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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  May 20, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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right now, new developments in the search for the missing egypt air jet, we'll show you what was just found, plus how the crash is dominating the campaign trail. >> good morning, i'm brooke thomas. >> you'll love katie's forecast today, but enjoy it while you can. >> first, here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> ♪ >> able to kick the punch, do whatever she could to get away. >> word that jogger was assaulted here at berlin park yesterday, sparked a big search for the suspect, police are asking joggers to remain vigilant today, since suspect still hasn't been caught. >> egypt's aviation minister suspect torrorism blame for the crash of egypt air flight 804. >> they found passengers' belongings floating, just coming into the news room here. >> there is nothing like new jersey. >> the presumptive republican presidential nominee made a stop in new jersey. >> this was tech neckly a campaign debt pay-off event for governor chris christie.
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>> i'm mike wallace. >> i'm walley safer. >> correspondent morally safer died at the age of 84. the legendary journalist retired just last week, after spending more than a half century with cbs news. >> i've led a charmed life. some blood, sweat anteriores, but a lot pure un adulterated life and i'm a lucky guy. >> survived by his wife and caught you are err. we're very lucky to watch over 900 report for 06 minutes alonement good stuff. >> katie, having good moral i safer. >> family in our authorities. >> celebrating such a wonderful life, too. >> what look to be on promises to be stunning weather to wrap up a work week here. we have nice clear sky, the light of day popping over the horizon, we have, see here, just under ten minute to go before the sun will officially
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rise in philadelphia. >> take a look i mean, just gorgeous. you have got some beautiful colors out there with barely cloud in the sky. so clear asbell, will stay that way courtesy of high pressure for one full day. problem is it does not last for very long, as we've been allude to go. please, save or it, expect to see temperatures rebounds very efficiently, should easily climb into the upper 70s, not shabby, at the moment, as well, very calm winds so tacking good hair day weather. how the temperatures pan out the next few hours, expect more than anything it will easily hit 70s here even before lunchtime. so, very comfortable, great excuse to dine alfresco this afternoon, 78 the expected eventual hyatt 3:00 p.m. we have union match kicked offer at that point, too, so very comfortable, very nice very warm certainly very bright forecast ahead of us,
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meisha, a we send it into you. >> all right, katie, thank you so much for that. it will be a gorgeous friday, and the sun just coming you can, skies brightening up. will also shows us what's going on on the roadways, we can finally see little sun out there. schuylkill tail light, past gulph mills, if you look over on the eastbound side, where the headlight are moving. tractor-trailer pulled all the way off to the shoulder. very, very tight squeeze. why we have so many problems on the schuylkill as we women know. come around the bend right there, bamm, tractor-trailer. pulled off to the shoulder, but that is a tight squeeze, so just know it is out there. ninety-five, tail light moving in the southbound direction at academy, what it looks like. looking good, interstate 95, i would say, even about 20 minute ago looking at this, and it looked like things starting to heat up. right now though it, looks actually pretty darn quiet. almost like it is holding steady on 95. will 22 eastbound at the pa turnpike, what you are looking at, there again, another spot looking good. couple every accident out,
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there let's talk about them. tractor-trailer into a pole. one lane is block there. also, this accident here, in warwick township, york road between west bristol pike and meyer way, all lanes are still blocked. al lanes blocked here, meyer way to route 611, probably going to be your best bet. and because we are talking about accident, we have to slip in, talk about something a little fun, we have a baseball game, phillies game, 7:05 p.m. i wish i was going. brooke, jim, over to you. >> now information just into the news room now on the egypt air crash. says it has fawn debris including personal belongings, now the search is on for the black box. >> thursday we learned more about the flight final moments jetliner traveling with 66 people on board, it plunged into the sea thursday after veering wildly in flight. radar showed it was cruising at 37,000 feet, then suddenly turning 90 degrees to the
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left, then spinning in a circle to the right, all while rapidly losing altitude. egypt's aviation minister's suspect terrorism is to blame. plane's disappearance dominated on the campaign trail yesterday. >> the latest from the candidate for president. >> first disappearance came early on twitter, 66:27 a.m., he called it a terrorist attack, hillary clinton commented after officials began saying terrorism was a working theory. she talked about policy. >> we have to have concerted effort, that bridges to bear both domestic resources, sharing of intelligence, take a hard look at airport security. >> clinton also slammed trump's rhetoric. >> the kind of positions estate g and the consequences every those positions. and even the consequences of his statements. not just offensive to people, they are potentially
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dangerous. >> later in new jersey trump hid back at clinton, president obama, tuesday. >> she won't use the term radical islamic terrorism. you know why she won't? because her president won't use it, that's why. >> he cited clinton's democratic rival in his criticism. >> bernie sanders says that hillary really isn't essentially not fit to be president. continue to speak with certainty about the plane's fate despite officials on both side of the atlanta, urging patients. >> if anybody thinks it wasn't blown out of the sky, you're 100% wrong, folks, okay? cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> the time now 5:36. in business news this morning, what the new apple stores will look like. >> and what's prompting investors to sell. jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange. jill? concern the fed will raise interest rates next month, the dow fell 991 points, the
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nasdaq dropped 26, futures are pointing to bit of higher open today. wal-mart is learning that you get what you pay for. retailer reported surprisingly good sales for the first quarter, one reason for that, wal-mart recently started paying its worker more money, in turn there, spending more money at wal-mart. retailer also says making a point to keep prices low. and apple stores are getting make over, about 20% of the new store layout will be an open area, where customer, the jean just bar, genius grove, dedicate today business customers across the board room, some stores will have plazas that will have occasional concerts, brooke, jim? >> interesting. already looks like -- >> a future. >> wow. >> thanks, jill. >> an update to story we told but yesterday, demolition crews will be out in west philadelphia today, tearing down a vacant house where turkey vultures are nesting, l & i crews ripped the porch
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roof off abandoned property north ' street. neighbors hope once the home is gone, the big bothersome birds will leave, as well. >> violent attack on police officer in minnesota. >> it shows the officer pulling over a suspect on a noise complaint. when the suspect over powers, and starts beating the officer, you can hear him screaming for help. officials released footage after jury convicted the suspect on charges of assaulting a officer. police say they wanted the public to see the video as an example of why not police stop is ever routine. >> special honor for a philadelphia police officer, ambushed on the job. jesse hartnett got a standing ovation yesterday, when city council gave him special citation for bravery. you will probably rather hartnett survived getting shot several times while driving his patrol car in west philadelphia last january. he even managed to chase down and shoot the suspect. >> cocky burglary suspect who bragged about theft on
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facebook behind bars this morning, 25 year old miller captured on security cameras, walking through homes, stealing jewelry and other valuables in the pittsburgh area. he taunted them on facebook saying, quote, they call me the gingerbread man, catch me if you can, i'm running as fast as i can. time for a new scenery and a new state. end quote. when cops finally nabbed him, he was full of apologies. >> i'm taking responsibility for what i d i a popjoys to my victims after everyone affected. >> miller blamed the thefts on drugs, he relapsed, burglary and string of robberies. >> today is a great day to leave your car in the garage. right, pat? of course every day is a good day to leave your car in the garage. i have my bike here, fold up bike. i'll be riding this around philadelphia today. bike to work day. come join me. let's go.
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>> hope he can pick up some coffee for us, new way to drink coffee. new trend of coffee in a cone, and it claim to fame. >> ♪ >> the wait almost over for bruce springsteen fans, will rock september 7th. tickets go on sale this morning 10:00 a.m. sharp. they're playing the river albumn, marking its 35th anniversary, ticket for the boss' concert available at 10:00. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> would you take a ride from uber with no one behind the wheel? >> nope. >> sure wouldn't. uber testing first self driving cars. it is a ford hybrid decked out with radar, lazer scanners and high resolution cameras and train driver along for the ride. uber says the technology is still in its early days, but the tests are important to making the self-driving uber a reality. >> i like meeting the drivers. >> i like, that someone behind the wheel. it is a novel idea. well, another way to get around is on your bike. >> and, today is bike to work day. our pat gal send live on his bike, near the art museum. pat, are you on your way to
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work because -- >> you're a little late. >> ya. >> to be honest, not much of a biker, wish i was more after biker but a lot of people around the city are as we stand in front of an indigo, with all of these bikes that you can just pick up and ride right off. philadelphia has actually become the biking city in america. >> let's be honest, the roads here in philly can be treacherous. but more and more, bicycles are taking their rightful place among the cars and trucks. >> look into cars, see the expression on their faces r then look at the express of the people. >> sees misery on the faces of many drives offer our highways, by ways, mike the owner of trophy bikes in northern liberties, and has been at his second street location since 1998. but he's sign a seismic shift in riding in recent years.
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philadelphia has very much become a biking town. >> talking about philadelphia's population going up finally. 60% of that population growth happened in the miles surrounding the shop. >> you can't jam any more cars in here. and a lot of the plots, kind of building they're doing, not really room to put a million cars in. >> only a block or two down, the party is over if you're in a car. >> mike seen huge up particularring it, like the bomb p ton, big in europe. now, that style is becoming viable in philly. >> it works and plays well with mass transit, with cars, with highrise buildings, it. >> aside, many bike entheusiasts would agree with mike, two wheels, just better than four. >> river to river, pine to vine, bikes beat cars every single time.
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>> outside the art museum biking around town, beautiful morning for biking, and as i said earlier, i'm not much after bike entheusiast, but i could certainly get used to this, the fresh air, all get stuck in our cars every morning, and the traffic in philadelphia just awful, you heard mike say, trophy bikes, it is such a wonderful town to go across. get the blood flowing, ride your bike zero to work, right, guys? i can see jim doing this pretty much every morning. >> soy basically -- >> i know, jim. >> oh, my goodness, cars, who is this man talking to himself >> hopefully we can check in little later on. can't ask for better weather
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than this? >> just looks so adorable. i can even. what a great shot. well done pat. you couldn't ask for better day to go to go for a bike ride, i feel like in recent years we've had rain on national bike to work day. so nice that we can report nice weather for a change, there is a lot of other big event going on around the city this weekend, we all know, so we have the stotesbury regatta, actually take to you another live shot here not too far from where pat is on kelly drive. well, over looking the schuylkill, anyway, see them out there. making the crew happen. you know, here we've got just beautiful weather again unfolding this morning, little cool granted, but it is regardless a nice start to the day. now, folks it is friday, that means, it is weather watcher friday. we'll take you to a shot of our guests in the studio left side of the screen. coming to us from clementon, new jersey this morning, what i like call our gold star weather watchers in here in house for the rest of the morning show. helping us produce the show. so welcome, nice and dark to be with us, will check in, with the weather watchers nice
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and up to check in on you, as well, definitely cooler start to the morning, though, seen in recent weeks here folks. taking most of the observations across the center portion of basically right along the delaware here, peter though out in lawrenceville, nice full sunshine this morning, little cool at had a degrees as it is in a lot of the spots. >> full sunshine, promises to be gorgeous sunrise, always snaps photos of the sunrise, too, so i won't be shocked if we see one of those in the next hour. maybe the best day of the month i absolutely concur, so far looking so nice and stays that way. bill seeing the full sunshine, that's the story across the board. you have got clear skies, crystal clear skies out there. and gorgeous sunrise currently underway. on storm scan, it means not a heck of a lot going on, at least not right now. we zoom it way out, you can see, things starting to turn pretty active here, right around where the ohio meets the mississippi, then also
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pretty nasty squawl line currently rumbling in to the western panhandle of florida that's the system that will be rolling east, rolling primarily through virginia and north carolina. rye on the fringe that far, still decent moisture out of it, we'll detail it in the seven day. not only the stotesbury rag got, a an union match, phils at home, a lot going on here, and perfect weather for it here today, this evening, at 07 degrees for kick off. 07 degrees at the ballpark, as well. up in south philly, but generally, just some sunshine and few clouds starting to nudge in. a sign of things to come for sure. so you have perfection, then the opposite of it. basically tomorrow, see temperatures get hell back, i would say the only window of dry weather opportunity tomorrow guys comes early in the morning late morning we could already start to see some raindrops but mainly the afternoon and toward evening that once the rain start it won't stop. lingering showers even on sunday, and then actually smooth sailing by tuesday and wednesday, meisha, things looking up again.
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>> tail light westbound direction, past gulph mills, looking good. look over to the eastbound side. see this tractor-trailer muscled off to the shoulderment talking about that just little bit ago. volume levels look okay around here. take a look, come around the bends, bamm, right there, that tractor-trailer pulled all the you with a way off to the shoulder, but tight squeeze. even though it is on the shoulder, if you weren't paying attention even just a little built, that would really sneak up on you. just know that's out there. ninety-five south at cottman, looking fairly busy pushing into the southbound side. so tracking this casino of all morning long looking busy, not even into the 6:00 hour. that's you have construction westbound side, one lane is blocked. not going to cause too many slow downs yet. certainly can as we progress through the morning. this accident cleared, tractor-trailer went into pole at the toll boot. no way to start your friday
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morning, jim, brooke, back to you. >> we will find out which singers will perform the fourth of july concert for this year's welcome america festival. in addition to the concert, organizers promise this year's fireworks show will be even bigger than before. the festival runs from june 27th to july 4th. >> ♪ >> it looks like drake is the man to beat at this year's bt awards. he leads the pack with nine nominations including two nominations for video of the year for hotline bling and work with rihanna. beyonce and rihanna are in the next earned nomination was five each. see who takes home the awards next month. >> and what do you think, is this is the world's post popular coffee on instagram? well, the man behind this creation, coffee in a cone,
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says yes. yes, it is. nearly a million instagram use verse posted pictures with the coffee in a cone hashtag since entrepreneur launched this item just back in july. -- january. the custom-made cone, ready for this, jim? it contains four different types of chocolate compounds. i know you wanted knee specifically let people know this was in the just a cone. >> this is good stuff. i keep my eye on meisha a she looks little woozy, each time this comes up. >> she loves her coffee. >> coming up: another bear siting in our area. >> oh, my goodness. we'll let you know where the animal was most recently spotted. we'll be right back. >> right near your house.
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♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ >> there have been bears spot in the our area, city of newark, delaware's twitter page posted video after black bear near white clay drive in cleveland avenue. they believe the bear took off and is not a threat to resident. >> oh, brooke. >> a bear was also cited yesterday near the university of delaware, but it is not clear if it is the same bear. this an issue for me. >> why? that's delaware. he has a ways to go to get to you. >> hey, everyone has a phobia.
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some hate closed spaces, other can't stand heights. >> and at least one west virginia tv weather man is terrified of spiders. >> always the national champion -- ahh, geez louise. >> meteorologist brian hughes was surprised when a spider turned up on the weather camera. he's take ago lot of ribbing about that squeal. wonder why. he and his director say they plan to clear off the weather camera before it frightens him again. >> you know, we actually always make ukee washington clean off our camera lenses so that we don't have any of that. but, yes, i mean, i wouldn't say that i love spiders, either, but squealing like that is definitely going to get you some good natured ribbing for a long time. >> i love that. >> ahh. >> well, coming up in the next hour of cbs-3, "eyewitness news", who is up for symptom star gazing? it hasn't happened in two years, but his year mars, earth, the sun all align in the sky. we'll tell you what to watch
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out for. >> meisha taking us on another drive. where you can find an important piece of rocky movie history next.
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>> new this morning, debris discovered in the search for the missing egypt airplane,
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what crews have found as we learn more about the final irradic moments of the flight. >> also, this morning, women are on alert after a jogger is attack on a popular trail. we'll show you how she fought back, and the clues police are following to catch the attacker. >> and finley, the kind of weather we should be enjoying in may. lot of sunshine, 07 degrees temperatures, but, enjoy it while it lasts. today is friday, may the 20th, tgif everyone. i'm jim donovan. >> lay there, i'm brooke thomas. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things this morning. >> i sense the sarcasm there, jim. >> no sarcasm. very serious person. meisha, how is the traffic. >> let's just say the coffee in the cone still sounds good. can't stop thinking about it, traffic looks pretty darn good right now. one accident just not clearing out of the way. tractor-trailer though might become an issue in a little bit. so i'll have the updates. >> as far as the weather goes, sun glare really the only what i would call concern. otherwise, just got perfect weather unfolding, storm scan,


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