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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 21, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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all weekend long. for today period of rain just pretty much every where. even tomorrow, there is still some rain chances, i'll time it out and let you know when things dry out in the seven day in a few more minutes, rahel, back to you. >> can't wait we're in the used to it, thank you. faa is investigating this morning why a blimp made an unscheduled landing in philadelphia's fishtown neighborhood. blimp landed in a lot off i-95 and "eyewitness news" reporter a neat a oh is live at the scene. you say this was a very busy stretch. >> reporter: yes, rahel, it is a very busy stretch. there are cars moving along i-95 here and air ship narrowly a voided cars when it had to make an emergency landing last night. for those, it is getting lower. >> reporter: not something you see falling from the sky every day. >> it was getting to this point that yes, a blimp started to come down. and it went further through it would have landed on my car. >> reporter: officials from the the federal aviation administration say a blimp carrying two people lost
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power, and made an emergency landing at a construction site near sugar house casino on friday night. >> blimp had a hard landing, and engine problems, it was overheating, and it landed in the north bound lanes, and because it was still inflated, blew into the middle of delaware avenue and started to go around the utility pole right behind us. >> reporter: officials say the impact of the crash landing violently tossed around the pilot and passenger, but thankfully, there were no injuries. >> stop the car went over barrier to try to help, the pilot, he broke down over here, and by the time it ended up, he got drug across the road over the barrier inside of his little basket. he was slipping, hurt. we saw a couple guys, a few of the guys, tried, you know, holding it down to get him out. >> reporter: police say the advertising blimp left from camden, new jersey trying to land nearby. faa is still investigating what caused the malfunction. now in a statement to
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"eyewitness news", bostic incorporated the adhesive company advertising on that blimp said in part that the blimp made a controlled landing because of changes in thermal conditions. trever newhook their long time pilot landed the problem one extreme accuracy with in incidents or injuries. now we're told that both the pilot and passenger as well as the blimp are originally from gainsville, florida. live from fishtown, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and new this morning a police pursuit end with the man in custody. "eyewitness news" photographer took this video of the pursuit near philadelphia zoo at 34th and girard and ended at west moreland after police say a driver crashed in the park car. investigators believe the man had an illegal firearm. a new view of the damage, never before seen photos of the septa train struck by rocks. the ntsb says triggered a chain reaction ending with a deadly amtrak crash last year. this comes just days after
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ntsb released their findings on the tragedy that killed eight people and injured some 200 others. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter shows us a closer look at the damage. >> reporter: these pictures released by septa for the first time dramatically showed damage caused when a hail of rocks, pelted a septa train traveling through north philadelphia, on the evening of may 12th, 2015. >> this isn't a game. this isn't something that is funny this isn't something to do have after school for kicks. people can get hurt. >> reporter: minutes later the ntsb has ruled that the engineer of amtrak train 188, passing on a adjoining track, likely was distracted by radio messages about the incident. then accelerating in the frankford curve due to a loss of situational awareness at 106 miles an hour. the wreck, killing eight and injuring nearly 200. >> we think that rocks being
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thrown at trains are pretty common occurrence. it has got to end. >> reporter: with rocks not only shattering the cab window and also striking windows in the passenger department, nestel says it is fortunate neither the engineer nor anyone else was hurt. >> thank god that engineer was in the seriously injured, you know, thank god, somebody's dad, wasn't ending up in the hospital or killed. >> reporter: while rock throwers who damaged this train has never been caught, chief nestel says his officers are focusing their patrols in areas where being throwing is frequent. the deadly chain of events that the ntsb says likely started with this rock attack, a sad example, obvious how dangerous it can be. >> when a train is moving at 60 miles an hour and somebody holds a rock at it, someone is getting hurt. >> reporter: chief nestel says the actual number of rock attacks reported is relatively low. he believes that is because of unless the rocks shatter a
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window, many people aboard might just think it is noise that the train is making as it moves along the line. at septa headquarters i'm walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new developments around egyptair flight 804, investigation into what brought it down. search crews have have found human remains, luggage and eats in the mediterranean sea. patrol boats boats with sonar are trying to locate the data recorders. meantime cbs news has learned that the jet transmitted messages that smoke was detect in the aircraft before the crash, raising questions about a possible in flight fire. sixty-six people were on board when the plane swerved wildly and disappeared from radar early thursday morning in route from paris to cairo. officials say that federal agents found ammunition in a car believed to have been driven by a man who approached the white house checkpoint. investigators say he refused to drop his weapon before being shot once. craig boswell has more on the
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investigation. >> reporter: officers carrying assault rifles patrolled white house ground while sharp shooters watched from above after a shooting just outside 1600 pennsylvania avenue. the secret service says one of its agents shot a man who raised a pistol as he approach the white house security checkpoint. >> secret service and police told them to stop, told them to stop, and he didn't stop and they shot him. >> reporter: witnesses say suspect may have fired a shot after he left his vehicle. the shooting happened just after 3:00 p.m. on the southwest side of the white house compound in an area accessible to the public but not on white house grounds. this man was on the street with his family when he heard the commotion. >> it was on my phone, i turned and then i hear the gun shot, so i, when they went on again, he was on the floor. >> reporter: white house was immediately put on lock down, the president was in the here at the time of the shooting but vice-president joe biden was inside. >> law enforcement sources identified the suspect as
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jesse oliveri of pennsylvania, he was taken to george washington hospital, a source told cb. news that ol letteri told police he wanted to die of so-called sue by cop. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". donald trump's strategy of a tacking hillary clinton by focusing on her husband's past scandals may be backfiring on his campaign. cbs news poll shows among women voters former president bill clinton's favor ability rating are higher then the republican many in minute knees and even his own wife. trump pick up an endorsement from the national rifle a so. he told gun owners if elect he will protect rights to bear arms. >> hillary clinton wants to abolish the second amendment, just remember that. we're not talking about change it, she wants to abolish the second amendment. so we will not let that happy can tell thaw right now. we will preserve it, cherish and take care of it. >> meantime the city of philadelphia has approved full
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rally with is in expert of the bernie sanders through the democratic national convention in july. largest rally is set for fdr park near the wells fargo center. >> coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" after spending more than $10,000 with amazon on housewares and electronics, a local man never dream the company would decide to cancel his membership. >> you were completely locked out. >> totally. totally locked out. >> so, that is when he reached out to three on your side for help, find out yes was put off, so you can make sure it doesn't happen to you. also ahead, there are smart phones and smart tv's, now, there is just a smart bra, coming up next how it might be able to check breast cans's head in the healthwatch. we will also have this... >> reporter: if you like camping and new jersey shore, coming up, i'll show you a new place to vice tonight
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on the healthwatch tonight a bra that can detect breast cancer. researchers are excited about wearable technology that they say catches breast cancer in an earliest stages. health reporter stephanie stahl explains how this real wonder bra works. >> reporter: it is called it bra and could be weapon in detecting early signs of breast cancer. here's how it works. connected patches are worn inside the a actual bra. they have metal sensors that detect a rise in temperature. when cancer forms in the
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breast and tumor build its own blood supply it increases heat. it bra picks up on heat and send an alert to the smart phone or computer. it is important to note that this does not take the place of a mammogram, instead. >> this may help, identify, what group of patients, need to get mammograms, earlier in life. >> reporter: doctors say this technology is particularly important to women who have dense breast tissue. >> in the dense breast population, which ones need an mri or some other testing to detect cancer. >> reporter: clinical trials on the it trial are underway at ohio state and stanford university. so far it has been tested on 500 patients, researchers say it is 87 percent accurate, slightly higher than mammograms at 83 percent. the company that develop the it bra plans more clinical trials and hopes to get f.d.a. approval this fall. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3
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"eyewitness news". nutrition labels on hundreds of thousands of foods are getting a a make over. here's how new labels will look. calories license listed with i a bigger, boulder type to make it easier to sianni a new line will tell you how much sugar is natural or added. serving sizes will be updated. first lady michelle obama announced changes at annual health summit as part of her let's move campaign. >> very soon you will no longer need a microscope, calculate orr a degree in nutrition whether the food you you are buying is good for our kid. >> details are found on more than 800,000 different food. well, the great outdoors are about to take on a whole new meaning in atlantic city. a first of its kind attraction is coming to the resort town that brings camping a lot closer to the city. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan, reports from the new atlantic city rv resort and marina where they are gearing up for their first summer season.
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>> reporter: for decade the atlantic city transportation center was on the role one of the biggest bus lots on the east coast but as gaming decline, fortunes turn. >> we lost 90 percent have of our business in that ten years. >> reporter: wheel remnant of the bus parking remains ownership is trying something new to atlantic city an rv park. >> rv parking a natural fit for this property. we have 22 acres here, a lot of open space, and just a really compatible use. >> reporter: atlantic city rv resort and marine ace having a a soft opening for first phase of what they envision as a big time camping attraction in atlantic city. a third or the 60 approved sites are operational and at meant now include a game room, movie room, indoor lodging as well as access to a variety of water sports in the on site marine a plus, of course, all of the atlantic city axis close by. >> beaches, boardwalk, casino gaming and everything atlantic city has to offer. >> reporter: mayor don guardian is happy to have a non-gaming attraction in the resort town.
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>> something we have been missing a long time and great reuse of these properties. >> reporter: will it succeed? market trend are positive. the last year there was a 5 percent growth in the rv industry, sixth consecutive year of growth. >> my family loves to do it. we have been doing it for a long time. >> reporter: michael lens is ceo of rv resort and plans on years of personal enjoyment at his camper. >> just a great time. great way to relax. have a great time in the camp ground atmosphere with activities. >> reporter: how much does it cost to take your family camping in atlantic city. the sites here start $50. in atlantic city, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". certainly not good camping weather this weekend but does get better next week even and that trend does last as we last into memorial day weekend. that is great news looking for nice weather and if you have outdoor plans for the holiday. right now we're dry. we have overcast skies, waking up to temperatures in the 50's from our weather watchers. they know rapist on the way so they are getting ready for it so let's check it out a cross
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the region. newark delaware delores has 52 . she's dry waiting on the rain. fifty-five in lawrence villain chester feel. we have 51 degrees, west chester, steve johnson, 52 degrees. mid 50's here in philadelphia up in the lehigh valley, julie in allentown at 51 degrees, and cherry hill we have mid 50's at lynn's house and jenny's house. one shot this morning, showing a little bit of, bright, that sunshine trying to get through those clouds before the overcast skies, take over. this is sunrise today at lynn springer a's house in cherry hill, new jersey. the old saying red skies warning sailors warning. that is true today. we are bringing more rain in our forecast. we will take to you berks county where we are seeing another area have of a little bit of a red sky there as overcast skies starting to move from the west. 52 degrees right now. the east/north east wind at 2 miles an hour. wind is not a factor with this storm system but it is off the ocean out of the east. so that will keep us cooler then average. the nice steady rain developing.
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we have rain reported in central pennsylvania, taking its time to get into the delaware valley and give it a few more hours that rain gets here. pockets of steady heavier rain south and west of washington, so, watch out, later this afternoon, that will be the worst of rain. so, we have still got a few more hours of dry weather. unfortunately with the cloud we will not see the planets this weekend. maybe on it this early this morning, predawn to day and tomorrow, you can see mars, saturn and full moon, if we had clear skies. mars will be shining the brightest, since 2003. look toward the south east sky, maybe, you get lucky tomorrow morning and get a brief break in the clouds but generally just overcast skies, through the next 24 hours. temperatures, they were on the rise, yesterday was a nice day, close to average. seventy-five is where we should be. we did make it to 76 degrees. but we will go back downhill again, below average temperatures. here's something to think about, look forward to at least, less than a month away,
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summer officially a lives monday june 20th at 6:34. it is hard to think about summer. but that is going to change over the next few days or so and this map is old. 40 degrees temperatures. that is not right. ignore that. we have 50's and 60's this weekend and next week, 80's. so rain starts to develop west to east throughout the morning today. becomes steady, heavy this afternoon at times. especially from the city south and east. even through the overnight we will be dealing with some showers lingering in to early sunday morning. sunday afternoon still not out of the wood. i wouldn't cancel your plans if you have outdoor activities going on but we could have scattered showers around sunday afternoon and it depend where you are. how much rain are we talking about. city south and east half inch, maybe close to 1 inch parts of the extreme southern new jersey, and delaware, and lesser amounts the further north and west you go from the city. today, temperatures struggle to make it back in the lower 60's, maybe mid 50's at best and then tonight, lower 50's
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for the temperatures. tomorrow kind of the same deal, maybe a few degrees warmer, upper 60's, if we see a peak or two of sunshine but overall pattern, still, it is pretty slow to move out, we have a cool pocket of air, and, thinking this is a lot of energy over us. anytime you have that you will get something whether it is included or rain. we will get rain today but still that cold pocket lingers over mid-atlantic through tuesday, so cooler than average temperatures with some cloud and maybe a spotty shower and then finally that gets kicked out by middle of next week. we will see this pattern in the jet stream and moving to the north and that means warm air in time for holiday weekend. we are cool today. 63 degrees. tonight still showers around at 52 and here's that extended forecast, still unsettled tomorrow, a few showers possible, and they can link inner to monday and then the skies really starting to brighten up tuesday. we will warm up to the upper 70's and bring back a nice stretch of mid 80's in our forecast starting on wednesday through the end of the next week. rahel, back to you. >> that looks nice but today,
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rain. >> if you want to stay inside and do on line shopping when it comes to on line shopping, amazon is king but depending on how you shop you could find yourself exiled from the kingdom. local man found out the hard way and that is when three on your side jim donovan came in for help. >> all amazon, including mexican wrestler, bottle of rum, yes. >> reporter: when paul, unexpectedly had to furnish a entire home after his, divorce, surgery for cancer and broken wrist he turned to amazon for help. >> i needed a tv, i needed pots and pans, i needed everything. >> reporter: but shopping exclusively on line made it harder for him to decide which styles or brand he preferred. >> typically i would order let's say three sets of pots and then i would select one that i wanted and then returned the two and i had amazon prime so i thought there is in problem i have 30 days to return whatever it is, and that is what i did. i was able to comparative
6:21 am
shop. >> reporter: just when he thought everything was going well in the middle of his shopping. >> you were completely lock out. >> totally. totally lock out. >> reporter: unable to log in, paul learned via e-mail that amazon canceled his subscription for making too many returns. >> there was no warning. >> reporter: amazon wouldn't speak with him by phone so in an e-mail he explained the reason for his excessive returns. >> i wrote to them, i have been a bad boy but i have had this situation, i was than the ambulatory, i was, you know, i had all of these injuries. >> reporter: amazon's response, after a careful consideration we have determined that our business relationship must end. disappointed amazon wouldn't restore his subscription he also could not access any of his electronic books he purchased with his new ipad. amazon's response you will only be a able to access digital content with the device already registered to your account. that is when paul contacted three on your side for help.
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after we reached out to amazon paul got an unexpected e-mail from the company saying. >> after further are consideration we have decided to reinstate your account. >> i was thrilled. >> reporter: making it another three on your side, problem solved. so what is the chances when you order something in the the future you will send it back. >> none. >> reporter: while amazon did reach out to paul after we contacted them on his behalf, we asked them how much returns might trigger a subscription cancellation they told us quote unfortunately these are not issues we can discuss. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim
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we talk to the stars of neighbors two. >> reporter: seth rogan is losing it again in neighbors two: sorority uprising. in the sequel to the 2014 hit comedy rogan and rose burn play parents to the house sale that is threatened when a rowdy sorority moves in next door but stars say movie is really about growing up. >> just struggling with the fact that we are raising, you know, one daughter and about to have a second one and we are afraid we might be bad parent and that we might not be a able to really relate to our daughter. >> reporter: after getting expelled from his fraternity's antics in the first film zach efron's character teddy is helping the beleaguered couple. >> teddy is sort of going through what it would be like to be, you know, finishing college and not have his future planned out. >> this is about the only wanted to do, they want to tear us apart. >> reporter: joining the case
6:26 am
is close i grace, as a head of the wild unorthodox sister hood. >> it is a group of woman fully supporting each other. >> reporter: original neighbors grossed 150 million-dollar domestically, cast and crew, hope sequel performs in the same neighborhood, terry okita for
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as an educator, it's all about connections. you're not just in the classroom; you're part of the community. you meet these tiny kids every year, and you help them learn and grow. but you also get to know their families, and over the years they become a part of your life, and you become a part of theirs. when you build those connections, you can accomplish some pretty amazing things. i'm jackie kruzik and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator. wearing powerful sunscreen? yes! neutrogena® ultra sheer. no other sunscreen works better or feels better.
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clinically proven helioplex® provides unbeatable uva/uvb protection to help prevent early skin aging and skin cancer all with a clean light feel. for unbeatable protection. it's the one. the best for your skin. ultra sheer®. neutrogena®. see what's possible.
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good morning, i'm rahel solomon. welshing hopefully you had a chance to get out yesterday to energy the beautiful weather because justin says rain is on its way back. the justin drabick joining us on the sky deck and justin, hard to tell because it looks kind of nice behind you. >> in the too bad, now is time to get out if you can next few hearst we are dry and we have a few cloud, and areas seeing sunshine right now especially off to the east but temperatures in the 50's right now, it is cool. they will not get a whole lot warmer once this rain does start to develop ape sitting just off to the west. it takes time to get here and actually reach the ground but out across lancaster county, central pennsylvania, harrisburg, we are seeing rain, it is developing across d.c., baltimore, so it is slowly moving off to the north and east. worst of the rain will arrive especially during the afternoon but give it a few more hearst to move in. fifty's in the region. forty's in the poconos. fifty-seven at the airport. fifty-five at atlantic city
6:30 am
airport. we have an east wind developing once again so that cool flow off chilly atlantic ocean, so like it has been through much of the month cooler then average temperatures throughout the entire weekend. so for today period of rain, a at times, steady rain this afternoon, heaviest rain will fall, south and east of the city, so delaware, south jersey, you guys will see most, potentially to get an inch of rainfall. then further north and west of the city amounts to drop off to a quarter inch toward lehigh valley and poconos and then highs today in the 50's and 60's ape throughout the entire weekend it the stays unsettled. new tomorrow it toss look a little bit better. a at this point i don't think you should cancel your outdoor plans just yet but there will be a chance for a few showers, they will be scattered though and those showers do linger even into next week but there is a big change in the weather, and i think we will like it, i will she thaw in a few more minutes, rahel, back to you. >> any change, is good, thanks justin.
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investigators are trying to determine what forced them to make a emergency landing of a blimp. it happened yesterday off i-95 in fishtown and that is where "eyewitness news" reporter a neat a oh is live this morning. good morning, what can you tell us. >> good morning, rahel. that blimp started off in camden, new jersey and was supposed to land nearby but forced to make an unexpect emergency landing here near i-95 behind me. as you can see there is a lot of movement so we are luck hi that this blimp narrowly avoided cars here. malfunction happened last night just before 7:00 o'clock near beach and richmond streets in fishtown. officials from the federal aviation administration say an air ship carrying two people suddenly lost power and came down unexpectly near this construction site. our cameras were there as crews removed the deflated blimp from the scene. we are told pilot and passenger were violently tossed around in that crash landing but amazingly no injuries. eyewitness ray haines saw it all happening.
6:32 am
>> as i was getting to this point, yes, a blimp started to come down. if it went further through it would have landed on my car. >> the blimp had a hard landing, had engine problems, overheating, it landed 349 northbound lanes and it was still inflated and blue blue in the middle of delaware avenue and started to go around the utility pull right behind us. >> reporter: meantime, bostic incorporated, the adhesive company that was advertising on that blimp, said in a statement quote changes in thermal conditions were a factor in this malfunction and we are told both blimp and crew originally from gainsville, florida. live from fishtown, anita o h for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right, anita a, thanks very much. camille cosby reportly refused to answer dozens of questions in connection with the defamation lawsuit against her husband. newly released transcript of the deposition shows wife of
6:33 am
the comedian bill cosby cited marital privilege, legal protection given to communications between spouses, seven women are suing bill cosby claiming he branded them as liars after they a accused him of sexually assaulting them decade ago. cosby has denied the allegations. students at hurt high school of technology in wilmington are america death of another classmate, 15 year-old brandon wingo was shot and killed on the 900 block of clifford run walk thursday afternoon. just a few you blocks way from howard high, the community is still reeling from the looks of sophomore amy joyner francis died after a fight in the high school's bathroom last month. >> we want to be able to put your children in a safe environment. unfortunately within this last month, with these two occurrences. they have made it feel like that is the last place that they would want to be. >> authorities are now offering a $10,000 reward for any fur that leads to wingo's
6:34 am
killer. one of the teens killed hours after the bridgeton high school promise being laid to rest. fifteen year-old mikayla mostly and daysa sulton died when their car hit a tree on route 49 last week, two others were hurt. mostly's viewing is at 8:00 this morning at union baptist temple in bridgeton. the funeral is at 11:00. an abandoned home over run by turkey vultures in west philadelphia is slowly coming down. "eyewitness news" the on the north 50th street as workers spent part of the demolition by hand taking down porch roof. take a look, there is cell phone video that captures vultures near the home. it looks like they are on the roof. a neighbor across the street says bird tear up trash and have tried to attack people. she hopes they go away once the home is completely gone. camden county police have its first female officer handling a k-9. the officer will now always be joined by payton a golden lab.
6:35 am
new dog to protect all these who serve. >> just two years on the job officer gabriel is making camden history. >> i hope that it inspires a lot of young kid, especially young little girls and everything like that, that you know you can do whatever you want to do. >> reporter: officer is now the state's first female k-9 office, a correspondence according to scott thompson they have struggled to recruit and maintain officers. and the force has 46 female officers or about 12 percent and eight k-9's including payton. >> they are way more smarter, they smell better, they see things better, then any human. >> reporter: camden county police chief says these k-9 service dogs are normally the first ones in and most dangerous of situations, now they are getting some protection of their own. >> just like our human officers protecting in the field k-9 officers will help in these jobs and protecting
6:36 am
them and protecting citizens, it is extremely important that we protect these animals too. i mean they are officers. their lives are valued. >> reporter: friday the associated humane society of new jersey handed over bullet-proof vest for all of the four legged officers who are trained in different an assignedments such as drug detection but also will be used for community outreach, including in grade schools. >> one thing with k-9 is you never get a bad day out of them. they never tell you no. they are going to go where ever we asked them to go and do whatever we asked them to do. at least we can do is give them that extra layer of protection. >> reporter: no job apparently too big or too small for these parters in. we're told those vests normally cost $2,100 each. do not be alarmed, this right here is just a thrill to day philadelphia fire fighters will train to respond to a high rise building fire in center city. simulation drill will take place in the 1700 block of market street at 9:00 this
6:37 am
morning. so there will be plenty of fire trucks, fire fighters and cadets in action, do not be alarmed. while you may recall this huge fire that damaged two buildings in the columbus farmers market in burlington county back in november 2014, well, construction crews have reconstruct the building. today it will reopen to the shoppers during a big celebration. there will be a pig roast, prize, plenty of music. market is home to 65 indoor stores and an outdoor flea market. debut at the add a ventura quarter yum. african penguin chicks greeted the public one month have after they were born. african penguins are an endangered species since 1998, the aquarium has successfully bread and raised 22 african penguin chicks, that made their debut yesterday will eventually join the penguin island exhibit. and still ahead on "eyewitness news" copycats could have their sights set on your facebook page. how scammers are stealing your
6:38 am
personal information and what you can do to avoid getting targeted. we will also have this... >> reporter: even though at times it felt like he was spinning his wheels a south jersey athlete is on his way to the olympic games, i'm's cleve bryan, coming up, our tv exclusive interview with joe mall. y as he tells us about obstacles he had to overcome do reach the rio games. from nice to nasty a beautiful day yesterday but justin is back to tell us when the rain arrives this weekend.
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it is three decade since chicago started, ferris buehler's day off. ferris fest is a three day festival that is now underway who could forget his tripped out bedroom. replica of the roomies drawing crowd at chicago's help tell as part of the cities celebration marking the 30th anniversary of movie. clutter, dirty socks, and even a 80's era a computers for changing his grade and attendance record and we hear some of the actors are in town too. >> classic. next time you get an e-mail or friend request on facebook stop and think for a second. sender may not say who they say they are, even if you know person. as david spunt shows us another way to steel your personal information making the round on line. >> someone assumes my profile on facebook and started to go
6:42 am
through my friend list and make friend requests. >> reporter: sarah is the creative services director at cbs-3 "eyewitness news", and happens to be the lateness a licensing list of cyber victims who essentially had their identity stolen on facebook. >> i definitely think it the is weird because i was able to see the profile that was my name and my photo. >> reporter: she says her face book friend started to get requests and facebook messages from her but it wasn't her. she believed it happened because her profile was public. strangest could see her photos and friendlys. >> it is so important for people use facebook or twitter to understand what they are making public verse private. >> reporter: lisa is an attorney in philadelphia, specializing in cyber security. she says that what is happening on facebook also happened, in e-mails, many times, in the work place. >> so whether it is just personal information about their birthday or their social security number or their a dress hackers can use that information to try to answer
6:43 am
security questions to get into bank accounts or other social media accounts. >> reporter: you may think this scam is obvious and something you might not fall for but you would be surprised just how many people, do fall for this kind of a thing. she says one of perfect clients accidentally responded to a bogus e-mail in disguise. >> they unfortunately responded to the e-mail because they thought it was a rush emergency situation and ended up giving tax information for the employees in the the company. >> reporter: best thing to do she says is check your privacy settings on social media and e-mail right now. >> a lot of people i interacted with yesterday went in and changed all of their settings, took down pictures of that are kid. >> reporter: david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning saturday. anthony mason and vanita nair join us live with the preview. good morning to you both. >> hey rahel, good morning. today's headlines plus they were there to document a campaign but what they got was a full fledge melt down.
6:44 am
we will go behind the scenes with the creators of the new film with the anthony weiner scandal. also, a gps you think match making, of the past we will show you why more and more people are getting in the business and what it tells bus our world. >> it is a tribute that took 60 artists and more than four years to make, we will go inside an album honoring the grateful dead and have a special performance from the national, in our saturday session. >> all that, plus the dish and your eye open's head on cbs this morning. saturday. all right. looking forward to that as bulls, thank you both. big dream is coming true for a local athlete. last week even we have learn she will be representing team u.s.a. when summer olympics kick off in rio. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan tells us he is looking to bring home the gold putting parts to go is something joe malloy enjoy as a try athlete he is constantly trying to get better in swimming, running, bikeling.
6:45 am
>> we are doing triathlon f we were good the at within we would just do one. >> reporter: route of three sports in one event and joeys the best. the this weekend he qualified for the olympics as top try athlete in the united states. >> it was special, and, you know, i'm even not sure i can put tonight word. >> reporter: we caught up with malloy at one of his favorite training facilities at the cycling shop in manayunk. joe grew up in wildwood crest and win inner life guard races. he swam at boston college and turned to triathlon. when he quit a coaching job to turn pro his parents were nervous. >> i said, oh, boy, okay, we will support that. you know, but i was sick to my stomach. >> reporter: joe's path was full of ups and downs. last spring in the middle of the olympics qualification period he finish in the bottom half of the field but still determined he kept pushing and won elite triathlon. eleventh place finish in japan this weekend punched his ticket to the triathlon august o
6:46 am
his olympic dream come true. >> it is that rocky attitude, and i want to be tough, a competitor who really races with the ideals that defying, you know, who i am and what i feel makes our region really proud. >> reporter: his mom sure is proud. >> it has been a dream, it is just been a dream. and, he earned every ounce of it. >> reporter: if you would like to meet gentlemen and give him your best wishes as he prepares for the olympic games you can do that friday night in wildwood crest. i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, for a majority of the americans, retirement kicks in at age 66. some folks are eligible to start collecting social security at age 62, but in our nevada colorado a 68 year-old woman is turning her golden years black and blue. ann perez started training as an mma fighter, 50 years ago, at the near age of 53. now mixed martial arts has historically been men as a
6:47 am
man's sport so how did a 68 year-old woman push to participate in an actual fight that is out of the normal but way to go, ann. happening today 90th stotesbury cup regatta continues on the schuylkill river, oldest and largest high school rowing competition in the country. american 5600 athletes from close to 200 schools in the u.s. and canada are taking part this year. the regatta resumes at 8:00 and wraps up this afternoon. here to tell us what the weather will be like today justin joins us now. probably a rough day on the schuylkill river. >> they will be rowing into some rain in the afternoon but they can handle it. they have trained in the worst i think he they can deal with rain with temperatures in the 50's. nobody reporting rain just yet. still off to the west, we have a few more hours of through weather yet to go and temperatures cool. john jenkins in perkasie we have 51 degrees, in the overcast skies, and we head out to west chester, same deal, lower 50's and steve
6:48 am
johnson's house with the cloudy conditions, and not much change, down into northern delaware, in marshallton. greg mccoy is at 53. it the looks like mostly cloudy skies we have sun off to the east. as we get down towards south jersey, a and some areas into the the poconos, buena vista township margot simmons is at 53 degrees with overcast skies. we are waiting on the rain. a few more hours to go yet and i mentioned a little sunshine in the poconos. the lets take a live will there right now, from big boulder, looking at the lake, and you can see a little bit of blue sky there off in the distance. but that is quickly going to be replaced with overcast, skies. and at this storm system is slowly track ago cross the mid-atlantic. new we are having a dry air over us right now, so net is some rain, progressions, kind of like stuck, reaching a roadblock as it tries to move out of lancaster county and just can't. a lot of try air still in place. the it will take sometime through the atmosphere to moisten up a little bit but once it starts we will see some period of steady rain
6:49 am
especially in the afternoon. you can see the pockets of heavier rain south ape west of d.c. so that means they will roll on through. this is a slow moving storm system so off and on rain throughout the day. we are not done. the pattern will stay unsettled through the weekend into next week. may so far, 15 out of 20 days have at least a trace or more of rain. we will add to the list for today, we could not even get more two days of dry weather. so far for the month just shy of 3 inches of rain, and we could pick up a half inch of rainfall for philadelphia, after this storm system moves through. but the overall jet stream pattern once again is very slow moving. we will call this a blocking pattern, and this is an omega block, the greek letter omega, we're on the edge here, so that means cool, and rainy conditions, and it will take its time for that cool pocket of air to rotate on through. it is in the until next week until we finally kick it out of here and it starts to warm up once again. rain chances to day is the worst of it. outdoor plans not a good this a afternoon.
6:50 am
100 percent chance of that rain. still tomorrow there will be some showers around and we will give it a 40 percent chance but more scattered into the afternoon, 30 percent chance on monday, and then we will start to dry things out on tuesday. we will time it out. rain starts to arrive from west to east, throughout the morning hours, give it another one or three hours or so. then steady heaviest rain will fall this afternoon. even tonight there will be off and on showers throughout the overnight the in to your early sunday morning. lose pressure stacks off the mid-atlantic coast today bringing the steady rain, the low itself is actually gone tomorrow but still, the upper level energy is over us. we will still have cloud to deal with. scattered showers especially in the afternoon with the daytime heating, things quiet down sunday nate but reform again to the scattered showers on monday as that cold pocket of air still lingers over us and i'll show you this from the jet stream map. you can see that owe meg block over us sunday with cool air in place. we will head into monday and it still sticks around the mid-atlantic. tuesday it is still not out of here. it is still unsettled.
6:51 am
finally wednesday it lifts to the north and east. we will get the a ridge in the jet stream. this time of the year we have had some sun. we will warm up. we will get the that next week. if you are looking for warm temperatures you'll love this forecast. the period of rain today, cool, 63 for the city. tonight still some showers, cloudy, cool, lower 50's. the once we get through the weekend it does get better, by the middle of the next week. still cooler then average tomorrow at 67. seventy-two for monday. still a shower. upper 70's on tuesday and then a nice stretch of mid 80's returns, starting on wednesday, and then that could all last into the upcoming holiday weekend. that would be a good thing for beach and pool plans. if you love watching the weather? you can be featured in the newscast by becoming a eyewitness weather watcher. sign up at cbs somehow i feel like you will be more popular next week even. >> yes. >> thank you. fourth of july, philly's welcome america concert is all about local talent. line up includes bucks county singer cristina perry, west philadelphia rapper/actor yas the greatest, r and b band
6:52 am
brotherly and philly pops. they take the stage on the parkway for the free show. noteably absent is hip-hop group the roots. they have co head lined the show since 2009. eight day welcome america festivity, kick off june 27th. big news from boss fans, bruce springsteen has added another show at citizens bank park. the bruce and e street band will perform in south philadelphia on september 9th, and tickets will go on sale, wednesday. tickets are already on sale for his september 7th show. get ready to party on the beach again, three big concerts are coming to atlantic city this um iser. so hoist performing? marketing director for casino reinvestment development authority revealed big names to "eyewitness news". >> jimmy buffet will be coming in august 13th, zach brown band come in september 1st and, of course, florida georgia line will round those out on september 3rd. so we are very excited about it. just great, opportunities for us to show that atlantic city is thriving, we are alive and
6:53 am
well. >> should be fun. >> country stars rascal flats played on the beach last year and blake shelf even and lady antbellam performed in 2014. and, coming up next when rain arrives and when it might be the heavies
6:54 am
6:55 am
last night was night for phillies, bark at the park. phillies fan decked out in their phillies gear and their four leg friend, took over citizens bank park, for a run around the warning track. dogs watched the game with their owners. they did do a best in show contest, special talk own activity center behind certain sections and dogs were available for adoption and
6:56 am
collection of pets in need. how adorable is that. >> i love jersey, that is cool. >> amazing. >> now weather looks beautiful there, today's game is probably. >> it is in jeopardy, i don't think it will happen because it is steady rain. still tomorrow's fame we could see showers but they should get tonight but today not good. we have that rain off to the west, a few more hours of dry conditions, and then we will see period of rain throughout the rest of the afternoon. it will be steady at times, maybe even up to an inch of rain in parts of the delaware and southern new jersey. as i said, tomorrow still a couple showers, especially in the afternoon. it will be cool in the 60's but next week even, looking or next week into next weekend looking better. we will warm it up, while people are waiting on the 80's. the it will get here, that is great news as we head through memorial day weekend. >> i hope we are putting this behind us. >> i hope so too. >> we are changing. >> we have talk about last year, last may there were 20, 80-degree days. this may zero.
6:57 am
>> yes. >> zero. >> zero. >> did we get all of our april rain in may. >> i think so, april showers copping in may. >> i'm's a little meteorologist. >> i don't need to be here any more. >> stop, stop. >> that is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for new we may be signing off on tv, we are always on line cbs cbs this morning saturday is next, have a great weekend.
6:58 am
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