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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  May 16, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> a lot. frustrated flyers are fed up with the long lines at the airport. tsa, what they're doing to ease the back up headed into the busy travel season. >> i'm brooke thomas. >> i'm jim donovan. how long this chill sticks around? first, here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute.
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>> drive-by shooting leaves a 17 year old in critical condition in philadelphia's graze ferry section. >> police say the teenager hit about ten times, near moore and south hollywood streets around midnight. chaka fattah federal corruption trial expected to start behind me here at the federal courthouse in center city today right around 10:00 with opening statements. >> my husband who i will putter in charge -- because he knows thousand do it. >> out and about stomping for votes ahead of tuesday primaries in kentucky and oregon. republican presidential frontrunner donald trump taking a break from the campaign trail, to see daughter dif any graduate with a degree in sociology. but trump and biden families causing bit of stir in the stands during today's commencement ceremony at the university of pennsylvania.
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>> sometimes sports, sometimes it is ugly. and yesterday was a prime example when the bench cleared during the blue jays-rangers game. expect suspensions to be handed down today. >> wait and see if it warms up little bit. little chilly out there. >> specially when the winds blows, and barely light as a breeze right now, too, but man you feel it. if you are ready to hit the road after this report this morning, grab something heavier out of the closet here, because it is cold outside. and any time that wind blows of course it makes it feel that much worse. so cold intact some of you are in a frost advisory or freeze warning, let's look here. we start things offer by looking at the freeze warnings posted for the poconos. frost advisory posted for lehigh northampton county as well as berks, all lasting us until 8:00 this morning. let's look at storm scan.
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nice clear sky out there. the fact we had cold front roll through saturday, that really knocked the temperatures back yesterday, if you were outside, know that, but now sort of damage has been done if you will, because now with clear sky, hype pressure rebuilds, actually have the chance to really bottom out. up to mount pocono, 39 degrees, hit 29 over the last couple of hours, 44 where we stand at philadelphia international airport. and all you need is that very modest west wind at 10-mile per hour, i'm telling to you make it feel that much chillier. bundle up. forty-one the current temperature at ac even you are flight withing 30's right now, now we will turn around pretty quickly on the thermometer. problem is only so much that we can add onto these daytime highs. because we are starting off on such cool note. sixty-four what we end up at at about 3:00. likely hit 65 before the day is all said and donement you have wall-to-wall sunshine, granted winds still in the recall throughout the day. but at least it is dry. and it is going to be sunny. that does help matters along,
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coming up we are not only tracking more rain, but also eventually going to see rebounds on the thermometer. you know what, meisha, a despite the fact it is chilly we always keep it interesting here in philadelphia with the weather, don't we? >> tracking more rain, funny, haven't heard that in a while. couple every accident outside, washington avenue, right lane block, now two right lanes are block, because of that i look at the back upshot, looking pretty slow right around here. so if you are headed out in this area, 95 south at washington avenue, just know because of this accident block too long lanes now, it is really starting to slow you down. we are seeing backups start to happen because of it. not only because more people on the roadways, also getting the gaper delay. schuylkill taillights eastbound direction approaching gulf mill, you can see how many people are out there already. blue route southbound at ridge pike, looking actually okay on the blue route. not nearly what it is look being like on the schuylkill. second accident of the morning, in cheltenham. cheltenham avenue at washington lane, we have no report of any lanes blockages
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right now if we hear anything extra i'll let you know right away. also we do have construction out there, pa turnpike between valley forge and ft. washington, eastbound lanes are now open. it sound like one westbound lane is still blocked. i'll let you know as soon as that clears, make note it is out there. also one change, to mass transitment ac rail line starting new schedule, that started yesterday. so make sure to check your scud use on route. route 101 trolley shuttle bussing for construction, between orange street, providence rode through june 17th. over to you. >> new plan to try and ease the gridlock security lines at the airport. just in time for the summer travel season. justin finch with new idea it may help passengers board faster. >> brooke, jim, good morning, here at terminal d and so far the lines are moving here pretty quickly, however, that will likely change when summer travel hits its peak. to that ends, tsa is rowing
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out ten-point plan to get you to your flight faster, but new york senator also calling for plan of his own, to call in more k9's to sift you out through security, something we've seen here in philadelphia before. into you normal and air travel n phoenix thursday, thousands of bags baking in the sun. the result of tsa computer glitch which stopped screening. >> you want to keep passengers moving, but we want to keep passengers safe. >> i missed my plane. i was hear 45 an hour before my flight. >> with peak summer travel approaching, tsa staffing down, this suggestion from new york senator chuck shooker. >> when you have a passenger screening k9 it is like pre check, where you don't have to take off your coat, belt, or shoes, they can smell any explosives. >> over thanksgiving, philadelphia international airport rolled out similar k9 program with success,. >> come around, sniff and your feet, around your ankles, but they won't be too inch trues
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disbelief homeland security and tsa top brass cents are bracing for a busy summer. >> that plan, to hire more than 700tsa officers, use additional k9 teams to screen passengers, also, to encourage more to sign up for tsa pre-check, that program pushes flyers faster through security. you can't get a hole after damn person in it. sa. >> congressman john mikea calls that plan too little too late. this as homeland security aim to limit carry on bags blamed on longer wait times. >> we are seeing a lot of check bags make their way through the lines here this morning, you may also see the k9 there sniffing bags as they pass it knows for flyers, again, a lot of issues, at work here. under staffing at tsa, and also, you may see as a result some longer lines because of that. and enhanced security procedures, advice, we have been given so far to give to you is budget more time to get
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to the airport two hours is now the old one hour, i would suggest getting here as many as three hours, average wait time averaging 90 minutes, brooke, jim, back into you. >> come on, three hours? >> i don't know what to tell you. >> if you want to make it. >> thanks, justin. >> it is 5:38. in business news this morning, find out which company is showcase agnew high-tech smart watch screen. >> what consumer goods are selling the fatsoes jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill. >> good morning, see if the markets can turn things around, on friday the dow fell 185 points, nasdaq dropped 19. and it came despite stronger than expected report on consumer spending in april. the commerce department says retail sales rose 1.3% last month. with more people shopping on line. car sales also up, also restaurant, this week
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investors waiting for wal-mart re lights earnings for the last quarter, wal-mart the worm's largest retailer, gooden kate or every american spending habits overall. traditional department stores like macy's nordstrom, and kohl's, all reported weak sales. >> and here's one twi expand the size of your smart watch screens. samsung filed patent for technology, that lets the watch project information on a nearby surface, like users hand or forearm you can use that larger space to write or for the app. brooke, jim? >> thanks a lot, jill. >> someone on the list of unindicted conspiracy ever terse in the bridge closing scandal want the name to stay is a secret. attorney for the anonymous person has appealed federal judge's ruling to the third us circuit court of appeals. attorney said that to release the names without allowing her client to establish that he was not a co-conspirator would violate his due process right.
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>> bernie sanders takes his campaign to report reijo, and as hena daniels reports, republicans have more meetings planned this week with focus on party unity. who is going to blow up the system, who will get the change people want done? this is what this election is coming down to. >> took to the airwaves, sunday, to defend the party's presumptive nominee against new york times report he mistreated dozens every women in the party. trump called this a lame hit piece. also, panda movement by some conservatives, seeking independent candidate to block the billionaire about talk the paul ryan approach, to work with donald trump and find out whether or not there is common ground campaigning in kentucky, focused most jabs at likely row pun cano pope e. 's loose cannon, who has said keep muslims out. who has said let's withdraw from nato.
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the list is long. the former secretary of state, still facing a primary challenge from rival bernie sanders. >> if they want the strongest candidate to defeat donald trump, bernie sanders is that candidate. >> leads zapped heard by more than 700 delegates going into tuesday contest, on track to clinch the democratic nomination by next month. hena daniels, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> hillary clinton also making it clear, if-ee elected she will already have assignment for her husband. she says she will put former president bill clinton in charge of fixing the economy. >> coming up next, rock star recovering this morning, got to tell you why his band had to suddenly cancel a concert. and pat gallen is in the studio. hey, pat? >> good morning, rude or in good fun? completed dollars their series but foul ball has gotten all of the attention, we will explain the situation next.
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jim? >> and the driver of this car left with a singing feeling, who she blamed after she drove right into a frigid bay. we'll be right back.
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of serious side effects. ask a urology specialist if botox can help calm your bladder. visit and learn how botox can be a low cost option. phillies play the marlins in south philly but incident in yesterday's game is raising some eyebrows. >> yes, so one of the reds seem to tees a young phillies fan. pat gallen here to show us what was going on out there.
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>> little weird situation. we have video for you. cincinnati reds first baseman joey did not have good series against the phillies this weekend, the slugger finish the three game set going zero for ten with six strikeouts. after tough few games, i guess he decided to take that frustration out on a fan. was he being a jerk or just having a little fun? you be the judge. in the sixth inning with the reds up seven-nothing, corrales foul ball, normally you just toss it into the stands to a young fan, flight but no. votto takes out the fans, then seems quite entheusiastic about his work. got little bit after smuck on his face right there. how about this? full-on fist pump. yes. later in the game, he would troll the fans again with another fake out to a kid hine the dugout right here. you want this? you? you want this? come on. the kid just wants the ball. he is a jerk. >> the reds won nine-four. and after the game, votto insisted he was not being mean
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spirited. >> i was jug having fun with them. you know, they gave you a hard time during the game. and that's my way of giving them a hard time back. really, just me playing around. >> see how much fun i have in here, because such an energized bunch, they get on you. give them hard time. it is a really fun group here. >> during the game, the if i east broadcast finds out about votto slight and ben davis personally delivered baseball autographed game behind the dugout. so nice move by the guys in the booth. now, votto, soy my guess is if he want hitting 2.15, wasn't struggling, he probably would have thrown the ball. regardless i think it is a fun back and forth, and the phillies have found themselves a new village, when cincinnati
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comes to town. guys, ride or all in good fun? you can use the hashtag by the cbs-3 -- >> i'm lock in on my cuter. >> i you know what i saw at the beginning? my goodness, this is mean, then started talking about the fans, kind of the environment. >> they rib him lit bit. >> he can have fun back? >> jerk. >> ya? >> give the kid the ball. >> the whole studio thinks. >> thank you. >> running for president next. katie, how does the game look tonight? >> you know, you know, judging by this shot, looking pretty good. i'll have your phillies forecast in a s coy not go this hit without showing this shot. look how gorgeous. this is our shore shot down in ocean city where this just says it all, you have nothing more than few whispy clouds out there, nice bright sunshine, just popped over the horizon, that does mean you want sunglasses but my advice is to also take along heavy coat today. wait until you see what the eyewitness weather watch err network is showing, low 40's at best, right now, so it is a
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chilly start. around full every mid 30's, 38 comes in from barbara. out in will/grover. what you will notice is a lot of these more remote suburbs like mullica hill. 39 degrees. that's where you find some of the colds he is air. gilbertsville, good for chilly forecast, 37 from eileen, we have got couple of low 40's around some of the more urbanized communities, delran, at 41, 34 comes in from john in perkasie, so you get the idea the bottom line here it is chilly outside. there are couple of spots to the far northwest suburbs you have frost advisories, freeze warnings, but only storm scan empty, gout that going, nice bright sunshine today all it be chilly dayment next disturbance there is will be moving across the mid-atlantic by tomorrow. that, my arrow looks funny, but you get the idea, bringing in the next round of rain, somewhat off and on in nature tomorrow. soap, first pitch does look good here. for the phillies, marlins are in town, we've got sunshine for you, 06 degrees, mostly
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sunny, cool, breezy day. we are looking forward in the eyewitness weather seven day, mid 60s continue for both monday and tuesday, watching for some showers though off and on again tomorrow. by wednesday, still showers, lingering in the morning. then we should break for some sun, right now you have got a double dose of gorgeous weather here, low mid 70s, and sunshine for thursday, and friday. not a bad way to rounds out the week, meisha? >> gorgeous. all right, katie. thank you for. that will good morning, everyone, happy monday. couple every things out there going on right now. we have an accident involving injuries here, 95 south at washington avenue. blocking just one right lane. now two lanes are blocked. and it looks like a firetruck just showed up to the scene. so again, this is involving injuries. because of that we are seeing some backups right now. take a look at this. right before the vine. iron back upshot right before the vine, you can see, very, very slow all every these cars trying to get into one lane to circle around it not the to mention the fact putting on the brakes, firetrucks there,
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crews there, people walking around. very careful going through here. avoid the area at all costs if you k if you can, just know, you will want to give yourself some extra time. then look at the schuylkill, headlights moving in the eastbound direction at the boulevard. looking good at that point of the schuylkill. so looking real good there. all right, where we have another accident. in cheltenham, cheltenham avenue at washington lane. it sounds like a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle in the pedestrian has been brought to the hospital. so, again, you're going have some slow downs around the area, make note of. that will again avoid the fare at all costs, if at all possible. one more thing, minor water break, southbound, 42nd street, all lanes blocked, you will have to use chestnut as your all the that the. jim, over to you. >> thank you, canadian women lucky to be alive after her apparently malfunction cents gps put her in the middle of a lake. the woman told police she was having a hard time driving in dense fog the other night. the 23 year old was relying on her gps when she unintentionally drove down a boat launch and right off the edge. she was able to swim to shore. but a tow truck had to fish
5:51 am
her out of the water. >> there are a loft bumm red hot chilly pepper fans this morning, all worried about the lead singer recovering from a health scare, and this caused the bands to make a big cans legs. >> we are devastated about it. >> the bands had to tell fans they were cancelling a sold out concert in california saturday night. they pulled the plug at the last minute, singer rushed to the hospital to be treated foreign test continual flu. the bands already canceled another show tomorrow night. no word yet on when they'll get back on the road. this is my favorite story all morning, some big news for marvel movie fans. michael b jordan joining the latest star studded superhero movie. hollywood reporter said the creed star added to the cast for upcoming black panther
5:52 am
movie t stairs, so which charge letter jordan play? they're not telling us. we don't know yet. there is a lot of spending lakes that he could be a villain. look for black pant nerve theatres in 2018. >> this will be huge. because cooing letter and michael b jordan they're friends, and they have this history of this awesome direct or-actor kind of partnership, creed, so this will be good. we have to wait until 2018. >> a long time for the bill up. that's for sure. before you leave your home, we have three things to know today. we'll be right
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> this is amazing, three brothers in tennessee all have perfect act scores. >> meet iaian, colin, william mcleod, ian now attending texas a&m, colin going to college in oak home, a their younger brother william currently a student at houston high school. the boys said it was their parent who helped them ac sell academically. >> my score on the act was a 36. >> i scored a 36. >> i got a 36 on the act's. >> we put in a lot of work before that. i mean, we work hard in school. we've taken honors in ap classes every chance we get. >> they got to play that number in the lottery. brother say they've never crammed or freaked out about the test. >> i thought -- going to
5:56 am
college in oak home, a going to the university of oklahoma. >> okay. >> which is a big deal. >> calm down. yep, good times. well, before you head out the door, here is you what need to know. >> chaka fattah's corruption trial starts today, accused of using campaign funds and grants,. >> kenny will unveil new plan to help homeless in center sit. >> i university of pennsylvania graduation day, linmore and did a, star of the broadway hit hamilton, he will deliver the commencement address, and that's three to go. coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news" be the first to see the new sixers uniforms. find out why they are making history in philadelphia sport. >> plus, imagine spending $10,000 on amazon, only to have the company cancel your membership. that happened to this man. find out why he was cut off, so it doesn't happen to you. that's coming up next. your ceiling fan.allsaid he couldn't. and that one time
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waking to up a gorgeous sun sunrise, hopefully you didn't put your jacket away, katie will let us know whether with we will warm up and get some more rain. >> happening today, chaka fattah corruption trial underway. what the congressman face it is convicted.
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>> donald trump's past surfaces, as the gop frontrunner tries to look forward. many voters don't seem to care. why they're sporting trump despite the scandels. well, today is monday, may the 16, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke tonight. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things, good morning. happy monday, couple every accident out there, one, rather serious, i'll get to that in just a moment. minor main break. >> thankfully again the weather not going to mess with you. you will have some sun glare, for sure. but no rain in the forecast yet. that will change as we look forward in the forecast, but for now, it is all night nice and clear. taking to you beautiful looking shot outside burn ville, this is just tree line in the distance, no visibility problems, bright clear sky, see the sun clearly starting to move over that field there. off to chilly start, we moderate back to the


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