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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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two killed while keeping others safe. >> our entire nation expresses its profound gratitude. >> reporter: president obama honoring men and women who run toward danger to keep us safe. >> it had not been for their bravery we likely would have lost a lot of people. mothers, fathers, sons, caughters. friends, and loved ones. >> reporter: 's warded medal of valor to 13 police officers dog a ceremony at the white house today. one hero from philadelphia received the medal, posthumously. >> please necessity how deeply sorry we are for your loss, how grateful we are for sergeant wilson's services. >> reporter: officer robert wilson the third was killed in march of 2015 when two men tried to rob a north philadelphia game stop store. he had stopped into buy a birthday present for his son. wilson's grandmother constance accepted the medal on his behalf, after the ceremony, constance spoke to the media saying that she thinks about
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her grandson all the time. >> big hole was put in my heart but he loved his job and he did what he was trained to do, and i miss him a lot. >> reporter: officer wilson was 30 years old. he was the only officer honored today who lost his life in the line of duty. >> it has been said that perfect valor is doing without witnesses, what you would do if the whole world were watching. our nation has the responsibility to support those who serve and protect us, and keep our streets safe. >> thirty-five police officers have have lost their lives in the line of duty in the u.s. so far this year. before today's ceremony the president signed a bill into law that will allow state and local police departments to buy, more bullet-proof vests. breaking news now, two sources tell cbs news that the national transportation abe safety board expects to find operator error, as the probable cause behind last
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may's deadly amtrak train derailment in frankford. the those sources claim the board will find the cause of the crash was due to the train operator's loss of situational awareness. the as well as they are also going to find no firm evidence of an object strike ago this train before the accident, as there simply no way to determine if the damage the windshield occurred before the derailment or during. the ntsb is expected to release its findings, tomorrow. well, the sunnies out, still chilly out there, feeling more like early april then may. more rain also on the the way. meteorologist kate the bilo is live on the cbs-3 sky deck to tell us when we will need those umbrellas. and, some sunshine, and some nice spring take, and even a time of year. and, majority of the, the nation has been raised, that all returns tomorrow. lets look at temperatures right now. we're still below average.
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we are still comfortable. sixty-six at the airport. sixty-six in redding. sixty-five in trenton but it is still very windy, sustained wind right new from the west at 23 miles an hour at the airport and 13 miles an hour right now in redding with higher gusts. but today's sky cover mostly sunny, can you believe this, the first mostly sunny kay, we have had, since april the 15th, that is a full month, folks. storm scan three is although clear now but we have rain lurking off to the west and that is getting in here for tomorrow. we will time it on you the and tell you when steady rain arrives and which areas will see rainy weather for our tuesday. for new back inside to you. >> thank you, kate. first responders had to pull a man from his pick up when he went over a guardrail and into the water. chopper three was own on the scene in 291 in tinicum township delaware county near the airport. man was reportedly trapped from his truck but crews extended a ladder and were able to free him. he was taken to the hospital for evaluation, no one else was hurt and crews towed that truck, out of the water.
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the philadelphia water department, says that the 12-inch main that broke earlier this morning is going to cost about 1.7 million-dollar, to fix and clean up. the break happened in front of the firehouse on forty-third and market in west philadelphia. the water flooded the basement of engine five, ladder six firehouse and damaged exercise equipment. low water pressure forced the dialysis sent's cross the street to send patient toss other hospitals and clinics for treatment. water main dates back to 1874. a former university of pennsylvania professor, convicted of beating his wife to death has been refused early release from prison. rafael rob was quick of killing his wife, ellen gregory in their king of prussia home in 2006. he was sentenced to ten years in prison as part of the the plea deal in 2007. he will serve his entire event isens and be released next year. today officials praised gregory's family for fight to go change the law in pennsylvania so victims or their families have the right to go before the parole board
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to state their case. >> the family in this case has been incredibly brave, courageous and they have done that not only by stopping the release of this individual, who brutally murdered their loved one but they have also carried forward with the passage of a law, assisted about the passage of the law that allows for crime victims to speak to the parole board a and share their concerns, their safety issues, their requirements when and if an offender is released on parole. >> reporter: after being released next year robb will undergo ten years of supervised probation. judge in camden county has ruled 22-year old david creato, junior should face murder charges in the death of his three-year old son. today the judge dismissed a defense request to toss out the indictment against creato. he is accused of killing his son brendan, then reporting the child missing in a call to 911. the little will boy's body was found a few blocks from his home in october. verizon and two striking unions are heading back to the bargaining table after a more than month long, stalemate.
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labor secretary thomas perez says he met with both side on sunday in washington d.c. and they agreed to resume talks tomorrow. 39,000 verizon landline and cable workers walked off the job april 13th. they have been working without a contract since august. philly food trucks are so popular these days that you can now take a college class, on how to run one. community college of philadelphia right next door to "eyewitness news" is offering a workshop in mobile food management, it is a three week program starting wednesday and wrapping up in june. we spoke with greg olden, the operator of the philly green's food truck who recently completed the course. >> there was a lot have of discussion, a lot have real world problems, and trying to get this, what type of generators, what type of food equipment. where to go shopping, which places to buy this, that and the other thing. >> greg used to be in database administrator for amtrak. he says he wanted to get out of the office and get back in
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the food industry. so philadelphia a is home to one of the largest usual a an park systems in the u.s. and soon you will be able to get a glimpse of the cities parks and trails in a whole new view. lets go to the ground level here and "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh live at bell machines plateau to explain, anita. >> reporter: that is right, jessica. philadelphia is one of the first major u.s. cities to launch this project. the goal, it is to bring an even bigger picture of over 200 miles of trails and parks here in philadelphia. to get best idea of philadelphia parks and trails... you usually got to walk them. but thanks to a new initiative. >> we're really exited to get this on the map. >> reporter: between fair mount park conservancy and philadelphia park and recreational department, now we have another set of eyes through the internet. >> big camera. >> reporter: this snaps image after image which will be available on google maps. where step you can have a full
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picture of philadelphia attractions without ever leaving home. contraption capture an image every three seconds which will be stored and edited by google in to 360-degree street views. >> one panoramic shot. >> reporter: two hikers with the parks and recreational department started taking to the trails with the 50-pound backpack a few weeks ago. >> there are certain well kept secrets and this will help let those secrets out. >> reporter: they will continue to capture views of the areas around philadelphia favorites. >> is there many other amazing historical houses in the park system as well as places like boat house row, the waterworks, beautiful place down by the art museum. >> reporter: now those hikers will continue to explore the trails here and capture images through october and then those images will be available after a year on google maps. live on belmont plateau i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much. coming up on "eyewitness news" a after spending more than $10,000 with amazon on housewares and electronics a
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local man never dreamed a company would decide to cancel his membership. >> you were completely lock out. >> totally. totally locked out. >> and that is when he reached out to three on your side for help, find out yes was cut off so you can make sure it doesn't happen to you. prince william, kate and prince harry are tackling an illness that comes with a stig in a often, how they are putting their head together to help patients. and a tine satellite deployed from the international space station, it is revolutionary not because of the work it will do but because of who did the work to create it. more news, on t
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dear fellow citizen, time spent with my son really makes me appreciate "the now". but i also have to plan for my family's future. and that means taking on debt. in a smart way. like my mortgage - it's working for me. and if he needs a college loan down the road, that'll be worth it too. it's all about having a strategy, that fits your life. so, if you have a question about how to make debt work for you, ask me. sincerely, brandon heaven fellow dad and fellow citizen.
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well, the duke and duchess of cambridge along with prince harry are putting a spotlight on mental health awareness. >> royals launched head together campaign in partnership with various london charities. they want to put an end to the stigma that prevents people with mental illness from
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seeking help. >> head together wants to help everybody to feel much more confident with their every day mental health, and to have the practical tools to support family and friend. >> we want to build on the great work that others have been already doing but making it even more ambitious. by putting our heads together, we can all make a big difference. >> the royals said people should not have to feel ashamed about struggling with their mental health. well, when it comes to on line shopping amazon is king but depending on how you shop you could get exiled from the kingdom. one local man found out the hard way and then reached out to three on your side's jim donovan for help. >> all amazon. including, mexican wrestler, okay. >> reporter: when paul, unexpectedly had to furnish an entire home after his divorce, surgery for cancer, and a broken wrist, he turned to amazon for help. >> i needed a tv, i needed pots and pans. i needed, everything. >> reporter: but shopping
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exclusively on line made it harder for him to decide which styles or brand that he preferred. >> typically, i would order, let's say three sets of pots, and then i would select one that i wanted and then return the two and i had amazon prime so i thought, there is no problem, i have 30 days to return, whatever it is and that is what i did. i was able to comparative shop. >> reporter: just when he thought everything was going well in the middle of shopping. you were completely lock out. >> totally, totally lock out. >> reporter: unable to log in. paul learned via e-mail that amazon canceled his subscription for making too many returns. >> there was no warning. >> reporter: amazon wouldn't speak with him by phone so in an e-mail he explained the reasons for his excessive returns. >> i wrote to them, okay, i have been a bad boy, but i have had the situation, i was than the ambulatory, i was, you know, i had all of these injuries. >> reporter: amazon's response, after a careful
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consideration, we have determined that our business relationship must end. disappointed amazon wouldn't restore his subscription he also could not access any of his electronic books he purchased with his new ipad, amazon's response you will only be able to access the digital content with a device which has already been registered to your account. that is when he paul contacted three on your side for help. after we reached out to amazon, paul got an unexpected e-mail from the company, saying. >> after further consideration, we have decided to reinstate your account. >> i was thrilled. >> reporter: making it another three on your side, problem solved. >> so what is the chances that when you order something in the future you will send it back. >> none. >> reporter: while amazon did reach out to paul after he contacted them on his behalf, what we asked him how many returns might trigger a subscription cancellation they told us unfortunately these are not issues we cannot discuss. well, reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan.
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>> good to know. >> amazon is preparing to release its on home line of household products and groceries. a and according to the wall street journal, and, diverse laundry deperson event and vitamins. and, amazon has been working on a private label line, for seven years now and they are expected to be available only to amazon customers only in a weeks. we all have aches and pains. >> and some people claim their body a aches can predict the weather. but why some people experience joint pain before it rains. and, it is submitted to tonight's good question and, nicole why do some people experience joint pain before it rains. is there a scientific reason for the weather connection. >> if there is a storm coming i can tell you. knees hurt, angle hurt, legs hurt. >> i feel it. >> you do. >> i do. >> why does rain predict the pain. our nicole brewer, why does pain predict the rain? both ways.
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our nicole brewer gets to the bottom of this good question, tonight at 11:00. >> if you have a good question, you can log on to cbs question, and e-mail us, tweet us, use #cbs-3 good question. >> i used to have that problem. now titanium helps, i'm good now. >> yes, i'm good now. >> how do you know if it will rain. >> i count on you. >> that is why i need to be here. >> it was cold, fall like yesterday and this morning. >> today it felt like that first crisp fall day in september, you know, when you make the switch and i can pull out the my boots, sweaters. i was excited for in may we are still looking for summer days and unfortunately it does look like it will stay coolr through rest of tonight and for tomorrow as well. we have changes for better on the way, but just not sustainable changes for better. any nice day we have, will be few and far between, and, we are still looking unsettled, for next couple weeks. lets start off with what is happening right now. we see a beautiful evening, still chilly, breezy but we
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will take it where we can get it, sunnies shining, that is not for me. feels crisp. you need a jacket out and about. not as windy as yesterday or cold as yesterday we had more scattered showers and clouds bubbling up yesterday, instability in the atmosphere. today looks good. here's bethlehem north hampton county. a look at kutztown at kutztown area middle school, blue sky. here in bernville we have a few patchy clouds as well. just a nice looking evening. but, unfortunately like we have said these nice day are few and far between. another system is impacting us heading in to our tuesday. let's zoom out, here it is, what we are looking at for next couple daises we will have a jet stream set upright overhead and that means any disturbance will track along the same path. this one will get in tomorrow, and second wave will come through late tomorrow night, into wednesday morning, meaning you have have two round of wet weather with this. neither are especially heavy but it will mean another return to the doom and gloom, the gray skies and wet weather we have seen a lot of so far
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this may. peak wind gusts to day 32 miles an hour wind from the west in philadelphia winds gusting to 35 miles an hour in allentown. 36 miles an hour in mount pocono and atlantic city with 35 miles per hour wind gusts to day, the wind will be dying down tonight but clouds will be creeping back in. so it is clear through the overnight hours, early tomorrow morning we will wake up, to gray skies, once again and make sure you grab umbrella leaving the house because here what is coming in the afternoon. by the time you go he out to lunch we have light rain moving n steady rain south and east of philadelphia. by later tuesday evening it clears for further north and western suburbs even though it is still raining at 6:00 o'clock tomorrow evening to the south and east and more rain coming through overnight and into wednesday morning especially areas south of the city. for your tuesday afternoon showers steady yes, sir south and east. we are looking at a tenth to a quarter inch and slow evening commute especially south and east of here and that is where heavier rain will be. first round brings a quarter inch to philadelphia, steadier rain to the south, second round could bring over an inch in some spots across portions
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of southern new jersey when all is said and done. so overnight tonight cloud increase, not as cold, 50 your low. tomorrow, showers develop, especially through mid afternoon hours, still a cool day and high of only 64 degrees. you're witness weather three day forecast keeps us in the 60's with rain in the morning on wednesday, and then thursday, looks better, it is sunny, warmer, still breezy but we are back to 72. question is how you long will that nice weather stick around. this may have been an indication, not long at the all. >> blink of the eye. >> yeah. >> thanks, kate. still ahead on "eyewitness news", ukee is doing something we have been trying to do for 35 years. beyonce's work out secrets revealed. we will talk to her personal trainer, don. from the queen b to breath brown, sixers head coach is also turning lemons into lemonade. how the team is gearing up for the biggest night in recent memory, sports coming up
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♪ i was on my way to work, the next thing you know, i was on the ground. ♪ the trash truck ran over both my legs. ♪ i had sixteen surgeries. ♪ i don't sleep through the night unless i have my medicine. ♪ my medical bills was piling up. my employer stopped paying me. pond lehocky has put me back together. ♪
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ukee, some breaking news. >> i'm smiling. >> pretty good. after 35 years of playing the game of golf i got my first hole in one. it happened in the golf course in aberdeen, maryland, two long time friend were there with me, one who works here, and my basketball room made from richmond both of home have two aces already. i'm upset about that. 100-yard downhill, gap wedge, bam. >> look at you go. >> aim in the hole in one club. >> i made it. >> i got to put that ball in the case. >> look at that smiles. >> another 35 years i will get my next one. >> look at that. >> they come in bunches. >> see, you play next weekend we will see what happens. >> yes. >> we might come back here and say wow. >> there we go again. >> you never know, i'm in. >> how are the pros looking. >> how are the pros? you know what we're talking about the sixers. it is exciting time. sectioners hope luckies on their side tomorrow night when nba holds its annual draft
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lottery. we will find out if the sixers will get the topic in june's craft. today i went one on one with head coach brett brown, one of the first question, are you nervous? >> i said on record and i will say it again, it is probably the most anxiety that i feel, i don't feel what you feel, during a close game, you don't feel what you feel starting a year or just any game. you just realize that, you know, it is a big night for the city. >> reporter: for last three years big nights for sixers has been rare. no team has lost more games and month team has been less competitive. what has been the toughest part? >> losing. and, trying to maintain a face and positive attitude and keeping it real, especially with the fans of the city. and the media. you know, it is what it has been. you cannot sort of spin it any other way. >> so sixers look toward the draft for answers, sure, they would love to draft the next
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lebron james or step curry but the number one thing they are looking for. >> competitiveness. people that really don't like to lose. people that want to win but competitive is the single most important word. >> as for teams likelihood of landing the topic, the sixers have a 26 percent chance but you won't find brett brown wearing any lucky clothes to help the the cause. >> you know, percentages don't favor the first pick, the percentages favor the fourth pick. i hope we can get the good luck and have fortune come our way. >> we all do. funny, i'm like do you have any lucky socks, lucky underwear, something. he have is like no, i'm just going to sit there and hope for the absolute best. he keeps it real. that is why we love the guy. we have not been very good. >> but bet are things are on the horizon. >> first and fourth, it will be a good night. it will be great. >> thanks, buddy, appreciate it. >> still to come, popular out spoken singer from the 90's goes missing and police are
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called. is your teenager driving? number of teens dying behind the wheel is on the rise but more information suggest you can improve the odd and protect your children. also. >> a massachusetts man under goes a transplant never been done here in the u.s., i'm doctor alex marshall in boston with more on that ground breaking surgery. new at 6:00 tonight, this isn't one of his local trips in the stand in south philadelphia. the reason the phillies fanatic is so special, and
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ learning how to drive, is an important, exciting time, in a teenager's life. now a new report suggests one thing that parents should do to help keep their children, safe, behind the wheel.
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it all starts at home. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:30. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. marley hall, spoke with a local family about driving dangers and good way to avoid them. >> reporter: luke wheeler is learning the rules of the road, and the risks. the 17 year-old has a learners permit. >> i want to be not another statistic about distract driving. >> reporter: in 2003 the rate of the teen fatality in car crashes started dropping but in 2014 there was a up tic and there is not clear why. >> it could be more teens driving. the it could be more distractions because there are more teens using devices. >> reporter: data shows boys are at a higher risk. three in four teens killed in crashes were male. but in a new report from safe kids worldwide finds parents can help keep their teens out of harms way by creating a safe driving contract. >> when it comes to teens, who have a formal agreement with parents, we found that they
5:32 pm
are ten times less likely to drive after they have been drinking, and they are four times less likely to drive when distract. that is using their cell phone. >> we're trying to be careful. >> reporter: luke and his parents have a contract, all parties involved must agree and drive by the rules. >> children model behavior from their parents, teachers, friends, and we have got a set of a good example. >> reporter: is what first thing you will do in september when you get your driver's license. >> i don't know, probably end up playing some music and just drive around the block a couple times by myself. >> reporter: no rules against that. marley hall, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". grief counselors were on hand in bridgeton high school today as community mourns loss of two students in the weekend crash. the authorities say 17 year-old drivers daisa sult own and a is a year-old passenger were killed when a car hit a tree sat the day morning. two other teenage passengers are hospitalized. "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon will have the
5:33 pm
latest on the investigation at 6:00 o'clock. congressman chaka fattah's corruption trial is underway in philadelphia he is accused of accepting bribes and misusing campaign funds, and federal grants. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden joins us live from federal court in center city where fattah spoke just a short time ago, joe. >> reporter: jessica, good evening. this is expected to be one of the most watched trials in recent philadelphia history. the courtroom was pack, both with supporters and those just wanting to catch a glimpse of these proceedings. now the congressman, just left about 20 minutes ago, hailing a cab, on market street. congressman can we talk to you about day one? >> only thing i can say is that it is day one, we will be back here in the morning. >> reporter: with congressman chaka fattah, generous influential law maker, a man with the backing of the powerful house appropriations who delivered cash to inner city programs and charity or the 11 term congressman a architect behind a kickback
5:34 pm
and bribery scheme rig ago machining other things a non-profit to repay a million-dollar loan for his failed run in 2007 for philadelphia's mayor. they are the sharply contrasted questions the federal jury will hash out as day one of the public corruption trial begins inside a pack courtroom. the 11 term congressman and four co-defendants have have denied the blistering allegations contained in an indictment. fattah's attorney telling the jury quoting evidence will show congressman fattah, had nothing to do with it. prosecutors will call two former political operatives, who is expected will reveal how fattah decides illegal cash payments. and at times even directing money, to pay college tuition for his son chip fattah who was convicted earlier this year on fraud charges and now serving a five-year prison sentence. the congressman lost his bid for reelection last month and an attorney for one of the fattah's allies said of the charges the allegations don't add up to bribes, it was friend helping friends.
5:35 pm
>> i think this has been a good first day and we will be here again in the morning. >> reporter: opening statements lasted five hours, well into the have afternoon, testimony today wrapped up, with an fbi agent the on the stand. this trial is expected to last sometime, between six and eight weeks. live outside u.s. courthouse in center city, joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in campaign 2016 the final month of the democratic primary calendar, continues work hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders continuing to stump for votes. meanwhile donald trump is fighting his own battle as newspaper article details an alleged history of mistreatment of women. cbs reporter craig boswell has more from the white house. >> i need your vote tomorrow. >> reporter: hillary clinton's final push for votes in kentucky ahead of tuesday's primary included jabs at the presumptive g.o.p. nominee. >> if you get a hold have of donald trump's plan for his, the taxes of this country, it is trickle down economics on
5:36 pm
steroids. >> reporter: but clinton must defeat her democratic challenger bernie sanders. sanders is on a roll having won last two and is expect to do well in tuesday's votes in oregon and kentucky. >> he is campaigning in puerto rico monday looking for every vote possible. sanders is vowing to stay in the race until last votes are cast. washington d.c. is final primary on june 14th. for the republicans, the race is effectively over but road for donald trump is far from smooth. trump is on the defensive after a new york times article detailed accusations of his poor treatment of women. trump responded calling the article dishonest and pointed out an interview with a former girlfriend featured in the piece who claims she was misquoted. >> they did take quotes from what i said and they put a negative connotation and they spun to it where it appeared negative. >> reporter: true or not it brings attention to an already high profile issue that most women voters are not fond of
5:37 pm
trump. the recent poll shows 64 percent of women surveyed had an unfavorable view of the billion air. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". time is running out to register to vote in new jersey's june 7th primary, registration deadline is tomorrow. it is also last chance to switch party affiliation. voter registration forms are available at municipal offices, county election offices and can be found on line at state division of elections. they can be hand delivered or mailed but they must be post marked, by tomorrow. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the campaign 2016, when we're not on television you can get latest anytime at cbs ntsb is investigating a deadly weekend bus crash in texas. that crash, killed eight people and injured dozens when a charter coach rolled over. charter company was cited for several maintenance violations last year. one of the company's two buses was pulled from the road twice last year due to defective
5:38 pm
brakes but it is in the clear if that bus was the one driven on saturday. police in suburban chicago says that singer, song writer sinead o'connor has been found safe after officers started a search for her. officers received a report that o'connor never return from a bike ride early yesterday morning. it is unclear why she was in illinois a town on lake michigan, 15 miles north of chicago, o'connor has been suicidal in the past and sought medical treatment. the future is more than bride for the school district of philadelphia. it is also going green. superintendent doctor bill hite announce aid five-year plan to reduce district's environmental footprint. among other goals, green futures aims to create green school settings, conserve resources and decrease consumption and waste. an annual progress report will be issued next june to share outcomes and gain input from the public. still to come on "eyewitness news" a first of its kind transplant is changing the life of a cancer patient and could help
5:39 pm
servicemen wounded in battle. another first, a tiny satellite lawn inched to orbit from the international space station, and what is a macing here is just who created the satellite. she's considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world and now we have beyonce's work out secrets straight from her trainer. kate? well, rain is on the the way and temperatures are on their way up i'll tell you which day you'll need the umbrella and which days to break out the sunglasses coming up in the seven day forecast straight ahead when we come back.
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students at the a virginia hell meantry school became the first school to put a satellite into space. >> astronauts aboard the international space station deployed a satellite made by the student who range from kind garden to eighth grade. once it deploys that satellite is programs to take a picture of earth and beam it back every 30 seconds. >> what do you think, what is going through your mine. >> we did it. >> it was awesome. now we're the first one to launch a satellite into space. >> that is pretty impressive. satellite battery should last up to nine months. this project was idea of the parent who is also nasa a engineer. he says mission goal, it is to inspire kid to get into engineering, and science. >> i'm sure it did. >> exactly. >> you realize how cool and interesting it can be and it makes it accessible for those young mind. >> wow, they did it. >> that is great. up next, would you like to look like bee an a? we have work out advice from
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did you wear extra layers yesterday and today. >> yeah.
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>> i'll tell what you, wow. >> when that wind blows. it is chilly. >> when we went to the phillies game yesterday it was great but it was coal. we had winter coats out. you will be sitting there are to nine innings you will be cold. i was the one really complaining, putting on the gloves and shouldn't bewaring gloves in the middle of may but here we are a cold pattern and unfortunately this chilly pattern will not change, anytime soon. we have another couple chilly days on the way and worsen still is that the chilly weather may be a code by some rain at least tomorrow into early wednesday. and then a warm up but question is how long will nice weather stick around this time? lets look outside and we will show you what it looks like, in center city. it looks great right now. blue skies. it looks like a warm day. still chilly but not too bad. temperatures in the mid to upper 60's. still gusty breeze from the west that makes it feel will cooler, and at least it is a sunny day. we haven't had too many of these this may. we have not had a full day of sunshine. the mostly sunny day since the middle of april. we have had a few breaks of
5:48 pm
sun here and there but full day sunny it has been quite sometime. lets take a look at what our eyewitness weather watchers are talking about this evening. they are reporting nice conditions albeit a bit on the chilly side. 46 degrees with john, in yardley. he has got sunshine in yardley. the nice fall, i mean spring day. at least the sun was out today. does feel like fall out there. 65 degrees as we check with david michigan until norristown. excuse me. sixty-five and clear. nice sunny monday, in may. only wish it could stay. lets look at what is happening right now as we check on storm scan three. excuse me i will cough again. still trying to get off this cough. we are seeing some cloud, starting to drift in the region as our next system a approaches from the west. it is producing rain over portions of iowa and missouri, moving in the midwest as well and that is going to bring us some rain, as we head into the take tomorrow. in the meantime temperature right new only in the mid 60's. we are at 66 in allentown.
5:49 pm
sixty-six here in philadelphia. 64 degrees in millville. little bit slow to warm as this boundary will be right overhead. temperatures in the mid 60's for your tuesday, clouds, showers especially through midday time frame. wednesday, showers will linger, especially south and east of philadelphia, that is where steady rain will be over south jersey and delaware. and heading in to thursday back to nice weather, high pressure build in for a couple days here we have something to look forward to mostly sun which highs in the 70's. your rain chances moving forward an 80 percent chance for tomorrow, mostly we do get wednesday, steady rain will be south and east of philadelphia. wednesday, a 60 per event chance of rain for scatter showers, especially early in the day and then a 0 percent chance for thursday and friday. excuse me. we will see high pressure build n overnight cloud increase, not as cold. 50 degrees is your overnight low. for your tuesday, still cool and showers will develop. mostly cloudy day. temperatures in the mid 60's, and you will need that umbrella could impact
5:50 pm
especially the afternoon commute on tuesday. keep that in mind heading home from work. wet weather may continue into wednesday morning and leave some showers, that will slow down your wednesday morning commute and temperatures again below average both tuesday and wednesday, thursday and friday get a whole lot nicer both the days with sunshine and highs in the 70's, if only it could last another system will a live saturday with showers and possibly a thunderstorm in the a afternoon and that wet weather may continue into sunday. ukee and jessica, back over to you. on the healthwatch tonight a first of its kind procedure helped a cancer survivor become whole again. doctor marshall reports now from boston with more on the break through surgery. >> reporter: sixty-four year-old thomas manning is recovering after receiving the first penis transplant in the you had. doctors at massachusetts general hospital used transplanted organ of a deceased donor. >> he doing well. we expect with him. he is up and about and out of bed. >> reporter: manning was diagnosed with cancer in 2012. doctors had to remove most of
5:51 pm
his genitals to save his life. manning is expect to remain at mass general for next three to four days. his doctors are cautiously optimistic that normal urination and sexual function will be possible, in the weeks and months ahead. but they say as with any transplant there is a possibility of rejection. >> there are different tissues involved, lymphatics tissue so we will take it day by day. >> reporter: in a statement manning says quote i begin a new chapter filled with personal hope and hope for others, who have have suffered genital injuries. particularly for our service members who put their lives on the line and suffered serious damage as a result. he says he is sharing his story to remove any shame or stigma associated with genital cancers and injuries. doctor marshall for cbs news, boston. still ahead on "eyewitness news", all the the ladies can appreciate beyonce's strong physique. >> we have inside scoop of the bee an is a work out secrets and how she keeps her stamina
5:52 pm
up on tour, hollywood news is
5:53 pm
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end of the great run. cbs sitcom mike and molly end its six year run tonight right here on cbs-3. >> nice to share. >> oh, thank you. >> pretty funny. >> i figured if everybody is laughing they won't try to kill and cook each other. >> hard to believe that was pilot, six years ago, tonight series finally will consist of two back to back episode, ape the first is directed by melissa mccart hi who plays holy. show, is familiar to viewers,
5:56 pm
mike and molly desire to start a family. mccarthey says ending could not be more perfect. >> we all knew it was coming to an end, you know, you are hit with so many different emotions, the last script is, i read it, and i bald my eyes out, so, we were reading it and then i literally said to myself, well, that is just about perfect. >> well, that sound like something to look forward to for viewers. two part series finally of mike and molly happens tonight at 8:00 right here on cbs-3 followed by big bang theory at nine, odd couple at 9:30, person of interest at ten and then "eyewitness news" at 11:00. beyonce is preparing for dozens of shows on her formation world tour. >> so how does she keep her energy and stamina? how can you get her flawless body. insider's kelly knight joins with us details. >> reporter: do i, ukee and jessica and that is why my legs are so sour. i was with the man responsible for beyonce's flawless body and now he's breaking down the
5:57 pm
moves keeping queen b in tight formation. >> welcome to the formation tour. >> reporter: thirty-seven songs in two hours, night after night. talk about a work out, but, this is how she got there. >> you need powerful legs, powerful legs. >> reporter: powerful legs is more important. >> reporter: trainer marcoberges giving me leg up on beyonce's gorgeous legs. >> bring your legs out. inner thigh. down. and then up. explode. that is it. >> women we worry about this part, right, talking to you, so help me. >> fix it. >> reporter: next up beyonce's secret weapon for up are body. >> your core is engaged, you are looking out and come up, pop your arms up, there you you go, right there. >> back down. now come up the other side. there you go. >> who doesn't want these sexy
5:58 pm
abs. >> bring your arms up like this, you will working your shoulders, okay and then come all the way up, sit up and elbows and abs and stay engaged, that was one. all the way back stay engaged, two. >> reporter: lauren, tonight on the insider ukee and jessica back to you in the studio. >> she gets it done, queen bee get your hollywood news tonight and every night on the insider every night, at 7:30 on cb is is. three. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 grieving a bridgeton high school after loss of two of their own, in a week even crash. heart broken students opened up about the victim. and ultimate done or for a man who made the ultimate sacrifice the way the president was remembering fallen philadelphia police officer robert wilson the third, kate? and it turned out to be a beautiful looking day in philadelphia, now the wind is dog down and pretty great spring evening but more rain is on the way, coming up i'll tell you when rain returns and how much we can expect, this
5:59 pm
time around. try to make every night memorable here. >> well this one was memorable all right for a woman in the stand at citizens bank park. the reason this encounter with the fanatic, was so special. two days after the tragic death of two teens, they helped back to school in bridgeton. the days a. blank. i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon is live in bridgeton with the latest on the investigation, rahel. >> at this point there are more questions then answers, including, why did that car swerve off the road. now difficult speak with new jersey state police and they tell me that they are
6:00 pm
exploring all possibility, but one thing they can say that there was no signs of alcohol in the car. meantime students here at bridgeton high school tell me that they are completely devastated. on a previously non-descript, quiet stretch of route 49, between mile marker 41 and 42 in maurice river township a memorial now stands. >> my heart just sank, and i'm like, i just could not believe it. >> reporter: around 3:45 saturday morning new jersey state police say that the car, 17 year-old daisia sulton was driving lost control, swerving off the road and into a tree, killing sulton and her passenger and friend, 15 year-old mikayla mostly. two others, 17 year-old and a 16 year-old, survived but they are hurt. >> today at school, it is very cold, dry, nobody was talking, everybody was crying, i was crying, how much i miss them. how much they did a lot for me. >> everybody knew each other. this is a close cni


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