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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  May 17, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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♪ breaking right not at noon, chopper three showing the intense moments firefighters rescue a contractor trapped when the inside of a home collapsed. the worker was pulled out of the home and rushed to the hospital. thanks for joining us this afternoon i'm brooke thomas. >> i'm jim donovan. let's get right to "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos who's is the scene in west philadelphia at the rescue unfolded. greg. >> reporter: it was pretty incredible rescue jim and brooke. right now i can tell you much calmer scene here on the 108th block of north salford street in
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west philadelphia. all of the focus was on that home right there you can see some of the debris left over from this partial building collapse it happened around 10:20 this morning. i want to show you the video from our air chopper overhead about an hour ago as rescue crews rushed here to the scene to try to rescue this construction worker. now, philadelphia fire tells us this happened around 10:20 there was a demolition team inside of this home when the first floor of this building collapsed into the basement. that construction worker inside was either on the first floor or in the basement. they're not sure right now when that collapse happened and it was an incredible operation that took place to remove that man from this structure. took about 48 minutes we're told by rescuers here on scene. they had to use an air bag system to remove him and fortunately when he was removed he was alert and conscious. we want to take -- let you listen to exactly how the batallion chief described this rescue operation. >> we had some workers inside
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the dwelling two-24 dwelling up the street here north salford. the building was under demolition, and the first floor collapsed and we had a person trapped, and the fire department responded with special operation units and air bag -- air bag operation to release the civilian. he was removed from the dwelling. he's alert and conscious and being transported to presbyterian hospital for val weighing. >> reporter: back here live you can still see we have officials from the fire department, philadelphia police and of course officials from l and i. we looked into the records of this building. this is 108 north salford street once again in west philadelphia. there are at least 10 violations dating back from as far back as 2000 sand eight. we're waiting to hear from l and i officials about the safety of of course this building and the surrounding structures. we're about to hear from officials in just a few minutes here on scene but once again partial building collapse happened around 10:20. incredible operation.
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rescue operation by philadelphia fire and fortunately that construction worker that demolition worker inside the home was removed continues and alert from the scene here in west philadelphia. for now we're live in west philly, i'm greg argos, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks a lot, greg. meanwhile the national transportation safety board releases the probable cause behind last may's deadly amtrak derailment in frankford. >> investigators say several factors led to the crash. they believe engineer brandon bostian was distracted by radio call about a disable septa train that had been hit with an object nearby. investigators also say bostian may have lost track where he was before accelerate flood that dangerous curve. eight people were killed, more than 200 others were hurt. our alexandra hoff is live in center city with more on what these findings could mean for victims and their families. alex. >> reporter: attorneys for these victims feel that these findings simply fell short.
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according to the ntsb the train operator brandon bostian lost his situational awareness or perhaps did at some point which really means he got confused as to where he was causing him to accelerate to a curve. but these attorneys say that they think simply wish the ntsb had doug deeper who medical history even his psychology. >> there is no doubt in our minds that the conduct of brandon bostian on that fateful night was wreck less. the conclusion today by the ntsb that it might have been situational unawareness that it may have been that he lost knowing exactly where he was would not meet the standard of admissibility in a court of law. >> reporter: now amtrak being held responsible as the different case they say knowing human error could cause seven of devastation like this.
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these hearings are going on in washington. we'll have more reaction from here in philadelphia. send it back to you. >> thank you alex. our walt hunter is in washington for the release of the ntsb's report on the amtrak crash. look for his live reports starting at 5:00 right here on it witness news. chopper three right here over a truck fire on i-295 at the exit for the black horse pike in bellmawr, camden county. the fire broke outta about 8:30 this morning and fire crews had their hands full. there were no injuries luckily and the road is now open. philadelphia police officer is recovering from injuries suffered when her cruiser collided with a truck in south philly. our jan carrabeo shows russ the officer was headed when the crash happened. >> reporter: the result of a powerful crash at 11th and south streets tuesday morning. a bread truck smashed and a philadelphia police cruiser totaled. >> this just appears to be an intersection accident. >> reporter: just before 2:00 a.m., investigators say a 45-year-old officer was behind the wheel and trying to get to
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the scene of an assault just blocks away at third and south. police say a man there had gotten into a fight with two people. one was punched in the face hadn't to go to the hospital. the responding officer was on her way to help fellow officers catch the suspect when the crash happened. >> she was en route to foot pursuit just about seven blocks away from 11th and south. she did have her lights and sirens activated when she went through the intersection of 11th and south. our real time crime cameras are located at the intersection of 11th and south we're being told that the real time crime cameras did record this entire accident. >> reporter: the assault suspect was caught and investigators remained at both scenes collecting evidence. this certainly was a bad looking crash. fortunately there were no serious injuries. that truck driver refused treatment on the scene and the police officer was taken to the hospital in stable condition. >> she's walking, talking, she's conscious. she's going to be okay. >> reporter: the accident investigation division is now reviewing the crash n south philly jan carrabeo cbs3
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"eyewitness news". thanks lot jan if you're headed out today, crash your umbrella. >> meteorologist katie fehlinger tracking rain from the cbs3 weather center. katie, more -- say it isn't so. >> more out there. one-day event we'll quiet down for a couple of days. >> oh. >> i know. i know. isn't that awesome. yeah, we'll actually looking ahead here guys to really nice trade off. eventually. it's not happening today. we've got that wet weather out there. started off with gray skies. there's still with us even if you're not seeing rain actually falling from the sky right now, let's take you out first and for most here to a view of the radar storm scan it's action packed at this point. released earlier this morning we didn't have much to really track at least not locally. but now you're seeing that rain overspread the area. it's falling relatively lightly but because it is somewhat of a widespread swath, it's going slow you down out there. taking a look at the area temperatures. well, where you don't have the rain it's milder right now. that really is just across the eastern edge of our region so in trenton mid 60s. low mid 60s along the shore
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towns. but even there you're starting to see leading edge of that rain get in there. around the region as a whole today, the best we can hope for is mid 60s generally speaking. with the showers, with the clouds, that's a far cry from seasonal because of all of that wet weather moving through. but with that said by later tonight and especially tomorrow this is all winding down and getting out of here. it will end up with much more decent weather down the road. we'll have much more detail on that for you a bit later in the show. jim, back to you for now. >> we could learn later today of a driver will face charges in crash that killed a construction worker on i-95 in wilmington. chopper three over the area last night. i-95 at the brandywine river bridge. two lanes were closed for the investigation. a 36-year-old construction worker who was placing signs and barrels at the site was hit by a mini van. he died later at christiana hospital. the driver was not injured and stayed at the scene. the federal corruption trial of long-time pennsylvania copping man chaka fattah resumes in center city.
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the 11 term democrat accused of of accepting bribes and misusing campaign funds in federal gran grants. four associates are on trial with fattah. would two other political consultants pleaded guilty in the case. the trial is expected to last six to eight weeks. >> in other news federal appeals court has delayed the release of a list of unindicindictindictedo conspirators. she is civil rights will be violator. two former allies of governor christie face trial this fall. for allegedly orchestrating the closures if 2013. the closures were allegedly in retaliation for a mayor refusing to endorse governor chris christie. christie insists that he had nothing to do with it and was never charged. there's another hearing june 6th. turning to campaign 2016, it's primary day for democratic voters in kentucky and oregon. bernie sanders is hoping to beat hillary clinton in both states where 134 total delegates are up for grabs.
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to put it in perspective clinton needs 144 more to clinch the democratic nomination. now on the republican side, of course, presumptive gop nominee donald trump running untested in today's oregon primary. senate lawmakers are expected to vote today on billion dollar package to combat the zika virus. in the meantime, the centers for disease control is looking for your help tracking the spread of zika. the cdc launched the invasive mosquito project online map featuring data collected from local students and science teachers. they hope this will pinpoint hot spots to help researchers stop the disease's spread. >> well, tonight is the night sixers fans have been waiting for. we'll preview the draft lottery coming up next. um-hmm. and it looks like fun until the police had to come to the resc rescue. lifeguards, a prank gone horribly wrong. we'll show you when we come back. ♪
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>> back on "eyewitness news", a prank at a san diego beach quickly backfires on group of friends. one of them got stuck in a 6-foot deep hole that they've dug in the sands after the tide filled it with water. lifeguards had to break out shovels to rescue the man, and get this, the group actually used surf boards to try and keep the ocean back while the lifeguards worked. fortunately, no one was hurt. and this: the shark
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attack everyone is talking about and the victim of this bizarre incident in florida is actually from our area. >> that's 23 year old shealynn of exton, smiling with the shark still attached to her arm. she was swimming in boca raton when the small nurse shark bit her arm, wouldn't let go, even after it died. experts wonder if the shark was provoked since nurse sharks are usually docile and rarely attack. >> well, atlantic city officials are considering a policy that would allow booze on the boardwalk it, would allow people 21 year or older to walk the boardwalk with one alcoholic drink in a open plastic container, council must approved the ordinance tomorrow night, again at another meeting for it to be adopted so stay tuned. >> well, tonight could be the night to remember as the start of a sixers dynasty, the home team could finds up with as many as four picks, in the first round of the nba draft. coach brett brown was close to -- paying close attention to the pre-draft work out yesterday. he'll represent the sixers tonight when teams learn their
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positions in the june draft. the six hers the league's worse record last season and have a 25% chance of getting the very first pick. the sixers have four of the first 26 picks. a dramatic catch in last night's phillies game, wasn't even on the field. check this out. fan saved his wife with a bear handed catch. it was headed right for her. but pressure on, sign that guy up for the phillies. and here is the happy couple after the great catch showing off their receive near, they've quite a story to go with it, the phillies weren't quite as happy, though, they lost their second game in a row. they play the marlins in south philly again tonight. >> well, if you like to tweet pictures, we'll have some news that you love to hear. >> that's coming up. plus milestone up in space today. we'll show you what it took the international space station 17 years to do. katy? >> look forward to. that will well it, will only take one day for us to track this rain through the area. we are expecting, how much, nice little trade off down the
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road here, finally, couple of nice days, right in a row. i'll tell when you to expect
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>> it's maine, right? it looks more like winter wonder lands instead of spring. residents spent the morning scraping snow off cars and shoveling sidewalks, the storm dumped more than, get this, more than 7 inches of snow. and it was winnie around here yesterday, but, we could do without this. a worker at the mount washington observe tore any new hampshire went outside yesterday to experience the wicked winds first-hand, what 109-mile per hour winds can do. mount washington the highest peak in the northeast, and get some really wacky wetter.
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>> not acknowledging either of those stories. katie, what's happening? when is the sun going to shine? >> crazy, right? yes, you can get some wild things happen at the strange he is times of year. mother nature sometimes needs cup of coffee or something. i don't know what it is but yes, been throwing us a loft curve balls, a lot of gray skies here, i promise you some sunshine though, i promise. >> why is she looking at me had she stays. >> because i know you, looking for the nice weather, on the way, i promise not today. but yes, we have wet weather out there right now, some rain to dodge, gray skies, not the prettiest tuesday we've ever seen obviously, but there are some nicer payoffs down the road for us here, let's go on outside i want to take you on baby tour. start off with live look at "skycam 3" from high atop hotel bethlehem, overlooking moravian campus, really pretty shot. but obviously not the brightest shot, lots every gray skies currently out there, and it is a little damp. certainly see wet weather has rolled through the area, very, very light showersment going next to one of the pocono cameras, up at blue mountain,
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and off in the distance no visibility problems certainly, but yes, won't find any snow? our mountain terrain, just looking at rainfall, even that , not causing much after nuisance. in margate, obviously, the brown or the darker brown indicating rain coming through. moving west to east from the central planes, through the mid-atlantic. where just close enough ending getting clipped from t where the clouds and rain come from, just that, light rain, through the rest of the day. falling now, and likely to justin for the rest of the midday, maybe mess with your p.m. drive. specially to the southern tear of our area. now it, has been really gross month of may, only actually had four dry days thus far,
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reported at philadelphia international airport. actually at this point seeing 8.24 inches of rain since the first of may, probably tack bit more onto that now that we have the disturbance moving through. >> this will be a disturbance that pushes out to sea thankfully by tomorrow. clots get a chance to break for some sun. rebounds couple of degrees. here is the good stuff. high pressure will take its place, we ends one more sunshine on thursday, temperatures get the chance to rebounds really nice day coming up. we will do it one better here on friday. 70s once more, full sunshine, great way to wrap up the work week. problem is it doesn't last for very long. you will see that in the seven day. quick check on the health report. another really great thing about having this casino of dreary weather is that the air quality is really good, pollen levels remain pretty low. uv index not all that high obviously when you don't have a lot of sunshine, sun block doesn't become as much of a dire requirement. as we look forward here great
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excuse to get outside by the weekends, though looks like downhill, another storm system waiting in the wings, at this point chance, but pretty good chance, that we get doused on saturday. maybe some thunderstorms out there, too. so we have to keep an eye on that. >> thanks, katie. hey, this is pretty cool. nasa announced today the international space station now orbited the earth 100,000 times. 2.6 billion miles, or whatever way you want to look at it, another fun fact, did you know astronaunts inside get sunrise or sunset every 45 minutes? >> lucky for them. twitter could be changing again. stop groaning, you will like this change, if you like to tweet pictures may soon have about 25 more charge tears work with. bloomberg reports twitter will stop counting photos as part of it 140 character limit. >> so, soon, you will be able to twit pick your heart out as long as your messages isn't more than 140 characters
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because they're not making too many changes. >> no. >> hey, you know, change is good. >> change is good. coming up: farewell to tv favorite. trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to save you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. >> font season finale will mark the ends after era. >> bidding the team farewell. >> i can't stay here. >> we know that. >> now, you know weatherly special agent tony did inozo,
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number one drama on television, leaving after 13 seasons, i had a chance to talk with him, and he told us the secret to the success of ncis. >> i think the family dynamic of the show, and also leg workplace show, and our work family is we spend more times than our real family, and it resonate with an audience. >> i don't want to spoil anything here, but weatherly hint add charge letter die in tonight's season finale, do you have watch to find out. >> oh, snap. catch michael weatherly's farewell on ncis tonight at 8:00 right here on cbs-3, i know awed loft fun interviewing him. >> great guy, looking forward to the show tonight. that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. katie all of us here, thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness"eyewitness news"s at 5:00 always on line at the young and the restless is next.
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