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tv   Eyewitness News at 8  CBS  May 22, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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after a triple shooting in chester this morning new information, on a reward as police work to track down the suspect. a badly damage car and driver with serious injuries, what she was trying to avoid and the road when she lost control and struck a tree. and taking a live look outside, still cloudy and showers to start the day, keep the umbrella close by you may need it for a while. it is sunday may 22nd good morning to you i'm's rahel solomon. we will send it over to just continue drabick with eyewitness weather. i feel like you have been honorary pete the last couple of weeks. >> that is right, another weekend with rain, go figure. >> all right. i'll see you next week. >> next week looks good. you will want to look forward to next week. great timing for memorial day unofficial start to the summer season. a lot of people will get rain for beach and pool season. we have a nice forecast shaping up. lets hope it stays that way over the next few days. still this morning we have some rain to deal with, just
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west of the city, get out toward delaware county, chester county, northern delaware, around newark and wilmington seeing some steady showers again developing right now, a little bit dryer now in parts of the sent central new jersey toward shore points, dover looks to be in good shape but you can still see light rain all across the region. so anytime today you could run into a scattered shower, some good rain though yesterday, picked up 2 inches of rain in philadelphia, 1.66 in wilmington, dover delaware over three-quarters of an inch of rain but then lesser amounts north and west that is expect. up toward lehigh valley we have a quarter inch but we may add a little bit today, to those numbers. mostly cloudy skies and scattered showers, overall rainfall amounts, pretty much a tenth of an inch or less, temperatures in the 50's, to 60's say, and it is possible maybe a few areas seeing a brief peak of some sunshine with you don't second to see a whole lot. mid 50's right now, 49 in mount pocono. we will struggle to get to the upper 60's today if we're
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lucky in philadelphia, mid 60's at the shore, lower 60's in the poconos but it does get better next few days but still have that umbrella around to let you know when you can put it away for good and we will check that seven day, back to you. >> that would be nice, thanks justin. new this morning a pedestrian is struck and killed in burlington, new jersey. the authorities say victims died at the scene after being hit by a vehicle near route 130 south, and federal street shortly have after midnight. the driver remained at the scene and no word if charges will be filed. police are asking drivers to a void the area of the accident, as they expect traffic delays throughout the day. also new this morning a driver is rescued from her car after being trapped after an accident, and the rhawnhurst section of philadelphia. authorities say that the 31 year-old woman hit a tree have after trying to a void a cat in the road. it happened near castor avenue and fox chase road around 6:00 . woman was taken to the hospital and is being treated for broken legs. in word on her condition at this time, or no cars were
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involved. violence at a corner store, more than a dozen shots are fired, killing one teen and critically injuring another. this morning police are searching for the suspect. cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio is live in chester with the very latest, cherri, you have been following this all morning, what can you tell us. >> reporter: good morning, rahel, city of chester is offering a $5,000 reward, in exchange for information leading to the unidentified gunman who shot three people outside a corner store on saturday night. including a 14 year-old who was killed, at the scene. now take a look at the scene footage this is what we know so far. it happened around 8:00 p.m. saturday in the 11 hub block of pine line in chester in front of the corner store. that is where police found the two teenage victims as well as dozens of shell casings and a bullet riddled suv. the two teenagers the 14 and 16 year-old were transported to crozer-chester medical
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center for treatment where the four year-old was pronounced and 16 year-old is currently listed in critical condition. a third victim arrived at crozer on their own to get treatment for a gunshot wound. back out here live that reward offered by chester is $5,000, for information leading to the arrest and convictions, of the suspect or suspects involved in this triple shooting. no word just yet on the motive but you can call the crime hot line and that number is (610)447-3784 if you have any information. live at chester police headquarters, cherri gregg for cyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cherry, thank you. hopefully someone can help police there. blimp pilot speaks exclusively to "eyewitness news" about the moment he realized while flying over philadelphia that his engine had failed. "eyewitness news" reporter, alexandria hoff shows us what the pilot did next.
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>> reporter: rubber neckers experienced in extra strain during their friday commute as a blimp was dragged and billowed off of i-95. >> i knew i could land but just a matter of finding spot to land. >> reporter: this was long time pilot trever thompson's third run in philadelphia over two days and planned to return from crock center field in camden where he had taken off from. but around 6:30 p.m., it was clear that was in the happening. >> we were flying 1 mile north of the ben franklin bridge when we had our first engine failure. >> reporter: blimp or thermal air ship owned by air science and displaying a adhesive company bostic was restarted but failed again. thompson decided on a precautionary landing. >> unfortunately the engine failed for a third time when i was coming in for a landing on a field, a green field and the wind push me back and i was able to put it down in the construction spot. >> reporter: without full engine power a thermal aircraft will operate like a
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hot air balloon hence less than ideal landing air were in the 1900 block of richmond street in fishtown. once there good samaritans jumped into accounts a. >> pretty much stopped the car over to the barrier to try to help the pilot. >> reporter: personal items inside were damage but thompson and his passenger escaped injury. the faa continues continue on investigate the incident. >> people came out and they held seven us. they were friendly. it was a good experience. it was a good experience in i what had situation. >> reporter: in fishtown alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a new report is out on the music legend prince that says he may have been dead for hours, before his body was discovered. the minneapolis star tribute spoke with the paramedic who says the singer may have been dead for as long as six hours, before he was found at his paisley park estate. they report that had prince may have gone to the hospital the day before for iv fluids.
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a tragic start to the preakness steaks in baltimore on saturday, two horses died in races leading up to the second jewel of the triple crown. one of those horses had ties to our area home boy chris, wearing number three there, collapsed and died of a heart attack after winning race number one at pim lick owe race course. three races later more heart break for owners of the legendary local horse barbaro, their horse, premedia had ton euthanized on the track due to a catastrophic leg injury e he was bread in chester county. autopsy will be done at new bolton center in kenneth square. kentucky derby winner barbaro broke his leg at the start of the preakness ten years ago. barbaro had to be euthanized a few months later. meantime is there new hope for lancaster county horse whose story of abuse made national headlines. lily was shot with dozens of paint balls and abandoned at a stable in march. now, comedian jon stewart is adopting lily. he and his wife will bring lily and another neglected
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mare to their farm sanctuary for abused animals in monmouth county, new jersey. now to the latest on the east wind air crash. search crews are finding more wreckage from flight 804 and as jonathan vigliotti reports they have recovered a critical clue that could help officials figure out what caused the catastrophic crash. >> reporter: shredded clothing, shoes and damaged plane parts are just some of the items search teams recovered from egyptair flight 804. investigators found doomed flight's black boxes. about 180 miles north of the egyptian port city of alexandria. data could help determine what caused the plane to plumet wildly into the mediterranean sea thursday morning, killing all 66 people on board. technology played a critical role in tracking down the wreckage, radar on board this c130 helped find debris from the missing plane. u.s. navy said a p3 arrived to join in the search. aircraft can detect wreckage from under the ocean's
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surface. other countries like greece, uk and france, have sent teams as well. aviation herald and a industry web sites published automated transmission from the plane minutes before vanishing from radar. they showed smoke was detect in the bathroom near the cockpit and bay. >> it is very rare you will have a fire that will simply take over the aircraft and result in the aircraft actually ultimately crashing in the space of three minutes. >> reporter: so far no terrorist has claimed responsibility for bringing down the air bus 320. jonathan vigliotti for cbs news, crete. u.s. has made a major impact on the have afghan/taliban. taliban confirms that a drone strike has killed its lewder mullah monsur it happened in the afghanistan/pakistan border. president obama ordered the strike carried out by than manned aircraft operated by u.s. special operations forces. top commander of u.s.
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forces in the middle east sue for himself progress against ice is in syria. army general joseph otell made a secret visit to northern syria. head of the u.s. central command says he felt a moral obligation to check on his troops and make his own assessment of progress and organizing arab and kurdish fighters. a hot air balloon takes a scary ride, why the pilot had to make an emergency landing and dramatic rescue caught on camera, coming up next. and iphone users, listen up app that could make your life easier, what it is and how it works, coming up. justin in. good morning, forecast does have a slow improvement but there will be showers around. we will let you know when they end and when
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a volcano eruptness western indonesia killing three people and injuring four others. mountain blasted ash as high as 2 miles in the air. victims were working on their farms near the mountain when it erupted. the mountain laid dormant for four centuries before spring to go life in august 2010. a dramatic rescue off the coast of melbourne, australia, nine people were in the hot air balloon when high wind blew it the out over opened water. pilot managed to london a boat and passengers got off and then balloon was light enough to gain altitude again. when pilot reached dry ground
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he was able to bring it down for a safe happening. scary sight there. a solar powered airplane has landed in dayton, ohio. latest leg of the around the world journey. the impulse two landed last night after a 17 hour flight from tulsa, oak a globe circling voyage began in march of last year through united arab emirates. swiss made plane is expect to stop in new york and cross the atlantic to europe or northern africa. and lots of rubbernecking in los angeles, take a look a 66,000-pound space shuttle fuel tank is being towed to the california space center. the trip will last 18 hours. it will be displayed next to the shuttle endeavor. fuel tank is nasa's last launch a and it was never used. very cool, justin joining us now with another wet forecast, with some good news. >> i do have some good news, later this week i think you'll like it. this is what it feels like in the pacific northwest, yes, just raining every day.
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>> it is none in stop, constant. >> my dog has not been happen bye this. >> probably willing nuts. >> running around. >> he just refuses to go when it is really bad so it always make it fun for me. >> i think a lot of us will, great timing for holiday weekend head. ocean city is a good place if you like the shore, if you don't, if you like mountain, poconos will be in good shape as well. quiet right now. we have overcast skies. rain has ended. a few people jogging on the boardwalk right now. this time next week even it will be a whole lot more brighter, hopefully that forecast does stand and warmer as well. storm scan three does have have left over showers this morning. all that steady heavy rain has come to an end or at least broken up over the region. we have steady rain in central pennsylvania. so for us it is scattered showers. that is what we will deal with for the rest of this morning still in the afternoon depending on where you are. you may run into a shower or two but nothing heavy like what we saw yesterday. we will zoom in closer, or we
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did have some moderate showers developing across parts of northern delaware this hour. eleven overcast days so far for this month, nine partly cloudy days, only one day with mostly sunny skies, probably this will be day number 12. so we are stuck in the dreary pattern. it will continue because of the cloud, it just stays cool. temperatures stuck in the low to mid 50's, this morning, this time of the year it is all about the sunshine. you can add a little bit of sun. the that is a all it takes to warm it up but it is cool throughout the northeast, mid-atlantic and ohio valley. cool pocket of air lost in the upper atmosphere lingering over the region for next few days. just a very slow pattern. we will call this a blocking pattern. the it hardly moves. when we get under block, ridge in the center of the u.s. that is the nice weather. this is omega block. it is on the edge here where we are stuck with the low pressure, cloud and dreary cool conditions and then off and on showers. this block pattern just continues once again through today, monday evening and into
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tuesday. but once we get past tuesday, then we are off to the races. high temperatures should be in the mid 70's this time of the year. even tomorrow we could reach the 70's but still below average. the tuesday right here near average. then we will see a stretch of some 80's returning, we have not reached 80's yet so far this month, in april, we had three days in the 80's, last may of last year, we had 20 days of 80 degrees or more. rain chances to day 60 percent chance for those showers, starting to drop tomorrow, so we will see that improvement, 30 percent chance, mainly showers for monday afternoon. tuesday, got to throw in 20 percent chance in the morning but i think most have the the day does stay dry and wednesday, now totally dry. all right. here we go this afternoon, the showers start to dissipate but still the threat will be there, into the early evening hours, tonight, we do start to dry out. tomorrow morning, it will be okay for morning ride just cloud and a few peaks of sunshine but when you an ad that sun and heat up, we will get pop up showers similar to what we are dealing with in
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the summer. scattered showers again, mid to late afternoon on monday. temperatures for the day, 60's, this model trying to show sunshine boosting up to 70. i don't know if that will happen today. tonight though it is still cool in the 50's, tomorrow we should see some sun. that gets us close to the average. it looks like widespread 70's, and then 60's along the shore. so for today, generally mostly cloudy, scattered showers at times. 68 degrees for the high temperature. tonight, mostly cloudy, cool, 52 for the city, cooler in the suburbs. once we get past tomorrow we will see more sunshine for tuesday up to 77, and then 84 for the high on wednesday, mostly sunny skies, keeping it the sunny on thursday mid 80's a. friday we he could have a scattered shower in the afternoon not a big deal. don't cancel any plans and good start into that holiday weekend mid 80's and another good note the here the humidity levels stay lose. we do not get that true summer feeling that everybody dreads. that will change in the next few weeks, the humidity right
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around the corn are. >> we won't complain, 86, eight, four beautiful. time is 8:18. lets check on the road with ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center. i know anna, you were keeping your eye on a couple accidents what are you seeing out there. >> thinks schuylkill eastbound at montgomery and girard avenue. you can see the accident off the to the shoulder. the shoulder is block. it is not a he can ifing traffic but it should be cleared, very soon. and the schuylkill as a whole looks all right through philadelphia and its suburbs. now another accident, cleared, this is one at 309, we have talk about rahel, right at welsh road and 309 is good to go now. look at it, in fact it looks like a nice pleasant ride. we will move traffic, wishing sun could be out though, moving traffic cam one more time to i-95 at broad street right here near the stadium. taking i-95 today, to do early morning tailgating, the at the stadium for phillies game. you won't encounter any delays or problems on i-95 is perfect shape. that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann evans
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now back to you. well, hundreds of volunteers this year took time out of their week toned spruce up their local school. they transformed the prom ace contacted my in philadelphia's straw bring mansion neighborhood yesterday. they brightened hallways and stairwells, construct a new play ground and playing field and remodeled the teachers lounge. those also created a welcoming environment and safe place to play. "eyewitness news" at please touch museum where young super heroes were taking over. the children dressed up as their favorite characters and they also had a chance to meet, spider man, wonder woman, iron man and a teenage mutant ninja turtles. it is all part of the super hero weekend and fun continues today. well, attention i phone users there is a new google app that could make your life easier. intrigued? in this three on your side consume are report jim donovan shows us how it works. >> reporter: it happens often to iphone users in the middle of texting when you need to send an address to a friend
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but don't know it off hand so you have to leave the conversation to google the address, copy it, and then send the link. well, google has a solution call g board. you can search google right from the special keyboard. just tap the g and your result we show up on screen making it easy to send in a message without having to close outer conversation. g board works for texting, e-mails and other app and some other features like glide typing that makes typing faster, emoji search to find perfect picture faster, search and send you tube video, flood, and even gift. so if you want to try out new gboard it is available now in the itunes store. for reporting for three on your side i'm jim donovan. >> why didn't i think of that. e va longera is a misses once again. people magazine report that the former desperate housewife tied the knot with jose antonio basstone on
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yesterday. the private ceremony with 200 guests. well, basstonies president of the latin america media brand. couple got engaged last december and this is her third marriage. congratulations to the happy couple. stay with us, preview of sunday morning by design when we come right ♪
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here's charles oz good which preview of the program's animal tea sign issue. >> we're in new port, rhode island, one of america's earliest and most glamorous summer resort colonies. for our annual sunday morning design issue. >> ♪ >> reporter: we will tour new port's most storied residents, including cornelius vanderbilt's legendary the breakers. also hit the heights and view some of the super tall towers
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cropping up every where. >> this is going to be somebody's bedroom. >> yes. >> and someone a's master bedroom. >> how much would one pay for this kind of a view. >> the price is approximately 20 million-dollar. >> reporter: the house of di dior. >> we are private abutment of christian di or in the middle of the castle. >> beautiful home. the man behind so many beautiful women play back nine with famed golfer jack nick list. >> too busy here. >> these days he is using his talent to plan a new generation of golf course is. sunday morning by design, this weekend. and you can see the design issue this sunday morning right here on cbs-3 at 9:00 a.m. still ahead in our next half an hour, neighborhood without electricity, the peco
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problem that caused a brief evacuation and power outages to dozens of homes in philadelphia. plus, veteran journalist leslie stall on one of the biggest joys of her life. stay tuned for her one on one interview with "eyewitness news" anchor jessica dean coming up. justin drabick is back to tell us how much longer we will need these umbrellas, we are back in a a moment.
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ it is sunday may between the second, good morning i'm's rahel solomon. let's send it over to justin drabick with eyewitness weather. it wasn't bad enough we needed rain boots and umbrella
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yesterday, we need it again today. >> yes, we are getting used to this. >> all month. >> weekend, bad timing but it is tough to get motivated on days lake this, just dreary,. >> good lazy weather for a sunday. >> and, in doylestown,. >> and, who will daze weekend. get your chores done today and next few days if you can. outside right now over the city just overcast skies, currently but we have some showers around to deal with the it is cool with north wind at 6 miles an hour. we are seeing light rain, just west of the city, toward delaware counties and chester county and northern delaware. and still picking up rain showers right now and even up towards lehigh valley, scattered showers, better conditions right now across southern new jersey but you could run into more showers later on today. fifty-four at the airport. forty-nine in mount pocono. not much changed in the temperatures across the region this morning because of the overcast condition. what to expect this morning?
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a few showers, temperatures holding in the 50's this afternoon. more chances for scattered showers. the little bit warmer though. it could get back to the mid to upper 60's. it is possible some areas could see a few peaks of sunshine, briefly this afternoon. 68 degrees for philadelphia, still running well below average, mid 50's at the shore we still have a breezy conditions, especially off the water and poconos highs only in the low 50's, still a chance for showers there. but each day does get better. those rain chances start to decrease and we are really going to warm it up. it will feel like sum they are week. lets check out that seven kay in a few more minutes. >> nice change, thanks, justin. new this morning an underground explosion, leads residents in the dark in philadelphia's society hill neighborhood. "eyewitness news" at sixth and pine streets, where peco crews are working on the scene. we're told burning underground cable caused manhole covers to blow off the ground. one resident tells "eyewitness news" he first noticed his lights flickering and then he heard a big explosion.
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>> smoke all over, it kept building up. it was a very frightening experience. all of the neighbors are out. >> fifty homes have their power shut off as peco continues to make repairs. we are told several residents were evacuated but they are back in their homes. no one was injured. an underground explosion shut down streets in university city for hours saturday afternoon. we're told a transformer blew underground, on the corner of 30th and market, that is 30th street station. septa and regional rail service was disrupted in the area for a while but everything is up and running once again. in one was injured here. a warning this morning for women who use schuylkill river trail, philadelphia police arrested one suspect, and they are searching for another after investigators say both men exposed themselves on the trails. the suspect under a rest was spotted by a bicyclist around 7:30 yesterday morning. fifteen minutes later a female
8:32 am
jogger told police she spotted second suspect, he fled up the steps on to jfk boulevard and anyone with any information is asked to call police. a fire fighter is in stable condition after he was hurt battling a house fire in bucks county. fire fighters nick weaver fell off the roof on the house on the 1100 block of tennis avenue in bensalem yesterday morning. second fire fighter went to the hospital for observations after experiencing tightness in his chest. one person in the home suffered minor burns. well, philadelphia fire fighters get a lesson in new technology will that is supposed to make their job safer. they have had a practice run with the app and "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh was there as fire fighters put to it work. >> reporter: fire alarm at 54 story melon center sounded off like it does in any other emergency. >> everyone is on the fire ground. >> go to the right. >> reporter: saturday morning that was the point of this philadelphia fire department
8:33 am
training exercise, to simulate a high rise blaze. but this time there was something new in play. 1.2 million-dollar piece of technology called the massey app accessible on tablets even wouldn't internet. here's how it works. incident commander will be able to access building's preplan which she's sentence fear and where hose line connections are. one philadelphia fire official cause it cadillac of high rise preplanning. >> anything to help us save time does have a directory flex of helping us save lives. >> reporter: because before this kind of technology fire officials had to rely on good old fashion paper. >> it can help. >> it can be. we are wasting two, three solid minutes on arrival and fire doubles in size every minutes it burns. >> reporter: curtis massey president of the massey disaster planning says it took his company three years to develop the app. >> you can touch it ape bring up your shaft diagrams. >> reporter: they hope it can
8:34 am
make fire department even faster and more efficient. >> yes. >> philadelphia a was one of the fires fire department that was progressive enough to grab the importance of this type of technology that will change the landscape of the fire service. >> reporter: reporting from center city, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". happening to daze, a 5k race in honor of the new jersey state trooper lost his life in the line of duty. back on march 8th trooper sean cullen was responding to a crash on i295 when he was struck and killed by a passing car. today a 5k run and walk will raise money for troop are cullen's family. it begins at 9:00 a at river dale swim club in riverside, new jersey. campaign 2015 hillary clinton and donald trump are mapping out very different visions than gun policy. on friday presumptive republican nominee promised not to let down the nra. as brooks silva-braga reports,
8:35 am
clinton vows to not. >> speaking to mothers who lost children to gun violence hillary clinton blamed the nra for blocking stricter gun laws. >> this isn't a matter of building popular support, we already have it. this is a matter of making elect officials do their jobs to keep our children safe. >> reporter: event served as a response to donald trump. >> she wants to take your guns away. >> reporter: attacked clinton and loosen gun control laws as he accepted the endorsement on friday. >> crooked hillary clinton is the most anti gun, anti second amendment candidate ever to run for office. >> reporter: clinton answered by calling out trump's proposal to eliminate gun free zones including schools. >> parents, teachers and schools should have the right to keep guns out of classrooms just like donald trump does at many of his hotels, by the way. >> reporter: earlier trump called on clinton to disarm her own body guard.
8:36 am
brooks silva-braga a for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meanwhile, the presidential hopeful bernie sanders is escalating his dispute with the democratic national committee. he plans to support the opponent of the dnc chair woman debbie wasser man schultz and august 30th primary for her congressional seat in florida. sanders is backing schultz opponent canov thea and supporting sanders. president obama is on his way to the week long trip in asia. he scheduled to land in vietnam. president will meet with leaders in hanoi. he will try to strengthen economic ties while confronting the communist nation about its human rights record. the president will fly to hiroshima japan become the first sitting u.s. president to visit the city since the atomic bombing of the 1945. transgendered bathroom controversy makes its way to pennsylvania's most popular amusement park. hershey park is now allowing guests and employees, to use rest room that corresponds to
8:37 am
their gender identity. park is making the decision as people across the country debate whether transgender should be able to use the bathroom of their choice. this year hershey parks has mixed reaction to the decision. >> ladies and mens, that your uncomfortable with those particular kind of people they wouldn't feel comfortable coming in and out of those bathrooms. >> it is good that everyone can do what they want. >> and hershey park released a a statement which reads in part, the park has, and will always strive to accommodate all guests and employees. and is there much more to come on "eyewitness news" this morning, coming up next we will check with face the nation john dickerson for a look at today's broadcast. also ahead drinking too much may leave new a fog but this new alcoholic beverage is made out of the thin air. u.s. city that inspired this new brand of vodka, stay with us.
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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at 10:30 face the nation. and joining us with a preview live from washington is maryland later and cbs news political director john dickerson, john, good morning. >> good morning. this morning we will talk about that egyptair flight 804, we will have a conversation with captain cull i sullenberger, the cbs news aviation and safety expert. we will have the latest that we know and then talk to sully about what does that tell us? could it have been a intentional terrorist actor just a horrible accident. then we will switch to politics and talk to senator bernie sanders about his plans, he is not letting go. he will take his fight all the way to the convention in philadelphia but how aggressive is he going to be? democrats are particularly nervous because it has gotten a lot mercon tension us in the democratic race for the presidency, and their new poll numbers including some new numbers we will have, this
8:41 am
morning that show the general election match up between hillary clinton and donald trump is closer then democrats would like so is bernie sanders, hurting clinton's chances or his case is he does better against donald trump and democratic party should rethink about who they nominate. we will talk to him about all that, rahel and as always we will have our political panel to talk about the week's political news and those new poll numbers. we will see where race stand in the general election in the two states of ohio and florida. >> john, thanks. very interesting discussion. we will look forward to seeing that. still to come this morning we still have wet weather to deal with but justin is back to tell us when we can expect to see dryer, warmer weather in the seven day forecast. we will also have this. >> it felt as if it was fourth down, time was running out on the clock and we needed a hail hail mary pass. >> local man's life is turn upside down, devastating diagnosis for this avid rock climbers future in jeopardy.
8:42 am
our stephanie stahl explains experimental treatment that might save his life. "eyewitness news" anchor jessica dean sits down with 60 minutes journalist leslie stall why she was in town and what she told jessica one of her biggest joyness life.
8:43 am
as an educator, it's all about connections. you're not just in the classroom; you're part of the community. you meet these tiny kids every year, and you help them learn and grow.
8:44 am
but you also get to know their families, and over the years they become a part of your life, and you become a part of theirs. when you build those connections, you can accomplish some pretty amazing things. i'm jackie kruzik and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator. on the healthwatch finding hope and courage in the face of a devastating diagnosis. message aimed at other patient toss ease suffering. health reporter stephanie stahl tells bus one special patient, and the experimental treatment that might save his life. working full-time mountain climbing rock climbing. >> reporter: you usually hear from cancer patients, but five two-year old dave clark is in ordinary patient. >> you hear the word cancer, it is devastating. it is surreal. it turns your world upside down. but it is not over. there is hope. >> reporter: hope for davis copping from an experimental immuno therapy being tested at penn medicine.
8:45 am
>> cancers are abnormal cells. so immune system should ideally get rid of them but unfortunately it does not. so what this drug does is it amplifies immune response to clear those cancers. >> reporter: dave gets an infusion every month, he is a nurse manager in south jersey and avid rock climb inner great shape but you two years ago he was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. he had radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy, but in february, the cancer came right back. >> it felt as if it was fourth down, time was running out on the clock and we had hail mary pass. >> reporter: touchdown could come from what is being called the checkpoint inhibitor a drug showing promise in the treatment of the advanced lung cancer, a first. >> the goal, of this trial is to see if you can give people, very long time period without any active tumor. the shoot for the moon goal, it is dry make it never come back again. >> reporter: for dave and his wife it business getting more time together and with their family. >> i have great children and
8:46 am
two beautiful granddaughters and i want to see their stories. i feel in my heart, it is just not time for me to die just yet. there is a lot to look forward to. i want to see their stories unfold. >> reporter: dave says he will continue working, and hundred tane climbing while being treated, and sharing his message of keeping hope alive, to cancer patients and their families. i'm stephanie stahl for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". one company in callus using an unusual ingredient to make vodka, the distillery is using san francisco's fog, for the alcohol. it is fog collection or throughout the area each one captures three to four leaders of water per day for six months. one of the inspirations for this idea. >> you know, 60 percent of vodka is water. so we started thinking what is a good way we can make something that is fun, creative and different but you that will have a positive
8:47 am
impact on this drought in california. >> the volumed case ready for purchase but it is not cheap. there are 2500 about on the also a a veilable for $125 each. justin, water that is a concept that we're familiar with. >> in problem making vodka around here lately. is there plenty to go around. we're still dealing with showers around today, it does get better over the next 24 hours. mid part of the week, that is when we start to bring back nice weather and you'll like what is in store in the upcoming holiday. weather watchers are still complaining about dreary conditions and rain today, little will bit rough waking up early this sunday morning. temperatures, still cool, and low to mid 50's across the region, and in lawrenceville, little bit milder at 58 degrees at peter's house, levittown 54. ed in chesterfield is a at 53. mid 50's will other grove and out in mount laurel new jersey at carrie higgins house similar number. south jersey up to 57.
8:48 am
buena vista township at margot's house and lisa in wilmington took at a cool 51 degrees. she says it is still raining. in the letting up. lou in rob sona at 50. we are all over the place. levittown three-quarters of an inch. mount laurel, new jersey, 1.27 at carrie higgins house. bill in philadelphia is on the north end of the town, 1.18 so far but go to the airport yesterday picking up, 2 inches of rain and in south jersey 1.4 buena a vista township. but so far today lisa in wilmington pick up 1.2 inches. the lets go up to the lehigh valley where we are threatening light rain there allentown, bethlehem a area, live look, looking south from the hotel bethlehem over the hills. skies trying to brighten up but we are still overcast and you guys still have have some showers through the morning, into the afternoon. look at storm scan three, still steady rain to the west over central pennsylvania. you should stay there throughout the day to day. we have a lot of energy in the upper atmosphere over us
8:49 am
keeping us under cloud cover and a few showers around. you will see extended showers toward lehigh valley, just west of the city, into delaware, south jersey, drying out, a at the moment but you guys can see some showers later. the closer here, here's that stubborn shower over wilmington. the it looks like it is starting to weaken, steadier showers across, eastern chester county and parts of the delaware county and moving into the city, over the next half an hour or so but a large system, takes its time get out of here. eventually we will get more sunshine in the forecast. so far close to 5 inches of rain for may, only five dry days so far this month and nice stretch later this week. daylight, getting long but really can't enjoy it. sunset tonight at 8:16. by end of the month 83:00. june 20th is summer solstice when sunnies a at its latest point. we are coming in at 8:33. the most amount of daylight of the year. we are gaining about, a minute and a half of daylight each day. that number goes down as we
8:50 am
head toward official start of the summer season. they have got the game in yesterday. great job there. today should be no problem. we are just dealing with scattered showers, 62 degrees at first pitch with the braves at 1:30. just have that sweat shirt around or punch o, just to dodge those rain showers. eight days until memorial day, hard to believe but it is here. hard to get in the mood for summer. thirteen days until we average 80 for the high. we will hit 80's later this week. thirty-one days until sum air lives. fourth of july just 43 days away. best chance for showers this week will be today, chaps decrease tomorrow 30 percent chance, can't rule out a spotty shower tuesday. wednesday looking good. low pressure slowly exits the north east but we have energy lagging behind it. we have clouds, pop up showers even tomorrow afternoon across the region. tuesday looking much better. there is high pressure area that is dominating our weather pattern as we head in the weekend but today 60, maybe 70 if we get sun. doubt that will happen.
8:51 am
tonight it is cool 50's and tomorrow widespread 07's. there is some improvement, and still a shower or two coming in the afternoon. today, still will cool, 68 degrees. a few showers, tonight. we will drop to 52 the extended forecast each day better. upper 70's on tuesday, mid 80's starting wednesday, all the way into next week even, rahel, back to you. >> thanks, justin. right now 8:51. time to check on the roads. lets go to ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center for a final look at traffic, hi there, ann. >> traffic isn't looking too bad that is good news despite the rainy conditions, this is schuylkill eastbound from montgomery drive to girard avenue. there is still that stubborn accident, shoulder blocked but but in the affecting traffic. schuylkill looks all right through philadelphia and suburbs. even here despite the little accident off to the side. we will move the traffic cam here to i-95 at broad street. the this is right the here near stadiums heading out to the phillies game at 1:30 playing the braves and might head out to tailgating, a good
8:52 am
ride, you should not face any delays or problems on i-95 at broad street. that is the very latest from the the cbs traffic center, i'm ann evans now rahel back to you. thanks very much. she's one of the best known journalist at 60 minutes. for 25 season, leslie stall has taken us around the world for stories that inspire and intrigue. this past week she was in philadelphia to talk about her new project. "eyewitness news" anchor jessica dean had a chance to sit down and talk to her about her new book and what she calls one of the biggest stories of her life. >> leslie stall has appeared in our living rooms for 25 seasons, of 60 minutes. with her new book becoming grand mom the joys and science of the new grandparenting stall invite news to her living room to share in her joy of becoming a grandmother. >> i wanted to find out what the deep, almost euphoric emotions i had when i first had my grandchildren.
8:53 am
i wanted to find out the what that was? do all grand parent have that or was it just me? >> reporter: stall says it took her three years to bring the book. she interviewed everyone from her son in law's mother to scientists and she researched what life was like for a modern grandparent. one big discovery the rise in what she called granny nannies. >> what i found is a lot of grandmothers and grandfathers both take care of their grandchildren three or four days a week because today with the economy as it the has been both parents have to work or want to work. >> reporter: stall is grand mom to two girls jordan and chloe, and you have a very special bond with your two granddaughters even though they live on the west coast they are still with you a lot. you have made time to even work out there, it sound like. >> i'm out there as much as humanly possible, with my job. you'll begin to see more and
8:54 am
more stories from me in los angeles. >> reporter: in the meantime as grandparents enjoy a longer life expectancy then ever before, she hopes that they will hear her call to arms. >> through the next 30 years what will we do with that time. i argue we should spend time with our grand children, help raise them, because they need us. they need that special unconditional love. >> reporter: spoken like a true grandmother. stall also told me she's a big fan of face time which helps her keep up with her granddaughters even when she's away from them. becoming grand mom has already earned a place on the new york times best seller list. jessica dean for cbs-3 "eyewitness
8:55 am
8:56 am
justin is back. >> we need umbrellas today and in to tomorrow. you can see scattered showers west of the city. chance will be there anywhere to take but nothing like yesterday. good news by middle of the week wednesday it will warm up, mid 80's a and that extend
8:57 am
all the way to the holiday weekend so good news there, so hopefully that trend last all the way through memorial day. >> perfect weather to hit the beach, barbecue good perfect timing. >> yes. >> absolutely. thanks, justin. that is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for new we may sign off on tv but we are always on line, cbs sunday morning is next. have a great day. kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
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