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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  May 20, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> rose: security scare at the white house. gunfire erupts outside. ironically, just minutes after this pledge from donald trump to the n.r.a. >> we're getting rid of gun-free zones, okay, i can tell you. >> rose: also tonight, searchers find the first remains and debris from egyptair 804, but the crash remains a mystery. georgia deputies are caught on video-- >> stop fighting! stop fighting! >> rose: tasing a handcuffed man, who then died. and steve hartman with a college custodian-- >> there was never a question of if we would go to college-- >> rose: and five degrees of jubilation. >> so they could have a better life than i had. captioning sponsored by cbs
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this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> rose: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm charlie rose. and we begin with the latest security scare at the white house. the secret service says an agent shot an armed man outside the executive mansion after he refused to drop his weapon. the president was not at the white house at the time, but the vice president was. chip reid has the latest. >> get back over that way! let's any! >> reporter: the incident set off a flurry of activity by secret service officers and agents with guns drawn, even on the white house roof. the grounds and nearby streets were locked down for more than an hour. the shooting happened outside a secret service checkpoint on the southwest side of the white house compound. a man walked up to the gate and railed a weapon, according to the secret service, uniformed division officers gave numerous verbal commands for the subject to stop and drop the firearm. when the subject failed to comply with the verbal commands, he was shot once by a secret service agent and taken into custody. a source tells cbs news the man
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suggested he wanted to die, a so-called suicide by cop. police recovered his weapon. the president was golfing at a nearby military base at the time but the vice president was safe inside the white house complex. a white house statement says no one within or associated with the white house was injured and everyone in the white house is safe and accounted for. it's the latest in a string of security incidents at the white house in recent years. in 2011, a man fired eight rounds from his car into the building, and a number of jumpers have scaled the fence, including a man in 2014 who made it all the way inside the mansion before being arrested, eluding eight secret service members. a follow-up report cited communication snafus and severe understaffing of uniformed officers. a plan to almost double the height of the perimeter fence is in the works. the shooting occurred at that checkpoint behind me. you can see the white tent where it occurred.
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charlie, we are told the sudden has been identified as jesse olveery of pennsylvania, and we're told he's now in critical condition. >> rose: thanks, chip. the white house is, agz the sign says, a gun-free zone, which means visitors are not permitted to bring weapons inside. today, donald trump told the n.r.a. he would eliminate gun-free zones as he won the group's endorsement. here's major garrett. >> we're getting rid of gun-free zones. >> reporter: donald trump told members of the national rifle association that he would expand gun rights. >> the only way to save our second amendment is to vote for a person that you all know named donald trump, okay. i will tell you. ( cheers ) i will never let you down. >> reporter: trump would allow guns on school grounds and other public facility where's they are currently banned. but trump hasn't always championed the n.r.a.'s agenda. in 2000, trump wrote, "i summit
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the ban on assault weapons and a slightly longer waiting periods to purchase a gun," two positions he now opposes. and after the sandy hook elementary school massacre, trump applauded president obama's speech calling for stricter gun laws tweeting, president obama spoke for me and every american." now he is attacking his likely general election opponent. >> crooked hillary clinton is the most antigun, anti-second amendment candidate ever to run for office, and as i said before, she wants to abolish the second amendment. >> republicans keep refusing to do anything to protect our communities. >> reporter: hillary clinton supports universal background checks, smaller magazine cartridges for automatic firearms, and an end to immunity for gun manufacturers. >> 92% of americans support universal background checks. i'm so hoping that gun owners will be willing to take the lead in pushing for the kind of changes that we need.
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>> reporter: as for abolishing gun-free zones, the venue for the n.r.a. convention freedom hall is one of them as are some of trump properties. the clinton campaign called the idea dangerous and radical, this as clinton prepares to meet tomorrow with victims of gun violence. >> rose: now to the mysterious crash of egyptair flight 804. today, cbs news learned the air bus a-320 transmitted messages that smoke was detected on board before it crashed in the mediterranean. the 66 people on board were killed. search teams are focusing on an area between the greekile of crete, and the egyptian coast. holly williams reports what they found. >> reporter: there were prayers and tears today in cairo for family members of those who were on board flight 804 when it plunged into the mediterranean sea. the debris discovered today
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included airplane seats, luggage, and body parts, according to the egyptian authorities. but search teams from egypt, the u.s., and european countries are still looking for more wreckage and, also, for the plane's flight and data recorders, which could help explain why the passenger jet suddenly swerved wildly and then plummeted, falling off the radar and into the water. but finding the so-called black boxes in the southern mediterranean, up to 10,000 feet deep and with rugged underwater topography, will be difficult. egyptair has emphasized the experience of the pilot and copilot with over 9,000 flying hours between them, seeming to cast doubt on the possibility of human error. and though there have been no credible claims of responsibility for this crash, according to u.s. investigators,
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the downing of a russian plane here in october by a suspected bomb, for which isis claimed responsibility, has many believing that terrorism is still the most likely explanation. >> we can handle it. >> reporter: like the egyptian government, retired general mahmoud khalaf played down the threat, despite an isis affiliate in egypt that's killed hundreds of police officers and soldiers. >> not a big enemy for egypt. >> reporter: it's not a big enemy? >> no, no, no. >> reporter: a french naval ship equipped with sonar that can identify the flight recorders' beacons underwater is on its way. but, charlie, it could still take another three days to reach the area of the crash. >> rose: holl holly williams in cairo, thanks. flight 804 was en route from paris to cairo when it went down. mark phillips reports the french are taking a closer look at their security procedures.
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>> reporter: there's been no evidence the egyptair crash had anything to do with security at paris' charles de gaulle airport, but the french have tightened it anyway. and they've launched an investigation into whether there was a lapse here that might have allowed an explosive device to be placed on board, if one was. this isn't the first time they've been worried. ramesh prouchotte is an official of the union that represents 5,000 security workers here, all of whom were subjected to renewed, rigorous police checks, following the paris terror attacks last year, and some of whom were found to be a security risk. after the paris attacks, they withdrew 85-- >> 85. >> reporter: 85 badges. people who can no longer work in security. >> no. >> reporter: the airport sits in paris' northern suburbs, which have a high percentage of
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imfrantz from muslim countries, many of whom find work here. the new security checks looked for evidence of radicalization, where the employees have traveled, what they read, who they associate with. it's known as the "insider problem," and it's acknowledged here and elsewhere in the aviation world. mike vivian is the former head of operations for britain's civil aviation authority. >> clearly, some countries are possibly more vulnerable than others to this. and it can be surreptitious, below the radar, so to speak. so it is a serious issue. it's being looked at. >> reporter: the fact that the egyptair plane had been to eritrea and tunisia, both with their own security problems. , even before it got to paris, has add to the security concerns. aviation security is an international problem, charlie, and it's only as strong as its weakest link. >> rose: mark phillips in paris, thank you, mark. coming back home, the c.d.c. said today 279 pregnant women in the united states and its
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territories have tested positive for zika virus. the number suddenly tripled because the government changed the way it is reporting cases. dr. jon lapook is following this. >> and this one is a little girl. >> reporter: all pregnant women who test positive for zika virus, with or without symptoms, will now be included in a federal registry. dr. denise jamieson is with the c.d.c. zika virus response team. >> at the beginning of the outbreak, we were hoping that women without symptoms would not have adverse pregnancy outcomes, and since we now know that adverse pregnancy outcomes can occur in women without symptoms, we felt it was really important to start reporting these numbers. >> reporter: the c.d.c. is now monitoring 157 pregnant women with zika infection in the 50 states and another 122 in puerto rico and other u.s. territories. in the u.s., most cases were acquired from travel to affected areas, and a few through sexual
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contact. the c.d.c. says most of the women are still pregnant. it's too early to know how often the virus infects the fetus. >> we know of less than a dozen cases of pregnant women with zika who have had adverse outcomes, including miscarriage and birth defects. >> reporter: in february, we met one of those women, samantha mejia, at her home in illinois. she had recently miscarried after becoming infected with zika virus while vacationing in honduras. >> they didn't find a heartbeat, so that was-- that was really hard. >> reporter: zika was found in the placenta. finding out how often the virus causes miscarriage and birth defects is one of the main purposes of the registry. this registry will follow the women and their babies for one to three years. that monitoring require extra resources, just one reason the administration asked congress for $1.9 billion. that was 88 days ago and still
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>> rose: the family of a man who died after a struggle with sheriffs' deputies in georgia says they need to pay for what they did to him. it happened in november outside atlanta. video of the deadly encounter was released today. we caution you it is graphic. here is mark strassmann. >> stop fighting! stop fighting. >> reporter: police body cameras recorded chase sherman out of control and resisting arrest. his parents called police from their rental s.u.v. when the 32-year-old began hallucinating, reportedly after using the synthetic drug spice. >> he's got my taser! >> reporter: sherman was handcuffed, restrained, and
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tased. one minute and 48 seconds into the video, he gave up. you can hear him. >> okay, okay, okay! >> reporter: but for more than another four minutes, deputies pinned and continued to tase sherman air, combined 15 times. lawyer chris stewar chris stewas the dead man's family. taser, they taser him again. a man who is handcuffed laying down being crushed by a 200-pound man. >> reporter: his parents watched deputies drag out sherman's lifeless body. >> he ain't breathing! >> reporter: kevin and marianne sherman want justice for their son. >> we called 911 and it resulted in his death. i blame myself. >> reporter: the death certificate called it a homicide. it notes the repeated use of a taser and compression of the torso by the body weight of another individual. >> these dirty dogs, they just
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like a rabid dog going after a pack. these guys just kept right on going. >> reporter: the district attorney is reviewing the case, and, charlie, the sheriff's office will neither confirm nor deny reports that the two deputies involved have rstill work. >> rose: thanks, mark, mark strassmann in atlanta. food labels are getting a big makeover, and we'll show you what's in store next. i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit the wolf was huffing and puffing. like you do sometimes, grandpa? well, when you have copd,
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no other nasal allergy spray can say that. go ahead, embrace those beautiful moments. flonase changes everything. >> rose: nutrition labels on hundreds of thousands of food products will soon be easier to read and provide more details about things like added sugars. jericka duncan has the changes announced today pie the f.d.a. >> reporter: shoppers hungry for more information are in luck
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with the new nutrition facts labels, a side-by-side comparison of current and new labels show a clear difference. calories and serving size are much bigger and bolder. the font for calorie value increased by 175%. susan mayne is with the f.d.a. >> the key importance is that the label gives you useful information about all the key attributes that we hope consumers will consider in choosing healthy diets. >> reporter: portions will more realistically reflect what people eat. for instance, a serving of ice cream is now a half a cup, but the new serving size will be two-thirds of a cup. a serving of soda will go from eight ounces to 12 ounces. one of the more controversial changes is the added sugars line. nutrition advocates have long sought that information so consumers can understand how much sugar in an item is naturally occurring. but the spotlight on added sugars is drawing criticism from the sugar association's
6:51 pm
president courtney gaine. >> we do not feel that the label that came out this morning is going to help consumers be healthier. not only will it not help but it could have harmful consequences. >> reporter: many shoppers we spoke to welcomed the changes. i notice you put something back >> yeah, the sodium count was so high. >> reporter: 37-year-old sal lombardo is among the 77% of americans the f.d.a. says uses nutrition facts labels. we showed him what the new lawbls will look like. >> for me, the first thing i see is the calorie count. that's definitely a huge difference. and, also, the serving size. i think that's really smart. >> reporter: compliance will be required two years from today, and manufacturers with less than $10 million in annual food sales will have an additional year to comply. nutrients like vitamin "d" and potassium will also appear on the labels. >> pelley: the largest frozen food recall ever was announced
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today. millions of packages of fruits and vegetables from c.r.f. frozen foods in washington state may be contaminated with li. the products were sold in all 50 states as far back as 2014. we have posted a full list of the recalled food on we got word late today that actor alan young has died. >> i can't help it, wilbur. i just love that man's apple. >> why does it have to be his! >> rose: he played wilbur post oon the sitcom "mr. ed." he was chosen by producer george burns who said young looked like the sort of fella a horse would talk to. alan young was 96. a school custodian saves himself a tidy sum and steve hartman is nexnext. allergies with nasal congestion?
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>> rose: we end at the home of the eagles where one proud papa managed to hatch a brood of them without shattering his nest egg. here's steve hartman "on the road." >> reporter: boston college is one of the most prestigious private universities in the country, and although there is certainly money in their trust funds, safe to say no one here feels any richer than the man in the mirror. >> i love being here. >> reporter: fred vautour works overnight as a janitor at b.c., and this is the story of how he parlayed this relatively low-paying job into a gold mine thanks to a university policy that says if you work here, your kids can go here for free.
6:57 pm
assuming they're send, which is not easy. and, yet, back in '98, his oldest daughter, amy, actually got in. >> she broke down crying and i broke down crying. and we hugged each other, and there are pictures in my house of that. this is the acceptance letter that we got. >> reporter: he still keeps the loart his wall. >> me and my wife struggled through a lot of years but seeing that made it all worthwhile. >> reporter: it hangs here in the dining room, next to the one his son got a few years later, and his other son. in fact, today, his house is pretty much wallpapered in boston college acceptance letters as all five of his kids got in. >> he really opened the opportunity for us. >> and it was never a question of if we would go to college or not. we will go to college, and that's what he instilled in us. >> reporter: the kids say dad and mom didn't pressure them to succeed. they just set the expectation and provided the means no matter what it took. >> you live for your kids, so they could have a better life
6:58 pm
than i had. >> reporter: fred insists his kids are now all smarter than he is. but you have to wonder. over the past two decades, freds has taken boston college for nearly $700,000 worth of free truition, which makes him no dummy. his last daughter, alicia, graduates next week, a relief to the school, i'm sure, but not to fred, who says these college years flew by too fast. >> i was 44 at the time, and now i'm 62. it's like, wow. you know. >> reporter: you glad it's over? >> no. no. no. >> reporter: when it comes to kids, watching them reach the top is definitely a reward. but fred says climbing the ladder with them is even better. even if you have to vacuum the steps along the way. steve hartman, "on the road,"" in boston. >> rose: congratulations, fred. five kids, five
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>> christina tells she thinks about the decision. why it was really cut. and then the billboard music awards. gwen's rehearsal with her son and details on celine's performance for her late husband. >> plus dancings top th inside their stressful rehearsals. >> it's do or die. >> and remember this? our flash back friday with tori spelling's mother may i sleep with danger. inside the remake.& now for may 20th, 2016, this is entertaanment tonight. christina singing with this hologram ofhi


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