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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 17, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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report today on last year's deadly amtrak derailment. some leak what investigators will saying about the tragedy. today is tuesday, may the 17th, good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas, also katie and meisha here as always keeping an eye on things this morning. >> don't worry. >> yes. >> things are looking okay. >> thankfully things still dry. jim? i think we'll get -- >> i love sports radio. >> i know. i know. we've got more rain, but this isn't going to be terrible day. we actually are, look at this, really pretty sky out there. isn't that cool? yes, looks as though we will keep this casino of pattern at least for the next few hours dry, in other words. and we can eventually expect to see some showers move in. but we're not talking about any casino of major wash out here guys. storm scan at the local zoom. even though you have got some speckles of green that have pop upped in the last few hours, not actually rain verifying at the ground.
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really, you know, sometimes radar can be deceiving, really all there is to it. but we do have more moisture starting to builds into the region, eventually, yes, will be some showers to dodge, mainly through the southern half of the delaware vale. further north you go, you may evening out just a gray day. without any wet weather at all. so allentown, mount pocono, reading even, might stay dry. really depends on the leading edge, northern fringe in other words. currently temperatures are heck of a hat warmer than they were this same time yesterday. we will not rebounds that much. because of the clouds. the clouds work for and against us. depending what time of day you are talking about. midday showers, though, are still out there. so we gave you a c plus for the school day forecast. and eventually, you know, did promise that there eventually be some nice warm and sunny days, we will tell when you to get outside coming up. meisha? >> sound awesome. all right, katie, thank you so much for. that will good morning everyone, roads looking pretty darn good. i would say starting to heat up now, expect busy tuesday morning, pushing into the 6:00 hour. this is the casino every time when you want to think about
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when you want to leave the house, blue route northbound before route one, what you are looking at both directions, just heating up ever so slightly i would say blue route moving in the northbound direction before route one, moving up quicker, heating up. schuylkill tail light eastbound direction approaching the conshohocken curve looking all right. but we know it get very, very busy here, so keeping our eye on there, what you are looking at, a loft vehicles already out there. and we just dipped into the 6:00 hour. where we were, guy out of his vehicle changing the tire at wissahickon avenue. looks like he got his tire back on the vehicle, on their way, so looking good here, we do have is it accident in audubon, red tail road, road partially block there. jim, brooke, back over to you. >> police officer recovering recovering. she was racing to assault call. "eyewitness news", jan carabeo live at the crash in south philadelphia, jan? >> certainly was bad looking crash, fortunately, we do not have any serious injuries to
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report this morning. two vehicles involved here, bread truck, which is already towed away from the scene, and that police cruiser, you can still see that on the scene here, a lot of debris on the ground. now, investigators say that police officer was responding to a call with lights and vie ren on this morning when the crash happened. police here this morning are going to be checking out the real time camera that is above this intersection, as part of this investigation. this accident happened before 2:00 a.m. at 11th and south streets, the 45 year old officer was heading east, the bread truck was traveling north two vehicles collided and partly ends p dollars up on the sidewalk there. twenty-nine year old driver of the bread truck was just shaken up. he didn't need treatment. the officer though did have to go to the hospital. we're told she was taken for treatment in stable condition, with some side pain and cut mouth. investigators say, she was responding to assault on the 300 block every south street when this accident happened. police say she was trying to help her fellow officers touch the suspect who ran from
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police. take a listen. >> this appears to be intersection accident. police officer, who is assigned to the third district, she is 45 years of age. she was en route to foot pursuit just about seven blocks away from 11th and south. she did have her light and sirens activated when she went through the intersection, of 11th and south. our real time crime cameras, are located at the intersection of 11th and south. and we're being told the real time crime cameras did record this entire accident. so, both of these investigations are now ongoing. over on the 300 block of south, police are investigating that assault, and they tell us within man assaulted two people there. one person was punched in the face and taken to the hospital. the other person didn't need treatment. the suspect, again, ran away from police, but now in custody. back out here live on scene, at this time, the police car still on the scene so 11th and
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south while open there is still a loft police activity in the area. be cautious moving through this part of south philly. again the debris still on the sidewalk, so pedestrians should be aware, as well. reporting live in south philly this morning, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", jim, brooke, back into you. >> fire investigators looking for the cause of overnight blaze in philadelphia's brewerytown section. fire broke out just after 1:30, north newkirk and cecil b. moore. quickly put out the flames. not clear if anyone lives in the home. >> also, new this morning, "eyewitness news" just learned, an oven started a fire inside a store in the cobbs creek neighborhood. this happened 6100 block every walton avenue around midnight. firefighters quickly knock down the flames. no one was hurt in this fire. later this morning, learn more about amtrak derailment in philadelphia. you know the crash killed eight people, and hurt more than 200. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live in the
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cbs-3 staff center. >> brooke, with from what cbs news sources are saying, will center on the training's engineering brandon bostian, what he was doing leading to up last year's derailment. he may experience dollars situation al awareness being second before the train derailed. >> play 12, 2015, this site in port richmond, amtrak 188's engine and seven cars, derailing off of frankford junction tracks. engineer brandon bostian was at the helm. later this morning, the national transportation safety board probe delves deeper into the likely cause identified by cbs news sources as a quote loss of swear al awareness. former ntsb chair mark rosenker. >> it would be kind of like you driving down the belt way and you are in deep thought or listening to something and you were supposed to get off on an exit and you missed it. you really don't realize where
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you are at that moment. >> that may night approaching the frankford curve the train hit 106 miles per hour. more than twice the speed limit. bostian hit the brakes mere seconds before 188 derailed, eight were killed, some 200 were hurt. >> there has been no public acknowledgment of mr. bostian of his wrong-doing. >> minutes before the rec, bostian recalls radio traffic, dispatcher and septa commuter train talking about a rock hitting a train. >> the dispatcher asked him couple of times if he needed medical attention, bostian said they went back and forth a few time. >> as train 188 approached the commuter train, bostian said i blew my whistle quite a bit. i was concerned with all of the confusion on the radio that they may have personnel on the ground. two investigators bostian liking the event to a trigger reminding him of a california co-worker naught train collision who had glass impact
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on his eye from hitting a tractor-trailer. >> insiders expect hearings to include push for positive train controls or ptc's, many say that technology could have cut the train speed on that curve, sparing lives, and injuries, we also reached out to bostian's attorneys, our calls have not yet been returned. brooke, back into you. >> thanks, justin. our own walt hunter headed to washington for the release. nfsb release. look for his reports later today right here on "eyewitness news". >> wait to go hear if driver will face charges for crash that killed construction worker in delaware. clop per flew over the scene on i59 at the brandywine river bridge in wilmington. two lanes were shutdown during the investigation. police tell us, that the 36 year old worker was taken to christianna hospital where he died from his injuries. the driver of the car stayed at the scene and was not hurt. sixers fans tonight is the night. it is the nba croft lottery. those six coaster wind up with more than one pick in the
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first round. >> coach brett brown was studying hard at yesterday's pre-draft workouts. he'll represent the sixers in mid town manhattan tonight. the sixers had the worse record in the nba last season, with 25% chance every getting the very first pick. thanks to some wheeling and dealing, the sixers could ends up with four picks in round one. >> coming up: local town that's raising taxes, it is a move that will cost people there hundreds more per year. >> plus protests over the bathroom pill ends in arrests, now president obama giving his first public comment since issuing new guidelines on trans gender students in public schools. >> and if you if you are looking for new job or career change, listen up, lot of six figure options, just need the right skills. we'll show you where the top jobs are coming up. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> 452nd until the weather gets good?
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>> nope. >> it is so cold here. >> i know, i know. we'll be right back.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> ♪ >> ♪ welcome back everyone, the time is 6:12. resident in oklahoma are dealing with another tornado-filled spring. >> sadly, more storms are headed their way today. cameras captured this small
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tornado turning yesterday, thankfully the twister didn't cause any damn. so far 42 tornados have touchdown in oklahoma this year. >> just may. forty-two already this year. and i'm from oklahoma. and i'm used to this, but still. >> katie, not expecting anything but maybe little dries snell. >> we will see some showers. there will be maybe even steady light rain across southern counties throughout the day. but system actually responsible for the very damaging storms, back through oklahoma, still brinking in some damaging storms through central oklahoma and the red river valley at this point, see how it is all strung out though. really have to store of step out of the way so you can see the whole thing, frontal boundery going to be pushing through the mid-atlantic. bathesly where the whole thing will track, in fact, from west to east. so, not going to see too much rotation toward the northeast out of this. but since we sit on the northern fringe of it, we do get hit at least in some spots with some light rain and showers. now, even up until about
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9:00 a.m., we are staying dry, 10:00 a.m., probably about the time we start to see the first raindrops falling at least through the southwestern counties, will start to really again roll in from west to east. further north you go, montgomery, upper bucks, may not see anything but some grace skies here today t does come through lightly, generally through midday, but, you know, again, southern counties most susceptible to it, will likely see some showers even around tonight, southern tear of our region specially. how much rain are we talking, really not going to be much at most with some of the most reliable computer modeling, talking over .3 of an inch out of this, so again, not wash-out by any stretch, no flooding concerns, just more of a nuisance, than anything. so clouds, some showers around today, mid-day specially, 68 tomorrow, the clouds yield to some sun to help warm things up little bit. thursday, friday, look just gorgeous. but, new storm looms for the weekend. meisha over to you. >> thursday, friday, look gorgeous indeed. thanks, katie. good morning, everyone, all right, looking at the boulevard, you can already see moving in the southbound direction looking pretty darn
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busy. certainly starting to heat up now right around 6:15, we can casino of expect it specially monday, tuesday, maybe even wednesday, thursday, friday, seems to casino of ease up just a little bit. looking at the scrub westbound at city avenue, once off the boulevard, what you are looking at many look how many vehicles are out there already. and not even at, you know, quarter to the 7:00 hour. so, it is early. i would recommend giving yourself couple every extra minutes this morning if you k if you can spare, that i certainly would. this is what you are looking at when we look at 95 south at girard, another very, very busy stretch. and it is looking busy already. soap, again, if you can, i would recommend giving yourself some extra time. accident all clear in souderton, great news for those every in you that area, construction delaware, 95 northbound near route 202, two lanes block on brandywine river bridge, also, some construction on the vine street expressway eastbound, ramp to 95 southbound closed tonight eight p.m. to 5:00 a.m. i'll be tweet that out, as well. brooke, over to you. >> now, for look at newspaper headlines, from across our
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region. >> from the front page of the times, annual blue mass held yesterday at saint andrew roman church. newtown township. carried up the steps into the church each one belong to go law enforcement officers in bucks county lost his life in the line of duty. >> from the delaware county daily times, hundreds of people were in the rotunda off the pennsylvania state capitol to demand lawmakers close exemption that allows people to buy assault type firearms without a backgrounds check. >> from the intelligence err, new hope solebury raising taxes and cutting programs on proposed budget. school board voted last night to raise taxes 4.8% which will mean $244 tax increase. and that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> well, today is primary day in kentucky and oregon. coming up we will tell you where the candidates stand in the delegate count ahead of the vote. >> plus prince's bodyguard breaks his silence, addresses rumors the music star was addicted to drugs. hear what he has to say next.
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>> minnesota judge: all possible hairs could be subject to dna testing and they must pay for it themselvesment since his passing last month, at least two people have filed paperwork claiming to be related to prince, while drug overdose is suspect in the his
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death, the god bodyguard denies it saying prince bass not addicted. >> i've been on tour with him for months. so if anybody had an addiction, that would be something you would see. >> addiction specialist claimed prince hired him to get help just days before the singer died. >> north carolina new bathroom law led to 11 arrests, hundred cents rallied, where police led some of them away. they want lawmakers to repeal which limit the use of public restrooms to the gender after person's birth. president obama says his new guidelines on transgender student access to bathrooms in public schools are supposed to protect them from bullying. and, remember the texas pastor who claimed whole foods wrote gay slur on his cake? he now admits it was a hoax. reverend jordan brown has dropped his suit and issued apology. whole foods vigorously denied the allegation when reverend brown made it last month. the supermarket chain is now
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dropping its counter suit. >> interesting. >> coming up: "3 on your side" with where to fine jobs that are paying top dollar. >> the custodian who pick up more than trash. we will show you what he got from his employer that will change his life. it is an inspiring story, you don't want to miss. katie? >> well, brooke, still looking ahead here to little bit of wet weather today. although, certain areas are more prone than others, in the meantime, some really nice days in the seven day forecast, i'll tell when you you want to break out those sunglasses and maybe even pair of shorts. details straight (man) hmm. what do you think? ♪ (stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there.
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>> wash dollars, skilled workers. one problem, many people looking for jobs don't have the skills required for those open positions. in today's three "3 on your sid" consumer report a look at the skills you need to get that job that pays. right now push for stem education. that stands for science, technology, engineering and math. apparently america needs more tech is, and the job market would pay them well. link in the analyzed the most popular skills in job positions around the world. in the u.s., the top five are
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cloud computing, data mining, mobile development, network security, middle wear, and integration software. >> buehler, buehler -- >> still with me in the top 25 skills are almost all tech and data related. according to job placement firms, skilled jobs in technology can pay six figures or more. so how can you prep to make the big bucks? well, job training, and a pretties ships can get you up to par and help your career soar. science and technology, where it is at. >> i'm with you. >> you're the scientific one. i wouldn't have a clue. >> wouldn't have a clue. >> you figure out if somebody put a dollar sign -- >> yes. >> you would figure it out. >> exactly. >> this is story that can inspire you today. >> college custodian getting his degree, but not just that. michael, and his wife, lost everything in the recession. his business, their home, and their car. he took the only job he could find as a custodian at whoos
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err polytechnic institute, then he took courses offered to employees and after eight years has a degree in mechanical engineering. >> very often in life you hit with a curve ball. it kind of takes you off track. go through life and you say some day i'll do there is some day i will do that. so very few times do you get the to experience a real some day. and it feels like, welcome to my some day. >> it was a jubilant graduation at wpi last weekends, michael and his wife hope others who hit rock bottom can see his store. >> i coming up in the next half hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", update on the police officer injured on the job overnight. >> and disturbing video posted on line, it appears to show a bouncer knocking a man right off his feet outside a center city night club. finds out where this happened. plus this: >> today hillary clinton hopes to stop the run every bernie sanders run, while donald trump faces tough questions
6:27 am
about his character. i'm hena daniels, more on 2016 running come up up. >> few accidents out there and construction spots still slowing you down. all of the updates coming up. first a break, stay stay right where you
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you guessed it. we're tracking more rain. >> but don't worry. it is not a wash outment katie is timing the showers, when we can see some sunshine. good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. wait until you find out what i just learned about jim donovan here. that's coming up. it is 6:30, here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. >> philadelphia police officer rushed to the hospital after serious crash in south philly. >> she was en route to a foot pursuit just about seven
6:31 am
blocks away from 11th and south. >> fortunately, there were no serious injuries as a result of this crash. >> this morning, investigators are expected to reveal what caused the deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia. >> already, cbs news sources are reporting, that the likely cause will focus on the engineer. >> disturbing video is going viral on line this morning. it shows a man getting knocked out cold outside after center city night club. and this happened early sunday morning at the coda night club 1712 south street. primary day in two states. bernie sanders, hillary clinton gearing up for contests in missouri and kentucky. vermont senator favored in both states. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ jailed corden having little fun with demi, and nick jonas, in the latest carpool karaoke, see the trio taking the performance not street. >> it was good stuff. katie is on the skydeck, and tracking more rain. looks pretty out there at least? >> yes, things still dry across the entire region right now, looks like the next few hours, right through the typical morning drive, no less, things do stay dry. but, there is a disturbance that's pushing through just off to the south. that's what's going to trigger not just the clouds that are currently overhead already, but, also, the next round of rain. now, talking temperature, when you have got a blanket of cloud cover like we do right now it, will keep the temperatures somewhat limited. you can't warm up as easily, but the days that we've had below average so far, this month of may, well, it is pretty substantial. we've already had 12 days at least into the books right now, today very likely as well, to be well below average, so probably make it 13 today. but there were six of the days, daytime high, didn't break out of the 50's. that's a big deal.
6:33 am
there is only one day of the entire month of may, that isn't normally into the 70s. so it really has been cool pattern. if it felt that way to you, there is a reason for t here is a look at the disturbance, see a lot of moisture building up across multiple states, moisture not here yet. although it is moistening up, don't have any rain just yet. that will will change with time, generally southern half of our area that gets in on it, 54 the current temperature at the airport, hey at least it is warmer than it was this same time yesterday. we have that going for us. but, don't expect a heck of a loft sunshine here, really region wide. but again, the further north you go, the more likely you are to actually stay generally rain-free. you might even see little break in the clouds here today. sixty-four at best meanwhile in philadelphia, watching for some showers to dodge here, through the midday, specially, but as i said, meisha, a the further south you travel, the more numerous those showers may be today. meisha? >> okay, katie, thank you so much. it really has felt a little cooler lately. all right, well, good morning, everyone, things starting to heat up on the roadways,
6:34 am
looking at 95 south, coming around the s curve, cottman, you can see how bus at this looks right now. we can see that only heat up more and more as we push toward our main hour of rush hour. our 7:00 hour. so what we are looking at overall, holding steady here, looking at the vine, what you are working with there, moving in the westbound direction, where primarily you're starting to heat up just little bit. make note of that. what i want to pull your attention to, we do have accidents, souderton, closed between cow path road and mifflin street. you will have to use alternate, twp. line road or broad street probably going to be your best bet. right now also another accident here, take a look at this, in lansdowne, baltimore avenue at union avenue, and another one, mount effron, black horse pike, southbound kings highway. so you have those three accidents, like i said, in lansdowne, mt. ephraim, and souderton, souderton dealing with actual closure, jim, brooke, back to you. >> here is a update on story we've been following all morning.
6:35 am
a police officer is recovering after being involved in a violent crash overnight. this happened just before 2:00 a.m. at the intersection of 11th and south streets. forty-five year old officer was responding to assault call with her life and siren on when she was hit by a bread truck and ended up on the sidewalk. the accident is under investigation. >> police also investigating this disturbing video of bouncer knocking man unconscious outside center city night club. it happened early sunday morning at coda night club. you can see a man talking to another man, who appears to be a bouncer. then the bouncer knocks the man out and the video ends. there is no word on the man's condition. so far no charges have been filed. we reach out to coda night club. they haven't gotten back yet. >> police in delaware county are trying to track down a man wanted for snapping photos after woman without her knowledge. surveillance video from the philly pretzel factory on 69th street in upper darby shows the man taking up skirt photos of a woman, as she
6:36 am
stands in line. the victim eventually realizes, slaps the man, who then takes off. if you recognize them, call police. the national transportation safety board plans to vote this morning on the official cause of last year's amtrak derailment in philadelphia. sources tell cbs news the ntsb believes that radio transmissions distracted the engineer, brandon bostian, the crash killed eight people and injured more than 200 others. attorney tom kline decline represent the families the passengers killed on the train. >> there has been no public acknowledgment by mr. bostian of his wrong-doing, no public acknowledgment of the harm and of the grief and of the pain which he has caused. >> "eyewitness news" sought comment from bostian's attorney in philadelphia. we are still wait to go hear from him. when the ntsb releases its findings on the crash, our
6:37 am
walt hunter will be in washington to cover t see his stories later today on "eyewitness news". in oregon, tight contest for the democrats. bernie sanders is look to go beat hillary clinton in both oregon and kentucky. hena daniels with the latest on campaign 2016. >> ♪ >> hillary clinton is looking to snap a losing streak against rival bernie sanders today. yesterday she made a last minute push for vote in kentucky. >> i was here in 2008. the day before that primary and i hope it gives me the same positive victory that we had before. >> despite her significant delegate lead, clinton remains locked in a primary battle with the vermont senator. on monday, began laying the ground work for a win in puerto rico in june.
6:38 am
>> it is time for the people in mort reijo owe to be allowed to take chart of damager charge of their political feature. >> looking forward to the general election, now airing ads against her likely republican opponent, donald trump. >> you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her where ever. >> this priority usa ad features some of his controversial comments against women. including fox news host megan kelly. in a one-on-one interview on megan kelly presents, airing tonight, on the fox broadcast network, trump responded to questions about his character. >> i've been saying during this whole campaign that i am a counter punch. you understand. that will i'm responding. >> the presumptive gop nominee runs un contest in the today's republican primary in oregon. hena daniels, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> heads up if you live in new jersey. today is your last chance to make sure you have registered to vote for next month's primary. voters there head to the polls
6:39 am
june 7th, we put all the information you need to vote on >> new jersey's infamous bridgegate is back in the headlines. we could finds out today the names of everyone involved that is if the federal appears court denies a man's request to release. at noon the u.s. attorney's office is expected to release a list of unindicted co-conspirators in the scandal. two former allies of governor chris christie have been indicted for allegedly orchestrating lane closures on the george washington bridge, causing massive traffic jams in 2013. christie has denied having any knowledge of the plot, and was never charged. >> new jersey's first canned dade for governor kicking off his campaign roughly year and a half before the election. >> new jersey's challenges can't wait. >> democrat bill murphy hosted it video, former us ambassador to germany. also work on wall street with goldman sachs. governor chris christie term won't expire until
6:40 am
january 2018. >> well, coming up: boo's on the boardwalk. popular shore town that could make it legal to have a drink on the board. plus, add this to the list of reasons why the phillie fanatic is the best mascot around. we'll show you how he made one fans' time at the game something she will never forget. pat? >> one, two, three, shoot. hey, guys, just practicing my rock papers scissors, why, because there is a lot of money on the line. don't go anywhere. i'll explain coming up. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i don't love a rainy night, not me, i'm over it. katie is going to let us know if we will have a rainy night after the break. what's he talking about, love the rainy night? we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back, the shark attack everyone is still talking b can you believe it or not, the victim is from our area. >> that's 23 year old shealynn of exton smiling with the shark still attached to her arm. she was swimming in boca raton yesterday when a small nurse shark bit her arm, wouldn't let go, even after it died. expert wonder if the shark wag provoked, since nurse sharks are usually docile and rarely attack. >> the shark was dead and still attached? i feel like you guys don't understand this. >> oh, my gosh. let it go. >> the shark is dead and still locked on her arm. who is eating brands flakes and want to continue doing that right now? >> who? >> right? great visual? >> oh, guys, good morning. let's go ahead, switch gears completely, no transition here. let's just jump right into the eyewitness weather watchers. finding right now a lot of gray skies as you will when you walk out the door this morning, couple of pictures to
6:45 am
represent that, ed sent this one in the last 15 minutes, certainly, some cloud cover out here. it is a little bit brighter, at least, actually out over route 528. meanwhile, we go to another one from phil, sent this in from his own backyard, i believe. we have some rain on the way, here in the caption, but at the moment, everything is still dry. we head back to the map. take quick peak. we have temperatures generally in the upper 40's, or mid 50's, at best. and we are not going to see a ton of movement on the thermometer, probably another 10 degrees give or take, depending on your location, we go to one observation, john, our latest in studio weather watcher reports this morning, 52 degrees, little bit of sunshine, he's reporting from yardley, but at least it is warmer right now than it was this same time yesterday. but, again, more rain, more gray skies, although i do got to tell you it, doesn't look like we are going to see heck of a lot of rain. not wash out. we have got at least window of time before the rain even gets here. outside cut town area middle school, similar scenario, 48 degrees, modest breeze if any at all, although here is the rain on the move.
6:46 am
you can see, it starting to nudge in at this point to western maryland, and we look at a little bit of tighter zoom here. you know, again, still got little window of time to kill. even though it looks like some rain already here, that is not actually hitting the ground just yet. sometimes that radar can be deceiving. so i would say give it the window up until about 10:00 a.m. here, future rain amount, are not impressive franklin. we get through the rest of tonight, and maybe you have got .10 or two of an inch, but notice few spots where you may not see much of anything at all. so, gray skies for everybody, rain most notable from philly on south. with this disturbance passing by to the south high pressure builds in tomorrow, specially thursday, friday, looking awesome. another storm though wait in the wings for the weekend. meisha? >> all right, katie, we just have to deal with whatever cards we're dealt. thank you so much. and good morning, you guys, ben franklin bridge, what you are look looking at. beautiful shot and still just don't have the beautiful sunshine we were hoping for. westbound direction from
6:47 am
jersey what you are working with, a lot of vehicles out there right now starting to go under the ben franklin bridge. schuylkill, headlight moving in the eastbound direction approaching montgomery take a look at house but i this looks. yep. the time when all of the schuylkill start to become very, very busy particularly the eastbound side. right now and again that's right by montgomery. we have an accident here in soudertown, lied i rode closed between mifflin road. you will have to use alternate around this twp. line road or broad street probably going to be your best bet. again, lied i rode right now closed, and absolutely closed. we have another accident here, old york road at chelten hill drive. one lane is block here. another one lansdowne involving injuries. baltimore avenue at union avenue and another accident mt. ephraim, black horse pike southbound at kings highway. no good. i'm going to start doing the fin err, no, no, no, jim, brooke, over to you. >> atlantic city officials considering a policy that would allow booze on the boardwalk. it would allow people 21 years or olitory walk the boardwalk with one alcoholic drink in a
6:48 am
open classic container. council must approve the ordinance tomorrow night, again another meeting for it to be adopted. >> philly food trucks are so popular these days you now take a college class on how to run one. >> the community college of philadelphia right next-door to "eyewitness news" is offering a workshop in mobile food management. it is a three week program starting tomorrow and wrapping up in june. now, we talk to greg, the operator of the philly green food truck, who recently completed the course. >> there was a lot of in class discussion, a lot of real world problems trying to get this, what type of generators, what type of food equipment, where to go shopping, which places to buy this, that and the other thing. >> greg used to be data base administrator, and get back in the food industry. philly phanatic has a knack for making people smile. >> his encounter one fan has a lot of people toeing this morning, appears the phanatic was so eager, he kicked her
6:49 am
cousin out of her seat. kate how is blind went to the game friday with her family. said the encounter was unexpected and really cool. >> if i could touch him, and he said that was fine. this is his hand. feel that. isn't that cool? >> truthfully the most fun part of the game. >> well the phanatic sat with katie for awhile. they even danced together. good for the phanatic. >> i love that, yes. >> well, now 6:49. a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> nora o'donnell joins because preview. good morning, nora. >> good morning to you, brooke, jim. we will talk with john dickerson whether donald trump's strategy to attack hillary clinton's charge letter work. plus melodion report amazon will start selling it own brand of everything from coffee to diapers. also, we visit team of conservations taking extreme action in south africa to save rhino's from poachers, and
6:50 am
consumer report shows us which sunscreens are not as effective as advertised. the news back in the morning, see in you just about ten minutes. >> thank, nor a we will be watching. we will. all right, gone are the days of flipping a coin or mundane things like that. >> these days things come down to a game of rock paper scissors. our pat gal send not only an expert player, but found a league playing right here in philly. can you believe it? >> i found a league of rock paper scissors. if you have have settle ties to see who rides shotgun, figure out who takes oust the trash or dot dishes, rock papers scissors is a game that goes back thousands of years but we often think of it as a kids game. well, the big kids like to play too. one, two, three, shoot. rock paper scissors is a game most are familiar with. but in center sit a group of entheusiasts take it to the next level. >> i do run, yes, rock paper scissors city league championship series otherwise known as the prbclcs. >> the pbrprpcclcs takes place
6:51 am
at four venues including raven lounge. plenty of characters that come out to each event. >> is that a tatoo of rock papers scissors? >> rock paper scissors tatoo. >> that's fantastic. >> i stumble into a bar one night, and just immediately recognized my calling. >> but it is not a one man show. the turnout has been solid for years. >> this is our 11th season actually in philadelphia. so we have been around for a lot longer than would you think, considering how need the support is. >> after signing in, using the extremely week monday core of rock paper gallen, i was ready to try my hands at it. yes, i faced off against a man in a chicken hat. >> oh! >> oh!
6:52 am
>> technicality? >> that wasn't good enough? >> not your own paper any more. >> oh! >> strategy. >> that was a man in a chicken hat. the overall winner at the end of the season wins $1,000 cash. yes, $1,000 cash for playing rock paper scissors. above all, that is fun event. it really does get serious out there, guys. so it gets so serious, that i need you two to get up. >> okay. >> join me over here, and play this game. >> bring the news on everyone, brooke. >> do we get names? because i want to be big daddy chicken feet. >> you want to put them together? >> two. >> big daddy street buff. >> big daddy chicken feet. >> jim donovan, you all, take takes a no, ma'am, jim donovan
6:53 am
has never played. so much so, that he thought we made this up. >> how is it possible? >> even my mother says i was born a little old man. i never did this. best of three. ready? >> one hand behind the back. >> oh,. >> do like that. >> ready? >> this one goes out. ready? >> all right. >> okay? >> now, ready? go. one, two, three, shoot. >> wait, what's that? >> see that would have been a penalty. >> one, two, three, shoot. >> tie. >> one, two, three, shoot. >> still a tie. >> one, two, three, shoot. >> you win. >> that's it? >> that's t that's all we have time for. >> that's all we have time for. >> jim lost. so sorry. >> we will be right back. three thing you need to know. keep trying. before you go. >> one, two, three, shoot. >> oh, got that. >> no, no,
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
>> before you leave it is three to go. >> philadelphia police officer is recovering from a car crash overnight. the officer was responding to an assault investigation, whether she crashed at 11th and south street. she is expected to be okay. >> the ntsb releases its report today, on last year's deadly amtrak crash, in port richmond. sources say the engineer was distracted by radio transmission. >> in the nba draft lottery is tonight. the sixers have the best odds of winning the number one pick, and that's three to go. >> let's get last check on weather and traffic.
6:58 am
>> yes, and we are going to be tracking some showers through midday specially things still dry out there, cloudy though, feels cool outside. steadiest of any rain you will find off to the south and east, not talking much, maybe quarter of an inch max. there will potentially be a slow p.m. drive because of. >> this even right now storm scan yes, looks active, what you are finding little speckles of green, not even hitting the grounds just yet. little window of time. give it another three hours before the first raindrops start to fall. and then through the midday and early afternoon, early evening, weaver to dodge some of the raindrops specially south of philly. >> all right, thanks, katie. the schuylkill headlights moving in the eastbound direction approaching montgomery really starting to heat up now. i want to pull your attention to accident in souderton, might need to help me out. here we go, liedy road closed between cow path road, you will need to use alternate to get around this, twp. line or broad street your best bet. liedy road right now completely closed. >> who says ville are you is dead? up close look at it last night at the phillies game. >> fourth inning, foul ball,
6:59 am
hit into the stands, ball bound for unsuspecting fan, hero steps in, bear hands the ball and saves the day. it was headed right for his wife but he was having none of that. happily showed off their souvenir, phils weren't happy lost their second night, second in a world last night excuse me, that's okay, though, we will win the next one. >> that's right all right. >> next on cbs this morning, consumer reports investigation of sunscreen, and how some products may not deliver what they promise. >> and remember, to join us early, each weekday morning, as soon as you wake up on cbs-3 starting at 4:30 in the morning. >> i'm doing this rock paper scissors. >> oh, all right. >> one, two, three shoot. >> oh, you win. >> one, two, three, shoot. >> have a night day -- nice day.
7:00 am
good morning. it is tuesday, may 17th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump pledges to launch character attacks against the clintons in a general election showdown. angry travelers face epic dines it at airports across the country. the tsa promises new measures to help speed things up. and a plot twist in hollywood. why the director of "iron man 3" says he was forced to change a female villain to a man. but we begin with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> this is about transforming our lives. >> the democratic candidates square off. >> bernie sanders


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