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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  May 23, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> few klaus police have the obstacle, making the case tougher. good morning, i'm brooke thomas. >> i'm jim donovan. katie tracking the change for us, a chance for more rain showers again today. first, here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> four people sent to the hospital at a car crash when for the richmond, happened near aramingo and east butler street. >> a willingboro man accused of driving under the influence by striking and killing 17
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year old burlington city high school students? today grief counselors on hand to help his friends and his classmates cope with his sudden death. >> the whole house shook. like ... >> power restored in center city neighborhood after underground explosion causes dozen of outages, and rattles neighbors. >> president obama lifting the ban on weapons sales to viet nam. >> he made the announcement on the first day of week long visit to asia. >> ♪ >> tribute to prince's last night billboard music awards, other big performances coming up in just a few minutes. >> sure l katie out on the skydeck, how is it out there? >> quite comfortable overall. certainly take a jacket, still is that time of year where you may want to layer up walking out the door.
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we are really looking a ahead to very significant warming trend. and a streak that's going to feel more like summer than anything. now, that doesn't start today. we do start the week off a tad unsettled. let me explain. we start thing off by taking quick peak here first at storm scan3, at the moment, you have got few speckles of green. now more than anything you just got very moisture laden atmosphere being helping to lead to hit or miss variety after shower, maybe rumble every thunder but more than anything spotty shower here today. and also, some patchy fog. you can see, the worse of this, well off to our south, however, so just moisture getting rotated into the region, helping to lead to this. now, most spots are at least reporting 10-mile visibility right now, but into reading, into trenton, less than ideal right now with the visibility, so the key word is patchy, but there will be just that, some patchy fog out there. for the next few hours. meantime, temperatures get the chance to rebounds nicely, low 70s for both one and 3:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m., however, we are again going to see some sunshine here today, still,
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that hit or miss variety after shower any time today, or even into tonight for that matter. but as we look ahead to the area headlines, what with you will notice we start the week off a tad unsettled, but the summer like streak is eventually here. talking eight's, talking sunshine, i will tell you coming up whether that will continue into memorial weekends, all of those details and much more coming up when i return a little later in the show. meisha, over to you. >> all right, 80s and sunshine. two of my favorites. i'm sure you agree with me, ben franklin bridge looking good, but we can see, a loft people starting to hit the roadways now, we pushed toward the half hour mark, as soon as we push toward the 6:00 we'll see this start to heat up. the ben franklin bridge, looking at right now, vine headlights moving in the eastbound direction, this is approaching 95, and you can see this kind of cool shot. but still, actually looking pretty darn good here on the vine. we've been keeping our eye on the vine all morning long, not closed for construction, actually looking pretty darn good. but take a look at the fog here, 59 south academy, and
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then pushing further south around cottman you can see we have heavy fog there. so the entire stretch of interstate 95 looking very, very foggy. this is going to give you some visibility issues this morning, and we know on a monday morning that's not what we want. because mondays tends to be one of our busiest travel days. overall what you are look at at cottman, looking just very foggy again, visibility is going to play issue, give yourself couple of extra minutes, construction pa turnpike all since cleared, do have accident norristown, marshall street at high street, one lane block there, brooke, over to you. >> thanks, meisha a gunman shoots a man point blank in front of the victim's own home in hunting park. >> morning, philadelphia police think they need what they think to catch them. justin finch is live at east detective to bring us to up date. >> no word yet on motive, but know early signs he was targeted. we do know that he is 38 years old, shot in the beck of the head, his chest, at point blank range.
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he is now in extremely critical condition as police work to track down who shot him. >> sunday just before 10:00 p.m. 25th district police were dispatched to the area of north fairhill, and west hunting park avenue. >> found a 38 year old male, laying on the sidewalk, in front of his house. he was suffering from at least one gunshot wounds to the back of his head. >> medics got the man to temple hospital, back at the hunting park crime scene, early clues were emerging. >> we know the shooter was in very, very close proximity to the victim, because we found three shell casings, all just inches away from where the victim's body was found laying on the sidewalk. >> next, attention turned to ex tree year business surveillance cams perched nearby, soon police will footage in hopes of turning up leads. >> and police will be back out on that scene to go through those cameras, and also, talk to witnesses, again, this victim is fighting for his life in extremely critical condition over at temple
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hospital. he is on life support at this time. his family has been by his side. they are spanish speakers, and at this time, they are speaking with a spanish language officer. east detective are on this case. also called in homicide as well. we are live outside east detective, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", jim, brooke, back into you. >> thank you for that update. >> bill comes bye will be in montgomery county room and could come face to taste with one of the women accusing him of sexual as all. tomorrow's hearing could determine if cosby's criminal sexual assault case go to try. it dates back to 2005 when andrea, accused cosby every drugging and sexually assaulting her. cosby was arrested last december, when his deaf significance in the case became public. >> well we'll bring you all of the details of tomorrow's hearings on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", you can get the story any time of course on our website >> time now 5:36. in business news this morning, good news for your memorial day picnic.
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>> and twitter's ceo, big plans to boost company more all. money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange. jill? >> reporter: good morning, brooke, jim, the markets will open this morning after mixed week, the dow jumped six appoints friday, but overall, finished the week lower for the fourth week in a row. the nasdaq jumped 56. the german drug company made an offer to buy the us crop and seed company, base in the st. louis, has 20,000 employees, and says it is reviewing the offer. if it goes through it, would be the biggest deal so far this year. the ceo of twitter jack dorsey wants it give thirds of his stock to employees, 6.8 million shares worth about $100 million. he wants to boost company moral and retain workers, last october, twitter laid off about 8% of its work force. just in time for your memorial day barbeque, beef proves haves dropped to lowest neville two years, according to bloomberg, cattle ranchers have been expanding their
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heard and feed costs are down, also demands has actually been lower so far this year we know the weather in much of the country has been rainy and cold, which is not ideal for barbequing. brooke, jim? >> can't wait to fire up the grill this weekend, thanks, jill. appreciate it. >> i'll cook for you, thanks. >> well, new polls put hillary clinton and donald trump in a statistical dead heat but as brian web reports, bernie sanders says don't rule him out yet. >> thank you, irvine. >> loud and proud, bernie sanders supporters are showing up in big numbers as his campaign crisscross cents southern california. >> if the democratic party wants the strongest candidate, it will be our campaign that defeats donald trump. >> democratic rival hillary clinton is also focused on the presumptive gop nominee, calling donald trump unfit for the oval office. >> i do not want americans to start to believe that this is a normal candidacy.
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it isn't. >> the latest cbs news tracker pole shows clinton's once double digit lead over trump is evaporating in two key battlegrounds state. in ohio, she now has a five-point margin, and in florida, it is a virtual tie. and new battleground states marie merge. >> places like michigan, certainly pennsylvania, maybe even minnesota in play, but then the democrat push back, and they say, well, wait a second, there are states like say george, a maybe we can put those states in play. >> trump says he'll get the vote of bernie sanders supporters, who are fed up with the democratic party in those battleground states. >> so a lot of the bernie sanders voters, they do not like hillary clinton, they don't respect her. so those people would come with me. >> six states including california, hold contests on june 7th. brian web, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". the price is right heads to prime time tonight with some familiar faces. >> i talked withdrew carry about who will come on down
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during this special show. plus: >> ♪ >> this is jim done very's favorite britney spears song, okay, the only one east he is avenue heard. kicks off billboards muse i ache wards with a big bang. the performance you'll n talking about today, we have it in. >> was it intentional or just an accident, big impact that kicks could have on the nba playoffs.
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>> that was pink last night, that is her thing, like all the time, now? i like it. got to tell you, that was one of several huge performances, some of the biggest winners were the weekends, and adele, he won eight awards, she took home top artist. david daniels shows us the highlights from the star studded event. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> saline dion emotional performance every queen the show must go on, four months
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after losing her husband, rene, had fans in tears at the billboard music awards. but it was saline who got choke up when their son, rene charles, came out to present her with the billboard icon award. fittingly, she ended her acceptance speech with family. >> my beloved, whom i know, will continue to watch over me from up above. >> ♪ >> everyone was on their feet in las vegas, as got go's reunited and turned back time with their 1980 hit, we got the beat. the bands is set for reunion tour this summer. >> ♪ purple rain ♪ >> and a tribute to prince, stevie wonder joined madonna on the team oval arena crowd sing purple rain for the pun he will one. in hollywood, i'm david daniel. >> so a loft people are still talking about that prince tribute.
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>> i'm not a music expert, but i -- >> i woke up scrolling through twit they are morning, just checking out what happened overnight, and a lot of people were upset about it. >> bet -- >> started running this promo, like purple city, the purple bet award coming up, we told you about it last week, and it says, ya, we saw that. we got you. like we're going to fix it. a lot of people were up sweat that. >> i wasn't upset, i just didn't think it sounded right. >> you don't say anything bad about stevie, no. >> well, but, you know? it didn't work for me. >> a lot people were un happen. >> i the go-go's, that's eight's, baby. >> some familiar faces, are getting ready to come on down. did i say it right, on the price is right. >> for the next three night the game show heads from daytime to prime time here on cbs-3, you'll definitely recognize some of the contestants. >> one of your favorite guys?
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>> yes, my favorite. >> fan favorites from survivor, big brother and the amazing race will play along with super fans of the show tonight through wednesday. i spoke with host drew carry about the special cross-over episodes. >> excited to get picked. then they see who they are playing with, my god, would hug and start crying sometimes. really pretty cool to see. >> what about the host? because we're familiar with the host, there as much of the fabric of the show as the contestants, are they making special appearances in. >> yes, like when we had jeff probes on, you know, you'll see him tonight. he comes on, helps introduce one of the games, they help play couple of games, and then, you know, we have them at the wheel to like dismiss the contestants. so, like tonight, when they lose at the wheel, like jeff puts out their flame, you know, which is kind of sad, they already did -- jeff will be like once again, i'm about the g out your flame, they're like okay. off the show again. >> well the price is right prime time special starts
5:47 am
tonight runs through wednesday, the first episode features survivor contestants and fans, and you can watch right here on cbs-3 at 8:00. >> love that. >> that will be good show. >> i'm survivor and big brother super fan. >> yes? >> i dot amazing race. >> everything is covered right here. >> i was like oh, that's rupert. perfect. >> great. well, as we switch gears and talk a little bit of weather, still tracking, i know, still tracking couple of showers. they are hit and miss. >> that's okay. >> don't want you to worry. don't want you to wouldn't you are one of those that has the beautiful hairstyle. >> yes, pro ticking coating of spray gets crazy. >> so in your own bubble that way, weiss a -- which is an whih is a a good thing, for the most part you will get away without an umbrella a lot of moisture to work work fog issues because that far, start things off by taking out to gorgeous shot. isn't that beautiful? gorgeous shot of the spring garden camera as we overlook facing east really here, from our station headquarters here
5:48 am
at cbs-3. but yes, the sun is lying, generally looking at partly sunny day overall. but, the initial problems with this disturbance nearby, again, are some showers here in our area. so, we will be watching for that throughout the course of the day. i do want to also check in with our eyewitness weather watcher network, they at this point are also reporting temperatures that are currently in the 50's, in a lot of spots, coolest spots generally in the upper 40's, so all sort of consistent here within the range before 5 degrees from one another. let's check in with handful of the folks here. 55 degrees comes into us from jason, just got clouds right now, in middletown, but, with question mark, more showers, it looks that way. just because we've got disturbance nearby. but will be hit and miss variety, take you little further off to the north here, 52 comes in from bill. finding the clouds at the moment. more of the same. but, dow promise that you are going to start to brighten things up here little bit more. we go to one more, take it to up peter's observation where he is at 53 degrees, and is reporting the fog. so this is prime example here guys where it is out there, but very patchy.
5:49 am
so where you do have the fog even though the sun coming up right now it can actually be a little bit, i i want it see if we can get back to -- having trouble. can we take the graphics full screen here guys? perfect. thanks to the guys in the control room. my bad. user error, my big fat finger hit the wrong buttonment storm scan, nice wide zoom. looking at area of low pressure over virginia, still rotating close enough to us, that he we have got spotty sure dodge here and there. wood zoom, see eventually high pressure rebuild here in our area, and what that eventually means for the holiday weekends, is that we are going to warm up substancely here. low 80s, perhaps shower or thunderstorm popping up. no seven day, but the 80s and sunshine, here is a sunny face for you. >> all right, sounds great. 80s, oh, you guys, it will be so nice, 80s back. welcome back to monday by the way just waking up with us.
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blue route taillights moving in the southbound direction, past villanova at bryn mawr avenue. looking pretty good. we can see certainly things starting to heat up little bit as we push toward the 6:00 hour now. but overall blue route still looking pretty darn good. take a look at the platt bridge. this is such a gorgeous shot. this is tail light moving in the eastbound direction toward philly looking good here, looking ream nice there. skies looking great. take a look at this, our black out camera, 59 south at cottman, you can't see anything because of that fog. this is going to give you some visibility issues, you're certainly want to give yourself some extra time, 95 south at academy getting closer to the grounds, below some of the fog, still looking very foggy out there. interstate 959 starting to heat up little bit right now. we do have accident in norristown, marshall street at high street. one lane is block here. but another accident lansdale, sumneytown pike at church road now since been cleared. brooke, over to you. >> thanks a lot, meisha a wait to go hear in the warriors green is suspended for kicking owe pope against the second game in a row that green accused of kicking the same player in the same place.
5:51 am
the groin. our pat gallen is here with a look at the foul and the -- i get dizzy every time i look at this. >> this is rough one to look at. while were you sleeping the nba's western conference finals were kicking into high gear. like that? >> very good. >> tied at one game apiece, thunder anwar years scared off. but it is not the below are blowout everyone is talking about, the kick that had many wonder if a suspension is forthcoming. here in the second quarter, green is fouled by thunder center stephen adams. on the follow through, green catches adam's right in the -- right in the ya, rid there. green said it wasn't intentional, but did i can say planned to apologize, adams is up set because he got hit in the same spot as you mention in game two. back and forth between two sides. >> unfortunate he got kick, but normal re it is a foul and to a play. and hopefully they see that
5:52 am
when it comes to whatever. >> i think it is intentional. happened two times in the last two games. you know, i don't think he can't keep kicking somebody and, you know, in their private areas. >> don't keep kicking people in their private areas, that's important. destroyed golden state, so the range champs are down in series two games to one, now could be without the heart and soul of the team, intentional or unintentional? >> painful. >> i don't think he was intends to go hit him in the groin but i do think he was intend took harm him in a way that wasn't a basketball move. he was intending to hurt him. there is an issue there. i don't believe he was intend to go kick him in the groin. >> i would agree with you, i think trying town flick little bit of harm. >> which is not okay. >> but maybe in the there. >> look at you. that's okay. >> no, not okay. ill saying it is not okayment thunder up. >> well, coming up: newest
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landmark, but do you have act fast. >> we will be right back.
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philadelphia, pennsylvania temple it, will serve nearly 45,000 members of the church in this area. open house tickets available at the mormon temple' well, a pennsylvania teen gets another chance at the prom after being kicked out of her own school's event. >> aniya wolf, from harrisburg, wards from her prom because she wore a suit and not address. wolf didn't let that get her down and was able to still have her special night after the people at william penn high school in york invited her to their prom on saturday. >> they november frowned upon me for the way i have dressed before in the past, but they did make me feel very discriminated against. i thought i looked great. it was amaze to go know that many people cared. >> really cool, really thrilling to see her. >> wolf also got an outpouring of support on social media. she got a tweet from philadelphia mayor jim kenney. here is the tweet i'll read to you. aniya, i believe it jesus, and i love your suit. keep being yourself.
5:57 am
>> a lot of comments whether it first came out they said they believe in jesus and that's why she should be dressed like a traditional woman. >> goods for her and the principal for tweet that out. >> how thieves can wipe out your bank account, using just a phone. >> we'll be right back.
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well, we just can't shake this wet weather pattern. katie is tracking more showers today. find out when your umbrella can finally take a break. >> also, this morning, a south jersey teenager hit and killed by a suspected drunk driver over the weekend. we're live with how his classmates will deal with the loss today. >> new video overnight, the big change i announced on his historic trip. today is monday may the 23rd, good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> good morning, i'm brooke tomorrow. katie and mere a here keeping an eye on things this morning. >> good among, happy monday, going back at it, certainly starting to heat up on the roadways, con vukovich shout there there, two accident. >> and little fog, a lot of fog. >> your cameras have been nothing but fog. >> i


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