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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  May 18, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EDT

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♪ right now at 11:00, a huge win for the philadelphia 76ers. they will get the number one pick in the upcoming nba draft wait until you see how the fans in south philly reactioned to the news. it's a construction zone stretching more than 7 miles. the work on enter state 95 makes for a slow and sometimes agonizing commute. so when will the project be complete? good question. nicole brewer gets the answer.
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and sticker shock for homeowners. some could see their property taxes soar by as much as $25,000. what's causing the increase and who has to pay? those stories and more are straight ahead but we begin with a new wave of conduction lawsuits this time against college football. good evening everyone i'm jessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington. former penn state players among those taking legal action. it's new at 11:00 even witness news reporter trang do is in satellite center with details of the lawsuit. trang. >> ukee these lawsuits could eventually include dozens of schools and tens of thousands of college football players. in january, federal judge ruled in related head injury settlement against the inform caa formers players could pursue perm injury claims as part of a class action lawsuit. that ruling opened the doors to the suits filed today. >> this is a serious epidemic. these individuals need real help and they need real compensation and they need it now. >> reporter: chicago law firm
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he had den sol pc filed six suits in feather recall court on behalf of he can college football players. their schools, the athletic conferences and ncaa hit the dangers and risks of playing football and didn't do enough to protect students. >> beyond that, not that they just didn't take care of them, they frankly cut them loose abandoned them. and that is something that, um shocks not be taken lightly. >> reporter: penn state and the big 10 are named as defendants in one of the lawsuits. the plaintiffs are three former players but if allowed to proceed as class act the suit could include decades of penn state football players from 1952 through 2010. 2010 when the ncaa required schools to implement concussion related safety measures. >> these are not former nfl athletes who have been paid handsomely for their skills. these are still kids in my view who are just trying to get through life and we're just trying to get an education. >> hhe had dell son pc says
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despite playing years ago these former athletes are still dealing with debilitating side effects from their college play including memory loss, dementia, depression and a host of long-term brain injuries. many of these people are not able to function in society. and they're not able to work. they're not able to take care of their families. and they need to be able to. >> reporter: the defendants now have the chance to respond and try to get the lawsuits dismissed. we did reach out to penn state for a comment. spokesman tells us quote we have not yet reviewed the complaint and thus do not have comment at this time. we also reach out to the big 10 and the inform caa and have not yet heard back. live in the sat sent i'm trang do, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> trang, keep us updated. thank you. well the sixers have hit the jackpot they will have the number one overall pick in members months's nba draft. >> don bell is here with reaction to this big night in philly sports i love the reaction from the fans on this. >> it's absolutely nuts. ukee, you globe are you okay.
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>> i'm being cool around the whole thing. >> palms are sweaty all night. we were going crazy over this, man much eighths huge night for the 76ers. 20 years ago the sixers had the number one pick. they drafted allen iverson cultural icon, hall of famer arc winner. tonight, they had a 26% chance of winning the top spot. >> number one pick in the 2016nba draft goes to the philadelphia 76ers. >> yeah, and finally something goes right for brett brown and the sixers. a team finished with a second worst record in the history of the nba. maybe, just maybe, it was worth it. meanwhile the reaction at a x fin if the life in south philly. (cheers and applause)
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>> they haven't had an all star since 2013. hopefully that will change with the number one pick as fans offer this opinion. >> it took a process for two years and it finally happened. no more tanking. last few years we haven't gotten it finally this is our year. we'll take it and take the advantage and get the best player in the draft and we'll finally come one of the best teams nba. >> there's always one creepy dude over the guy's shoulder. >> always happens that way. >> much more on the draft lottery ahead in sports. we're in manhattan tonight we'll hear from head coach brett brown and gm brian coangelo. >> in sports sam bradford fina finally talks in eagles camp. >> stick around for sports. >> primary night in campaign 2016 polls just closed in oregon and the race is too close to call in the democratic presidential contest in
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kentucky. here's where the numbers stand right now. hillary clinton has razor thin lead over bernie sanders. 47 to frick%. 99% of the vote is counseled. donald trump won the ken can't caucus back in march. sanders and trump are expected to win oregon. tonight we finally know the official cause of last may's deadly amtrak derailment in frankford. ntsb officially releasing its findings. they concluded train engineer brandon bostian was distracted just before the crash by messages on his train radio from a septa engineer whose train had just been pelted with rocks on an adjoining track. the board concluded bostian lost track of where he was and accelerated to 106 miles an hour, not realizing he was headed into the curve where the speed limit was just 50 miles per hour. temple university professor was on bore the train in night and watched today as the board announce its findings. >> am i mad? part of me is mad
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at amtrak. part of me is resigned that there's something that happened and i have to endure and survive and move on. >> lawyers for some of the victims are unsatisfied with the ntsb's report. they say distraction isn't good enough explanation. >> we're looking for a real concrete answer for the people who we represent, the families who lost loved ones, the people who were so horribly hurt and who have had their lives destroyed forever. >> the attorneys as well as the ntsb both faulted amtrak for failure to install positive train control. that's a safety device the ntsb says would have automati automay stopped the speeding train. it was in place and working on the track as couple hundred feet away in the opposite direct. priests and leaders of philadelphia's catholic church met today to discuss proposal
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law that some fear could bankrupt the archdiocese. dozens of priests met with archbishop charles chaput at saint helena in blue bell. we're told they talk about house bill 1947. the bill would extent the statute of limitations for child sex abuse cases. sources in the church claim changes to the statute would be drastic enough to financially crush the archdiocese. critics told us the meeting sets a bad tone. >> i don't think they've gotten the message. i mean, they real haven't. this would be over if they grabbed the bull by the horns so to speak early on. >> spokesman for archbishop chaput would not comment except to say meeting look this are routine. twin brothers from chester county are accused of blowing up several small buildings. investigators say daniel and caleb tate used improvised explosive devices to cause that destruction while home from college last december. we're told the blasts damaged amish phone shed, a produce shed
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and a well pump in that chester and lancaster counties. no one was injured. the 22-year-olds are charged with arson and other crimes. rescue crews freed a man trapped in a west philadelphia home partially collapsed. "eyewitness news" on north salford street. special operations units remove the trapped miniated about an hour. licenses and inspections say the home has multiple violations. and contractors were there to make repairs to the structure, when the floor gave way and fell on to the victim. no word on the victim's condition tonight. talk about sticker shock. imagine opening your tax bill and seeing an increase of 10, 15 and in some cases $25,000. it will happen to some philadelphia residents friday is deadline to appeal. david spun has more on who has to pay and why. >> walked into this house and i loved it i fell in love with it. it was my house. >> reporter: between queen village resident would never think about living her home.
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she call it a hidden gem when she moved in 23 years ago. >> half the houses on this block are boarded up this really was not a desirable neighborhood. >> reporter: schiller recently got this letter in the mail informing her that her abatement will be reduced and she'll pay a few hundred dollars more in property taxes next year. three years ago, the city went through an assessed property to bring it to full mark value. schiller's tacks went up. she renovated her home and received an abatement. >> they reduced the am of my abatement which i think is wro wrong. last year the renovation ice did to my house were worth approximately $70,000. they're still worth approximately $70,000 this year. >> reporter: because the city just recently brought properties to market rates, some people are seeing higher property taxes. but not all residents. >> in 85% of the residential parcels that we sent out notices on, folks won't see any change in their taxable assess many which means no change in their tax bill. >> reporter: we went through the list.
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it's the remaining 15% that includes changes. from the highest at just under $26,000 to the lowest at 1 dollar. many people are appealing. >> we expecting a lot more to come in. because that's the folks that frankly we want to who are from. >> reporter: city controller alan butkovitz is causing the assessments problematic. >> mayor kenney is sincerely trying to get it straightened out. >> reporter: he points to problems with the former administration. >> my complaint was that there was a rush to do a citywide assessment that they were not in a positioned to correctly and it was going to nass seive sticker shock. >> reporter: and people are feeling sticker shock and they have legitimate case contact the city's office of property assessment. the deadline ukee as you mentioned is this friday may 20th at that point we're told officials inside that office are next going to look at commercial properties. david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you david.
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road construction has to be done but it can also make our already crowded commutes even slower. >> and there's one project in particular that causes traffic jams and headaches on daily basis. so how long until the construction on i-95 is finish finished? good question. nicole brewer tells us how many years you'll have to wait. >> also, big changes could be coming to the atlantic city boardwalk this summer. what tourists may soon be allowed totter. kate? >> and we've got another round of showers headed our way. overnight no tomorrow morning. even as the first round of rain has moved on out. but temperatures are on their way up and i've got at least one beautiful spring day the day we've all been waiting for coming up in the seven day forecast. >> and i sit down with 60 minutes journalist lesley stall. why she was in town and what she told me is one of her greatest joyce in live.
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>> lance officials are considering a policy that would
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allow alcohol on the boardwalk. it would allow people 21 years of age or older to walk the border walk with one alcoholic drink in an open plastic container. council must approve the ordinance tomorrow night and again at another meeting for it to be officially adopted. tim mcgraw will perform on the beach in wildwood on the fourth of july. will take place between morey's peer, mariner's landing and adventure peer. general admission tickets are set to go on pre sale tomorrow. with summer right around the corner you're sure so to see more road construction popping up but there's one stretch of highway that seems to always be a work zone does we're talking upstate 95 both directions between center city and the northeast. is the construction there he have going to end? >> question nicole brewer is here with more on the timeline. this is something i've heard many people ask before. >> ask, explain about et cetera ukee and jess. a lot of folks are sick of seeing the orange cones and
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everything that comes with it. but it was michelle d who wrote in to ask when will the i-95 construction between vine street and cottman of a finally be completed? it's a good question, michelle. i'm just not sure you'll like the answer. ♪ >> lanes of 95 are in a construction zone. >> you drive on 95. what's the experience like. >> bad. >> the construction and the traffic. >> in the morning you might as well forget it. >> if you drive i95 you're used to see construction on the 7.5-mile stretch between the vine street expressway and cottman avenue. >> like sitting in parking lot. >> bumper to bumper. >> keeps going on and on. >> will the truck construction ever be completed? >> take another two, three years. >> a year. >> at least another thirty four. >> had will the construction be complete. >> 2030 is our projected time for all work to be done. >> 14 years from now. >> they got to make it rye. >> get bleep out of her i don't want to be driving in that for 2013. >> gene blaum says several
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factors impact the timeline for obtaining funding for each section to keeping the highway open under construction. these roads accommodate 189,000 vehicles on any given day and has been since the '60's. >> i-95 is is being rebuilt because that's poor conditions. we have bridges along the section of the who way. enter change that is don't function well. >> progress is being made on the girard avenue interchange two of nine projects are complete with another four planned from a inform n street to frankford creek. bridge street ramps and betsy ross interchange the first of 11 projects are underway. and on the cottman princeton enter change we're halfway that with mainline work wrapping up at the end of this year. >> i-95 through the cottman of a will be considerably smoother. >> the in end blaum says you'll have new highways, news bridges, better he interchanges and street level improvements. how much will all this cost? >> millions. >> 25 million. >> 40 million. >> 2.5 billion. >> billion yeah. >> i believe it. >> will it be worth it. >> absolutely yes.
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>> i don't know about the 2030, though. that's long time. >> yes, it. now so far $790 million have been spent as part of the 21 year construction project which brings me to another good question this one from mark in our control room a while back he jokingly asked what would take longer to complete, the panama canal or construction on i-95? turns out our stretch of the interstate will take twice as long to construct as the world's largest manmade water way. >> are you serious. >> twice as long. perspective for you. >> that is perspective. >> penndot has lot to contend with. >> sure. >> in terms of logistics and keeping this stretch of highway open while doing all the work. >> patience. >> 2030. >> thanks nicole. what's your good question? log on to question or tweet us using the hash tag cbs3 good question. nicole will be here every night with the answer on cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. she is one of the best known
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journalists at 60 minutes for 25 seasons lesley stahl has taken us around the world with stories that inspire and intrigue. >> ton night she was in philadelphia to talk about her newest project. "eyewitness news" at the free library of philadelphia branch on vine street. where she took part in discussion of her new book "backing grandma" i had the honor of up tow diving her tonight. before that i sat down with the legendary journalist to talk about to talk -- to talk about the joy of being a grand parent. >> it's an unfeather the unconditional loving. i wanted to find what it was. i went to biochemist and studied the circuitry of the brain when you hold your grandchild and the hormones. >> as she alluded become grandma looks at the science behind grand parent's love and explores the world of modern grandmas and grand pass by the way the book is currently on the new york
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best seller list. >> you told me you enjoyed it. >> it's really interesting the science behind it and she has wonderful personal stories in there as well. >> kate bilo joins us with our forecast. >> another gray, rainy, miserable day and we've got another chilly cloudy day on the way for tomorrow. but i do have some better news as we head through the end of the week. let's take a look how today is shaping up this evening looking a little cloudy out there but the rain has moved on out from enter city. we had some rain through the midday hours then it kind of rebuilt during the evening. and it was just another gray chilly day. once the rain came in temperatures dropped quickly into the 50's and that's where we stayed. take look at the time lapse you can see what today looked like again another gray day with periods of rain on and off this is a time lapse from the global leadership academy here in the city. sun goes down and still a few clouds. the clouds are clearing out. 51 degrees there at the moment. storm scan3 shows we're in between two waves of low pressure. the first one that brought us the rain today now pushing off the coast.
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another one, though, is starting to push in from the west and that's right here. you can see some showers over portions of ohio, back nooned up and kentucky this going to be moving eastward as we head through the overnight hours and we could experience a few showers from this tomorrow morning. it doesn't look like it will stay quite as robust as it is right now. but tomorrow does not look like a sunny day. with that said we are making progress as we head toward the end of the week. temperatures right now in the meantime still chilly, 53 in philadelphia. 53 in allentown. it's 52 in reading. it's 46 in mount pocono. and it's been a very chilly may thus far. let's compare it with last may, shall we? i don't know if you remember but last may we had 20 days in the 80s we even had a 90-degree day and only one day in the 50s. one day in the 66 this may completely different. 13 of the 17 days have been below average. zero days in the 80s. and we've had six days with highs only in the 50s we should be in the 60s and 70s certainly by now. 70s where we should be. it doesn't look like we'll get
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there tomorrow either the clouds will be in place all day long. a couple of showers here and there. maybe a little clearing through the late afternoon and evening hours. thursday looks a whole lot better sun tries to peek out a couple of sprinkles cannot be ruled out. i don't think most of usie anything thursday. i think it's really nice day but friday is even better. sunshine with high pressure 84 head this system the next one to watch will head off the coast on saturday. big trough in the jet stream moves in the system moves off the coast it will throw moisture back in on saturday. it's a blocking pattern so this system not going anywhere for while. the worst of it is saturday with periods of rain and below average temperatures. overnight cloudy and cool with a few showers at 50 degrees. tomorrow again cloudy, cool, a shower possible. especially early. 63. thursday looks better, clouds and sun at 72. friday is the day we have been waiting for. 76 and sunny. there's any chance you can get out enjoy that day, i'd recommend it because saturday the rain comes right back in. >> here it comes. thank you kate.
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>> don bell back with more exciting news. >> it's so good. i think i have the best job tonight for sure. for the first time in long time, the sixers have a topic in the nba draft morey act coming your way and who is to blame for sam bradford's
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♪ thank you hinkie as in sam hinkie the former general manager of the sixers. that by the way sound sound of pure joy. welcome back. fans at x fin light live in south philadelphia celebrating the best news the sixers have had in years as we recap one of our top stories. team won the nba draft lottery tonight. and so for the first time since 1996, sixers will select first in the nba draft. head coach brett brown told me yesterday that the hardest part
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over the last three years you guessed it, the constant losing. but tonight, the organization is a winner. >> i think it gives us injection that we need. we're all excited around our program to gip with. we've got new additions as everybody knows. >> what great night for the city of philadelphia, the franchise, you know you got to be really happy for everybody that endured so much during a very difficult long period. >> the last three years were brutally hard, but, you know, we're just -- it's been our plan. we're sticking with our plan and moving for. >> all right. good stuff. on to base balance the phil he's hosting the marlins. game two of their three game series. we go to south philadelphia picket up in the bottom of the second. no score. it's tommy joseph called up over the weekend. first career homerun. welcome to the biggs bro. sixth inning joseph again. this time ropes it to the outfield. marcel, misplays goes all the way back to the ball. hernandez will score.
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the phillies go up two to nothing and how about vince velasquez on the bump he's been ridiculous this year, five innings, three hits, no runs, punched out 10. the fills escaped ninth inning jam and win it three-one. meanwhile sammy b speaks in south philly. sam bradford answers questions today for the first time since demanding a trade. here are the cliff notes. brad for says, he'll offer guidance to carson wentz. he was frustrated by the eagles trading for the second pick and finally the quarterback says, it was his agent's idea to demand a trade. >> tom condon has been my agent for my and tire career. he's the guy i really trust, you know, at the time when we were going through this process, he felt like that was the best option for me, and, you know, given that i trust him and know that he has my best interests at heart, i'm always going to follow his advice. >> interesting. >> all right. keep an eye on it bro.
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>> okay. >> thanks, don. >> graduation day i
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answering the call in south jersey. >> 50 graduating high school seniors who are going directly into the military after graduation were honored in voorhees tonight. "eyewitness news" at a special dinner organized by our community salutes. under secretary of the army patrick murphy was the keynote speaker and administered the oath of office to the students. new jersey lieutenant governor kim guadano was also there. we'll be right back. ♪
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our morning show is back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7am with special guest sixers ceo scott o'neill. for kate, don everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jess can dean late show with steven colbert is next with anthony anderson and cold play. >> thanks for watching. good night, family, and sleep well. ♪ >> announcer: the following is a paid advertisement for armando montelongo live events. you are about to meet a man that can change your future now. he is america's top real-estate investing expert, he has been featured on the number-one real-estate hit reality show "flip this house," and is a best-selling author. i


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