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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  May 19, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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egyptair plane suddenly disappears, in the middle of the night. we will have the latest clues in the search. good morning i'm brooke thomas. i'm jim donovan. katie is tracking a nice warm up. it will finally feel like may again. here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> egyptair jet disappears from radar overnight. >> a huge search is now underway, halfway around the world, and egyptian aviation officials say that egyptair flight 804 flying from paris to cairo disappeared over the mediterranean sea. what i say was incredible stupid and intensive. >> former pennsylvania governor ed rendell is interviewing. >> in the interview with the washington post about donald trump's statements about female. rendell says quote there are probably more ugly woman in america then attractive women, suggest ago this trump's comments with hurt him in the the general election. >> donald trump is throwing financial support to new jersey governor chris
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christie, presumptive g.o.p. nominee will be in lawrenceville to head line a fund raise their will help christie erase more than $200,000 in campaign debt. well, phillies fanatic was in rare form today, jose fernandes was causing some issues, and trying to steel the fanatic's keys. >> that is funny. >> fanatic was restoring order at the ballpark. >> philadelphia police told us on facebook that the fanatic was a deputy before the game, so that is, a legal arrest. >> my goodness he will be on the streets now, handing outsidetations. katie is outside on the sky deck but no citation there, good weather today. >> looking ahead to pleasant weather here for a change. we are going to see any clouds out there start to thin away with time. we do still have a little bit of dampness out here, some of the, just a sign that we had a couple showers rolling through last night left behind damp sidewalks, roads, but there is
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no rain overhead right the now in philadelphia and let alone every where else. we will get to the radar in a second. let talk temperatures, precipitation stats for the last couple of days. then tire month for the most part has features more rain then anything. if in the the cloud cover. look at that, the entire seven day stretch that first full week of may reporting at least a trace have of rain and there have only been a couple choice days where you didn't actually have any rain. it has certainly felt, and been quite glummy lately and even so we have rain to track, currently on storm scan. at the moment it is confined across southern new jersey, it is most spotty of spotty showers we are dealing with and all this is retreating and allowing for the cloud to fist with the time. that is what you will note business every passing icon through the course of the this her by hour forecast. you will see temperatures for the most part getting a chance to rebound but cloud breaking for more and more sunshine. but by the time we hit 7:00 p.m., it will be nice, sunny, cooler by that point but we are going to see more
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sunshine. now coming up we are going to expect some nice weather to wrap up our workweek with more bright sunshine, nice warmth to go with it but by saturday, we will go drastically downhill with yet another storm system. coming up i'll time this out for you and give you a sense of is there a window of time where you could get in some outdoor plans. here's a hint, we will have that have window, i'll tell you when to expect it coming up. >> katie, thanks very much. good to now. tacony palmyra bridge is now up so that has come back down. we will let you know when it does. the just so you know when you head out of the door. schuylkill, ease wound past the conshohocken curve you can see how bus think looks right now moving in the eastbound direction right around a the conshohocken curve. we can expect. that it the is a tad bit early. good indication that it will be really bus think morning. schuylkill eastbound pass conshohocken curve we are looking busy. westbound is okay. i the five taillights in the southbound direction at the airport. here we go, we're looking good right around here. talking about the airport coming up in a second here,
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422 east pass oaks is what you are looking at, gorgeous, gorgeous; blue skies, love it. all right. stotesberry regatta a saturday and sunday, take fountain green drive, strawberry mansion drive, starting at is 11:00a a.m. today. so make note the of this. i have not seen this yet and i certainly want to jim ape brooke, back over to you. thanks very much, meisha. search is on for wreckage from an air wind another passenger jet this morning. >> plane disappeared, from radar, in route from paris to cairo last night. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao brings us up to date on the search from the cbs-3 sat center this morning, jan, what do we know at this port. >> reporter: jim and brooke, good morning. there is no official comment right now on what has happened to this jet liner but there is a huge search underway halfway around the world for it. as you mentioned egyptair flight 804 was in route from par toys cairo when it disappeared over the mediterranean sea. sixty-six passengers and crew members were on board when the
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air bus a320 left paris charles degall airport, just 40 minutes from cairo the plane vanish. egyptian aviation officials say pilot last made contact with ground control ten minutes before the disappearance. officials say pilot made in distress call. the plane had been cruising, at 37,000 feet. here's cnn aviation analyst richard quest. >> the fact that we've got no dissent profile from the plane. so, flying radar and flight software the plane's trace just stopped, at 37,000 feet. if you look at the graph normally a plane falling out of the sky they will transmit an information and you do see the difficulties earth portfolio profile. we don't have that here. that suggest immediate, and it
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suggest dramatic, it suggest loss of power, complete loss of power to the aircraft, either by expressive or otherwise, because the plane suddenly stopped reporting. >> now crew from his egypt and, greece are looking for debris. family members are showing up at cairo international airport waiting on word on their loved ones. at this point focus is on the search effort. officials have not commented about a possible cause of what happened, egyptair says the plane's pilot had more than 6,000 hours of flying, and the co pilot had close to 3,000 flying hours. and coming up in our next half an her here on "eyewitness news" we will take a look at the other problems egyptair has had recently as this search, intensifies this morning. jim and brooke back to you. the time right now us 5:36. in business news this morning which company is admitting a security breach was worse than originally reported. >> yes. >> and the fed is considering
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another interest rate hike. money watch's jill wagner is joining us from the insuring stock exchange, good morning. >> reporter: markets will open up where they started yesterday, the dow jones fell three points on wednesday, nasdaq jumped 23. this morning investors are waiting for labor department to release new numbers about how many people filed unemployment benefits last week. another interest rate hike could becoming, news from the the fed last meeting show that fed officials are considering a june rate hike, if the economy keeps improving and hiring stays strong. april's weak jobs report had most economist thinking that the fed would wait licensing tore raise rates. a linkedin security breach four years ago was far worse then previously thought. hackers stole personal data from about 117 million users, not the initially estimated 6.5 million. hackers are trying to sell e-mail addresses and pass word on line that could be used to break into users other accounts. linkedin will once again ask impacted users to change their pass words.
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and amazon xo has a new you rival. >> they google turn the lights on. >> reporter: and at big conference yesterday, google unveiled guying the home, a voice activated speaker, connect to the internet, and can stream music, play movies and manage daily tasks that will be on the market later this year, brooke and jim. >> are you interested, jim. >> no, i don't want to be talking to things in my house, i don't want them talking back to me. >> i'm with you. >> i have enough voices in here. >> exactly. thanks. >> check with you tomorrow. if you are planning to fly, prior to wait. tsa security lines are longer then they have ever been and one member of the congress is calling it a crisis. >> that is right, "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live at philadelphia international airport this morning with more on these flight frustrations, hi there justin. >> reporter: hi there brooke and jim, good morning. we have not even hit peak summer travel yet and already reports across the country of long wait times and tsa checkpoints, overwhelmed, that
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is right now some airlines are adding staff and washington is freeing up fund to make checkpoints like this more efficient. from coast to coast airline industry insiders are complaining, a passengers waiting upward of two hours to clear airport security checkpoints. >> three times in the the last couple days. >> reporter: american airlines plans to invest four million-dollar to hire contractors, their jobs, to move packages to tsa checkpoints faster. at southwest some workers are now assigned to help move lines along. >> we can the in the the do the tsa job for them but we can lend a hand if it is not a security specific position. >> reporter: last week, they a proved 34 million-dollar to hire more, tsa officers and pay overtime to manage long lines but house home land security committee has said that is in the enough. >> this is a crisis. it demand a congress act. that is what i intend to do. >> it is like precheck where
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you don't to have take off your coat, belt, shoes but they can smell explosives. >> reporter: chuck schumer of new york and bob casey of pennsylvania are calling for more bomb sniffing k-9's to work checkpoints and many congress members want better programs, more recruiting and retaining tsa officers. and, back live, looking at a pretty efficient line here at terminal d, i can also tell you that senator bob casey pointed out that tsa has launched about 250 million-dollar in funding since, 2011, and that is a substantial drop. as you might imagine more people are flying here at our airport and checkpoint screening process has gotten more intense. we are live, justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks, justin. canadian prime minister is apologizing after being caught in the the center of a scuffle in the house of commons. justin drew dough says he was trying to help a member through the crowd but member
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of the parliament said he elbowed her out of the way. he was also, seen arguing, nose to nose with an opposition leader. it it was over rights to die legislation. look at this police car was set on fire in paris during an anti cop, hatred protest. around 15 protesters broke out car windows forcing two officers outside the cruiser, the police say they threw molotov cocktails inside. protesters in paris say police have instigated the violence during a series of demonstration as begins a controversial labor reform. coming up, george zimmerman causing more controversy this morning, hear what he has to say about trayvon martin's parents. plus a local neighborhood is under attack by bird. we will show you the problem, neighbors think is attracting the birds and is what being done today to get rid of them.
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how a bashful boy stole the show at the ballet. we will be right
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a school district of philadelphia worker has died due to injuries he sustained after a boiler explosion in the school earlier this year. six two-year old christopher, passed away yesterday, the maintenance workers was seriously hurt in the january incident when a boiler exploded in franklin edmunds elementary school. he work for the school
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district for 25 years. uninvited guests are invading one west philadelphia neighborhood. neighbors say big bird are noisy, and in some cases dangerous. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt has the story as l and i crews are expect to fix the problem today. >> i remember when these houses were all occupied and slowly but surely seen most of them die away. >> reporter: for philadelphia native ingrid bullock condemned properties are the normal on north 50th street where she's called home since she was a little girl. >> i was born and raised here. >> reporter: she has been at the exact same address since birth and crumbling homes that surround her are a painful reminder of reality, a reality that has brought about a few inn invited guests. >> huge, they have a wing span the width of my arm, they stand almost as high as maybe a one year-old child. >> reporter: she's talking
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about these turkey vultures, also known as buzzards, a neighbor captured them on her cell phone. >> yesterday, when it was trash day they came out, and they tore up all of my trash. >> reporter: bullock said they try to attack people too and blames this condemn home across the street. she claims it attraction them in the first place. cristina bay lives next door to the vulture's new hang out. >> it just sound like scratching, like a horrible noise like scratching on the wall, and like they are trying to come into my house. >> reporter: we check in and it turns out this specific vulture is a protect species meaning they cannot be harmed or killed. >> i feel like i'm, i should be a protected person also, that is now, the fact that they are coming down, they are that close to me, then that frightens me. >> reporter: ingrid bullock insist this is property has been vacant for a decade. we check with l and i officials and they will have a crew out here thursday to
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demolish it. bullock hopes the vultures will leave with the house. >> i shouldn't have to be afraid to come out of my front door. >> reporter: in philadelphia, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, if you have been outside so far this morning you may have seen a hit will rain. >> that is right, katie, when will we dry out because we are ready to start the count down. >> depending where you are, we have seen things dry out and at this point anything that is still out there, in the the way of wet weather is very, very spotty, and it the is very localized, as well, we will take a will first and foremost at big spots where we have dried out, starting to see that transition taking place in the live neighborhood network kutztown area middle will school, we have lush, green grass, might ago well be seattle with all of the rain we have had to keep the plants nice and happy but made for dreary conditions. obviously though the sunnies trying to peak through and it will continue to do so. this is east facing camera for the most part. you can see how clouds are still off in the distance here. look at our eye witt net weather watcher network they
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too are finding a at this point a lot have cloud being reported in from these folks, lower 50's is what we are finding. we have more of the localized spots where we have more cluster going on here, urban corridor lower 50's again basically around the board. lets go back to storm scan three and take a a look here, storm scan you can see very, very spotty activity, generally it is confined though to the southern most counties even at this point in delaware you are done but you see back edge of the included cover here, that is still moving through. as it continues to roll role from the northwest to south east we will see skies clearing out nicely and with every passing hour's sentencely it gets nicer and nicer. nationwide zoom, this is what we need to focus on next, the next storm that will gather strength and moisture from the gulf coast and rise through mid-atlantic region. we will once again be close enough to it that by saturday, we will end up with what looks to be a pretty dreary day. if you have outdoor plans it may be time to think of a backup at sometime. periods of rain are in the the forecast generally arriving
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late morning heaviest fall south of the city but we will see once we see that rain start potential for upward of an inch in philadelphia, maybe more further south you go and it will stay somewhat cool because of the clouds and the rain. in the meantime though you've got a couple gem of days here especially tomorrow. seventy-seven and sunshine. great way to wrap up a workweek, meisha. >> you know what, bring on friday, come on friday, we are waiting for you. schuylkill headlights moving in the eastbound direction at the vine looking good. i love our floor director. he is always shaking his head at me. schuylkill headlights moving eastbound direction at the vine tap. coney palmyra is back down and back opened, to traffic, looking good there. ben franklin bridge also another area i was looking at, look at how gorgeous this shot is. it looks like a post card. the beautiful. we don't have the sun but beautiful. erie vibe moving in the westbound direction looking good for those, and ben franklin bridge. ninety-five taillights are moving in the southbound direction at the airport. airport was experience something departure delays
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earlier this morning because of wind but that has new been all cleared. would i still highly suggest check your schedules on line. also an accident here at kelly drive inbound, before sedgley drive, one lane is block right now, not causing too many slow downs but it could push into that 6:00 o'clock hour. then stotesberry reabout on the a, fountain green drive and strawberry mansion drive at 11:00 a.m. today through 6:00 p.m. saturday. jim, over to you. if you air dog lover in need of stress relief today you can dial up, for a puppy play date. >> here's is what happening. ride sharing service is teaming up with the pennsylvania spca today to bring adoptable puppies, to area businesses. from 11 to 3:00 today book your 15 minute puppy play date if you work in philadelphia, conshohocken, king of prussia or cherry hill. the cost is $30 and proceeds, go to the spca. wait until you see this four year-old boy stealing the show at his ballet recital in
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georgia. >> it wasn't his dance moves getting the attention it was his severe case of stage fright. >> ♪ >> look at the little boy on the the left while other kids including his twin brother dance add way, fred spend the routine hiding his face with his shirt or sailor hat. his parents say he was in the used to performing in front of the large crowd. i say freddie's intentionally doing this because he knew it with go viral. >> turf say that ballet is in the for everybody. my mom made me meisha, because she want meade to be a ballet dancer and no way, no way, that is just naughty, in my bones. >> coming up, we will have a special honor for the fire fighters. see why they were recollect myselfed for their work. one epic trek for this massive space shuttle fuel tank, new home where it is heading this weekend.
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zimmerman is making headlines. he said sale was successful but in the clear who bought the gun or how much they spent. zimmerman is criticizing
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martin's parent, in an interview with the daily beast he says they quote, didn't raise their son right. will, lower merion fire fighters are recognized forking ago above and beyond as they saved a man trapped in his car. >> board of commissioners awarded a citation to the rescuers and mostly volunteers who responded to a car crash last september. the fire fighters worked for more than 80 minutes to free the man, victim had been trapped for more than eight hours when his car plunge into a creek. >> you know, these guys put the a lot of time in, a lot of work, both training, and responding to calls and they do it for nothing, which is the main reason why we want try to recognize them in some small way, with a citation, of this type. >> another citation was a word todd fire fighters to fire fight hours participated in the pope's visit last september. nasa's last remaining space shuttle external fuel tank is on a epic journey. the barge hauling the
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66,000-pound tank is in california's a marina. on saturday it will make a slow trek through streets have of l.a. will it will make its way to the california science center. fuel tank is known as et94, and it will be placed in an upright display, next to the retired space shuttle endeavor. coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", how do you know at risk for arthritis. plus a secret revealed. find out what o.j. simpson said to his lawyer right after he was acquitted of his ex-wife's murder. a glitch that kept thousands oz have people being able to get their own cash and new they are compensated for the trouble. find out if you have any money coming to you next.
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we have been following breaking news all morning the search for an egyptair jet that just vanish, off the radar. families are desperate the for any information, we will tell you what we necessity about the flight plane and the passengers on board. >> what i said was incredibly stupid, and insensitive. >> former governor ed rendell a pol guyses for controversial comment he made about women and he also told us what he meant to say. here's some good news, the sun will finally shine today, and it is warming up too but the forecast doesn't stay too nice for too long.
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today is thursday, may 19th, good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm's brooke thomas. lets go right to weather and traffic. katie and meisha is keeping an eye on things and has everything that you need to know. >> that voice. >> that is my morning voice. >> yes, good morning. >> the gang is here, and roadways are looking good. we have an accident on kelly drive though. >> okay. >> well, thankfully we are, starting to brighten up, jim but you are right it doesn't last forever. i will stick to the good news, you know, it is like i have some good news and some bad news. we will start off with the good news. on storm scan three right new we are finding a a few very, very spotty residual showers from one trying to retreat with the moisture exiting stage east, basically, and moving out to sea. you can see back end of the cloud through the poconos, now moving in the northern lehigh valley, berks county and as a result, we will go through the day we will see clouds thin with time.


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