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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 24, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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the good news construction in the way and accident one of which is fatal both cleared. >> thankfully looks like the worst of the weather is tapering throughout the course of the morning. problem you may see a spotty shower. yesterday ended up a decent day for most of us right? we had a storm system still out there. it's the same one that is still spiping nearby. and it's a little bit of a different placement at this point. yesterday it was more confined off to the south and it's more confined to sea and spinning over the atlantic. broynging moisture to delaware and portions of until nming and spri from other vehicles you may find and straight up shower falling from the sky at some point in morning and eventually this fizzles away. later today temperatures heat up and the storm continues to rotate away. it's also mild start though. you have generally north wind. overall, but more happen hazard down towards the shore. not breezy at all. mild, though, underneath more cloud cover and sort of acts as
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a blanket this morning. meanwhile as the morning progressing in the afternoon we will see sunshine. showers currently out there should fizal way with time. as the day goes on we heat up efficiently and again there could be a spotty shower or thunderstorm later today. overall, though, meisha, it's still a decent day. >> yeah it seems that way getting up to 78. we will welcome that thanks katie good morning everyone. taking a look at the ben franklin bridge. look at the roadways. you see how slick it is out there. we have pooling in some areas. in fact one area 295 saw floo flooding in this area that has been cleared and that's how wet in the certain areas it can be and that may slow us down a little. overall in terms of volume ben franklin bridge looking good. malfunctioning traffic lights because of accidents cleared 3 a.m. boulevard ninth bound and accident lingering route 40 harding way near main road still out. there those of you in and around the area use caution because of wet roadways indeed.
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also construction turnpike eastbound between delaware valley and new jersey turnpike connector bridge that right lane is blocked. that's been there since i got in this morning. also more construction in delaware. 95 north between 141 and 145 right lane is blocked and that will be blocked until 5 a.m. jim, over to you. >> updating breaking news this morning the search for hit-and-run driver that left a man dead in northeast philadelphia. >> eyewitness news report ser live near bustleton and cottman where that drive's car remains on the scene. good morning, jan. >> jim, brook, good morning, one man is dead and another on the run this morning after a powerful crash here. you can see the car involved in this hit-and-run in the middle of bustleton avenue. driver apparently ditched his car because impact richd the wheel from the axle. police say the car ended up there after hitting the vehicle as he waitsed under a bus stop con one all the way down the street with intersection with
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cottman & you can see glass and metal littering the sidewalk this morning. this hit-and-run happened 12:30 this morning area outside the roosevelt mall bustleton and cottman. speed and weather may have been factors in the deadly crash since it was raining heavily at the time. the question becomes why did the driver leave the scene. investigators say he smashed through the metal bus stop canopy ripping it out of the ground and throwing the victim 100 feet. adding insult to injury next according to witnesses the driver saw the victim and ran away instead of getting help. police describe the driver as man in 20s and say he's likely injured this morning because they found blood in the car. and that blood might be the key evidence nodded to track the driver down. >> accident investigation officers are on location. they're going to take a sample of this blood and hopefully dna can help us identify the driver of that vehicle. witnesses say the driver then
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exited the lexus, walked over and looked at the body and then fled on foot south on bustleton avenue. >> now, the victim who died here is only being called a john doe because no identification was found on him this morning. he's identified as man in 40s. in the meantime police found surveillance cameras in the area. this is a popular area with a lot of businesses. they do hope jim, brook, that surveillance video can help track the driver down in this case. back to you. >> thanks a lot, jan, sad news for that map's family. >> and police are investigating two shootings in the overbrook park section. officers found a man shot three times last night at the city avenue shopping center they rushed him to the hospital. while they were transporting the victim they got a second call of shooting victim problems away. investigators believe both men were shot inside a car found at the shopping center. >> we think the second shooting victim made his way up to 75
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and city where police arrived and took him to the hospital. there's no concern of fear that a person is not contained to the call. >> bill cosby is due in dmort montgomery country this mornin morning. he's expected to learn if his sexual assault case will go to trial. he's accused of drugging and raping former temple university employee andrea constan at his home in 2004. bill cosby says the sex was consensual. the philadelphia born comedian believes he had a deal with former prosecutor which prevented him from being charged in the case. our own justin finch will have more on the preliminary hearing in the next half hour. >> a brave teenager thinks fast when he noticed burglars inside his house when alonech the 15-year-old boy hid in the basement and called 911 once he realized what was happening. eyewitness news reporter report from better behind, new jersey
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with more on how the suspects were caught. >> 911 what is the emergency. >> berlin police say an understandably panicked 15-year-old called 911 when he heard strange noises coming from upstairs. >> did you see them come in? >> no, i heard them break the window. >> okay. stay on the line with me. where are you at now. >> in my basement. >> police say james clarkin jr. and alexis diamond broke into the boy's home while his parents were gone. >> you don't hear anything in the basement with you right? >> no. >> i want to you step out of the closet in the basement and look around okay? >> okay. >> as a police officer and as parents i cannot have been more pleased with how this young man reactd according to police by the time officers arrived alexis diamond was sitting inside a car outside of the home. officers rushed inside to bring the 15-year-old to safety. officers say they found james clarkin junior hiding in a closet. both were arrested on the spot.
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neighbor daniel thorn lives a few doors down and was shocked to hear the news. >> he was probably afraid for his life. i feel terrible something like that is happening inside our neighborhood here. >> burglary happened two days after a jogger was attacked at a berlin park. police do not believe the cases are related. >> times are changing. and it's terrible. >> both suspects are facing charges of burglary, conspirac conspiracy, criminal mischief and obstruction and told more charges are pending. cbs3 eyewitness news. >> bernie standers say this democratic convention in philadelphia could get messy. he tells associated press his suborder napts want aa party platform to reflect the needs of working families, poor and young people. meanwhile mill hillary clinton turned down an invitation to debate sanders on "fox" news before the california primary. >> ul trump is within striking distance ever the presidential nomination. 4 4 delegates up for grab in
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the washington primary. yesterday he added eight delegates from the u.s. virgin islands. he needs 60 more to clinch the nomination. >> president obama is continu continuing his stop to vietnam. the south vietnam meez capital of saigon said he is not singl singling out the country when talking about human right and nations are more successful when they uphold universal right. the president also says the u.s. is not trying to impose its form of government on vietnam. >> now, for a look at newspaper headlines from across the region. >> state lawmakers struck a deal that gave the city time for a state takeover and allows budget cuts. they have 150 days to draft a five year fiscal plan and will receive a state bridge loan to cover shaky finances in the meantime. >> from intelligenceer 40,000 gallons of water a day
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proceeded to doylestown to supplement the supply to the cross keys area. cross keys well was closed after an unregulated chemical was found in water making it unsafe to drink. >> on front page of the times herald hundreds of athletes and volunteers turned out to participate in special olympic events at souder town an hat borough horsh am high schools they ranged in age from 8 to 21. >> that's a look at newspaper headlines around the delaware valley. >> another big air bag recall this morning this time more than 1 million cars recalled. if you own one coming up next. >> speeding up the security process at the airport. we have the big shakeup to help clear up the congestion headed to one of the buzzest travel days of the year. >> plus,. >> i want to thank people is what i want to do. i want them to feel our love. >> it will be a sweet day at popular bakery the obstacle it had to come to on this morning♪
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♪ >> head of security tsa is out of a job this morningch the move, to replace kelly hogan. comes amid issues of long security lines in airports nationwide in recent weekends. >> as kim shows you officials hope this move will ease flight frustrations as many plan to travel this memorial day weekend. >> for weeks air travelers watched as lines at tsa security has gotten longer and longer and longer and now officials are taking steps to reduce wait times and travel wrecking delays. >> people are sick and tired of
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waiting. and we can do better. >> new jersey officials are a adding new tsa officers at newark and increasing over time hours and atlanta mayor fired general manager of city airport hartsville jackson the busiest in the world and kas i'm reed made the decisions after long lines were feet furd on a national broadcast. >> they led with photo of atlanta airport lines that's not something that can stand because our airport is the most significant economic economicer in the state. >> reed called on partners to solve the problem quickly. >> if it's tsa or homeland security this partner together and come forward with most aggressive approach we can have. >> homeland security chief is working on the situation as well. >> we are aggressively bringing on expediting hiring of more tsos. >> officials worry ft. problems are not solved soon passengers could start avoiding air travel
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especially for shorter trips. kim hutchen son. cbs3 eyewitness news. >> let's get the latest on the forecast. >> we'll start to heat things up in the days ahead. as we do that we'll really start to feel more like summertime here in the days ahead as well. which is i would say actually pretty good timing since we have unofficial start to the season coming one memorial day. this will be a hot spot for activity this weekend outside boardwalk plaza and rain dampe dampening the boardwalk and damp hazy beginning to the day and lots of moisture in the live look. from this very same system that brought in the rain and thunderstorms system actually helped to trigger strong thunderstorms even pea size hail reported. here it is rotating out to sea. it's in a different place spi spiping inside that moisture which should have been out. we'll end up with more sun than
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anything. further on you go you end up with more sunny way and this retreats. high pressure takes its place and as that happens skies are obviously clear east of mississippi. we get in on the clear sky and beautiful weather unfolding tomorrow and in general warm pattern as the jet stream lifts out of here and storm system moves away it starts to heat up. it's not just above average temperatures but a real taste of summertime heat coming our way. for now what you need to expect any showers out there east of city or down across delaware will generally look at partial sunshine region wide and brigh brighter the further inland you are. likely be key words spotty and spotty late day showers or thunderstorms that fire up here with heating of day and retreat of storm. it's a sluggish little gi. skies clear out of here later tonight and that bodes well for tomorrow. 86 in the sunshine. it looks lovery and taste of july.
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check out thursday under the sun. 88 feels like 90s. really mish athursday or friday could triing air thunderstorm in the heating of the day. >> thank you so much. good morning, everyone. all right. happy tuesday. what we're looking at now, 95 southbound past cottman heats up a little. taillights moving in south direction where i'm keeping my eye. yesterday this spot heated up quickly. it usually does especially monday through wednesday. that was 95. looking at 42 peak in the new jersey here moving 42 freeway northbound creek road. looking okay. we have some activity pulled all the way off to the shoulder. not slowing you down now. it could in a while get cleared out the way. make note it's there for those of you in new jersey. take a look at this all right. we have malfunctioning traffic lights because of accident that cleared earlier at around 3 p.m. and there's no cross traffic here at the boulevard northbound at 9 street. let's make note of that not
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causing slow downs. obviously look that early enough where it would not. if it doesn't get cleared out of the way moving to 6:00 hour that could start to pose an issue. accident new jersey new field route 40 harding highway near main road accident happened earlier it's still out. there make note of that. also construction here pa turnpike eastbound between delaware valley and new jersey connector bridge that right line is block. brook over to you. >> phillies pitchers try to deep the ball in the stadium tonight when they take on the tigers in detroit. here's sports director done bell with morning sports. >> phillies and tigers. last night the ball was flying out of the park. six solo homers between the two teams. vince valesquez coming in fifth inning. he gets jacked. jz martinez about face. solo shot. miguel crab rare asolo stroll to left. how about a souvenir for the
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bleacher creatures out there. colton murry came in from the bullpen. two batters later the tigers taking lead to sixth inning we go. how about rookie timing, josep joseph, that's all we're showing you because that's how everyone scored in the game. victor martinez that is clutch. one of the best in american league drives in phils lose 5-4 jeremy on the bump tonight for the fight. massive sigh of relief for the golden state warriors. draymon green will not be suspended for game four with siris with okc. green kicked steven adams in a very personal place. instead of missing game time he gets a $25,000 fine and flagrant two fouls. warriors trail series two games to one. >> that's sports i'm don bell. have a great day.
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>> birthday celebration sdbts doesn't go as planned. >> a big mistake before bringing out the cake plus. . >> i'm still laughing. >> you have to laugh when you watch this video two big surprises for the mom after chewbacca video tuned her into internet sensation. we'll be right
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>> welcome back, happening today a north philadelphia bakery destroyed by a fire reopening. it's been 14 months since denise's bakery was forced to close. the owner tells eyewitness news it was communicate think that grave them strength toj reopen. >> we didn't know how much we missed the people until the fire occurred. it's not that we took our customers for granted we didn't know how strong it was and how
5:24 am
compassionate they were. >> insurance money took care of repair cost. that bakey opened 24 years ago. got to tell you, angelina jolie going back to school for her latest role. she is joining london school of economics as visiting professor starting next school year will attach a course on women, peace and security. those are issues that hit home for her and she's special envoy for united nations agency. >> and we're getting a first look at the new live action version of my very favorite disney movie beauty and the beast. >> look, i girl. >> ki see it's a girl you fool. >> what if she is the one? >> it's quite a teaser because we barely get to see any of the character. the 90 second trailer ends with quick look at emma watson who
5:25 am
plays belle and people have questions about the movie and they won't be answered until next march. we have a year to wait. >> and they're going to possibly be a new kardsahian to keep up with. chris carr dashian? mate rearch revealed she's changing her last name from jenner back to kardsahian. chris broke the news to her daughter chloe in deleted scene from tv show she originally changed kardsahian to jen wher she married bruce jenner 25 years ago. i don't know if i believe this a couple years ago when still heard married to bruce and she said she was changing her name. >> i have been worried about this for years i'm glad it's finally settled. >> i noticed. >> brand new crash test results just released overnight. >> cars missing the mark for saferty. >> cosby is due back in court
5:26 am
this morning and will surprise witness be there as well? i'm justin fitch. more on that and why many are looking for her to show, katie. >> justin we are still dealing with wet weather issues here across the delaware valley. only in some spots are you still finding rain. but we are also all going to be heating up. i'll have all the details in the full forecast after the break. >> and meisha is watching the tuesday morning commute and she'll let you know what areas to avoid as you head out the door
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[ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, >> back to court, bill cosby iset getting ready to face a judge this morning. key evidence about the case we expect to learn later today. >> good morning i'm brook thomas. >> and i'm jim donovan. we'll check traffic was showers move out of the area. first here's what you need to know to start the day in the morning minute. >> he walked over and looked at the body and then fled on foot. >> a hit-and-run driver leaves a man dead in northeast philadelphia. >> the driver apparently ditched his car because the impact ripped the wheel from the axle. >> bill cosby supposed to return to montgomery county courtroom this morning to learn if judge will send a criminal sexual assault dice trial. >> 911 your emergency?
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>> a frightened teenager hides in basement as a intruder problems his better behind, new jersey home. >> score a win for trump. he added 8 delegates from the virgin islands. >> and look at me chewbacca. >> i have to disagree. >> thank you, thank you. >> you have to do it. >> come on. >> come on. >> okay. [ laughter ]. >> chewbacca mom enjoying new found fame on late, late show last night we'll show you more app ticks coming up. >> right now katie is live on the sky deck. hi, katie. >> we're tracking showers as you mentioned and right now primarily across t


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