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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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terrorist attack, cbs news correspondent tina krause has more on the investigation. >> reporter: family members flew the same route from paris to cairo to get latest from the missing passengers of egyptair flight 804. egyptian authorities say floating deprice including life jackets have been found near the islands in the mediterranean sea. ship captain, posted photos that show object on the water but greek authorities claim debris found so far does not belong to the aircraft. egypt's aviation minister suspect terrorism but experts say it is just too soon to reach that conclusion. >> could it have been pilot issues, mechanical failure, could it have been a bomb? all of these things will be reruled when we finally are able to find the aircraft, itself. >> reporter: flight was headed to die ohio from paris, it had 56 passengers and ten crew members on board. greece defense minister says plane was flying at 37,000 feet, when it suddenly
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dropped and turn sharply before disappearing from radar. >> she says that her niece was a flight attendant on the jet line shore just got married. we still have hope, she says. the fbi is helping in the investigation and u.s. navy is sending planes to help with the search. >> the rather than authorities are doing everything that they can to try to find out what the facts are, of what happened today. >> reporter: france is also taking part in the investigation. in paris, tina krause for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and, stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage, of the egyptair flight 804 investigation, get latest anytime at cbs philly dot the come. there are now more global terror concerns. russia's security chief says his agency has track down a group working to prepare paris style attacks in big russian cities. officials will reveal suspects were lanning to go to syria to join isis after carrying out at tax. russia has conduct an air
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campaign against ice is in syria. meanwhile law makers in france have a proved a two month extension of the the that country's state of emergency, it was originally declared after the paris attacks in november, which killed 130 people. the extension means police will have expanded powers to keep people safe during the european championship soccer tournament in june, and the tour of france, in july. a warning for women tonight after a frightening attack at a camden county park. police say a woman was assaulted while running. it happened at berlin park in berlin. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden joins us with the very latest from police, joe. >> reporter: hi, ukee at this park it is a a popular spot and people living out here in berlin say it is a safe place but that attack this morning has left some unsettled. out for a jog, a woman is attacked and investigators say a man attempted to sexually assault her along a trail in berlin park. >> that is terrifying. i always went with my mom and sister. it the is just so close to
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home it makes it scary. something we do every day. the just thinking of it, it is terrifying, that it could happen to any of us. >> reporter: word of what happened was cause for an alarm a monk people who regularly come to the park. >> it really is scar that i it would happen right in our backyard, really, just a few miles from here and it is just freaky would it happen. >> unfortunate thing to happen but it does happen every where. >> reporter: officials say the victim was able to fight the man off after he popped out of the woods startling her. >> been able to kick, punch, to whatever she could to get away from this individual but main thing is to be aware of your surroundings. >> reporter: police say during the scuffle the victim dropped her phone and another person, called 911 and she was taken to the hospital. police sealed off the area immediately surrounding the park, and then used state police helicopter but their search for the attacker came up empty. runners are now reviewing safety measures and thinking before setting out on that next jog. >> be safe, never go by myself. i don't anyway but still you never know what can happen.
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you don't think of it happening,. >> i checked in with police within the half an hour and we are waiting for a call back to determine if they have been able to narrow their search for this suspect attacker. now, the victim is expect to be okay. she was taken to the hospital for observation, and it is unclear, tonight if she was able to gather any physical evidence, from this attacker, to aid police in their investigation. we're live tonight in berlin, joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> joe, thanks very much. chopper three over a crash in wood land delaware county. a dump truck overturned just before 2:30 this afternoon on the southbound blue route ramp to macdade boulevard. you can see the crash left a mess to clean up there on the shoulder. no injuries were reported. an update on a story we brought you last night, a an abandoned house in west philadelphia that neighbors say is home to vultures. the department of licenses and inspections told "eyewitness news" that they would start demolishing the home on north
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50th street at 2:00 p.m. chopper three was over the house around 3:45 this afternoon and it was still standing. now thinks cell phone video of the vultures, a neighbor who lives a cross the street said bird tear up crash and even tried to attack people. we are sad to report tonight cbs news legend morally safer has died at 84. >> sixty minutes correspondent retired last week after more than five decade at cbs news. >> morally safer covered the world for after a century and dit in a way that touched lives, but it actually change them. his reporting from vietnam, helped shift the way america thought about the war. >> just as the medivac'd came in the boy died. he was 17. >> reporter: in 1965 he showed u.s. marines burning down a village sending terrified civilians running from their home. >> morally safer cbs news.
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>> reporter: new way of covering war realistic and bleak. schaefer was canadian but he settled in new york after joining 60 minutes in 1970. and in 1983, he his report on jeter became one of the show's proudest moment. safer and his team uncovered new evidence show he had been wrongly convicted of armed robbery in texas. it led to jeter's relief from a life sentence. safer had a flame for the lighter side, he traveled the world covering everything from the tank go crazed to the british passion for gardening. he documented good food, fine wine, great cars, and one of the 60 minutes most popular shows, he interviewed the muppets. >> sixty minutes was a high class show. >> reporter: he took on the art world, twice. first in the 90's when he questioned the value of modern art. >> it is, a white rectangle will. >> reporter: and then again in
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2012. >> clumsy and incomprehensible. >> reporter: but safer was himself an artist, he carried art supplies when he traveled and spent his sleepless hours painting in his many hotel rooms. >> over his many years, with 60 minutes, safer picked up dozens of the most prestige as you wards in journalism for a man, who enjoyed telling a story, he always said there was no better job than the one he had. >> he was just a giant. >> a giant and an amazing story teller. >> absolutely. >> well, finally, a glimpse of the sun it has been quite a roller coaster weather-wise this month. we are hoping for nicer weather to stick around. meteorologist kate bilo live on the cbs-3 sky deck with your first look at this forecast, kate. >> jessica, today turned out to be a great day. we started with full sun and cloud, bubbled up mid afternoon and there are a few clouds but today has been one of the best days so far this
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month. tomorrow is going to blow today right out of the water. lets look at temperatures right now and see what we are dealing with on this thursday afternoon, it is 72 degrees. we hit our forecasted high, 73 in trenton. seventy-two in wilmington. cooler town the shore. sixty's in atlantic city, back toward millville, 56 degrees there. that will be cooler as we head in the case tomorrow as well thanks to cooler ocean water. still 68 degrees though, definitely not a bay for the shore. so far this spring we have had five, 80-degree days, but none of happened this month, isn't that crazy, warmest mayday so far 76 degrees, tomorrow though, we will have a shot for let's talk burr rain chances moving forward. 0 percent tomorrow, and then everything starts to go downhill. saturday we have got a 90 percent chance of rain and rain does creep back in the forecast sunday and monday. coming up we will talk about how warm it will get tomorrow and i'll break down that 90 percent chance of rain saturday which areas get heaviest and what time it moves in and then moves back
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out. for now back over to you. >> kate, thank you. graduation day for class of 2016 at ruth fierce camden. >> eye witt the necessary news at the pavilion for business school will commencement, first of three ceremonies to day. in all, we're told 2,000 under grad and graduate students earned degrees from the camden campus. congratulations, to all of the graduates. well, coming up on "eyewitness news" a reading police officer on the wrong side of the law. he is facing charges after a traffic stop turned into a violent confrontation, a live report with what prosecutors claimed the that the officer lied about. cut calories without changing your diet, that is right, get to eat what you want, all you have to do is put it the on the plate. it is hottest new work out in philadelphia, coming up i'll introduce you to the work
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time is 5:12. thanks so much for joining us we will get to kate bilo in a few moments here on
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"eyewitness news". right now uber a and pennsylvania spca team up to offer puppy play dates to businessness our region. >> offices in philadelphia as well as conshohocken, king of prussia and cherry hill have the opportunity to book play dates. and those who did used the uber app to get 15 minutes of puppy play time. >> not only are we, you know, giving folks some much needed stress relief to workers throughout fill will a but we're also hoping to find some homes for all of the dogs that are going out with us today. >> it cost 30 bucks but the money goes to the spca. look at those puppies. >> um, um, um. >> so cute. >> yes, they are. yes, they are. kate joins with us our forecast. we want to take the dog out today, have a great time, or your cat. >> beautiful day. we had lots of sunshine this morning. the the clouds kind of, came in mid afternoon but stayed generally dry for majority of today and just a gorgeous day to get outside finally, thisf is the day we have been waiting for, tomorrow though, it is really the day we have
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been waiting for. tomorrow is the day we may approach 80 degrees. we have not hit 80, ones this month of may. we have had a few 80's in march but none in may. let's get an 80 on the board. we will get close tomorrow. lets take you out to the poconos where things are looking just beautiful, right now. thinks at jack frost big bold inner carbon county, in problems outside right now. everything looking good. we have got a few puffy cumulus cloud, lots of blue sky and that is what it looks like in the city of philadelphia at the moment as well. we will go out to storm scan three and show what you we are looking at here. we have some cool air in the upper atmosphere. it almost looks like sponge painted clouds, as an indication that is there instability in the a upper levels of the atmosphere. i cannot rule out a stray spring this will evening but if it is anything it is one swipe of the windshield wipers and you are done or couple rain drops on your arm out walking the dog. that is bit. everything looking quiet on storm scan three right now. zooming out nothing really over north east to worry about. there are more showers popping
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up over new england where we have got a little more cool air and more instability going on. our next system gathering strength off to the south though that is going to head off the coast in the weekend and bring us, some weekend rain. so tomorrow is beautiful. but then everything unfortunately goes downhill starting the weekend, which is a bummer to have it on a weekend but we do, got to get through the rain, it is spring. we have have had this kind of weather. it has been above average precipitation wise so far this may. it seems like it is wetter than that but we are not even an inch above average. temperature wise 4.3 degrees below average. highest temp 76. lowest is 42 degrees. the let's time this out heading in to your friday. friday a gorgeous day. friday and saturday are like opposite as much as you can get this time of the year. we have sunshine through the day on friday. not even a cloud in the sky for most of the the day and temperatures near 80 degrees. then cloud roll in. here's our storm for saturday. notice heavier rain as i have been saying is down through del marva region but we will
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see periods of rain saturday afternoon, saturday evening, and then main storm exits, sunday could start with sun but then watch for showers and storms to pop up gannon sunday afternoon. so, for your a saturday what to expect period of rain, heaviest off to the south and then isolated gusty thunderstorm is possible, especially north of the system, a cool east wind, temperatures, only in the lower 60's on saturday. overnight mainly clear and quiet at 52 degrees. your friday is beautiful, lots of sunshine. warm and comfortable. 78 degrees your friday high, and then look at a the difference we went from 78, to only 62, rainy, damp and miserable, we will step right back into that nonsense on saturday but then sunday looks a whole lot better, just a shower, some sun will peak through clouds and next week we will have some promising information to share with you as well. >> okay. >> really. >> nice. >> no nonsense. >> kate, thank you. race for white house is getting ugly on both side. confrontation between bernie
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sanders supporters and hillary clinton backers in nevada last weekend has democratic party leaders calling for unity. there are concerns that if tensions continue it could lead to violence at the national convention here in philadelphia in july. on the republican side, donald trump is rehashing old accusations about former president bill clinton. >> one case it is about exposure and another case it the business groping, and fondling, and rape. >> and rape. >> trump is up three points over clinton in a potential november election. meanwhile trump is back in our area tonight for a fund raise tore help governor christie retire his presidential campaign debt. "eyewitness news", new jersey reporter, cleve bryan, joins us in lawrenceville mercer county where demonstrators have been gathered for hours, cleve. >> reporter: ukee, doors just opened across the street at armory so people are allowed to go into the trump fund
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raising event but on the other side of the street here is there a large protesting contingency, several hundred people at this point right now. they are trying to get those driving to honk in support. many of them with criticism of done will old trump. >> lifting their voices and their signs protesters want presumptive republican presidential nominee donald trum top feel unwelcome. >> new jersey is not a state for hate and we need to get the hate out of the new jersey. >> reporter: several labor and community officials coordinated efforts to protest donald trump's appearance with governor christie at national guard armory in lawrenceville there was even a banner plane. >> one thing that unite as lot of new jersians it is their difficulties taste -- distaste for the governor and donald trump. >> there are support their say he is the leader that the country needs. >> the way things are running in washington he wants to change and he may be out spoken and has been saying
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thing he is a winner. he likes to win things. >> reporter: now this crowd will most likely continue to grow for the next two hours as people get done work. governor christie and donald trump both scheduled to speak after 7:00 p.m. reporting live, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> a lot more still ahead on "eyewitness news". >> jersey shore beach goers are getting jewelry with their beach tags but bracelets have a serious message. plus... >> reading police officer has turned himself in after being accused of punching a woman and destroying her phone that she was using to record their interactions but it turns out other cameras were rolling. i'm alexandria hoff with that footage, coming up. spin, yoga, cross fit, none of those have the same flare as this, a new class that could give you an inside track to that beach body you have been looking for coming up n
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don joins us now. you like to stay on top of the current fitness trend.
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>> that is right. >> so we can discuss these things. >> like what are you doing, how are you stay fit, running, spinning, i'm basically trying to get my ukee on. that is what it is all about. >> that is right. >> summer is almost here. that means sunnies out, guns out, or sunnies out, funnies out. whatever floats your boat. there is a new fitness class that promiseds big results. leslie van arsdal has more. >> ♪ >> reporter: it is a hard core cardio work out based on, a music culture. and it is brand new here in philadelphia. >> this is, not a dance class. this is a i high intensity cardio class. >> reporter: she came to philadelphia two months ago. >> on average, a 50 minute class can burn between 500 to 800 calories. i can't imagine what i have to do on ae lip california to burn 800 calories. >> reporter: when karen heard about the work out she had to bring it to her studio. >> it was a strong fitness work out. yes, we're moving to music but
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doesn't matter if you are coordinated, not coordinated. >> my arms got more tone. my abs got more toned. it is just all around fun. >> this work out is going to help you unleisure inner rock star. >> reporter: i know nothing about mbolhi dancing but was sure i would be find. valerie jordanson said she had her doubts before the first class. >> i'm not really big on cardio type classes and i don't have any dance experience but after taking this class, i just realized if you just keep moving, it is fun, you feel like you are dancing or at a party. you don't even notice time because are having so much fun. >> reporter: so, for a first timer it wasn't easy, it was a great work out and a lot of fun. the leslie van arsdal "eyewitness sports". >> yeah. >> she did well. >> get it, lva. >> yes, she worked it. >> i bet you are moving that much for an hour, you will burn calories. >> yes, a lot of steps in
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there. >> bring out ibuprofen and i will be there, i will be there. >> thanks, appreciate it. coming up next, on "eyewitness news" reading police office's accused of punching a woman. >> prosecutors say cameras were rolling, more video and what investigators say that officer lied about, that is coming up. plus this. >> reporter: i've dot something up my sleeve that just might save your life here on the beach this um iser, we will have the story of how it works, and what we are calling for coming up. at 6:00 tonight a revelation, in south jersey, revel casino will open our doors. greg argos takes us inside and show you what you
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♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ a local police officer
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surrenders, to face criminal charges. why this new surveillance video is critical evidence in the case begins him. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:30, hi everyone i'm jessica dean. aim ukee washington. authorities say officer is facing charges because of his actions during a traffic stop. >> "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is live in reading berks count which more on these allegations, alex? >> reporter: well, good evening. on april 5th when the 27 year-old officer made a traffic stop here in the 800 block of greenwich street and he has now been charged with lying about much of what happened next. because of these cameras right up here. he was caught. a four year veteran of the reading police force officer jesus santiago dejesus isn't one for cameras as he turned himself into police. according to the county's district attorney's office this surveillance footage captured how officer falsified a traffic stop back in april and his actions instigated violence that followed.
5:30 pm
>> he did not want this interaction to be recorded. >> reporter: in his report officer santiago said he pulled over a driver and passenger for failing to use their blinker. >> the video, is quite graphic in that it was clear, that this individual used her turn signal, when she pulled into a parking space. >> reporter: situation escalates when video shows officer grab the driver's phone from her, smashing it to the ground, and detectives say that the backup was called in, and that the driver did throw a punch, but hard to see, and at that point officer santiago struck back. >> the lady involved in this incident marcell sitron during this incident suffered some serious cuts in her skull and had to receive a number of stape unless her head. >> unfortunately that will get coupled with all of these videos that we have seen of recent times where people are getting assaulted and abused
5:31 pm
by police officers. that is not this situation. >> reporter: santiago's attorney says that there is more to this story and that the driver and passenger did not heed officer's instructions. now both the driver, marcell gar sianni have been charged but those have about withdrawn. back in january, officer santiago was discipline in internally for trying to film a police interaction. he was discipline internally. no charges were formally filed. the district attorney tell me it is legal to film any police interaction as long as the phonies not part of any criminal investigation. reporting live from reading, i'm alexandria hoff for cbs-3 50 witness news. also tonight a 13 year-old ohio girl is safe, after authorities say that she was chained and held captive by relatives for more than a year. the teen told police that her stepfather and his son kept her shackled to a support beam in a dark basement. they allegedly set food ape
5:32 pm
old table scraps and forced her to go in the bathroom in the bucket. somehow the girl freed herself and ran to the neighbor's house for help. >> often times they are traumatized, and it takes time for them to open up, and be able to tell us what has happened. that is why i'm saying this is unfolding. >> five three-year old timothy, and his 27 year-old son, were charged with kidnapping and child endangerment. two other children found in the house were placed in foster care. well, airport security lines, like these are causing headaches and delays for passengers all around the country. among the worst chicago's mid wear airport. chris van cleve is there with the up close look at mess and what is being done to fix it. >> reporter: enormous security lines are ratcheting up the pressure on the transportation security administration. now tsa is shifting some responsibility, to travelers.
5:33 pm
>> we're not here to day to blame this on passengers but this is one contributing factor to the lines, being longer. >> reporter: officers they say unscientific show and tell at chicago's hard hit mid wear airport show how items like water bottles and knives backup the line this holds the rest of the bags on that cue from proceeding through. >> reporter: taa says much bigger issues then prohibited items are the staffing crunch and just sheer volume of travelers packing the checkpoints. >> makes wide, an average of 7 , from last year to this year and in some of those larger airports, up to 15 percent more. >> reporter: to handle the crowds the agency is hiring an extra 768 screeners over the next month, also, shifting more k-9 units to larger airports and bumping up part-time work tours full-time. passengers can only hope though steps will alleviate those lines like this at midway. >> it is a problem. i came three hours early to make sure i got my flight.
5:34 pm
>> reporter: if the crowds are bad now wait until the summer when travel is expected to hit new records. that includes the upcoming memorial day weekend, which could be the busiest ever. chris van cleve for cbs news, chicago. >> well, beach goers in longport will be seeing purple this um iser thanks to a special warning bracelet. as our walt hunter explains it is a purpose to raise awareness about skin cancer. >> you owe me 70. >> reporter: you get more than a beach tag for your money in longport this year. if you are among the first 5,000 purchasers, you will also get, a bracelet. that just might safe your life. >> this is an exciting program. >> reporter: white bracelets like the one worn by mayor turn purple when they are hit by uv rays a colorful reminder that you need to protect yourself from the sun. a major cause of deadly melanoma. >> what we're talking about here is trying to sensitize people to their next us between the sun and the disease. >> reporter: people say a long with the newly purchased beach
5:35 pm
tags their children will also bewaring the new bracelets. >> cancer is a scary disease and this is great for longport to be doing this. >> reporter: even on days when the sun seems to be hidden behind the clouds you are still getting bombarded with rays, and bracelets detect those rays, almost immediately. bracelets which are reusable, turn purple, long before your skin begins turning red. >> i think they have really, grown into a great protection tool. >> reporter: george miller and his family first created them for the tower/miller foundation started by his 30 year-old daughter as she valiantly battled the cans their would claim her life. >> we hope that people will then do something to protect themselves report report like a life guard whistling a warning, now a bracelet turning colors, to help protect you from the sun and the cancer that it can bring. in longport, walt hunter,
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cbs-3 "eyewitness news". cbs news new york times poll find americans are divided over transgender bathroom issue. 46 percent of those asked say that transgender people should use the bathrooms assigned to their birth gender, four is percent think they should use the bathroom of the gender with which they identify. the poll also found out that most americans think that the transgender bathroom issue should be decided at state and local level and not the feds. vice-president joe biden is making an urgent call. >> vice-president accepted the lifetime achievement award from the national urban league in washington today. biden called for u.s. to have a national conversation about institutional racism, even if the discussion is uncomfortable. >> you got to shake the status quo a little bit. you know, we see this institutional racism exist today, in voting, in education, and very make up of our neighborhoods, housing
5:37 pm
patterns, employment, transportation, access to transportation. >> president obama welcomed 17 of the nation's leading scientists and innovators to the white house today, the president, awarded them the national medal of science and national medal of technology and innovation. these are the highest honors bestowed by the you had government on scientists, engineers and inventors. recipient include doctor simon levin of princeton university, honored for his international leadership in environmental science. an american flag that flew over guantanamo bay, cuba has a new home in camden county. >> flag was presented during an award ceremony for members of the county police department. several members served in the new jersey national guard, and the flag represented gratitude for their sacrifice and service. other officers and civilians were also honored for their exemplary work. and still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight, pro golfer named in an insider
5:38 pm
trading law. and a terrifying car crash, caught on camera, that the drivers frantic plea to police, and officers saved the day. cut calories without changing a thing about your diet, we will tell but the calorie killing plate, kate? well, we have got two opposite days in the forecast, beautiful tomorrow, not so great to start the weekend but how long will that next storm, stick around, and we will have the latest with the seven day
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now, chopper three live over willis town, chester county, you can see a car that went off the road and crashed into some trees. this is at west chester pike and dell chester road. we're told the driver, took off from this car and ran into the woods and that police are now searching for that driver.
5:42 pm
we're also told that it started with a traffic stop, and that the car you see there hit a police car. again we're working to get more information on this story coming out of chester county and we will update you as we get more information. fill will fill mickelson has agreed to repay one million-dollar in profits after being named in a insider trading lawsuit. now the securities and exchange commission says that mickelson unfairly earned $931,000 on information from a former corporate director and a professional gambler. both of those men are facing criminal charges. mickelson who a allegedly owed the gambler money at the time of the stock trade in question has in the been criminally charged. this is time of the year when you might notice more for sale signs, popping up all around the region. >> buying or selling a home is a big decision so that brings up a good question, another real estate market crash inevitable when the housing bubble burst around 2007 it created a ripple effect felt across the country.
5:43 pm
could it happen again? that is a good question and nicole brewer has the answer for you tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. if you have a good question, log on to cbs question. tweet it to us be sure to use the hash tall cbs-3 good question. >> interested in the markets, see what happens tonight. up next, fans of the good wife, some good news, some of your favorite characters are not going away, even though the show
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captured on camera an ohio trooper helped rescue a baby from a burning can. >> it all started with a traffic stop that took a dangerous turn, car was seen swerving across the road as he clipped a pole before flipping and then bursting into flames. trooper's dash cam caught the driver's frantic cry for help. >> unaudible. >> he is upside down in his car seat, held by the car seat belt. i'm still thinking is this car going to catch on fire,
5:47 pm
explode? i don't know. so i just wanted to get him out. >> amazingly no one was seriously hurt in that crash. the driver is facing charges for dui, and child endangerment. winding wall of sand here in chine, this sand storm developed sweeping across north west china with gayle force wind. visibility as you might imagine dropped to zero. the cloud of sand rolled from town to town for several hours before it died down. it left an incredible dusty trail, and a big mess behind. >> wow. >> yes, that was something. >> sand storm. >> yes, exactly. >> oh, is that what our forecast, lets in the talk about that nonsense you are talking about down the road. >> in one wants to talk about that nonsense down the road. >> unfortunately it is not that far down the road. it is for the weekend. it looks like saturday during the a afternoon will be rainy, do your indoor activities, get caught up on laundry, tv shows, take the kid to the movie, something along them lines but tomorrow, tomorrow
5:48 pm
is the day to look forward to. lets take a look what is happening outside, we have a shore shot for you, we will go down the shore in ocean city, a few clouds out there but still a very nice looking afternoon, a few folks stralling along the boardwalk. the won't be long now before the boardwalk is hopping, every single night. we are very, very close to memorial day weekend and then we will kick off summer season and see lots of people outside on the boardwalk every night enjoying beautiful summer weather. it is pretty crowded tonight, already. lets check with our weather watchers. not as crowded with people enjoying this day, finally some sunshine. it does than the take much to make us happy now, temperatures in the 70's, sun outside, that is all we need. good news we appreciate it more when we have had almost a month of ugly weather preceding it. seventy-nine in delran and at allen's house. the great day, sunny, comfortable with low humidity. we have 76 degrees as we check with steve johnson in west chester. we've got sunshine there. we will take new to delaware. also in the 70's.
5:49 pm
walter, in newark delaware at 72 degrees. he send us this photo of a wild turkey he happened to spot the in dover this afternoon. there you go, something i don't see every day. saw it on my way home from dover on this gorgeous afternoon. weather watchers for something random on a thursday afternoon. lets look at is what happening on our live neighborhood network in kutztown, and you can see beautiful afternoon there, a few puffy fair weather cloud, blue sky, no problems, middletown ship high school cape may courthouse looking great, as well, and it did look as though a couple sprinkles might pop up. you can see how they are doing over portions of new england and it is looking like that will in the happen through the remainder of this evening, if anything, a a stray rain drop or two. one little sprinkle maybe right there over portions of bucks county and that is bit. most of the area is dry tonight. system instability in the at the months fear causing that. this is what we have to watch. our next system gathering strength in the eastern seaboard that will develop off the coast this weekend and will eventually bring us some
5:50 pm
rain. let's talk first about how cool it has been this may. average high temperature to date, in may, 64.2. now compared that and contrast to it our april high, our average april high of 64.4. it has been colder this may so far then it usually is in april. it is not been seasonal at all. it has been cloudy. we have had one full sunny day, seven days with some patchy clouds, partly to mostly cloudy and then a cloudy sky, ten days this month, ten out of 19 days, those are not great stats but tomorrow we're going to put another day back in the sunshine column. high pressure is in control as we head through your friday that will keep it beautiful. it is a taste of two pressure systems. we have a high on friday, low on saturday, that will completely change things but for your friday, practically perfect, in every way. we have sunny skies, warm temperatures, low humidity, light wind. check the boxes and you have your friday. hopefully you can get outside and enjoy it for part of the
5:51 pm
day. then here comes that low on saturday you can see clouds to start the morning. first half of the day does not look that wet the but then rain arrives by afternoon and will continue right through saturday evening and that rain could be heavier at times. overnight mainly clear, quiet, 52 degrees is your overnight low. friday looking great, mostly sunny, warmer, comfortable at 78 degrees. the saturday more than 15 degrees colder, period of that chilly rain saturday afternoon and evening especially some tsunami day, same story monday, but look at the middle of next week we may be in the 80's finally next wednesday and thursday. now back to you guys. >> i see it there. i see it. >> twinkling. >> yes. >> thanks, kate. this next story sound like a dieter's dream a plate that sucks calories from your food. >> thinks absorb plate, here's how it is supposed to work. the plate has 500 small holes on the bottom abe those are intended to suck the grease and oil from your food. developers say it cuts
5:52 pm
30 calories from each meal. in word on when this plate will be available. >> interesting. interesting. >> your future uber ride may not have anyone behind the wheel. the company say it is testing its first self driving car on the streets of pittsburgh. vehicle is a for hybrid equipped with radars, laser scanners and high resolution cameras but there is still a train driver in it monitoring how that equipment, works. no driver. >> very space agey there. >> yes. >> still a head on "eyewitness news" a family going through a painful diagnosis. >> she saw the tumor in his liver. >> a patient is just a baby, in a show of brotherly love another family who has cancer is giving them hope. we will explain. when we come right back.
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fans have the cbs hit show the good wife which ended may eighth, now a has reason to rejoyce: a spin off is in the works. cbs announced christine baransky will reprice her role as dianne lockheart in the spin off that will be available on the cbs on line video service, cbs all access. the show will be part of the cast and the show will debut in spring of 2017. so i know people are excited about that. >> yes. >> someone is diagnosed with cancer, it is very hard for the family to concentrate on anything else. >> local foundation has spent two decade giving those families a break. we met one family in warminster who got brotherly love. >> reporter: twenty month-old jacob burnstein does in the stay still very licensing. he loves trucks, playing with his big brother sammy. >> he knows he is invincible.
5:57 pm
i think he knows he went through a big battle. >> reporter: while still in the womb jacob was diagnosed with a treatable kidney problem that cleared up soon have after birth but his mother, stephanie insisted on follow-up ultra sounds. >> on june 23rd we were getting an ultrasound done and she saw tumor in his liver. and... sorry. >> reporter: a cancer, a blast tome, jacob was only nine months old. >> when you get the diagnosis the first thing you happies your world shrinks. >> reporter: they split their time between home and hospital as jacob went through chemo and surgery. marry ellen fitzgerald knows what that is like. hurley late sister tie and fitzgerald brought breast cancer for six years and had support of family and friend. >> they often had a lot of small gestures of kindness, home cooked meals, kid taken soccer practice. >> reporter: dianne and her family started breathing room foundation in 1997 to help families like the burnstein's,
5:58 pm
they were amazed when foundation volunteers, sent a huge thanksgiving meal, christmas, hanukkah presents. >> we will do your grocery shopping. we will come into your yard work. we will dot housecleaning. we will do anything. >> they have come and raked our yard and cleaned our yard and mode our lawns, just to make sure that we wouldn't to have think about that while we were spending so many hours in the hospital. >> we, we. >> reporter: jacob is back home and the treatment damaged his hearing, so he wears hearing aids. he will need follow-up scans for years but mark counts himself lucky. >> if it wasn't for all of those people and then some i don't know where we would be. >> reporter: the breathing room foundation helped more than 700 new families alone last year. they are always looking for volunteers and donations, to find out more just go to cbs >> great story that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 donald trump gets a mixed reaction as he joins governor chris christie
5:59 pm
in the garden state. our david spunt will be live with more on the visit and potential presidential showdown, in new jersey. it felt as if it where is fourth down, time was running out, on the clock and we had hail hail mary pass. >> local man's life turned upside down, devastating diagnosis put this rock climber's future in jeopardy. our stephanie stahl explains the experimental treatment that might save his life, kate. we have finally got beautiful spring weather today and it will stay sunny through the end of the week but then everything begins to change, i'll have the forecast that has a little bit of everything coming up at 6:00. >> reporter: owner says revel is slate todd open june 15th i'm greg argos with an exclusive look inn side and it is 6:00 o'clock. cheers and jeers in mercer
6:00 pm
county tonight as presumptive republican presidential nominee donald trump joins governor chris christie in the garden state. trump's in town for a fundraiser for the governor. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is in lawrenceville with the results of the new poll on a potential garden state showdown, david. >> reporter: yes, jessica before we get to that quinnipiac poll released to day governor christie and donald trump will take this stage behind me at 7:00 tonight. we are in the armory in lawrenceville, different kind of venue for something like this but as you said before this is actually an event to help pay off chris christie's failed presidential campaign debt, that is what this is for. we're talking about $200 a ticket to get in here. lets talk about that poll titled blue jersey, blue jersey for the democrats, meaning that hillary clinton, against donald trump in new jersey leading 45 to 38 percent is what donald trump in that quinnipiac pol


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