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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  May 16, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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we begin with a "eyewitness news" exclusive. philadelphia has a new fire commissioner, adam, just sworn in this morning, and he talked only with cbs-3. good afternoon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. adam teal has led fire department's in four states, our own walt hunter live at fire department head nerves northern lib earth which his exclusive interview. walt? >> well, only cbs-3 was here at fire headquarters around
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10:30 this morning, inside, surrounded by firefighters and his family members, adam teal teal became philadelphia's new fire commissioner. taking the oath of office. moments later, i spoke with him, about his goals for the department. >> so many great people i met, just great feeling, you know, city of brotherly sisterly love, real happy to be here and get started. >> philadelphia's new fire commissioner, 43 year old adam teal, moments after he was sworn in, told me, in a exclusive one-on-one interview, his first step will be to visit every firehouse in the city. >> my focus really will be initially on the people, get to go nobody everybody, visiting all of the firehouses and we will work on that part, and then we will get into some of the other challenges around the community. >> with his family at his side, the new commissioner, who was formally fire chief in alexandria virginia and a virginia deputy secretary for homeland security, says, he'll
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be working hard on planning for the upcoming democratic national convention year. >> the sit did i a great job with the papal visit, so many other special event, you know, it is real a normal thing here. >> and beyond meeting firefighters, the new commissioner told me that reaching out to communities, city-wide, to build a closer relationship with the fire department, is a top priority. >> one of the things i love about cities in the urban environment are the neighborhoods, so also really looking forward to getting out visiting with community groups, getting out into the neighborhoods, and really exploring and under standing everything philly has to offer. >> and after this big moment, the new commissioner at this moment is enjoying some of our philadelphia cuisin with his family members, a little later this afternoon, as you would expect, or any firefighter, even the commissioner, he'll be measured for his official fire fighting gear and his uniform. he's now in charge, and there will be many new things developing, in the department.
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live at fire administration building headquarters, walt hunter, cb. s3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks, walt. water main breaks right in front after firehouse, in west philadelphia. it happened in the early morning hours after side of engine five ladder six on 43rd and market. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh life at the scene in west philadelphia, where the clean up continues. anita? >> that's right, brooke. some people in west philadelphia will remain without water for at least several more hours because of that water main break that happened around 6:00 this morning. now, as you can see, and hear behind me, crews remain here to make their repairs, now because of that water main break we're told that 5 feet of water flood the the basement level, it is cleared now, because crews were able to pump out the water using fire department host lines, but firefighters tell me the exercise equipment stored in the basement is a complete lost, also, looking into possible electrical damage right now, as the fire station
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is currently running by generator. now the lack of water pressure also a problem for a dialysis center across the street. i'm told they're sending more than 30 of their patients scheduled for dialysis treatment today to area hospitals, and clinics, but a worker there tells me that thankfully none of the treatments were emergencies. moments ago spoke to john did i jewel yo, he tells me water has been shut off to about 20 properties in this area that includes the dialysis center, now, market street here in west philadelphia before 42nd and 43rd streets, remain closed, and i'm told that crews are expected to remain here for at least another four hours. live in west philadelphia, i'm anita oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", brooke? >> thanks so much, and eat, a i'll take it, this noon jury is hearing opening statements in the federal corruption trial of long time philadelphia congressman, chaka fattah. the 11 term democrat is accused of excepting brains, and misusing campaign funds,
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and federal grants. four former aides also face charges, fattah lost in the democratic primary for another term, last month. meanwhile convicted murder err raphael robb has been refused early release, the former university of pennsylvania professor was convicted in the murder of his wife, ellen, in 2006. now, has been fighting for early release ever since. monday gemmery county district attorney kevin steel says rob will likely spends his entire sentence in prison until at least 2017. the d.a. says after that, rob will be on ten years of supervised probation. grief counselors are at bridgeton high school today to help students deal with the weekends deaths of two classmates. the driver, 17 year oldish a, soon on the left, and passenger, 15 year old mikhail a mostly killed saturday when they crashed into a tree driving home from their prom. two other girls were in the car and taken to the hospital, someone in critical condition, the other in serious condition
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it is not clear what caused the crash n south philadelphia police tell us driver lost control of their car and smashed into several parked cars. this happened, before midnight, at ninth and tasker. one person was hurt, and "eyewitness news" has learned the driver stayed at the scene and so far police say charges are not expected in this case. all right, the sun is shining, but looks can be deceiving, because, i think it is pretty chilly outside, especially for may, what's the deal? >> you always think it is chilly. let's get first look at the forecast, meteorologist, katie fehlinger in the cbs-3 weather center always like okay, am i going to be the tiebreaker? yes, and i would have to agree on brooke on this one. it is chilly. man, it is chilly. we in the 30's this morning in some spots, even hit the 20's in a couple of spots this morning, namely the poconos, so yes, it is cooler than average. but it is still looking to be pretty nice afternoon, unfolding out there. and storm scan at least nice and quiet, very empty at this point. all courtesy of high pressure in place for one more day. now, that is going to change with time.
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eventually new disturbance pushes through. we will talk about it in the full forecast down the road. for now seeing pretty decent winds kicks in, winds out of the north northwest into the 20's, sustained wind, guys, that does mean it will feel little cooler than the thermometer actually reads. keep that in mind. but the day as whole, looks lovely. mid 60s, the expectation in the sit. granted that's about ten below the seasonable average. so just dress in layers, you will be just fine, also, minds to the winds. that will will be with us the rest of the day. but coming up as i mention, the sunshine only lasts for so long, more rain eventually on the horizon, and i'll tell when you that is set to get here coming up as the show goes on, brooke, back to you. >> thanks, katie. president obama honoring fallen philadelphia police officer robert wilson iii right now. the president presented wilson's family with public safety officer medal of valor. the 30 year old wilson killed last march when two men tried to rob a north philadelphia game stop store. twelve other officers were also get the awards. it is graduation day for
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the university of pennsylvania's class of 2016. and high profile guess was spotted in the stands for second day in a row. we are talking about vice president joe biden. he was back at franklin field with other family members, to cheer on his granddaughter naomi. she got her degree in international relations yesterday. today's commencement speaker was lynn manuel miranda, creator of the hit musical hamilton. >> long lines and long waits, what we've come to expect from our trips to the airport. but our justin finch shows us one suggestion that could move things along a little faster. >> is the new normal in air travel, long lines at airports across the us, and in phoenix thursday, thousands of bags baking in the sun, the result of tsa computer glitch which stopped screenings. >> you want to keep passengers moving, but keep passengers safe. >> this philadelphia passenger simmering. he and his family blaming long check in lines and over booking for missing their frontier flight home.
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>> i'm very concerned, because i do a lot of flying and travel. i got a car that's parked, been parked since this saturday. >> with peak summer travel approaching and tsa staffing down, this suggestion from new york senator chuck assumer. >> when you have a passenger screening, k9, it is like pre-check, where you don't have to take off your code or your belt or your shoes, because they can smell any explosives. >> over thanksgiving, philadelphia international rolled out similar k9 program with success. >> we've come around, sniff around your feet, your ankles, but they won't be too inch trues disbelief homeland security and tsa top brass are bracing for a busy summer. that plan to hire more than 700tsa officers use additional k9 teams to screen passengers, also, to encourage more to sign up for tsa pre-check, that program pushes flyers faster through security. >> as tsa prepares to ramp up its staff, they likely won't make their targets before
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july, when peak summer travel begins, you can't get ahold after damn person in it. sa. >> congressman john mikea calls that plan too little too late this as homelands security aims to limit carry on bags, which are blamed on longer wait times at the airport, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> labor secretary tomas perez said he met with both sides sunday, washington, d.c., and they agreed resume talks tomorrow. 39,000 verizon lands line and cable workers walk off the job on april 13th, working without a contract since august. >> well, toddler's dramatic rescue, coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", watch as first responds err is lowered into a very tight space to pull a little boy to safety from a well. >> birthday bash fit for a queen. talking britain's queen elizabeth, celebrating her 90 ' with a week of f
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back on "eyewitness news", dramatic rescue in china after a two year old boy falls down a dry well. the space was almost 20 feet deep and nearly 24 inches in diameter. emergency responders were afraid the boy might suffocate. so they lowered a smaller member of the rescue team into the well to pull the child out. the little boy suffered a forehead injury and was taken to the hospital to get checked out. >> well, queen elizabeth turned 09 last month, but now
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that the weather is a bit nicer great britain celebrating with week of festivities. >> on the grounds every windsor castle as correspondent shows us, it was quite the show. >> it was celebration well fit for a queen. who arrived in nothing less than horse-drawn carriage. some in the royal box covered their ears during a deafening cannon salute. while the queen appeared completely un-phased. the celebrity featured tributes: >> ♪ >> ♪ >> kylie manogue and military bands from the 53 countries that make up the british equipment. but over shadowing these a-listers were the real celebrities of the evening, 900 horses. royal commontator roa was there and explains the monarch's love for the
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equestrian world. >> she is an excellent horse woman, knowledgeable about hours cents she owns, about blood lines. >> 6,000 spectators gathered on the ground every windsor cast toll watch performance if a far flung nations cents. the new zealand army band ran in slow motion, while playing the theme from charriots of fire. for the finale, a giant cake was wheeled into the ring. seth don't, cbs news, london. >> one heck of a party. well, the philadelphia 76ers are making history. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news", the team's big reveal, the fans, a first in the nation for the big four professional sports league. katy? >> and brooke, we are still in the midst of some sunshine the rest of the day today, but tracking, you guessed it, more rain on the way, i'll tell when you it gets here, long it sticks around, is there any more sunshine in site down the road? the answer straight ahead.
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the 76ers have flashy uniforms already, but begin in the 2017 season they'll have something else that no one else does. >> the first team in the four major us sports to sell an ad on their jersies. the sixers made the announcement during special dunking contest on the deck of the battleship new jersey this morning. the uniforms will have a stub hub logo in the upper corner and the team says they're proud to be first. >> once this sort of started to come about, that this might happen, the nba might lawn this much program, it was quick discussion, we were in, wanted to do it, couldn't more thrilled to be first, and couldn't be more excited to see it kick off and two years from now. >> the sixers also have the
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nba draft lottery coming up. tomorrow night. that's when they'll see where they will pick in the june draft. first, right, hopefully? >> hopefully, well, phillies fans may have new enemy, reds first baseman, who faked tossing fall ball to fans at yesterday's game. later did the same thing to young fan near the dugout. he said phillies fans were giving him a hard time so he played along. phils broadcasters got the fan a mike schmidt autographed ball so the phils don't play the reds again this season, so we will have to see votto next season, the phils play the marlins tonight. very long memories here in philadelphia, however, so i don't think that anybody's going to let him off the hook next season. >> okay, so you're right, it was cold, we had frost advisory this morning, we had freeze warning in the poconos, actually, tide couple of record lows this morning. so chilly. >> wah, wah, wah. >> i know, how much, at least we have the sunshine.
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when we certainly have that, you know, at least couple of days coming up beyond this point, as well. so overall i would say that this week's forecast will be a heck of a lot nicer than the last two weeks as a whole, because we had so many gray skies and chill in the air. let's take a look at what's happening out there right now, however. in fact, i want to start things off by taking a look back in time, morning lows, not everyone tide record. but here is a couple of those that d allentown, trenton, both tide record lows this morning at 37 and 40 degrees, apiece, and mount pocono, yep, that was the coldest spot as you might imagine up in the mountain us terrain, 29 degrees your official low. now, here in philadelphia, at the airport, the actual low to at least tie the records would have been 40. we came awfully close to that at 42 gross officialliment storm scan at least nice and quiet for you. it will stay that way through the rest of the day, rest of the night, even early this morning, look at this, even light snow falling in up-state new york, thankfully not our story. here is the next disturbance that does bring us precipitation, basically going to move from west to east, and
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cross through the mid-atlantic state. since we are close enough to it, it will bring in couple of additional showers tomorrow and probably into wednesday morning, too. but outside we go to one of the live neighborhood network shots, love this shot, one of the most favorite because so serene, beautiful sunrise shot which we had earlier this morning, right now outside kutztown area middle school couple of patchy white clouds, nothing more, noticeable breeze, in fact, actually see if you watch closely clouds are moving here with the north to northwest breeze at 14 miles per hour. and with temperature at 53, you will notice that it feels little chillier out there. high pressure is in place for this one final day before this next disturbance starts to cross our way, brink withing it more clouds, certainly, and also some off and on rain really any time tomorrow further south you are the more likely it is that you get in on more rain. but there will still be again some showers that linger into wednesday morning, before that system retreats, then high pressure regains control. looks like that high will linger, right through the end of the week. so i come bearing some very nice weather news for the week's end. meantime first pitch tonight not looking bad at 70:00, a
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still full sunshine for the phils, 06 degrees, mostly sunny skies, little cool and breezy too. have your phillies sweatshirts ready to go as opposed to maybe just the t-shirt. but looking forward, take a look again, we do start to rebound here, it will be somewhat after slow progress to get into seasonable territory, normal highs range low mid 70s this time of year, so yes, little cool for the standards, we get you back again into the more seasonable territory thursday and friday, and look at that, wall-to-wall sunshine as high pressure regains control. we have to worry about a shower saturday. but at least the temperatures are sticking close to where they belong this time. for the upcoming weekend. >> okay. >> ya. we've seen a lot worse, guys, speaking of the last two weeks. >> okay, katie. jim, get your credit cards right out now for me and katie. because there is a giant unique pink diamonds hitting the auction block. it is more than 15 karats, with an estimated worth of 28 to $38 million. >> oh, my. >> jim just put his credit
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card away. up for auction tomorrow in geneva. it is the star of the show all because of its pink color, stunning clarity and pure structure, really probably just because it is a possibly 38 million-dollar diamond. >> you know what, if i had a coupon, maybe. >> or groupon? >> i don't buy anything unless it is on sale. but i'll consider it if you can finds that coupon. >> if it is on sale. >> yes. >> well, coming up: bonn voyage for the worlds' largest cruise ship. i'll buy you something from this. stay with
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>> coming up today on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 5:00 after spending more than $10,000 with amazon this man never dreamed the company would cancel his membership. that's when he reached out to "3 on your side" for help. i'm tell you why he was cut off so you can make sure it doesn't happen to you, too. >> good story. vacation time. it may and crews in your future. >> i love a good cruise, today the worlds' largest cruise ship hit the high cease, sets sale from france yesterday. sixteen decks, can carry 6200 passengers, 2,000 crew members, the harmony of the sea expect in the england later this week to prepare for its made encouraging voyage, with passengers. >> huge. >> i love a big cruise ship. that's "eyewitness news" for now, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. for katie all every us here thanks for watching. >> always on line at
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