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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  May 22, 2016 5:05am-6:01am EDT

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lighting without glasses. >> that was a classic. that was a classic. >> mariah soaked up the love tuesday night. after basically conducting a master class in diva tactic. >> mariah carey is not here, everybody. >> she was late for andy cohen's live show. asked him to switch chairs with her, and threw a little shade at j. lo. >> do you know each other? >> no! >> she says you know her. >> okay. i know -- you know what? i'm very forgetful. if i had never had a conversation with you and someone asked me about you, i would be i don't know him, but he seems cool. >> right. >> or i don't know him. >> does she seem cool? >> i don't know her. what am i supposed to say? like i'm not going to put on a thing like oh, we're all hollywood. >> andy then turned her focus to another singer. >> can you say three nice things about nicki minaj? >> can you? >> sure, yes. >> okay. go ahead. >> you want me to? >> well, it's your question.
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i know. but i'm asking it to you. do you want to plead the fifth on that one? >> you know, i always felt it was more important with that situation to not plead the fifth but to just stay above the fray. >> mariah's nicki drama started on "american idol." >> i'm trying to help her. we're trying to help her as opposed to just a better outfit. >> when the "american idol" finale happened, is that something you're considering participating in? >> i was devastated that i couldn't be there. i almost lost my mind. i didn't know what the hell to do. >> okay. and what about a role on "empire"? well, she dissed that idea as well. >> they had this one idea. look, if i'm not going to be like have an amazing character arc, then why would we go on empire to be basically a version of myself? >> "e.t." was with mariah and her empire co-creator pale daniels last saturday night. >> what i would have her do? no, no, no. what she is going to do is what
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she will not want to do. >> but that's why we -- >> the reason why everybody does it. >> and the movie versus the show. >> no, we're going to do it on tv. >> mariah was honored at the glaad media awards along with caitlyn jenner for their groundbreaking interview. >> you promised me another interview. >> i know, baby. >> you are going to get that. don't you worry, yes, yes. >> i just booked. i just booked again. >> it is. do you know, because the last year has been so interesting. and so much has happened in my life. >> and not foreseeable when we sat down. >> oh, not even close. honestly, when we sat down, i had no idea whatsoever what the future held. >> robert de niro was also honored for his role in producing an hbo documentary. he was introduced by jennifer lawrence. and on his way up the stage, he took a little stumble. he played it off as a tribute to
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jlaw who tripped on her gown at the oscar. >> she is a wonderful person and a great actor and i love her very much. >> she told us she is grateful the just canceled show ran for four seasons. we asked if she had spoken recently to hayden panettiere who announced she would be entering mental care for an ongoing battle with postpartum depression. >> i haven't since we wrapped. she is going to be great. abc announced, prepare yourself, "scandal" will not be back. >> basically, kerry washington didn't want to spend another season hiding her baby bump. but the show will be back in 2017. here is what is coming up. >> texting me what about this name? what about this name? >> gwen stefani's parenting advice to adam levine as we reveal "the voice" secrets. what they don't show on tv. >> pretty incredible how they do it. >> they put things up and take them apart as my mom loves giving me advice. she even gives me advice... ...about my toothpaste and mouthwash.
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team blake. allison porter from team christina. >> yeah, the final four were revealed this week on "the voice" after quadruple elimination. each coach will be represented going into the finals. blake is getting a little bit of attention as well with his new album, if i'm honest, which has a voice to it with a very special somebody on there for him. >> oh, yeah, gwen. she just talked to us about why her other pal on "the voice" adam levine keeps texting her incessantly. >> i know, that's a hottie and adam are expecting. are you giving any advice? >> i'm not a very good advice giver. but i've definitely been watching her belly grow. and i'm so happy for them. and i'm so excited. it's fun because i've had so many kids that i'll be like and then this happens and then this happens, and wait, this is what is going to happen. it's fun. >> gwen does know parenting. she's got three boys, kingston,
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9, zuma 7, and apollo 2. the hottie is expecting in september. >> at kiss f.m.'s concert where gwen performed, she told us levine wants her input. >> adam keeps texting me what about this name, what about this name? it's just really fun. >> any names that he has told you about? >> are you kidding me? like i would tell you. >> no way! >> so gwen won't spill. but we will. at least when it comes to secrets on the set of "the voice." ♪ here is what you see on one show. spectacular stage effects. ♪ flames right behind the performer. ♪ >> flashing lights, floor to ceiling. here is what you don't see. the army of stagehands rushing to change the scenery after each act. >> 90 seconds. >> the production team on "the voice" is really crazy.
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they put things up and take them apart as if it is formula 1. >> one minute. >> 70 guys have about three and a half minutes to switch out one huge group of set pieces for another. >> with television, it's a little bit different. the turnaround time is crazy. >> five seconds. four, three, there will be a pause here. ♪ >> team christina's performances are produced by jerry slaughter. >> with christina, she definitely loves to go all the way out there. she loves the high glam, the drama. ♪ >> i just try to make them shine in whatever capacity, whatever i feel is right for them as artists. >> what you don't see in the dress rehearsal, a smoke test for team christina's allison porter. >> three, two. ♪ >> that goes off without a hitch. what you see on the show, a lot of carson daly. >> give it up for brian batista.
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>> what you don't see, a stand-in for rehearsals. >> give it up for ryan batista. >> what you see on the show are spectacular sweeping shots of the performers. what you don't see are the crew guy, cameras, and cables that pull it all off. ♪ >> speaking of fire, this setup for team blake's adam wakefield looks a little dangerous, but not according to staging supervisor joe berry. >> it's primarily a pipe with a bunch of cuts in it that is buried in the rock. just like you have in your backyard. >> and within minutes, the flaming setup disappears. >> it's pretty incredible how they do it. it's so impressive. kind of down to a science. ♪ >> getting it done. >> we saw a lot of that on "dancing with the stars" too. >> that's right. moving those sets really fast during the commercial break. well, back on "the voice," something we found out, fire is allowed on set. water, not so much. water can leak to places that it should not be and the performers can slip. >> something seems off about that.
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fire, sure. >> but water, don't spill any water. okay. on the way, diet secrets from bathing suit beauties kate hudson and olivia munn looking fantastic. plus, chrissy teigen on her weight loss. >> i was really going for the donuts. >> why is jenny mccarthy back in her high school prom dress? >> it actually fits better now than then. >> because i bought
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it's already for season two of hollywood's hottest, kate hudson and olivia munn. we have the inside look at their bikini shot. 37-year-old mom of two kate sizzles in eight different sexy 40ish looks and it turns out her workout sell isn't making any friends at the gym. >> it's oh, there is that girl at the gym. she is talking to herself and hooting and hollering and singing music. >> kate says she knows what to eat to stay healthy, but admits
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she is not perfect. >> when i start to see myself slip a little bit, i'm slipping, and you can see it, then i go back to my protein shakes and my salads. it makes me feel better. >> 35-year-old olivia munn rocked seven different swimwear looks for the june issue of women's health and credits intense martial arts training for her new role in x-men apocalypse. olivia also has a new diet. >> it's called 20-80. where 80% of your diet is fruits and vegetables. and 20% is whatever. it can be any kind of meat or breads or anything else. but mostly fruits and vegetables. >> check out these bathing beauties may 24th. >> i don't think it's going to be too long before we see super model chrissy teigen back in a bikini again. how many moms are cooking in a crop top? really? just weeks after giving birth? and our senior news editor got
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her talking about her baby girl in new york. >> she just turned a month. what is she doing now? >> like her eyes have uncrossed a little bit. rather than looking right through you, she looks at you. she loves the bath. and of course you compare to it you. oh, i love baths. everybody loves baths. >> what is the most surprising thing? >> the feeding schedule surprised me a lot. that is -- if you actually do the math, you're kind of breast-feeding for like ten hours a day total. they just use you for your milk and you feel like you are just a cow. >> and instead of being like oh, good, mom is here, she is milk monster. >> you're good for one thing right now. >> yes. she uses me right now. i'll get her back later. ♪ because i give you all >> how is he doing with the diaper changing? >> he is so good at it. for us it's still fun and exciting and cute. i'm sure by baby three we're not going to be so into it. dances around with her. he sings to her, of course.
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>> i have some new stuff for the next album that i sing to her. >> daddy legend talked to us at the opening of "turn me loose" a play which john helped produced starring john morton. >> everybody has seen him on "scandal" in the past. he is perfect for this. >> chrissy #ed her man passed out. >> it's the cutest thing on the planet. >> john has had to be chrissy's defender on twitter after haters slammed her for their date night starting just nine days after luna was born. >> he thinks it's funny they read anything. he thinks it's so silly. >> legend was on her mind when "the new york times" best-selling cookbook author brought us one of his favorite recipes doctored with lawry's season salt. >> party food not something this model mom shied away from. >> last month the pregnancy i lost it quite a bit. i was really going for the donuts. i remember trying to order pie every night. all my girlfriends were like
5:21 am
just say yes to anything you want, because afterwards, you're not -- it's not going to be the same. so i'm glad i did that man, that was good. that donut was so good! >> oh, donuts. oh, chrissy, i hear you. chrissy also told us she would love to be kelly ripka's co-host if they're looking for woman. >> i think chrissy would be great. i hope they let that happen. another person throwing a their name into the mix, general my mccarthy. we caught her squeezing back into her prom dress. how many people could do that 26 years after they graduated high school? general my mccarthy can. >> you are actually wearing it now. look at this. >> i am wearing it right now. this is some guy i met on spring break. he lives on long island. i have no idea who he circumstances bob from long island. forget about it. >> bob from long island may be long gone, but jenny is bringing back the dress and the big hair for a prom date with husband donnie wahlberg in the middle of new york's harold square. >> what do you guys remember most about your prom night? >> for me, it was that i didn't
5:22 am
enjoy my prom very much. >> no new kids on the block song? >> donnie, yours? >> i went to a prom. it was not mine. and i was very sad too. i knew i was with the wrong date. and i was hoping one day to be with the right date at a prom. and i think today it's actually come true. >> and now these two are helping couples get in the mood for the big dance by launching siriusxm's prom radio, where you can tune in to relive all the memories good and bad. >> i didn't get one compliment on this dress from any of my friends. now i know why. because everyone tells me it's actually ugly. >> it actually fits better now than it did then. >> because i bought boobs. >> the boobs are a little fuller. a little perkier. bob, you missed out on the good boobs, buddy, sorry. >> hold on now, donnie. i'm sure every part of her was very beautiful back then as well. i'm just saying. >> good coverage. up next? zac efron so hitting the
5:23 am
beach and getting a shirtless rubdown. now is how you promote a film. then tan craziness. who wore the most revealing red carpet dress ever? which star fell flat on her face? and hear kim kardashian's new confessions. >> i thought that was a little crazy. >> what happened when she had to forgo the private jet and go through tsa like the rest of us? plus our ferris bueller flashback. >> there won't be any picking on each other? >> no, we never fight. >> oh, it is all on the way. closed captioning provided by --
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my m...about my toothpasteice. she eveand but she's a dentist so...i kind of have to listen. she said "jen, go pro with crest pro-health advanced." advance to healthier gums... ...and stronger teeth from day one. using crest toothpaste and mouthwash makes my... ...whole mouth feel awesome. and my teeth are stronger too. crest-pro health advanced... superior to colgate total... these 5 areas dentists check. this check up? so good. go pro with crest pro-health advanced. mom's right...again! here are this week's top five stories. number five, the death of legendary tv journalist morely safer at the age of 84. >> the proudest moment in my career. almost a half century at cbs. >> he just retired last week with a "60 minutes" tribute. morally won 12 emmys and three
5:27 am
peabody awards. number four, celine dion speaks out for the first time since the loss of her husband. >> i saw him suffer. and that is the worst. >> celine told abc news's deborah roberts a that during his final moments she assured him she and her sons would go on as living his legacy. number three, garth brooks is returning to new york. garth will be the first ever country artist to play yankee stadium july ninth with wife tricia yearwood. >> if you're going to do something big, you're in the right place for it. number two, eva longoria's mexico i do's to jose pepe baston. >> we're not a huge rush. >> thursday, she instagramed her view of puerto vallarta. the reported guest list, victoria beckham, and david, and felicity huffman and katy perry. maybe she'll bring orlando. and the number one story this week, whitney houston's hologram performance with christina aguilera axed from "the voice."
5:28 am
after the duet footage leaked online, with reached out to whitney's sister-in-law. told us after closely viewing the performance, we decided the hologram was not ready to air. >> why didn't this work out? >> it did work. it just was -- it was incomplete. >> go to for the latest. and there is plenty of news coming out of the cannes film festival. helen mirren a little tumble. and what is a red carpet without kim kardashian? >> she is definitely owning it in that body-hugging shimmery dress. she looks pretty good in that. >> she does. >> but has she reached her weight loss goal after having her son saint? and how does she feel about her brother becoming a dad? >> have you and kanye given rob any advice with the baby? >> it's a really exciting time for him. and we give him, i think more me give him advice. >> kim totally glam in a custom gown, partying with mom kris and
5:29 am
pal mela hadid. >> tell me about the dress and stunning jewels. >> they literally landed in new york from china, and they were sewing it because it was too big and fixing it. and i had nothing to wear underneath it. and i thought that was little crazy. you know, this emerald ring is stunning. >> that emerald ring, $5 million. and on loan from her party host jeweller. kim arrived on a private jet, but flew home commercial. check her out, forced to go through tsa just like the rest of us. you posted a lot about your weight loss. >> i'm a few pounds still to go. but i want to be before prebaby, like five years ago. so in that i still have 15 to go. >> also, in cannes, dionne warwick head up the association event on monday promoting a new biopic. >> what can you tell us about it? >> well, it's about me. >> is it about your whole life or just a period? >> no, it's a period. >> what period? >> 1952 up to and through 1968.
5:30 am
>> earlier, ms. warwick had announced lady gaga had a part in the movie as sela black, her musical millenninemesis, but sh doesn't. gaga's camp quickly released he she is not in the project. >> yes, yes, on the plane. lots of crying children. >> we don't like that? >> no. you felt sorry for the kids and the mommies and literally sorry for myself. >> we feel bad for you too. his new movie is getting lots of buzz at the festival. >> it's based on a true story about an interracial couple, richard and mildred loving who married in 1956. and it took them about 11 years to be recognized under the law as man and wife. >> the film looks really good. it's out november 4th. now to a movie out this summer. the teenaged mutant ninja turtles are back on june 3rd. what is different this time around? there are new faces and we're
5:31 am
super excited about this guy, stephen amell. >> what is your name? >> casey jones. >> you know him from these insane shirtless workout scenes the cw's "arrow" or from these cute instagrams with his daughter. >> when this movie comes out and she is almost 3, man i get to take her to this movie. i feel like kids of all ages are really going to be able to latch on to something in this film. >> another newcomer is tyler perry. that's him in the lab coat and glasses. >> this is going to be good! >> to have an opportunity to play the brilliant mad scientist who becomes madder, that's a lot of fun. >> he does a lot of really great physical stuff with his character. he's got a limp. he is a really interesting actor and a great guy. >> also, look out for bigger stunts and a cool new set. the turtles' underground hideout was designed by the same guy who worked on "titanic," and it has a fully functional water slide. ♪ no sleep till brooklyn >> but the biggest difference is
5:32 am
mom to be megan fox, who will be out promoting the movie with an ever growing baby bump. she just celebrated her 30th birthday on may 16th and went out on a baby moon with back on again husband brian austin green. now to another star right in the middle of a media blitz, zac efron. well like what we're seeing. >> i got a little tickle. i got a little tickle in my throat. >> this is a game we can definitely get behind. zac posted this pic after fallon really soaked him during a twisted version of the card game war. and zac told jimmy how to handle fans who yell "take your shirt ur off". >> when anyone asks you that, yell after you! >> this scene where zac's co-stars have to improvise to get him oiled down before dancing. >> let's go. >> oh, that's hot! that's really hot. >> what was it like rubbing oil all over this man's body. it was nice. it was actual ham juice.
5:33 am
>> it was real ham juice. so ham juice is gross. it doesn't matter whose body you're rubbing it on. >> rub it in. rub it in. >> they cooked it but it seasoned it. >> it was hard to get off. you smelled like ham for a few days. you smell like a subway sandwich. >> i actually walk away from the experience more than anything thinking ham juice is gross more than i would think zac's body was great. >> finally the zen of zac. >> i'm zac efron. you're behind the scenes of my cover chute. >> he hit the beach at the golden hour for his men's fitness cover story out next week. efron shared this tip for that killer bod. he says he stretches almost as much as he works out. >> i think the way that i work out is constantly changing and evolving based on where i am in my life, what role i'm preparing for. what i might need to be doing in any given moment. it's a never ending cycle. the more you learn, the more your workouts evolve and change.
5:34 am
>> oh, sorry, do i have to speak? >> we have a show to do here. come on back to me. >> all right. zac does say he is the strongest he has ever felt. >> really? because he looks horrible. he looks incredibly weak and miserable. ahead, our ferris bueller flashback with the stars 30 years later. on-set hookups and behind the scenes secrets revealed. >> what are you doing?
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5:36 am
5:37 am
how can i possibly be expected to handle school on a day like this? >> who can forget matthew broderick in "ferris bueller's day off"? he was just 24 back in '86. and now this is going to make you feel a little bit old. at least it does to me. the it's turning 30. we at "e.t." are 35. so we have plenty of material to put together for this awesome ferris bueller flashback. >> i loved doing it. it was one of my favorites. but i didn't know it was one that would last so long. none of us did. ♪ well shake it up baby, now >> no one played hookie like ferris bueller. >> maybe ferris is slightly bigger than life, you know. it's one of those kind of movies. >> and "e.t." was right there behind the scenes for the spectacular chicago parade scene three decades ago. >> and we're rolling. >> we're reliving it with five secrets you never knew about the teen classic. >> i'm taking the day off. now get dressed and come on over.
5:38 am
>> first, bueller's parade crash. it was the real deal. >> what are you doing? i didn't know you could sing! >> that's actor allen ruck on camera as best friend cameron. he says director john hughes improvised along the route. >> one weekend was the actual german day parade. and what we do would do is we would have matthew on the float. and they'd kind of sneak him into the parade and go down a couple of blocks and circle around the block and sneak him into the parade. well did that for a whole saturday. >> broderick sparred with his sister in the film, jennifer gray. >> it's so unfair. >> jeannie, please don't be upset with me. you have your health. be thankful. >> their secret number two, undercover couple. no one knew broderick and gray were actually dating during filming. there were even rumors they were engaged. this was them at the oscars in 1987. >> matthew, jennifer, you two are acting pretty media savvy as you come down here. is this easy for you? >> yeah --.
5:39 am
no it's pretty nerve-racking for me. i'm nervous. >> are you nervous, jennifer? >> definitely. >> you're getting a lot of attention, especially being here together tonight. there won't be any picking. >> no, we never fight. >> gray might have kept that quiet. but she spilled ferris's secret number three back in 1986, charlie sheen's casting. >> why are you here? >> drugs. >> they flirted and made out on screen, and it turns out she got charlie the part. jen explains in this "e.t." interview. >> i was helping them cast and i said would you please use charlie? he is great. >> so they brought him on your recommendation? >> they don't even audition him. they just sid okay, let's take him. >> smart move. next, secret number four. movie magic and that smokin' red ferrari? yeah, it was big-time lemon. part of a collection, they weren't real ferraris. they were fiberglass bodies over mustang chassis. and they didn't work right. >> pretty much when they sent
5:40 am
that thing flying into the ravine, the whole crew was yeah. it was a tiresome car. >> and let's rap with secret number five. the movie was actually the anti-breakfast club, that's how writer-director john hughes explained it. >> i've dealt a lot with the problems of being high school age. this is about the undiluted joy of being that age. it's the thing to everybody, take a day off, look around your ordinary world. and you'll find some threat pretty interesting things. >> one thing that the movie isn't, it's not cynical, you know. and that all goes back to hughes. because hughes actually, he treated teenagers as complete human beings. and i think that's why people respond to him. >> all right. this weekend is ferris fest in suburban chicago area. the setting for this classic film. festivities include a 1986-themed dance, a tour of some of the filming locations,
5:41 am
and of course a special screening at the john and nancy hughes theater. still to come a size 22 and pregnant, this curvy cover girl gets naked to put body shamers in their place. and si swimsuit cover girl ashley graham locking lips with joe jonas behind the scene of their sexy new music video. >> my new girlfriend. >> that's ahead. but first this weekend in the "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which once upon a time star's dad was roy orbison's orchestra leader? is it jennifer morrison? jennifer goodw
5:42 am
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stop cleaning. start swiffering. ♪ keep on >> i knew you were going to be dancing and i'm going to be walking beside you, all boring, not doing anything. >> far from boring. >> connell on, step it up. >> that is the band dmc led by joe jonas. he definitely has a thing for super models. >> we were behind the scenes of his new music video. we when he wasn't making out with ashley graham. >> we're on the bed, couch, floor. >> there are things being taken off. ♪ up in the morning, tangled in sheets ♪ ♪ we play the moment on the beat ♪ >> ashley's role is i guess my girlfriend, my new girlfriend. >> rrrr! >> i'm the new boyfriend. >> i'm not mad at it. >> i'm not mad at it either, at all. >> ashley is getting steamy in her very first music video, locking lips with joe jonas for
5:45 am
the latest single "toothbrush". ♪ you can leave a toothbrush at my place ♪ >> i have been a fan since "cake by the ocean" which i can't get out of my mind. they called me and asked me. and it was a yes, i would love to be on it. >> talked about your husband a little bit the last time that i saw him. is he worried at all about this? >> yeah, with all my sexiness everywhere? you can't be with an insecure man if you're ashley graham. >> while ashley is happily married, joe's life is a little more complicated. he has recently been linked to mod and his ex-gigi. you yo wrote about the split in your music. >> you did tell us when some of your music comes out you will know exactly who it is about. how will we know exactly who a song is about? >> i didn't say that somebody from you guys said that. >> well, let's check the tape. >> once it's out, will fans know
5:46 am
who it's about? >> maybe. i mean, as of right now, you will definitely know who it's about. look, i'm sure somebody is going to try to figure out something. but ultimately, when we write music, we try to make it relatable to everybody. >> yeah, that's what they all say. but moving on, joe has a hidden talent, channeling his brother's sexy video moves. >> i can do a pretty good nick impression. >> oh, please. please. >> the camera? >> absolutely. >> side by side. >> all right. that was pretty good. >> it was. >> he got a little bit of time to practice, though. you got to give him that he's got his brother down. i think ashley has the quote of the day. you can't be with an insecure man if you're ashley graham. >> she needs a snap after that. she had to use that confidence recently at the forbes women's summit surrounded by so many fellow powerful and inspiring ladies. >> this was so intimidating at first. just a model.
5:47 am
i'm just on the cover of a couple of magazines. what am i doing. and then i meet women who come over and start crying and hugging me and saying that their lives are completely changed because of my words and my actions. >> she is definitely making a difference. and so is holiday. she was the size 22 model who became "people" magazine's cover girl last year. this year they came out with the annual body issue. what was inside? the usual suspect. stars in bikinis, workout tonight. >> you know the drill. a year later, has anything really changed? nischelle turner just spoke with tess about body image in hollywood. >> i was happy they didn't hide my body that alone was huge step. and there is more conversation around what body positivity is and accepting people for who they are. so i feel like things are changing. >> the feedback you got from that cover. was the majority of it positive? >> i had quite a few celebrities reach out to me.
5:48 am
ricki lake, amber riley, mia tyler. it was really nice to see the unity in people reaching out to me and saying that they appreciated seeing something like that. >> tess is pregnant with her second child. she has been posting pictures of her growing baby bump. and the haters on the web came out in full force. what is it about body shaping now? it almost feels like it's become the thing for people to do. >> i really don't care if people think that i am unhealthy or promoting something. i feel like it's so clear that our bodies are our business, and it's okay to be who you want to be and to live unapologetically. and i think most people get that. people picked on me in school. but it's entirely different when you open yourself up to the world, and people are commenting. and you're thinking to yourself, what you're saying is not true at all. i know who i am. i know my body. and i still say stuff and still kind of like, you know, hold back online. but i do read the comments. sometimes i do see what people say. but i choose -- i posted a nude
5:49 am
photo yesterday. that was kind of my way of fighting back. so it's -- the more people say they don't want to see things like that or they are criticizing my body, the more it makes me want to do it. and i thought oh, this is perfect timing. have i this image i haven't put out. and since you're complaining about my covered up photo, i'm going to give you a nude photo to make you even angrier. >> her baby is due in a few weeks. and even though tess is a larger woman, she says she still looks after her health. when you go to the doctor, does your doctor say tess, you're a healthy woman? >> i literally saw my ob yesterday. and everything is fine. my baby is fine. he said he couldn't be happier. i'm fine and healthy. >> that's so good to hear too. when you're pregnant, of course, the most that you want to hear from the doctor is everything is looking okay. you remember that with your wife. >> i do. i remember waiting to hear those words. >> of course. >> well, tess is also engaged to her baby's daddy. in addition to her birth, she has a wedding in her future. >> a lot going on with tess. she tells us she is going to
5:50 am
take about five months off
5:51 am
5:52 am
promo considerations provided by -- look at all the stars' birthdays this week. mr. t is 64.
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maggie cue is celebrating, 37. now take a final look at your choices. which once upon a time star's dad was roy orbison's orchestra leader? that is jennifer goodwin, who is celebrating turning 38 this weekend. monday on "e.t." our bachelorette exclusive. >> what is your type physically? >> plus we break down the billboard awards' hot fashion. that's monday. and we are almost out of time this weekend. but for all the late-breaking hollywood news, just go to our website, >> good stuff. at this point in the show, we have to say goodbye. but before we go, check out ariana grande's single for "dangerous woman". >> it came out on friday, and this video is nearing 100 million views on youtube. >> way to go. you'll see ariana performing at the billboard music awards this weekend on abc. but for now enjoy your video and the rest of your weekend, everyone. bye. ♪
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a 14 year-old is dead after a triple shooting in chester this morning we have new information on a rewar as police work to track down the suspect. and also this morning a neighborhood without electricity, people and problems that caused brief evacuation and power outage to dozens of homes in philadelphia. and, a live look at storm scan three shows us a slowing improvement but there are still some showers lingering in the area this morning.
6:00 am
today is sunday may between the second, good morning to you i'm's rahel solomon. i don't have to tell you it was pouring yesterday. lets the get over to justin drabick. at some point it was pounding but you say nothing ago this bad today. >> we will get red of the steady rain but you will still need that umbrella around because we are tracking showers around today, maybe even into tomorrow. >> aren't you tired of saying that. >> yes, i think people are tired of this weather. we will get good weather by end of the week. it will be worth it, i'm telling you but bet the tore day. we are waking up with some widespread showers. we will start dissipating throughout the morning but still in the afternoon there could be scattered showers across the region. steady rain out a cross central pennsylvania. that should remain there. you can see over delaware valley it is more scattered in nature so it rains for five minutes, and lets up. we are seeing left over rain long new jersey shore, central new jersey, part of the delaware and you can see that is breaking up, some of it moving to the west, on is of


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