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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  May 19, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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we have breaking news an egyptair flight vanishes from radar. at this hour there are conflicting reports about what happened next we are monitoring latest development from overseas. here at home housing authorities police officers is hurt in the crash overnight. we just got an update the on their condition,. and anthropology from former governor ed rendell, what he is saying about his controversial comments, about women. well to day is thursday may 19th good morning i'm jim donovan. hi there i'm brooke thomas. meisha has traffic. the katie has your forecast. >> happy friday. >> happy friday indeed. we are looking good, quiet, construction but i saw wet roadways but i have to tell you, meisha, i screamed in the car when i heard on ky. news radio vine is open.
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i'm so excited about it. i was thrilled. ridiculous. but yes, still construction which you will get through and latest round of wet weather, very spotty showers currently out there but they are retreating. this is a three hour loop. you you can see how everything is fizzling and retreat. so the at the moment southeastern, pennsylvania is essentially dry, still damp because of a couple spotty showers that rolled through but at this point things are transitioning out of wet weather. we are going to end up with a nice day, mid 50's reported, basically regional wide, in the low to mid 50's in the shore points as well. fifty-five is modest spot of this slew of observations a at rehoboth beach, still a little bit of the northerly breeze but very light breeze. as today progresses we will have a nice day here guys. we will start off with cloud, just a tad damp but does get better a and nicer with time here. we should eke out mid 07's in the city today which is closer to seasonable. mid 60's at best down the
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shore. in the poconos. but still a progressively nicer daytime. only getting nicer from here, expecting these clouds to eventually break and we will end up with nice weather as day goes on. later in the day you have those plans the nicer it will be. >> we have been waiting for thursday. >> yes. >> we knew they were coming back, thanks very much. >> good morning. we are in such a good mood. they say 70's we are pumped. burlington bristol bridge is opening up at 4:35. just make note of that. it should be just a couple minutes. dark to see. but it will be lifting shortly. construction on the schuylkill eastbound the blue route but right lane still compromised. i will let you know when that clears. you can see flashing lights as crews are finishing up their work this morning. the 59 north between vine and good are regard, two lanes were block, it sound like they are just starting to clear that out of the way right now. it looks like we have a disable vehicle just make note, sometimes when it is dark it is had hard to see those vehicles out there like katie pointed out, vine is
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opened, great news, was not closed last night. looking good moving in the west and eastbound side, early risers but overall vine is looking good. it is still early. construction on the commodore barry bridge eastbound two lanes are block right now, i'll let you know when this lifts. this will not cause too many slow downs but it can as we push through the morning in the 6:00 o'clock hour. down tree in norristown, the at west marshall street. jim, over to you. thanks, meisha. the world is waking up to breaking news this morning, egyptair jet difficulties a peers from radar overnight. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins lives from the cbs-3 sat center with what we have learned about this missing plane, jan. >> reporter: jim and brooke, good morning. a huge search is now underway halfway around the world, egyptian aviation officials say egyptair flight 804 flying from paris to cairo disappeared from radar over the mediterranean sea. sixty-six passengers and crew members were on board. here's what we know so far the flight left paris charles degall airport at 11:09 p.m.
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local time. it was lost from radar hours later at 2:45 a.m. flying at 37,000 feet. the air bus a320 had just entered egyptair space and pilot made in distress call. egyptian aircraft and navy ships are taking part in the search. greece has joined the search as well this morning. ten crew members and 56 passengers were on this flight. egyptair says those on board including three egyptians, 15 french passengers, one britain, two iraqis, one kuwaitis, one saudi, one chad, one sudan, one portuguese, and one algerian and canadian there was a child and two babies on board. family members have started to show up at cairo international airport waiting word on their loved ones. translators and psychiatric support are on the ground as well. at this point the focus is on the search. officials have not the commented on a possible cause about what went wrong.
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egyptair says the plane's pilot had 6,000 hours of flying, co pilot had close to 3,000 anything hours. now this is not the first time egyptair has made headlines back in march an egyptair plane was hijacked and divert todd cypress by a man mentally unstable this morning the search for this plane is underway. there were early reports that the plane had crashed, but egyptair now says, that those reports were premature. we will continue to follow this but for now jim and brooke, back inside to you. well this comes six months after a bomb is believed to have brought down a russian passenger plane, over egypt's sinai peninsula. the isis claimed responsibility for that attack that left 224 people dead back in october. new you this morning a philadelphia housing authority officer is hurt in the crash in northern liberties. police tell us two cars collided a after 1:00 a.m. at second and girard avenue. officer was taken to the hospital for injuries to his arm. the other driver in this crash was not hurt but cause of the accident is under
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investigation. well, airport security lines are getting longer as of travel numbers increase for the summer season. there have been a number of incident of passengers waiting in security lines for three hours or missing their flights, completely. the tsa says 12 percent more people are flying in 2016, agency also says that it is a work force that has been slashed by 12 percent. the the department of home land security is shifting 34 million-dollar too hire 768 new screeners and to pay overtime to current staffers. former pennsylvania governor ed rendell is apologizing for recent remarks he himself called stupid and insensitive. in washington post interview the governor discussed comment made by donald trump regarding women. rendell talk about the idea of trump's comments costing him female votes when he said there are probably more ugly women in america then attractive women. people take that stuff personally. end quote. we caught up with him at 30th street station. >> when i read it, i said did
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i say that? it is dumb, stupid, insensitive. if i offended anybody. >> we all have self image qualms or questions about ourself, and by a tacking someone's looks he was attacking an awful lot of people. that is the point i was trying to make but i pick a lousy way to say it. >> governor noise stranger to controversy n2010 he said that the u.s. had, become a nation of w u.s.s. iees following a postponement due to a snow storm. donald trump is throwing financial support to new jersey governor chris christie the presumptive g.o.p. nominee will be in lawrenceville to head line a fundraiser to help christie erase 200,000 doll are in campaign debt. christie dropped out in february. he is currently leading trump's transition team. on the democratic side, front runner hillary clinton is now just 90 delegates away from clinch the nomination but rival bernie sanders says he is staying in the race until the end. the last night he rallied supporters in san jose,
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california. california headlines the next set of primaries on june 7th which also includes new jersey, montana, and new mexico. and maintenance worker has died four months after being hurt in the boiler explosion in a philadelphia school. six two-year old christopher, was seriously hurt while working on the boiler at franklin elementary school last january. he work for the school district for 25 years. superintendent hite offered his condolences saying he is deeply saddened. a measure shelved for now. >> it the i council president pulled the open container resolution before it went to a vote last night to get more input from local businesses. the propose aal will would allow anyone over 21 to walk the board with one alcoholic drink in a opened plastic container. still a head george zimmerman's controversial gun auction end. >> what he is saying about the sale now. also this morning, a neighborhood nuisance, where these big bird are bothering
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neighbors and how the city plans to fix it today. plus this... >> ♪ >> an unfortunate case of stage fright, more on this video when we come back.
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controversial auction for the gun george zimmerman used to kill trayvon martin has ended. zimmerman said the sale was successful but there are conflicting
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winning amount. two auction sites were running, one included a bid for nearly $139,000, zimmerman says the buyer wants to remain anonymous. well, l and i crews are expected to demolish a house today drawing inn invented guest toss a west philadelphia neighborhood. condemned properties are attracting vultures. viewer captured the turkey vultures on cell phone video. they are taking over 50th street and resident are fed up. >> huge. they have a wing span the width of my arms and they stan almost as high as maybe a one year-old child. >> neighbors say they try to attack people. the specific type of vulture is protect species and cannot be harmed or killed. your time is 4:42. >> yeah, katie has another check of your forecast. >> yes. >> bird, crazy animals. >> who knew they were indigenous to philadelphia. >> as far as weather is concern we will see weather clearing up nicely today. every passing hour gets nicer and nicer. we have some clouds out there. couple isolated, most spotty of showers. >> i will give you that isolated. >> they are isolated showers that are still out there but they are out there and although other than a couple damp road you will see things clearing out nicely. it is so spotty, barely a blip
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on the radar, no pun intended and you can see back end of these cloud starting to filter away. so, with time, especially for north and west and further inland, more sun you will see here and, as the day progresses it will end up a nice afternoon. the thing is even though high pressure is building in it doesn't hang out all that long. we have stormy weather across portions of the lone star state and oak a the storm system is scheduled to cross the mid-atlantic but it will be close enough to us so we will end up with storminess or let's just say some rain on saturday. lets walk you through this rest of the day we are starting off with some clouds but we will yield to some sunshine even though there may be speckles on the radar in of this a affects us the rest of the day and then high pressure anchors itself. we will see clouds thin out the nicely. tonight, tomorrow looks lovely as a result. here comes that storm that looks right now, like it is the midday hours especially
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that the rain will start to move in. you can see where this is centered further south more likely it is you'll end up with the steady rain. it is with us for better part of the day and everyone is fair game but we will see heaviest rain across southern part of the region. included break for sunshine here today. seventy-four the high. heading forward in the seven day forecast, tomorrow again looks awesome. seventy-seven and sunshine what a friday. by saturday it is downhill from here. meisha, over to you. >> what a friday indeed, thanks, katie good morning. happy gateway to our weekend. burlington bristol bridge has just gone backup. you have to allow for a couple extra minutes there but still early. schuylkill eastbound near blue route right lane is still compromised. i believe that might be just clearing out of our way, this construction has been clearing out fairly quickly. looking at i-95 north between vine and girard two lanes block because of construction. they are clearing that out right now and vine is not closed last night, great news for those taking vine, myself
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included and katie was happen bye that as well. moving in the westbound and eastbound side you can see early risers but vine is looking good all the way around. we have a down tree in norristown as for street was blocked at west marshall. that has been cleared out of your way. we're dealing with wind. we will talk about that in a minute. construction on the commodore barry bridge eastbound two lanes are blocked and also the mass transit route 101 trolley shuttle busing a reminder and we have departure delays at the airport so check your scheduled on line, jim, back over to you. brand new giraffe is doing its part to raise money for an animal conservation charity. >> and this happened in queensland. mom sallyann baby are doing just fine, and an auction the at the steve irwin center in los angeles saturday night offered the opportunity to name the calf. the dinner benefits a charity called wild life warriors founded by the famous crocodile hunter. >> are you in need to have stress relief? well, paws what you are doing
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today for a puppy play date. >> at the pennsylvania spca they are teaming up to bring a adoptable puppies to business is today. so for $30 you can book your 15 minute puppy play date, it goes from 11:00 to 3:00 in the city, conshohocken, king of prussia and cherry hill and all proceeds benefits spca. we should do this. >> that is nice. that is nice. are you going to walk them. >> no, no. >> exactly. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning do you want to see who the sixers draft in person. >> we will tell you when you can buy ticket for the nba draft the but first here's a look what is on tonight on cbs-3.
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an update on our breaking news disappearance of egyptair flight 804. plane took off from charles degall a airport in paris in
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route to cairo. there are conflicting reports on the plane's fate. the flight vanished from radar moments before entering egyptian air space. fifty-six passengers and ten crew members were on board the jet, stay with "eyewitness news" and cbs for updates all morning long. the phillies take on the braves in south philadelphia half game out of first place in the national league east. you know for a short while, between the phillies win yesterday, afternoon, and, the nationals win over the mets, the phillies were in first place for the first time since 2011. all right. if you'd like to be, on hand in person when sixers make their choice in the next month's nba draft take a close look and tickets go on sale monday. sixers use the first pick to take ben simmons of lsu or brandon ingram of duke. the find out in person. the draft will be held at barclay center in brooklyn june 23rd. tickets are $20 a piece and they are available at the nba
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well, time is 4:49. time for a check on business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange, jill, what are investors watching this morning. >> reporter: well, wal-mart releasing its earnings before the opening bell. wal-mart is the world's largest retailer and bell weather for u.s. economy. macy's, kohl's, nordstroms all said sales slowed down this year but tj max saw an increase. wal-mart's results could be make or break for retail sector as a whole, brooke and jim. i'm always covering security breach necessary my consumer reports but you are hearing a security breach four years ago was far worse then previously thought? >> reporter: yeah, that is right, personal data a from about 117 million linkedin users may have been stolen, that is way more than the six and a half initially reported. hackers could be trying to sell e-mail addresses and pass word on line, potentially use that information, to break into users other accounts,
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like banking, web sites, and linkedin says it will once again asked impacted users to change their pass word, brooke and jim. >> i don't even remember my linkedin pass word. >> most people pass word 123, in the exactly bright, come up with a different pass word. we will speak with you later, jill. in other news a four year-old boy a's unfortunate case of stage fright steals the show at a ballet recital in georgia. >> this may be the most adorable and funniest video you will see all day. >> ♪ >> look at the little boy on the left. while the other kid, including his twin brother danced away, fred spent mess of the day hiding his face with his shirt or sailor hat. he was not used to performing in such a large crowd. i say he is perfect. >> i think he dit intentionally because he he knew would it go viral. >> that is right.
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>> smart guy that fred. >> so cute. >> coming up we will get another check of weather and traffic. >> we are back in the 70's today, she will tell you when we come right
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this will end up being a pretty nice day as time progresses. we are off to a cloudy start and spotty showers are still out there but generally speaking we will have have nice weather today. we will talk statistics here to start things off, it is definitely been a cool month of may with the average temperature 4.3 degrees below seasonal average, over at least trending over the last couple weeks here. that is a pretty big deal. the it may not seem like a lot but that is a decent deficit right new but we will get back to seasonal today. take a look, there are a few speckles showing up on radar. all verifying are very light
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showers across central, southern new jersey and kent county in delaware. if you you see back edge of the cloud near where we are looking at storm scan three you will see that migrate south east. clouds will break and that allows to us warm up. as high pressure settles in tomorrow it looks a awesome. then it goes back downhill with saturday with rain returning, meisha. >> yeah, i see that, katie, thanks, good morning everybody. it is gate one to the weekend. burlington bristol bridge is back down now. we are local good. construction has cleared. schuylkill eastbound near blue route, right lane compromised that has been since cleared. another area where it has cleared 95 north between vine and girard, two lanes blocked there and that is also been cleared. so everything is kind of moving out of our way now, great news as we push through that 5:00 o'clock hour. but ben franklin bridge looking good, looking a little slick, i saw this driving in this morning at well but looking damp on the roadway. we know that will clear up and dry out. ben franklin bridge looking nice and quiet.
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we have construction cleared on the commodore barry bridge eastbound, jim and brooke back over to you. heading out the door stay updated with katie's forecast on our sister station kyw news radio 1060. also governor wolf prepares to sign a bill affecting first time dui offenders. one of the areas most heavily traveled roadways business to get a face lift. and city council member has found an alternative to mayor kenney's proposed soda tax. check in three or four or five times a day on kyw news radio on the am dial. coming up next half an hour we are continuing to follow breaking news the disappearance of an egyptair jet. >> find out what we are learning about the plane's final moments. plus a dangerous drive when that car loses control, the big surprise for the police officer who was following the car. and red carpet controversy, see why an actress's instagram post is offend ago a lot of people. we are b
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we're following breaking news crews desperate thely trying to find an egyptair jet after vanishing from radar overnight. where crews are looking for that plane and what we have learn about the people on the flight. plus donald trump head to new jersey today to do a favor for governor chris christie. we will show you how he is helping out his former rival, plus. >> what i said was incredibly stupid and insensitive. >> former governor ed rendell have after sticking his foot in his mouth. the controversial comments he made about women and what he meant to say. well, today is thursday may 19th, good morning, everyone i'm jim donovan. i'm brooke thomas. thanks for joining us. katie and meisha is here keeping an eye on things as well. >> good morning. that construction has been
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cleared and like katie pointed out earlier, it is all behind us for a lot of us. >> awesome, yeah. thankfully we will end up with some much nicer weather today. we have spotty showers still out there but it is starting to retreat. lets look at these rainfall stats, guys, take a look soggy may so far, right. yesterday was only a trace that we reported but we have had at least a trace or more, 21 of the last 27 days. even extending back into april it has been a really, dreary, couple of weeks for our area, thankfully, we will break that pattern, it is all being kind of briefly here but storm scan shows you the spotty showers, still retreating, kent county getting hit by that. central southern new jersey still damp but see back edge of the cloud rolling through here or two and that indicates high pressure trying to regain control and it will do so at least for a day and a half. closer to 48 hours. fifty-four is current temperature right now. in wilmington, philadelphia, airport


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