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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 20, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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morning. >> good morning. >> yes, good morning indeed. construction moving on out of the way. vine wasn't closed last night, but do have accident out there. i'll get to that in just a moment. >> thankfully does not look like the wet letter play any major role, say for sun glare, that, when we see that sun come up, it will be a nice clear sky for us. so i guarantee gorgeous views, but i can definitely trip you up traveling eastbound, of corpse, but that said, hey, storm scan is empty. haven't seen it be empty in a real long time. so let's just save or it while we get the chance, right? we are however tracking new storm system. yes, it is moving in for the weekend, and i know a lot of people have a lot of outdoor plans coming up here, so i hate to be the bearer of this particular news, it does look like very soggy start to the weekend. fifty-six the current temperature though at the airport, pretty mild, all things considered, especially by comparison to a lot of the outlying locations here. allentown is a soiled 11 degrees cooler than that, heck, in the three's under clear skies in mount pocono. now, as we go throughout the day, we said it in the beginning of the show, it practically is perfectment not sure what else you could ask
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for, the whole checklist, sunshine, warmth, low humidity, light wind, perfect hair day. what else could you want? it looks just phenominal. only problem is again things do go downhill already by tomorrow. so save or today. i'm telling you, it will be beautiful. meanwhile period of rain moving, in primarily for the second half of tomorrow. heaviest falls to the south. we could be talking some pretty decent rainfall amounts out of. >> this we will detail this in full for you coming up later in the show, time everything out more specifically. meisha, over to you. >> yuck, we just need to live in our friday bubble. >> there go. >> we won't leave our bubble. good morning, everyone. construction clearing here, the schuylkill eastbound at the blue route, moving it on casino of the middle median right now, rate lane compromised but take a look, we actually is a lot of early risers say for friday morning, one of the less he traveled days, it is looking like there is some movement out there. take a look at the boulevard moving in the southbound direction. a lot of movement out there, as well, moving in the southbound direction, and look at the schuylkill headlight moving in the eastbound direction at spring garden, a lot of vehicles out there. we are just breaking into the
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5:00 hour on a friday. so, this is monday or tuesday, doesn't surprise that much, but a friday, a the love movement, a loft traction. warwick township, what i want to pull your attention, to specially those you in the area, west bristol pike, meyer way, all lanes blocked. you will have to use an alternate. it will be meyer way to 611, your best bet, overall, though, doesn't sounds like it is slowing you down too much. a loft headlight around that area. we will get really congested moving in deeper into the 5:00 hour, so just make note of that, jim, over to you. >> thanks, meisha a woman is assaulted in broad daylight, while out for a run in south jersey. and this morning, police are searching for her attacker. >> it happened in berlin park, in berlin borough camden county. around 9:00 a.m. yesterday. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo is live in berlin with the very latest, jan? >> reporter: brooke, jim, good morning. what happened here yesterday has people thinking twice about their safety after all this attack didn't happen at night in the cover of darkness, no, it happened in daylight when people here
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assume they're safe. >> a brazen attack, in broad daylight. a woman out for a jog in berlin park is ambushed, and nearly sexually assaulted. that scenario now has joggers taking extra precaution. >> be safe. never go by myself. >> thursday's attack sparked huge search for the suspect, police sealed off the park located between the white horse pike, new freedom drive, and immediately surrounded the area. they used k9's, and new jersey state police helicopter to search the grounds. >> it is really scar at this would happen right in like our backyard. we live like a few miles from here. >> it is an unfortunate thing that happened, but it does happen everywhere. >> police say it was just after 9:00 in the morning, when a jogger in her 20's was approached from behind. investigators say the suspect had popped out of the woods and wrestled his victim to the ground. the woman, though, fought back. >> she was able to kick the punch, do whatever she could, to get away from this individual. >> she lost her cell phone in the struggle. but a good samaritan called
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for help. the victim was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. but the suspect got away. so, police have some advice for joggers who, before now, never had to worry. >> the main thing is just to be aware of your suggestion. if you're running through this, very safe park, there hasn't been an incident like this that has ever happened here. just know where you are, be aware of your surroundings, don't get caught up in your music orr your headphones. let people know where you are and what time you intends to get back. >> and it, really is great advice for joggers everywhere. now, unfortunately, we don't have a good description of the suspect. police only describe him as a white male. jim, brooke, this investigation, and this search, continues today. back into you. >> thank you very much, jan. >> now, to the latest on the egypt air crash. that will country's aviation minister says terrorism is to blame. meantime, new details just in in the search for the wreckage. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live in the cbs-3 sat center. justin, good morning. >> brooke, good morning, just learning at this moment that
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egypt tv in that state reporting they've found passengers belongings floating in the sea just coming into the news room here. there are many unknown's that remain this morning. that will likely remain until data recorders and other key pieces of debris are found. though, some egyptian officials suspect terrorism, expert say no hard evidence yesterday yet. >> as investigators from france and airbus arrive in cairo this morning, efforts to locate wreckage belonging to egypt air flight 804 have so far turned up empty. airline officials are forced to retract claims that debris, including life jackets, found near the greek islands, belong to the doomed flight. former ntsb chair debra says crews now racing against time. >> the first 24 hours, really focused on search and rescue or recovery, trying to really nail down all of the perishable evidence. >> greek defense minister said the train part from par toys cairo in the air before crashing to the mediterranian
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sea. >> south of crete, what brought the plane down is unclear. aviation officials believe terrorism may be to blame. cbs news senior contributor mike morrell says there is no evidence terrorism brought down the aircraft, but nothing can be ruled out. >> i think there are two possibility, right, one is a bomb, either placed on the aircraft somewhere north africa where the plane had been earlier in the day or it could have been an individual on the plane even the pilot or co-pilot who became radicalized. >> clues to what caused the crash could come from the plane's flight data and cockpit voice recorders, which may well be at the bottom of the sea. and we are learning, again, this morning that passengers belonging were found floating in the area near the crash skate. we're told based on the reports they were found just north of alex andre, a the northern portion every egypt here, though the crash probe is centering on those greek waters, egypt air crash victims are standing guard at the airport awaiting update. the flight's manifest again shows so far there were no
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americans on board that flight. brooke, jim, back into you. >> thanks, justin. keep it right here on "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the egypt air flight 804 investigation. and you can get the latest any time at now, turning to campaign 2016, donald trump is in louisville, kentucky today to speak at the nra convention, but, before, that the presumptive republican presidential nominee made a stop in new jersey, with governor chris christie. "eyewitness news" in lawrenceville last night, where trump helped the governor pay off his campaign debt at fundraising event. during a speech trump respond today comments hillary clinton made about the recent egypt air crash. >> so today we had a terrible tragedy and she came up and she said that donald trump talked about radical islamic terrorism, which she don't want to use, she used a different term, because she don't want to use that term. she refuses to use that term. >> and a visit from donald trump brought protesters to the garden state outside
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across the street, many held signs, protesting trump running for president. on the democratic side, bernie sanders is taking his campaign to new mexico today, where he has several rallies planned. meantime, hillary clinton will be in texas, in a interview with cnn, clinton called trump unqualified to be president. and when asked about the possibility of bernie sanders being her vice president, she said she wouldn't get into that. >> flight frustrations may ease, thanks to more tsa officers, manning airport security lines. new york senator chuck chummier announced hiring of additional tsa off the ers, in response to the long wait times experience dollars at many airports across the country. new york's three major airports will each get an additional 72 officers. shouts of shame on capitol hill thursday. they came from supporters after bill, banning taxpayer money for federal contractors who discriminate against lgbt workers.
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measure appeared to have enough votes to pass, but hell open for several minutes. enough time for seven republicans to switch their votes to no. as a result, the measure failed by one vote. well, a special tribute today for the man who helped transform temple university. there is a public memorial this morning for former temple president, peter liacouras, the eight a year old liacouras died last week, he helped expand the university during his 18 years in charge of the school. this morning service start at 11:00 a.m. at the temple performing art center. now, for a look at newspaper headlines, from across our region. >> news journal, 15 year old howard high school student shot in the head yesterday. three blocks from the school. witnesses say the rectum was walking along clifford brown walk, man approached and fired three shots, the man taken to christianna hospital where he died from his injuries. >> bucks county courier times, bill introduce in the harrisburg, scoop lust home
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improvement contractors. if passed, contractors who perform work in the state but fail to register in advance with the attorney general's office would face potential felony charges. >> on the front page of the mercury, warnings that road work will likely worsen area traffic, penndot project are in the works for routes 422, 23, and 100 in the coming weeks. and delays are likely. >> and that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> well, coming up: big change down the shore this summer. >> we have the new tool to help you stay safe in the sun. >> plus, it is a commuting nightmare. when that bridge collapses on a busy road. what caused the bridge to come crashing down. >> also, a special honor for scott and mark kelly. we'll show you how the astronaut's legacy will live on at a new jersey school. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> get up and dance, or just dance in your chair. stay seated like jim donovan. either way we made it to friday. katie will let you know how long today's picture perfect sticks around. we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> know accused william, knott, of suffering mental anguish, serving ten month jail ten zest torre tax, other two for probation, as part of plea deal. >> a truck driver in oklahoma city makes a critical mistake, and you're looking at the result. he misjudged the height of overpass, and slammed his truck right into it, causing the collapse. the driver told investigators, he had already passed under the bridge going southbound and thought he could fit returning on the westbound side. but there is a four-inch height difference on the two
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sides. thankfully, no one was injured. >> wow. major flooding in part of texas after a severe storm moves through. you can see parts of the city's roadways underwater, some resident still recovering from last month's flood damage. but, they're bracing for even more. some areas, including the houston region, are aunt flood watch through the weekend. >> take a look at this, flood rescue caught on camera. you can see, in this video, from a helicopter, a rescuer helping someone trapped in the flood waters. it gives perspective just how powerful the flood something in the south. this happened in travis county, central texas. >> one person is killed, after two powerful earthquakes rattle he he can he can door. first earthquake struck yesterday morning causing power outages in several areas and had people running through the street. this second earthquake struck mid-day. authority are still surveying the full extent of the damage from the second quake. >> let's get the latest on our forecast today. >> katie, it sounds like a
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perfect ten, thank you very much. >> really, absolutely, this is one of those days you want to save or while you have got it, because we do, eventually, see the forecast go downhill again. and that happens pretty quickly. so let me show you what's going on out there. here's to the sunrise indeed. check it out. had 1 degrees, beautiful light of day already popping over the horizon, barely breeze, i mean, this is just perfection, little cool outside. i would suggest maybe dressing in layers when you walk out the door. you might opportunity have that light jacket at least, but once this sunday really rises over the horizon, we're in for just absolutely gorgeous weather all day and very efficient warming as well. 5:41, when the sun is expected to come up. gaining about a minute and 30 seconds of daylight every passing day. we will see it all culminate longest day of the stretch of time on june 20th, which is our summer solsus. but for now, storm scan as we mention, nice and quiet, i have high pressure to thank for that. beautiful spring weather. oh, oh, here go, next storm system, already moving in. it is brinking in pretty nasty squawl line currently into the
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panhandle of florida, that eventually is going to be a storm that crosses through the mid-atlantic, bridges with it some rain to our area. so we can break this down by talking about the stotesbury regatta. today basically just complete opposites with the forecast for the next few days, day one, 78 and sunny, gorgeous day out the schuylkill. then to tomorrow, complete opposite. there will be rain that picks up, at least the early races are likely to get in without a hitch. but clouds will have built in. by late morning at the earliest, first raindrops start to fall, we see them continue to fall the rest of the day into the evening. that will will limit the warmth certainly. 62 degrees at best for the high. moving it for the here by sunday, there will likely still be couple of spotty showers lingering around in the wake of the system as it pushes away. we will get a chance to rebounds as women. spotty shower, even thunderstorm. tuesday looks pretty good as does wednesday, check it out, 08 degrees finally. >> oh, my gosh, that will be our hump day too pushing us right into the next weekend, awesome. today is awesome. tomorrow back it rain, all right, katie.
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ninety-five, tail light moving in the southbound direction. this is at girard. you can see already, especially moving in the southbound direction, how many vehicles are already on the roadways, only in the 5:00 hour. northbound, not looking too quiet either, which is a little bit surprising, especially for a friday. they seem to be usually our lighter travel days. but on 995, certainly starting to heat up. blue route tail light also moving in the southbound direction, this is at route one, and you can see, our early risers out there for those every you in and around this area, taking a peak what's going on, you are looking good. looking real nice on the blue route so far. delaware county 95 northbound at 452. you take this all the way up to the airport. this is what it looks like. from what we can gather right now, no delays at the airport, i know we experience some of those early yesterday, looks like the airports looking good right now, accident, where we have another one, tractor-trailer went into a pole. pa turnpike at valley forge, one lane is blocked right now. and another accident out there in warwick township, york road between west bristol pike and meyer way. all lanes block, do you have take an alternate.
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meyer way, to route 611, going to be your best bet, brooke, over to you. >> thank, meisha a new jersey elementary school encouraging student don't reach for the stars. pleasant vale elementary school essex county renamed yesterday, kelly elementary school. and that's in honor of its two most famous alumni, two brother and astronaunts, mark and scott kelly. they proof even in their 50's, there is still a little sibling rivalry. >> we were not particularly good pilots. you know, i really struggled. you know, i started flight school the year -- >> did you catch scott in the background saying he didn't struggle? mark flew four space shuttle missions and scott recently finished 340-day mission on the international space station. both incredibly impressive. >> indeed, indeed. phillies have another chance to impress, getting back into first place tonight when they host the worse team in the national league. here's sport director don bell with your morning sport. >> the phillies had the night off last night. they start three game series against the braves today at the bank.
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aaron nola will be on the mound. fighting's had a chance to leap frog into first place last night, with a national's lost. so, the nats were taking on the mets. and, check it out, third inning, former phillie, ben revere, two and on, into center, two runs are in. and the nationals win it and beat down fashion, nine-one. so the phils firmly in second place. >> hey, dignitaries for the sixers on hand as the pennsylvania historic and museum commission dedicated historic marker for the late harvey super stat pollack. he's known as the engineer of modern basketball stats. you know the term triple double. ya, that came from him. the marker can be found on the grounds next to the former site of the spectrum. >> that's all for sport. i'm don bell, have a great day. leave your car parked in the garage today. >> why you will be sharing the road with more bikes this morning. plus: >> a new report from the cdc may make you think twice before jumping into a public pool. i'm chris martinez in los
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angeles, i'll tell you what they found and how you can keep yourself safe coming up.
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>> the schuylkill river look packed with rowers today for the 90th annual stotesbury rag got a you're looking live at the race course, there are already some rowers in the water. this is build as the wormed's oldest and largest high school rowing competition, the race starts at 8:00 this morning, wrap up tomorrow afternoon. >> longport officials are doing their best to fight skin cancer, white brings lets, turns purpose well exposed to uv rays, which are major cause of deadly melanoma. given out when you buy a beach tag. >> great technology. pool season upon us, you may want to think twice before headed to the neighborhood pool. >> new report from the cdc found alarming number of public pools and hot tubs are getting shutdown, because of serious health and safety violations. chris martinez tells us how you can stay safe.
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>> it is a common site in southern california, as the weather warns, swimmers packing public pools to cool off. >> when i'm going in there, i casino of think of course is it clean? is it not clean? >> turns out that's a very real concern. a new cdc report reveals thousands of public pools, hot tubs, and water playgrounds, are shutdown every year because of serious health and safety violations. the cdc reviewed inspection report of nearly 50,000 public pools and found one in eight inspections resulted in an immediate closure. the majority of closures were from kitty pools, with one in five shutdown upon inspection. among the most common violations, bacteria in the water and improper ph levels. >> ph is important. because it determines howie negative disinfectant like chlorine and bromin are at killing germs, also, the it determines how comfortable swim remembers in the water. >> health officials say swimmers should do their own inspections at public or
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private pools to help avoid common risks. the cdc is suggesting using test strips to check a pool's ph levels. and look for proper safety measures. >> checking it there is a lifeguard, and if there is no lifeguard, if there is safety equipment available to help rescue anyone and prevent drowning. >> experts say quick self-inspection could help keep you and your family safe. chris martinez, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". well, coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", major make-over for apple stores. >> the new emphasis is not just on shopping. >> also, searching for clues after a jet mysteriously vanishes in the mediterranian sea. what investigators just found, and the role the plane crashes suddenly playing on the campaign trail. plus: >> at the end of the day they'll get caught. and they kind of look fool wish that happens. >> that's a lesson this guy is learning now, why he calls himself the gingerbread man, and his message, now that he's been captured. katy? >> brooke, we ending the work week on stellar note.
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the problem is, it does not last long. already this weekend, rain is on the way, and i'll track it for you coming up. >> and meisha is watching the roads for the friday morning commute. she will let you know about the spots that already slowing down traffic this morning. stay with us.
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right now, new developments in the search for the missing egypt air jet, we'll show you what was just found, plus how the crash is dominating the campaign trail. >> good morning, i'm brooke thomas. >> you'll love katie's forecast today, but enjoy it while you can. >> first, here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> ♪ >> able to kick the punch, do whatever she could to get away. >> word that jogger was assaulted here at berlin park yesterday, sparked a big search for the suspect, police are asking joggers to remain vigilant today, since suspect still hasn't been caught. >> egypt's aviation minister suspect torrorism blame for the crash of egypt air flight 804. >> they found passengers' belongings floating, just coming into the news room here. >> there is nothing like new jersey. >> the presumptive republican presidential nominee made a stop in new jersey. >> this was tech neckly a campaign debt pay-off event for governor chris


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