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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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♪ from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is
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cbs3 "eyewitness news". ♪ right now on "eyewitness news", south jersey community mourns the loss of two teenagers who died in a crash just hours after their high school prom. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thanks for joining us. four girls were in the car at the time when the driver lost control and hit tree. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live in maurice river township, cumberland county, where the accident happened. trang. >> reporter: natasha, this accident happened just across the road here on route 49. as we go across the street, you can see that there's a make shift memorial that has formed. friends and family of day is a sultan and mikayla mosley stopping by to leave balloons and cards and flowers and just finding comfort in being together and sharing stories of these two teens gone too soon. >> two of my best friends in the same day. prom was supposed to be a happy
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day not where you die. >> reporter: two beautiful lives cut short on a night teens look forward to all year. >> 17-year-old day is a sultan, 15-year-old mikayla mosley and two friends on their way back from ocean city after the bridgeton high school prom. state police say around 3:45 a.m. sultan was headed westbound on route 49 towards bridgeton when her pt cruiser swerved into the eastbound lane and struck a tree. sultan and mosley were killed. medics rush the two other passengers jada, and zaya stocks to the hospital g nobody needs to experience this pain much this pain is like -- it's physically hurting us. nobody should ever feel this. i wouldn't wish them on my worst hen me. >> reporter: huge gathering of mosley's extended family and again to mourn and remember a girl who -- >> she look like an angel. all she neede needed were her al wings schenn got them. >> breaking down while
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describing her the pain of los losing two worm bright and bubbly young women just too much to bear. >> she was always there all the time whenever i needed her. ing in i asked her to do she would do it without asking me any questions. like day is a she was the same way, like... >> reporter: as for those other two passengers listed in critical condition. this sad news came on the day that many in this community attend add funeral for 18-year-old from bridgeton who died in a car accident just two weeks ago. for now we're live in maurice river township, new jersey, i'm trang do, cbs3 "eyewitness new news". >> trang, thank you so much. also tonight a woman is fighting for her life following a shooting in kensington. gunman shot the 24-year-old five times on the 700 block of willard street around three coletit this afternoon victim is in critical condition at temple university hospital. police tell "eyewitness news" arrest has been made in this case. there's no word on what led to
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the shooting. police are also investigating after a dog attacked a child in chestnut hill. it happened on the 7700 block of stenton avenue around 1:00 o'clock this afternoon. police say the five-year-old boy was bitten several times in the face. paramedics rush him to einstein medical center. right now he's stable. no word on the fate of the dog just yet. philadelphia police meantime say they've arrest add local teenager for damaging several cars in university city last night. 18-year-old blake bowers faces multiple charges including aggravated assault. police say bowers through rocks and railroad ties at moving vehicles from an overpass on the 600 block of university avenue. a driver suffered minor injuries when his windshield was destroyed. after dave warm temperatures out there, some storms, we're cooling down just a bit outside. meteorologist lauren casey is in the weather center with a look at the forecast. hey, lauren. >> natasha, we had a bit of everything today. we had sunshine through much of
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our saturday and then showers and a few thunderstorms rolling through this evening. even severe thunderstorm rolling through parts of southern delaware but right now conditions quieting down on storm scan3 just a few lingering sprinkles out there most of moisture working offshore and the cloud exec starting to break up after a cold front moved through this evening but before that frontal boundary, temperatures were warm. seventy three 76 degrees in philadelphia. today 74 in allentown. our average high temperature is 73 degrees. so finally a day spent above average temperatures right now, though, cooled off significantly with a combination of the rainfall and the front passing through. 57 degrees right now in philly. middle 50's in the lehigh valley and down into the 40s in the poconos and that's all thanks to this northwesterly to westerly wind flow ushering in that cooler air. the cold front is now offshore at this time and winds are little bit breezy around 10 to 15 miles per hour. winds will be elevated through the day tomorrow. some gusty winds with winds gusting up to 35 miles per hour. a much cooler day with high
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temperatures struggling to hit 60 degrees. we stay dry for a couple of days and the rain returns as we head into tuesday night and wednesday much check this out. good news. may be a sunny stretch with more than one sunny day in a row. i'll let you know when to mark your calendars for that coming up in just a few minutes. >> looking forward to that. thank you very much lauren. a charter bus headed to a casino crashed in texas today killing eight people. 40 others were injured when the bus rolled over near loredo this afternoon. it's still not clear what caused the crash but we're told the bus company is based in texas. authorities say this crash is one of the deadliest bus accidents in the state in the last several years. a pilot was killed when his by plain crash while performing a stunt at air show near atlanta, georgia. authorities say the pilot was flying in tandem with another plane. there were no injuries on the ground and now the national transportation safety board and federal aviation administration
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are both on the scene investigating. now to campaign 2016 news tonight. donald trump is sending off another flurry of criticism. a new york times story details a history of unwelcomed advances toward women including kisses on the mouth. trump disputed the charges meanwhile house speaker paul ryan still has not endorsed the presumptive gop nominee. and campaigning in kentucky democratic bernie sanders told supporters he's the only one who can beat trump. >> national polls and state polls have us, all of us, doing significantly better than hillary clinton in the race against donald trump. >> donald trump should be given a ton of credit for advancing widening the playing field watch we want to make sure going forward we're doing nothing but adding voters to the republican party column and not doing anything that subtracts voters going forward. >> in a new web ad democrat frontrunner hillary clinton
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focuses on trump's years of reluctance to release his tax returns. now running for a great cause. many people turn out to support our wounded warriors in delaware county today. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandra huff tells us one special hero received a very special award. ♪ >> i was going to the marine corps, work and, get married and everything but my life was changed forever. >> reporter: may seventh, 2007 ronnie portis suffered burns to 90% of his body while serving in iraq. he lost two friends in that same incident much he's 29 years old. by land and air the eighth annual walk for the wounded in media raised funds and awareness for thousands of american hero heroes. 2 miles this walk is truly a symbol of solidarity. to the very long journey that these wounded heroes have made. this year our own ukee
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washington helped in presenting special award given out to officer jesse hartnett and his familiarly. >> for his service to our country and continued service to our community. >> reporter: hartnett a philadelphia police officer sustained injuries to his arm after being shot during an ambush earlier this year. >> it's tough to see these vets that have been up here. they have limbs blown off. it's very difficult and traumatic to have dealt with that and they still come here today with big smiles on their face. >> happy to wake up in the morning. >> reporter: jay lost his leg to roadside bomb while serving in baghdad in 2007. he has since worked with operation first response helping fellow wounded vets. >> they just have to realize, okay, that's done. i need to move on somewhere this. that's when they can start helping themselves mentally. >> reporter: he says what emery tired military seek is purpose. another reason to give it all they've got again. that's just how heroes operate. >> now i have new mission.
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my new mission is to help as many veterans as i can. >> reporter: alexandra huff, cbs3 "eyewitness news". also tonight remembering a hero 75 years after his death. robert hopkins saves lives when the eye titanic sang on april 15th, 1912. and today, his family gathered in new jersey as a headstone was finally placed on his unmarked grave. 104 since titanic sang after colliding with iceberg on its maiden voyage a fitting memorial is unveiled for a hero. robert john hopkins is finally getting his due. >> as a youngster, his name was not in any books, it wasn't a big thing on the news, it was just here say from my father. >> 2225 people boarded the titanic traveling from southampton england to new york when it sang 713 survived. it's said hopkins saved 130 people that night. the heroic act well recorded in history, even to he depicted in into the 97 blockbuster titan
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tick. he acted quickly when another vessel was falling towards his lifeboat. >> robert hopkins with a penn 95 hacked away at the popes holding the lifeboat and allowed that boat to get out from underneath boat 15. we were just wondering how many more decedents there are from people that got saved and may not be alive today if he hadn't done that. >> hopkins lived in hoboken new jersey until his death in 1943. and was buried in holy name cemetery in jersey city where his grave was left unmarked until today. >> we didn't even know where he was buried for while. >> thanks to a tomb stone donated by arch disease of newark his grandchildren and great-grandchildren are able to honor his grandfather. >> two women who were rescued on that lifeboat are buried in the same cemeteries a few yards from the man who saved them. stay with us. still to come, find out where this accidental fireworks show happened and see the destruction
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it left behind. plus, a philadelphia tradition almost eight decades old. we'll take you to the banks of the schuylkill river for all the excitement of day two of the dad vail regatta. lauer jenn. >> we have windy and cool sunday in store. a chilly sunday night. i'll let you know where we have a freeze watch in effect as we head into monday morning in your full forecast and that's coming up. >> straight ahead in sports once against the phillies game is decided by a run. did they win their 14th one run game? lesley van arsdall she's got all the highlights. stay with you us, everyone. back in a moment.
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fire break out at a garden center setting off dozens of fireworks stored inside the building. the explosions in southampton england caused the vac ways of nearby homes. most of the garden center us
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what destroyed but there were no reports of any injuries. and check out these pictures here a woman driving near orlando got the surprise of her life when a turtle came crashing right through her windshield. authorities say a car in front of her hit the turtle throwing it airborne and causing it to smash through her windshield. now the woman walk away with just a small bump on her head. amazing the turtle survived. and was returned to a nearby pond. single may the best rowers from all around the country philadelphia for the dad veil regatta. >> as calm and consistently as the current sweeps along the schuylkill river, rowers take a similar approach when it comes to their scores. >> kind of have to keep the nerves calm and you can't worry about what's going on around. you got to focus on your own boat and your own guys.
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>> item fell university dante romeo one of thousands collegiate rowers who put their oars to water for the 78th an daal dad vail regatta. >> the amount of team work that goes into, the fraternal as spec how much brotherhood between you and the guys got me to fall in love with the support film philadelphia hosts the rogue competition the second weekend of may each year. >> it's a big event for philadelphia. it's a jewel in the crown really an right of passage every spring. >> reporter: for coaches, athletes and hundreds of volunteers, the prep work starts much earlier. >> we start working on this will he gat in september and october. we build right up to now. this is huge for us. >> reporter: the event may be free but organizers say it makes a big splash for the city. >> it has quite a bit of economic impact. when you think about all the hotel rooms that are filled and the meals that are consumed. >> reporter: largely due to the crowds that gather to rally around their favorite team. >> go! >> reporter: kathy a long time
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philadelphia resident came to cheer on her grand nephew dylan. >> heroes for -- rows for the university of delaware. >> it's been family affair. his father rowed. his uncle rowed. like the olympic gold medal. that's what you're going for here. >> reporter: more than 100 colleges across the us and canada competed in the 78th annual dad vail regatta. making it the largest collegiate rogueing competition in north america. i'm a note at a oh, cbs3 "eyewitness news". lauren i'm so glad the weather held on early on in the day before it went south. >> a nice day today. we had some sunshine. very unfamiliar to all of us. we did have the rain that moved in later in the day with a few imbedded thunderstorms as well but now all is quiet once again. as we head into the day tomorrow we are going to have some much cooler temperatures and very windy conditions as well. but our may so far, we know it hasn't been that great. we've had clouds, we've had rainy days only two dry days so far this month.
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and we've had these cooler temperatures our average temperature for the month of may so far in philadelphia is running at nearly 4 degrees below normal and again tomorrow we'll be on the well cooler side of average. temperatures right now have cooled off significantly after our highs in the middle 70s. we're at 57 degrees in center city philadelphia. a bit of a west wind up that around 12 miles per hour. dew points in the middle 40s telling us that air is pretty dry. temperatures right now are falling off down into the middle 50s in the lehigh valley. mid 40s in the poconos we're down to 57 degrees right now in millville. we do have this colder air up winds moving in on the back side of a cold front that did clear the delaware valley earlier in the evening. temperatures pretty chilly up into the 40s. 46 degrees right now in state college. storm scan3 showing us the last of the moisture moving well offshore the cloud deck breaking down a few linge lynn sprinkles starting to dissipate. panning off to western pennsylvania, seeing some returns.
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a couple of flakes flying there. we're not worrying about that that's just showing us that cold air in place that's going to continue to build in across the area overnight tonight. so partly cloudy and pretty brisk 48 degrees our overnight. northwesterly freeze breezy around 10 to 15 miles an hour. the winds are really whipping us as we head into the day tomorrow. westerly at around 15 to 25 miles per hour. with gusts of 35 maybe slightly higher throughout the afternoon. high temperatures really struggle, 60 degrees so running about tepp to 15 degrees below average. we will see some sunshine but we'll see patchy low clouds moving through as well. that cold front it came through and opened the door to this trough of low pressure that will build in across the mid atlantic in northeast allowing colder canadian air to spill in. it will stick around tomorrow. monday temperatures will be rupping well below average and as we wake up tomorrow morning, it will be a bit of a chill. getting the dog outside, 44 degrees in allentown down into the upper 30s in the poconos. even by midday temperatures still struggling barely in the
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middle 50's at many of our reporting sights much as we head into the evening hours tomorrow, if you do have plans, temperatures dropping off very quickly down into the upper 40s by the 9:00 o'clock hour in philadelphia and surrounding counties. and then waking up on monday morning, heading back to work. you might even need to break out the winter coat. close to 40 degrees in philadelphia. possibly some upper 30s across parts of berks county and getting down close to the freezing mark in the poconos. that's why we do have the freeze watch that is in effect for parts of carbon and monroe counties tomorrow night into early monday morning. watch out for some of those spring plants with those temperatures nearing the freezing mark. but across the region tomorrow, it's going to be a cool one. high temperatures at the shore near 60 degrees. windy for everyone and we can maybe see a passing sprinkle mapely north and west of the city tomorrow. bright sunshine, hey, a sunny day in store for monday. 64 degrees. a little bit of a breeze. it will be cooler than average but not a bad way to start off the work week. shower possible during the daytime hours on tuesday. better rain chances tuesday night. and into wednesday with some
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periods of rain. and then check that out. thursday, friday, saturday, that's a sunshine. those are thee sunshines in row. >> is that what that is. >> i had to do a double take isn't very unfamiliar symbols to us i wanted to explain them. >> three whole days in a row. >> i know. >> let's keep it going. thank you so much. >> sure. >> talk about the phillies later. >> yes. >> we got to talk. isn't talk about the phillies. >> i can't wait to get to it. >> first we'll talk about the flyers. two of them have date with surgeon. the eagles continue their rookie camp and, natasha, phillies on roll. winning six out of seven. could aaron nola get his first home win of the s
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>> before tonight toss' game against the reds the coach would like to see his team score seven or eight runs. they're sick games above 500. aaron nola on the hill looking for runs. first home win of the year. fourth inning phillies trailing ryan howard with the fly ball
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that went off the top of the scoreboard in right field. mikell franco will score on the double and the phillies tied the game. to the fifth we go phillies went ahead. herrara with a single up the middle. goo dell scores and the fightings take the lead. hernandez grounds into right field for hit scoring nola and phillies with three-two lead. in the ninth inning the phillies lead down to one. david hernandez pitching. jordan hits through ball to left. goodell makes the catch. tagged um at third we have play at the plate. cameron rough gets the throw. puts on the tag but just got crush. held on to the ball for the final out. phillies with another one run victory. four-three the final. >> throw by good dell perfect throw to the plate. great execution. great way to win game. >> got nearing that throw and
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thank god cam made a great play holding ton that. >> i was just thinking hold on to that ball for deer lively don't let it go and whatever happens happens. just sacrificed -- that's my plate. i ain't letting him get to it. >> the eagles continue the the rookie many camp down at the novacare complex it ends tomorrow and the veterans come in for ota's starting on tuesd tuesday. eagles selected cornerback jaylen mills for second round. he was expected to be higher but charged with aim sell assault he wept free trial program. charges were dropped aft going through the legal process he says he's thankful he's getting a chance to play in the nfl. >> every time i come here, you know, i look at my locker and get goose bumps. i only been here for three days. i get chill bumps. starting playing football at 10, 12 years old. a dream come true and i'm here. i have to prove my self as well. >> flares captain claude jr. row
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and shane will both have hip and abdominal surgery on tuesday. the team says they should be able to return to full activity in about 10 to 12 weeks. to the pits we go the union taking on montro al in battle for first place. union trailing in the 24th minute. nice passing chris to will he too who passes to cj who scores his fifth goal of the season. the union played to one all tie against the impact. jim curtain's squad is unbeaten in the last four games and remains just one point behind the division leading impacts. team doing very well. >> very nice. thank you so much lesley. stay with us. still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight a look at the world's largest plain. fine out just how big this ma'am moth aircraft, there it is, how big that is. we'll let you know. also tell you about the marathon flight its makin
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♪ welcome back everyone. world's largest aircraft touches down in india. let you take look here much this is the aircraft. it's 276 feet long. it's twice the wing span of a boeing 747. this stop in india is part of a marathon journey from the chech republic to australia carrying a 117-ton mining generator. the plane was designed by the
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that's going to do it for us. i'm nat is a brown, for lesley, lauren, we always have a good time at the end of the show because we're wrapping up our night. if you're up early join our morning team at 6:00 a.m. we're always on have great night.
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