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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  May 18, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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happening right now the search for a suspect who shot an overbrook man, through his front door. we're live with how police say he tried to lure the victim outside. and forget power ball the sixers hit the lottery's big time last night and fans are excited about it. we will find out what coach brett brownies saying about their number one pick. and too close to call hillary clinton and bernie sanders finished neck and neck in the kentucky primary but one has already claimed victory. today is wednesday, may 18th good morning it is hump day i'm jim donovan. i'm brooke thomas. two more wake ups, is that right. >> yes.
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every morning we sit here with traffic ape katie with your forecast. good morning. >> good morning. road are looking good so far. just a lot of construction but you are used to me saying that. hopefully it gets cleared out quickly. >> things are quiet in terms of weather but we have a couple showers in the radar. this disturbance is still trying to pull a way. very far western suburbs is where you'll find any hint of wet weather right now but even when i came in the building this morning in our center city headquarters i ended up with a quick little, light rain out there but really was fast moving. so, as i said, don't be shocked if you do need to flick windshield wiper once or twice but generally speaking we are looking at morning showers, more included then anything for rest of the the day it is still cool out there since we are going to have benefit of sunshine to warm things up but we're still off to a relatively seasonable start here lower 50's around the board, little will cooler depending where you are, you see at ac airport 47 degrees
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and in the lower 50's up and down the new jersey shore and rehoboth or delaware beaches down in rehoboth we're in the 50's. looking forward for the forecast, you will in the see too much movement, other than a lingering shower this morning. we are generally looking at cloud, that will limit the warmth, but we still eke out about 60 degrees or so in most locations throughout the day-to-day. meisha, over to you. >> i had rain on my windshield as well this morning katie. good morning, everybody. we are talking construction. ninety-five north at vine, you can see that left line is still compromised. that just switched on me there, vine is also closed moving in the west and eastbound direction. make note of. that you can see looking very quiet here on the vine. also more construction on 422 westbound the on ramp to route 23, that left lane is block, and the right lane leading up to where that is on 422, it is also blocked. and then take a look at this vine street expressway eastbound ramps i-95 southbound was closed
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overnight. that ramp has reopened. make note of that. also, just make note as well always check those schedules on line for mass transit, route 101 trolley that it is shuttle buses and it is shuttle busing between orange street and providence road and it will be going on through june 17th. a lot of updates. check your schedules on line, jim, over to you. welshing teenager is shot on his front porch in philadelphia's overbrook section but it is way police say he was lured out of his house that also has the fire marshall investigating. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live at southwest detectives to sort out what happened. >> reporter: jim and brooke, good morning. police are investigating a strange course of events that unfolded in overbrook early this morning, police believe that the suspect in this case lit his rick tim's porch on fire to lure him on fire and that is when the suspect opened fire. this all unfolding on the 5600 block of lebanon avenue in
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overbrook just after midnight. police say a 19 year-old suspect through a incendiary device on the victim's important respect and that lit a plastic chair on fire. as the nine year-old victim came outside the the suspect confronted him with the gun. police say the victim tried to get back inside to safety and closed the front door but the gunman instead shoots through that door and hits the victims three times in the chest and stomach. the teenage victim was taken to presbyterian happies and is now in critical condition. police and fire marshall are investigating since an accelerant was found at the scene. >> fire marshall, subsequently came out to the scene and determined that there was some sort of an incendiary device thrown on the front porch that caused, this plastic chair to catch on fire. it appears there was some sort of glass container that did have some sort of a a accelerant of some type, possibly gasoline, or another
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flammable liquid. >> now police say that the suspect is known to police, they believe they have his name and last known location, and that he lives there, they are checking the neighborhood out this morning. they believe he lives near that shooting and arson scene. meantime here at southwest detectives there were a number of witnesses inside and they are being questioned by police. of course, jim and brooke, anyone with any information is asked to call police. we are reporting live from southwest detectives, jan car bay other for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks for that report, yan january. philadelphia's new fire commissioner rushed to the scene of the house fire in hunting park that left a woman injured. it happened on the 3600 block of mar rine street last night. the victim, in her 20's, was rushed to temple hospital where she's improved to stable condition. now commissioner thiel says that first responders did an outstanding job. >> we're going to chalk this one up as a save for the philadelphia fire department. this was a a very fast, aggressive, outstanding fire fighting effort. it does look like a number of
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these members will be recommended for heroism award and right thely show. >> fire marshall is still investigating the cause of that fire. former penn state players air machining those taking legal action in a new wave of concussion lawsuits. chicago law firm eaglesson p.c. filed six suits in federal courts a cross the country on behalf of ex-college football players. they say their schools, athletic conferences and ncaa knowingly hid dangers and risk of playing football and did not do enough to protect students. penn state and the big ten are named as defendants, in one of these lawsuits. >> many of these people are not able to function in society and they are not able to work, they are not able to take care of their families, and they need to be able to. >> reporter: if a loud to proceed as a class action a suit could include decade of penn state fat ball players from 1952 through 2010. 2010 is when ncaa required schools to implement concussion related safety
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measures. a penn state spokesperson says they did not have a chance to review the complaint and did not have a comment, at this time. also, there was no response, from the big ten, nor the ncaa. officials in atlantic city, vote tonight on a ordinance to allow alcohol on their boardwalk. if passed, the law would allow anyone, 21 and older, to walk the board with an open container of alcohol. now here's the thing, the alcohol has to be bought from a licensed beverage business adjacent to the boardwalk and would have to display the name or logo of that business. well, it looks like it could be a split decision in campaign 2016, hillary clinton and bernie sanders finished in a dead heat in the kentucky primary although clinton tweeted that she's claiming victory. the sanders won oregon but clinton is within striking distance of enough delegates to clinch the democratic nomination. the next caucus are in the virgin island on june 4th and puerto rico on june 5th with
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the combined total of 67 delegates at stake. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is meeting private thely with conservative lead's mid claims that the social networking cities biased. the web site reported that facebook workers often left out conservative stories even if they were trending. zuckerberg denies that and says he hopes to have a direct conversation about what the site stand for. well, as senate approved billions of dollars in the fight begins the zika virus scientistness texas claim an important milestone in their work. researchers at the university of texas say they have successfully cloned zika, this will allow them to study the virus and develop a vaccine. the house will debate a 622 million-dollar anti zika a measure as well today. the sixers have won the lottery. they hit the jackpot last night in new york city. >> the number within pick in the 2016 nba draftings to the philadelphia a 76ers. >> yeah. >> look at that hard handshake
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there. >> that is coach brett brown accepting congratulations as inningsers land first pick in the draft for the first time since they took ai back in 1996. the sixers had the worst record in the nba last season this almost makes up for all of the losing. >> we have to trust the process for three years and then it finally happens. >> this is our year. we will take advantage of it. we will get best player in the draft and finally become one of the best teams in the nba. >> coach brett brown says it has been hard lose forgo three years straight but now the sixers have the topic and they are feeling good. >> i feel like this does, validate a little bit of some of the pain we have gone through. >> the draft is june 23rd, there are two players at the top of everybody's list, lsu ben simmons and duke's brandon ingram.
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innings isers ceo joins our pat gallen this morning at 6:00 to talk about the sixers plan for that top draft pick. >> good stuff. >> yes. >> still ahead this morning fire breaks out beneath an elevated train line. we will tell you where thousands of people have been left stranded. also ahead an unusual rescue, a home owner says it wasn't smoke detectors that alerted him to this fire. also this. >> back and forth like that. >> a creative battle between two business that is has got everybody looking up, we will explain, when we come right back, stay with us.
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services resumed on new york's metro new york railroad after a massive fire underneath elevated train tracks. it happened in east harlem. workers spent the overnight hours checking structure and making emergency repairs. thousands of commuters were essentially stranded in grand central station. one fire fighter suffered minor injuries battling the blaze, in one else was hurt, ten train cars are damage. a home owner in maine
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credits his rescue dog with rescuing him. >> john was eating dinner when his pit bull abby start barking at their back door. at first they didn't pay much attention but eventually they got up to see what she was barking about and that is when he saw black smoke pouring from his home. >> i think maybe she's just barking at something in the backyard, a noise from something and i was annoyed at first. i better pay attention because she's going frantic here. >> reporter: fire burned so hot it melted siding on another neighboring home. lucky, and thankfully to that dog, nobody was hurt but the home is destroyed. so far there is no word on a cause of the fire. time right now is 4:43. meisha is watching the roads this morning. >> i am indeed, good morning everybody. the just a lot have construction. a lot of it has in the clear. it will cause slow downs moving in the 5:00 o'clock hour, before it gets moved out of the way. >> and the the weather. >> yes. >> i will take it. we are looking here, at somewhat cloudy day out there.
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also a shower here and there but that is primarily through the morning and generally we are looking at included for the rest of the day. lets go outside and take you to the radar and see what is up. we have not too much locally. further inland we have showers to track through the far western suburbs. we are talking heading westbound on 81 or 76, you may run into a shower here and there throughout lancaster county or berks county but that is on the cusp of the western most edge but this disturbance from yesterday is trying to pull away. still lingering moisture that is on its heels. so watching for that shower perhaps through the morning, otherwise just a lot of clouds and then we will see high pressure regain control here. let me walk you through future weather. our future weather model isn't picking up on much but you will net is a lot of clouds still lingering go through this morning, don't be shock if you see a couple rain drops even though future model is not picking up on that but that is primarily this morning and through the rest of the afternoon we will see some sun before it officially drops
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over the horizon, and then we will end up with high pressure that regains control. the here's how it pans out, guys, because of the clouds it does stay on the cool side. sixty-five the at best for your high. later tonight we will drop down to 50, again, still under cloud cover and does stay cool but more seasonably so. looking forward, it gets better from here, by thursday, some sunshine warming it up to 72. friday, bright, sunny 76 degrees and weekend does produce our next storm system. this will be periods of rain anytime on sat the day but especially through daylight hours and by sunday a lingering shower. not the prettiest weekend, savior friday, meisha. >> look at friday 76. that will feel so good, good morning, everybody. construction here 95 north at the vine that is just cleared, we just watched the last remaining of the crews move out of the way. so i-95 north at the vine is looking darn g you were block left lane but now looking g42 left lane is block, and right lane is leading up to the 422 is also
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still blocked. you can see crews hard at work still very dark out there. so just easy to see them because of the lights but just make note if you are in and around this area this could slow you down ever so slightly but it is also in that area you will use that because they have been working than quite sometime. vine between schuylkill and broad it looks like it is just reopening in the moving in the westbound direction and eastbound we have been dealing with that overnight closure all week. it is reopening right the now. the great news. it is not even 5:00 o'clock hour. that is what we want to see out of the vine. schuylkill eastbound right lane still compromised see those cars going by just a reminder to take it easy when crews are working out there when it is so dark. the sometimes we get some problems out there. eastbound vine, 95 south is closed overnight it was closed but it is reopen a lieutenant of construction just now starting to move out of her way. brooke, over to you. thanks, meisha. quarterback sam bradford is back with the bird and, answering questions about his demand for a trade. bradford says he will offer
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guidance to carson wentz. he said he was frustrated by the eagles trading for a second pick but he says it was his agent, idea, to demand a trade tom condon has been a agent, my entire career, he is a guy, i really trust. at the time he felt like that was the best option for me and, you know, given that i trust him and know that he has my best interests at heart, i'm always going to follow his advice. >> okay. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning the reason millions of americans will be eligible for overtime pay. the details next in money watch. >> we will be right
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two businesses at war in new york city but it is not the what you might think. >> i saw this on snap chat yesterday they are battling it
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out with post it note. it started with a high on one office building a and someone across the street responded and that led, to this. windows full of post it note artwork. the best signal spider man and even the sim sons. the president of antissing company in one of the buildings said she gave her employees downtime to participate. >> yes, this is a way to sort of some fun and brings leavety to what can be some pretty intense client business challenges. >> some companies are taking suggestions as to what to put on their windows next. >> who knew you could do that much with a post it note. time his 50:00. time for a check on business news. >> jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange. good morning, jill, i hear millions of more people could soon be eligible for overtime pay. >> reporter: that is right, president obama says if you work more than 40 hours a week, you should get paid for it. today the obama administration
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is expected to issue new rules that would make more than four millworkers eligible for overtime pay. new regulation effects full-time salaried employees who make up to $47,476 a year and that is more than double the current salary threshold. small business owners have been critical of the action. >> good for those employees. google is holding its annual conference today and what are analyst expecting. >> reporter: well, this is when google makes big a announcement about upcoming products this year analyst expect a neuvirth you'll reality head sit, advances in artificial intelligence and a home speaker thaw can talk to like amazon's echo. internal name for google's is apparently, chirp, we will be watching that, it starts at 1:00 p.m., brooke and jim. >> why do we keep having to talk to things. i don't want to talk to my appliances. >> thanks, jill. >> take care, we will see you later. >> reporter: i'm with you. >> general admission tickets are set to go on presale for
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tim mcgraw's july 4th beach concert in wildwood. show place between morey's pier a and mariners landing. hunter heyes and maggie rose will open for mcgraw. coming up we will get another check of weather and traffic. >> katie is tracking a a few moving showers, the best days for come, she will be back with our forecast when
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a stubborn system trying to make its retreat still leaving behind clouds in our area this morning and you possibly could see a quick shower. again, nothing is looking like a wash out here at all today and i think you'll getaway without the umbrella but there is activity and frankly this looks like it will be worse then it will be over our area what we have is decent study pockets of rain through southwestern, south central pennsylvania and that shut fizzle as it continues to rotate away, but, that said, we're still allowing for a shower here and there this morning. the best chance would be
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northwest of philadelphia and, rain an amount not much, at most even in spotty locations up to a tenth of a inch at worst case. temperatures becomes more than anything because the clouds are stick in the 60's for yet another day but rebound nicely for thursday and friday. friday is real gem of the forecast, just gorgeous weather. by the weekend a new storm is here and at this point if you have saturday plans, listen up, it looks like period of rain will roll through the southern half of the area and by sunday a lingering shower is still out there but we will have a chance to see cloud break somewhat and see the temperatures, rebound to closer to where they should be. >> yes, it looks like sunday will be better than saturday. >> all right, katie, thanks very much. looking outside, in new jersey, 42 freeway north bound at creek road approaching 295 this is what you are looking the at, and, drivers heading toward that 5:00 o'clock hour. this is typically what it looks like and then it brakes and holds stud you through 5:00 o'clock hour. if it is anything like we see 42 freeway looking good in new
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jersey. construction 422 westbound on ramp to route 23 that left lane is still block and right lane leading up to this on 422 is also block. you can see crews out there right now. they are still working. i will let you know as up as they clear. vine however looking good. moving in the westbound and eastbound direction ramp from the eastbound schuylkill is still block, however, so just make note of that but once again the vine is what you are looking at and it is looking okay. schuylkill eastbound near blue route the that right lane is still block. overall just construction this morning looking good, good thing is we still have dry roadways, jim, over to you. >> thanks, meisha a. coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", double trouble. >> the danger of twin brothers accused of committing. plus a washing before you put on the sun screen this summer, why many sun screens don't work as well as advertised, and the best way to protect your skin. and, it was one of the most anticipated attractions of the summer season. we will show you why the city is pulling
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a dangerous night in the philadelphia neighborhood, after a teenager is shot several times, but that is not the only crime committed at his house. how police say the shooter lured his victim outside. and plus it is a split decision for the democrats, we will have have the incredibly close finish in the latest primary battle between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. number one pick in the 2016 nba draftings to the philadelphia 76ers. >> and hitting the jackpot sixers fans erupt in cheers after the team gets the number one pick in the nba draft lottery, which star player could sixers pick? pat gallen takes a closer look. today is wednesday may 18th good morning, everyone i'm jim
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donovan. i'm brooke thomas. katie and meisha are here keeping an eye on things this morning. >> good morning. i had rain drops on the windshield this morning but when i look out camera, katie can expand on this but it is looking good on this, dry. >> generally speaking there is just a few left over sprinkles here and there and it looks like it is one of the bark is worse than the bite situation where radar is depicting something, a swath of steady rain heading your way but this should start to fist with the time just the way dynamics of the atmosphere is playing out right now. do expect a shower at some point. we are finding that at this point right now through the far western suburbs but it is not necessarily going to be something that a, sticks with us all day or b, impacts everybody. this will be a the spot it situation when it comes to residual wet weather. i don't think you need the umbrella i do think that you should not be surprised if you have to flick a windshield once or twice but that will be it. 50 degrees at the airport or rat inner trenton. fifty-two at philly international. we are at 49


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