gave our vittoria woodill a chance to break the sound barrier. >> it is a f-16, fighting falcon. in brilliant red, white and blue, it reaches twice the speed of sound, that is 1500 miles per hour. it is flown by best pilots in the united states air force. demonstrating precision,
6:47 am
power, and american pride, this plane is the mark of a thunder bird. ambassadors in blue have been in existing since 1953, a team of 120, with six planes and 12 pilots. make that 13. i'm sitting as co pilot for once in a lifetime ride in the clear blue, so lets get briefed with thunderbird number 12 captain sarah a harper. >> today you'll experience, the way the jet will go down runway, and go about 15,000 feet. >> can you hold your breath for ten or 152nd. >> yes, you can. >> for thunderbird number nine major doctor chris. >> we're not breathing for oxygen but for pressure. >> reporter: to combat g force or gravity pressure he showed me how to squeeze and breathe or g strain so i wouldn't blackout. >> take a big deep breath and then start your squeeze, one, two, three, good. >> two, three.
6:48 am
>> okay. >> we will try this a couple more times. >> to help my g strain i was fitted for my g suit which inflates when it has pressure in the flight. >> are you nervous. >> i want to be a chicken i want to be a thunderbird. >> reporter: now my official thunderbird helmet and final flight pilot lucky major kevin walsh. >> we will do every maneuver, how many g's we will pull, which way we will turn. the objective is not to make you sick or make you pass out but to have a real fun time. >> well, i feel the need for speed. here we go. >> i can't believe this is real. this is nuts. >> reporter: at 720 miles an hour, here comes the g's. topping out at 6.6g's i felt like an astronaut launching into space. we rolled in the sun, flew upside down, and did a loop so big we saw our smoke we did it all, and i lost it all too, with one final over the jersey shore we turned back to base.
6:49 am
i made it and only filled two bags. >> congrats. >> thanks very much. >> thank you. >> you you and the entire air force, thunderbird, really i cannot put into word what you do for all of us. thunder bird, baby. >> and vittoria also says that for the record the max you can top out is 9g's. she pulled a 6.6. if you want to see all 12 of the thunderbirds in action check them out at power and pines air show and april house this weekend a the joint base maguire dixon lakehurst. justin joining us with the weekend forecast and weather watchers. >> not a bad day to fly, and if you are a pilot, a at least first half of day because we are dog with clear skies, and, this morning depend where you you are across the delaware valley. as we check with the backyard from our weather watchers. temperatures ranging from 40's all the way to the mid 50's. we will set you up north to perkasie, john jenkins, he is
6:50 am
at the 48 degrees right now. he does have some fog, light fog with some sun, quickly burning through, so again, dense fog advisory for his location until 8:00 o'clock this morning. that sun will rapidly warm the air up and that fog should difficulties pay pretty good. we will head further south and west out in chester county. steve johnson is in sunshine now, west chester at 47 degrees. has a message, will the sky clear and sun showed up? 47 degrees, and the heat is on, here. may. i feel you, man. crazy. it is still dealing with chilly temperatures mid-may. our heaters are still running. we will take you up north of the city, up toward bucks county, megan, she's in the dense fog advisory, has the fog right now. current temperature 54 degrees. the just some of the scenes we have been dealing with this morning. if you have the fog, this is outside, in chesterfield, new jersey, and still foggy conditions right here. so really low visibility. so you cannot even see some of the roads here. this is 5:28. tough to see. beware of that traveling areas, really north and east
6:51 am
of the city. the lets go to rehoboth beach right now, live look from the neighborhood network where we had full sunshine, a few people out walking on the boardwalk this morning, enjoying a nice start, to the saturday, and even, jersey shore delaware beaches will get on some of the train but that will hold off until late in the day. heading to the shore not a bad day overall. visibility, right now, starting to improve, we were down less than a half a mile in allentown, now backup to eight. as we progress over next few hours, that sun should dissipate and fog and we should in problems in mid-morning. full sunshine once you get out of the fog. mostly clear skies in the delaware valley. here come the lines of showers. a few thunderstorms breaking out across the ohio valley. that does track east ward today. we have a few more hours to go with full sunshine. clouds will thicken up this morning and into the afternoon. once you get outside today, this morning, through early afternoon. that is your best bet. if you have yard work to get done, cut the grass, that is the time to do it. this evening after 8:00 o'clock we will see
6:52 am
improving conditions. so basically between 3:00 and 8:00 chance to see showers, a few thunderstorms and then anytime sunday. we will be dry tomorrow, but it will be much cooler, so certainly need to dress warmly. so through the morning and into the afternoon cloud will start to move from the west, this is 4:00 o'clock we will see western suburbs seeing those showers and a few thunderstorms. they should role through the city around five or 6:00 o'clock, heading into new jersey and by eight or 9:00 o'clock moving off shore and clear the skies out again, temperatures drop behind this cold front and wind kicks up. past few days jet stream has stayed to the north and we are warm. we should reach mid 70's before the front moves through and then jet stream takes a drop southward, allowing that colder canadian air to build back in. so tomorrow into early next week, temperatures well below average, and it will feel more like early april, and not mid to late may. and mild today though, 75 degrees, for the high temperature in philadelphia tonight, it gets chilly we're dropping down in the 40's. maybe even lower 40's north and west of the city. so heavier coat weather, early
6:53 am
on sunday morning. and then sunday afternoon even with sunshine, we will struggle to get to the upper 50's, to maybe even 60 degrees and if we're lucky. so today first half of the day no problems, late day showers, thunderstorms, 75 degrees for the high temperature, and evening showers tonight, then we will clear it out. still breezy. 48 degrees for center city. if you are heading to the phillies game there is a rain chance at the start, game time temperatures is 65. they will get the game in with those showers clearing out by 8:00 o'clock or so. sixty-one is the high for sunday. still 60's the first half of next week. we will see more rain chances, returning on wednesday. rahel, back to you. >> justin, thank you. >> okay. >> last night at 11:00 a special surprise, villanova star daniel ochefu was here to guest anchor sports. fresh off of graduation day, dab qualification went from cap and gown to sports anchor. now here's daniel's delivering the latest news on the eagles rookie quarterback. >> one day after signing his first professional quarterback carson wentz had his first
6:54 am
practice as a bird. the eagles started a three day rookie mini camp at novacare complex and carson had everyone's attention. the number two overall pick said, he is going to work hard to get his teammate's respect. what about dealing with fellow quarterback sam bradford? he has not heard from him and carson does not foresee any problems working with sam because he is going to work. >> nice job. >> well, daniel told ukee and jessica that he would like to have a career in the nb. a. there are other things you can do with sports as well like being a coach or an agent and that it is important to have a plan b. smart man. well, justin will be back with the latest timing on the storms this afternoon, stay with u
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
welcome back a lot of sunshine this morning but deceiving though, it will come after 3:00 o'clock we will see some showers and storms developing through 9:00 o'clock this evening. again between 3:00 and 9:00 under gun for wet weather. keep that in mind if you have outdoor plans today. tomorrow it is dry but noticeably colder, high temperature only 61 degrees. typical for relevant i april. we will keep it in the 60's first half of next week with more rain on wednesday. >> more rain. >> more rain. >> but it is more of a gap, sunday, monday, tuesday dry. >> that is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for now. we may be signing off on tv but we are always on line, cbs this morning saturday is next, have a great weekend.
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