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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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philadelphia drivers have them crying foul. they say they were on the hook for cash that they never should have paid. tonight, one of these drivers is telling his story and the city is responding. good evening everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is live from the cbs-3 sat center and you went looking for answer what is did you find. >> indeed we did. good evening. park nothing parts of the philadelphia is a real challenge in neighborhoods with construction, and development in add to go that concern tonight, and, inspections and towing operators are making their own rules. sixteenth and fairmount last week, joe claims he became a victim of predatory towing. video was provided to cbs-3. >> he threatened to tow my car. i jump inside and said you have to release my car. you cannot just take my car. >> reporter: joe and list of others complain the area where his car was to be towed leaves
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much to questioned. he is among three others who said they have been towed here and yellow paint but nothing that they argue that spells out that it is legal or illegal to park there. and that is a problem for city officials like council woman maria quinones sanchez. >> clearly they are not receiving the scrutiny that they should. >> reporter: joe said he left for a few minutes after 5:00 on thursday and returned to see it hooked up. he was now left to plead his case. >> he said no, no, no. i cannot do it. i just september cash. >> reporter: department of licenses and inspections tell cbs-3 it is illegal for tow truck operator to accept only cash and if he did so violated the tow companies license to do business in this city. council woman sanchez watched the video, she is pushing for tighter regulations, and it claims so-called illegal parking spots, just mysteriously pop up, she says to benefit the towing companies. she wants every space in the
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city, registered in a database. >> we have companies that are licensed to do commercial activity in our streets and have have gone rou ge and stealing peoples cars. >> reporter: we are not identifying the towing company at this point. our multiple attempts to get an explanation or their side of the story, were met with a no comment. meanwhile cities l and i department says it is seriously considering contracting with the third party vendor that would actually police, towing contractors. live from the sat center, joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> joe, thanks for that. nasty weather moving through our region. we are tracking storms, in the area meteorologist kate bilo has very latest from the area, kate. >> here in philadelphia or any nearby suburb are's getting poured on as well as rumble and seeing a few flashes of lightening as this storm that came down from north jersey met with another cell moving by to the west and now you have got this line of storms moving through philadelphia, montgomery county, into
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portions of camden county and moving toward gloucester county as well and another within has just popped up overly high valley. here's what we are focusing on, heavy rain, over center city fail where lower merion township through main line and into portions of camden and gloucester counties at the moment. tracking this for you here's what we expect. 63:00, this is in gloucester by 6:20 in chester. these storms are moving very quickly. expect about five to ten minutes of wind driven rain, lightening, thunder, small hail and then it moves on out. west brad forward by 6:37. into wilmington delaware at quarter of seven, tonight. thinks all part of the larger system that is keeping the unsettled pattern in place, upper low that is swirling just off the coast and you can see showers and storms have develops and they are continuing to rotate from north east to southwest, this evening. here's what to expect, this is mainly through the early part of tonight, scattered showers and storms, these are largely what we see are driven and feed off heating of the day. once sun goes down they will die down as well but these
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could produce wind gusts of 40 . we have had multiple reports of small hail outside today, that could still be a concern. biggest threat heavy driving rain, making it really a slow travel afternoon for folks all around the delaware valley. you can he see how they have died down overnight maybe just a stray shower and then tomorrow afternoon possibly popping up, once again, and once we get this system out, we are talking about temperatures heading closer to 90 degrees. make up for lost time temperature wise. we will tell but that coming up. >> $10,000 is being offered as a reward for information in a deadly weekend triple shooting, in chester. fourteen year-old zenas powell was killed, his cousin kwamar powell was critically injury. jeanine shiply still has a bullet lodged in her shoulder as she described what happened. >> i could hear it and i was like i will die. bullets coming from every where, boom, boom, boom, i
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said my god, my god. i was shot already. they are going to kill me. >> reporter: police believe that the three victims were caught in the cross fire and the gun man were aiming for other targets. zenas was a student at chester community charter school. the founder of the school is paying for his funeral. a montgomery county woman is facing murder charges in the the shooting death of her ex-husband. this is suspect six three-year old hugh chin lynn, who is being held without bail. investigators say woman fatally shot 67 year-old man at this home on south sixth street in north wales yesterday afternoon. the victim was found lying in the garage with the gunshot wound to the chest. police say when they arrived the suspect was sitting at a kitchen table with a 38 caliber revolver,. >> cab beanie college community is mourning the loss of doctor david dunbar. she was killed saturday night after hit by a car while crossing the street on lancaster avenue in wayne. doctor dunbar was professor of
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biology at cabrini. the driver did stay at the scene and no charges have been expected. the proposed tax on sugary drinks in philadelphia will save lives, that was the message today from a group of credits in favor of the mayor's proposal to raise money for universal prek. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with more on the white coat meeting. >> that is right. >> reporter: doctors in their white coats were joined by a variety of other medical groups urging city council to pass mayor kenney's proposal to tax sweeten drinks. >> contain about 200 grams have of sugar, and that is about 800 calories. >> reporter: philadelphia health commissioner was a 64-ounce cup, demonstrating how much sugar a drink would contain, about 58 packets. >> sugary drinks are biggest single contributor to epidemic of obesity and diabetes and a tax on sugary drinks make all of the sensory dues our consumption and reverse that epidemic. as prices go up, sales go down.
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>> reporter: commissioner was joined by doctors from various facilities and organizations showing support for soda tax proposed by mayor kenney. >> it will help fight diabetes epidemic that is taking way too many lives. >> reporter: professor steven presented results from the harvard study that evaluated soda tax in philadelphia. >> we found over next decade you see substantial reductions, in thousands of caseses of obesity, and fewer cases of diabetes, and fewer deaths. >> obesity is not caused by just consumption of the sugary drinks. >> reporter: larry miller with philadelphia answer against grocery tax says it will hurt mainly poor people. the american beverage association has spent millions fighting the tax, which mayor kenney has proposed not so much as a health measure but as a way to fund early childhood education. >> and which is it are we talking about prek and talking about health. >> reporter: city council could vote on the soda tax in the next few weeks, similar
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proposal have been reject twice before. we will be hearing a lot about this. >> interesting one to keep your eyes on, stephanie. coming up tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. >> melt downs and outbursts and these are toddlers. >> they can lose jobs over it, they can be very difficult to work with, people avoid them, so it can happen in the work place and family life too. your spouse or your loved ones. >> adults temper tantrums are on the the rise. rahel solomon is finding on you the what makes them snap tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. still to come on "eyewitness news" at 6:00, west chester students are taking new society to new heights, vittoria woodill will will explain. she's one of the best lacrosse players in the country but this temple star battled off the field is earning her high praise, her amazing story and impact it is having on others, don. owe web he will herrera is the little bull, find out what makes phillies best hitter so special.
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and a kick to the groin. the play that brought a grown man to his knees, knees, coming up next in sports. ♪
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well, the city of philadelphia opens up a new training school for people looking to make a career, in construction. >> one, two, three.
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"eyewitness news", and school says stool can earn college credit and they are all internationally accredited. these united safety academy is in new york and has four branches there. a local superstar athlete makes winning look easy but the real battle, off the field. >> it is captain of temple lacrosse and started every single game in four years of school but it wasn't always easy. battles eating disorder and suicidal thoughts. this year she shares her story, on the owls web site. >> some of them were for like seven years before i, you know, well, one i accepted that it was like real. >> and deciding that i needed to get help and then i could not do it anymore. there is a lot of things that go into that whether it is pride, or wanting to get better. >> well now she's a national finalist for the yardley love
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ensuing -- unsung hero award recognizing student athlete who helped their team achieve success, off the field. how about that. >> amazing. >> and it is just one of the intense games. >> don is here now, you're talking baseball. >> yes, we are. good thing these guys are out of town because right now they would be worried about a rain delay. on the road phillies start a three game series in detroit tonight, vincent velasquez is on the hundred dollars for fightins, former triple crown winner miguel cabrera is healthy enough to play for the tigers. they have one of the 29 out of 30 teams in average but the one bright spot is lead off hitter, herrera batting .325 and yesterday's win over atlanta, he reached base four times. >> he has the ability to hit, a lot of pitches, over the plate. you know, lot of players, can handle one area. that is their strength. odubel is able to hit a bigger
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portion on have that plate and that makes him good. he can put the barrel on the about a the of the ball inside, outside, up down, he has a knack to do that which you cannot teach. >> highlights at 11:00. eagles defense was in the giving mood last year in eight of their last ten games, and that is flat out brutal. that is why they hired a top flight defensive coordinator in jim schwartz. he will address media tomorrow during day one of the organized team activities. tom brady will in the go down without a fight. patriots quarterback filed an appeal for second hearing by u.s. circuit court of appeals regarding his four fame suspension for deflate gate. brady a's attorneys say that commissioner roger goodell is bias, in surprise, that they are saying that. bad news for temple hoops, senior guard josh brown suffering an achilles injury on friday. he is scheduled to undergo surgery on wednesday. brown was first in the minutes played and second in assists, no word on how long he will be
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out. now in a minute now, nba will tell us if green will be suspended. golden state forward kicked steven adams of okc in the man zone, during last night blow out loss. it happened during a foul, green says it was not intentional, thunder lead two games to one. game four is tomorrow night, in okc. nba is late on this one. we thought we would hear by 5:00 eastern and we are still wait to go figure out if they play. if he doesn't play they are in trouble. that kick though. >> wow. >> yikes. >> all right, don. >> thanks, so much. >> okay. kate joins with us our forecast. >> tough transition. >> yes, talking about some nasty stuff outside right now, as we saw our baseball practice was just canceled. if you have people that are outside that may not know this weather is heading our way for baseball practice, t ballgames, someone asked me on
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twitter, it will not happen tonight. we have heavy thunderstorms southward through philadelphia, into portions of chester delaware counties, and even portions of delaware at the moment. lets look at what is happening outside. we can see how dark over center city philadelphia dark cloud starting to fish off to the south, one good thing about these storms we are seeing, them move through pretty quickly. quick progression, storms are in and then out within probably 15, ten, 15 minutes we will see skies clear and we have been seeing sunshine on the back edge off to the north of philadelphia, center city looking ominous. here's another shot at kutztown area middle school in the live neighborhood network. 69 degrees, dark cloud, rain coming down, it will try to clear out. still not too bad down the shore and people up in bernville they have had storms coming through now seeing a few breaks in the cloud cover, at the moment. here's what we are watching this line, of nasty storms right now, pushing through portions of chester and delaware counties just heading south of philadelphia at the
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moment. lets zoom in, which areas are going to get hit hardest right around route 30, interchange over portions of chester county, right around aston delaware county. in these spots, possibly, someplace like exton, perhaps down towards thornbury, paoli, willistown and as we go further east in south jersey and delaware right around chester, upper chichester, ridley we are seeing heavy rain and this is just starting to cross the border in northern delaware but right along i-95, heavy rain, frequent lightening and even the risk for small hail. this is going to slow things down, on a road that is already slow this time of the evening. we have had reports of hail today warwick township at quarter inch and quarter inch is what we saw every where, generally small he will hair but blue bell, norristown, king of prussia all reporting hail this afternoon. ivory treated photos from kevin wilson who saw hail coating the golf course. find that on my twitter feed at kate bilo. that upper low will be wayneing as we head through
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the day tomorrow, we still have it off the coast, we will still see a couple showers down the shore tomorrow morning, possibly a pop up shower here and there tomorrow afternoon, doesn't look like we will see the extent of the showers we will see today and then high pressure starts to build in and a big ridge in the jet stream will take over, by middle will of the weeks. once this cool pocket, the storm starts to get out to sea we will see jet stream left to the north and all this warm air flood from the south, starting on wednesday and continuing right through end of the week and right into a memorial day weekend as well, temperatures on the upswing we are still in the 80's on saturday. here's very early preview of the holiday weekend. it will be in the 80's through the weekend, small chance of a back door cold front that could impact temperatures here and there but it should stay warm through weekend, moderately humid and chance of rain, stray thunderstorm sunday, rain chance on monday as well as a storm looks to head a long the coast, hopefully that will stay away but that is something we will keep an eye on for memorial day picnic plans.
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the scattered showers and storms early, 56 degrees, your tuesday partly sun which a stray storm and your seven day forecast, we will have walt having a nice day to retire. 84 degrees on wednesday, thursday 86, and then looks to stay warm through memorial day weekend. we will keep an eye on monday, hopefully we will keep it dry and try to push that system back out to see. >> walt might be on the golf course. >> he just may well be. >> thanks, appreciate it. >> still to come on "eyewitness news". >> have you ever wondered what slack lining is? well, we were curious too, but it is not a sport for slackers, there is a whole lot more involved, don't fall, don't fall. don't fall. stay there. more to come.
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they learned about south
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of african art and culture as part of the man center, spirit rising festival. participated in interactive, sing a lock but could not help but dance. they have listened to poem. and, students from the academy entertained visitors with the pop up performance. well, "cbs evening news" is just a few minutes away. >> nora o'donnell is in for scott pelley and she joins with us a look ahead, nora. >> good evening, tonight on the "cbs evening news", tension in baltimore after a judge find an officer involve in the freddie gray case not guilty on all charges. we have got part three of our heroin series a look the at toll addictions have taken on his family. and as two americans, prepare for summit everest, we will find out what it takes to survive, the mountains. a lot. that is just ahead here on the "cbs evening news". you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪
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standing by for fun. ♪
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we've got some weather issues involving vittoria woodill. >> we will to have skip
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vittoria and hopefully get that story to you at some point. in the meantime kate you can walk us through what is going on out there. >> vittoria is in west chester. >> that is where storms are moving through right about now. lets look at storm scan three and these storms popped up across the region this afternoon and most nasty one moving through portions of chester and delaware counties. we have a few scatter storms, in the vicinity but this is definitely the strongest one and you can notice that little bow shape it has indicating possibly some very strong gusty wind. this is moving flaw west chester right now headed for kenneth square right along i-95, new jersey turnpike, heading in new castle county delaware, very strong wind, and heavy rain. you can see that pink shading, good chance that where you see pink there may be small hail coming down along pennsylvania, delaware border at the moment. once we get this system to push out we do have some good news and that is temperatures will start to rise, we know it has been cool may so far, that is not for this week. we will head back to the 80's
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starting on wednesday, and we will get warmer near 90's by end of the week. lets look one last time at your eyewitness weather seven day forecast, spring shower and thunderstorm tomorrow, walter retirement day wednesday looks good. thursday 86 and memorial day weekend does look warm, we will have chance for a few showers and storms, we will keep a close eye on that. >> thanks, kate. >> vittoria ace story coming up later. motorist driving on the roosevelt expressway in nicetown do a double take when they see an unusual object. >> it is subject of the tonight's good question submitted by josh, he wants to know what is that strange structure along roosevelt expressway near wissohickon avenue. nicole brewer will have the answer for you tonight at 11:00. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next "cbs evening news", tonight things get nasty for democrats in the presidential race? look at the new deal between bernie sanders and the dnc. here now for scott pelley here's nora o'donnell, take care we will see you tonight.
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>> o'donnell: a baltimore cop is cleared in the death of freddie gray. the first case against six officers to reach a verdict. >> it's wrong. it's injustice. it's in the right. >> o'donnell: also tonight, the v.a. secretary draws fire for this comment about long waits for health care. >> when you go to disney, do they measure the number of hours you wait in line? >> o'donnell: in our special series, one family's battle against heroin addiction. >> i'll never give up on him, never, ever. >> o'donnell: and they challenged everest and lost. >> death by drowning on a mountain 29,000 feet above sea level. >> this is captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> o'donnell: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm richard norby. a judge found a baltimore police


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