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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  May 17, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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we begin with breaking news, a philadelphia police officer hurt in a violent car crash. we are live with the latest on her condition, and what she was responding to before the wreck. >> new information on the deadly amtrak derailment. the new details we've learned ahead of today's federal report. and a live look at storm scan3 showing rain moving this way. katie is tracking showers. she times it out for us, tells us when a warm up is coming. >> today is tuesday, may 17, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. i like to say tuesday, it is no longer monday. >> true. >> katie has your forecast, good morning. >> good morning, roads are look good. it is quiet. if anything like yesterday, heating it up even in the 4:00 hour. >> always gets busy. we are at least starting off
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on relatively dry note t look like couple of little speckles of green starting to show up. not verifying at the grounds yet guys. so basically just starting to see these clouds begin to bid in. obviously though there is some green starting to nudge in, let me zoom it out one time, see the leading edge. next front moving n all part of larger disturbance basically tracking through the mid-atlantic states, because we're close enough to it, we get in on more gloomy skies, also potential for some showers, offer and on throughout the day, but generally not getting underway until about the time the typical morning rush is basically over. so that's some good news, at least not contends withing too much wet werthment frankly guys the further north you go, you may not see drop of rain today. everyone gets in on clouds, the further south you go, the more likely it is you will see some off and on light showers throughout the day. fifty-five the current temperature at the airport, a heck of a lot warmer than this same time yesterday. notice the change when you walk out the door. might not have to layer up, actually won't have to layer up anywhere as near as you did
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yesterday. we won't rebound that much. you don't have the benefit of the solar heat to go help warm things up, mid 60s at best, tracking clouds, tracking the showers, generally through midday, thankfully meisha not talking about wash out either. just one of those gray, gloomy days. >> another umbrella possibly? >> not the worse idea. >> no, it is not the worse, thank you, katie. yes, dealing with a little bit of the rain again. all right, well, right now though the roadways are being looking nice and dry, that's very good for a monday, tuesday, wednesday, even thursday and friday. let's just be honest. anyway dry roadways are good. right now looking good although the vine closed overnight last night, so what we are dealing with is there looks like maybe re-opening looking in the westbound side, eastbound side, still closed. make note of that. that happens between the schuylkill and broad. use today that right now. it doesn't mean it is any less painful for a loft us that have to maneuver around. that will more construction, the schuylkill eastbound, right lane compromised, see the flashing lights, and also,
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some areas right now, 959 north between the vine and girard, right lane compromised all since cleared. good news some of this is getting cleared out of the way. also here, 422 west near trooper, right lane also compromised. that's also clear, brooke, back over to you. >> thanks, breaking news in south philadelphia. police officer rushed to the hospital following a violent crash overnight. >> let's get right out to jan carabeo live at 11th and south streets, jan, what have you learned so far? >> jim, brooke, good morning, fortunately there were no serious injuries as a result of the crash here early this morning in south philadelphia. now the 29 year old truck driver, driving a red truck, was just shaken up. he did not need treatment. you can see his truck has already been towed from the scene this morning. the officer however did have to go to the hospital. but told she was walking and talking after the crash. she was taken for treatment in stable condition with some side pain and cut mouth. now, this accident happened here just before 2:00 a.m. at the intersection of 11th and
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scout street. the 45 year old officer was responding to assault on the 300 block of south, with light and siren on when this accident happened. she was heading east, the bread truck traveling north, the two vehicles collided and partially ended up on the sidewalk there. the accident investigation division has within on scene collecting evidence ever since including video from crime cameras overhead. >> this appears to be an intersection accident. police officer, who is assigned to the third district, she is 45 years of age. she was en route to foot pursuit just about seven blocks away from 11th and south. she did have her lights and sirens activated when she went through the intersection of 11th and south. our real time crime cameras, are located at the intersection of 11th and south, and we're being told the real time crime cameras did record this entire accident. >> so this investigation is
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ongoing, meantime over on the 300 block of south, police are investigating that assault. investigators tell us one man was assaulted, one man assaulted, two people there, one person was punched in the face and taken to the hospital. the other person did not need treatment. now, the suspect ran away, but cops were able to catch up with him. the 45 year old officer actually responding to help in the pursuit when she got into this accident. now, back out here live on scene, you can see that the bread truck has been towed away from the scene. the police officers cruiser is still here at the corner of 11th and south. but the roads are open in this area, just be wary there are two police carson that corner if you do come through this area very early in the morning. we'll keep you updated. for now live in south philadelphia, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", back to you. >> thanks, jan. firefighters make quick work of smokey row home fire in brewerytown overnight. happened south newkirk street, cecil b. moore, about 1:30, not clear what started the fire but authorities do not think anyone was living at the
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home at the time. >> also, into you this morning, firefighters say oven caused a store to catch fire in philadelphia's cobbs creek section. it happened in the 6100 block of walton avenue around midnight. firefighters quickly knocked down the flames. no one was injured in this fire. >> we're learning more about last year's amtrak derailment in philadelphia and we will note even more later this morning. sources tell cbs news national transportation safety board believes radio transmissions distracted the engineer. brandon bostian. the ntsb vote on the official cause today. the crash killed eight people and hurt more than 200 others. attorney tom kline reps the families of passengers killed on the train. >> there has been no public acknowledgment by mr. bostian of his wrong-doing, no public acknowledgment of the harm and of the grief and of the pain which he has caused.
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>> "eyewitness news" sought comment from bostian's attorney in philadelphia, but he has not yet responded. district attorney seth williams says he has someone assigned to investigate a possible criminal case against bostian. >> our walt hunter head to washington for release of the ntsb release of the report, look for his reports later today on "eyewitness news". >> delaware state police are investigating after a construction work is her struck and killed by a vehicle on i-95. it happened around 7:30 last night on the northbound lanes of the highway near the brandywine river bridge in wilmington. two lanes of i95 north were shutdown during the investigation. a 36 year old man was taken to christianna hospital where he died from his injuries. the driver of the car remained at the scene and was unhurt. >> a list of people involved in new jersey's bridge scandal, bridgegate scandal, expected to be released today. meanwhile federal appeals court is considering a man's claim that his due process will be violated, if that list
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is published. at noon the us attorney's offers is expected to release a list of unindicted co-conspirators in the scandal. two former allies of governor chris christie have been indicted for allegedly orchestrated lane closures on the george washington bridge causing massive traffic jams in 2013. christie has denied having any knowledge of the plot and was never charged. >> also, happening today, preliminary hearing foreman accused of triple murder in kensington. forty-six year old james dixon charged with killing his brother. his brother's girlfriend, and a third person, a man. another man was shot and wounded in this. this was the scene last month on the 500 block east-west moreland street. police say dixon surrender after baricading himself inside the home. >> there is also a preliminary hearing today for a man charged in a deadly stabbing in center city. police say reginald bell killed 47 year old man back in september at a bus stop near broad and arch streets.
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the scene was near the convention center where many people were inside for the world meeting of families. >> police are taking a close look at video showing a bouncer knock ago man unconscious outside a center city night club. now, warning, this video's tough to watch it. >> happened early sunday morning dakota night club 1712 walnut st. you can see a man talking to another man, appears to be a bouncer. then the bouncer knocks the man out and the video end. there is no word on the man's condition. so far no charges have been filed. we reached out to the dakota night club and have yet to get a response. primary day in two states, bernie sanders, hillary clinton, are gearing up for contest in oregon and kentucky. the former secretary of state is just 144 delegates short of clinch the democratic nomination. but vermont senator is favored in both state. spent the day in puerto rico ahead of the lie lands' june 5th caucuses. >> the people of the united states cannot continue a colonial type relationship
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with the people of puerto rico. >> former republican presidential candidate john kasich has ruled out suggestions that he should launch a third party bid for president, he says it doesn't feel right. >> tonight we could see more of the sixers future when the nba draft lottery goes off in mid town manhattan. sixers will be represented by coach brett brown, who watched a pre topped work out yesterday. the sixers were ten and 72 last season, which means they are were easily the worse record in the nba. they have a 25% chance of landing first pick. our pat gallen will break down the draft in the next hour. still ahead: sailor is rescued off the new jersey coast. >> the reason he was all alone in the atlantic ocean. also this morning, what a catch at the phillies game. a husband's bear hands a foul ball headed straight for his wife's head. >> and, she's 90 years old and graduating college. we'll show you the job she said she is ready to take on when we come back. stay with us.
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>> with the rescue after kehler who set out to break a record only to have his voyage ends off the coast of atlantic city, coast guard video of the rescue, olive ear was attempt to go solo a voyage from new york to the uk when his sailboat hit an object and gang to sing. distress signal, then an emergency raft, and used flares to signal rescuer. >> we know the victim of bizarre shark attack in florida is from exton, chester county. these are new pictures of 23 year old shea lynnborecowssi, a small smacker, and would not let go of it grip hanging on even that far died. we're told she remained calm through the ordeal, brooke, see, remained calm. they wonder if the shark was provoked, since they're rarely
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docile. >> who says chivalry was dead? we have got up close look at it last night in action at last night's phillies game. fourth inning, all right, foul ball, hit into the stands and the ball is bound for unsuspecting fan. but, our hero calmly bear hands the ball and saves the day. that was headed right for his wife, so that the nice catch in the clutch. you see that? jim would have done that same thing. >> whoa. >> well done. >> i probably would have dove in front of her. >> you would have full bodied it? >> that's the way i am. >> happily showed off their souvenir, phils won't so hey, they lost their second in a row last night. >> what a take away story, right? >> well the time is 44:44. meisha is watching the roads. >> at love construction, nice dry roadways, thinking that might change katie possibly. >> not for the morning drive.
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okay for the next couple of hours. it is not that bad after day, guys, weaver disturbance pushing through the mid-atlantic, just near it, so we end up with little light rain, not wash out after day at all. i think the entire morning drive will stay dry. that's at least good news. you can already see the leading edge of the disturbance starting to push east, again, mid atlantic storm, pretty nasty thunderstorms errupting right now over the red river valley back over oklahoma, texas, border right there. this is the disturbance, almost strung out. you have one front lifting in right now. the area of low pressure still centered back well off to the west. again there is whole thing sort of rolls through the virginias, carolinas, we are getting clip by it as a result. so let's look how the pattern evolves, using future weather as it overlays, as well. right now even right through 7:00 a.m. there is should not and problem. with wet weather in our area. but, by the time we hit even as early as 10:00 a.m., there will likely be showers to dodge specially through the southern tear of the area, that's pretty much where you will find the bulk of
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activity, there are spots, giles, i wouldn't be shocked, lehigh valley, poconos, if you didn't see one drop of rain today. this isn't necessarily, you know, complete forecast for everyone. further north you go, the more likely it is that you end up with certainly gray sky. but not necessarily as much rain, although it does look like this could linger into tonight with just a shower. now this storm does pull out to sea by tomorrow. any clouds give way to sunshine with time, high pressure rebuilds, and high pressure is going to hook us up. thursday, friday, look phenominal right now. and even as we head into the weekend things do go back downhill. what do you got to worry about here today? couple of showers guys, not that bad. 64 degrees, is the eventual high. that's cool for the standards, just because you have all of the gray skies, spotty showers around tonight, we drop to only 50. looking ahead in the forecast, again, clouds break for sunshine, so gets progressively better with time tomorrow. and thursday and friday look awesome. by saturday though looks like the rain is set to return. meisha? >> of course it does. katie, thank you. good morning, everyone, happy tuesday. all right, looking at some
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construction here, where it is opening, the vine was closed both directions eastbound and westbound, between the schuylkill and broad. now you can see, we are opening, moving in the westbound direction, eastbound, is still closed just make note of that for those of how take the vine, myself included. construction of the schuylkill eastbound near the blue route, right lane was compromised, might be clearing out of our way right now, which would be good news for those every how do take the schuylkill. new jersey 42 freeway, first look in jersey looking pretty darn good, around 295, you can see, a loft early rides ers out there already. not even into the 5:00 hour yet. yesterday was very busy, i have a hinting suspicion today will be busy as well. construction here the vine street expressway, eastbound, ramp to 95 southbound that ramp closed. tonight that will be closed eight p.m. to 5:00 a.m. make note of. that will again this is tonight, not right now, but just make note of it, because for those of you who wake up earl that i could affect you. also more mass transit construction shuttle bussing, this will be going on through june 17th, jim, brooke, back over to you. >> thanks, meisha. still ahead on "eyewitness
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news" this morning, the reason apple stocks surged on wall street yesterday. >> oh, it is a good one, too, we'll be right bac
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>> never too late to finish what you start. >> ninety year old north carolina woman, graduated college, more than 70 years after she started. lois said she couldn't afford to stay in college back in the day. last year, her daughter encouraged her to finish. so saturday lois walks with the class of 2016 at sanford college in alabama. she says this felt like a dream. >> they were so kinds to make sure, you know, that everything went right, and it did. >> i just love this woman. lois is a breast cancer survivor and she's currently battling uterine cancer, but said she is open to working provided the right ceo job is available. >> well, 09 years old, he has
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a heck of a lot of life experience to offer any company. good for lois. time now 4:50, time for check on business news. >> mine watch's jill wagner joins us live this morning from the new york stock exchange, jill, apple shares jumped 4% yesterday. all because warren buffet invested a billion dollars in the company. >> that's right. this could be a vote of confidence in apple's long-term strategy, we know iphone sales have been slowing down, the watch wasn't the hit that they had hoped for. so the tech joint's been diversifying, working on self-driving cars, company invested a billion dollars in dd, that's a you can uber rival in china, anwar end buffet believes in the company. we know other investors will follow. brooke, jim? >> so true. >> now, pet news, we know a loft dogs aren't fans of loud noises, but now there is a prescription medicine to help ease their anxiety? >> yes, it is called sillyo, dog own kearse get it through their vets starting this week,
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alternative to tranquilizers that can sedate dogs for hours, so little help in the thunderstorm, fireworks, i don't know if you guys have dogs, but could be they get little nervous. >> my friends their dog has a thunder sweater, apparel, whatever it takes. thanks, jill. >> well, coming up after the break, another check on weather and traffic. >> katie is tracking showers today. but we will be warming up soon. our forecast with we come
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>> disturbances off to the south. we do end up with little wet wet earl. further nor you go, more likely you don't see one drop of rain. storm scan3, atmosphere starts to open up. radar can be very deceiving. what looks like rain falling not grounds isn't actually
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hitting the grounds throughout lying suburbs, but you can obviously see there is moisture on the way, about midday, we start to see the rain coming down, generally after ten armor so is when we think the rain will start to fall. the steadiest of any rain will fall south and east of philadelphia, but even then, not talking about much here guys. at most, maybe couple of tents of an inch, slower p.m. drive as a result, we should evening out a dry commute here this morning. looking ahead to the seven day, notice how things get so, so much nicer here, tomorrow, already starting to see transition take place, we will have the chance to warm up little bit as skies clear for bit of sunshine through the day, by thursday, friday, just beautiful days coming up. so enjoy those, by saturday, meisha, a the next storm is here. >> all right, yes, thursday, friday, let's enjoy it, thanks, katie, good morning everyone and happy tuesday. still very early out there. we can see on the roadways, too, disable vehicle right there, this 95 southbound at the vine, so very, very dark out there, whenever we don't have street light and it is dark make note it is there.
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sometimes hard to see. that's where more problems can sometimes arrive. >> things looking pretty good starting to open completely on the vine. boulevard you what looking at moving in the southbound direction looking good once you jump on the schuylkill moving in the westbound direction around city avenue looking at about the same thing, jim, brooke, back over to you. >> thanks so much, meisha. coming un in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", we will let you know how police officer is doing after overnight crash that sent her to the hospital. >> plus, who is on the boardwalk? find out could be the first to let you take your alcohol to go. >> and call it a casualty of the rising minimum wage. big changes coming to some wendy's restaurants, we're back at the top of the hour. stay with us.
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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. new this morning, police officer returned to the hospital overnight after crashing into a truck. the emergency she was race to go right before the violent collision, and how she is doing now. plus, we'll learn new details today about the deadly a.m. trash crash when the ntsb releases it report. we already know what investigators think happened, just moment before the deadly derailment. finds out how the tragedy could have been prevented. >> and it is dry outside right now. but, there is rain on the radar again today. katie lets us know when you'll need to have your umbrella hand i, which areas will get hit the hardest. >> how about that? more rain. today is tuesday, may 17th, good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. katie and meisha are here as
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well keeping an eye on things, as well. >> yes, good morning, roads are looking okay. construction out there, of course, vine opening, do have disable vehicle on 95. >> as far as the wet weather guess it, will hold off for the morning drive, good news, honestly quite a few of you that i won't be slobbing. won't see a drop of rain. beginning of the moisture out there, not actually hitting the grounds just yet, really seeing the atmosphere moisten up at this point. but we have nice window of time here before the rain really gets underwayment even whether it does, we are only talking light rain, guys, not wash out after day. on the leading edge, or the northern fringe -- fringe, more of mid mid-atlantic issue than anything, just because of where we sit, geographically, we ends up having to allow for some showers, some light rain throughout the day. now, that said, yesterday was very, very chilly start to the day because we had such a clear sky, now, because we've got the clouds overhead, basically act like natural blanket and we are reaking out anywhere from ten to 11 to upward of 15 degrees more warmth on the thermometer fro


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