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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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okawhoa!ady? [ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. >> right now at 11:00 o'clock, a neighborhood nuisance. huge birds are bothering homeowners on one city block. what's drawing the vultures to the area and how the city plans on fixing it. plus this. there's more dangerous than you think. >> your cell phone could be causing major skin issues and
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acne might just be the start. health reporter instead of 93 stall shows you what your phone can do to your face and how you can prevent it. but first, former governor ed rendell says he's sorry. what he said about women that has the politician apologizing tonight. good evening, everyone, i'm ukee washington. >> hi, everyone, i'm jessica dean. rendell was discussing donald trump's past comments on women when rendell's comment came back to haunt him. >> natasha brown caught up with the former governor to talk about what he said. >> reporter: never one to mince words ed rendell was quick to offer up an apology following comments he made during a recent washington post interview. >> what i said was incredibly stupid and incentive. >> we caught up with the former governor at 30th street station. the outspoken democrat has found himself in a fire storm of controversy after offering his thoughts on donald trump's prospects of success in the philadelphia suburbs. rendell told the newspaper reporter "will he donald trump have some appeal to working
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class democrats in levittown are bristol. sure. rendell goes on to say, trump's past comments about women will likely come back to haunt him. saying "for everyone he'll lose one and a half, two republican women trump's comments you can'ting a 10 if you're flat chested that will come back to haunt him. there are probably more ugly women in america than attractive women. people take that stuff personally. >> when i read it in the article i said, did i say that? >> that was just dumb and stupid and incentive and if i offended anybody i apologize sincerely. >> rendell tried to clear up what he intended to say. >> we all have those self image qualms or questions ourselves and by attacking someone's looks he was attacking an awful lot of people that was the point i was trying to make but i sure picked allows see way say it. >> it has a little bit of foot and mouth disease. >> she says while rendell's choice of words were inappropriate, it's no
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coincidence that comments about women women' issues and female voters are at the forefront of this election. >> women have been a key demographic in the last couple of elections of presidential elections. and women can sway the electorate. >> reporter: former governor rendell was extremely apologetic about his quote ugly women comment. it's not the first time the former governor's comments have stirred up some controversy. in 2010 he said the us had quote become a nation of wusses following the postponement of eagles game due to snowstorm. that's the very latest for now. we're live in the sat center tonight, natasha brown cbs they "eyewitness news". >> natasha, thank you. meantime, donald trump is coming to governor christie's financial rescue. the nominee will be in tomorrow tomorrow new jersey to headlin e a fundraiser. hillary clinton is 90 delegates away from clinching the nomination. bernie sanders says he's staying
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in the race until the end and tonight he rallied supporters in san jose, california. some are raising questions about how sanders and clinton supports will get along at the democratic national convention in philadelphia in july. the nevada democratic convention turned ugly saturday. sanders supporters became violent when the party announced rule changes which awarded more delegates to clinton. local sanders supporters gathered by the love statute to denounce violent protesting. >> we are a little bit upset with what is is going on right now in nevada representing us as violent group. we are not -- a non-violent group. >> if you're really following bernie and you're really about the movement, then you won't bring violence. >> both sanders and clinton are calling for party unity. a measure that would allow alcohol on the boardwalk in atlantic city is on hold for n now. city council was expected to vote tonight and plan to let anyone 21 and older walk the boardwalk with one alcoholic
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drink in an open plastic container. host, the council president pulled the open couldn't taper resolution tonight before the vote to get more input from local businesses. new tonight, uninvited guests in one west philadelphia neighborhood and as our david spunt shows you, they are dirty, noisy and in some cases down right dangerous. i knew this neighborhood when all of these houses were occupied. slowly but surely seen most of them die away. >> reporter: for philadelphia native ingrid bullick condemned properties are becoming the norm on north 50th street where she's called home since she was little girl. >> i was born and raised whoever. report roar she's been at exact same address since birth. and the crumbling homes that surround her are a painful reminder of reality. a reality that's brought about a few uninvited guests. >> huge. they have a wing span the width of my arms. they stand almost as high as one-year-old child.
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>> reporter: she's talking about these turkey vultures also known as buzzards. a neighbor captured them on her cell phone. >> yesterday they when it was trash day they came out and they tore up all of my trash. >> reporter: bullick says she tried to tack people, too. and blames this condemned home across the street. she claims it at tracts the vultures in the first place. christian in a bay lives next door to the vultures new hang out. >> it just sounds like scratching like a horror movie like just scratching on the wall, um, like they're trying to come into my house. >> reporter: we checked and it turns out this specific vulture is protected species meaning they can't be harmed or killed. >> i feel like i'm -- should be protected breed also because now the fact that they're coming down that close to me, then that frightens me. >> reporter: ingrid insists this front has been vacant for at least a decade. we check with l and i officials. they say they'll a crew out here
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thursday to demolish it. bullick hopes the vultures will leave with the house. >> it bothers me. i shouldn't have to be afraid to come out my front door. >> reporter: in philadelphia, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". a school district of philadelphia maintenance worker injured in boiler explosion has died from his injuries. 62-year-old christopher, was seriously hurt when working on boiler at the franklin s. edmunds elementary school in january. he work for the school district for 25 years. and in a statement superintendent william hite offered his condolences and said, he's deeply saddened. recognition tonight for lower merion firefighter who's went above and beyond the call of duty saving a man trapped in his car. eyewitness news at the lower merion township building. the board of commissioners awarded a citation to the lower merion firefighters. most of them volunteers. who responded to a caress queue in september of last year. suppose firefighters work for
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more than 80 minutes to free a man trapped in his car for over eight hours. after it plunged down an embankment into a creek. >> you use it all the time but did you realize that your cell phone could be causing major skin issues. >> tonight health reporter stephanie stahl has more on the problem and how you can stop your phone from wrecking your skin. >> reporter: can't live without them, cell phones have become live lines for most of us. >> i don't really know how many hours per, you know, day but i would say i'm constantly on my phone talking to people. >> reporter: but staying in touch gave brian tomlinson a nasty case of acne. >> i was actually pretty surprised. as much as you use your phone you never really think about it doing like that to your face it definitely makes sense that it would. >> reporter: sure does considering most phones are covered with all sorts of stuff think sweat, makeup, anything on your hands, and germs from all the places where you put your phone. one study found they're contaminated with more bacteria than a toilet.
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>> more dangerous than you thi think. >> staff and strep are the two most common. so those bacteria -- maybe you heard of mrsa. they get scared of that. >> reporter: bryn mawr dermatologist christine stan companies says germs on cell phones are linked to a number of skin problems. >> when someone talks on their cell phone it's glued to their face. all the packet is getting on to their skin surface and it's microscopic much it's had a toward see the bacteria you can definitely see all the oil and the grime. >> that's my phone. >> pretty disgusting. >> reporter: it's the kind of disgusting bacteria that primary cause of acne that can strike at any age. but can be especially difficult for younger people like brian who is 20. >> you know other people see the acne all over your face and even if, you know, you're not -- nobody is calling you out for it, you know, you know it's there and it's absolutely i would say it's a self-esteem thing. >> reporter: another skin issue related to cell phones, some people are allergic to the nickel that's used to make them. that can cause something called
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cell phone rash and there's more. >> the bacteria can also get into the pours and the follicles and cause something we call creates like white heads. >> most of the skin issues related to cell phones can be resolved with topical treatments and you node to keep your phone clean with something like an anti bacterial wipe at least once a day. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs3 "eyewitness news". we were just saying speaker. >> speaker button. >> if i have to hold it i hold it hike that. >> i'm telling you right now, sure. in big day at cbs the new fall lineup is unveiled. familiar face coming back to prime time. >> also, you saw the winner of survivors 32nd season crowned right here on cbs3 tonight. one of the competitors this season debbie weiner hails from berks county. >> i did not think that anybody would remember me. >> she was wrong. debbie describes the moment she was asked to appear on another popular cbs show. we'll tell you about her new tv
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gig next. also, the phillies are on roll and by the end of the game, well their uniforms can get pretty dirty. how do they get them so clean for the neck game. good question. kate. >> it was another kind of gloom mow day. a few breaks of sun but a few showers outside right now. this is all clearing out and it's going to be fabulous by friday but how long does that fabulous weather last? i'll tell when you we com
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the fighting phillies giving fans something to cheer about this season. they're only a half game out of the first place in the nl east. after their game against the marlins you can bet their uniforms were just a little dirty. how do they get all sparkling white for the next game? good question and nicole brewer is here now with the answer. nicole. >> this is for all the baseball parents out there. i know you're doing plenty of wash. a envelope n sent one in just for you. she wants to know do the phillies keep their uniforms so clean much it's a good question, a inform n. we went to the phillies laundry room to sort it out. ♪ >> phils look pretty good this season. >> they look great. >> even their uniforms are sharp. >> very clean. >> so white. so clean. >> uniforms are spot less before
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the game but they certainly don't stay that way from pine tar and grass stains to clay streaks even blood spots. how do our fightin' phils fight stains? >> a lot of bleach. >> tied. >> little oxidation going on there. >> they wash it. >> we have awful lot of powerful chemicals. >> phil sheridan is the manager of the home clubhouse he says they use tied for years but recently switched to more powerful detergent to cut back on scrub time. >> you know the secret. >> can we get the tip. >> unfortunately, you won't find this stuff at the store. it's accustom blend. >> we have a water softener arc bleaching agent arc protein release, a mrsa repel length agent. >> we need to be vigilant about those super bugs. >> which stain is toughest to stomp out. >> grass. >> tobacco. >> i think it's got to be chili dog. >> the clay stains from the first few days. >> can't believe i didn't know that. >> sheridan estimates they do 3,000 loads a season first using a pressure hose to blast off debris then 25 minute cold cycle all before hanging them to dry.
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how many jersey does each player get? >> 30. >> 100. >> 80. >> they have two jersey for the whole year. two home, two road. two of each alternates. >> what's wrong with the phillies budget. >> whose the mess yesterday player. >> herrera. >> herrara definitely. >> he slides head first. >> fans get excited because we score and i see potential work. >> work that really piles up especially when certain players add to the mound. >> they actually bring you their personal clothes. >> we do that, too, yes. >> even their underwear? >> i'm not proud of it but yes. (laughter). >> good stuff. >> sheridan doesn't just wash and fold the father of six told me he's also learned to so just in case someone gets a tear and speaking of stitching things up he tells me carlos ruiz is the only player who uses accustom taylor to ensure a good fit. >> chooch. all right. >> that's why he looks so good on the field. >> do what i mom did years ago shout it out.
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>> a little pre treat never hurts. >> you got it. >> what's your good question, log on to question and tweet us to us. use the hash tag cbs3 good question. >> nicole will be here every night at 11:00 with the answer. new tonight, the phillies team up with philadelphia futures for fundraising great event. it was hell at the south pole on oregon avenue. philadelphia futures assists low income students who are the first in their family to go to college. some of the phillies took part tonight including big piece and chooch ryan howard and carlos ruiz. >> nice job. >> you saw right here on cbs3. the finale of the hit reality show survivor which pitted brains against braun and beauty. berks county woman competed this season and while she didn't win the million dollar prize, she tells our trang do survivor changed her life. >> elvis african -- >> reporter: reading debbie weiner went from living a quiet
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live rescuing to animals to becoming a fan favorite on survivors 32nd season. >> the attention life is a little more hectic but pretty fun. >> reporter: chemist was looking for a challenge when she agreed to compete on the show. set on the remote cambodian island of company wrong. >> such a convergence of factors that the lack of sleep, the true survival, lack of food, coupled with being thrown into a strangers really strangers we did not know each other, add in a million dollars, always makes thing interesting. >> reporter: she platerred game for 24 days before she was voted off by members of her all female alliance in the ninth episode. three of the women aubrey, sidney and michelle made the final four. along with tie the only man. watching the show play out from home aubrey's behavior surprised her the most. >> aubrey being so map la tiff and devious and really starting out as i mean a total wall
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knauer turning into this dragon lady, she was going to do anything that it took. >> reporter: her only regret not trying to work with the men to save herself from being voted off but she had a reason. >> i don't know if the guys were on testosterone overload induced by camera exposure but the guys were very bossy. >> winner of survive, michelle. >> reporter: though michelle was the sole sewer visor and taking home $1 million, she got a pretty cool consolation prize a role on the soap opera the bold and the beautiful. >> i'm playing myself. i'll be debbie from survivor and they're going to do, upping, just have if you with my darker because i can poke fun at myse myself. >> she began shooting bold and beautiful scenes on thursday. trang do, cbs3 "eyewitness new news". >> how about that? >> got to keep an eye out. >> good for her. kate we need a million dollars forecast. come on. >> i wish high million dollars forecast i got a couple of good
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days. spring kills among not so great days. things are looking up. it's been a rough stretch so far things are getting better now. let's take look what's happening weather wise. take you outside to start off with a live look at center city philadelphia from the cbs broadcast center and just few clouds out there the showers that moved through come of hours ago pushed on out they're star starting to fizzle a bit. on and off sort of day. time lapped video on our neighborhood network showing a grace start to the morning from the global leadership academy but then sunshine and blue sky in the afternoon it was a welcomed sight to see little bit of blue sky today. then the clouds rolled back in and a few showers popped up and there are few showers out there right now. you can see a few moving down through the shore points and down into the delaware beaches. another little line of broken showers moving into berk and lancaster county. chester county seeing that as well and could move into the city tonight. if you're out and about overnight into the early morning hours, don't be shocked if you have to flick the windshield wipers once or twice as stray
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shower moves on through. temperatures are in the 50s. fifty seven in philadelphia. 58 in allentown. it's 54 in trenton and 59 in wilmington. not too bad temperature wise it actually feels pretty good out there. we got up to near 70 today with the sunshine that did break through in the afternoon but trace of rainfall means we've had at least a trace of rain in 21 of the last 27 days were what a wet stretch it has been. we haven't had many heavy rain events a few days with more rain than others but it's really been a gray stretch for us, and tomorrow we'll try to break out of that for few days. tomorrow starts with clouds then in the afternoon more sunshine. should end up being a beautiful thursday afternoon. friday, fantastic across the board no problems high pressure is in control. just a great day to get outside and actually maybe slightly above average for the first time in quite sometime. then take look what heads our way for saturday the clouds billow in friday night. saturday we see the storm heaviest rain should stay down through the delmarva region but we'll be on the northern edge of this. especially saturday afternoon
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pretty heavy rain moving through our area it will be on and off. cloudy and chilly and this lasts into saturday night. rain chances for the next few days. 10% tomorrow. just a stray shower. friday looks dry from start to finish gorgeous day. saturday 80% chance of rain and sunday lingering clouds and showers as that system exits off the coast. still the chance for a shower. overnight mostly cloudy, 52 degrees. tomorrow, looking much nicer 72 warmer with sunshine. friday looks great. 76 and sunny. that's the kind of day we wish they can all be. but as we head through saturday we're back to the chill. back to the clouds and some rain. showers linger sunday. that low will impact us into the start of next week eventually will weaken then it looks like i hate to speak too soon we may finally kick this pattern to the curb and get nicer wet by the end of next week. >> bye-bye. >> it's about time. don what's coming up next. >> baseball, phillies within early but lose late. what does that even mean?
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>> we'll explain next in sports.
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it was good while it lasted. sure. it was only about seven hours. but when you've been waiting five years you'll take it. the phillies moved into first place for the first time since 2011. here's how they made it happen. south philadelphia we go. day baseball taking on the marlins. this is the series finale third inning, phils down two-one, cameron rupp up the center two runs score. phillies take a three-two lead. to the eighth, the rookie, tyler goedell, get up and get gone. 418 feet. first career homerun. they give him the silent treatment. we don't even know you and then here they come. how about we celebrate.
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welcome to the biggs kid. the phillies win it four-two, all right. so first place tie with the nationals. and so we fast forward to tonight. nats/mets phillies actually rooting for the mets. ant thee rendon singles to left. bryce harper scores. the nationals win it seven-one the phils drop to second place. they're half game behind washington. started from the bottom and now they're kind of here. like drake sam hinkie had a vision. the former sixers gm thought the team had to go all the way to the bottom basically bottom out and that way they could rise eventually to the top. after winning the number one pick, a lot of fans are starting to believe in the process. today the sixers celebrated their good fortune we a party at the art museum steps the team just went through the worst three year stretch in the history of the nba the nba draft is on june 23rd. philadelphia eagles taking some time away from ota's to
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help students build a new may ground today at distant elementary school in philadelphia's tacony neighbor. eagles own are in jeffrey lure and coach doug pederson along with the players and even first round pick carson wentz doing some painting. no word if he was paining with sam bradford. i'm just saying. >> back to the ballpark phanatic had issues with marl license fit cher had he say fernandez. fernandez did the unthinkable stealing the keys to the phanatic atv. the fan nat tuck finds philly police and says can you arrest that. take my cuffs. you are the phanatic after all. order restored. >> anyone brings order, it's the phanatic. >> exactly. >> used to go at it with tom mow lasorda. >> he's got connections. >> thank you don. >> you got it. >> up next funny man coming back
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cbs unveils its fall prime timeline yup and there is something for everyone. >> but it's the network's expanded comedy schedule that's generating a lot of buzz. there are three new series and one of them stars familiar face from the king of queens kevin james has a reuter wakening a as retired police officer in kevin can wait part of monday' twos hour comedy block. >> find out that live takes over and throws a curve ball at you
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and things change. so manage to get a lot of fun in there. definitely not what we expected. >> for much more on the new cbs fall prime timeline yup, go to and click on entertainment on the home page. ♪
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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"eyewitness news" returns tomorrow morning at 4:30 with jim donovan, brook tom marks meteorologist katie fehlinger and meisha johnson with traffic. for kate, don and everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we're always on at cbsphilly.c the late shot show with stephen colbert is next. >> thanks for watching. good night, family and sleep well.
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