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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  May 20, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> is a morning jog turns into a violent struggle when a woman is attacked from behind. find out what police are saying, plus how an eyewitness helped the young victim. >> speculation continues about what led egypt air flight 804 to go missing from radar, crews spend the night scouring for signs of wreckage in the mediterranian. two of the candidates running for president chime in about the disappearance. >> and live look at storm scan3, showing wet weather headed here for the weekend. but, katie says before the rain gets here it will be a phenominal friday. >> phenominal, that's the way i like my friday's. good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. thanks for joining us, meisha is here with traffic, and katie has your phenominal forecast.
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>> yeah. good morning, we have one accident out there already. soap, not too phenominal in the world of traffic. but let's just talk about the weather. >> it is looking so, so good. one of those perfect spring days where it is nice and warm, nice and clear right now, too, so we'll see phenominal sunrise and sunset here as the day goes on. nice clear sky for you, region wide, and that's going to continue throughout the entire day. let's take a lock at the area temperatures here very quickly if we can. looking at the last 24 hours, you have seen little bit of drop off over the course of the overnight hours, in the too significant, but enough that you notice it in the poconos, in the pine land area where you are 10 degrees cooler by comparison, then this same time yesterday. it is actually interestingly just smidge milder in philadelphia at the airport anyway than it was this same time yesterday. but how that actually translates to the thermometer, here you go, cold this morning in mount pocono, 34 degrees, clear sky will do that, 57, thankfully nice calm winds in philadelphia, at 49 in atlantic city. walk you through the rest of
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your friday, specking temperatures to rebounds nicely, at least flirt with 80 degrees, upper 70s, nice, conform, feeling very warm, sunshine throughout the entire region as a whole, just make an excuse, finds a reason to get outside if you can today, because the window of dry weather here, meisha, a closes pretty quickly, by tomorrow the rain is already here. >> i'll spend my entire day outside. it will turn into a jog, walk, crawl, whatever, but not going inside. good morning, this is what we are looking at, scrub eastbound, construction out there, that right lane is compromised right now, not going to cause too many slow downs, we know still very, very early. know it is out there. ninety-five north between the vine and girard avenue. that right lane also compromised due to construction, early morning construction, good news no early morning construction on the vine. good fuse for us that use that. vine looking at the westbound and eastbound side looking good. i would say not really heat up at had 30:00, but certainly early risers out there, eastbound still looks very
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quiet. accident in warwick township, york road between west bristol pike, meyer way, all lanes block here. you will have to use alternate. meyer way to route 611, probably going to be your best bet right now, jim, brooke, out to you. >> this morning, police trying to track down the man they say attacked a jog nerve broad daylight. >> happened at berlin park around 9:00 a.m. yesterday. let's get right to the "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live in berlin with the very latest, jan? >> good morning, police are asking joggers to remain vigilant today, since the suspect still hasn't been caught. and you know what is really scary about this attack it, didn't happen at night in the cover of darkness, it happened here at this park at 9:00 in the morning, as you mentioned, in broad daylight. word that a jogger was assaulted here at berlin park yesterday sparked big search for the suspect, this park is located between the white horse pike, new freedom road, park drive berlin borough. police immediately sealed off and surrounded the area, using
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k9's, and new jersey state police helicopter. woman in her 20's was jogging on trail here around 9:00 a.m., when manna tack her from behind. they say he popped out of the woods and then wrestled her to the grounds, tried to sexually assault her. she was able to get away. she lost her cell phone in the process, though, a good samaritan saw her and called 911. she was taken to the hospital with minor injuries, but the suspect was able to get away. take a listen, though, to how police say she was able to escape. >> she was able to kick the punch, do whatever she could, to get away from this individual. but the main thing is just to be aware of your surroundings. if you are running through this, very safe park, there hasn't been an incident like this has ever happened here. just know where you are, be aware of your, don't get caught up in your music or headphones, let people know where you are and what time you intend to get back. >> good advice from police right now for everyone, everywhere. now, as this suspect remains
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on the loose this morning, police in the area again want you to remain vigilant, very brave young lady that we are talking about, unfortunately, we don't have a great description of the sus expecter, he is only described as white man, and coming up in the next half hour, we will take a look how jog nerves this area are taking more steps to make sure they're safe on the trails. but nor now reporting live, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", back to you, brooke, jim. >> turning now to campaign 2016, donald trump is in louisville, kentucky today to speak at the nra convention. >> but before that the presumptive republican presidential nominee made stop in new jersey with governor chris christie. "eyewitness news" was in lawrenceville last night where trump helped the governor pay off his campaign debt at fundraising event. among the things trump spoke about was the recent egypt air crash which he is calling terrorism. >> a plane got blown out of the sky. if anything -- if anything thinks it wasn't blown out of the sky your 100% wrong,
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folks, okay? >> a new quinnipiac pole out thursday has trump trailing hillary clinton by 7 percent in new jersey. he is trailing bernie sanders by 11%. clinton still leads new jersey over sanders according to the pole. >> on the democratic side bernie sanders is taking his campaign to new mexico today where he had several rallies planned. meantime, hillary clinton will be in texas. in a interview with cnn, clinton calls trump unqualified to be president. and when asked about the possibility of bernie sanders being her vice president, she said she wouldn't get into that. egypt's aviation minister suspect terrorism is to blame for the crash of egypt air flight 804. this as the search for wreckage continues. we're learning more about the flight's final moments. the jet was head from the paris to cairo with 66 people on board, when it crashed near the egyptian coast. it was cruising at 37,000 feet and it veered widely in rate in flight. suddenly turning 90 degrees to the left, then spinning in a circle to the right.
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all while rapidly losing altitude. no americans were on board. you can keep it right here on "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the egypt air flight 804 investigation, and you can get the latest any time on >> trials scheduled for two teens charged with conspiracy in the death of fellow student killed in a wilmington school. authority say 16 year old amy joyner francis died as a result of the attack inside the rest room at howard high school. two of the three teens charged waived arraignment, will go to trial june 15th. a third teenager charged with criminally neglect homicide. >> andrew and and filed lawsuit. in center city, suffering a fractured jaw, hess innocence e bruises. caused them to suffer pain and mental anguish. knott serving ten month jail
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sentence, williams and harrigan san tensed to probation. >> update on story we told but yesterday a ban donned house in west philadelphia, that neighbors say is home to turkey vol yours, well, is being torn down. l & i crews ripped the front porch and roof off the vacant property yesterday on north ' street. demolition crews will be out there today. neighbors hope once the home is gone, the big bothersome birds will leave, as well. >> happening today, a memorial service for former temple university president peter lee cora. friends, family, the temple community, will gather at temple performing art center at 11:00 a.m. to pay their respects. temple expanded under his leadership from 1982 to 2,000. the university honored lee cora in 2,000 when it renamed the forum at the apollo of temple the liacouras center. he died after long illness at the age of 85. okay, i don't know how you're get to go work today, but may i suggest riding your bike?
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>> did you ride yours? >> nope. >> well, today is bike to work today. philly has been named the most bike recall town downtown by real estate website just this week. but hundreds of communities across the country will be involved today. the number of bike commuters in the u.s. is growing 62% in less than 15 years, our pat gal send on the road on his bike. he'll have a live report in our next hour. >> awesome. still ahead this morning, how you can name two adorable additions at the adventure aquarium. >> then the food donald trump is telling chris christie to stop eating. plus this: >> tacking responsibility for what i d i apologize to my victims and everyone is affected. >> he is apologizing now but bragging before watch this suspect posted on line that caught the eye of investigators. >> and coffee in a cone. we'll show you the accomplishment this unique treat is claming. we'll be right back.
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>> burglary suspect who bragged is behind bars this morning. heat miller captured on security cameras walking through homes, stealing jewelry and other values in the pittsburgh area. investigators had trouble tracking him down as they taunted him on facebook saying, and this is the quote, they call me the gingerbread man. catch me if you k i'm running as fast as i can. time for new theory and a new state. >> right. how is that working out for him? >> well, all of you bruce springsteen fans, ticket go on sale at 10:00 a.m. sharp. bruce and the e street bands will play at citizens bank wednesday night september 7th. bruce's river tour is rocking europe right now. he returns to the u.s. beginning august 23rd with a show in north jersey. now, you can get your ticket for the phillies show at ticket. com, or by phone at (215)463-1000. the newest members of camden's adventure aquarium are making
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their public debut, two african pen wins clutch mates will greet fans for the first time, helping spread awareness of endangered species because today, may 20th, is endangered species day. you can help name these little birds. there is an on line contest going on right now, at adventure aquarium. com. >> well, the time is 4:43. >> yes, katie here with another check on your forecast, katie, i say we vote to get those names james and donovan. >> awe. >> wouldn't that be so cute. >> why, why, she wants something from me, kate. >> i because we know how good you look in a tuxedo, jim. >> oh! >> there you go. guys, awesome view. this is actually being take friend our very own rooftop. not a full moon, but 97.7% illuminated that moon. we'll see it set in just about a half hour from now. >> yes, by tomorrow, we will actually have a full moon to
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view here in philadelphia. the problem is you're going to have a lot of rain that will probably skew that view. now, for now, it is calm as can be. nice clear sky, high pressure in place, beautiful. looking ahead to just phenominal day, we use that word earlier, probably going to hear it a lot this morning, the combination of the next storm system gathering u m.p.h., rain as well falling across basically where the ohio meets the mississippi, all will be headed our way. rolling into the mid-atlantic predominantly with the brunt of it it, the system, but still going to end up with some rainout of. >> this so we jump you to tomorrow morning. the only real guaranteed window of dry weather opportunity to get in outdoor plans is early saturday morning, late morning at the earliest, combination of the rain begin to fall through the western suburbs, then start see it overtake primarily through the afternoon and evening hours, the rest of the region as a whole. just looks like rain, but could come down pretty heavily. you'll be stuck in the clouds otherwise throughout the rest of the day. basically, when the rain starts, it is not really going to stop for the rest of
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saturday. sunday just lingering spotty showers. so eat this up. enjoy it today. mostly sunny, nice, warm, 78 the high, just gorgeous. by tomorrow, the rain comes in. lingering showers sunday, probably even spotty shower or thunderstorm on monday, as well. meisha, over to you. >> all right, katie, jim was telling me about a great banana shake that i have to try today. i'll walk there anita shake. makes sense, right? good morning, everybody, happy friday. all right, this is where we had some construction, the a north between girard, since cleared. but already, see, it is only 4:45 in the morning, already we have this many drivers out on the roadways already. for a friday i would say that's a bit early for. that make note of. that will schuylkill eastbound, this is clearing, right now, this is at the blue route, right lane is looking so compromised there. ben franklin bridge, looking good. looking really nice, quiet, just bundle of lights, exactly what we opportunity see. do have accident out there. take a look at this, especially for those every in you warwick township. york road between west bristol pike and meyer way, all lanes
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are blocked right now. you will have to take an alternate right now, until at least one lane opens. meyer way, to route 611, probably going to be your best bet right now. from the sounds of it, a lot of headlight around the area. make note of. that will also, some construction in delaware, 59 south at route 896. three lanes blocked there, jim, over to you. >> and banana fosters shake, meisha. >> thank you. >> speaking about food, donald trump is raising eyebrows again for comment he made to chris christie during last night's fundraiser in new jersey, trump was discussing trade deals and companies leaving the us. when he said. >> this. >> carrier at ford and nabisco, leaving chicago with their big plant, moving to mexico. i am not eating or yost, you know, that but, chris, you're not eating or yost any more. no more oreos for either every us, chris, don't feel bad. >> the company that owns nabisco has defends philadelphia self against trump's claims in the past. >> they say their chicago bakery is not closing though about half the jobs there were relocated to mexico.
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>> okay, let's talk coffee. >> meisha's again. >> one of her favorite things in the world, one of the most popular things people post on instagram. one entrepreneur from south africa saying he has created the most instagram coffee, and this may be why, he serves coffee in a cone. >> oh! >> since launching in january, nearly million instagram gram users have posted images with the coffee in the cone hashtag, custom-made cone contains four different types of chocolate compounds. >> ya, that's good. meisha, she booked a flight there right now. >> the sixers, talking sixers, they're doing their homework. after landing the very first pick in next month's nba draft, they scheduled pre-draft workouts for players they could select coming june 23rd, including one last weekends, and today is another work out including players like isiah miles from st. joe's. the sixers hold the first pick in the draft, and also two
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more in the first rounds. >> well, still ahead, this will be a talker on "eyewitness news" this morning, the first of it kinds bill that lawmakers say will over turn the supreme court's ruling on abortion. >> plus, if you plan to travel for memorial day weekends, you're not alone y this is going to be the busiest year in more than a decade. we'll be back.
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>> bill sponsor says this is effort to over tub the u.s. supreme court ruling in reverse us wide. oklahoma's governor, anti-abortion republican, has until wednesday to sign the bill into law, or veto it. >> well, the time now 4:50. time for check on business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us live this morning from the new york stock exchange, jill, why is apple
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bee's ringing the opening bell there today? >> well, actual celebrate massive brands transformation to turn around years of slowing sales, apple bee's has recently added wood fired grills to its restaurant, only going to serve usda choice steaks, apple bee's want to change the perception of casual dining is largely processed food, and dairy say i hope they have some samples here, brooke, jim? >> they used to have this great flat bread pizak like veggie pizak but that's another thing. >> triple a, should we be hitting the road this memorial day or do we want to stay home? >> roughly 38 million americans are getting ready to hit the road for memorial day weekends, triple a says the most since 2005, mostly because of cheap fuel prices, americans have saved about $18 billion on gas so far this year, compared to the same time last year. orlando's the number one destination followed by myrtle beach and dc. and i believe it was last
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year, memorial day weekends, that i spent in philly and i loved it. >> oh, well, welcome back again if you come this year, because i'm not going anywhere. you couldn't give me free ticket to travel on the holiday, not doing. >> you're not a crowd's person? >> exactly, exactly. >> all right, check out this special evening for patients at children's hospital of philadelphia. it was the tenth annual patient prom. the kids were dressed up for the occasion as their families and friends watched. you know, wonderful night of dancing and smiles for these well deserving youngsters. look at them. >> good for them. >> really great. >> well, coming up after the break, another check on weather and traffic. >> it is going to be sunny and beautiful. >> beautiful. >> today, beautiful. katie is checking the rain for the weekends. we'll be right back.
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this is absolutely the day we have all been looking forward to. we finally can bank on one entire day that there won't be anything to track on storm
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scan. you're going to have full sunshine, nice warmth, and gorgeous weather. so storm scan, we glance past it, will remain just like it is right now, quiet, empty all day. what perfect excuse to get outside and bike to work today if you can. sixty-three at 8:00 a.m. and we spike already, by about ten, 11 degrees, even by the time we hit the lunch hour, specking officially high of 78 later today, and keep in mind, that you only get one day like this, eventually, the rain returns, tan will do so tomorrow. it is coming in full force, looks like, meisha. >> yes, sounds that way. all right, katie, thank you so much. tgif. good morning, everybody, construction here just clearing out of the way, schuylkill eastbound at the blue route, right lane, let me just back out of the way. there they are. they are just moving out of the way now. so right lane was compromised for quite some time on the schuylkill eastbound at the blue route, moving out of the way. new jersey our first look into new jersey this morning, 42 freeway northbound at creek road. you can see moving to 295, what you are looking at, looking good, nice and steady, and the schuylkill headlights moving in the eastbound direction at spring garden,
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looking good, beautiful sky out there, jim, over to you. >> thank you so much, meisha a headed out the door stay updated when katie's forecast on sister station "kyw news radio" 1060. also, the budget battle is heating up in city council. the school reform commission denies charter schools renewal, and controversy surrounding google's latest doodle. check in two, three, four times a day on "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. meanwhile, coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", the new steps being taken to ease long lines at airport security. plus: a rare outburst in congress. the controversial vote that led to chaos on the house floor. and you may want to think twice before hopping into a pool this summer. the potential danger lurking in the water and the best way to protect yourself. we're back at the top of the hour. stay with us.
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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> a terrifying confrontation on popular trail, a jogger fight off man who tried to attack her. the few clues police have about the man they're looking for this morning. >> plus, a desperate search for answers, after principal just falls out of the sky. where they're focusing the search effort this morning, and leading theories about what brought the plane down. >> i don't know but, but this is the day i've been waiting for. katie says it will be a a perfect spring day. but there is rain on the horizon, she'll let you know which weekend day will be bad for your outdoor plans. well, today is friday, may 20th, it is friday, good morning, everyone. >> say it one more time. >> i'm jim donovan. >> friday, that's all i care about, friday. >> katie and meisha are keeping an eye on things this
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morning. >> good morning. >> yes, good morning indeed. construction moving on out of the way. vine wasn't closed last night, but do have accident out there. i'll get to that in just a moment. >> thankfully does not look like the wet letter play any major role, say for sun glare, that, when we see that sun come up, it will be a nice clear sky for us. so i guarantee gorgeous views, but i can definitely trip you up traveling eastbound, of corpse, but that said, hey, storm scan is empty. haven't seen it be empty in a real long time. so let's just save or it while we get the chance, right? we are however tracking new storm system. yes, it is moving in for the weekend, and i know a lot of people have a lot of outdoor plans coming up here, so i hate to be the bearer of this particular news, it does look like very soggy start to the weekend. fifty-six the current temperature though at the airport, pretty mild, all things considered, especially by comparison to a lot of the outlying locations here. allentown is a soiled 11 degrees cooler than that, heck, in the three's under clear skies in mount pocono. now, as we go throughout the day, we said it in the beginning of the show, it practically is perfectment not


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