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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 16, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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keeping an eye on things as always this morning. >> good morning, guys, already seeing a loft early risers on the roadway, busy monday morning out there, dry roadways, if that helps. >> thankfully dry, will stay that way all day today. under the high pressure every influence finally, will stick around at least for another day. but at the moment, storm scan3 nice and quiet for you out, there nothing more than a very, very light little scattering of some clouds, and we look at the temperatures, because that far nice clear sky, it really got chill, point pocono back and forth between 29, 30 degrees, pair of four's at philadelphia international airport. thirty-eight in reading, 37 in allentown, and that does mean you have the chill in place you have either frost advisory or freeze warning, that's not including the i95 corridor, rather, berks, lehigh, northampton counties points off to the north and west that far where you have to worry about that, 36 the current temperature,. >> so do you have expect
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walking out the door start to shiver, so, expect to have that heavier coat. will start to rebound pretty efficiently, generally speaking yesterday we couldn't even break out of the 50's, today, not too much better, and we will keep the 60s going tuesday, wednesday, as well. i promise you, though, we will get a lot closer to seasonable averages beyond this little sort of list of the observations but will take couple every days to get that. meisha, over to you. >> at fox, what you are looking at right now, ways any which r i look right now, this is what it is looking like, early risers, you got some
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movement. start to see typical monday morning, a lot of early risers jumping on the interstate, freeways. ninety-five at 452, looking good, take it all the way up to the airport, looking good, no delays at the airport but check your schedules on line, look at the schuylkill, taillights moving, actually the schuylkill approaching montgomery early risers on this stretch, too, looking at the schuylkill since about 4:30 this morning, seeing some movement out there. again, probably busy monday morning i would always say, give yourself extra time. orange street, providence road there is will be through june 17th. jim, brooke, back to you. >> search on for gunman who critically injured a teenage near drive-by shooting early this morning. seventeen year old was hit about ten times by gunfire near moran hollywood. they believe targeted by a gunman in brown suv or
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mini-van. also checking neighborhood surveillance video in the search for the shooter. >> meanwhile there is street in south philadelphia looked like demolition -- think morning, when driver lose control, happened before midnight at ninth and caster, one person suffered minor injury. "eyewitness news" has learn the driver stayed at the scene, and police do not expect to file charge. >> opening statements are supposed to begin in the trial of congressman chaka fattah today. he is accused of excepting bribes, and misusing campaign funds, in federal grants. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live in front of the federal courthouse with the story, jan? chaka fattah federal corruption trial is expected to start behind me here at federal court in center city right around 10:00 today with opening statements. >> veteran pennsylvania congressman chaka fattah -- fattah will face charges
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today. fifty-nine year old accused every excepting bribes, misgoes campaign funds and federal grants to enrich his family and friend. the indictment alleges fattah took illegal $1 million campaign loan for his failed 20407 mayor call pain, misused funds to pay it back. fattah maintained his innocence, speaking with "eyewitness news" on number of occasions, and has said the fbi unfairly targeted him. >> i am innocent of any and all of these allegations. i have never been involved in any illegal activity. >> the 11 term democrat has represented the philadelphia region for two decades, and served on the house appropriations committee, recently, he lost his primary bid for re-election. >> own son, chaka fattah junior now serving five year prison term in related case, four former aides going on trial with fattah, and two others have pleaded guilty.
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>> could february decades in prison being expected to start, we'll here to cover, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", brooke, back to you. >> thanks a lot, jan. happening today, president obama honors slain philadelphia police officer robert wilson iii. the president will present wilson's family with a public safety officer metal of valor. award create in the 2001 to honor first responders for moment of bravery and courage, the 30 year old officer was killed last march, when two men tried to rob a north philadelphia game to the store. twelve other officers will also get the award. >> grief counselors will be at bridgeton high school to help student dealing with the death of two classmates, the teenage girl were killed, saturday, when they crashed into a tree just while driving home from their prepare two, other girls also in the car, we just check, one in critical
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condition, the other in serious. man sits behind bars accused of gilling his girlfriends, setting bucks county hotel on fire. subject apologized as taken into police custody. joel holden has the story from bensalem. >> something kevin small kept telling us when asked what happened. that he lost it. arrest papers show melissa bacon smith and kevin small were staying at the lincoln motel in trevose along the roosevelt boulevard. kevin allegedly told police it was something melissa said to him that angered him. >> he was seen at wawa to this event -- prior to this event buying gas, he walk back in the room caring gas. something transpired in the room where he doused the victim with gasoline and set her on fire. >> melissa once on fire tried to reach out for him for help. kevin instead turned around and walked out. meantime the fire spread
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through part of the motel, doing considerable damage. many of the guests staying there were forced to flea. as for the investigation, police claim kevin small placed a call to his sister, allegedly telling her, melissa now looks like freddie kruger. tried expressing mall for details. >> lost it. >> you lost it, what do you mean? drugs, alcohol? >> no, no drugs. >> turn around, turn around. >> what do you want to say to her family? >> sore. >> i you're soree? >> at the time of this fire, kevin small was on parole from state prison. police say he is cooperating with their investigation. he did suffer some burns on his hands, he was treated at the hospital, before being charged. reporting outside bensalem police chief joe holden cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> university of pennsylvania class of 2016. yes, big day, too. hopeful donald trump and vice president joe biden were at penn school of arts and sciences ceremony. the trump family watched as
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his daughter tiffany got a degree in sociology. naomi biden got a degree in international re lakes cents and a hug from her grandfather. >> we know the vice president's grand caught sir here. so we were very excited, we're a fan of joe biden? as you can imagine, security at franklin field was tight. almost as notable, noticeable, were people with camera phones, hoping to get a good picture of trump, biden and of course, most importantly, the graduate. >> meantime, warning from donald trump about the possibility of another 9/11 type attack. says it could happen again if the us continues allowing refugees to enter the country. testimony made his comment during interview on the national border patrol council pod cast. front runner hillary clinton will continue campaigning in the blue grass state, yesterday, she proposed more
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protection for coalminer's healthcare coverage and retirement program, clinton opponent bernie sanders holding rally in puerto rico t holds caucuses thereon june june 5th. >> for a look at newspaper headlines. >> from the font zero front page of the bucks county times, legislation introduce in the harrisburg will allow par mitt innings to draw blood, at the scene of car crash on police traffic stop. >> would keep more cops on the street. >> from the delaware county daily time, meet 33 year old upper chichester man who continues to beat the odds and making the most. kevin shot and paralyze from the shoulders down during attempted robbery in philadelphia, five years ago. >> in the burlington county times thousands turned out this weekend at joint base mcguire joint lake hers for the power in the pines ashore. show features air force
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thunderbirds as long as demonstrations and exhibit. >> that's a look in some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> when we come back, we'll show you many people paid tribute to prince. >> plus, president obama blasts donald trump, hear the president's sharp attack on the republican frontrunner delivered at a graduation speech in new jersey. vicious punch on the baseball field, see the controversial play that sparked this >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i know that brooke wants just say no to this chilly weather. and katie let you know when we will be warming back up. she is tracking rain on the horizon, too. >> we are jamming today. i like this song. >> ♪
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>> legendary music prince is remembered at a private memorial. >> mourners packed his former church in minnesota. the invitation-only service was held yesterday, at the gentleman hova witness hall. several celebrities were, there you just saw comedian sin bad, getting ready to pay his respects. the singer died last month inside his home. he was 57 years old. and the cause every his death remains under investigation. checking in with katie for the middle of may. >> some spots, where we bottomed out not only in the 30's, mount pocono, hit 29 degrees this morning. >> felt like it yesterday. >> yes, so, so chilly outside for the standards, you know, as we look forward in the forecast, thankfully we will start to rebounds nicely, yes, off to cold start. i broke out my winter coat,
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you might want to think about doing the same. depends i would say probably when you are actually leaving the house, but the earlier it is the colder it will be, even now despite the fact of course the sun is starting to at least illuminate the sky. start things offer by looking at the numbers, we are at least flirting with a record this morning. i don't think we will quite get there. it is really close. we did hit 43 degrees already this morning, at this point, right now, actually 44 at the airport, so, we may actually be rebounding at this point. see how we do. the next hour or two sort of when we start to see the code he is air in place, but the record low of 40 degrees was last set actually in a couple of years, 1984, 73, 59. so, it is not like that's never happened before. that said expect to see full sunshine, definitely colder than 40 degrees, outside kutztown area middle school, gord gorgeous looking sky, 36 degrees. so, yes, cold start to the day here. even though high pressure built in place. keep that sunshine, you don't
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really warm up all that much here today. mid 60s where we end up. that's far cry from seasonable by about 10 degrees. off wet, triggering the next round every rain, that starts to pick up by tomorrow. and that's what's going to help knocks pollen levels back. i've been sniffing and sneezing already this morning, i'll blame the pollen, eight where we stands, medium, medium high level. oak, birch, and mail, end zero and tomorrow drops off tomorrow and wednesday. you have rain moving through. tomorrow looks the the wettest even off and on with the showers and light rain. by wednesday we still have some showers around in the morning, then clouds start to break, and i'm telling you what, meisha, thursday and friday looks awesome. you can finally get your outdoor jog? >> i know, i've been waiting and waiting, so meantime i will stick with my cookies for lunch. thank you for the reminder, good morning, everyone, happen mine day. we do have accident out there. ninety-five south at washington avenue, that right lane block, you can see the cars right here push all the way off to the right. so again that right lane
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block, also, some of the shoulder as well. it is going to cause you little slow downs, just because as we see all morning long we do have a lot of early risers, so levels are holding steady. i will say, for monday morning, they are starting to pan out, looking little busier than i would say what we normally see. 5:00 hour, some gaper delay. this is what we are look at, taillights in the eastbound direction toward trooper road. see how noise that looks. looking good here, 422 looking pretty darn good overall. vine eastbound direction look good. both moving in the eastbound direction and westbound side, as well. >> this ramp is going toward the ben franklin bridge looking good in this direction. see that beautiful sky. looking nights and blue. that's he can actually what we want to see on a monday morning. ninety-five south, coming around the s curve looking good. stalled camera. see it inning through. what i want to point out northbound side, that far left lane, again, moving in the northbound side is open. which is going to be great for those every you taking the
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northbound side. brooke, over to you. >> back in the fields tonight, first one of the players has to visit the doctor today after violent collision. >> here is lesley van arsdall with your morning spots. >> the phillies start three game series tonight down at the bank against the marlins. jared will be on the mound for the fighting's. yesterday the reds ended the phillies three game winning streak, phillies pitcher adam morgan signing autograph for young fan before the game. tough day for adam. line drive that maikel franco couldn't get to. jay bruce will score on the double. reds take the lead. will score duval, since goes up two-nothing, to the fourth we go, phillies down four-nothing, flores will take this pitch, over the centerfield fence, into the bushes for a three run homer and the reds took seven-nothing lead t went onto win the final game that far series nine-four. >> cameron rough may not be in the line up tonight against the marlins, he injured his
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left ankle in the game ending collision at home plate saturday night. he will see the team doctor today, and may get mri. mccann on said if rough is missing few days they'll need to call up another catcher. >> that's all for sports, i'm lesley van arsdall, have a great day. >> thanks, leslie. expect some wild fight between the blue jays and rangers. it all started with a slide to break up double play. watch shove jose then land a vicious punch right on his jaw. >> it took the umpires ten minute to get the players under control and three players ejected for the fighting in the end. >> someone has some explaining to do after a bomb scare caused a soccer game in england to be canceled. the entire manchester united stadium evacuated after suspicious package was found in a toilet. only problem, fake device left behind from exercise to train bomb sniffing dogs. the game rescheduled for
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tomorrow. better to be cautious. >> i agree, i agree. see something, say something. >> very good. you work for the tsa. well, we are used to seeing shark attacks, but not like this. >> just wait until you see why the shark had to go to the hospital with the woman it bit. >> searching for clues after a deadly bus crash. the troubled history for that company that owns the bus. we'll be back.
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>> federal investigators in south texas to find out what caused a fatal crash involving a charter bus. >> it killed eight people and hurt 44 other. hen a daniels bridges us up-to-date on the investigation. >> now trying to determine the cause of deadly charter bus crash north of laredo, texas saturday. fifty-two people were on board when the driver lost control, and the bus rolled over. seven passengers were killed on the scene, one later died
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at the hospital. >> warrant today get here. >> this woman returned to the hospital after learning her 67 year old mother, virginia ramirez was on the bus head today a casino with her friend. >> turn and, just saw her best friend, no bag, she was outside, she could see inside her friend was look like she was passed on. >> her mother is recovering in a hospital. with several broken bones. texas company, oga charters owns the bus involved in the accident. according to the associated press order by state inspectors to take one of its buses offer the road to fix brakes and exit door problems. national trans takes safety board members arrive on the scene. >> this is in an effort to rule out any mechanical failure that may have
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contributed to the crash. >> investigators have requested the inspection and maintenance records. hena daniels, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> a shark attack in florida ends with a victim and the shark going to the hospital. i mean, i'm telling you, the picture makes me nauseous. check it out, the baby shark bit down on the woman's arm and it just hung on. happened yesterday at beach in boca raton, the 23 year old was taken to the hospital with the shark still attached. so, somebody get it off her. apparently, nurse sharks are pretty docile, expert say this attack is very unusual. >> four fishermen are happy waking up on dry land after being stranded at see. they're both sang off the coast of mexico thursday, thankfully, rescued by tugboat that was in the area. the vessel towing a 154-foot space shuttle external tank.
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the tank was headed to its new home at the california science center in los angeles. >> wrong against ignorance and identification larynx, made appear what to be vai called criticism, hopeful donald trump, to some 50,000 student at yesterday's graduation ceremony. the president told the class of 2016 that billing walls and rejecting fact won't work in a rapidly linked world. >> that's not keeping it real, or telling it like it is, that's not challenging political correctness. that's just not knowing what you are talking about. >> hundreds of rutgers cam again student boards dollars the river line to see the president. >> coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", hillary clinton already has a job lined up for her husband in the white house.
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>> the key tab, if hillary wins the election, justin? >> jim, brooke, if you were traveling, chances are the airports will be busy and the lines here will be long. i'm justin finch, live at the airport, coming up. we'll tell you what tsa plans to do to get to your flight faster and also why one lawmakers all we have to do is hire good dogs. more on that coming up. >> plus whether mean prank or all in good fun. that player explains why he played attributing on philly fans not once but twice. katy? >> oh, no. well, folks, it is cold outside. we have freeze warnings, frost advisories, more rain to track. full details coming up.
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>> a lot. frustrated flyers are fed up with the long lines at the airport. tsa, what they're doing to ease the back up headed into the busy travel season. >> i'm brooke thomas. >> i'm jim donovan. how long this chill sticks around? first, here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning


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