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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 17, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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well keeping an eye on things, as well. >> yes, good morning, roads are looking okay. construction out there, of course, vine opening, do have disable vehicle on 95. >> as far as the wet weather guess it, will hold off for the morning drive, good news, honestly quite a few of you that i won't be slobbing. won't see a drop of rain. beginning of the moisture out there, not actually hitting the grounds just yet, really seeing the atmosphere moisten up at this point. but we have nice window of time here before the rain really gets underwayment even whether it does, we are only talking light rain, guys, not wash out after day. on the leading edge, or the northern fringe -- fringe, more of mid mid-atlantic issue than anything, just because of where we sit, geographically, we ends up having to allow for some showers, some light rain throughout the day. now, that said, yesterday was very, very chilly start to the day because we had such a clear sky, now, because we've got the clouds overhead, basically act like natural blanket and we are reaking out anywhere from ten to 11 to upward of 15 degrees more warmth on the thermometer from
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this same time yesterday. so how does that transit late? mid 50's in philadelphia, 45 currently knowledge pocono, sure beats the 29 degrees low that you hilt yesterday right? so it is cloudy, it is cool granted, and we are dodging some showers, so that's generally through the midday, not a wash out. i would say the p.m. drive looks like it could be affected by this, but we will start off with just the clouds building for now. meisha, over to you. >> i feel like, katie, even when it just trickles it, feels like wash out in my head, like in my head. >> like everything is over, game over, good morning, everyone, happy tuesday. all right, so, yes, roadways are look nice and dry, actually looking okay, but we do have a loft early risers out there right now, we can see disable vehicle here, 95 south at the vine. very, very dark here. just make note that it is there, not going to cause too many problems right now. once more vehicles get on the roadways, if that doesn't get scooted out of our way it could because it is so hard to see. vine all looking good moving both in the westbound and eastbound directions and also
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the ramp from the eastbound schuylkill blobbed, now since cleared too. so vine is looking good. ben franklin bridge, westbound jersey in center city looking good, love the shot. not a lot of drivers. exactly what we want to seement construction, pa turnpike eastbound near ft. washington left and center lane both of those right now are blocked. i'll let you know as soon as it clears, construction this morning and early risers. >> new this morning, philadelphia police officer is rushed to the hospital after a serious crash in south philly. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo gathering the details, live now, at 11th and south, jan, what can you tell us? >> jim, brooke, good morning, this accident certainly looked a whole lot worse than it actually turned out to be this morning. fortunately, there were no serious injuries, as a result of this crash. and investigators say, that police officer, that cruiser you see right there, she was actually responding to call with lights and siren on when this crashed happened. police are going to be
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checking out that real-time camera, that's above this intersection now, as part of this investigation. this accident happened just before 2:00 a.m. at the intersection of 11th and south street. the 45 year old officer was heading east, the bread truck traveling north, and the two vehicles collided and partially ended up on the sidewalk there. the 29 year old driver of that bread truck was just shaken up, he did not need treatment. the officer however did have to go to the hospital. but we're told she was just taken for treatment in stable condition with some side pain and cut mouth. investigators say, she was responding to assault on the 300 block of south street when this accident happened. police say she was trying to help her fellow officers catch the suspect, who ran from police. >> she was en route to foot pursuit just about seven blocks from 11th and south. she did have her lights and sirens activated when she went through the intersection of 11th and south. when she was struck by this bread truck, she is walking, talking, she is conscious.
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she is going to be okay. she was the only officer in the police vehicle. >> so, both investigations are now ongoing. over on the 300 block of south, police are investigating that assault. they tell us one man assaulted two people there. one person was punched in the face and taken to the hospital. the other person didn't need treatment. the suspect again remember he ran from police, but he is now in custody, as well. back out here live on scene, at this time, you can see that police cruiser is still on scene here, that bread truck towed away just short time ago. south and 11th streets are open, but you will have to be careful in this area because you can see those cars are still sitting there on the corner of the intersection, pedestrians need to be careful as well, debris on the sidewalks, as well, if we get any more information, we bring it straight to you. for now live in south philadelphia, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", jim, brooke, back into you. >> thanks, jan. investigators are expected to reveal what caused the deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia.
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it has been a year since the crash killed eight people and injured more than 200. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live in the cbs-3 sat center with what sources are saying about the finding. justin? >> jim, good morning, the investigation has been ongoing for about a year now. and today we learn more once hearings begin later this morning. but already, cbs news sources are reporting that the likely cause will focus on the engineer. may 12th, 2015, this indelible site in port richmond, amtrak 188's engine and seven cars, derailing off frankford junction tracks. engineer brandon bostian at the helm. later this morning the national transportation safety board probed delve deeper into the likely cause identified by cbs news sources, as a, quote, loss of situation al awareness. former ntsb chair, mark rosener. >> kind of like me driving down the belt way and you are in deep thought or listening
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to something and you are supposed to get off on an exit and you missed it. you really don't realize where you are at that moment. >> minutes before the crash, bostian reportedly heard radio traffic between dispatcher and septa commuter train. he told investigators the issue was a rock hitting a train. but dispatcher asked him couple of times if he needed medical attention, boston said they went back and forth a few times. as train 188 approached the commuter train bostian said i blew my whistle quite a bit. i was concerned with all of the confusion on the radio that they may have personnel on the ground. bostian told investigators the incident was a kind of trigger reminding him of california co-worker hurt in a train collision who had glass impact on his eye from hitting a tractor-trailer. that may night approaching the curve the train hit 106 miles per hour more than twice the speed limit. bostian hit the brakes mere seconds before 188 derailed,
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eight were killed, some 200 were hurt. >> there has been no public acknowledgment by mr. bostian of his wrong-doing. >> now, we have reached out to bastian's attorney, our calls have not yet been returned. we also expect these hearings to include a push for positive train controls, track technology that could have cut the train speed that night on the curve. jim, brooke, back into you. >> thanks very much. when the ntsb releases it findings on the amtrak crash, our walt hunter will be in washington to cover it. see his stories later today on "eyewitness news". we're waiting to find out if a driver will face any charges for a crash that killed a construction worker in delaware. chopper three flew over the scene last night on i-95 at the brandywine river bridge. police tell us the 36 year old worker was taken to christianna hospital where he died from his injuries. the driver of the car stayed at the scene and was not hurt. disturbing video is going
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viral on line this morning, it shows a man getting knocked out cold outside of a center city night club. now, this happened early sunday morning, at the dakota night club on 1712 walnut st. you can see a man talking to another man who appears to be the bouncer, then the bouncer knocks the man unconscious, and the video end. there is no word on the man's condition. police are investigating but so far no charges have been filed. we reached out to the dakota night club judge yet to get a response. testimony continues this morning in the corruption trial of congressman chaka fattah. the pennsylvania democrat is accused of excepting bribes and misusing campaign funds in federal grants. prosecutors allege fattah disguised illegal payments, illegal cash payments, and even directed money to pay college tuition for his son, chip fattah, convicted earlier this year on fraud charges. the congressman spoke briefly as he left court. >> congressman, can we talk to you about day one? >> well, i think the only thing i can say it is day one,
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we will be back her in the morning. >> opening statements took about five hours. the day finished with testimony from an f.b.i. agent. the trial is expected to last six to eight weeks. well, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are battling it out in primaries in kentucky and oregon. >> donald trump, who is no longer facing opposition from fellow republicans, is not campaigning today. hena dance yell keeping track of the presidential candidates. >> hillary clinton is looking to snap a losing streak against rival bernie sanders today. yesterday she made a last minute push for votes in kentucky. >> i was here in 2008 the day before that primary and i hope it gives me the same positive victory that we had before. >> despite her significant delegate lead, clinton remains locked in a primary battle with the vermont senator. on monday, began laying the grounds work for a win in puerto rico in june. >> it is time for the people
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of puerto rico to be allowed to take charge of their political future. >> a pro clinton super pack is looking forward to the general election, and is now airing ads against her likely republican opponent, donald trump. >> you know, you can three was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her where ever. >> this priority usa ad features some of his controversial comments against women, including fox news host, megan kelly. in a one-on-one interview on megan kelly presents, airing tonight, on the fox broadcast network, trump responded to questions about his character. >> i've been saying during this whole campaign that i am a counter pun: you understand, that i am responding. >> the presumptive gop nominee runs uncontested in today's republican primary in oregon. hena daniels, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> now, if you live in new jersey today is your last chance to make sure that you're registered to vote for next month's primary. voters there head to the polls on june 7th.
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we've put all of the information you need to register to vote on the search is on for a creep on the run. see the man wanted for snapping pictures up a woman's dress. >> also, a historic vote down the shore. the big ban on the bore walk that could soon be overturned. plus: we heard this big boom sound. >> and the next thing she new there was a car in her house. the big surprise when she saw who was behind the wheel. >> also, get ready for some rain. katie times out the wet weather and lets you know when the steadiest rain arrives. stay with us.
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♪ >> wild video, car crashes right into a firehouse. >> so keep your eye to the right of the screen here. lawn thing through the air, slamming into the side of the building. >> this all happened in florence, south carolina, firefighters work quickly to save two people trapped in the car, fortunately, no
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firefighters were hurt. >> here is another crash. >> this time the car ended up inside an indianna home. the teenage driver says he was pulling into the garage when he accidentally stepped on the gas instead of the brake. his mother was inside, she was not hurt. the family now looking for a place to stay while repairs are made to the house. people in oklahoma dealing with another tornado filled spring, cameras captured the small tornado. thankfully there is this didn't cause any damage. weather forecasters say so far 42 tornados touched down in oklahoma just this year, and more storms are expected in oklahoma later today. >> looking for a wash out today? >> not today. things off to pretty quiet start. generally speaking you will get through the morning drive without a hitch here. but turning the focus back over to central plane states, another rounds every strong thunderstorms currently pushing right over the red river valley. we take you there first,
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started offer with nice wide on storm scan. take a look, left side of your screen there, heavy intense rainfall right now. you see how it sort of curves out. that means, it is winds driven. so really strong winds with this, as well. and eventually this is the area of low pressure that will be crossing basically just rolling eastbound we ends with rain, but really all we have to deal with. light rain. some showers, and even right now, things are being look pretty quiet. so we jump you into future weather, taking you all the way to 9:00 a.m., and the typical quote unquote morning rush, right? still not drop of rain to be found here. that's going to change by even as early as 10:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m. as this moves in from southwest to northeast essentially, how much, notice going through the afternoon it is the southern half of the region that likely ends up with the rain. so i won't be shock if even portions every upper bucks county up into the lehigh valley don't get one drop of rainout of this, depends on where the lines every rain set themselves in it, philly you're in it but only few showers, further south more
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likely to see more numerous showers. pollen report nice to report because we've had rain moving through, levels are little lower today, tomorrow, even into thursday, even by that point back to full sunshine. with any wet wet their rolls in, it really does help wash away some of the tree pollen, so, hopefully your allergies won't be hurting you that much. first pitch taking on the marlins this evening at citizens bank park, showers around, but not going to be enough to cause a delay. 57 degrees, the expected temperature. so little cool i advise philly sweatshirt as opposed to t-shirt on evening like this, but we are going to start to see things dry out nicely by tomorrow. back to the upper 60s, little closer to typical as skies start to clear for some sun. thursday, friday, look awesome right now. saturday, i would advise, you enjoy thursday, friday, because by saturday new storm is moving in. this time the rain could be pretty steady. meisha, over to you. >> good vision, enjoy thursday, friday. but don't enjoy saturday,
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because -- >> oh, we love you, katie, disable vehicle, southbound at the vine, pulled all the way off to the shoulder. you can see that, overall, moving around that, looking good. good thing before when we were looking at the disable vehicle, very, very dark out. notice that can pull some problems. you don't see it. now lighter, you can see it, volumes levels looking okay there. blue route southbound at mid-county all right, moving in the southbound direction, look being real good. blue route is something i've kept my eye on all week, looking again this morning, been holding steady until into the 6:00 hour. blue route looking good. ninety-five southbound cottman looking good coming around the s curve. northbound side coming around the same s curve see the far fourth lane is now open. great news for those of how take 95, moving in the northbound direction, but it is the southbound side i keep my eye on, overall looking good. construction here, vine st. expressway eastbound ramps 95 southbound the ramp closed tonight, and that's going to be closed starting at 8:00 p.m. through 5:00 a.m. so just remember that. as you travel about tonight,
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and then tomorrow morning. brooke, over to you. >> now, for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> from the bucks county courier times tullytown couple is accused every abusing their two month old twin girls. including breaking their legs and other bones. michael and melissa arraigned on felony abuse charges. >> in the press of atlantic city city counsel considering a boardwalk booze policy. would allow people 21 years or older to walk the boardwalk with one alcoholic drink in an open plastic container. council must approve the ordinance tomorrow night and again at another meeting for it to be adopted. >> from the front page of the burlington county tolls freeholders look to go add to the county open rail system, looking at arnie's mount the highest point in burlington county. >> that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> well, call it casualty of the higher minimum wage.
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>> we'll show you the high-tech change, fast-food change is look to go cut costs. hey, pat? >> good morning, 76ers have few scratch off tickets they would like to cash this tonight. the nba draft lottery, and the sixers can hit big. we've got the very favorable odds for you next. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> it is carpool karaoke, not one but two stars, hear about the strangest encounter they've had with a fan. stay with us. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> big night for the sixers fans. nba draft is tonight in new york.
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>> hometown could wind up with a first pick in the draft. pat gallen tells us all we need to know about the draft and the sixers chances. >> big night guys, very big night for sixers fans, waiting for this for awhile. after piling up losses for three years, six kearse finally get their hon on one thing that hassle leud dollars them this entire time. the number one pick in the nba draft. tonight should the pingpong balls pounce their way, it is possible, sixers could walk away with four picks in the first round. four. here is a look at the odds for tonight's nba draft lottery which begins at 8:00 p.m. the sixers have a 25% chance at securing the number one overall pick, two hand machine race between ben sill ons, and when you add in the sixers ability, to swap picks with sacramento, gives them 26-.9% chance at getting the top selection. the sixers can also grab the lakers pick tonight if it falls out of the top three. 44% chance of that occurring. so best case scenario is the that sixers get the first and fourth picks in round one, they also have picks 24 and
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26. now, brett brown sat down with our don bell, the coach. are you nervous? >> i am. i am. i've said on record and i'll say it again, it is probably the most anxiety that i feel. i don't feel what you feel during a close game. you don't feel what you feel starting a year or just any game. you just realize, you know, it is a big night for the city. it is a big night for our fans. it is a big night for the organization. >> that's that wonderful bostianalian accent. >> again, basically numbers one and four if that happens, the sixers are in business. either way the team is in great shape to add another possible franchise changing player, plus, joe bead, hasn't played in two years, ramming up his rehab, so things looking up with the 76ers. fingers crossed tonight, i didn't bring my rabbit's foot or anything like that, but i feel good finally. >> did you have your rabbit foot during any game all
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season? >> no, no, well, ten of them, they won ten games this year. >> who do we want? >> we want -- i want benson. >> who else? >> either him or brandon ingram, two guys. >> we are hoping for more than, you snow. >> well, one in four. >> okay. >> then you have 24 and 26. so, we need players. >> we need players? >> we need to play basketball. >> can one season, i mean, one good lottery, one good draft consideration it do this? >> i think it can. >> do you? >> very much glow okay. >> that's why it is so big. >> okay. >> thanks for joining us here on espn. >> well, coming you until the next half hour -- >> you are always so board. it is not my fault. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", the race is already onto replace new jersey governor chris christie. find out who the first candidate is to throw his hat into the ring for next year's election. jan? >> and a philadelphia police officer is sent to the hospital after a crash in south philly. i'm jan carabeo, reporting live, coming up find out what
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that officer was doing, just before the crash. >> plus, it is the shark attack story everyone was talking about yesterday. the woman who went to the hospital with the shark still attached to her arm. what may have triggered the shark bite. katie? >> and jim right now we are starting to see few speckles on storm scan3, nothing verifying at the ground level just yet. but yes, there is more rain on the way. it is not a terrible scenario. i'll wake you through it coming
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a dangerous night on the job for philadelphia police officer. she was rush to the hospital, after crashing her car, while racing to another emergency. police have a big question whether it comes to who is to blame for the wreck. good morning, i'm brooke thomas. >> i'm jim donovan. katie is also tracking more rain today. first, here is what you need to start your day in the morning minute. >> this just appears to be an intersection accident. >> a police officer is rushed to the hospital following a violent crash overnight. >> fortunately, there were no serious injuries as a result of this crash here early this morning in south philadelphia. new information is revealed about what caused the deadly amtrak derailment one year ago. >> situation at awareness, the phrase officials are use whg describing brandon does tan, what may have led to the crash it, mea h


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