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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  May 16, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. a south philly street turns into a demolition derby overnight. new this morning, why the driver who caused all that damage won't face any charges. >> also, happening today, congressman in court, chaka fattah's corruption trial starts in just a few hours, the fun i shallment he's facing if he's convicted. >> probably have to crank up the heat in the car this morning, frigid start to the work week. katie lets you you know when it starts to feel like may again. >> today is monday the 16th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. good morning, meisha here with traffic. katie has your full forecast. good morning. >> like we never left, right? we blinked and here we are again. good morning. >> so true. >> happy monday. roads are looking good, nice and dry right now, construct
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shout out there. question on everyone's minds. >> staying dry for the entire day, yep. now, there is going to be few minor hiccups throughout the course of the week, generally speaking dramatically nicer week in general. take a look what's going on on storm scan. not a heck of a lot. but we mentioned the chill. let's take a look, actually frost advisory posted this morning, if you can believe it, until 8:00, berks, lehigh, northampton county included there, and freeze warning just northwest of that. that lasts until 8:00 this morning, look at the temperatures, now, just before we came on the air at 4:30, mount pocono at 29 degrees. it is not much better right now at 30. maybe it looks a little less harsh, perception of course, 43 the temperature right now at the airport, in the upper 30's right now in the millville area, pinelands off to chill start here, we are eventually going to rebounds into the 60s, but again, do you have very chilly start. so, i actually broke out my winter coat this morning, it is sort of your call whether you want it do that or not. i know tough to say that in
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the middle of may, there you have it. mid 60s at best, well below average, still going to be generally speaking pretty nice day. the breeze is still with us, still little windy out there certainly, but overall nice day unfolding just have to deal with little chill out there today, meisha? >> i put on my ski pants and my mittens and my hat. >> and your going unless. >> ya, i'm ready for anythingment it is all in the car. good morning, everyone, happy monday, kicking off brand new week today. dealing with some construction, you can see right here, schuylkill eastbound at blue route, right lane still block. you can see the cones in place. still very, very dark outside. still early risers already on the schuylkill. we know monday's can be very, very busy, evidenced already, just 4:30 in the morning, a lot of people out there. schuylkill eastbound at the whether blue route, i'll let you know when the construction clears, moving in both the westbound and eastbound side, vine was not closed overnight, it will be closed all week long this week. coming up because of the construction, right now it is open because it was not closed
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like i said last night. fifty-nine north at cottman, what you are looking at right now, good thing, 95 north up opened the fourth lane, good news, moving in the northbound direction on 95. >> new this morning, drive-by shooting leaves 17 year old in critical condition in philadelphia's grays ferry section. police say the teenager was hit about ten times near moore and south hollywood streets around midnight. investigators are searching for a brown suv or mini-van. so far, police have made no arrests and they say they have no motive for the violence. one person suffers minor injuries after a mold recall car crash in south philadelphia. this happened before midnight at ninth and tasker. police tell it is the driver lost control of their car and smashed into several parked cars. the driver stayed at the scene, and no charges are being filed. happening today, congressman chaka fattah gets his day in court. >> he goes on trial in corruption charges. jan carabeo live in front of the federal courthouse, where
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opening arguments are scheduled to begin this morning. jan? >> brooke, jim, good morning. chaka fattah's federal corruption trial is expected to start behind me here at the federal courthouse in center city today right around 10:00 with opening statements. take a look at the video. the veteran pennsylvania congressman is accused of excepting bribes and misusing campaign funds in federal grant to enrich his family and friends. the indictment alleges the 59 year old took illegal $1 million campaign loan for failed 2007 mayoral campaign and missed federal funds to pay it back. fattah maintained his innocence, and has said the fbi unfairly targeted him. the 11 term democrat has represented the philadelphia region for two decades, and served on the house appropriations committee. he lost his recent primary bid for re-election, four members, four former aides, also going on trial with fattah today, two other have pleaded guilty, and fattah's own son is serving a five year prison term in a related case.
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now, fattah could serve several decades in prison, if he is convicted, again, his federal corruption trial happening in center sit a little later this morning, expected to start right around 10:00. reporting live in center city, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", jim, brooke, back into you. >> thanks a lot, jan. >> president owe became will honor robert wilson the third. the president will present wilson's family with the public safety officer metal of vale or. the award create in the 2001 to honor first responders for moments of bravery and courage, 30 year old officer was killed last march when two men tried to rob a north philadelphia game stop. twelve other officers will also receive the awards. >> also, happening today, grief counselors will be at bridgeton high school, student return to school following the death of two classmates. teenage girls were killed saturday when their car struck a tree. they were on their way home from the prom. two other girls were in the
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car, one is in critical condition, another in serious condition. in bensalem police have a man in custody for a gruesome murder. they say he killed his girlfriend and set a bucks county motel on fire. happened lincoln motel route one. investigators tell us 46 year old kevin small was upset his with his girlfriends so through a cup of gasoline at her while she was smoking a cigarette. >> was seen at wawa prior to this event buying gas and he walk back across the street to the lincoln motel, walk into the room, with the gas, and something transpired in the room where iodation dollars the victim with gasoline and set it on fire. >> forty-six year old melissa bacon smith died in the fire. small faces multiple charges, including criminal homicide and arson. >> well the university of pennsylvania holds its commencement this morning for the class of 2016. now, yesterday a couple of parents almost upstaged their family members who were graduating from pen school of arts and sciences. donald trump and his family
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watched daughter tiffany get a did he agree in sociology. vice president biden was on stage to give his granddaughter naomi her degree in international relations. >> well, we saw trump come n we could recognize him because of his hair. we have a camera that has a zoom lens. so bee got pictures. and then whenever everyone started clapping we knew it was biden coming in. then we got a picture of him and his wife, as well. >> security was tight at franklin field, almost as noticeable, people with camera phones trying to get their best shots of the visiting celebrities. donald trump's latest comments are getting a lot of attention. he warns another 9/11 type attack could happen. the presumptive republican president nominee says it is possible if the us allows refugees to continue entering the country. trump made the comments during interview on the national board of patrol council's pod cast. he went onto suggest isis is paying cell phone plans for refugees. >> democratic frontrunner hillary clinton will continue
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campaigning in kentucky ahead of tomorrow's primary there. during stop in for the mitchell, she told support first elected she would put her husband, former president bill clinton, in charge of the economy. bernie sanders will campaign today in puerto rico. it holds caucuses june 5th. saved at sea the unlikely rescuers who helped some fishermen after their boat sung. >> plus, a unusual ends to go a shark attack. we'll show you why the shark ended upgoing to the hospital too. >> and speeding up the security process at the airport, the new idea to keep passengers moving more quickly. stay with
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>> yell column back, the busy summer trample sees son right around the corner. now, new york senator charles schumer has a new idea to speed up the long security lines at the airports. we've been telling you about people frustrated by the big back-ups over the last few weeks. it is taking longer to get through security after the tsa eliminated thousand of workers. now, schumer says, dogs can help speed up the security
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process. >> when you have a passenger screening k9, it is like pre-check where you don't have to take off your coat or your belt or your shoes, because they can smell any explosives that might be on you, it will speed up things dramatically. >> the department of homelands security has more than 900 trained dogs, but they're often lended to other agencies. philadelphia added five specially trained dogs to airport security just last fall. >> well, a woman is attack by a shark in florida but the stubborn shark refuses to let go. check this out. the baby shark bit down on the woman's arm and hung on. it happened yesterday at a beach in boca raton. the 23 year old was taken to the hospital with the shark still attached. experts say this attack is unusual, because, nurse sharks are usually very docile. >> well, four fishermen are happy to be back on dry land this morning, their boat sang off the coast of mexico thursday. thankfully they were rescued
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by tugboat in the area. the vessel was towing 154-foot section of the space shuttle axe external tank. the tank was headed to its new home at the california science center in los angeles. shark bites me? whatever is nearby, you're not coming with me to the hospital. >> how un use? >> and looking at that picture did? >> looking down all the way to the hop and still hanging on you? >> and it is still biting you. like -- i just got light-headed looking at the picture. >> you see it gills moving, can't breathe, pour water on it or something? oh, poor baby. all right, good morning, construction, let's talk about it. let's switch gearings, good news, the vine was not closed overnight, great news for katie. it will be the rest of the week. and some changes to mass transit. >> appreciate that heads up so i note jump off at spring garden. >> run. >> the worse is when you get
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past that, oh, man, i was supposed to get off there. i hate that. let's talk about the weather nextment things are actually looking up for us. granted is tell will trigger additional showers mid week. not talking about more gloom than anything cents it is more sunshine than nipping. looking at more sun once again. because such a clear sky, even the thermometer is shaking it is so chilly. freeze warnings in portions of the poconos, carbon, monroe county included when, that cold start, temperatures even in the two's thus far this morning, through some of the most outlying suburbs, mount pocono just report that in the last hour, quiet locally, nice clear sky, do have activity off to the west. next system will move on in by tomorrow, that's where we turn our folk us a, all the way to late tomorrow morning, little light rain, definitely more clouds cover out there, does appear right now like somewhat scattered in nature although dealing with maybe some steadier rain, coming through in scattered pockets, as the day goes on. so tomorrow is the day you may want to think about the
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umbrella still showers to dodge, before things start to gradually clear out, ends up with nice weather to round out the week. kind of the gist. today cooler than average, certainly, by about 10 degrees or so, so it is a cool day for the standards at least of mid may. that breeze will make it feel that much cooler with the cranking as high as 20 miles per hour, clouds rebuild tonight. stay dry, at least initially, then that off and on rain situation, is on our doorstep here, for tomorrow. by wednesday, still again some morning showers. but look at the nice rounds-out of the weekend, work week here, low mid 70s, but thursday, friday, sunshine, so something for sure to look forward to. meisha, over to you. >> yes, took the words right out every my mouth, something to look forward to. happy monday, welcome back for those every you just joining us this morning, looking at construction, schuylkill eastbound at the blue route, right lane still block for those of you. but the good thing, street lights. very, very dark outside, see the cones lining blocking out far right lane. vine like i said if you missed when i was sitting up at the
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desk, not closed last night, it will be closed for the rest of the week overnight. so we will be dealing with, that the vine, wasn't closed this morning at all moving in the westbound eastbound direction, some early risers but monday morning we can expect that. forty-two freeway northbound at creek road, first peak into jersey, what you are looking at right here, looking pretty good approaching 29a i would say this is fairly typical for early monday morning even though we haven't cracked into the 5:00 hour, typically what it looks like, continue call in the wormed of track, not such a bad thing, construction pa turnpike westbound valley forge, two eastbound lanes closed now reopened, one westbound lane still blocked. also, the ac rail line, running a new schedule right now, it started yet, make note of. that will i always say make sure to check your schedules on line, jim, over to you. >> thank you so much, meisha. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, we are updating this morning's top stories big day in court for local congressman. >> and the new items amazon is getting ready to sell. but first here is a look at what's on tonight on cbs-3.
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for another look at this morning's headlines, driver lost control of his vehicle and hit several parked cars in south philadelphia. it happened around nine and tasker around midnight. one person suffered minor injuries. opening statement are set to begin in the trial of congressman chaka fattah. the pennsylvania democrat is accused of excepting bribes, and misusing campaign funds, in federal grants. the fattah continues to maintain his innocence, and says the fbi unfairly targeted him. >> president obama will present the medal of valor, the officer killed in march of last year, when two men tried to rob a video game store. the award honors first responders for courage while trying to save other.
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>> facebook headmark sucker session saidel express the trending, at facebook headquarters. facebook accused of is up pre "action news" items about conservative topics. site says it has no evidence to back up these accusations. conservative hoses says zuckerberg wanted to meet wednesday to explain what happened and to assure conservatives it won't happen again. >> well, time is now 4:49. time for check on business news. >> mine watch's jill wagner joins us live this morning from the new york stock exchange. jill, we are hearing there could be some progress in the ongoing verizon strike. so what's the update? >> reporter: well, that's right, verizon and the workers union have agreed to go back to the bargaining table. us secretary of labor tom perez said he met with both sides yesterday in d.c., about 40,000 workers we know walk off the job on april 13th. they've been working without a contract since august. brooke, jim? >> jill, many of us think amazon already sold everything but now they are getting ready to expand their own office a
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little bit more? >> reporter: that's right. amazon's getting ready to sell more items from its own private label. things like diapers, laundry detergent and food. they'll shall available for prime customers in the next few weeks, meanwhile, no surprise here, analysts say amazon will replace macy's as the top clothing retailer we next year. brooke, jim? >> trying to take over the world? >> taking over the world. >> it may workment thanks a lot, jill, good morning. >> coming up after the break, katie lets us know how long this morning as chilly weather will stick around. >>
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>> off to quiet start, little breezy out there today granted and still chilly stepping outside yesterday you know it was in fact a chilly afternoon, for at least the standards every mid may anyway. this morning, it is cold outside. we've actually got some of the northern most suburbs freeze warnings, frost advisories, that's specific to the lehigh
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valley and further off to the north of that. but, we are expecting full sunshine, as we take you out to live look here from one of the very own station headquarters cameras, over looking spring garden and broad street, intersection there already, not even 5:00 a.m., see the light of day. so nice clear sky, in place, right now, and we go next to storm scan3, see virtually nothing, so definitely reflecting the same idea here with tri-state sweep basically working over time right now with nothing real toy track. forty-three the current temperature at the airport, yep, there go, mount pocono, hovering back and forth between 30, 29 degrees the last hour, 29 the current temperature. in mid may, that's chilly. >> i broke out my winter coat, might want to think about doing that, chilly start out in cape may, also, in the 30's, and with northwesterly breeze, yes it, will feel extra chilly out there, so again, make sure you're bundling up adequately for the standard every mid may this is quite cool for the standards, tomorrow may be umbrella day
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as we track off and on rain throughout the day, wednesday, lingering showers in the morning, and then we are going to start to clear things out, see the clouds break for bit of sun and it all bodes well, thursday, friday, looking lovely fight now, low mid 70s for both days, and full sunshine, for both days, as well, high pressure finally settling in, taking nice long visit, meisha. >> looks gorgeous toward the end of the week. thank you so much. good morning, everyone, happy monday, blue route, headlight moving in the northbound direction past route one, this is what it is look being like in the northbound, southbound side, basically anywhere i look not even in the 5:00 hour seeing a lot of vehicles out there, for this time the in morning, letting us know probably busy monday morning, this is where we have some construction just moving out of the way right now, schuylkill eastbound at the blue route, that right lane was blocked for quite some time with all of the cones, push beyond that shoulder so looking good on the schuylkill. ben franklin bridge, moving in the westbound direction, what you are looking at, looking good, nice and quite, of course early risers out there, in the world of mass transit.
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route 101 shuttle bussing because of construction between orange street and providence road, going on through june 17th. make note of. that will also, some construction out there on the pa turnpike between valley forge and ft. washington, two eastbound lanes blocked both now reopened but one westbound lane is still blocked. and also the ac rail line starting new schedule, and that actually started yet. so like i like to say with the changes in mass tran it, just make sure to check your schedules on line, you will probably need to do so. brooke, over to you. >> thanks, meisha, look at this. a familiar face at the immaculata university commencement. that's "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter sharing some advice with the class of 2016 during yesterday's graduation. walt also got an honorary doctor of humane letters degree. congratulations, walt, we love walt. stay updated on our sister station "kyw news radio" 1060. also, local professor falsely accused being a chain east spy
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still trying to put his life together even after all of the charges were dropped. philadelphia launches new plan today to fight homelessness, and how video game are showing promise for people who suffered a stroke or traumatic brain injury. check in two, three, four times a day on "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. >> coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", more proof you can't always trust your gps. see how led driver in serious trouble. not the only time this happened, player explains why he was playing tricks on the fans, back at the top of the hour.
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>> new this morning, south philly street looks like a demolition derby after a driver smashed into several parked cars. why the driver who caused all of that damage won't face any charges. also, happening today, congressman in court. chaka fattah is fighting for his freedom when his corruption trial starts in just a few hours. we have the punishment he is facing if he's convicted. >> and you may want to dig the coat and gloves back out of the closet. we're threatening record lows this morning, katie let you know when it will start to feel like may again. well, today is monday, may 16th, good morning. >> i'm brooke thomas, hope you're having good monday, it is monday but that's okay. katie and meisha are here
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keeping an eye on things as always this morning. >> good morning, guys, already seeing a loft early risers on the roadway, busy monday morning out there, dry roadways, if that helps. >> thankfully dry, will stay that way all day today. under the high pressure every influence finally, will stick around at least for another day. but at the moment, storm scan3 nice and quiet for you out, there nothing more than a very, very light little scattering of some clouds, and we look at the temperatures, because that far nice clear sky, it really got chill, point pocono back and forth between 29, 30 degrees, pair of four's at philadelphia international airport. thirty-eight in reading, 37 in allentown, and that does mean you have the chill in place you have either frost advisory or freeze warning, that's not including the i95 corridor, rather, berks, lehigh, northampton counties points off to the north and west that far where you have to worry about that, 36 the current temperature,.


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