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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 22, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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between the second, good morning to you i'm's rahel solomon. i don't have to tell you it was pouring yesterday. lets the get over to justin drabick. at some point it was pounding but you say nothing ago this bad today. >> we will get red of the steady rain but you will still need that umbrella around because we are tracking showers around today, maybe even into tomorrow. >> aren't you tired of saying that. >> yes, i think people are tired of this weather. we will get good weather by end of the week. it will be worth it, i'm telling you but bet the tore day. we are waking up with some widespread showers. we will start dissipating throughout the morning but still in the afternoon there could be scattered showers across the region. steady rain out a cross central pennsylvania. that should remain there. you can see over delaware valley it is more scattered in nature so it rains for five minutes, and lets up. we are seeing left over rain long new jersey shore, central new jersey, part of the delaware and you can see that is breaking up, some of it moving to the west, on is of it moving east.
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there is improvement this morning so again, literally, today we may get that in. felt will be wet. we are coming off 2 inches of rain for the philadelphia airport, over an inch and a half in wilmington, dover, delaware .87 is he far, mount holly over a half inch of rain, and lesser toward lehigh valley as expect. only a quarter inch. but we will add to those, tallies today, and still coming down a little bit. today mostly cloudy skies. we could get a peak of sun, still a few scattered showers around. overall rainfall amount much lighter around a tenth of an inch or less. temperatures on the cool side in the 60's. lower 50's for will allentown, philadelphia. fifty-two as well in trenton, 46 in the poconos. the here's your forecast for today. mostly cloudy, mid 60's at the shore, lower 60's in the poconos. we mentioned that improving forecast but we have more rain, we will break it down in a few minutes, rahel, back to
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you. >> not done just yet, thank you. tragedy in chester. one teen shot and killed in the local corner store and another in critical condition. lets get to cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio live in chester with more on what police are saying at this hour. cherri, what dawn tell us. >> reporter: good morning, rahel. what we know is a four year-old is dead and a 16 year-old and another victim are injured, following a shoot-out at a corner store, overnight, now, city and county officials are trying to figure out details but let me tell you what we necessity so far. lets take a look at the same footage, it happened 8:00 p.m. friday in the 1100 block of pine lane in the city of chester. it happened in front of the corner store where police found the two, teenage victims as well as costens of shell casings and a bullet riddled suv. the teens were transported to crozer-chester medical center for treatment. the 14 year-old was pronounced
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dead and the 16 year-old is listed in critical condition. a third victim arrived at crozer on their own to get treatment for a gun the shot wound. a man lives nearby says he was heading to the corner store when he heard chaos. >> i turned the news on the television and i heard something and i just came out to get something to eat. >> reporter: now the city of chester is offering a $5,000 reward, for any information, leading to ab arrest, in this case. they are asking that people contact police, and you can also contact the police anonymously using their crime hot line, that number is (610)447-3784. live at chester police headquarters, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right, cherri, thank you. new this morning an underground explosion forced evacuations at philadelphia's society hill neighborhood. "eyewitness news" at sixth and
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pine street where peco crews are working on the scene. we're told a burning underground cable turns man hell covers to blow off the ground. one resident tells "eyewitness news" he first noticed his light flickering and hen heard a big explosion. >> smoke in the middle of the street, and get more and more with each minute was a frightening experience. all of the neighbors are out. >> fifty homes had their power shut off as peco continues to work. peco says they will continue to work on the repairs, fortunately in one was hurt. and an underground explosion shut down streets the in university city for hours saturday afternoon. we're told a transformer blew underground on the corner of 30th street market, at 30th street market station. septa and regional rail service was disrupted in the area for a while but everything is up and running again and in one was injured here. a warning for women who
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use the schuylkill river trail, philadelphia police arrested one suspect and they are searching for another after investigators say both men exposed themselves on the trails. the suspect under arrest was spotted by a bicyclist around 7:30 yesterday morning. fifteen minutes later a female jogger told police she spotted second suspect, who reportedly fled up the steps, on to jfk boulevard. anyone with any information is asked to call police. well, a tragic start to the freakness steaks in baltimore saturday, two horses died in races leading up to the second jewel of the triple crown, one had ties to our area. home boy chris wearing number three there collapsed and died with a heart attack after winning race number one at pim lick owe race horse. three races later more heart break for legendary local horse barbaro, their horse, practice media had to be put down on the track.
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a autopsy will be done at new bolton center in kenneth square. kentucky derby winner barbaro broke his leg ten years ago. barbaro had to be euthanized a few months later. meantime, there is new hope for a lancaster county horse whose story of abuse made national headlines. lily was shot with dozens of paint balls and abandon at a stapel in march. comedian jon stewart is adopting lily, he and his wife will bring lily and another neglect horse to their farm sanctuary for abused animals in monmouth county, new jersey. a pilot exclusively speaks to "eyewitness news" about the moment he realized while flying over philadelphia that his engine had failed. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff shows us what the pilot did next. >> reporter: rubber neckers experienced in extra strain during their friday commute as a blimp was dragged and then biloed just off of i-95. >> i knew i could land but just a matter of finding a
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spot to land. >> reporter: this is trever thompson's third run in philadelphia in two days and planned to return at the camden field in camden. but around 6:30 p.m. it was clear that wasn't happening. >> we were flying about 1 mile north of ben franklin bridge when we had our first engine failure. >> reporter: blimp or thermal air ship owned by air science and displaying a accompany bostic was restarted but failed again. thompson decided on a precautionary landing. >> it is unfortunately the engine failed for a third time when i was coming in for a landing on a field, a green field and wind pushed me backward and able to put it down in the construction spot the. >> reporter: without full engine power a thermal aircraft will operate pretty much like a hot air balloon, hence, less than ideal landing area, here in the 1900 block of richmond street, in fishtown. once there good smart tans
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jumped in to accounts a. >> stop the car and tried to help the pilot. >> reporter: personal items inside were damage but thompson and his passenger escaped injury. the faa continues to investigate this incident. >> people came out, and they helped us, and they were friendly, and it was, it was a good experience. it was a good experience in a bad situation. >> reporter: in fishtown alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a new report is out on the music legend prince that said he may have been dead for hours before his body was discovered. the minneapolis star tribune spoke with the paramedic who said the singer may have been dead for as long as six hours, before he was found in his paisley park estate. there was also reports that prince may have gone to the hospital the day before for iv fluids. now to the latest on the egyptair crash. search crews are finding more wreckage from flight 804. as jonathan vigliotti reports they have recovered a critical claw that could help up
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investigators figure out what caused the catastrophic crash. >> reporter: shredded clothing, shoes and heavily damage plane parts are just some of the items search teams recovered from egyptair flight 804. investigators found the black boxes, 180 miles north of the egyptian port city offal sand that. the data could help determine what caused the plane to plumet wildly into the mediterranean sea thursday morning. killing all 66 people on board. technology played a critical role in tracking down the wreckage. radar on board this c130 helped find debris from the missing plane. u.s. navy says it arrived to join in the search, aircraft can detect wreckage from under the ocean surface. other countries like greece, uk and france have sent teams as well. the aviation herald and a industry web site published automated transmission from the plane minutes before vanishing from radar. they showed smoke was detected in the bathroom near cockpit
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and bay. >> it is very rare that you will have have a fire that will simply, take over the aircraft and result in the aircraft, ultimately crashing in the space of three minutes. >> reporter: so far no terrorist group of claimed responsibility for bringing down the air bus 320. jonathan vigliotti for cbs news, crete. the u.s. has made a major impact on the afghan taliban, the taliban confirmed that a drone strike has killed it leader mullah hundred or. it happened in a region along the afghanistan pakistan border. president obama ordered the strike carried out by unmanned aircraft operated by u.s. special operations forces. the commander of u.s. forces in the middle east saw for himself progress against ice is in syria. army general joseph made a secret visit to northern syria. head of the u.s. central command said he felt on a moral obligation to check on his troops and make his own
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assessment of progress in organizing arab and kurdish fighters. coming up next a rescue caught on cameras hot air balloon ride takes a scary turn and why the pilot had to make an emergency landing. also ahead, produce problems, the reason our recent stretch of weather is putting a strain on your favorite summer vegetables and the way it could affect when you see them in stores, justin in? well, we have slow improvement to our forecast at least steady heavy rain is done but we could still have showers for the next few days, we will break it down in the
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as an educator, it's all about connections. you're not just in the classroom; you're part of the community. you meet these tiny kids every year, and you help them learn and grow. but you also get to know their families, and over the years they become a part of your life, and you become a part of theirs. when you build those connections, you can accomplish some pretty amazing things. i'm jackie kruzik and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator.
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a volcano eruptness western indonesia killing three people and injuring four others. it blasted ashes as high as 2 miles into the earth. victims at the time were working on their farms near the mountain when it erupted. it laid dormant for four centuries before spring to go life in august of 2010. a dramatic rescue, off the coast of melbourne, a australia, nine people were in a hot air balloon when high wind blew it out over opened water. pilot managed to land the balloon on the boat. passengers got off and then it was light enough to gain altitude again and then pilot reached try ground he was able to bring it down for a safe landing. well, a solar powered airplane has landed in dayton, ohio but the latest leg in the around the world journey.
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solar impulse two landed last night after a 17 hour flight from tulsa, oak a the globe circling voyage began in march of last year from the united arab emirates. swiss made plane is expect to make a stop in insuring and then across the atlantic to europe or northern africa. and lots of rubbernecking going on in los angeles a 66,000-pound space shuttle fuel tank is being towed to the california science center and the trip will last 18 hours. it will be displayed next to the shuttle endeavor. it is never been used. interesting stuff there. justin joining us now, not any of that in our forecast. >> no great news here. the sun did come out for a brief moment. >> yes, we were hoping so. >> yes. >> but, no. >> i wish i could say that i was. >> and that is right. >> no, no we have a good amount of rain, little rain today but not like yesterday, more scattered, and the
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showers, feeling very slow improvement over next few days and by even of the week we will love this forecast coming up if you like summertime weather. at the shore next week even, that is place to be. the forecast as of now looks good and it will be jammed packed in ocean city through unofficial start of the summer season. right new we have cloud, drizzle a few people outside on the boardwalk. we are catching a break now. most of the rain is moving off shore, check it the out, on storm scan three that steady heavy rain we had yesterday afternoon in the evening hours starting to break up, a little bit of the hole around philadelphia still some scattered showers out to the west, lancaster county, chester county and maryland and northern delaware, things will move through from time to time in the morning and afternoon but bulk of the steady rain remains out across mountains of central and western pennsylvania, so this is what we will be dealing with just more scattered showers. we will find dry breaks at times and bigger picture just has the storm system stalled over mid-atlantic and it still
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sits on top of us for another 48 hours. we will have clouds around and a few peaks of sunshine but each day there is a chance for a few scattered showers and new we're really bringing in the rainfall for month of may. coming into today which doesn't include this morning's rain, almost 5 inches on have rain since may 1st. only five days so far this month have been dry. that is it, but good news we have a nice dry stretch coming up in our seven day forecast. fifty's once again this morning, we have that east and north wind keeping temperatures cool with the cloud around and some showers. forty-nine in malvern. fifty-one in aston. fifty in chalfont. similar numbers to the north and west. forty-nine lafayette hill, you guys at 51 degrees, lower 50's in allentown. still unsettled. it is all about the jet stream. this is second time we have seen this over the past month or so it the is omega block and on the edge, of the omega block you are stuck in the cool, dreary weather so we have that across west and east coast. this is nice but we will get
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in on that action later this week into next weekend but as long as this trough from the jet stream lingers us it will stay cool, clouds, maybe a few showers around. today 60 percent chance of showers, even tomorrow especially in the afternoon we have to throw in a 30 percent chance for the scattered showers and some could linger into early tuesday, before we finally clear out for the middle of the week. for today it looks better this afternoon, still some cloud, maybe a few you peaks of sunshine but you can see scattered showers do fire up once again especially away from the coast as we get more heating going on. things start to die down tonight. tomorrow morning is okay for the morning ride. maybe a little bit of sunshine but in the afternoon those cloud build up again and maybe scattered showers, again, not a big deal, nothing widespread. temperatures today still cool and average in the 60's and this model is picking up a little sunshine toward lehigh valley. we could get to 70's. then tonight it is cool, low to mid 50's, tomorrow once
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again 60's and lower 70's as we see a few peaks of sun. for today mostly cloudy, the scattered showers, 68 degrees for the high temperature tonight, still cool mainly dry, 52. here's that extended forecast, looking good, once we hit tuesday afternoon to wednesday upper 70's and mid 80's through end have of the week. the looks good mid 80's maybe a scattered shower on friday, nice start to the holiday weekend, rahel. >> thanks, justin. well, all this dreary weather has done more than just dampen our spirits it may be delaying your favorite food from hiked hitting the market. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos breaks down the produce problems and how it could affect you this year. >> reporter: fresh new jersey produce, before it gets here to your, table it has to get out of the field. and this rainy, cloudy, cooler weather we have had has not been helping. >> we will go down the road to where we have more tomatoes, egg plant and zucchini squash planted.
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>> reporter: frank grasso is a third generation farmer now showing us fieldness mullica he has work for five decade. >> you urn guarantied the unexpected, that is what you are guarantied. >> reporter: that has been tree this season with wet weather stunting much of his crop. >> vegetables need three things: they need sunshine, water, and heat. they have been getting water. >> reporter: but without much sun and cooler temperatures crops are taking their time to grow. >> this is what they should look like. this has been growing in the greenhouse. >> reporter: this is what tomato plant looks like right now. >> they should be as full as the one on the pot and 6 inches taller. >> reporter: same is true on delaware farms where growth is anemic, farmers there and in new jersey say it is all part of business. >> one thing about farming you don't know what to expect. you are dealing with mother nature. >> reporter: despite setback, take comfort in this. >> don't worry, we will have vegetables. they might be a week or two late but you'll have all of the vegetables you want.
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>> reporter: despite the delay frank grasso at grasso farmers and other farmers i spoke to in delaware say there shouldn't ab a increase in price. reporting from mullica greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". sad anniversary this sunday, back on this day five years ago a powerful ef5 tornado hit joslin, missouri killing 158 people. it is deadliest single tornado sword record began. a memorial service will honor victims today. still ahead, a celebrity dj involved in the head on car crash, plus, wedding bells for a former desperate housewife. not just by crime but to find love, coming up next, how science is being used to determine if you and your partner are truly compatible.
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you get relentless protection. ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ a suv carrying the dj was hit by another car on the way to the airport in l.a. on friday. harris, whose real name is adam wild, was treated for cuts. the a message on his facebook paining says he canceled a saturday performance in vegas and will rest for the next few days. eva a longera is a mrs. once again. people magazine reports that she tied the k not with jose antonio in mexico yesterday. the surprising ceremony for close friend and family with 200 guests. the basstonies president of the latin america media brand.
6:25 am
they got engaged last december and this is her third marriage. speaking of love a new dna test may help you find a perfect match. health reporter stephanie stahl has science behind the chemistry of love. >> reporter: two couples, one together a lifetime. >> i have no idea. i don't know. it just worked. >> reporter: other newly engaged. >> we knew fairly early that we had something special. >> reporter: jozy and brian met through friend, max and donna met in high school and got married seven years later. >> july was 32 years. >> reporter: what makes these relationships work? a company called instant chemistry says the answer lies in your dna. they test personality traits and dna with saliva samples to see how compatible you are with your mate. >> it is interesting. >> no, if this comes back. >> two couples agreed to take dna test that starts with certain brain chemicals.
6:26 am
>> but measuring seratonin, dopamine and other chemicals cot can tell who is empathetic or impulsive and they say that reveals how people will react, in stressful or emotional situations. >> basically what we're looking at here is genetic anti psychological factors that makes a good match. >> reporter: joe block is the psychologist with instant chemistry. what do you say to the skeptics who say there is in the enough evidence or scientific proof that this works. >> those skeptics haven't read the research. there is a list of peer reviewed research, peer reviewed meaning these are things that are legitimate, not some junk research. >> reporter: for the couples the results showed an 80 percent compatibility score for donna and max. >> that is probably where we have been, we have been together. >> reporter: for chelsea and brian. >> so, thankfully, we got a 77 . >> reporter: but result
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weren't perfect, the couples say, the tests missed on a few personality traits. >> i'm a laid back guy worth. >> reporter: can your personality be tested and will love last forever? who knows. the instant chemistry says for $149 it can analyze your dna compatibility. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". have you ever wanted to bottle the weather, well, maybe on a nice day you have but a new drink is bottling the san francisco fog. a new gimmick that may be worth raising a glass, coming up. we will also have this. >> a brand new piece of technology could save lives and time when it comes to fighting fires, i'm anita oh in center city, and coming up how much this new piece of technology costs a and how fire fighters here are, talking about it. or toy say but showers continue this morning. justin is back with your sunday forecast when we come right back.
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good morning, today is sunday may between the second. i'm rahel solomon. let's send you over to justin drabick because we're talking rain. justin joining us now and it won't be as heavy as yesterday which is nice. >> we will give everybody the head up. we knew coming in the weekend not the best weekend. yesterday was worst of it to
6:31 am
day does get better, each day, progressively better. >> even better. >> mid of the week we will have more warm temperatures and sunshine. that is great news heading in the upcoming holiday weekend. we still to have get the through next few days a little bit unsettled this morning we are still bringing showers around the region, overcast skies in the city right now, check it the out, looking outside, 53 degrees in center city. north wind at 7 miles an hour so that will keep temperatures on the cooler side once again today. radar is looking a whole lot better compared to yesterday we had steady heavy rain coming through the city and now that rain is breaking up a little bit, still some light scattered showers, a lit built of drizzle around the region this morning. it will dissipate more in the afternoon but still the threat will be there throughout the entire day to day. fifty-three in reading, allentown and philadelphia. fifty-two in dover, delaware. we have cloud, showers, kind of keeping temperatures the same across the region. north wind at 10 miles an hour or less, really not a problem today just as a little bit of
6:32 am
the chill to the air. here's what to expect this morning a few showers around, temperatures holding in the 50's, even this have afternoon cannot rule out a few scattered showers, it is possible some areas do see a few peaks of sunshine, temperatures staying below average in the 60's and we will get up to 68 degrees for the high in philadelphia, mid 60's at the shore and lower 60's at the poconos. really what we're talking about is a slow improvement in our forecast to let you know what that means when i show you the seven day in a few minutes, rahel, back to you. >> any improvement is good, thanks justin. this morning police are searching for suspect who opened fire at a corner store, killing one teen and receiving another in critical condition. cherri gregg from our sister station, kyw news radio,. >> good morning rahel. what we know is that police found a 14 year-old and a 16 year-old both shot outside of a corner store, and while there is still trying to figure out the motive in this shooting, here's what we know so far. take a look at the same
6:33 am
footage, as you can see it happened around 8:00 p.m. saturday outside of this corner store in the 1100 block of pine lane, police say it was a shoot-out. the they have located dozens of shell casings and bullets, and a bullet riddled suv with the window blown out. teen victims were transported to crozer-chester medical center where the 14 year-old died, and the 16 year-old is now listed in in critical condition. a third victim also surfaced, they arrived at crozer on their own to get treatment for a gunshot wound. calvin mcdowell who lives nearby said he was heading to the corner store when he heard chaos. >> i have turned the television on and everything and i don't know, i was just coming out and wanted to get something to eat. >> reporter: police are still investigating and now there is a $5,000 reward for any information, leading to an
6:34 am
arrest and convictions in this case. they are also accepting a in must tips on the crime hot line, you can call (610)447-3784. live at chester police headquarters, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 eyewitness naus. >> cherri, thank you so much. two fire fighters are sent to the hospital after battling a house fire in bensalem bucks county. crews responded to the 1100 block of tennis avenue around 9:00 o'clock yesterday morning. the investigators tell eye witt the necessary news that the fire fighter nick weaver was injured when he fell off the roof of the house. he is in stable condition this morning, and a second fire fighter was sent the two hospital for observation, after experiencing, tightness in his chest. one person inside the home suffering minor burns. new technology could make fire fighters safer then ever and it is coming to philadelphia. as "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh shows thus new app could potentially save lives.
6:35 am
>> reporter: fire a alarm at 54 story dny melon center sounded just like it does in any other emergency. >> get to the right. >> reporter: on saturday morning that was the point of the philadelphia a fire department training exercise. to simulate a high rise blaze with victims. but this time there was something new in play, 1.2 million-dollar piece of technology called accessible on tablets even without internet. incident commander will be able to access the building's plan which she's sentence information and where hose line connections are. one philadelphia fire official called it cadillac of high rise preplanning. >> anything that helps us save time, does have a directory flex and will be able to save lives. >> reporter: because to have this technology fire fighters to have rely on good old
6:36 am
fashion fire work. >> we are wasting two to three solid minutes on arrival and fire doubles in size every minute burns. >> reporter: curtis massy president of the disaster planning says it took his company three years to develop the app. >> you cap touch that, bringing up your shaft diagram. >> it is hoped to be the and fire department even faster and more efficient. >> philadelphia was one of the first fire departments that was progressive enough to grab the importance of this type of technology that is going to change the landscape of the fire service. >> reporter: reporting from center city. >> back down. >> reporter: anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". hundreds of the volunteers, spent time out of their week toned spruce up a local school. they transformed ethan allen prom ace contacted my in philadelphia's strawberry mansion neighborhood yesterday. volunteers painted murals, brightened hallways and stairwells, construct a new playground and playing field and remodeled the teachers lounge. it was all to create a welcoming environment and a
6:37 am
safe place to play. "eyewitness news" at the police touch museum where young super heroes took over. the children dressed up as their favorite characters, and they also had a chance to meet spider man, wonder woman, iron man and a teenage mutant ninja turtle the i haven't said that in a long time. it is all part of the super hero weekend. the fun continues today. well, hillary clinton and donald trump are mapping out very different visions of gun policy. on friday the presumptive republican nominee promised not to let down the nra. as brooks silva-braga reports, clinton vows to defy them. >> reporter: speaking to mothers who have lost children to gun violence hillary clinton blamed the nra for blocking stricter gun laws. >> this isn't a matter of building popular support, we already have it. this is a matter of make elected officials do their jobs to keep our children safe. >> reporter: event served as a
6:38 am
response to donald trump. >> she wants to take your guns away. >> reporter: who attacked clinton and vowed to loosen gun control laws as he accepted the nra endorsement friday. >> crooked hillary clinton is the most anti gun, anti second a moment candidate, ever to run for office. >> reporter: clinton answered by calling out trump's proposal to eliminate gun free zones, including schools. >> parent, teachers, and schools should have the right the to keep guns out of classrooms just like donald trump does at many of his hotels by the way. >> reporter: earlier trump called on clinton to disarm her own body guard. brooks silva-braga for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". she's known as one of the best journalist at 60 minutes for 25 season leslie stall has taken us around the world for stories that inspire and intrigue and in this past week she was in philadelphia to talk about her new project. "eyewitness news" at the free library branch on vine street, where stall took part in the
6:39 am
discussion of her new book, becoming grand mom. "eyewitness news" anchor jessica dean haddon or of introducing her and she the sat down with the legendary journalist to talk about the joy of becoming a grand parent. >> it is so pure, it is an unfeathered, unconditional loving, and i wanted to find out what it was and i went to a bio chemist and studied the circuitry of the brain when you hold your grandchild and hormones. >> stay tuned to "eyewitness news" this sunday morning, jessica dean will have an in depth interview with leslie stall coming up at 8:00 o'clock hour. and still to come this morning, looking forward to a new job or a career? we will find the top jobs. plus the new alcoholic drink made by san francisco fog how one company does it and why, coming up next. i've got something up my sleeve that might just save your life here on the beach this summer, we will have the story of how it works from
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longport coming up. taking a live look outside you can see gray skies and showers are still hanging around just continue has full details when we come back.
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longport will be staying purple this summer thanks to a special warning bracelet. our walt hunter explains, it is a purpose to raise awareness about skin cancer.
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>> you get more than a beach tag for your money in longport this year. if you air monk the first 5,000 purchasers you also get a bracelet, that just might save your life. >> this is just an exciting program. >> reporter: bracelets like the one worn by the mayor turn purple when hit by uv ray is a a colorful reminder you need to protect yourself from the sun. >> major cause of deadly melanoma. >> we are trying to sense files people to the next us between the sun and the disease. >> reporter: they say along with the newly purchased beach tags their children will also bewaring, the new bracelets. >> cancer is a scary disease, and it is great for longport for doing this. >> reporter: even on days when the sun seems to be behind the included you are still getting bombarded with rays, and the bracelets detect those rays, almost immediately. the bracelets which are reusable, turn purple, long
6:44 am
before your skin begins turning red. >> i think they have really grown into a great protection tool. >> reporter: george miller and his family first created them for the tara miller foundation, started bay his 30 year-old daughter as he battled the cans their would claim her life. >> we hope people will then do something to protect themselves. >> reporter: like a life guard whistling a warning in the water now a bracelet turning colors to help protect you, from the sun, and the cancer it can bring. in licensing port walt hunter cbs-3 "eyewitness news". justin joining us now, justin a very serious issue but not too many people at the beach this weekend maybe next week even. >> next weekend for sure, waiting on some sunshine. it will take sometime to get here. a few minister days of cloudy skies but right new looking ahead toward the memorial day weekend, it is looking pretty good with warmer temperatures and good beach weather, cool weather coming at us.
6:45 am
nice shot out of broad headsville, trying to break included up a little bit. we may get a few peaks of sun, low level fog, a little bit of drizzle, mist and fog depending on where you are across the delaware valley. we still have have showers around. that steady heavy rain we had yesterday starting to break up a little bit. still left over lingering showers eastern, new jersey and then west of the city out toward chester county in berks county right now, some light showers, and they link inner to delaware as well. the that is what we are dealing with through the rest of the morning and afternoon just a few scattered showers around at times. nothing like yesterday. so travel is looking a little bit better across the region. nice stripe of heavier rain that developed across the region this is doppler radar estimated overpass 24 hours. we will go from maryland to new castle county delaware right over philadelphia and through trenton. that is where we have had the worst of the steady rain indicated by areas of green. that is 2 inches of rain, fell at the philadelphia international airport, and
6:46 am
only .91 in northeast philadelphia. so really depend where you were if you got stuck in the heavier showers, lesser amounts to the south, and to the north. so, temperatures still cool today, we're stuck in the lower 50 a's right the new with the cloud around and they may jump up another 10 degrees or so, and if you can get some sun, maybe reach upper 60's but we have a cool pocket of air lingering over the ohio valley. that still need to rotate through the region. it does come through over the next 24 to 48 hours. another cool day for baseball, somehow they got the that game in yesterday, and they should in problems today, maybe dodging a few the scattered showers around. game time temperature 62 degrees come in at 1:30 this a afternoon. overall we are developing a warming trend. today, it it does get back in the mid up toker 60es a. we should be in the mid 70es a. tomorrow still below average but by the end of the the week we are starting to bump up in the mid 80's heading in the holiday weekend. there is something to look forward to. i mentioned slow improvement in our forecast. so today still 60 percent chance for the scattered
6:47 am
showers, tomorrow we will lower it, to 30 percent, and mainly in the afternoon, still scattered and maybe early tuesday morning, if you get the a lingering shower but much dryer conditions for returning to our forecast. here's the setup. we have had low pressure exiting the region. upper level system lingers over us. we will have cloud around, occasional shower or two in the afternoon hours or monday, finally high pressure replaces that low pressure and then we will start to clear things out for tuesday a and then off to the races for temperatures, warming things up. here's that cold pocket over us right now, tuesday it is still on top of us with you it starts to move to the north east and now watch the jet stream here, it the is rising to the north. do you see that red developing a cross the south? that head north, and so that means warmer then average temperatures approaching mid 80's by end of the week. the scattered showers today. sixty-eight for the high temperature. tonight i think we do keep things pretty much dry, 52 for the city, maybe cooler in the suburbs. tomorrow morning should be dry for the morning drive-in to work or school, afternoon though could have scattered
6:48 am
showers, up to 73, upper 70's tuesday with more sun and nice stretch coming at us, with sunshine, mid 80's starting wednesday into the weekend, rahel, that will feel good and also no humidity, so enjoy it. that will not last, a few more weeks. >> old reference about my hair, justin. >> no, not at all. >> okay, justin, thank you. time right now 6:48. lets check on the road with ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center. ann, is weather a affecting the road at all. >> not too much yet. we are keeping an eye on it, rahel. this is schuylkill expressway at spring garden street, no delays so far on the schuylkill, again take your time this morning. highways could be slippery but the rain does fall and get caught in the lidle will bit of the rain shower and it does make visibility low but schuylkill, spring garden looks all right. if you look to the right that is martin luther king drive, martin luther king drive ising having issues today. it is closed between sweet briar drive and falls bridge all due to a down tree. the philadelphia a police
6:49 am
department says that the road will remain closed through the parks department goes out to remove the tree probably sometime later this morning. this is also affecting montgomery drive, it the is closed between schuylkill and martin luther king drive and that will remain closed again until martin luther king drive is reopened, so one roadway, of course, affects the others like a come minute necessity effect. we will move traffic cam to 95 at girard n delays or problems at the 95 through philadelphia and suburbs. moving along just fine, and on to the walt whitman bridge there as you can see a different shot of the walt whitman. no problems on the area bridges. in fact, further up, 42, 55 and ac expressway and garden state parkway all look okay if you are shore bound this morning. the that is the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center i'm ann evans new back to you rahel. >> ann, thank you. one company in callus using an unusually ingredient to make vodka. the distillery is using san francisco fog for the alcohol. they have softball collectors
6:50 am
throughout the bay area and each one captured three to four leaders of water from fog a day for six months. one of the creators explains her inspiration for this idea. >> i know 60 percent of volumed case water, we started thinking what is a way we can make something that is fun, creative, and different but that it is going to have a positive impact on this drought in california. >> fog vodka is ready for purchase but not cheap, there is 2500 about on the also veilable for $125 each. wanted, skilled workers, the united states has millions of job opening, and there are also millions of people out of work. unfortunately many do not have the skills needed for those opened positions. in this three on your side consumer report jim donovan takes a look at some of the top jobs. >> reporter: right new there is a push for stem education that stand for science, technology, engineering and math apparently america knees more tech workers a and job market would pay them well.
6:51 am
link in analyzed most popular skilled job positions around the world. in the u.s. top are cloud computing, data mining, mobile development, and network security, and middlewear and integration software. >> buehler, buehler. >> reporter: still with me? top 25 skills are almost all tech and data related. according to job placement firms, skilled jobs in technology can pay six figures or more, so how can i prep to make the big bucks? well, job training and apprenticeships can get you up to par and help your career sore. for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. still to come this morning powering the performance, how these movie goers are getting a work out in at the same time. and where is the offense? phillies are finding out good pitching and defense sometimes just isn't enough.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
♪ dry and hope, and phillies will score some runs. adam morgan got the start for phillies. here in the third freddie freeman hits a line drive and david le came in and made a nice driving grab to end the inning and stop a rally. to the fourth, there is a blooper to center but herrera cannot make the catch. jeff francoeur scores to give atlanta a the lead. william perez celebrated by holding phillies to just two
6:55 am
hits in the, six innings. atlanta takes game two, two to nothing the final. pete mackanin is looking for his offense to wake up. >> you got to drive runs in. we're not doing it. as a team today we just didn't look good. perez pitched a good game, because our offense is not the greatest, you know, it is easy to say we're not hitting but when you face a guy who pitches the way he did it makes it tougher. >> 141 running of the preakness ex-second jewel of the triple crown, nyquist was the favorite so could he take home preakness and move one step closer to winning the triple crown. >> and, nyquist is coming in on second and it is followed by cherry wide but it is exaggerator, he is won the preakness steaks. >> so they will not have a triple crown winner, nyquist loses for first time in his
6:56 am
career. you the was exaggerator who lost four straight race toes nyquist who finished in third place. sixers will be doing their homework on whether to draft forward ben simmons or brandon ingram with that number one overall pick, lots of trade rumors since they will have five big men on the roster. biggest rumor would send jahlil okafor to the celtics for third overall pick and a player. so meanwhile sixers will continue working out players since they have the 24th and 26th selection in the round. they have seen 12 players this week. brett brown was asked, what does he think of these nba hopefuls. >> all they need toys make one keen level past the nba, and you may end up in is hans tanbull or real madrid and then come back into it n my old life we cut danny green twice and now he is just fine. so you just try to tell them stories to help them and let them know who we are. >> that is all for sports i'm
6:57 am
leslie van arsdal, have a great date. and those stories out of brazil bike riders pedal away but not just to get a work out. they say bike riders provided even why i to turn on a movie in rio di janeiro, a film production company created this event to teach about alternative energy. bikers generated the power for the event lightening, sound system and movie projection. that is very interesting. that is it for "eyewitness news" at 6:00. here's what we have at 7:00. your cell phone could be causing major skin issues and it acme might be just the beginning. wait until you see what your phone can do to your face and how to fix it. we are finding some beautiful views in philadelphia a parks, and, they are in a unusual place, traffic reporter meisha johnson will show you where to find an important piece of movie history in her dream drive segment. we have not seen the last of the rain, not just for this morning but also, this week, meteorologist just continue drabick has eyewitness weather forecast coming up this sunday morning.
6:58 am
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gunfire in front of the chester county grocery store, cuts a young life short and sent others to the hospital. now the gun man has a price on his head. blowing their covers what forced manholes in the air in society hill and also


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