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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  May 24, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> thank you for choosing cbs3. katie has the forecast. >> good morning, >> good morning, you guys >> the same system that was here yesterday is placed differently
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and makes a levrts happened >> we had thunderstorms last night and at this point it's showers. no thunder boomers within this however and again it takes the sweet old time to rotate away here. current temperatures readings pretty mild, even in the 50s in the poconos now. lots of clouds providing a blanket of sorts to keep it mild through the overnight. mid up toer 50s everywhere else as well. as the day progressing we heat up he firntly. we start off with clouds and eventually break for sunshine. and it lacks like a majority of you will see more sun than anything. it's very similar to what we saw yesterday and just a little different of the pattern the way things are happening. regardless a shower or thunderstorm is now a possibility for us into the pm time frame once we get heating
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of day underway. misha over to you. >> it was slick out there, certainly. thank you so much. good morning, everyone, happy tuesday morning to you. so we've got construction out. there couple accidents we'll get to construction at the schuylkill eastbound at the blue route compromised out there. malfunctions traffic on the boulevard 9th street because of earlier accident that happened 3 a.m. just know they are still flashing. you can see that right. there i'll let you know when it clears. we'll be watching the more vehicles that hit the roadway that could pose a problem. obviously it's early. want to make note of that. the vine was not closed last night. both moving okay moving eastbound and westbound sounds. this accident just cleared. this is where we have the fatal accident. bustleton is on south of cottman. i would not doubt if there's debris and you have activity out. there be mindful as you move in this area. good news, the accident has just cleared. one more accident in new jersey
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new field route 40 highway near main road. >> more on the breaking news. a hit-and-run driver leaves a man dead in northeast philadelphia. >> eyewitness news reporter jan is live at the scene of bustleton and castor. >> good morning, talk about adding insult to injury, once this driver hit the pedestrian he got out of the car. saw the victim on the ground and walked away, fled the scene. behind he on the scene live you can see the hit-and-run vehicle in the middle of bustleton avenue. the driver ditched his car because the impact ripped the wheel from the axle. the car ended up there as he hit the victim as he waited on a bution stop canopy down the street near that intersection. some of the debris from the canopy is on the side of the road this morning. it happened 12:30, outside the roosevelt mall bustleton and
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cottman and speed and weather may have played roles in the crash. it was raining. the question is, why did the driver leave the scene. he smashed through the metal bus stop injury write and threw the victim 100 feet. driver then got out, saw the victim and ran. the accident investigation division is on scene. police describe the driver as man in 20s. they say he is also likely injured because they found blood in the car and it's evidence they hope will help track him down. >> car doesn't appear to be stolen at this time. so we have the vin number, license tag, but that blood is really going to help us. because we'll be able to analyze the blood for dna and determine whose blood it is and hopefully it identifies the person that committed this vehicular homicide at this point. >> now, the victim who died has not been identified and police are calling him a john doe at this point and no identification was found on
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him. he's a man in 40s. fortunately there are surveillance in the cameras because there's a lot of businesss in this area. roosevelt mall is just behind me here. they're hoping video can track the driver down as well. jim, brook, back into you. >> thank you very much, jan. philadelphia police are investigating a double shooting in overbrook park. officers got to the scene around 10:owe 40 at the city avenue shopping center and they found a man shot three times and rushed him to the hospital. and on the way they got a call of a second shooting victim just blocks away from the original call. >> we're not quite sure what the link is between the two shootings but we believe the males may no one another and we think everything may have happened in the car be behind me. >> one is in critical condition and the other in stable. >> bill cosby is supposed to return to montgomery county courtroom this morning to learn of a judge will send a criminal sexual assault case to trial based on a 2004 encounter with former temple university employee andrea constand.
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cosby wants it thrown out. the pennsylvania supreme court refused to grant a delay. the philadelphia born comedian believes he had a deal with former prosecutor preventing him from being charged in the case. eyewitness news crew is headed to the courthouse. we'll have a live report at 5:30. >> stay with eye wiz us in for continuing coverage of the case and when you're not near the tv visit >> silence for a girl that died after a fight inside her wilmington school. 16-year-old amy joiner francis will be remembered tonight for a girls basketball game at the ban covt school in wilmington. she died after a fight april 21 inside a xwaj room at howard high school of technology. three teenage girls face charges in her death. >> also happening today a suspect involved in a police shooting last month gets his day in court. police say 20-year-old samy r
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coyeyet acted when james mc calla was shot in the leg. coyea will have a hearing toda today. he's facing charges of attempted robbery and related offenses. >> a teen was home alone when burglars forced their way inside. now we're hearing the 911 call that neighborhood the would-be thieves. >> did you see them come in. >> no, i heard them break the window. >> okay. stay on the line with me where are you at now. >> in my basement. >> officer rushed inside to bring the 15-year-old to safety and then arrested james clark injunior and alexis diamond from blackwood. they were shocked to hear the news the witnesses. >> he was probably afraid for his life. but i feel terrible that something like that is happening inside our neighborhood right here. >> as a police officer, and as a parent, i could not have been more pleased how this young man reactd both suspects are charged with
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burglary, conspiracy, criminal mischief and obstruction. >> after weeks of woes the head of security of tsa is out of a job. the move to replace kelly hogan came amid issues over long security lines at airport. hogan that was in the position since 2013 came under fire for bonuses including one totaling 90,000 dollars. >> robert mc dan old is facing a storm of criticism for waits at the healthcare at va to lines at disney theme parks n part of his rocks mcdonald said "when you go to disney do they measure the number of hours you wait in line" and house speaker paul ryan called the comparison flippant. >> score a win for donald trump he add the eight delegates from the virgin islands. he needs another 60 to clinch the republican presidential nomination. he's running effectively unopposed. hillary clinton has turned down an invitation to debate bernie
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standers on "fox" news ahead of next month's california primar primary. sanders is predicting this convention in philadelphia could get messy as he tries to get his policies into the party platform. more than half of registered voters ununsatisfied with the choice of trump on or clinton with president. 51% surveyed would rather have a third party candidate into the race and 40% say clinton and trump are sufficient choices. >> and a community demand answers after a principal placed on leave without explanation. >> also ahead, we'll tell you about the latest deal to help keep atlantic city funded and plus, it was supposed to land in the lehigh valley today, we'll show you why historic flight was postponed at the last minute. >> and sea of red on one pacific coast beach where crabs are wash ago shore and why bad news for fish
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spent more than 30 years in the public schools. we're retired, but we like to stay involved. you think he's going to learn to fly? we're just as busy now as in our teaching days. the same goes for a lot of the retired educators we know. let me see you all flap your wings, like you're penguins learning to fly. teaching is all about building relationships. and that never goes away. because once a teacher, always a teacher. we're ed and miriam, and we're proud to be new jersey educators.
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>> welcome back, south jersey parents and students are upset way decision to place their school principal on leave. the dispute is taking place oak crest high school in mays landing. greater egg harbor regional school district placed joseph caruth on leave without explanation may 4. they describe him as dedicated and involved administrator. >> we know that he is a principal that cares for our students. so we don't understand why he was let go. why is he on leave? >> the board met for about an hour after the public meeting and still no word if he will be reinstate as principal. students will continue to protest until he is back. >> solar power plane on around the world journey will not stop in the lehigh valley today but it could be there soon. it's checking down in dayton ohio it had issues with a power cabinet and officials wanted to take a closer look at it. it was scheduled to touchdown
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at lehigh valley airport today after dozens of other stops including abdubai, china and japan. >> there's a deal from keeping atlantic city from running out of money. new jersey lawmakers agreed to a package of bills one giving resort five no work on a plan for the balanced budget. it would also get a 60 million loan and offer employees for retirement and retain collective bargaining rights. >> a rare sight along the california coast has tourists flocking to the beeingts and fishermen crabby. >> beachs in montgomery are covered with red capz. el nino is giving them plenty of warm water and ruins businesses for fishermen. they have been forced to look further north. >> interesting shot. . >> ew.
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>> you have been to monterey? >> no. >> we need a road trip. >> put it on the list. >> and the nice warm water the very definition of el nino means warmer wanters in the central pacific. that's the ocean that drives el nino patterns we've been talking about quite sometime. but, back here on our side of the coast we are actually looking at still some residual showers from the very same system out there yesterday. look yesterday was off to the south and made a left-hand turn and swriling about offshore and it will continue as a result to trigger showers especially through new jersey this morning and then we'll catch a break midday. although because of the building heat i cannot rule out a residual shower or thunder shower later on today. high pressure will be resgai resgaining control here. you got to clear east of the mississippi and becomes the story. still damp and mist from other vehicles it's not actually raining but it clears out by
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the time we wrap up our typical morning rush. you catch a midday brakemany of you inland will see full sunshine and majority of the day. not a bad day. there will still be speclees on the radar basically. as the day progressing east of city as we go throughout the afternoon. really anyone's game to see leftover overnight we start to see things clear out and that becomes wednesday pattern with high pressure settling in actual sunshine and expect to soar. scattered shower or thunderstorm that could be something leftover this morning and later on today anyone is fair game. later tonight gradually clearing and mild and 59 degrees and even through the overnight the leming dairy man the last day on the air wednesday is bittersweet. the scene won't leave us but the sun returns. nice taste of summer there. >> such a great day. beautiful day.
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he's a beautiful person. good morning, everyone, we have construction out there. you can see they're starting to pick this up. this is schuylkill eastbound near the blue route. left lane compromised. you can see headlights out there certainly early risers on tuesday morning you will be out there that won't affect them too much. if it didn't get out of their way it certainly would. malfunctioning traffic light from an earlier accident that cleared around 3 a.m. because of that it will slow you down a little bit. boulevard northbound ninth street. maybe i'll tweet that as well. you see early riser. hopefully that gets remedied quickly. accident cleared here. we had a fatal accident here this morning and jan has been talking about this bustleton reopened south of cottman. again this accident cleared. but just make note of that, that it is i would say you probably will see crews out there still. you might even see debris in the roadway. make note that was out there.
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if it does slow you down if you have any sort gaper delay you know why. also new mexico route 40 highway. >> spotify users may be paying less for music. >> and waitress gets the generous tip it's not the money that left her in tears
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welcome back, breaking news. hit-and-run driver leaves a man dead bustleton and cottman in northeast philadelphia. the victim was struck while he waited fire bus. eyewitness news says the driver got out of the car. looked at the scene and fled on foot. >> police are investigating the possible connection between two shootings in overbrook. they found casings and bullet holesed in a car 7700 block of city avenue a man found lying be side the car had three gunshot wound. he's in critical condition. another many few blocks away is
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stable. >> bill koz sbi expected in montgomery county courtroom today where a judge may allow the sexual assault case to go to trial. he's accused of drugging a woman at his elkins park home in '74. he insist the sex was consensual. time for a check on business news. >> joining us live from the new york stock exchange, jill, we heard there's a reversal in a decision involving a major wall street bank. >> that's right a major settlement against wall street for housing cising has been reversed. federal appeals court ruled bank of america should not pay the 1.27 billion that a lower court awarded. country wide, which was later bought by the bank. was initially found to issue shoddy mortgages sold off. appeals court ruled the government didn't prove this was done intentionally. brook and jim. >> we don't hear this very often. spotify is guest cheaper.
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>> right. i mean it's nice actually a nice change. spotify is lowering price of family plan. the music streaming service will now coast $15 per month for up to 6 accounts which is very big price job and brings spotify in line with apple music. >> i have title and apple musi music. >> i have none. >> what is title brook? >> what did you say? >> how is tight snl. >> i love it, obsessed with it. but they -- there are things apple has title doesn't and vice-versa. it was not working just this one but i like title the best. >> interesting i'm still on spotify only. so i am missing out on beyonce and rhianna. >> it was not worth it for me i need beyonce. >> i feel like i'm at the "the talk" right now listening to you ladies, we'll check in with
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you later. >> a waitress gets a againious tip it was the mess alleging on the check that touch her. >> becky fell son from new york got a 350% tip on this $22 bill along with a special note that reads life is short a friend of mine died please enjoy a night with someone you love. that's sad. this message brought her to tears. >> wow that's amazing. >> so nice somebody would do that you know when they're grieving i felt terrible that her friend it's wonderful to get a tip it's bet to have that person still alive. so it was bittersweet. >> becky says she'll use the tip in the spirit it was given a night out with her friend and boyfriend. >> oh,. >> good for her. >> well-being coming up after the break another check on weather and traffic. >> there are leftover showers in the area now. katie tells us we'll see temperatures in the 80s this week. we'll be
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>> it's about to feel like summertime in the delaware valley today warming up efficiently however in the days ahead we hit a streak of 80 plus degree days. let's go ahead and take a look at the official beginning of summer yes we're coming up on unofficial start this weekend. june 20, 6:34 on button when summer solstice take place. meanwhile throughout the day today there will likely be a scattered showers or thunder shower and many of you eek out some sun. tomorrow, 86 and sunshine and we'll easily feel like the 90s with temperatures that hot on thursday and friday. maybe a heat-driven thunderstorm either day, too. >> i welcome it even if it were 90s i welcome it. a lot of construction out there. this is one area schuylkill eastbound near the blue route. the left lane is compromised. you can see crews getting that out of the way. malfunctioning traffic light from from an earlier accident.
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we had dmroding on 295, 25 northbound broo 168 use caution in this area. it's since cleared. it givers you an idea of who it with be like out there. jim, over to you. >> thank you, meisha, if you head out the door stay updated with the forecast on the sister station kyw news radio 1060. >> also a former secretary of environmental protection, markingen versey of battle ship until energy and a study saying philadelphia is not the best place to start the career. check in two, three, four, times a day 1060 on the am dia dial. >> cbs3 eyewitness news we're live with search for a driver wanted for for deadly hit-and-run. >> rising from the ashes enormous obstacle a popular bakery had to overcome just to
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>> killed while waiting for the bus. right now the search is on for a driver that plowed into a bus stop killing a man in northeast phillych the important clue left behind that could help detectives track down the driver. >> and in just a few hours bil cosby heads back to court. we have the key decision about his case and rest to learn later today. >> and feeling like a broken record. waking up to spotty showers across the area. katie let's you know when the rain moves out. i'm smiling now. it feels like summer. tuesday, may 24. good morning everyone i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brook thomas. keeping an eye on things this morning. >> good morning, it's never easy starting off with wet roadways. we have trouble spots.
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the good news construction in the way and accident one of which is fatal both cleared. >> thankfully looks like the worst of the weather is tapering throughout the course of the morning. problem you may see a spotty shower. yesterday ended up a decent day for most of us right? we had a storm system still out there. it's the same one that is still spiping nearby. and it's a little bit of a different placement at this point. yesterday it was more confined off to the south and it's more confined to sea and spinning over the atlantic. broynging moisture to delaware and portions of until nming and spri from other vehicles you may find and straight up shower falling from the sky at some point in morning and eventually this fizzles away. later today temperatures heat up and the storm continues to rotate away. it's also mild start though. you have generally north wind. overall, but more happen hazard down towards the shore. not breezy at all. mild, though, underneath more cloud cover a


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