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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 22, 2016 2:05am-2:36am EDT

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barbaro. their horse pramedya had to be thank you knifed on the track. you might remember kentucky derby winner barbaro broke his leg at the start of the preakness tense years ago. barbaro had to be euthanized three months later. jon stewart is adopting a lancaster county horse whose story abuse made headlines. lilly was shot with paintballs and abandoned in march. she was treated at the new bolton center in can't net square. stuart and his wife will bring lilly and another horse home to their farm for abused animals in monmouth new jersey. we're hoping for a better finish to the weekend. meteorologist lauren casey is in our weather center with a look at our forecast. lots of green out there. >> i don't think it could get much worse at this point. rainfall totals continue to go up dramatically at
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philadelphia international airport. now al onow approaching to inch. we're now nearing 5-inches of rainfall for the month of may. hard to believe. wilmington we're picking up about an inch and a half of rainfall, wildwood over a half inch, closing on a half inch in plymouth meeting. national weather service issued a flood advisory for the next if yo couple hours alog the i-95 corridor where we could see small stream flooding. storm scan3 showing us the trend. this is a three hour loop. this rain swath doesn't budge. some of the heaviest rain falling along the i-95 corridor. moderate to heavier pockets of rainfall starting to spread east a little bit where we had drier conditions across parts of gloucester camden and burlington county. that rain starting to push into mount laurel. shower activity starting to work its way into parts of
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central burlington county where we've had the driest conditions throughout the evening hours. rain full intensity starting to let up especially across berks and lehigh county. allentown still seeing rain but you'll get a break over the next hour or two. tomorrow not as soggy but still showers in the forecast, a few storms by monday and much better conditions as we head into wednesday. sunshine and summer-like temperatures and i'll let you know when to break out the t-shirts and shades coming up. >> a warning for women who use the schuylkill river trail. philadelphia police arrested one suspect and they're searching for another after investigators say both men exposed themselves on the trail. the suspect under arrest was spotted by a bicyclist about 7:30 this morning. 15 minutes later a female jogger told police that she spotted the second suspect. he fled up the stairs onto j.f.k. boulevard. anyone with information is asked to contact police right
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away. and a blimp pilot speaks could "eyewitness news" about the moment he realized his engine had failed in the middle of a flight over philadelphia. alexandria hoff shows us the man at the controls never lost his cool as he landed the huge air ship in fishtownism rubberneckers experienced an extra strain during their friday commute as a blimp was dragged and then billowed just off of i-95. >> i knew i could land. it was just a matter of finding a spot to land. this was long time pilot trevor thompson's third run above philadelphia in two days. but around 6:30 p.m. it was clear that wasn't happening. >> we were flying about 1 mile north of the ben franklin bridge when we had our first engine failurism the blimp or thermal air ship owned by air science and displaying adhesive company bostic was restarted and then failed
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again. thompson decide on what he calls a precautionary landing. >> unfortunately the engine failed for a third time when i was coming in for a landing on a field, a greenfield and the wind pushed me backwards and i was able to put it down in a construction spot. >> reporter: without full engine power a thermal aircraft will operate like a hot air balloon hence the less than ideal landing in fishtow fishtown. once there good samaritans jumped in. personal items inside of the carriage were damaged but thompson and his passenger escaped injury. the faa continues to investigate this incident. >> the people came out and they helped us and they were friendly and it was a good experience. it was a good experience in a bad situation. >> reporter: in fishtown, alexandria hoff, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> an underground explosion
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shut down university city this afternoon. beer told a transformer blew underground on the corner of 30th and market. that's at 30th street station. septa and regional rail service was disrupterd for awhile but everything is back to normal now. luckily no one was hurd. and search crews are finding more and more wreckage from egyptair flight 804. they have now recovered a critical clue that could ultimately help investigators figure out what caused the catastrophic crash. cbs news correspondent jonathan vigliotti has the late of the on the investigation. >> reporter: shredded clothing, shoes and heavily damaged plane parts are some of the items search teams recovered from egyptair flight 804. investigators found the black boxes about 180 miles north of the egyptian port see of alexandria. the data could help determine what caused the plane to plummet wildly into the mediterranean sea thursday morning killing all 66 people on board. technology played a critical role in tracking down the
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wreckage. radar on board this e130 helped find debris from the missing plane. the u.s. navy sent a p-3 orion to join in the search. the aircraft can detect wreckage from under the earth's surface. the uk and france have sent teams as well. aviation industry web site published transmissions from the plane. they showed smoke detected in the bathroom near the cockpit and avionics bay. >> it's very rare that you'll have a fire that will take over the aircraft and result in the aircraft ultimately crashing in the space of three minutes. >> so far no terrorist group has claimed responsibility for bringing down the airbus 320. jonathan vigliotti cbs news, crete. >> well, democrats hit the campaign trail today as bernie sanders tries to close in on frontrunner hillary clinton. sanders fired up a crowd today in new mexico claiming that he is the best candidate to beat
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donald trump in november. meanwhile in miami gardens, clinton spoke to mothers at an empowerment event organized by the trayvon martin foundation. clinton says she will continue to work to curb gun violence. >> we are smart enough and strong enough as a nation to figure out how to protect the rights of responsible gun owners while keeping guns out of the hands of domestic abusers, other violent criminals. >> the way we transform america is not just by electing a president, it is by creating a political revolution. [cheers and applause] >> trump did not hold any public events today. the transgender bathroom controversy it's making its way to pennsylvania's most popular amusement park now. hershey park is now allowing guests and employees to use the restroom that corresponds to their gender identity. this as people all around the country debate whether transgenders should be able to
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use their bathroom of choice. visitors at hershey park have mixed reaction to this city. >> ladies and men perhaps those that aren't comfortable with those particular kinds of people they wouldn't feel comfortable coming in and out of those bathrooms. >> i think it's good that everyone can can do what they what about the. >> hershey park released a statement. a firefighter is injured batter ling a house fire in bensalem bucks county. crews did respond to the 1100 block of tennis avenue about 9 o'clock this morning. they arrived to heavy flames spewing out of the second floor. fired nick weaver wa... firefigk weaver was injured when he fell off the roof of the house. a second firefighter experienced tightness in his chest. one person inside the home suffered minor burns. still to come tonight on "eyewitness news," a dramatic hot air balloon rescue the all captured on camera.
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find out where this happened and why the balloon couldn't stay in the air. plus. >> , a brand new piece of technology could save lives and time when it comes to fighting fires. i'm anita oh in center city and coming up how much this new piece of technology costs and how firefighters here are training for it. >> another rainy cool and damp mayday but we have a drying trend and a warming trend in storm i'll let you know when to expect sunshine and temperatures in the 80's in your full forecast and that's coming up next. >> ♪
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>> a dramatic rescue off the coast of melbourne australia. nine people were in a hot air balloon when high winds blew it out over open water. the pilot did manage to land the balloon on a boat. the passengers got off. then the pilot reached dry ground and brought the balloon down for a safe landing. lots of rubber necking going on in los angeles today. a 66,000-pound space shuttle fuel tank is being towed to the california science center. the trip will last 18 hours. it's moving at a glacial pace. it will be displayed next to the shuttle endeavor. the fuel tank is nasa's last it wasn't never used. tonight new technology could make firefighting a lot safer, more safer than ever before and it's coming to philadelphia.
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"eyewitness news" reporter juanita oanita oh shows us how t works. >> reporter: the fire alarm at the 54 story melon center sounded off like it does in any other emergency. >> i'm going to the roof. >> reporter: and on saturday morning, that was the point of this philadelphia fire department training exercise to simulate a highrise blaze with 10 victims. but this time there was something new in play. a $1.2 million piece of technology called the massey app accessible on tablets even without internet. here's how it works. the incident commander will be able to access the building's preplan which shows essential information and where the hose line connections are. one philadelphia fire official called it the cadillac of highrise preplanning. >> anything that helps us save lime does have a direct reflection of helping us save
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lives. >> before that officials had to rely on good old fashioned paper. >> you're wasting two to three solid minutes on arrival and a fire doubles in size every minute it burns. >> reporter: curtis massey says it took his company three years to develop the app. >> you can taj that, before you know up your shaft dry gram. >> reporter: the hope hope is that it can be dispersed and help make fire departments faster and more eve for the. >> philadelphia was one of the first fire departments progressive enough to grasp the importance of this type of technology that's going the change the landscape of the fire service. >> reporter: reporting in center city, anita oh, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> hundreds of volunteers they rolled up their fifty two heaviest to help spruce up a local school. they transformed ethel allen promise academy in philadelphia's strawberry mansion neighborhood today. the volunteers painted murals constructed a new playground and playing fields and also
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remodeled the teach terse lounge. the goal was to create a welcoming environment and also a safe place to play for the children. that was a good place to be inside doing some constructive work. >> a lot of chores getting done today, so much laundry is going to be completed. >> lots of movies and book reading. >> a lot of product thanks to the rainfall and that has been the trend for this may, so soggy. look at the days we've only had four dry days, four days without measurable rainfall in philadelphia so far this month and now our monthly total as of last hour is nearing 5-inches of rainfall and much of that has really fallen over the last several hours. storm scan3 showing us this swath of precipitation, very slow moving and the rain continues to fall. we're still dealing with light to moderate rainfall that's continuing to come down at this point where you see these yellow returns maybe a brief
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heavier downpour but this line of precipitation is starting to kind of push its way more eastbound into parts of southern new jersey where we have been relatively dry or the driest truce the evening hours but now that rain is starting to close in on you, cape may county, seeing that rain spreading up to the north and all of this will start slowly work its way more eastbound so we're getting some more relief north and west, berks county, lehigh valley, allentown, the poconos actually some mainly dry conditions right now. rainfall intensity definitely turning down over the last hour in places like allentown. future weather is going to show us as we head into the overnight period we'll still likely see periods of rainfall. 4 o'clock, rain still pitter pattering on your rooftop. i think that trend for heavier rainfall off to the west and kind of more filled in rainfall will be prevalent as we head especially into the first part of the day on sunday but right now just dreary, gloomy conditions as
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we get a live look at center city philadelphia, low clouds on the scene, 53 degrees our current temperature with a bit of a breeze out of the northeast at around 13 miles per hour and a com bee of the rainfall, the low clouds today and that northeasterly breeze really held our temperatures back. we only topped at 62 degrees in philadelphia. our average high temperature would have us in the middle 70's and temperatures cool and pretty consistent across the area, generally in the low to mid-50's but chillier up towards mount pocono at 46 degrees. a bit of northeasterly breeze still kicking along the i-95 corridor and down towards the shore. winds at about 15 miles per hour in wildwood and a bit of a breeze overnight tonight, a cool breeze 52 degrees continuing rain. for tomorrow a drier day in store. still some spotty showers i think in philly and the surrounding counties is going to be our best chance and we could see some breaks of sunshine an more mild day in store at 69 degrees but that's still below average.
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rain chances start to diminish tick by tick as we head throughout the next several days all the way down to 0 percent chance as we head into wednesday and sunshine in store and much warmer temperatures. for tomorrow improved conditions but not great. best chance of rain is going to be west west of philadelphia as we head throughout the day and then as we head throughout the week temperatures are going to improve dramatically thanks to a shift in the jet stream, this big ridge taking over the eastern half of the united states allowing that warmth to surge up and in so that by wednesday we're under 80, 82 degrees, 84 degrees on thursday, warm and toasty and looks like we'll have nice streak of 80's into friday and saturday as well, maybe a pop-up thunderstorm late day on friday or saturday but much drier and certainly much warmer conditions. we have not had an 80-degree day this month yet. >> oh, boy. barely a dry one. >> yeah. >> thank you so much lauren. appreciate it. lesley's got sports for us.
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>> it was raining today in baltimore. did that stop nyquist. good pitching and good defense
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>> well, the phillies were rolling going into the braves series. they had won seven out of 10 game. atlanta with the worst record in baseball. they just fired their manager. last night the braves held the phillies to just one run in that seven to one victory. could the phillies get back on track today? this couple trying to keep their infant dry and hoping that the phillies score some runs. adam morgan got the start. freeman hit this line drive. david low making a nice grab stopping a rally. this blooper to center, odubel herrera can't make that catch.
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jeff francoeur scores. the pitcher celebrating his birthday. atlanta takes game one, two-nothing is the final. >> you go to the have a good middle of the lineup. you got to drive runs in. we're not doing it. as a team today we just didn't look good. perez threw -- he pitched a good game. because our offense is not the greatest, you know, it's easy to say we're not hitting but when you face a guy who pitches the way he did it makes it even tougher. >> it was the 141st running of the preakness. nyquist the kentucky derby winner the favorite. company take home the preakness and move one step close tour winning that triple crown? >> that i request iexaggerator e preakness stakes. >> there you go. there will the the no be a
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triple crown winner this year. nyquist losses fort first time in its career. fifth time is a charge for exaggerator who lost four straight races to nyquist finished that first place. sixers will be doing their homework on whether to draft simmons or ingram. since they'll have five big men on their roster the big of the rumor so far is a frayed that would send okay for to the celtics for a third overall pick and a player. stay tuned. sixers also have the 24th and 26th selection in the first round. they have seen at least 12 players this week and brett brown was asked what he's staying to these nba hopefuls. >> all they need is to make one team love them. at this to the nba aren't always direct. you may end up in istanbul and then real madrid and can come back to it. in my old life we cut dan degree knee he green twice and
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now he's fine. >> ron jaworski and his soul team hosting the orlando predator. third quarter, he the score. the soul handed orlando their first loss of the season 62-54 is the final and now tied for first place in the american conference. >> nice. thank you so much lesley, still to come. honoring a hero. see how a local man who gave his life for his country was
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>> ♪ >> welcome back everyone. back on "eyewitness news" now with an emotional event in gloucester county to honor an american hero. "eyewitness news" at kingsway regional high school in woolwich township, new jersey. there was a military flyover followed by a home run derby to remember captain ryan iannelli. iannelli died overseas in a helicopter accident and today's event raised money for a foundation started in ryan's name to benefit local students. we
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>> that's "eyewitness news" tonight. i'm natasha brown for lesley lauren all of us here we
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