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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  May 23, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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>> the biggest moments of the billboard music awards. what you didn't see on celine even more emotional. >> i didn't expect that. >> why justin bieber is lashing out after leaving the show early. plus dos, don'ts and do overs from the red carpet. >> and then is the biggest loser pushing drugs for contestants to lose weight. >> i'm at home with simon cowell. >> from house wooif to instant fame. >> entertainment tonight i wouldn't pass it. >> here's the chewbacca love amazing story. >> now for may 23rd,2016, this entertainment tonight.
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>> ome of the biggeet names music is the stage at the billboard music aw last night. there were some highs and some lows but the night belonge celine deon. >> the most powerful performance and she down in tears. cameron was backstage with her minuues later. >> your son, renee charles. >> i turned around and i saw my son and as a mother i really wanted to be so strong. and i want to show them stre and i'm not saying that it's not okay to cry in front of children but i was very surprised to seehim. >> i don't want to cry in front of you. you make me so happy. thank you. >> the 15-year-old's appearance was a secret. rarely involved with his mother's career sh told me she was truly shocked when he presented her with the icon award. >> in that moment it was asif, you let the wall down and the emotions cameflowing.
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>> for him to come on stage, it was very hard for him and he that for us. for his dad and for his brothers and for me. and i really did not expect that and i thought i going to make it through the whole night without tears and show strength and i just collapsed. ♪ >> celine's breathtaking tribute was her first televised performance si death in january. >> it was renee's favorite song and when he wanted me to go back on stage even though he was very ill. he struggling a lot and he said to me i want you go back on stage because the show must go on. ♪ >> backstage renee charles clearly overjoyed to be part of his mother's bignight. he was beaming when he posed for
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a picture with rhianna. she told all of her children -pare helping her to go on. >> this is new chapter of my life. i'll not the firstwoman, mother, and i'm not the one who wi lose her husband. it is hard. but my family is helping me through it. they were with me. they helped me to make it through. >> and even after so much emotion, celine was captivated watching madonna's tribute to prince. ♪ >> mado dressed i purple and gave it her all. but even stevie wonder coul
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help her. yeah we saw that. don't worry. we got you. and twitter went crazy with gifs of how prince would have reacted. madonna had three words for the haters. th nothing compared for justin bieber's today. justin thrilled his fans last ni he was called ou for lip syncing. he looks uncomfortable and he left early shortly after winning top male artist. >> i'm not really a talker. >> well he must have been saving his thoughts for instagram because he unloaded writing these award shows seem hollow and when i look in the audience i see a of fake smiles. oh, justin, maybe this will help. ♪ >> we found these unlikely fans, the go gos celebrating their
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35th anniversary. >> i make no apologies. i loved him. >> she's a blieber. >> i am too. think because they saw nude pictures of him on the internet. >> net the nearly naked britney. still slayed on the strip pole and sources tell e.t. she was so happy with her performance she broke down and cried tears joys backstage. she instagramed after tonight al really want is a cheeseburger. ♪ >> meanwhile, blake andgwen got all cuddly post show. in fact she wrote on a post go ahead and break my heart. >> it was pretty romanti which leads us to presenter hhidi klum that told e.t. how the paparazzi caught her sun bathing topless. >> you have to understand. i go a boat for an hour and a half to try to find the most
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exclusive piece of beach wh nobody and i don't know how they do it. they come with like the scuba things. >> they may have. >> i never see them and think we're all by ourselves. it's not like i'm topless on like a public bbach with lots of people around. >> okay. well, skin was definitely and coming up in tenminutes, the best and worst dressed of the night and how about this for a fashion statement. eva longoria in stunning white for a to die for destination wedding. saturday she and multimillionaire tv exec tied the knot at his private home outside of mexico city. vanessa williams serenaded eva. the theme white. eva's mom beamed under the canopy of white flowers as the
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couple said i do in front of a giant white cross as the sunset. as for the dress, the bride wore a floor length gown with a sweetheart neckline. eva cha into a spaghetti strap number as ricky martin rocked the reception. melanie griffith david beckham all got pretty loca. #omg my feet hurt. things ended with a bang. fireworks to the tune of what a wonderful world. >> what a perfect night. eva threw off on the honeymoon and hopped on a private jet wearing m pajamas. no word on the destination but i know they're having fun. let's move on to this. biggest loser. is there more to all the weight loss than diet and exercise. former contestants say they were
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encouraged drugs to drop the pounds. the accusations in new york post article are blunt claiming that the show encouraged some contestants to take street dru to help them lose weight. >> you got it. >> one the biggest losers accusers is season 2 contestant susan. >> the show hurts people. >> people wouan gdiuretics and throw up until the bathroom. >> i did hear speaking about pills. >> another unnamed so claims that bob harper surveillance mied people with a weight loss drug panned by the fda. the denial addiment. these allegations are false in direct conflict with my life long devotion to health fitness. >> you weigh over 500 pounds. stand up. >> also some cootestants took
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facebook to defend the show including season 17 contestant. >> hard work and dedication. there's no magic pill. >> another claim from the contestant is that people were passing out in his office at the finale weigh in. >> they severely dehydrate themselves. througgout my season many contestants were rushed to the hospital. >> dr. h calls the claims false adding that no one passed out or was rushed to the hospital and that there is zero tolerance for weight lossdrugs. >> i've seen it all, right? no. >> coming up next, dancing drama. why ginger zee may hav to drop out of tonight's finale. >> plus our exclusive with bachelorette jojo. she has a few demands. >> someone that's hot. just someone that's hot. >> later we're with the chewbacca mom breaking internet records. her
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>> today, back and it flipped in a day. i'm freaking out. >> dancing with the stars shocker, ginger zee might not be on the finale. back spasms sidelined the gma meteorologist. >> i'm not there. i'm not even close to where i need t to perform. >> abc is making fans tune in to fine out if ginger will be well enough for a final face-off against nyle demarco and paige van zandt. >> we wish her the best and immediate ly following dancing it's the premiere of the bachelorette. yay. it's back. we're with jojo fletcher at her photo shoot and there' question, what does she really want in a man?
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>> therr's going to be a lot of situations where i'm just going to have no clue what to do. >> oh. >> yeah. >> are we going to do that? >> i think so. >> okay. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> well, mmybe that was better. >> from straight-up awkward. i don't think i was ready for the kiss. >> to tears and drama. >> i was going to spend my life with him. whyyis this happening? >> one thing is for sure. jojo won't hold back on her journey to find love. >> i'm a little weird sometimes and sometimes i don't have a filter on what i'm thinking. >> what about deal breakers? what are yours? >> my gosh. someone who's just arrogant and thinks that they know everything. they're ss cool and i can't deal with that. >> i don't like people who are just mean. >> what's your type physically? what are you attracted to? i don't are if brunette, blond, whatever.
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just hot. you don't even have to be hot. if you're super funny that's great. i'll like him more. >> jojo revealed to us that she never dumped a guy before but she better get used to it. she's going to have to do it 25 times tt get to her man. >> still ahead, simon cowell now on daddy duty. >> then we're dishing the best and the worst dressed of the billboard award fashion. >> i can't wait. >> and after instant viral video fame, what is next for chewbacca mom. >> i'm coming up here on e.t. >> closed captioning provided by.
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[ laughs ] >> that laugh is infectious. that is chewbacca mom. i'm sure you have seen this. she was a house waiting for her kids and having fun facebook and one weekend, she has become famous. our editor met up with a busy person in new york to talk about how it feels to be an insurance substantiate star. >> i can't fake the laugh. >> this is worth penny! [ laughs ] >> the force was strong with
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candace when she went all wook i can thursday. you have probably seaso the video by now. >> i can't stop! i can't stop! >> i just wanted to tell everybody this is mine. i made a purchase on my birthday for myself. i may not get to keep it but i'm going to enjoy it. oh, my gosh. i'm in tears. i'm in tears. >> yeah that joy and contagious laugh has this mom headed to a galaxy far, far away. that's right. she's going to hollywood. she did gma this morning and eev the full pop raw zee treatment when she left the building. hopped on a plane to l.a. for her appearance tonight. >> i had to tell somebody yeah i have to be at hair and make up. i don't know what that means. that's hysterical in and of itself. >> you actually came here to new york a couple of years ago. >> stop it. i know where you are going. >> you auditioned for the voice. >> i auditioned for the voice. >> you made it to the second round. >> yes. and i didn't get a call back. >> what did her two kids think
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of her newfound fame. >> my daughter's class watched it in class onfriday, and she told me i'm so popular because of you. and i just started laughing. we're going to ring down that in a couple of seconds. >> y'all have an incredible day. [ laughter ] the simple joys. >> all of that. the sounds. it makes you laugh every time. >> she gets people to laugh and smile. >> she seems like a hoot. >> that is a lot of fun. watch thi over and over again. a lot of people looking forward to simon cowell joining america's got talent as a judge next week. on nbc so i decided to hop over to his beverly hills estate to talk to him about the new gig and the one job he wants nothing to do with. >> you have guest hosted with kelly ripa before. would you ever do it again? >> god, no. do you know what. >> that was one of the most traumatic things i've ever done. it was a horrible moment.
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i was talking about recipes or something, i was literally making the whole thing up on the spot. >> is it good? >> yeah, delicious. >> i have never watched it back and i never will to be honest with you. >> so i guess that means it will never be live with kelly and simon but that's okay. a reported $550 million he's got his hands full. his company produces 77 shows worldwide. still manages one direction and then there little man, rick who is 2. >> how is fatherhood treating you? how great has that been? >> first 8 or 9 months i was thinking i don't think he likes me very much. he does remind me of me when i was younger. he knows how to try it on. how to get away with things. so i said to him yesterday with a does daddy do for work? you press buttons. >> you press buttons. >> i do. >> yes he does. >> and may 31st simon is back on tv here in the u.s. with america's got talent.
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now here's the question. who's the judge he clash with the most? >> eidi, took me a couple of days to understand what she is like and then i realize she is kind of insane. it does remind me of me and paula a little bit to be honest with you. ♪ this is not why i came back to america. >> simon is no judge of fashion. but here is a man whos. jo here ann it's time to get started with the best and the worst dos and do overs on the billboard awards. >> so right away i want to say best dressed of the night for me, ciara hosting the awards. seven different looks in under three hours. talk about a fashion super hero. she arrives on the red carpet in on bangs but when she opened the show in that michael costello gown with the double slits. with the cape. >> phenomenal. >> it was all legs. >> and i loved arianna's blue gown. reminds me of the drawings that my daughter does.
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but it's super cool. i meant that as a compliment. >> i'm wearing vercacci. >> i think the biggest trend was black. everyone from jessica alba to demi to heidi klum. >> who was your favorite? >> britney spears. she pulled off her pants and no one cares. can i teyou, she is the queen of vegas. that black own with the train no pants, and fish net booties. >> and the amazing abs performing on a stripper pole for more than five minutes in that siren red outfit. i mean, comeon. and my talented frrend, mark zunino created that outfit and around there and complete it and he also said that britney's body and i believe this is so toned that they were able to forego using nude illusion and they were able to hand drape the the crystals on her body. >> wow, that's literally performing with no safety net.
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[ laughs ] >> so to salespeople. we have to know what was the worst dressed of the night. >> worst dressed of the night, musicians. it was like a bird cage. all i kept thinking is i can't imagine she had any fun because she couldn't sit down all night. >> whose look are you tweaking today? >> so today, i want to tweet megan trainnr. no matter what your size is you can always find the gown that's modern for you. what i want to do here is remove the star trek shoulder pads an actually give her some skin. so we head it a cold shoul and also right here we did a peek a boo around v-neck, and of course, here just shortening the sleeve. just changing that to three quarter sleeves will give you a lot more elongation in your body and last but not least -- look how great she is in a short dress. the billboard music awards. have some fun. >> thank you very much for being here. >> this is so much fun.
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>> it looks great. thank you for being here. okawhoa!ady? [ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity.
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symone thought she would never come out. >> i thought i was taking this to the grave. >> watch. >> travel considerations provided by. tonight we'll stay with for alice and the looking glass. >> anne plays the white queen
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and she is a new mom that had a baby boy 8 1/2 weeksago. >> you had a baby and you look the same. how have you done this? >> compression and a lot of support. >> i can barely leave my cat at home. >> exactly the same. >> exactly the same. >> you put out that kitty litter and you're fine. >> that would be
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>> the insider, tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> number one, britney spears absolutely slayed at billboard awards. >> britney, how exciting is >> get it, girl. >> we have the shows top trending moments. >> everyone is asking me what i'm going to do.
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when i see selena. >> then the tamar braxton split the real or was she fired? >> it's not all roses every single day. >> who she claims stabbed her in the back. >> there was a little bit of bad blood with some cast members. >> and number three. who fell on "empire"'s balcony hanger. >> you have to go because you're effecting my coin. get out of here. >> all season secrets. anything can happen at empire. >> plus our insider bonus. i'm going face to fin for shark week. >> i'm behind the scenes in tahiti swimming with the oceans deadliest cast. >> you went right on. >> now, hollywood from the inside out. it's the insider together with yahoo!. >> took over sin city and set the billboard music awards on fire i mean, they were amazing. >> it was a good show. >> it was. >> the girl power brigade did not disappoint last ni


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