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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday  CBS  May 15, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> ♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> right now on "eyewitness news" vice president joe biden and republican presidential candidate donald trump head to the university of pennsylvania and they aren't playing politics, not today. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thanks for joining us. trump and biden are there for
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commencement ceremonies which are just about to get under way. there's a live look at franklin field and there you see donald trump and his former wife marla maples watching their daughter tiff fee graduate. they will be shortly. they're in the crowd. vice president is there to watch his granddaughter naomi get her dama. the the ceremony is for the school of arts and sciences. security was tight and penn police work together with the secret service and philadelphia police on this event. of course we will have much more from the u hen many penn campus on "eyewitness news" at 10:00 and 11:00. president obama delivered the commencement address today at rutgers university. "eyewitness news" was there as hundreds of rutgers camden students boarded the river line train up to the new brunswick campus. the ceremony was held at high point solution stadium in piscataway. the president took the stage at about 1 o'clock this afternoon to deliver his address and one of his key points for the grads it's more
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important to look to the future than dwell on the past. >> i guess it's part of human nature especially in times of change and uncertainty to want to look backwards and long for some imaginary past when everything worked and the economy hummed and all politicians were wise and every child was well mannered and america pretty much did whatever it wanted around the world. guess what? it ain't so . >> [laughter] the good old days weren't all that good. >> well, the president also took shots at donald trump. he said trump's rhetoric about building border almost and keeping muslims from entering the country he is a betrayal to american values. a bucks county man is in custody tonight charged with homicide and arson in the gruesome death of a 46-year-old woman. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden joins you live from bensalem on what happened. joe.
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>> reporter: well, natasha, police say it doesn't get any more disturbing than this. kevin small apparently irritated at something his girlfriend had said to him so he left that motel, went and got gasoline [inaudible] >> lost it. >> you lost it. >> reporter: it's something kevin small kept telling us when asked what happened, that he lost it. arrest paper show melissa bacon smith and kevin small were staying at the lincoln hotel in trevose along the roosevelt boulevard. kevin allegedly told police it was something melissa said to him that angered him. >> he was seen at wawa prior to this event buying gas and he walked back across the street to the lincoln motor tell walked into the room with the gas and something transpired in the room where he doused the victim with gasoline and set her on fire. >> reporter: police say melissa once on fire tried to reach out to him for help. investigators say kevin instead turned around and walked out. in the meantime the fire spread through parts of the motel doing considerable
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damage. many of the guests staying there were forced to flee as for the investigation, police claim kevin small placed a call to his sister allegedly telling her melissa now look like freddie kruger. we tried pressing small for details. >> lost it. >> reporter: you lost it. what do you mean? drugs alcohol. >> no, no drugs. >> turn around, turn around. >> reporter: what do you wander to say to her family. >> sorry. >> reporter: you're sorry? >> small was treated at the hospital for burns on his hands. reporting live in bensalem joe holden cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> joe, thank you very much. after a much cooler but thankfully drier day today than yesterday we're looking ahead to the start of the work week and let's check in to see how that's looking. meteorologist lauren casey is in our weather center way first look at the forecast. >> hey, natasha, the work week forecast is looking good as we will see some improvement but i think we have nowhere to go but really upped. hard to believe it's may right now. getting a live look at center city philadelphia the low clouds in place there, cool temperatures, only 57 degrees.
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a hardy west wind around 20 miles per hour. dewpoints down into the 20's. those are more dewpoints akin to certainly not may standards, more like winter standards. the air is very dry right now but despite that we're seeing some fast moving sprinkles and showers but again we don't have the moisture to support a lot of shower activity but you could see a couple of drip drops especially north of the city right now up towards abington warrington, also there have been reports of gropple or snow pellets embedded with some of these showers up towards the lehigh valley earlier in the afternoon. as we head into really the next two hours, once we get past sunset, the shower activity is going to turn right off into the 9 o'clock hour, maybe one lingering sprinkle or shower. as we head into midnight nothing going on, the cloud deck will try to dissipate. winds are blustery up around 20 to 25 miles per hour. with the higher gusts we will stay breezy overnight tonight and getting chilly. we're already in the 30's in the poconos, of course upper 50's in philadelphia, upper
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50's down the shore and we do now have a freeze warning in effect for the poconos because of these cold temperatures and i'll let you know how many layers you'll need all across the area by morning coming up in your full forecast. >> all right, lauren, thank you. democratic voters meantime they head to the polls in kentucky and oregon tuesday as hillary clinton works to wrap up her party's nomination. donald trump is still trying to shore up republican support. correspondent brook silva-braga reports. (applause). >> reporter: hillary clinton campaigned across kentucky today and made her case to the blue collar voters who have leaned towards bernie sanders in earlier contests and have been courted by donald trump. >> so i know we can bring manufacturing jobs back. we have to change the tax code that give companies incentives to move jobs out of america. we got to stop that. >> reporter: sanders also held a rally in kentucky arguing that polls show he's best positioned to win in november. >> we do much better against trump than does secretary
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clinton. >> reporter: on the republican side trump responded to reports accusing him of mistreating women and posing as his own spokesman with a tweet. the media is really o on a witch hunt against me false reporting and plenty of it. reince preif vis says trump is immune to the traditional efforts. >> this is a suicide mission. it is -- it is not right and i think what people should do is take the paul ryan approach which is to work with donald trump and find out whether or not there's common ground. >> reporter: some republicans reportedly asked billionaire businessman mark cuban to launch a presidential bid. cuban said it was too late. brook silva-braga for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> well, tomorrow president obama will honor slain philadelphia policeman robert wilson, iii. the president will present wilson's family with the public safety officer medal of valor.
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the award was created in 2001 to honor first responders for moments of bravery and courage. the 30-year-old wilson was killed last march when two men tried to rob a north philadelphia game stop store. 12 other officers will also receive this honor. and police are hoping you can help track down some vandals who hit a south jersey community. police say these two were going door to door in voorhees telling residents they were selling magazines. when they couldn't make a sale they allegedly retaliated by damaging cars in the area. in total five cars on tenby chase and william feather drives were damaged. anyone with information should contact police right away. and a huge mistake leads to the evacuation of one of the world's most famous sporting arenas. old trapper is the mohammed of england's manchester united. today's game was abandoned and 75,000 people removed from that stadium after a suspicious package was found. authorities located a fake bomb, blew it up then later
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determined that it was accidentally left in the stadium following a training exercise involving search dogs. >> stay with us. still to come tonight on "eyewitness news" a huge fire torches at least 100 buildings. why firefighters had to deal with more than just the flames. aggressive bees attack a neighborhood. where it happened and the damage the insects managed to inflict before they were finally stopped. also, straight ahead in sports, the phillies go for the sweep against the reds. so, how did that turn out? lesley van arsdale has those details and we've got lots more. stay with us, everyone. back in a moment.
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>> back now on "eyewitness news" with video of a fire tearing through a brazilian slim. it happened in a city in sal palo. more than a hundred structures were destroyed and fire crews had trouble navigating the narrow streets. no word on injuries and casualties at this point. residents of an oakland california suburb say a recent incident there felt like something pretty much out of a movie. their neighborhood was swarmed by killer bees. two people had to go to the hospital and two small dogs were even killed. according to authorities the swarm began when an amateur bee keeper attempted to collect honey in his backyard unaware there his hive had
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been taken over. neighbors describe the frightening scene. >> the bees were all up in her hair and she was shaking violently and she said they're on me. >> they were super aggressive. they were literally following us and going after us and banging on the windows. it was freaky. it was like a horror movie. >> experts say that killer bees can can take over a hive of calm native bees by killing the hive's queen. anthony keatis lead singer of the red hot chili peppers in the hospital tonight forcing the band to cancel a sold out show at the last minute. this is video of the band on stage making that announcement to a stunned audience last night in irvine, california. kiedis suffered extreme stomach pain shortly before the show. now his current condition is not yet known. and another weekend win at the box office for marvel's latest superhero movie. >> you know i wouldn't do this if i had any other choice. but he's my friend. >> so was i.
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>> captain america civil war crushed the competition raking in $72.6 million. no other movie even made a quarter of that this weekend. the next closest was jungle book bringing in 17.7 million. money monster made 15 million in its opening weekend. the darkness and mother's day rounded out the top five. and take a look here. a familiar face at the immaculata university commencement. that's "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter on the mic. walt addressed the class of 2016 today on the immaculata campus in chester county. great to see walt up there giving some wisdom spreading wisdom as he always does. we just love walt. lots of outdoor events graduations. i'm glad the weather kind of held out. chilly but -- >> it's chilly definitely windy definitely not may-like but we're going to have improving conditions. yesterday we were talking about that sunshine streak. it's still in the forecast. >> oh, good. >> so, holding on, holding on by a thread. >> just a little longer. >> just a little longer but yeah we dealt with the clouds
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today. low clouds in place. did see some sunshine but a live look at center city philadelphia on skycam3 showing us those low clouds lingering right now and a little bit of sprinkle activity trying to work itself into center city philadelphia although the air at the surface is extremely dry right now. so, the shower activity is not having too much success butter we are seeing a few drip drops here and there across the area. our high temperatures today really struggled, we know that. if you were out and about 59 degrees the high in philadelphia. our average high temperature for today's date 74. so, obviously we were nowhere near that. 55 the high in allentown. only in the 40's in the poconos dan of course we had some sunshine but it wasn't a fully sunny day and we haven't had that yet for the month of may. tomorrow i think we have a shot at getting our first fully sunny day. storm scan3 showing us kind of a messy scene across the midatlantic and up into the northeast. very cold air in place. kind of an army of sprinkle activity and even some snow showers up towards the great
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lakes. and we are seeing some sprinkles working through the area up towards the lehigh valley and the poconos, more in the way of formidable showers. as i mentioned at the top of the show could even see some gropple embedded in these showers working themselves into berks and lehigh county. if you see snow pellets don't be too surprised. little bit of a shower trying to work itself through from philadelphia up into buckingham moving off to the east about to cross the i-95 corridor and parts of southern new jersey so you could see a few raindrops there as that continues to move off to the east. peak wind gusts, winds whipping up to nearly 40 miles per hour in philadelphia. we topped at 29 miles per hour wind gust in mount pocono and that made those temperatures feel even chillier. winter still gust -- winds still gusting up to 35 miles per hour in allentown. gusting into the low 30's in wilmington, delaware. overnight tonight we'll still be breezy, not quite as gusty, a few passing clouds. the clouds will start to decrease quickly as we head into the evening hours. it is going to be chilly, down
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to 42 degrees so you know how it's going to feel by morning. tomorrow mostly sunny, windy once again, not as windy but still windy, 65 degrees the high temperature with, yes, mostly sunny conditions. that will be nice and temperatures right now they certainly are cool. 57 in philly, 49 in the lehigh valley, 48 degrees right now in reading. we're already in the 30's in the poconos so taking a look at our future wind chill projections as we head into the evening hours, feeling like low 40's in philly, feeling like mid 30's in the lehigh valley. as we head past midnight those wind chills drop down into the 30's in philly, 20's in the poconos and as we wake up, if you have to wake up early tomorrow morning, getting a couple of layers, feeling like 35 in the city and surrounding counties, feeling like low 20's in the poconos. wind chills start to jump up as we head into the morning hours but still feeling pretty brisk by 9 o'clock with the wind chills in the low 40's but we'll have improving conditions into the second half of the day. still some gusty winds but mostly sunny conditions, high temperatures in the middle 60's. still well below average but
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still a nicer day in store for our monday. tuesday watching out for some periods of rain that will continue into tuesday night. a few showers into wednesday morning followed by some partial clearing and then there it is, majestically shining still, i have not altered that three-day streak of sunshine. it looks like it still could happen thursday, friday, saturday up into the low to mid 70's. beautiful. >> it looks lovely. keep our fingers crossed. don't change that, lauren. let it go. thank you very much. lesley's got sports highlights. phillies, a little chilly at the ballpark. >> how about those phillies. early season pleasant surprise, final game of the series with the reds with a three game winning streak one game out of first place in the division. adam morgan signing an autograph before the game. it was a tough day for adam however. second inning adam duval hits a line drive that maikel franco couldn't get to. jay bruce will score. reds take the lead. to two batters later tucker
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barn heart at the plate. he'll single to left that will score duval. ly cincinnati up two-nothing. phillies down four-nothing. suarez will take this pitch over the center field fence into the bushes for a three run homer. reds take a seven-nothing lead in the sixth. franco at bat. he'll hit a fly ball to center that tyler holt miss played. two runs are going to score but that is just not enough. reds take the final game of the series nine to four. >> well, good news is we won the series and had a a lot of energy for the whole weekend. played well except for today. we got enough hits. we stranded 16 runners so it was one of those games that we haven't been accustomed to. we were playing good baseball. today we didn't. >> cameron rough had the day off after making the defensive play of the year so far. last night he was crushed at the plate to end the game. ruff passed two concussion tests but injured his ankle on this play. he'll be re-evaluated tomorrow.
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heading to d.c. where the division leading nats took on the marlins. fourth inning ryan zimmerman will hit a fly ball to center field. ozuna and stanton run into each other so zimmerman ran around the bases for an inside the park homer but that wasn't enough. miami beat washington five to one. the nats still lead the phillies by a game. eagles rookies finished of fished up their three day mini camp to see how much they know about that playbook. it was a chance for doug pederson to work with carson wentz. carson said he was excited to finally get on the field and work with his new teammates and he was asked what he wanted to get out of the mini camp. >> hopefully i can lead these guys and show what i can do a little bit out there and i'm hoping to mentally just continue to grow and grow and get these reps and get these opportunities. >> and carson probably will see sam bradford for the first time on tuesday when the vets come back to the novacare complex to start ota's and it will be sam's first time to
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answer questions about his trade demand. nascar in our area and dover and the monster mile for the drive for autism 400. 47 laps remaining. jimmy johnson could not get his car into third gear. that caused a huge pileup, 18 cars in the wreckage and johnson's chance for win number 11 was over. matt kenseth held off larson to take home the checkered flag. next weekend nascar heads to pocono. coming up in the sports zone we're talking eagles, the ota's that start on tuesday and what's that relationship is going to be like between sam bradford and carson wentz. eagles beat writer les bowen will be joining me after the late news right here on cbs3.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. hundreds find their zen moment
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on the steps of the art museum today. one of fill's most famous buildings hosted a massive outdoor yoga class. it's a yearly event called reach and raise and it's organized by the locally headquartered living beyond breast cancer charity. funds raised are used for a multitude of programs from conferences to seminars and everything in between. and over at the piazza, some of philadelphia's most eligible singles were available to bring home. this was the annual super adoption day run by citizens for a no kill philadelphia. cats and dogs were available for adoption today and there was also some shopping and information tables said up as well. the charity was founded in 2009 to save the lives of animals that would otherwise end up in the city's shelter system. it's a great event. all right. we are back with in you a moment. stay with
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spent more than 30 years in the public schools. we're retired, but we like to stay involved. you think he's going to learn to fly? we're just as busy now as in our teaching days.
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the same goes for a lot of the retired educators we know. let me see you all flap your wings, like you're penguins learning to fly. teaching is all about building relationships. and that never goes away. because once a teacher, always a teacher. we're ed and miriam, and we're proud to be new jersey educators.
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>> well, that's going to do it for us tonight. thank you for joining us. i'm natasha brown for lesley lauren and all of us here we appreciate you being with us. we're always on for you at we're back on the cw philly at 10:00 and back here at 11:00. good night everyone.
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> pelley: it's a hell of a thing to be told that you have months to live when you're 20 years old. but that is what happened to stephanie lipscomb in 2011, diagnosed with the worst kind of brain tumor: glioblastoma. she became one of the first patients in duke university's cancer trial to be given, of all things, the polio virus, as a last chance to fight her disease. today, four years later, she is cancer free. and she's not the only one. >> this, to me, is the most promising therapy i have seen in my career, period. >> pelley: "60 minutes" has been following this daring experiment for more than two years. and now the federal government has given it rare "breakthrough


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