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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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. from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". right now on "eyewitness news," clouds and spotty rain could keep philadelphians from enjoying the night. after a gloomy weekend we could be looking at more wet wet weather to start the work week. seems like we can't seem to buy a sunny day. let's get right over to meteorologist lauren casey in our weather center to tell us what to expect. i got to keep the umbrella handy. >> you don't need to keep it grasped in your clutches, all month long definitely throughout the weekend but you'll need to know where it is as we head to tomorrow. this weekend, umbrellas needed them at the international airport picking up over two inches of rainfall yesterday and today combined. wilmington close to two inches, same case in mt. laurel, wildwood picking up three
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quarters of an inch. finally it's starting to turn off. stormscan 3 showing us a lot of shower activity diminishing. breaks in the cloud deck north of city but still light shower city ongoing. also at the delaware beach that is will trend to dissipate as we head to the next several hours. as we were talking about only one sunny day so far this month. just pathetic. 11 cloudy days, nine partly cloudy days and today will likely go down as a cloudy day once it's analyzed but as we head out the door monday, a period of sunshine, mix of sun and clouds, temperatures mid to upper 50's. as we head to tomorrow afternoon, we do have a rain chance and a chance at a few thunderstorms. we'll talk about the timing of that and when we do have a sunny day in the forecast and it's going to have 80's for temperatures so i'll have the good news coming up in a few. >> thank you so much neighborhoods meantime are
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rattled after two explosions in philadelphia that sent manhole covers into the air. it happened twice in the last 12 hours. today's blast happened on the 600 block pine street in washington square west and just yesterday, an underground transformer blew at 30th and market. trang do joinses from the scene of today. >> reporter: we just received word from peco all homes in this area have power as of 10:35. take a look out here. crews working to repair that underground cable's they do expect to be here overnight. >> i never experienced anything like this. >> reporter: this weekend it happened twice. first outside of 30th street on saturday afternoon. then sunday in washington square west. issues with underground cables overheating building up pressure and causing manhole covers to fly off. the this family was shaken early sunday along with the rest of
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the neighbors near 6th and spine. >> 1:30 the whole house shook. and that was the scary part. we didn't know what was going on. we ran around the house and come out here and we see the manhole cover smoke is billowing out. >> smoke in the middle of the street. smoke all over the street. kept building up. more and more with each minute. >> reporter: firefighters evacuated seven homes as a precaution, monitored others with carbon monoxide protectors. >> the meter starts going beep, beep. he's like you got to get out. >> reporter: peco shut off power to 50 nearby homes while crews worked throughout the day and night to repair the damaged cable. almost all the homes regained power by midday. concerns about the impact remained high. >> it's scary to live in the house right now. i think we need to go out and get carbon monoxide box and know what the levels are. i worry about that as a mom. >> reporter: fortunately no one
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was hurt in either explosion. several roads do remain closed. 6th street behind pine and spruce and pine between 5th and 5th. a penn state who fell from the roof of her home on friday. died of electrocution. 21-year-old shannon mathers are reportedly grabbed a high voltage line before she fell. she was on the roof with friends' she was studying biobehavioral health at the university and served a as volunteer emt in state college. a wilmington bro man is charged with dui and reckless driving after striking and killing a 17-year-old boy this morning. antwon timbers was walking with a friend and reportedly hit by ricardo patterson the third. he could face additional criminal charges pinning an
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investigation from the county prosecutor. suspect is in custody following the shooting death of a 67-year-old man this was scene on 6-th street in north wales montgomery county. police got a call for a domestic disturbance and arrived to find the man dead inside his garage. he had been struck in the torso authorities recovered a gun but they are not identifying the suspect just yet. chester police are offering a $5,000 reward for for identification leading to an arrest in the shooting death of a teenager. last night, a gunman opened fire outside of a corner store on pine lane killing a 14-year-old and also leaving a 16-year-old in critical condition. a 32-year-old woman was struck and taken to the hospital. she is currently stable. police in upper darby delaware county arrested man they say was snapping photos of a woman without her knowledge. this surveillance video was taken may 10th at the philly
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pretty sell factory on 69th street. 's shows a man taking up skirt photos. the victim eventually realizes it. the man takes off. there is a new fight. it's brewing between the church and harrisburg returning the issue of sexual abuse into the spotlight. "eyewitness news" joe holder has more on house bill 1947. >> reporter: a full scale battle over pennsylvania statute of limitations is expected to break out. of state law maker. >> just looking at it from a moral standpoint, they're so wrong. >> reporter: they coordinated challenge from the church but the battle is personal. he says he was sexually abused by a priest in grade school. >> if i could have spoke up when i was 13 years old, i might have been able to save hundreds of others that came after me. >> archdiocese chaput this week.
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talking points were provided to the clergy on house bill 1947. law would remove time frame for child sexual abuse prosecutions and would allow accusers broader access to file civil claims in a lengthy e-mail response. archdiocese says it does not oppose abolishing the time for criminal prosecutions. spokesman says the church taken responsibilities for past abuse writing in part since 2002, the archdiocese hazards dedicated over 13 million to provide victim assistance to individuals and families. reaction outside the cathedral. >> it's tough to say where the lawn is drawn. somebody that could be coming after the church for wrong reasons, how do you police that. >> reporter: despite looking efforts. the court of public opinion flip. >> at some point you have to have pennants for your sins.
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>> june 13th comes coincidentally as priests in the archdiocese are expected to make a hard sell against that bill. joe holden cbs3 "eyewitness news." first responders trained today on what to do in an active shooter situation. "eyewitness news" at the philadelphia college of osteopathic medicine. there were multiple shooting scenarios using simulated firearms and ammunitionly members of the philadelphia police department swat team and the fire department took part. they want to be sure that the campus is prepared in the event of a real threat. mourner gathered in cairo. two of the people were laid to rest. flight 804.
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disappeared. jay johnson says the u.s. navy is assisting in the retrieval of the black boxes which were located yesterday. >> at this point, we don't rule out an act of terrorism but it's still early and i suspect we're going to know more in a few days. >> no terror group claimed responsibility for crash. president obama has now arrived in vietnam for the tart start of a week-long visit to asia. he touched down earlier today after meeting with vietnam president and delivering a speech. the commander in achieve will fly to japan. he plans to visit hiroshima becoming the first sitting president to do so since the atomic bomb, 1945. new polls show hillary clinton and donald trump in a tie for the election battle. bernie sanders says he is the democrat with the best chance to win in november. cbs news correspond brook has more on campaign 16.
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>> reporter: hillary clinton and donald trump aren't just neck and neck in national poll but key swing states as well. is a virtual tie in florida and a five point clinton advantage in ohio. last month she enjoy double digit leads in national polls against trump. >> i do not want americans to start to believe that this is a normal candidacy. >> reporter: he polls better against trump than clinton does. >> if you want strongest candidate to make sure that trump does not become president, we are that campaign. >> reporter: one area where trump still struggles, attracting big money donors, sunday fully self funding his campaign would require selling off assets. >> to finance $1 million i'd have to sell a building, do something like that.
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will i do that? i could. >> reporter: roughly half of clinton and trump supporters will vote for one because they so strongly dislike the other. cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> stay with us. system on "eyewitness news," a heart warming story of generosity. why a famous singer gave one very special fan private concert she will never forget. eagles celebrate female fans today. we're going to take you to the inaugural women's fest at the linc, for a look at all the fun. >> after another cool and dreary may weekend. we have big changes in the forecast. sunshine and temperatures in the 80's. when to expect a summer-like stretch in your eyewitness weather forecast coming up next.
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. burglarily foiled. a brave mother fights off a criminal with a vacuum criminal. she grabbed a the nearist weapon she could find and hit him over the head. when that didn't work. she chased him back out of the window. i'm going to have to fight for my life here. >> she says her neighbors helped hold the suspect on the curb until police came. she says her battle was about keeping her daughter safe. in delaware county, it's a family festival with military themes. eyewitness at the first annual give blood, sweat tear events in newtown square. there were a variety of events including a 5 krun, out door yoga and fitness challenges, the american red cross held a blood drive. one of phillies favorite
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young birds spent time with fans today. second year linebacker jordan hicks was at gino's steaks for a meet and greet. signed auto graphs. he missed part of the last season as an injury but missed as a rookie. very special guest delivered the keynote dress. that is the ceo and president of cbs's he received today a special degree honoring his professional achievement. he addressed the graduates at a rain soaked ceremony telling them to define their life in a way that leave room for happiness. >> put your arms around hold close. do so with all the gusto you can muster. >> moonves graduated in 1971.
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he performed in campus plays after initially pursuing an acting career in new york, he got into television business where he quickly rose to the executive rankings. his wife was also on hand. the host of cbs television tv talk. my husband is delivering the commencement speech at his alma madder. #graduation. a brave singer receives a private concert from one of her favorite singers. florence and the machine singing to a 15-year-old fan as an austin texas hospice center. he had planned to see her on thursday but too sick to attend
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so florence and her guitarist brought the show to her. the girl's mother thanked the band on facebook writing florence is an awesome artist but an even more amazing human being. >> that's so great. >> your favorite singer showing up. >> it's so not cool i got to keep this umbrella again couple more days. >> are we water logged enough? over two inches of rain in philadelphia just over the weekend. not even earlier part of the month. >> it's a nightmare. >> get your shade ready. cleaned off. get them ready to go. we're going to build towards it as we head to mid week. a nice taste of summer and sunshine which has been sparse over the last weeks. but for tomorrow we have a little bit of a storm chance, few storms and showers will develops a we head into the afternoon hours. by wednesday, you'll needy those nice cleaned off shades, sunshine and warm temperatures cruising up into the 80's.
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of we've had zero 80 degree days so far. we'll keep it into the late week and possibly into the memorial day. 66 in philly. we should be ten degrees warmer. 60 in atlantic city, warm spot 70 in allentown's we get a live look at center city, 59, winds are calm. due points in the middle 50's due point from the shower activity. starting to diminish. cloud deck clearing. few showers down at the southern shore points. area of low pressure going to continue to move off to the east has been providing the moisture throughout the weekend as it moves away. we will steadily start to clear ourselves out as we head into the day tomorrow especially for the first part of the day,
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breaks of morning sunshine, mainly dry before lunch and as we get into the heat of the day, were he could see hit or miss showers and storms that could produce locally heavy rainfall, have the umbrella on stand by. 59 in philly. 55 in allentown. chillier in the poconos. 57 in dover. warmer in air mass upper midwest, temperatures reached into the 80's. they're at 74 at this late hour in minneapolis. we're going to get a taste of that air as we head into mid week. we're just less than a month away from the official start to summer. we're looking forward to that after this month june 20 and summer officially begin as 6:34 in the morning. a period of sunshine especially knifei corridor and points north ward few clouds down the shore. we will see sun into the afternoon. that's when the showers will start to bubble up even few isolate thunderstorms within
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that shower activity. we head into the 5:00 hour. even into evening hours, the rain will not be steady and as you can see it will not be widespread as we head to the second half day tomorrow. by tuesday, we could see an isolated shower mainly at the shore. otherwise improving conditions with sunshine breaking out as we head into the second half of day tuesday, overnight partly cloudy conditions mainly dry -- 54 degrees, for the day tomorrow, actual sunshine will be breaking through with the chance of hit or miss showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. high temperature going to climb back up into the 70's tomorrow. 72 in philly for the high temperature, the warm spot up into the lehigh valley and berks county with high temperatures up into the middle 70's. little cooler at the shore with that north easterly breeze keeping us in the upper 60's to near 70. we keep the warming trend going mid 70's tuesday. by wednesday, 84 degrees with bright sunshine. thursday, we're at 86 degrees.
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of hard to believe. mostly sunny conditions but a bit muggier thursday. friday chance for showers and thunderstorms. but 80's all the way into next weekend and that is our memorial day weekend and our unofficial start to summer. >> i got a little excited. five little suns? >> i know. >> my gosh. thank you. made our 98. we could play football you guys today. >> little rainy. it was a time for eagles to celebrate their female fans. we're going to take you to the inaugural women's fest and did the phillies offense show
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. phillies hit the road with pep in their step, a nine-game, with a much needed win. second inning in game, cameron rupp hits second homer of the season, ending the 18 inning
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score less. eickhoff had his best outing. and michael franco had two hits. he drove in two as the phillies had 13 hits total and shut out atlanta 5-0. the eagles appreciate the female fans, they have an eagles academy where females can enhance their football knowledge. today they took it a step further, holding the first ever football festival for women at the linc. it is the first eagles football fumble for women. a full day dedicated to female fans. >> i've been an eagles fan ever vince i can remember. >> these days know their stuff. >> i'm glad other women are excited about football. >> this is long overdue. someone should have thought of this a long, long time ago. >> players past and present happy to teach the ladies a thing or two? i got a lot of respect for the
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women who showed up to brave the weather. it's raining out here. i'm ready to go. they are committed to being out here, that means i got to be and we're having a lot of fun. >> for those who didn't know much about the game, it was an opportunity to learn about the game and also find out what it was like to practice like one. >> weather, whatever, we're going to have a good time. >> rahel solomon monday there to take part in all the festive ties. rain or shine these fans love their birds. >> i love my eagles,s yeah. go eagles. >> coming up next in the sports zone sixers now have the number one overall pick. who should they take? keith pompey will be joining me in a few minutes. >> thank you, lesley stay with
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skwlfrjts. welcome back. there's a new movie at the top of the box office. >> we're not supposed to be nice. . angry birds dethrowned captain america with a 39 million dollar opening weekend.
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animated film is based on on the 2009 mobile game. became quite a smash hit. it generated an additional $111 million overseas. captain america civil war fell to second place with 33 million in sales. neighbors two sororities rising was third about 22 million. the nice guys came in fourth
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. welcome back. voorhees police department went on a sunday rescue mission. these little ducklings became
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stuck on kirkbride road when the residents called the department mike perez and harry came out to remove the drain cover and bring the little guys back to their mommies. they continued on to a pond across the street. so cute. >> happy ending. that's "eyewitness news" tonight thank you for joining us. we're on we're handing things over to lesley and the cbs sports zone. have a good night everyone. ♪ ♪


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