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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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punching a man outside a nightclub. the center city hot spot where this happened and what police are saying about it. plus, the do's and don'ts of e-mail before you hit send the common but surprising mistakes many of us make and the one e-mail you should never type. but first we are following a developing story. a construction worker has died after he was struck by a car on interstate 95. this was the scene on the northbound lanes of the highway near the brandywine river bridge in wilmington. police say the 36-year-old man was taken to christiana hospital where he died from his injuries. the driver of the car remain at the scene and was unhurt. at one point traffic was backed up for miles with only one lane getting by. traffic is now moving. also tonight new information is revealed about what caused the deadly amtrak derailment one year ago. good evening, everyone, i'm ukee washington. >> hi, everyone, i'm jessica dean. those details come just one day before federal officials are set to release their report.
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"eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live in our sat center with what new details we're learning tonight. david. >> reporter: jessica, situational awareness that is the phrase officials are using when describing brandon bostian what may have led to the crash it means he lost focus for few moments. according to bostian he became distracted after hearing that something hit a septa regional rail train just before the deadly amtrak crash. source tells cbs news that ntsb investigators are prepared to announce tuesday morning that they believe the deadly accident is a result of engineer brandon bostian's loss of quote situational wearness. eight people died, more than 200 injured in the port richmond derailment last may. he toll investigators minutes before the derailment that he heard radio traffic between a dispatcher and the engineer of a septa regional rail train that had been hit by a rock. bostian told investigators quote the dispatcher asked him a couple times if he needed mel attention. they went back and forth a few times end quote.
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bostian continued, quote i blew my train's whistle quiet bit. i was concerned with all the confusion on the radio. that they may have personnel on the ground end quote. bostian told investigators the incident made him think of a co-worker in california who was injured in a train collision and had glass impact his eye from hitting a tractor trailer. bostian then accelerated the train maxing out at 106 miles an hour around a curve. more than twice the speed limit there. emergency crews pulled people out of the wreck by the dozens. last week on the one year anniversary of the crash, hundreds mourned those victims. now attorneys representing those victims are making their way through the legal system. attorney tom klein represents the families of passengers killed on the train. >> there has been no public acknowledgment by mr. bostian of his wrongdoing. no public acknowledgment of the harm and of the grief and of the pain which he has caused. >> reporter: i reach out to
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bostian's attorney but i didn't hear back. district attorney seth william toll i with news he has somebody assigned to investigate a possible criminal case against brandon bostian. we'll wait to hear on that. live in the sat center david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, david, thank you. our walt hunter will be in washington, d.c. for the release of the inform tsb's report on the amtrak crash. you can look for his reports tomorrow right here on "eyewitness news". new tonight, philadelphia police are looking closely at a video that shows a man getting punched outside a center city nightclub. now this happen at the dakota nightclub at 1712 wall net street early sunday morning see a man talking to another man who appears to be a bouncer and then that man punches him. the man falls to the sidewalk and the video ends. there's no word on that man's condition against police tell us they are investigating but no charges have been filed. we reached out to the nightclub which is not open tonight haven't yet to get a response. >> we've learned tonight that the victim of a bizarre and
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frightening shark attack in florida is from our area. take a look at this this is photo of 23-year-old shale lynn borkowski of exton on the beach in okra rah tone. small nurse shark bit her arm in the water won not let go of its grip it stayed on there even after it died. those on the scene say borkowski handled it all really well. >> very little blood. she was calm. good vitals. they secured her to a splint on to the stretcher with the shark and she went to boca rah tone regional hospital with the shark attached to her arm. >> the experts are baffled because small nurse sharks they say are usually docile and generally stay near one spot. campaign 2016 donald trump will be in lawrenceville, new jersey, on thursday. he'll attend a fund raiding event to help chris kiss tee pay off debt from his presidential run. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are gearing up for tomorrow's primaries in oregon and kentucky.
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clinton is now 144 delegates away from clenching the democratic nomination. sanders is favored in both states he spent today in puerto rico ahead of the island's jun june 5th caucuses. >> people of the united states cannot continue a cologne until tight relationship with the people of puerto rico. >> former republican candidate ohio governor john kasich rejected a request to launch a third party bid for president saying that running as third party candidate quote does not feel right. the corruption trial of al outgoing congressman chaka fattah is underway in physical. the 11 term representative is accused of accepting bribes and misusing campaign funds and federal grants. prosecutors 11 fattah disguised illegal cash payments and even directed money to pay college tuition for his son who was convicted earlier this year on fraud charges. fattah spoke briefly as he left court. >> congressman, can we talk to you about day one?
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>> the on thing have i to say it's day one. we'll be back here in the morning. >> opening statements took about five hours and the day finished with testimony from an fbi agent. the trial is expected to last six to eight weeks. friends and classmates went back to school in south jersey today. 36 hours after the tragic death of two teenaged students. 20 grief counselors on hand at bridgeton high school. authorities say 17-year-old daisia sulton and 15-year-old mikayla mosley were car when -- killed when their car hit a tre on route 49 saturday morning. two other teenaged passengers remain hospitalized. >> today at school was very cold and dry. nobody was talk. everybody was crying. i was crying because how much i missed them. >> everybody new each other. it was really closely tight knit community and the loss of these two girls very tragic. >> all four girls were students at the high school. three went to the prom earlier eighty three that night in salem county but 30's say they were coming back from ocean city, new jersey, where they may have attended an after party.
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police in delaware county need the public's help tracking down a man wanted for snapping photos of a woman without her knowledge. surveillance video from the phillphilpretzel factory in uppy shows the man taking up skirt photos of i wasn't unsuspecting woman as she stands in line. victim eventually realizes what's going on. slapping the man who then takes off. if you have any information you're urged to contact the police. the coast guard rescued a french sailor 90 miles off the coast of atlantic city. olivia she will was attempting a solo voyage from new york to the uk when his sailboat hit an object began to sing. he sounded distress signal then deployed an emergency raft and used flares to signal rescuers. coast guard helicopter found him and took hip back to new jersey. "eyewitness news" speaks one-on-one with philadelphia's new fire commissioner. adam teal thiel was worn in this morning. he has commanded fire forces in
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four states. >> my goal is to visit at least one firehouse every day and then we'll start again. i'm looking forward to getting out in the community and visiting with community groups, faith based organizations. >> thiel replaces sorry rec sayer who has been with the department since 1985. >> president obama honored fallen philadelphia police sergeant robert wilson iii with the medal of valor today at the white house. the president was visibly moved as he awarded that medal to wilson's grandmother. wilson a father of two was killed in march 2015 when two men tried to rob a north philadelphia game stop. >> please know how deeply sorry we are for your loss, how grateful we are for sergeant wilson's service. >> big hole was put in my heart when he love his life but he loved his job and did he what he was trained to do. i miss him a lot. >> 12 other law enforcement officers were also honored at the white house today for their bravery and commit many. as we continue tonight, keeping up with your e-mail can
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eat up a big part of your day. >> even if you're in a hurry there's still a certain e-mail etiquette we should all be following still ahead tonight at 11:00 the mistakes you might not even realize you're making. plus the one e-mail you should never send to anyone. >> also, loud noises and dogs don't always mix. new treatment that claims to calm down your pets. >> and feeling when it's going to rain. some who suffer from achy joints say their bodies can predict the weather. why does pain signal rain? good question. nicole brewer has the reasons. kate? >> and we're tracking rain yet again after a welcomed return of the sun today. here comes our next system. it's going to bring some wet weather tomorrow. coming up i'll tell when you the showers move in and when we dry out and return to the 70s. that's coming up when we come back.
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police in suburban chicago tonight say singer song writer sinead o'connor found safe after
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officers began a search for her. officers received a report o'connor never returned from a bike ride early yesterday morning. it's unclear why o'connor was in will met illinois a town on lake michigan about 15 miles north of chicago. o'connor has been suicidal in the past and sought medical treatment. e-mails are a part of our daily routine at work but are you following e-mail etiquette? "eyewitness news" reporter alexandra huff shows you the surprising mistakes many of us make and that one e-mail you shall never send. >> reporter: there's a special kind of anxiety that comes with typing an e-mail to an e-mail etiquette expert. >> hi, alex. >> reporter: then again e-mails and anxiety go hand in hasn't. >> the meeting is monday. everybody must a 10. no problem except it was all in caps. 30-point red bold and the team was offend. >> reporter: barbara, top coach for e-mail offenders. a world of snaps and emojis, she
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says the trouble comes from those trying to convey the same emotion that was e-mail. resist the all caps and endless reply alls. >> people hate getting e-mails that they don't need. >> reporter: what about the ones they do? how long does one have to respond? >> general guidelines is 24 hours. in business. but if you are if any conversation going back and forth and then all of a sudden you stop the chain, i'm thinking, well, what's going on so you have to say, i need to leave for meeting. i'll get back to you later. >> reporter: proper sign off can be a good tool to show you care but might also be creeping people out. >> i would find myself saying warmly at the end of e-mails. is that okay? is that too intimate? is it strange? did i embarrass myself all winter. >> it's very personal. you have to make sure you have the right relationship. >> when in doubt over format l simple best is best. the one e-mail you should never send according to the one that hasn't been spell check.
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>> one student meant to right sorry for the inconvenience and it auto corrected sorry for the incontinence. >> reporter: humorous here spelling errors can be a sign of in box ignorance. >> when you e-mail me ask me for information and i respond back to you. i might have research it. i spent time on it and i send back what you asked for and you don't acknowledge it. >> a simple thank you takes care of that. is there ever a time for an e-mail like this. if the matter is that urgent she says a phone call may be best. >> alexandra huff cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> hmm. if you have dogs that become anxious because of loud noises there's a new pill you could try recently approved celia will be available in about week. it is the first prescription medicine for animal anxiety. it gives dog owners alternative to human pills, tranquilizers and behavioral treatments. one third of american dog owners report pet problems with loud
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noises. >> no doubt about that. yes, indy. we had a break from the soggy weather today but rain is back in the forecast tomorrow. >> for those who have achy joints they might already be feeling it. why does pain predict the rain? good question. nicole brewer is here with the answer. >> my mom has been saying this since i was a little killed i always kind of wonder if the she was crazy but is there anything to it? we've will find out in just a few moments. ruth wrote in ask why do some people experience joint pain before it rains? it's a good question, ruth, especially before our neck round of wet weather. >> ♪ >> have you ever heard people say, they can tell when it's going to rain. >> there's a storm coming i can tell you. >> i feel it. >> you do. >> i do. >> knees hurt, ankles hur. the legs hurt. >> people say their joints ache when it's about to rain. is there any truth to this. >> for them it is. >> dr. rob danoff is a family physician with aria health systems. he says there's no scientific
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proof because research often yields mixed results but there's plenty of anecdotal evidence. >> i have enough patients at this point like a few hours or day before they'll go, dr. rob, i got my knee it's starting to hurt, we're having a storm. i tell you during the winter when someone says that, i get my shovel ready. >> what's the lead theory. >> two words. barometric pressure. >> really. >> i don't have a barometer. via wind sock on on my roof good have you heard that phrase barometric pressure. >> every morning when i watch channel three news. >> notice a little muggy outsi outside. >> barometric pressure is the weight of the atmosphere on our bodies inform bad weather it tends to go down. >> when you have less pressure against the joints the fluid expands that's in the joints and it hits the nerve endings and we get some pain. >> so it causes some sort of inflammation. >> that's right. >> my knees swell up all the time. and it presses on my legs. i'm like oh, can i make it? >> sometimes science cannot explain everything. but it's the people that do and so you look for correlation. >> now you know you're not crazy
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when you feel it. >> that is true. >> swell. >> you're not crazy. i'm not crazy. >> my mom is not crazy. now some doctors recommend increasing pain medication during weather changes. dr. rob says the best thing you can do to move through it by stretching or maybe taking a walk to kind of loosen up the joints. >> okay. >> my hips -- >> my hip used to talk to me. >> really? >> it did, no kidding now it doesn't talk to me. i let kate do all the talking. >> fair enough. i got a facebook post from row baby can. my mom's right knee can predict the weather better than any meteorologists in the city combined. >> what? >> sounds like a challenge. >> her mom's weather knee compared to kate bilo. >> i got a good surgeon for you. it's all good. >> nicole thanks so much. what is your good question? log on to good question to submit your question or tweet us using the hash tag cbs3 good question. >> nicole will be here every night on cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00 and we can't wait to hear your good question.
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all right. kate is going to -- she's going to give it a turn now. >> my hip is not bothering me tonight. tell us what's going on. >> i can't claim to be as good as rebecca's mom's knee. if the knee would like to come and in take over one night, welcome to do so. let's take look what's happening weather wise. i don't know how i would use the clicker. that might be difficult. let's take look at the time lapse video from today because i want to you remember what a beautiful day this was. it was a little chilly little breezy. beautiful blue sky all across the board. now dark in cape may courthouse 53 degrees. but just a gorgeous day. i want to you remember that because it's not going to stay that way. it's been a gloomy rainy may so far and tomorrow is going to live up to reputation. another system starts to a approach from the west. we're not talking heavy flooding rain here or severe weather we're talking about another gray showery drizzily day as the rain starts to move in it will really cut by do our south and areas
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mainly to the south and east. south jersey and delaware. those the spots that will see the most rain over the next 24 to 48 hours. right now it's 58 degrees. not too bad in philadelphia. certainly not as cold as last night. it's have you in allentown. 46 in mount pocono. and 56 degrees in trenton at the moment. here's the pattern as we head through wednesday. the jet stream running just south of philadelphia. so war not able to tap into that the nice warm air that centered over florida and the deep south. the coldest air also locked up to the north as well but with the jet stream running right through the region, that will keep us in a cool pattern and any disturbance that we see is going to run right along the path of that jet stream so we've got kind of two waves of low pressure to track as we head into tomorrow and into wednesday morning as well. if you're one of those people that feels the joint changes you'll be feeling it tomorrow. here's a look what to expect. the instead yesterday of the showers get into the physical area midday tomorrow. right around lunch time the morning looks generally dry. around noon we start to see light rain creeping in. it starts to shift to the south
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4:00 p.m. still light rain coming down some spotty showers at the very least and that could slow down the afternoon commute on your tuesday. pushes to the south as we head into tuesday night. starts to dry out and then watch what happens come another wave comes in as we get into wednesday morning a few showers mainly off to the south. then we start to see skies clear wednesday afternoon and things do get little bit better still can't rule out a shower in south jersey or delaware but skies eventually do clear as we head through late wednesday and into the end of the week and that's when the weather rebounds and gets little bit nicer. so what to expect for your tuesday we're lookin looking a afternoon showers generally between noon and four that's when it will be instead jest and the instead yesterday rain looks to be south and east of philadelphia. you're total amounts between tenthth a quarter of an inch. not a total washout. no flooding rain with this one. just enough that you maybe don't have to water your flowers. slow afternoon commute thanks to the rain. here's what to expect overnight. not as cold. we woke up this morning it felt like october outside. tomorrow morning not as bad. 50 degrees your morning low and
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then 64 the high on tuesday with the clouds in place and the showers moving through. it keeps us on the cool side 64 degrees. we should be in the 70s this time of the year. so your "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast, rain midday tomorrow. a couple of morning showers on wednesday we clear it out. thursday and friday are beautiful. both days in the 70s. friday looks great. 75 degrees. no problems there. the problem is the weekend. we just can't get a nice dry weekend to save our lives around here. clouds and showers on saturday. shower again on sunday enjoy friday because it looks like that unsettled pattern sticks around right into next week. >> okay. >> all right. >> don bell is here now with look at what's coming up in sports. >> whole lot to talk about guys. sixers want to be number one. head coach brett brown is saying about the nba draft lottery plus the phillies flirting with first place. fine out if the fightings can make a jump in the standings with a win over the marlins. sports coming up next.
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>> that feeling you have when you find a few extra bucks on the duce of your couch. that's how the fans feel about the phillies. they've been money this season. they came into the night one game out of first place in the nl east. south philly we go phils and marlins. second inning no score. marcel, giving it a fly. 447 feet. the marlins taking a one to nothing lead. fourth, goodell thinking out side the batters box. he's been pretty good this season. here comes chooch. a play at the plate. the game is tied. in the sixth marlins up two to run. justin boring opposite field jack. just like that, a buzz kill at the bang. marlins taking game 15 to three
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your final score. >> had plenty of base runners just couldn't drive them in. 10 hits, nine singles. game is all about making good pitches, making the plays and coming up with clutch hits. we really didn't get any. >> nba draft lottery is tomorrow night basically the philadelphia 76ers invitational. they have a 26% chance of winning the first overall pick. a 13% chance of landing two of the top four picks. i went one-on-one with brett brown today and asked if he was feeling lucky. >> percentages don't favor the first pick. you know the percentages favor the fourth pick. and so we hope to gain some lu luck. i think through understanding the probability, the math behind it, and sitting up that like we belong i hope that we can get some good luck and have fortune come our way. check this out. 2.5-inches by 2.5-inches might be small but it is a prime piece of nba real estate.
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sixers are the first team in the four major u.s. sports to sell an ad on their jerseys starting in the 2017-18 season they're uniforms will have a stub hub logo in the upper corner as you can see right there. beautiful night for some high school baseball at campbell's field. >> what's that? >> that was barnegat playing. taking on gloucester catholic and a charity game the main attraction jason groom and tyler mondale both expected to be go high in next weeks mlb staff. gloucester catholic one to zero. proceeds go to the charity are thes of the young mens choice. >> one of those guys to be a phillie. >> high draft choice for fightin' phils of the number one. >> we'll tell was ukee did this weekend he has never done befo
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♪ usually on monday ukee how was your weekend? fine, fine, fine but this time -- >> yeah. >> there's little something extra. >> cool windy day in may. after 35 years of playing this
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game got my first hole in one. it happened at wetlands golf course in aberdeen maryland. arthur gay was with me. my college basketball at richmond vince cowan both of whom have a couple of aces already. i'm still upset about that. 100 yards downhill and voila. >> there it was. >> dish in the hole. >> i'm in the hole in one club. >> oh, my. it's been a long time coming. i guess i get my next one at 92. >> we'll be right
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morning team is back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. for kate, don, everyone here, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we're always on at cbsphilly.c the late show with stephen colbert is next with jason is he day kiss.
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>> thanks so much for watching and sleep well, family. >> stephen: good evening. i'm stephen colbert. before we begin: a disclaimer and a warning for viewers of tonight's episode. due to news events beyond our control, tonight's broadcast of "the late show" contains graphic material, specifically the phrase: "donald trump kissed various women on the mouth." (laughter) >> stephen: i'm sorry. this material may be unsuitable for some viewers, including children, adults and living creatures with a mouth. additionally, viewers with "eyes" should be warned that we may show images such as this: this... or even this.


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