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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  May 17, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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a dangerous night on the job for philadelphia police officer. she was rush to the hospital, after crashing her car, while racing to another emergency. police have a big question whether it comes to who is to blame for the wreck. good morning, i'm brooke thomas. >> i'm jim donovan. katie is also tracking more rain today. first, here is what you need to start your day in the morning minute. >> this just appears to be an intersection accident. >> a police officer is rushed to the hospital following a violent crash overnight. >> fortunately, there were no serious injuries as a result of this crash here early this morning in south philadelphia. new information is revealed about what caused the deadly amtrak derailment one year ago. >> situation at awareness, the phrase officials are use whg describing brandon does tan, what may have led to the crash it, means he lost focus for a
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few moments. philadelphia police looking closely at video that shows a man getting punch outside the center city night club. but this happened at the coda night club at 1712 walnut st. early sunday morning. >> it is primary day in two states, bernie sanders and hillary clinton are gearing up for contest in oregon. and kentucky. the vermont senator is favored in both states,. >> ooh he a become sort after cultural icon going head-to-head with donald trump. >> i know the outside world, i oh, on the cover of vanity fair. it is like, well, yes, i was, i was in lot of magazines and including on the cover of some, even before donald trump. i have work for everything i have. >> so fascinated by. that will they were fighting, you know, for almost a year, and now there is this big -- they are coming together for tv. >> yes, i'm suspicious. >> yes. >> all for ratings. >> fascinating.
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yes, yes, yes. >> katie is outside on the skydeck, waiting for some more rain today. so whether will it start falling, katy? >> looks like few more hours, we will get through the morning driver without a hitch here. little cool outside. actually markedly milder than it was this same time yesterday. yesterday if you recall if you were with us in the morning, i was all bundled up with scarf and heavier coat. today, it is definitely little less harsh for us out here, but we have the clouds overhead, so still won't see too much movement on the thermometer. so let me walk you through everything. of course a loft russ wondering when is this rain going to get here? even though it looks like it is already knocking on the doorstep, a lot of what you are seeing in the speckles in the western suburbs, guys, not even hitting the grounds just yet. far off to the southwest, generally across the virginia and west virginia boards err where you are starting to see the rain start to verify at the ground level. so generally what we are specking here is i would say about ten armor so, give or take, when we start to see the first raindrops falling here, around the delaware valley, but we can expect to see some showers really through the midday, and, in toward early
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evening even, as well. come tomorrow, the clouds do start to break. and that bodes very well with high pressure starting to build in for thursday and friday. as the sun does return. so that is sort of what's coming up. meantime, you can expect that you will want to probably keep the jacket at the ready here today. you will probably also want to keep the umbrella at the ready if you reside through the southern tear of our area. further north you go, you may not see much if anything at all in the way of wet weather. about there will be rain to dodge coming through lightly offer and on throughout the rest of the midday. and early evening, time frame, 63 by 3:00 p.m. we do officially expect to hit about 64 degrees at some point this afternoon, but, very limited sun if any at all for most of you. so, it is a gray day regardless, no matter where you are, also again going to see wet weather move in through the midday hours and again through the southern tear of our area, specially. meisha, we send it into you. >> kate, thank you. yes, little chilly out there today, another chilly day. all right, schuylkill eastbound at spring garden, what you are working with right around there. looking pretty darn good. but we are seeing evidence,
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pushing through the 5:00 hour, then of course see even change into the 6:00 hour. more and more travelers are starting to get on the roadway now, just earlier warning in the 5:00 hour, nothing ever to worry b but good to heed the warning. see what's going on out there now, indicate or what's to come in the 6:00, 7:00 hour. delaware county moving in the northbound direction 452, what you are looking at there, looking really good, looking really nice and quiet. exactly what we want to see. boulevard headlights moving in the southbound direction wissahickon avenue. looking good southbound direction, where i am keeping my eye right now. do have accident out there in souderton, ambulance and fire are on the scene here, culpeper road, one lane block here. so, it is so early, i'll keep my eye on there is let you know it clears, for those in that area know it is out there. also, some construction delaware, 95, northbound, route 202, two lanes block on brandywine river bridge. make note of this, as women he, some of the construction can slow you down, jim, over to you. >> thank you shall meisha a updating story we've been
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following all morning, philadelphia police officer injured in a violent crash racing to assault call. >> happened at 11th and south street. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live right there, right now, with the latest on her condition. good morning, jan, how is the officer? >> jim, brooke, good morning, fortunately, no serious injuries. she was taken to the hospital but she was take friend a scene walking and talking. she was conscious. so, certainly, it looked like a bad scene here, but fortunately no serious injuries to report. now, talking about two vehicles, that police cruiser right there, and a bread truck, the 29 year old driver of that bread truck just shaken up this morning. he did not need treatment. the officer as i mentioned did go to the hospital. but we are told again she was conscious. she was taken for treatment in stable condition with some side pain and cut mouth. now, this accident happened jut before 2:00 a.m. at the intersection of 11th and south street, the 45 year old officer was responding to assault on the 300 block of south street, with lights and siren on when this doesn't happened.
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she was heading east, the bread truck traveling north and 29 vehicles collided and partially ended up on the sidewalk there. the accident investigation division is taking a look at this accident including looking at video from crime cameras overhead. take a listen. >> this just appears to be an intersection accident. police officer, who is assigned to the third district, she is 45 years of age, she was en route to foot pursuit just about seven blocks away from 11th and south. she did have her light and sirens activated when she went through the intersection, of 11th and south. our real time crime cameras, located at the intersection of 11th and south. and we're being told that the real time crime cameras did record this entire accident. >> so, this investigation is ongoing. meantime, over at the 300 block of south street, police are investigating that assault. investigators tell us, one man assaulted two people there. one person was punched in the face, taken to the hospital. the other person did not need
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treatment. now, as we mention, the suspect ran away from that scene, but cops were able to catch up with him, and this 45 year old police officer actually responding to help in the pursuit, when she got caught up in this accident. back out here live on scene, you can see, that that smashed up cop car still on scene here, so 11th and south, it is slow going in the area, but both of those roads are open. you can see the cars are just making their way easily around the police activity, and i want to know, too, for pedestrians, that there is a lot of debris on that sidewalk over there, as well, so just keep that in mind as you head out in the area this morning. reporting live on south street, south philadelphia, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", jim, brooke, back into you. >> thank you, jan. time now is 5:37. in business news this morning how twit is her making more room for your tweet. >> which fast-food chain has more options? jill wagner joins us liver from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill. >> good morning, fast-food
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workers are fighting for better pay. now at least one fast-food chain is cutting back wendy's replacing some workers, with self-serve kiosk as a way to save on labor costs related to minimum wage increases, some wendy's also reportedly raising prices as a way to opt for the increase. apple showers jumped nearly 4% on word warren buffet berkshire hathaway made a billion dollars investment in the company. unusual move for buffet. he tends to shy from tech stocks, apple had been trading at it lowest level in two years, as iphone sales slow down. in all the dow jumped 175 points, the nasdaq up 57. and twitter may be making some changes that will let users create longer messages, bloomberg reports twitter will stop counting photos and links, as part of its 140 character limit. they typically take up about 25 characters, twitter's been looking to revamp its format, as a way to attract more users. hey, 25 characters.
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it counts. brooke, jim? >> it does, thanks, jill. >> meanwhile, in other news, police need your help tracking down a man wanted for snapping inapropriate pictures of a woman in delaware county. now, surveillance video from the philly pretzel factory on 69th street in upper darby takes the man taking up skirt photos every unsuspecting women as she stands in line. the victim eventually realizes slapping the man, who then takes off. if you recognize this man, call police. >> president obama honors fallen philadelphia police sergeant robert wilson iii with medal of valor. president visibly moved yesterday as he awarded the medal to wilson's grandmother, at the white house. wilson, a father of two, was killed in march of 2015 when two men tried to rob a north philadelphia game stop. please now how deeply sorry we are for your lost, how grateful we are for sergeant wilson's service. >> a big hole was put in my heart when he lost his life. but he loved his job. he did what he was trained to do. and i miss him a lot.
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>> twelve other law enforcement officers were also honored at the white house yesterday for their bravery and commitment. >> a federal appeals court is considering a last minute petition to delay the release of names connected to the bridgegate scandal in new jersey. if denied the u.s. attorney's office will release a list of unindicted co-con spore tours in the scandal at noon today. two former allies of governor chris christie have been indicted for allegedly org economy straightening lane closures on the george washington bridge, which caused massive traffic jams in 2013. christie has denied having any knowledge of the plot, and was never charged. well, new jersey doesn't elect its next governor nor year and a half, one candidate already kicked off his campaign. >> new jersey's challenges can't wait. >> democrat phil murphy posted this video on his campaign website and youtube. he is the former us ambassador to germany. murphy also work on wall street with goldman sachs, expected to be joined by crowded field of democrats in next year's primary.
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well, coming up: stopping the spread of zika, the key roll you can play in fighting the virus, you don't even need any special experience. plus: >> ♪ >> ♪ >> well, don't get gel us. it is just jim card and's latest karaoke, see what happens when he tries to go on tour with miami joke and as and demi. is he crazy? stay with us. >> ♪
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>> wealth couldn't back, a french sailor comes up with a few thousand miles short. you're looking at coast guard video shows crews rescuing the french sailor 09 miles from atlantic city all after his boat hit submerged object and began to sink. sounded distress signal, then deployed an emergency raft. was attempting a solo voyage from new york to the uk. >> turns out the victim of bizarre shark attack in florida is from our area. these are new pictures of 23 year old shealynn of exton smiling on her hospital bed with the shark still attached to her arm. >> oh, my. >> she was swimming in boca raton when small nurse shark bit her arm and wouldn't let go even after it died. experts wonder if the shark was provoked since nurse
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sharks are usually docile, and rarely attack. >> the shark was dead and still holding on, you all. all right, so, boston arts commission working on repair plan for a statue near and us to us philadelphians. high winds blue a tent into a statue of ben franklin along the freedom trail. the 1856 bronze statue stands at the side of the boston latin school, first public school in the country. ben attended the school before he ran away to to philadelphia at age 17. we all know what happened after that. >> oh,. >> perfect, poor ben, right on the concrete. >> i know. >> poor guy. >> weather is not so -- >> you know, actually couple of real nice days coming up here. today is not that day. >> oh? >> but it is also not one of those days that is horrible either. now, some will stay totally dry, just not seeing a lot of sunshine which we crave at this point, we've had so many weeks gray, gloomy, but let me show this shot.
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it may brighten your spirits. take a look outside we go to ocean city. we have beautiful sunrise underway. do you have look closely, little glow as that sun is starting to pop up. again you are not going see the most stellar sunrise in the world here on day like this, because we have more cloud cover to track, however, at least it is dry for now. we have got that going for us. it will stay that way. at least for the next couple of hours. we will get through the typical morning drive without a hitch. weather threat, way back to the deep south, these are folks that have been getting hammered hard here, latest risk really a bull's eye over central texas right now. put things into motion, still severe thunderstorm watch. still posted with pretty nasty line every thunderstorms that's been rumbling right across the red river valley become more of issue through central texas as the day goes on. leading edge of all of this, all sort of high grating east, what will eventually be impacting our area, so for now, all calm, all quiet, we check in with the eyewitness weather watchers, slew of
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observations coming in this morning, i want to go to the list format, a loft times easier to process all of it, upper 40's, around at worse really around the board here today. mid 50's, currently, coming into us from negative and, in richboro, as well as barbara in willow grove. the list goes on here, generally mid 40's, to low or even mid 50's, that's the range that you are finding around the region as a whole right now. thanks to the watchers for sending the observations in. but, we eventually start to have to dodge some showers, southern half of our area specially throughout, i would say, midday. as early as 10:00 a.m., lingering into the early afternoon, and we are going to see the temperatures get held back yet again to the mid 60s, starting starting to rebounds, rebuild by tomorrow afternoon. and then you have got a double dose hereof just gorgeous weather thursday, friday. and then just enjoy it while you have got it. it does look more likely at this point that the weekend will feature another storm system, with more rain, could be steadier, heavier rain there is time also a lot more widespread too. meisha, over to you. >> thursday, friday, look gorgeous.
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thanks, katie. good morning, everyone, happy tuesday to you. okay, so, looking at 95 right now, headlight moving in the southbound direction past the betsy ross bridge, certainly starting to heat up there. we will see this increase as we push into the 6:00 hour. so just know that 95 moving in the southbound direction as we can expect starting to heat up. eastbound direction, near the turnpike, could see what it look like out there, a lot of early risers, in fact, looking at this area in the 4:00 already you could see early risers out there even then, the 4:00 hour. so we have someone out here changing their tire. this is the boulevard southbound at wick a hick on avenue, pulled all the way off to that right shoulder. they have the flashing lights on, so it will be easy to spot. not causing any problems there. accident here in souderton, cow path road, one lane block here. we also have another accident, eagleville road, red tail road, road partially block right now. not going to cause too many slow-downs yet. i will keep you updated on what happens there. construction vine st. expressway eastbound the ramp to 95 southbound is closed tonight. starting at 8:00 p.m. through
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5:00 a.m. brooke over to you. >> hey there, got to tell you, james cord on keeps cranking out the hits on carpool karaoke. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> james corden is the coolest, sang some of their favorite songs while riding around with corden on the late late show, also talk about the strange he is encounters they've with fans, including one person who hid in the car with jonas' luggage. >> jumped out basically tried to jump on when we got to the hotel. >> this is when it was you and your brothers? >> yes. >> what did you do. >> we ran. i mean, security pick him up, escorted him out. i was concerned they would say
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we kidnapped him. >> do you think they went through your bag? >> laugh ato and jonas hitting the road together including stop in camden in july. they give gordon a big chance to audition for their tour. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> so it looks like he won't be going on tour with them. i watched that, though. but, at least the crowd seemed to enjoy the performance. i love him. another recent carpool karaoke guest hitting the road, known for her super sized wig, and hits like chandelier, just announced her first-ever arena tour, includes a stop here in philly on october 21, tickets go on sale this friday. jim wants that wig. >> oh, ya. >> got to tell you, it is the end after era tonight here on cbs-3, the season finale of ncis and the farewell episode for actor michael weatherly.
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>> i can't stay here. >> we know that. >> weatherly's special agent tony did inoseo saying good-bye to the number one drama on tv after more than 13 seasons, and more than 300 episodes. okay, also, no spoiler here, okay, but weatherly hinted a character will die in the season finale. so who will it be? how will it happen? you have to watch ncis tonight at 8:00 right here on cbs-3. and you know, jim, we haven't seen the last of weatherly on tv will star on new drama inspired by doctor phil fill mcgraw early career as trial consultant. ya, still wait to go hear when it will premiere, but we do know it will be right here on cbs-3. >> i will be interviewing him later this morning, maybe i can find out some more details. >> get some details. >> ill, i will try. >> all right, before you head out the door, we have three things to know today. >> and new way to treat anxious dogs, this one could come in handy around july 4th.
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we will be right back. spent more than 30 years in the public schools. we're retired, but we like to stay involved. you think he's going to learn to fly? we're just as busy now as in our teaching days. the same goes for a lot of the retired educators we know. let me see you all flap your wings, like you're penguins learning to fly. teaching is all about building relationships. and that never goes away. because once a teacher, always a teacher. we're ed and miriam, and we're proud to be new jersey educators.
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>> invasive most keith owe problem, on line map, from local students, atlantic city teachers, hope it will pinpoint hot spots to help researchers combat the disease spread. >> federal government and the state, missing out on billions of dollars by not legalizing marijuana. experts from the tax foundation say most that far revenue would come from attacks-on pot. now, critics of marijuana legalization say it would lead to more drug abuse, tax foundation says people who smoke pot would do so whether it is legal or not. >> new medicine is available to curb your dogs anxiety. the recently approved will be available in about a weeks first prescription medicine for treating anxiety over loud noises. it gives dog owners an alternative to human pills, tranquilizers and behavioral treatments, one third every american dog owners report pet problems with loud noises. >> before go out the door, here is what you need to know. it is three to go. >> the nfsb will release it
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report on last year's deadly amtrak crash in for the richmond. distracted by radio transitions. >> we should hear from eagles quarterback sam bradford today the first time since he request add trade. he'll also practice with new quarterback carson wentz. >> tonight's lottery, number one pick, that's three to go. >> coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news" a rock paper scissors competition, yes, right here in philly. >> and top jobs that pay top dollars. three is on your side with where you can look if you need a new job or career change. >> and, why several people are now getting dna tests in the dispute over prince's estate. it is all next.
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> lots of green on storm scan3, this morning, what you -- you know what that means, more rain. don't worry, katie will time out today's showers. don't worry. and we should see sun two days in a row, don't wore. >> i right now a philadelphia police officer is in the hospital after crashing into a truck overnight. we'll tell you where she was racing to, before the collision. and, the ntsb releases its report today on last year's
6:00 am
deadly amtrak derailment. some leak what investigators will saying about the tragedy. today is tuesday, may the 17th, good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas, also katie and meisha here as always keeping an eye on things this morning. >> don't worry. >> yes. >> things are looking okay. >> thankfully things still dry. jim? i think we'll get -- >> i love sports radio. >> i know. i know. we've got more rain, but this isn't going to be terrible day. we actually are, look at this, really pretty sky out there. isn't that cool? yes, looks as though we will keep this casino of pattern at least for the next few hours dry, in other words. and we can eventually expect to see some showers move in. but we're not talking about any casino of major wash out here guys. storm scan at the local zoom. even though you have got some speckles of green that have pop upped in the last few hours, not actually rain verifying at the ground.


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