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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  May 16, 2016 1:35am-2:06am EDT

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. from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". vice president joe biden and donald trump find something they can agree on. pride for the university of pennsylvania class of 2016. they were both there to cheer on the graduates at penn and so was "eyewitness news." good evening i'm natasha brown, thanks for joining us. both families caused a stir in the stands during today's commencement ceremony. reporter trang do. is in our satellite center. >> reporter: because of the high profile guests this was a major security event. people having to go through metal detectors and getting their bags searched. the focused was on the graduates, vice president biden did make a special appearance on stage. among the proud families of the
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university of pennsylvania class of 2016, two poll ar ends political spectrum. >> we saw trump come in and we can recognize him because of his hair and we have a camera that has a zoom lens. when everyone started clapping, we knew it was biden coming in. >> reporter: arriving first to a mix of cheers. he saw daughter tiffany graduate with a degree in sociology. >> tiffany trump. >> reporter: joe biden and wife jill arrived just before the 6:30 ceremony. >> we know that the vice president's granddaughter is here. we were excited to see him. we're a fan of joe biden. >> reporter: a special moment bind's granddaughter as he came on stage.
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the two high profile families met planet of secret service agents and yes, plane ty of amateur paparazzi with phones out. but the weather was more disruptive. >> lots of family and friends proud of their graduates. >> both the bidens and trumps are penn families. >> i'm trang do. cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you very much, trang. president obama delivered today's commencement address at rutger's. "eyewitness news" was there as well as hundreds of rutger's students boarded the river line train to news brunswick. it was held at the football stadium 10 the president took the stage around 1:00 and praised the rutger's community. >> every day tens of thousands
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of students come to this intellectual melting pot where ideas and cultures flow together among what might just be america's most diverse student body. >> the president took shots at donald trump. he said trump rhetoric about building border walls and muslims entering the country is a betrayal to american values. democrat presidential candidates were out and about that kentucky and oregon. of meanwhile, donald trump is going to war with the media via twitter. >> hillary clinton chris could said kentucky promising to bring back manufacturing jobs and revealing bill clinton's role in had he administration. >> my husband who i'm going to put in charge of rye violate lizing the economy. >> bernie sanders held a rally in kentucky arguing his best position to win in november.
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>> we do much better against trump than does secretary clinton. >> donald trump who was busy at penn responded to reports accusing him of mistreating women with a tweet, the media is on a witch hunt against me. trump is immune to the types of criticism that hurt politicians. and they're pointless. >> they should take at the paul ryan approach to work with donald trump and find out whether or not there's common ground. >> speaker ryan's staff will meet with trump staff later this week to unify the party. stay with "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of can campaign 16 when we're not on air, you can find us on our website tonight police say a bucks county motel fire is the result of a gruesome murder. committed by a man who's a now have in custody.
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the suspect did show remorse when he was marched in police headquarters. joe holden was there. >> reporter: something kevin small kept telling us when asked what happened, that he lost it. arrest papers show melissa bay son smith and kevin small were staying at the linc couldn't hotel. kevin allegedly told police it was something melissa said to him that angered him. >> he was seen at wawa prior to this buying gas and walked a back across the street to the lincoln motel. walked into the room with the gas and something transpired in the room where he doused the victim with gasoline. >> reporter: police say melissa once on fire tried to reach out to him for help. investigators say kevin instead turned around and walked out. the fire spread through parts of the motel doing considerable damage. many of the guests staying there were forced to flee. as for the investigation, police came kevin small placed a call
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to his sister allegedly telling her melissa now looked like freddy kruger. >> i lost it. >> turn around. >> what do you want to say to her family. >> i'm sorry. >> you're sorry. >> reporter: at the time of the fire, he was on parole from state prison. he did suffer burns on his hands. he was treated at the hospital before being charged. reporting outside bensalem police joe holden cbs3 "eyewitness news." turning to weather, summer is just around the corner but feeling a lot hor like early april than mid may. lauren casey is in the weather center to tell us about windchills on the way. >> i had to check my phone. it is may confirmed may 15th is today. but it was certainly a cool day. blustery and getting chilly
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across the delaware valley. we're going to wake up to a cold morning reaching for the winter coat. we do have a freeze warning in effect until 7:00 tomorrow morning, a frost advisory in effect until 8:00 tomorrow morning, you want to protect the sensitive plants. temperatures down into the 40's in philly. 49 degrees. mid 40's in lehigh valley. 34 in mount pocono. as we wake up tomorrow morning, out the door, it is going to be chilly, 42 degrees for the 6:00 hour. it's going to be breezy. those windchills will be in the 30's for a good portion of tomorrow morning. at least we'll have nice sunshine but these temperatures to wake up to on a monday morning certainly aren't very motivating, 38 in allentown waking up to 39 in reading. 37 in lancaster and 42 degrees in philadelphia. 40 is our record low temperature set back in the 80's, we're getting close to that. there is a warmup in the seven-day forecast. i'll let you know when to look
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forward to that. coming up in a couple minutes grief counsellors will be on hand at bridgeton high school for students dealing with the weekend deaths of two classmates a last night two teenager girls were killed when they crashed into a tree while driving home from the prom. two other girls were in the car and taken to the hospital. one is in critical condition. the other in serious president obama will honor slain philadelphia policeman robert wilson the third, the president will present wilson's family with the public safety officer medal of valor. it was created back in 2001 to honor first sponsored for moments of bravery and courage. the 30-year-old wilson was killed last marriage when two men tried to rob had a north philadelphia game stop shop. 12 other officers will also receive this award. a massive mistake leads to the evacuation of one of the world's most famous sporting.
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75,000 people were removed from the stadium after a suspicious package. authorities located a fake bomb and learned that it was accidently left in the stadium after a training exercise involving search dogs russia finally admitted to widespread doping amongst international athletes. the country's sports minister says russia has quote problem with doping and is very sorry that the cheaters weren't caught sooner. in light of the scandal mean emerged last sunday, russian athletes may be banned in rye yo. that will be made next month. they're hoping to save their eligibility a shark latches on to a
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woman's body and won't let go. a brawl on the diamond. see what sparked this bench clearing fight when "eyewitness news" continues.
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world's largest plane touches down. drew a monster crowd of about 1600 spectators. it was made to carry the russian space shuttle. now a cargo carrier. dropping off a 116 ton jen retains to a mining company. the wright brothers could have taken their first flight in its cargo hold. a shark attack in flared. this time the shark ended up at the hospital. the shark bit a 23-year-old woman in the arm in boca raton. the woman was taken to the
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hospital with the shark attached to her arm. >> there was very little blood. she was calm. good vitals. secured her to a splint on to the stretcher with the shark and she went to boca raton regional hospital with the shark attached. >> the shark died but the woman was treated and released. this attack is unusual because these sharks are usuallys do ill. resident the felt a lot more like something out of a movie. the neighborhood was swarmed by killer bees, two people had to go to the hospital and two small dogs were killed. the swarm began when an amateur bee keeper attempted to collect honey in his backyard unwhere that his hive had been taken over. >> the bees were in her hair, she was shaking violently. >> they were super aggressive.
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going after us and banking on the windows. it was freak ky like a horror movie. >> experts say killer bees can take over by killing the hive's queen. >> on his way to the hospital right now and unable to play this evening. we are devastated about it. >> fans are shocked and disappointed after learning that had the lead singer of the hot and humid chilly peppers is in the hospital. he suffered severe stomach pain before last night's concert in california. forcing the band to cancel the sold-out show at the last minute. the 53-year-old singer hases intestinal flew and expect to make a complete recovery. . you know i wouldn't do this if i didn't have have choice but he's my friend. >> so was i. >> captain america civil war
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crushed the competition raking in $72.6 million. no other movie grossed even a quarter of that. the next closer was jungle book. money monster made 15 million in it's opening weekend the darkness and mothers day rounded out the top five. hundreds of folks found their zen. it's organized by the locally headquartered living beyond breast cancer charities. they're used for a multitude of programs from conferences to seminars and everything in between. now to south philly today. it was the fourth annual saint p pio, festival. saint pio was originally known as padre me yo. he received sainthood in 2002 when he was canonized by pope
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john paul. t the. walt addressed the class of 2016 on the immake lata campus. nice to see him. the weather held out a bit. it was not a downpour? definitely breezy. gusty winds and chilly tonight. breezy tomorrow. you're going to need the winter coat. >> drag that thing back out. >> drag it back out kicking and screaming we're going to have to drag ourselves out with the chilly temperatures but we do have improvement in the extended forecast. it was cool. 59 the high temperature in philly. we should be in the middle 70's as far as averages are concerned. only topped in the middle 50's in the lehigh valley. didn't make it out of 40s in the poconos, made you feel cooler by the blustery conditions today.
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winds gusting to 39 in philadelphia. compare that 39 miles an hour is tropical storm threshold. it was certainly windy out there. wind have relaxed a bit. current wind breezy. ten to 15 miles per hour, those gusts have waned, gusting in the 20 miles per hour. the winds will start to fix he kickback up as we head into tomorrow afternoon. right now are dropping, 49 in center city philadelphia. due points are extremely low this time of year. due points tell us about the moisture content at the surface, tells us how comfortable it feels, due points down to the 20's in may. kind of rarely we do have the dry cold air mass in place, temperatures chilly, 45 in trenton, 48 in atlantic city, 45 right now in reading. as we take a look as we head into the next several hours, temperatures are going to continue to cool pretty rapidly now that we have mostly clear conditions in place, 50 right now in stone harbor, chilly in
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cape may at 46. stormscan 3 showing us the scene across the midatlantic and northeast. cold may air in place, snow showers in western pennsylvania seeing few snow showers, delaware valley we saw a couple showers isolated but we did have reports or gropple or snow pellets up to the lehigh valley or poconos earlier in the day but the activity wound down and we're dealing with a few passing clouds. moistly clear conditions right now, dark, of course we have the clouds in place and sunshine mixed in through the day. we still have zero sunny days for the month of day. six partly cloudy days, eight cloudy days likely will go down as -- tomorrow we could rack you have our first sunny day, something to lack forward to there. overnight, few clouds breezy and chilly down to 42. record low temperature is 40. we'll get close to that. high temperatures tomorrow still struggling about ten degrees below average, 65 mostly sunny,
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little bit windy but will be on the order of 30 as opposed to close to 40 like we had through the day today. future windchills showing us what's in store. i think this is winter coat worthy. feeling like upper 20's in the lehigh valley. feeling like 22 in the poconos, feeling like the near freezing mark in philadelphia and surrounding counties but as we head into the second half of the morning, wind chills improve as we keep that sunshine getting up higher in the sky now that it is may. we have a good bit of sunshine in store for tomorrow, high temperatures above average. topping at 65. we're still above average tuesday and wednesday, periods of rain off and on tuesday, especially in the afternoon, tuesday night, rain mostly few showers linger into wednesday morning followed by clearing and then phenomenonal weather. 72 degrees and sunshine on thursday. how about friday? 75 degrees and sunshine. even sunshine into saturday. three days. >> three whole days?
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really? say it isn't so. let's absorb the moment. thank you lauren. fighting phils. you know what else you won't believe? one game out of first place. they tried to sweep the reds. did they do it?
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s. a brawl breaks out in arlington during the ranger's blue jays. fight up in the rangers odoredidn't like it one bit. started a huge brawl. ten minutes for the umpire to regain control. the rangers won 7-6. >> is fighting like that in baseball. >> sometimes. >> that's usually hockey stuff? i don't know.
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>>. >> usually nothing like that at the phillies game. three in a row. seven out of eight. they were looking to sweep the reds. adam morgan signing an autograph. this was a tough day for adam. second inning, adam hit a line drive. the reds will take the lead. of two batters latter. tuck tucker singles to left. suarez is going to take this pitch over the center field fence and into the bushes for a three-run homer. reds take a lead, they won 9-4. rupp may not in the line, against the marlins. injured his left ankle at home plate saturday night. pete mackanin says if he's going to miss a few days, they're going to need another catcher.
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sports zone we're talking eagles, the o they willing joining me in a few minutes. >>. see how the queen of
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. welcome back. at the piaza. some of philadelphia's most legible singers will available to bring home and looking pretty cute. this was the annual super adoption day run by citizens for a no, kill philadelphia. cats and dogs were available for adoption. and there was also shopping and information tables set up. the charity was founded in 2009 to save the lives of animals that would ultimately end up in the city's shelter system. >> i love this. >> i do too.
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look how cute they are. they had their sunday best on. >> i have two adopted puppies. check it out. >> that's adorable. >> lauren is back with more to tell us about her puppies. and going to tell us about the
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. welcome back. a chinese policeman set up a ginsberg world record for planking. he held the position at a competition in be jing. daily strength training helped him. previous was set by american george hood who finished his for all more than seven hours. >> give me seven seconds. >> i can't even star. the united kingdom marked queen elizabeth's birthday a little bit late. but nonetheless it was a party to remember. that was international dancing troops. horse shows and of course the birthday cake. she was joined in the royal box by her husband and son and grands sons william and harry. the queen's actually berth day
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was april 21st. she passed the reign of her great grandmother queen victoria. very stylish. >> lauren got the forecast. >> chilly tomorrow morning, 42 near record low in philly. windchills will be down into the 30's. winter coat, but by the afternoon, no problem, 65, mostly sunny and breezy. few showers off and on especially tuesday afternoon. night will be most likely chance for rain, we start to clear out, thursday, friday, saturday, awesome. >> looking forward to that. got to get from monday through thursday. thank you for joining us as always. thank you for joining us as always. we're al >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for the nuwave oven pro, brought to you by the makers of the nuwave precision induction cooktop. stay tuned. to celebrate the amazing success
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